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Apple Pencil and 10.5 Smart Keyboard - £209 @ Vodafone
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Posted 28th Feb 2018Posted 28th Feb 2018
Apple Pencil and 10.5 Smart Keyboard - £209 @ Vodafone
£209£25819%Vodafone Shop Deals
Obviously going to get voted cold as it’s an apple deal! Would be £258 if you purchased separately so nearly a saving of £50! Can’t find these both together cheaper anywhere else y… Read more

If you find yourself needing one, get a cheaper one off Amazon :) still around £50 but better IMO


To be fair don’t think it’s bad for £150 if you can get 25% off, free pencil really just pay for the keyboard


Oos shame vf just sent me a a 25% off any accessory code


Oh! Okay yeah the keyboard is pointless in my opinion I I returned it as not spending that much on a keyboard!


Oh I wasn’t meaning the pencil, I was on about the keyboard case :)

Apple Keyboard £40 @ Argos
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Posted 4th May 2017Posted 4th May 2017
Apple Keyboard £40 @ Argos
Genuine Apple Keyboard from Argos. The cheapest I have seen.
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I think people want those cheap budget keyboards you buy for a fiver. Problem is the quality is low. Depends whether your a student or a professional.


Nope, not true I'm afraid. My favourite keyboard, a lovely solid feel. Heat added.


£40 has been the price on amazon for the last few weeks. Ended up buying the Logitech K750 from that recent deal, worth a fiver extra for a better quality keyboard, wireless, solar so never needing a recharge.


£40 used to be standard price for like 8/9 years and than gone up to £49 thanks to Brexit (may be thats why so many cold votes)


Not voting either way. I purchased this keyboard shortly after getting an iMac. I couldn't get used to the small form of the magic keyboard. £40 is the standard price for this keyboard from Argos which I believe is made by Logitech for Apple. Another point to consider is that the keyboard is wired.

Original Apple Keyboard with Numeric Keypad £38.39 using FREE super saver delivery @ Amazon UK
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Posted 11th Mar 2015Posted 11th Mar 2015
Original Apple Keyboard with Numeric Keypad £38.39 using FREE super saver delivery @ Amazon UK
Cheapest price I can find this Original Apple Numeric keyboard, cheaper than eBay. I was looking for one for my new Mac Mini. Fulfilled by Amazon. The enforced code listed direct… Read more

Been doing IT support for over 4 years with Macs, I now and then see a key that stops working on Apple keyboards. This doesn't seem to happen on cheaper keyboards much. Not to mention that there's no hashtag button on the UK Mac keyboards, and you will need to use some combination of keys!


You may get it slightly cheaper from the Apple store with a discount for either a student or with corporate discount (Intel employees or BT employees for example)


£38.39 delivered is the usual price. Occasionally it's 15p more. Here's 1 years data. Currently 54°I posted the Wireless version when it was £47.47. Again 1 yr data. Went -140°Don't get the voting on this site lately oOAnd I've missed some decent bargains that have been inexplicably voted cold, as the iOS app (which you can create alerts for - something you can't do on the desktop so you have to search manually) only seems to alert on specific criteria, rather than every time something matching my alert shows upExample 'steelbook'.. Not every steelbook deal posted appears on the alert list. I've missed several I would have bought


the image shows what looks like a US keyboard layout. @ symbol on the number 2 key instead of the " symbol.


I read the comments and they say it's UK keyboard layout. If mine isn't it's going back. I don't mind if it's imported as it's fulfilled by Amazon so any problems, I'll be straight on Amazon chat.

Mobee Magic Bar Charger for Apple Keyboard/Trackpad only £12.99 Sold by SAI Sales and Fulfilled by Amazon
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Posted 10th Dec 2013Posted 10th Dec 2013
Mobee Magic Bar Charger for Apple Keyboard/Trackpad only £12.99 Sold by SAI Sales and Fulfilled by Amazon
I know, I know, its for Apple so most of you will hate this... Mobee Charger for Apple bluetooth keyboard and trackpad. It's an absolute bargain, going for much more on eBay and … Read more
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Very true mate, plus simultaneous charging! I did post it 3 weeks ago.... Don't really see the gimmick, its versatile and useful. If you've got decent rechargeable batteries then cool, but defo a trade up from standard batteries!


seems gimmicky to me, considering how much the actual batteries are too i am more than happy using my enloops which need about 2 -3 charges a year. just seen battery is included, so makes it cheaper but again gimmicky to me.


£14.99 now


So you plug it in to the usb on your computer to charge when its switched off if you dont want it to be like a wired keyboard but then it has no power so you cant do that....or plug it into a separate wall usb charger and use it as a battery charger, correct me if im wrong but Why not just use regargable battery charger then put the batts in the keyboard saving the bulk and expence of buying the usless thing in the first place commen sense really. Pointless piece of tech


I'd like this for my trackpad and keyboard but it seems like it'll be cheaper to buy two of these than one of these and a replacement battery!

