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AOC 24G2U5/BK 23.8" Widescreen IPS LED Black and Red Multimedia Monitor (1920x1080/1ms/HDMI/DP/VGA/USB 3.0 x 4) - £132.21 @ Amazon
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Posted 12th AugPosted 12th Aug
Currently due in stock August 18, cheaper than usually is.

for led strips, rgb mousepad, and all other necessities! (:I


Shame the price has gone up already.


I have the 144hz of this and its amazing. Since you can rotate it potrait. The stand is quite tall, so make sure you know what you're getting, as for me on my dining chair, its about inch higher than my eyesight.


144.99 now


I have the MSI Optix 144hz curved monitor and I really wish I got this one I find the msi one very dark even after messing about with colour settings and also the ‘fastest’ setting for FPS games just makes it that dark it’s unplayable. Also wish I got 27 inch not 24

AOC 1080p 75hz IPS 24G2U5 - £144.99 sold by Amazon
Posted 9th AugPosted 9th Aug
Yes only 75hz but I have this panel for console gaming and it’s brilliant. It’s got a brilliant, vibrant panel. Was cheaper at Christmas but this is a good price in the climate.

This seems a lot of money for a 75Hz, 24 inch panel. It's also up £5 from last month, so no deal here really, just the normal price.


Be careful. You will see rave reviews online for the 24G2U and the 27G2U. This is neither of those. It is a cheaper model in the same range.

AOC 24B1H 23.6" MVA 5ms LED Full HD (1920x1080) Frameless Design Monitor (VGA, HDMI) - Black for £82.99 delivered @ Amazon Spain
Posted 7th AugPosted 7th Aug
Lower price on Amazon Spain. Price includes shipping and typically a bit cheaper using a fee free card to purchase. AOC 24" 24B1H - Sleek looks and wide viewing angles Equip… Read more
Get deal*Get deal*

Grate find mate. I'm in the process of building my home security lab ,and this is one of my requirements for affordable price (got two £78.94 each (£157.89)

AOC CQ32G1 31.5" Curved VA LCD QHD (2560x1440) FreeSync 144Hz Gaming Monitor £272.50 @ Amazon
Posted 2nd AugPosted 2nd Aug
Update 1
Update - price drop from £278.08 to £272.50 on 04/08
A great price for this monitor. Was watching it for a while and it just came down to £278.08. Only pre order though but for this price I think it is worth to wait for it when you c… Read more

is dual 31.5" a bit ott? i was looking at dual 27"?


Has anybody else heard from Amazon about shipping dates for these badboys yet perhaps? Some part of me still doesn't believe that this is going to materialise as the price feels too good to be true!


Appriciate the reply. Thank you


I was told by Amazon it could be 10-14th August


Any eta?

AOC U2879VF 28" FreeSync 4K Monitor , £201.64 at Amazon
Posted 2nd AugPosted 2nd Aug
Decent monitor for the money, might suit someone. General Monitor Size: 28" Screen Format: 16:9 Brightness: 300cd/m2 Contrast Ratio: 1000:1 Dynamic Contrast Ratio: 80M:1 … Read more

It I was in the market for one today and had a little more money (e.g and extra £20, I might consider this…tml ) I personally have 2 28" Dell 4K screens circa 2017 with very similar positives and negatives to this deal and in 2020 I wouldn't buy them.

Rizlaw85 What about this deal? Any good?


TN panel. Cheap for a reason.


I have two of these and they do the job perfectly well for my needs. I don't need super duper graphics quality but I do need the real estate. I am an information analyst so the more data I can see on the screen the better. My son has an LG 4k screen and in normal use, I can't find any difference worth speaking of. Mind you I don't game that much so super high refresh rates etc. don't bother me. It's only when I do something that opens a window in 1280x1024 that I realise how much more screen I have available. if you want a budget 4k monitr, this isn't a bad choice.


This is a good work monitor. At around £200 it’s a good deal - I previously posted it at £190 which was the best price it ever went down to I think. I’ve got two of these connected to a usb-c docking station via DisplayPort - no issues at all. I believe HDMI also supports 4K60, but it needs to be a later specification.

