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Anglepoise Original 1227 Mini Table Lamp £48.99 @ Amazon
Found 21st SepFound 21st Sep
Amazons deal of the day. Great saving on an iconic classic lamp. There’s a lot of Anglepoise heritage packed into the 52cm of metal and cable that make up the Original Mini 1227 … Read more

Haha! Nah, too adventurous.


You think they'd be daring enough to use a new pyramid-shaped base?


Looks like something Clarks would make if they started selling lamps.

Anglepoise 75, Brushed Aluminium, Cheapest ever according to Cameliser £48.99 @ Amazon
Found 2nd Dec 2017Found 2nd Dec 2017
Cheapest ever, according to CamelCamelCamel for a timeless classic. Not the cheapest desk lamp I know, but if you're in the market for one... Only on until midnight tonight thoug… Read more
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Back pedal!?! I don't know why I bothered. What exactly do you think I was trying to gain? Don't bother answering, because I don't care.


Umm...yeah, that's why I bought it during the deal...and nice way to backpedal from your comments made at that time.


As the Amazon deal of the day has ended, the price has increased to £112 for two colours & £88 for the third. So no longer only a £9 difference.


I have this lamp and its excellent.


The only one I'd consider to be similar is £40;öd-work-lamp-grey-art-80148700/, so only a £9 saving...and I still think the Anglepoise looks nicer. I'd agree the £140 John Lewis is asking is rather rich, but hey never knowingly undersold since 1925, right!

Anglepoise Mini Table Lamp [Energy Class A++] - Amazon - £49.99
Found 22nd Oct 2017Found 22nd Oct 2017
Amazon deal of the day, a really classy lamp for basically half price! Really good value for money. The offer ends at midnight 22/10/2017 Perfect for bedside table or living room!
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Bulb rating


I can't stand the word "classy" For some reason it is used when the word "crass" would be more accurate. I don't mean that this lamp is crass. Also, "Energy Class A++" What's that nonsense?


Better than previous price on here recently (£55 I think)

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Anglepoise Type 75 Mini Desk Lamp - All Colours! - £54.99 @ Amazon
Found 19th Oct 2017Found 19th Oct 2017
Been waiting to get one of these for my desk for a long time, noticed the price was basically £30 off since I last saw it, cheapest its been since April 2016 according to The Camel… Read more

Just received mine very pleased with it powder blue for my daughter and it does come with an LED bulb now. Thanks


Occasionally, my Anglepoise gets pushed off the bedside table. It always survives. I had a couple of cheapo ones that worked until they fell off the bedside table. That's because the cheapo ones have plastic components that simply break easily. I've also got a metal one from Ikea that has clamps instead of springs to balance it. The clamps are a fiddle and keep coming loose. I agree that the Anglepoise is very expensive, but it does do the job, and I haven't found a cheapo that's anywhere near as good. I think I paid £45 for mine on a Black <day of the week> sale, so it might be worth holding out for a slightly better price. Voted warm!


I'd say its the name, design and its legacy. Thats certainly why I wanted it. The overall function of the lamp is great, holds in place and moves around freely. Of course I don't think its for everyone, like the other guy said you can get something from IKEA and live with it (I've had an IKEA lamp for the last 7 years that still holds up despite being a bit flimsy) but its something I was very interested and was hoping a few others could benefit from.


Lol , okay.... easily pleased then ? Wish I was like you , it'd save me loads !


I got an almost identical one from Ikea for £15.

Anglepoise Type 75 Desk Lamp - £49.99 @ Amazon
Found 19th Jun 2017Found 19th Jun 2017
Seems like a great price for this classic desk lamp. Available in Brushed Aluminium, Black and White

This is a good price, bought one brand new a year ago for about £80 if i remember correctly, best lamp I've used


Just had a play with mine. was pretty floppy initially but after a short time the head was facing straight up. What was it you wanted to know about the lamp again?


These are nice, but they aren't made in the UK, much as the manufacturer and price might imply. They're made in China (except for one very large floorstanding lamp in the range), and are thus, in my view, overpriced even at this discount.


That worked for me too, Life in the old dog yet. Can we get back to talking about lamps now?


​just had a little play with mine and it can face directly upwards

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Anglepoise 1227 Lamp - Brass Edition, Amazon Deal of the Day - £99
Found 28th Dec 2016Found 28th Dec 2016
The design-classic Anglepoise desk lamp, £99 for the brass components "special" finish, just £68-£70 for the standard finish, albeit the smaller one. I recently spent almost doubl… Read more

Note if you register lamp with Anglepoise you will get a 5 yr guarantee.


​Just my preference mate, prefer the look and style and happen to think the retailer generally sources good value and quality for the money. Guess If I really wanted a tat one that looks especially like Anglepoise then I'd go for one of these as I just can't see 10 times the lamp in a modern Anglepoise, made in China. If my earlier link is tat to you that's just great, don't take it too personally.