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Apple Keyboard with Numeric Keypad - Now Scanning at £10 @ Tesco Instore (RRP: £40)
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Posted 26th Jun 2013Posted 26th Jun 2013
Apple Keyboard with Numeric Keypad - Now Scanning at £10 @ Tesco Instore (RRP: £40)
Popped into Tesco Durham and noticed they had this at £20 with a normal white SEL so should be available at other stores. Grabbed myself one at this price - seems like a bargain.

Something like THIS: [img][/img]


If anyone has a spare mouse or keyboard I will buy them off you.


Hi folks, I have an Apple keyboard that I'll swap for a mouse if someone has one? Cheers, Jon.


Picked up last mouse & last two keyboards in seacroft Leeds. Thanks ops.


So I guess they are not just the old style chunky keyboards then. Thanks for the detailed answers :)

Apple Keyboard with Numeric Keypad @ TESCO Direct - £20
Posted 17th Jun 2013Posted 17th Jun 2013
Apple Keyboard with Numeric Keypad @ TESCO Direct - £20
In an elegant, ultra-think anodized aluminium enclosure, the Apple keyboard has low-profile keys that provide a crisp, responsive feel to make typing easy and comfortable. The keyb… Read more

OOS i'm afraid.

Apple Keyboard - Wired - French Layout @ Amazon £12.95
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Posted 26th May 2012Posted 26th May 2012
Apple Keyboard - Wired - French Layout @ Amazon £12.95
Decent price for an Apple Keyboard even tho in french layout.

it drove me mental trying to use a french mac for the first time. if osx wasn't a pain as it is, try using it in a language you don't understand, and then for added measure mix up the bloody keys. this is pointless for most UK people


touchtyping means nothing. keyboard positioning is encoded in its hardware. If you changed region settings to uk, tried to type using familiar key positioning, you'd be in a pretty bad mess. This will be hot for the ex pat frenchie who is now stuck on these miserable shores. They'll cry ZUT ALORS! then begin to ribbit with delight as they will once again be able to type. VIVE LE FRANCE!


LOL, why is this posted, lol. I don't know what it is about this deal, but I can't stop laughing.


I would have thought this would f**k up touchtypers technique if the keys are all in the wrong place!



Apple Keyboard Reduced in TESCO £40.00
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Posted 9th May 2012Posted 9th May 2012
Apple Keyboard Reduced in TESCO £40.00
Was in my local Tesco's in Aberdeen. Saw they had reduced Apple keyboard's to 40.00 These are usually £69.99!
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more overpriced **** for the mactards.


Apple keyboards top out at £57 from Apple for the bluetooth version, which can be had for less from others. No idea where this £69.99 comes from.


Looks pretty dark in your picture, sure the price wasn't £4.00?




No pretty sure he's right - its definitely a keyboard...

Apple Wired Keyboard (A1243) - £28 @ Best Buy (Instore)
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Posted 6th Sep 2011Posted 6th Sep 2011
Apple Wired Keyboard (A1243) - £28 @ Best Buy (Instore)
Been looking to pick one of these up recently, cant find it for less than £40 anywhere, so £28 seems a bargain for a well rated keyboard.
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Wow, so much Apple hate in this thread. I use one of these at work everyday and it's the best keyboard I've used.


Cool, so we are all happy to agree, Apple stuff is pants and a rip off. Nice :)


Fair points, well made.. But not applicable to everyone and certainly not to me! That's something I should have noted in my above comment actually, while materials and build quality are probably fairly objective things (preference still has a bearing of course), key action and the richness of experience (or lack thereof) are highly subjective. For example, I have absolutely no qualms with the slight angle of the keyboard, coming from (and still frequently using) laptops which lay completely flat... I would rather a slight angle than constantly radically readjusting my typing style from device to device. With regards to the slight travel, I absolutely think these keys have a great action. Keys with a lot of travel feel clunky and unweidly to me, and I find I cant type at the same speeds on them. As for the flat keycaps, the isolated chiclet form gives me all the tactile feedback I need to avoid typos, which I generally do fine. I cant comment on the magic mouse as I use the mighty mouse, but i'm perfectly happy with that. To clarify, I'm of course not saying you are wrong, but what I am saying is you cant really or fairly say I'm wrong either! I'm not a blind apple fanboy, in fact ironically I'm a somewhat reluctant mac user. I'm a masters student, studying usability and user experience... Pretty much everyone on the course and all academic staff use macs hence i've started using them. If these things were inherently or universally bad to use, I would know ;) Edit- just re-reading my comment, i dont mean to come across arrogant (which I do probably sound a bit). What i meant to say is i think we can both reasonably agree to disagree, but you're dead right that these Mac keyboards are not 'the best' to use full stop, as it might have looked like I was trying to make out. Personally I just reckon they're damn good!