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AOC Q3279VWFD8 31.5" QHD IPS LED Freesync 75Hz Monitor £196.09 at CCL Online
Posted 26th JulPosted 26th Jul
Nice specs monitor at a reasonable price. Technical Specifications Screen Size: 31.5" Edition: Q3279VWFD8 Panel Type: IPS Panel Coating: Panel Finish: Touchsceen: No … Read more

Solid monitor, also got mine when it was £150 from Amazon, the only thing I don't like is the bezel's build quality is a bit shoddy, if you put your head by the screen and look out towards the bezels you can see alot of exposed backlight because it's not very uniform around the panel.


Bought from amazon for £150..waiting for the price to drop again to buy another


Great monitor for the price range. The prices do often waver between £170-£180, but even at this price it’s a good deal. If you are in no rush you could wait for the next drop. Perfect size and resolution for work and play.


No, it doesn't, no speakers either, but you can stream everything these days so just have a browser maximised on your third monitor streaming BBC or whatever


Any chance this comes with a remote looking to use something like this as a third monitor / TV

AOC U2879VF 28" 4K Ultra HD Freesync Monitor - £201.64 delivered @ CCLOnline
Posted 25th JulPosted 25th Jul
Decent offer, might suit someone. Technical Specification General Monitor Size: 28" Screen Format: 16:9 Brightness: 300cd/m2 Contrast Ratio: 1000:1 Dynamic Contrast Ratio… Read more

I think we need Paddy McGuinness right here, right now


The one thing that kills this for me and nearly every AOC monitor is the lack of VESA. I always have my monitors on arms and it's a pain and extra expense to do it with AOC ones. You need an expensive adapter. I have no idea why AOC don't just have VESA mounting as standard.


I have a budget 28" 4k TN display; mostly for office work. I find myself rocking from side to side in my chair sometimes to see better contrast at the edges. I want to change to a similar size IPS, I think QHD would be fine. Previously I have used smaller 1080p TN panels which were fine with viewing angle.


The OP has the wrong viewing angles listed. The 178° making it look like IPS although 170° vertical is more VA. But both CCL and AOC have it listed as 170/160º which is definitely TN. Guess the problem with larger screens used as monitors and TN is that the colour shift might be visible at the edges when sitting straight in front of it. 28" is probably not large enough for that to be very noticeable unless you view it with the screen about 20cm away from your eyes.


Depends what you're using it for. TN have better response times than VA or IPS, meaning that they're better for gaming. IPSscreens have the best colours, so are the best bet for graphic designers, and for video and image editing. VA screens have a good balance between response times and colour accuracy, and generally display better blacks than IPS screens. Horses for courses really.

AOC CU34G2X/BK 34” Widescreen WLED Black Monitor £454.14 @ tekshop247
Posted 24th JulPosted 24th Jul
seems to be the cheapest available at the moment. never heard of this website though.
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That’s one reason I’m glad I bought this monitor from Amazon, not sure if it’s just my unit or what but it just looked like it was not very bright and the colours weren’t all too impressive. Only complaint I’ve got about amazon returns is their use of Hermes


Or reduced eye strain!


maybe not currys. their customer support practically non-existent at the moment


Good for those wanting better contrast.


Yep, totally agree. I bought a crappy chair and could only return if it was faulty.. They also wanted £40 to return it lol. Stick to places like amazon, argos, currys etc

AOC 27B1H 27" IPS Frameless Design Full HD Monitor for £119.97 delivered @ Laptops Direct
Posted 24th JulPosted 24th Jul
Nice slim IPS monitor. Decent price and in stock with 3 years warranty. Amazon are slightly cheaper at the moment but there is a 1-2 month wait period. Frameless Design Besi… Read more
Get deal*Get deal*

I've not had a good time with Laptops Direct recently, would avoid at all costs from now on. Ordered a few parts for a PC build - had to cancel then chase them for a refund. Their tactic seems to be to price items slightly lower than market rate so they show up higher in searches and on aggregate sites, they claim the item is in stock, you place your order and pay £5 for delivery in 5 days, then on day 5 they'll email you to say there was a 'supplier issue' and your item actually isn't available at all (at this point I checked out their online reviews and realised I was just the latest schmuck to fall for their ploy....), so then you have to chase them by calling their customer service number which isn't free. I was then bounced around different departments and eventually promised a refund, which didn't turn up, so 2 weeks later I had to call again to chase. Just a total faff. Go read their TrustPilot page if you want further tales of woe. It's worth paying extra and buying from a reputable retailer.