I've got a 1968 Model 75 and a 2010 1227. The 1968 one is better built with higher quality springs and will probably last forever with occasional rewires. But a modern Anglepoise will still be far better than the tat you linked to, due to the design of the spring mechanism if nothing else. You might pay for the name, but what exactly are you paying premium price for in your link?


Hmmm indeed, if you look at all the true Anglepoise listings on Amazon there are some pretty scathing reviews many of which are contrary to your comments. As they are now also sadly not put together in Britain I stand by my comments i.e. you are paying for the name. Quite possibly an antique Anglepoise would live up to the name but not so sure about these & they don't even look that good


Hmmm. Look how clunky and unrefined the spring system looks on that lamp. Which is also the same style and design the cheapo lamps use from anywhere else. You need to use an actual Herbert Terry Anglepoise lamp to understand how awesome they are. Just swing, pivot it wherever you want, silky smooth and then it just stays there. Looks-wise as well, I don't think anything beats the design.

Anglepoise Original 1227 Desk Lamp, Ivory Cream [Energy Class A] @ RRP £175 now £89.99 Deal of the Day
Found 2nd May 2016Found 2nd May 2016
50% off Anglepoise Light - Amazon daily deal - Deal of the Day 75 years of Anglepoise engineering expertise Heavy base, aluminium arms and stainless steel fittings Easily adjusta… Read more
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They have been running this 'deal' for months, it shows up all the time as a lightning deal. Good lamp, maybe worth £90 at a stretch (I bought one).


ive got an original, good lamps


really sorry if it's showing up as the wrong price to you - I've checked again and it is £175 reduced for today to £89.99. If I've put the price in the wrong place really sorry


This is a sweet deal, only the post shows the wrong price. Heat.

Anglepoise Duo1227 Desk Lamp, White/Black Cable Braid, Bright Chrome [Amazon Lightning Deal]
Found 25th Nov 2015Found 25th Nov 2015
Classic lamp design, premium quality. Lowest price it has ever been according to 3camels, regular price is £172.64. There's also the Red version available for much cheaper at £84.… Read more

I agree, I initially posted this 'deal' to see what others thought because I was unsure about the price; something was fishy considering the red variant was £89.99. Seems to still be a large profit margin even with the price cuts. I ended up not buying it, I'm going to wait for it to go cheaper or find an alternative lamp.


Got the same as this model, but without the braided cable, for £69.99 on Prime Day back in August: It's very nice, but even at £69.99 it is overpriced (current price is £169.91!) for something that is made in China (and they don't advertise this fact at all - they just leave people to assume they're made in the UK).


Superior build quality.


If Carlsberg did a desk lamp it would be just like this.


its a desk lamp.

Anglepoise Type75 Mini Desk Lamp - Brushed Aluminium Finish - Free Delivery With Prime £59.99 @ Amazon
Found 21st Nov 2015Found 21st Nov 2015
Ok, so Anglepoise lamps generally go very cold, but I've been keeping my eye on them and this seems like a pretty good price for this variety / shade. You can get other colours sli… Read more
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Ooo Lightning deal, good spot for the black one!


Black £46


Cold voters, explain yourselves!

Anglepoise Duo1227 Desk Lamp, White/Black Cable Braid, Signal Red £84.99 (£95.01 off) @ Amazon
Found 10th Nov 2015Found 10th Nov 2015
I already posted another colour which went back up in price, but noticed the Red one is now cheap. Love the design of these lamps and they are not cheap. But I have been keeping an… Read more

Now £90.00


It might be worth waiting for Black Friday if you're looking to buy one of these. They always seem to be included but the lower price doesn't get tracked by the camels.


Build quality, timeless design that can move room to room, house to house without feeling a bit crap and being binned. I understand it is not for everyone, but hopefully useful to some people.


Yes - Quality & Design


Why is this lamp so expensive? Am I missing something? I bought something similar to this from ikea for around £15 I think.

Anglepoise Original 1227 Table Lamp, Ivory Cream (Save £100) - Amazon £74.99
Found 3rd Nov 2015Found 3rd Nov 2015
Love the design of these lamps and they are not cheap. But I have been keeping an eye out for a good price and this one has just been dropped down to a much more appealing price. … Read more



Thought exactly the same thing, but hoped someone could find it useful. They are amazing quality lamps, timeless and solid. Would love to get one of the monster ones at some point, but they are over 2k.


Thanks OP!


Nice one - thanks OP. Though I doubt this will get the recognition it deserves.


Anglepoise Original 1227 Table lamp £81.99 @ Amazon
Found 3rd Nov 2015Found 3rd Nov 2015
Usually £100+ The original three spring Anglepoise® lamp, invented by George Carwadine Iconic design, giving the required retro image Easily adjustable, to ensure perfect balance … Read more

Good price! I have a 40's and a 60's produced version and they are still wonderful. The old versions don't work that well with heavy low energy bulbs but I'm sure these new versions have been balanced to accept them.

