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AOC Q3279VWF 31.5 inch QHD LED Monitor - 2560 x 1440, 5ms, FreeSync, £169.99 @CCL/eBay
Found 17th AugFound 17th Aug
Big screen size - Big screen sizes give you more room to play with applications, boosting your productivity. For resolutions equal to or higher than QHD, big screen sizes result in… Read more

Its £460 on scan man?!


Have to agree. You can run this at 1080p but it looks clunky - QHD is much more suited to this size.


Great thankyou


Cheaper at Scan


Got one of these in May for 190, and have been pretty pleased with it even at that price. The size is fine, as long as it's not too near. I sit about three feet away, using it for general work stuff, and movies.

AOC AG241QX 24-Inch Gaming Monitor,1440p, 1 ms, 144hz, Adaptive-Sync, TN panel at Amazon for £306.99
Found 12th AugFound 12th Aug
Cheapest 1440p 144hz monitor currently on amazon Product Description This Full HD LED monitor with 50,000,000:1 high contrast ratio and HDMI interface is optimised for a fi… Read more

I have the 27" while it is an amazing screen it's my third one now where the pixels have died AOC customer service is shocking they said it's not there problem Amazon was happy to replace however


I have this and I'm happy with it. The only major flaw is the grainy anti-glare coating.


1440p at 24" just though i would say (horror)

AOC AGON AG322QC4 31.5" QHD FreeSync 144Hz Curved Gaming Monitor PRE-ORDER £400.81 @ BOX.CO.UK
Found 11th AugFound 11th Aug
31.5 Inch DisplayVA Panel QHD Resolution 2560x1440 FreeSync 4ms Response Time 144Hz Refresh Rate Curved VGA/HDMI/DisplayPort Connectivity SpeakersHeight AdjustableHeadphone Socket … Read more
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This Samsung with the same spec but 27" for £310 is a much better deal imo:


Price matched at Amazon (check other sellers listing). It was and has been around £399 for a while.

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AOC G2460Pf Full HD 24" LED Gaming Monitor £179.98 Currys
Found 20th JulFound 20th Jul
This is a decent monitor for the price! Includes free delivery and Curry's warranty. The G2460Pf boasts a 24" Full HD LED display to allow you to fully immerse yourself in your… Read more
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At this price point I'd rather get the MSI Optix 24" G24C which not only has 144hz but also has a VA panel for just £20 extra on scan :


Would an Xbox s gameplay benefit from this over a 60hz TV?


That's 60 Hz, not 75. It depends whether you prefer better visuals or more fluid visuals. Generally most people tend to go for the 27" option for 1440p to appreciate it more. Personally I've only tried 90Hz, 1440p and IPS and wasn't as impressed as much as others hyped those things up, can't say whether I'd be more impressed with a higher refresh rate. Though overall not much impresses me in the first place.


No doubt, couldnt go back to 60hz now.


I personally would always take 144hz 1080p over a 60hz 1440p monitor

AOC AG322QC4 31.5-Inch Widescreen VA LED Multimedia Curved Monitor  2560 x 1440- Black £399.99 @ Amazon
Found 14th JulFound 14th Jul
Great feature list for the money: Released 20 August according to Curved 31.5" VA panel Super-detailed QHD resolution Very high 14… Read more
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Hmm, personally never tried to complain via live chat, will give it a go. But the monitor you have posted looks great, thanks.


Do Amazon still knock a percentage off if you complain about Warehouse items via live chat?


Prime day amazon warehouse (used or repacked items) had 20% off their used items. Managed to get the monitor but will have to send it back as it has a dead pixel and some marks on scree, always a gamble if you order something from their used items.


for me 32 inch 1440p is too big everything seems expanded and too big. 27inch 1440p is the sweet spot


He's talking about the other Viewsonic screen that had 20% off in the Amazon Warehouse sale

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AOC Gaming AGON Series AG352QCX 35-Inch 2560 x 1080 Curved LCD Monitor - Black £474.97 @ Amazon
Found 8th JulFound 8th Jul
I realise this monitor isnt the desired 3440 x 1440 Resolution but its a 35" Curved ultrawide with 200hz refresh rate which is lightning fast.… Read more
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Accurate review:


Managed to grab one for £323 as new from Amazon Warehouse so will see what it's like.