Id say save up for a proper gaming monitor! They have amazing refresh rates and screen tearing aint an issue


Any tips for something decent quality for gaming at a reasonable price. Thanks


I have the MSI and I’m really enjoying it. Got it last week. My first gaming monitor and it’s good. Just play about with your settings a bit when you get it to find out what you prefer. But there is preset modes for gaming etc but I preferred to just do my own.


Should be qhd at this screen size

AOC Q3279VWFD8 31.5" Quad HD IPS LED Freesync 75Hz Black Monitor - £199.99 delivered at Box
Posted 19th JulPosted 19th Jul
Decent monitor for the price, hope it helps. KEY FEATURES 31.5" Display IPS Panel QHD 2560x1440 Resolution AMD FreeSync 5ms Response Time 75Hz Refresh Rate HDMI/ DisplayP… Read more

Can recommend, have been using it for almost a year now. I have always preferred the colours and viewing angle of an IPS screen over the others for a computer monitor. 1440p makes sense for 27" monitors, more so for a 32". Only complaint is that it does not come with speakers, but I know I can't ask for too much.


Great monitor for the price, great colours and the 75hz suits me fine with my graphics card


Great monitor, dont have the issues people are whinging about


Definitely no trails on the IPS version but it was a common complaint with the VA version. I think they sneakily sent you the wrong screen.


Was definitely IPS on the listing on Amazon, didn't bother checking when I had it, I just know it was pants.

AOC 27B1H 27" IPS LED Full HD (1920x1080) monitor (VGA, HDMI) - Black £119 @ Amazon
Posted 19th JulPosted 19th Jul
Not bad for a 27'' IPS monitor for the price. IPS panel - Produces brilliant colours and offers wide viewing angles Frameless bezel - Enables seamless multi monitor set ups F… Read more

Hi what do all please recommend using this monitor with for someone who does a lot of graphics and digital marketing work? I heard of the as rock a300? Thanks


When you're used to multiple monitors, when you go back to using just one it becomes hugely annoying/frustrating.


Productivity? I run 3. One 27" and two 19". I feel massively handicap with one monitor. But when gaming I use the one


How come everyone seems to be using 2 monitors nowadays? What are they using them for?


I personally have one of these, which is "NewStar" branded and currently costs around £50: This particular mount suits monitors up to 27" and can rotate each screen and move left/right to close up the space between or make it larger to suit your needs. I went for this particular mount as I wanted one that was as low a profile as possible to the wall. You can however get what looks to be the exact same mount (deleyCON branded) for £24.99: Doesn't say what size monitors that particular branded mount supports though unfortunately. Even the "Installation Manual" doesn't mention what size monitors the mount supports, only that it's up to 10kg x 2. Obviously, this is fo my personal needs, but if you want to move your monitors around more, you'll probably want a dual gas-lift wall or desk mounted unit, like the Xenta (other cloes available) on eBuyer (can't link to it because eBuyer are banned for some reason) (confused) :

AOC VALUE-LINE E2270SWDN 21.5" LED LCD MONITOR "open box" £53.49 @ Box
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Posted 18th JulPosted 18th Jul
AOC VALUE-LINE E2270SWDN 21.5" LED LCD MONITOR "OPEN BOX From The Box" --> 53.49 "SOMEONE LOOKING FOR A CHEAP MONITOR" KEY FEATURES Resolution 1920 x 1080 Full HD Contras… Read more

Thanks - yeah there were 4 available.


Good price but looks like sold out as page has disappeared...


My open box AOC from Box was perfect. Very happy with it.