This really will not do. I am also a Mac user but not blind to the fact that Apple has NEVER been able to produce I/O devices that also were not ergonomic disasters. The current crop of keyboards and mice are some of the worst. A keyboard that lies almost flat with very little key travel and flat keycaps just lead to constant typos. It is, furthermore, wearying to use for any length of time. The Magic Mouse is a curate's egg of interesting technologies, which for the most part work quite well (the touch surface) and yet is hobbled by being too flat for a comfortable grip and also inexplicably sharp-edged. Apple clearly did not learn from the hockey puck mouse. I ditched these and went back to my wireless Logitech S520 set (now discontinued) for the Mac, which set me back a princely £25. The oversized keyboard embellished with a plethora of useless media keys and the mouse scream cheap with a rattly and plasticky build, is a joy to type on. Unlike the above, sadly.


Cant think of the name of mine at home at present, possibly a logitech, has backlit keys, lovely and soft feel to them , adjustable wrist support etc, cost me £30 - that was full price, seen it on sale since, so yes there are plenty out there that are better and cheaper. Apple logo's don't make things better, just more expensive.

COMPACT - Apple Keyboard -£25.99 free delivery @ Amazon
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Posted 10th Sep 2010Posted 10th Sep 2010
COMPACT - Apple Keyboard -£25.99 free delivery @ Amazon
will work on both macs and PCs

Been a Mac user for many many years and I too only ever use the backspace key to delete stuff. So on PCs the Delete key deletes stuff in front of the curser, like on a Mac?


if you don't like Apple then go annoy someone else. Great brand and great Computers. Not my fault if you can't afford one and would rather have £400 "higher spec" PC. That will fill with virus' malware and spyware, fall apart after a few years and throw up bug and error messages. If you have never owned a Mac then Shut Up. Great price for a keyboard. Need a wireless one though


Anyone knows how to activate the 2 USB ports to work on windows 7? Ive just bought mine and its fanstatic but plugging in my iphone or any storage device it just says drivers cannot be installed correctly and wont recognise it.


Good price 8)


Spot on. The only times you'd need delete to function similarly to windows is when deleting text. Then you have to do the hugely exhaustive task of holding down an extra key.

APPLE Wired Keyboard - £25.99 Delivered @ Dixons
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Posted 3rd Sep 2010Posted 3rd Sep 2010
APPLE Wired Keyboard - £25.99 Delivered @ Dixons
£25.99Dixons Deals
Great keyboard. Also works with pc which is great :) The keyboard also has 2 built in usb 2.0 ports which are very handy.

Although the keys don't have the same symbols on them. i.e on the mac keyboard the " and @ keys are the 'wrong way around' you can still use it as normal windows keyboard. The only buttons which are missing are the print screen, pause and scroll lock. This can be remedied by using applekeys 2. If you did want to remap the keys software such as sharpkeys HTH


anybody else know?


Received mine today from Amazon. Using it with windows 7 and it works fine (apart from not having print screen etc, but a prog like applekeys2 takes care of this)


where would you download this from?


Thanks for the heads up. Ordered from Amazon.

Free UK Numeric Apple Keyboard USB MB110B/A Normal price £29 in Apple Stores
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Posted 24th Apr 2010Posted 24th Apr 2010
Free UK Numeric Apple Keyboard USB MB110B/A Normal price £29 in Apple Stores
Apple Keyboard with numeric keypad - British priced £29 at Apple Free with any iMac (maybe with other Apple computers - not laptops) After my purchase of a new Apple iMac in stor… Read more

why did the OP get suspended?


Are you implying a mega he had mutls?


He's got plenty of time to sleep, but we can't discuss that. Nor can we discuss all the new members that were banned at the same time :lol:


Guys, give him a break. I think he lost his sleep since he started this post. He even went to one of my previous post and commented on it. The post was idle for weeks and somehow it got 5 cold votes yesterday. Leave him alone. I am sdure that he never bought a Mac for a customer, he definitely does not own a PC and I am pretty sure that he will think about it twice the next time he is about to buy a keyboard for £1500. Let him find his sleep again.


Technically theft, though. I certainly wouldn't do business with someone as dishonest as you

Apple Wired Keyboard £23.80 ¦ Apple Wireless Keyboard £39.95 using Code 15KEY @ Comet
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Posted 22nd Jul 2009Posted 22nd Jul 2009
Apple Wired Keyboard £23.80 ¦ Apple Wireless Keyboard £39.95 using Code 15KEY @ Comet
Just picked up a new Apple Wired Keyboard from Comet in Leeds for £23.80 (did the collect in store method from Web). I checked the price online and it was £28.00, however they're … Read more
Avatardeleted55488Get deal*Get deal*

Just tried this and it still works.


They also have free delivery on the wired keyboards


Hi Currys codes have now been extended and are live now. iPod new 8GB Touch Code: TOUCH10 Ends: 23:59pm Thursday 08/10/2009 3% off all orders over £150 Code: SAVE3 Ends : 23:59pm Wednesday 14/10/2009 5% off all orders over £500 Code: SAVE5 Ends: 23:59pm Wednesday 14/10/2009


code doesnt work, has it expired?


The price quoted in my original post was for picking up in store, not for delivery. Sorry if I confused you. Cheers Dave :)

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