You can play it in the Ultrawide (obviously no probs plays it like that) but never mind, some games look amazing on ultra wide. Because even with a 1080Ti I was not getting the FPS im used to. Going from 1080p to 4K is a tiny jump compared to going from 60Hz to 144Hz/240Hz. What I found myself doing with my 4K monitor was dropping to 1440p and playing like that. My next monitor is definitely an UltraWide 1440P. But my 1080p one will be used for at least another 4 years.


Haha yeah. GYSNC 240Hz that's why I paid the premium. Plus 4K isn't justifiable for anyone right now but 1440p is the sweet spot. I just wanted 240Hz for Rocket League mainly.


You dont play cs:go ultrawide. Instead buying a new monitor why would you just changed the resolution of your 4k monitor to 1080p?

AOC U2879Vf 4K Ultra HD 28" LED Monitor £269.97 @
Found 6th JulFound 6th Jul
Technical specifications for AOC U2879Vf 4K Ultra HD 28" LED MonitorSCREENScreen technologyLEDScreen size28"Resolution3840 x 2160PICTURE QUALITYViewing angle170° / 160°Frequency ra… Read more
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States HDMI 2.0 in the Amazon listing, as does the AOC website. Shame there’s no VESA mount


Would need to confirm HDMI is 2.0


Same price on Amazon, was £230 3 weeks ago.


Would this tick all the boxes for 4K usage on the Xbox One X?

AOC AG352UCG6 35-Inch AGON Widescreen MVA LED Multimedia Curved Monitor - Black - £749.99 @ Amazon
Found 23rd JunFound 23rd Jun
Seems a cheaper alternative to the higher priced Acer x34p etc with similiar specs.
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No worries mate, the new one hasn't been promoted that much... Maybe AOC are bringing a Hdr version end of the year.


Oh wow ... I retract all my comments and apologise then. That's a great deal for a new panel. My bad.


This is the refresh version that has just launched with 120hz instead of the previous model that had 100hz.


This is just the standard price for this monitor though. It's not a deal. It was 650 quid at Box a little over a week ago. I've seen it on Amazon for less than that on a deal before. This is the cheapest Gsync ultrawide, but I wouldn't pay this much for it when you can frequently get the Acer Z35P for 799 or less.



AOC U2879VF 28" LED 4K monitor £229.97 @ Amazon
Found 13th JunFound 13th Jun
Excuse the brevity as posting from my phone but this is the cheapest it's ever been on Amazon by over £30 according CamelCamelCamel. You have to go to 'other sellers' and select Am… Read more

It's fine on a desk. First impressions on this are great - very happy with the performance at this price point. It's not as big or as IPS as my 40" 4k BDM4065 screen, so the text is smaller, but a lot more usable than 4k 24". Nice heavy brushed aluminium stand and looks sleek. Physical buttons rather than touchpads hidden below the surround - much better as I find touchpads don't always register. Sockets on the rear face backward rather than downward, so easier to plug/unplug cables as you can see what you are doing. Very nice ...


Is 28 too big for use on a desk?


I got the LG27UD68P which is IPS and has been fantastic. Managed to snag it for £220 on a Amazon Warehouse deal. Currently £400: Which I think underlines the value of this AOC one.


id rather see the enemies head in my scope when sniping.


Sounds decent monitor and I like it had speakers even though there not good. If watching a bit of YouTube rather have speakers than putting on my headset. This interests me. I was looking at alternatives of: ASUS-VP28UQG Samsung U28E590D

AOC Q3279VWF Quad HD 31.5" LED Monitor  £170.10 Currys eBay Store
Found 11th JunFound 11th Jun
Yep, another Currys eBay deal :)

I have had no issues with ghosting so far, all gameplay has been amazing. Ultra settings on almost every game


"Quad HD" is deliberately confusing I think. This is Quad 720p HD only (2560 x 1440), not Quad 1080p (i.e. full 4K, 3840 x 2160).