Bought this for £15 from a seller on eBay, it works well and display is good enough.


yeah its VESA 100 x 100mm

AOC CU34G2X/BK 34” Widescreen 144HZ WLED Black Monitor (3440x1440/1ms/HDMI/USB 3.0 x4) - £460.98 @ Amazon
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Refreshed 20th JulRefreshed 20th Jul
Update 1
Update - price drop from £482.39 to £460.98 on 20/07
For anyone waiting for Amazon to finally stock it at a good price *Make sure to choose Amazon as the seller.

13 back in stock as at 2.30am UKT, mine was just dispatched Edit: Yes, in stock from Amazon for next day prime


I can't answer for the 100hz but the 144hz power connection was a solid fit.


How did you manage to get them to pick it up? They didn't offer me that option. Just the option for me to do it all. They did give me a voucher though for the inconvenience. So again, no one else would do this.


I actually got the 100 Hz version of this and i'm having an issue in that i am unable to push supplied kettle plug in all the way, it felt like i pushed it any harder i will break the port, anyone else encountered this?


That's another good thing with Amazon, that they either pick up or send you a pre-paid label for drop off, whereas I think other companies expect you to arrange and pay for the return and then they reimburse you if they agree that it's faulty. Not a big deal with something small or low weight but it's a pain with monitors, especially when most couriers seem to exclude them from their loss/damage cover.

AOC U2879VF 28" 4K LED Monitor - Black - £199 @ Amazon
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Posted 14th JulPosted 14th Jul
Nice price for this AOC 28" 4K Monitor. With DisplayPort 1.2a, HDMI 2.0, a 1 ms response time and FreeSync support, this 4K display is ready for super-smooth entertainment content… Read more

What is better for a bit of photoshop and video editing, this 4K or smaller IPS 1080?


I have a 4k Dell XPS 15 and the display is outstanding, the scaling works well in most of the apps I use and the text is crisp and readable. 28" will be absolutely fine. I wouldn't ever go back to less than 4k for a display of any kind.


I just bought a Dell U2719D and i find alot of stuff does not scale well in windows 10 eg. itunes the fonts become bold and a blur. I am going a triple monitor setup so bought one to try it out. what i did find is i had to reduce the brightness to 24% as it was blowing my face off, lol and it was set to 75% and gave me a instant tan. I just bought 2 more and a x-rite i1display Pro plus to get them all the same and try to get more detail out of contrast and also get the brightness set to 120cd/m i was looking at 144hz monitors but it would of cost me another £500 just to have that over 60hz and i was not going to do that. it seems you have 3 options these days stay with 1080p 90dpi and get large text go 27" 1440p 110dpi and try and get used to the smaller txt and maybe scale web browsing as that seems to work fine. or go 4k but go about 42" if i was you to get the same txt size and dpi as a 1440 27" monitor but with more workable area. remember if you scale windows desktop you lose the real estate and makes it pointless. if you go bigger and better DPI you get more workable area but you will lose it if you scale. What you can do in windows 10 but again some apps dont use it is instead of using desktop scale use change the size of text, this keeps your workable area but makes the text slighlty bigger and clearer


Hardly any laptops come with 4k screens .


Ah thanks for the feed back I really do want to get a 4K or better screen as my current 2k 24inch screen looks pretty dated next to my MacBook 16 screen. For Mac’s at least, I thought the best PPI is around 110 or 225 (basically doubled). That’s what my MB 16 has. I think that is what Apple have standardised on now, as the LG 4K at 21inch (not the 24inch version), the LG 5K at 27inch (Now vanished from the UK Apple store) and the new Apple XDR which is 6k at 32inch, all are around 220 PPI (I think) I’d love a 27inch 5K screen for £600...

AOC 24G2U/BK 23.8" Widescreen IPS LED Black and Red Gaming Monitor (1920x1080/1ms/HDMI/DP/VGA/USB 3.0 - £179.99 @ Amazon
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Posted 7th JulPosted 7th Jul
Excellent price for the full fat 144hz version.

I did use prime and I ordered on 8th July. It was meant to be 2nd August onwards but came earlier. I just messed with the colour settings etc with the aoc app, its easier than using buttons on monitor which I can't see easily Bit of a waste running at 60hz but picture is crisp


Monitor looks awesome. Ordered one myself but amazon says 18august-22nd sep ;( ;( 😬😬. Did you use prime for this order ???