Anglepoise type 75 floor-standing lamp (silver) Deal of the Day - save £105.01 - £79.99 @ Amazon
Found 3rd Sep 2015Found 3rd Sep 2015
This is £20 cheaper than it's ever been on Amazon. The black and white versions are still £169 and £185. I've had this in my Camelizer watch for years now, having thought it was m… Read more
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I think this is a great deal. I presume people are voting cold as they don't like the style. To each their own - I may snap one up later in the day!


it looks this this version is just the table lamp with an ugly extension pole and cable run bolted on.


If you follow this the price can be lower but Amazon cheaper than usual price I got it at £69 from earlier post


Agreed. But you will never find out why.. If things start getting negative votes then others seem to follow suit. Conversely a few positive votes at the start gets things rising.


Voted hot, because I can't see it anywhere cheaper, but personally, I would never buy such a lamp, it seems extremely dated and 'angular'. There is a LED based version but that is the same design. Utilitarian but looks ungainly and not stylish. Useful in a workshop but not anywhere else

Anglepoise Original 1227 Table lamp, Bright chrome. £69.99 Amazon Lightning Deal today only. RRP £210.00
Found 18th Aug 2015Found 18th Aug 2015
Amazon Lightning Deal- Anglepoise Original 1227 Table Lamp in Bright Chrome. RRP £210.00 Red, Black and Chrome Anglepoise Original 1227 Table Lamps are currently reduced to £69.99… Read more

Mine arrived today! love it, stays in place wherever you put it, needed to tighten some bolts as in the instructions to make it so.


Click here You receive 5% off some categories on Amazon with a NUS Extra card




Ha ha me too with my NUS extra card and I'm not even a student! :p Thanks for sharing OP


Thanks and I got 5% education discount :p

Anglepoise Duo Table Lamp £59 @ John Lewis
Found 5th Apr 2015Found 5th Apr 2015
About £40 cheaper than elsewhere in Chrome. Sleek and shiny, this classic table lamp lends your room a warming glow whilst creating a timeless look that'll remain attractive. The … Read more
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A PDF copy of the instructions can be downloaded from here:


ASDA do some really decent LED lamps too....


From a review : This is excellent for reading; the main problem is that JL does not sell the bulb. On the JL webpage they recommend a 12W CFL spiral bulb; in the Anglepoise's Instructions that come with the lamp, however, they write: 'If you wish to use a CFL bulb then we recommend the 15W E27 CFL Spiral bulb' . Tesco sells a 15W spiral ES 27 for 4 pounds.


1 x 12 Watt ED CFL Energy Saving Spiral No idea what that bulb is, any suggestions on how bright it is? Or what the maximum you can put in?


Picked one up from my local JL this morning. If you register your lamp with Anglepoise, they give you a free 5yr guarantee.

Massive industrial anglepoise lamp £50 @ The range
Found 1st Dec 2014Found 1st Dec 2014
These are normally £100 plus. Would check the build quality to make sure your happy, think corners have been cut to get them down to this price. If your into the retro/industrial l… Read more
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this isn't an Anglepoise lamp. is the only real lamp to have


In another words, a replica Anglepoise style floor lamp. Just to mind folks that original Anglepoise is a registered trademark & will cost far more than what OP has posted. Take a closer look at those hinges & springs especially the bottom one. How long before that will last with wear & tear? You pay what you get. Type 75 Maxi Floor Lamp £750 inc VAT. Rest of Anglepoise Floor Lamp Range. Giant 1227 - Tranquil £2400.00 inc VAT oO


The build quality of my 'original Anglepoise ' lamp is far superior to that of any 'replica Anglepoise' I have ever purchased. You maybe get what you pay for.


I bought my floor standing Anglepoise lamp in Wilko for £12 recently. Good solid quality it is too. £50 sound expensive for what you get.


He is just being a boring smart **** because Anglepoise is a registered trademark, like Hoover and vacuum cleaner.

Anglepoise type 75 table/desk lamp £60.80 @ Amazon (RRP £105)
Found 9th Sep 2013Found 9th Sep 2013
This has been £76 on Amazon for ages and has just dropped this morning but I suspect not for long. Yes, it's a lot of money for a lamp - but it's Anglepoise. Comes in silver, whi… Read more
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You spurred me into action, found the following but only in grey not black but there's hope, thanks.


Ah well, back up to £76 now. Nowhere cheaper and still went cold. Maybe I helped at least one person.


Whilst I would not question your "Anglepoise" lamp.The lamp in the photo is not an Anglepoise Type 75. Anglepoise 75 are all metal and look nothing like your photo


Have you tried contacting Anglepoise to obtain spare parts?


Mine lasted about 8 years, and then the plastic lugs broke, it now cuts a forlorn figure on my desk and suffers a serious lack of poise.

Anglepoise Type75 LED Floor Standing Lamp with LM1 9 Watt CREE XPE LED Module, Brushed Aluminium £132 amazon
Found 1st Oct 2012Found 1st Oct 2012
A bit of an expensive lamp but this is a great price for it . Other Anglepoise lamps half price. Low stock levels so be quick. Product Features - floor lamp designed by Ke… Read more

Are people mixing this up with the cheaper desk lamp? Can't see it anything like this cheap elsewhere.


Good price for a quality item, heat.

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