How do you find it with ghosting?


I have actually just purchased this from Scan on the weekend and paid £185 :( Well worthy though, amazing picture, gaming response and it is huge wow!

AOC Q3279VWF 31.5-Inch HDMI DVI Monitor (2560x1440) £184.99 @ Amazon
Found 3rd JunFound 3rd Jun
This went very hot a month ago at £189.99..It is now £5 cheaper so a great bargain.

31 inch far too long for me.


The lack of a vesa mount option kills the AOC monitor for me. I wish the Acer Predator XB321HK would drop in price soon, even the used Amazon Warehouse versions are £520+ which I can't bring myself to splash that kind of cash on.


Can anyone recommend a 4k IP one from Amazon? Need one for work not gaming so not fussed about response times


I have had this for 6 month now, it's a great monitor for the price, highly recommended. £184.99 is also the cheapest I have seen it for.


I have the 28" 4K version, highly recommended although the stand was a nightmare to place into the monitor for some reason. The power box thingy gets hot too, if that's a problem for anyone.

AOC Q3279VWF 31.5-Inch HDMI DVI Monitor - Black has decreased to £186.62 @ Amazon
Found 26th MayFound 26th May
This is a great big monitor at a pretty good price
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I've got one of these and I like it very much. My only criticism (on my 2-monitor setup) is that when I tap Shift to wake the system up, the VGA-connected Dell bursts into life instantly, the AOC on display port stays blank another 3 to 4 seconds. No idea why, but disconcerting.


Fair enough. Enjoy!


its £6 more than you have helped us save on this monitor.




Cheaper if you buy from CCL eBay click. Use the £2.50 tcb offer + 1.05% cashback + 8x Nectar points.

AOC Q3279VWF 31.5 inch QHD LED Monitor - 2560 x 1440, 5ms, FreeSync, £188.95 at CCL/ebay
Found 24th MayFound 24th May
Collect 1,504 Nectar points with this purchase. Big screen size - Big screen sizes give you more room to play with applications, boosting your productivity. For resolutions e… Read more

seems to lack VESA mounting holes however I've seen a kit that claims to be a VESA mounting adaptor for it - I'd consider something of this size to be essential for arm and/or wall mounting, it's sad that they don't naturally include VESA holes in it (the frame/case seems to able to support point mounting given the availability of a kit).


Very strange. The majority of gamers would much rather the higher refresh rates than the increased resolution. 1080p is still the most popular (and supported) resolution, and once you've gamed at 144hz it is almost impossible to go back to lower without feeling like you are suffering from lag.


Ooh that's not something I'd thought of. Usually I'd get SVP to bump the video framerate up to match the monitor by inserting best guess frames but why bother when you have variable refresh rate monitors!


Does this mean you cannot use to watch blu ray or video? Or this that a hdcp thing?


HDMI 1.4 though :( no good for my Xbox1 X

AOC 21.5 inch LED Monitor, DVI, VGA, Vesa E2270SWDN, Black, E2270SWDN £69 @ Amazon
Found 24th MayFound 24th May
Seems like a very decent monitor for the price and especially since it's directly from Amazon. The same monitor supplied by "Box" was posted here a few weeks ago for a little more:… Read more

I got it today and it's OK, very washed out compared to my main screen but decent enough as a second monitor, can't really grumble at £68.


Yeah definitely be okay for that, I'd most likely be using this as a second monitor also


I ordered this one today, would you say it's OK as a secondary monitor for Reddit, Youtube etc? My main monitor is high end so I'm not expecting anything like that, just something decent to save me having to alt tab all the time.