It certainly is. I've not messed with picture yet. I have it connected via usbc to hdmi via my surface laptop. I will be getting a gaming laptop at some point to make use of the 144hz display but for now its helping me with work from home


Nice one, feels just like Xmas morning don't it? 😄


Yurp very good monitor love it already and worth the wait

AOC Q3279VWFD8 31.5" IPS LED QHD (2560x1440) Freesync 75Hz monitor - £194.09 - Amazon
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Posted 2nd JulPosted 2nd Jul
This is a good price for this monitor. From the manufacturer HDMI 1.4 x 1 DisplayPort 1.2 x 1 VGA, DVI Dual-link Headphone out (3,5mm) Q3279VWFD8Brilliant viewing down … Read more

I got mine for 149


I have been keeping an eye on monitors for the past week. I understand guys have had this cheaper in the past but this price is inline with pricing ATM. Not sure whether to bite though. The fact it's been had for a great deal cheaper makes my hukd imaginary sidekick sad. In the market for a gaming monitor. Not been a requirement in the past but invested in a Ryzen build and love my strategy games. I currently have two 19" 720p monitors that just don't suffice.


I have this monitor and although the picture is fine the base is cockeyed. No way to balance it correctly. A centimeter higher on one side. No glare protection either.


I dont think thats the reason as the Euro has strengthened against the dollar and the price has gone up in Euroland too. Its down to stock shortages due to Covid-19 and also price gouging. I've noticed that monitors on Amazon Uk are much more expensive that the same monitor on the and ,fr websites .


Got this on a Facebook market place deal for £100 and it is just great (y) although for nearer 200 I would have to shop around a bit

AOC 24G2U5/BK 23.8 inch LED IPS 1ms Gaming Monitor - Full HD, 1ms @ CCL eBay Store
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Posted 30th JunPosted 30th Jun
Looks like the cheapest I can find. I was holding out for the more expensive 24G2U but might be tempted. 5% off with voucher. his is the perfect companion for leisurely gamers w… Read more

just pay extra and get the 144hz version of this.


I'd definitely go for the 144hz one, however it's often out off stock.


I'd get the 24" version (24G2U) for 1080p personally but this is still a decent price for a 27"


Given how little more it is to get a 144hz one, why would you go for a 75hz one?


Is there much difference between this and the C24G1, other than being curved?

AOC U2879VF 28" 4K Ultra HD 3840x2160 1ms Freesync Gaming Monitor for £199.97 delivered @ Laptops Direct
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Posted 26th JunPosted 26th Jun
Good price 4K monitor. Features 28 Inch Screen size 3840 x 2160 Ultra HD 4K Resolution Ports - HDMI DVI DisplayPort VGA 16:9 Aspect Ratio Refresh Rates - 60 Hz 1 MS Re… Read more
Get deal*Get deal*

it's £259.97 now.


For £31 you can get a VESA adapter for this on amazon (or of course buy a different screen for £230 instead ...)


Been using one of these for the last 18 months. It's a good budget 4k monitor that does everything to a reasonable standard. Pluses: 28", freesync, good colour (no calib. needed), 4k60 on DP and HDMI in, also has DVI-D & VGA, 1ms GTG Minuses: No VESA, 30ms input lag (so not for FPS), TN (good luck finding an IPS panel at this price that does nothing badly) Recommended


Out of interest, has anyone had any luck buying from Laptops Direct? I ordered the monitor on Friday and received email confirmation that it would be delivered today. DPD tracking is stating they haven’t received the monitor and the customer service number for Laptops Direct isn’t working. Looking at some of the reviews, they don’t seem the most reliable or reputable group.....,rc_f:nav,rc_ludocids:3055080617311919801,rc_q:Buy%2520It%2520Direct,ru_q:Buy%2520It%2520Direct,trex_id:u4Mg5


I have that but I'm currently paying off a phone. I prefer to do 1 purchase at a time. It's normal APR for me now. Thanks for the tip anyways

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