Yeah I currently have this because It was the only thing my budget would let me, since then I've realized this definately has flaws and am currently waiting for my new monitor to come. Would advice to save up a bit more and go for an ips monitor. But I suppose you get what you pay

AOC e2280Swhn Full HD 21.5" LED Monitor - Black - £79.99 @ Currys
Found 22nd MayFound 22nd May
Top features: - Full HD visuals bring your entertainment to life - Multiple inputs to connect your other devices Full HD visuals The AOC e2280Swhn Full HD 21.5" LED Moni… Read more
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AHH right, it's the 2270 not 2280. I think we have some of those too, have some VGA only and a single DVI one too. I'd assume the panels are all the same on them though


Not great reviews.


Actually the one on Amazon is a slightly different model...


Wow - like new on amazon for £65!


I've bought about 30 of these for our office, good solid monitors for the price for an office. Slightly cheaper on Amazon at the moment but if you need it ASAP its only £2 or so more than the Camel average.

BACK IN STOCK Quad HD 32" AOC Q3279VWF  PC Monitor £189.99 PC World
Found 15th MayFound 15th May
What a bargain with this price. Great reviews, too. Also Quidco 5% cashback.

It's back in stock now:)!




Absolutely! Would have been a good 2nd screen to my Predator 32". Never mind... 😬


I think Aria PC has one in stock for £179.99 but it was £8 postage on top so not much of a saving


Great price, shame about VESA-less back!..

AOC Agon AG271QG (IPS,165hz,1440P, G0sync) £549.99 @ Currys/pcworld
Found 4th MayFound 4th May
Cheapest price currently for this monitor with, other monitor with same spec(aside from one) is at-least £100 more. Its £620+ normally. May be possible to bring it futher down by… Read more

I can get another 6% off this through a work discount . (It stacks with any other discount available) So 495... Still too much, especially as there is a chance of QC issues.


The Acer version I had was a VA panel, so I’m saying mine for different reasons.


All 144hz ips monitor is that since they use the same au panel which has issue with panel lottery


All good valid points. I will say though, I picked up a TN 144hz 1440p monitor around Christmas time and was worried about the TN as I'd be using IPS for years. I was seriously so surprised by the quality of TN panels these days, it's obviously not as good as the IPS but it's so close. And 144hz is just superb! Anyway, heat added, I think this is a good deal


Their screens are very hit or miss though. Had no end of issues with my one.

AOC Q3279VWF 31.5-Inch HDMI DVI Monitor (2560x1440) £189.98 @ Amazon
Found 3rd MayFound 3rd May
Good price for a decent FreeSync monitor

If anyone cares, this is possible, but needs a bit of fiddling. By default only 60hz and 75hz are exposed, but (at least on Nvidia) you can make custom resolutions in the control panel for 50hz and 72hz. Lovely and smooth.


Got mine, quite pleased. Only real downside is the stand is crap, but reviews did warn of that - minimal adjustment possible, so make sure the height of the monitor is OK for your seating position. Ideally you want it so your head is roughly looking at the centre of the screen. Price went up a bit at amazon, but you can get it from currys for £190, with 5% topcashback atm.


That's fine as long as there are people who make the things that they don't want to make.


Ordered, thanks OP. Another hukd thing I don't really need :-)


I got this many months ago at the same price, very good value for money and recommended. It takes a little time to adjust to the size, but now i wouldnt get smaller. but the negative is it does look dull next to my Acer 27" IPS

AOC Q3279VWF 32" QHD LED Monitor Freesync, £189.99 at PC World
Found 27th AprFound 27th Apr
QHD Resolution: 2560x1440 Refresh rate: 75Hz FreeSync Technology AOC Flicker-Free Technology Response time: 5ms

Would something like this be good for general desktop work? I don't game at all and have a monitor plugged into my 17 inch laptop. I would have used two monitors, but there aren't enough ports on the laptop, so this BIG monitor could be the answer, so I can have two windows open on it, side by side. Would it be too big? I sit about a meter away from my current 19inch Dell 1440 one. Also, anyone got that and can confirm if it is non-reflective or not? Thanks


No longer available - out of stock


This is a monitor not a TV, at the distance you sit away from a monitor the pixels on this monitor would be too big.


Exactly what I was thinking :)


Nah supports Freesync over HDMI. I have mine connected to my pc and it works though HDMI. Also says here

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