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TOTUM / UNIDAYS discount: Apple Pencil 2nd Generation White £95.20 for students / £119 without at o2
Posted 12th MayPosted 12th May
Unidays / Totum (NUS) account holders can currently get 20% off accessories on the O2 website. Users can generate a unique discount code in the Unidays / Totum app.

Does this come apple warranty?


Sent :)


Probably a long shot, but would someone mind sending me a code please? I would be really grateful. TIA!


Sent (y)


Would anybody be able to help me with a Unidays code, pretty please? :)

Apple Pencil 2nd Gen at Currys Ebay for £113.05 delivered
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Posted 5th AprPosted 5th Apr
Appreciate it’s not for everyone and but £5.95 off the price at Curry’s eBay. My daughter really wants one and can’t find it cheaper anywhere else (New)

Not cheap then, new one is £89


ebay item is first gen which is why it's cheap.


£100 cheapest from CEX plus delivery


Nobody is forcing you to pay that much though. People who are willing to spend the money will do. And if you’re not, then you’re not the target audience.


Voted hot, simply because it’s the best deal for the object. So if you want/need one, buy here? Can’t see the point in opinion and judgment on the people who are interested in such a thing. There’s hundreds of deals on here and I’m certain only a tiny percentage appeal to each person.

Apple Pencil 1st Generation - £89 @ Amazon
-455° Expired
Posted 28th MarPosted 28th Mar
Features & details Apple Pencil features the precision, responsiveness, and natural fluidity of a traditional writing instrument and the versatility to become so much more. Wit… Read more

Yeah but a finger is never as good! :{


I was thinking about this when looking at the new 2020 iPad Pro 12.9” edition. For the price of the iPad alone, Apple should at least be including the Pencil given their sky high profit margins.


This is the price for the 1st gen Apple Pencil it’s all ways this price


you need to pay £999 for the lead, or is that for the monitor that comes with no stand i forget


Cold. Doesn't draw visible line on the paper (lol) (lol)

Apple Pencil (2nd Generation) £109 @ Amazon
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Posted 15th Dec 2019Posted 15th Dec 2019
Apple Pencil (2nd Generation) £109 @ Amazon
£109£1198%Amazon Deals
£10 off (8%) on Apple Pencil (2nd Generation) at Amazon
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yes but he was looking for a replacement for the 1st gen apple pencil (as am I)


Looks like Currys does. Good for me as I have some vouchers (y)


Isn't that the punchline to "Can I use your dictaphone?"


Logitech do an alternative to the apple pencil which will work on all models of iPad made since 2018. Original it was exclusive to educational body’s to purchase. They have relaxed that now and anyone can buy one.



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Apple Pencil (2nd Generation) £109 at Amazon
Posted 15th Dec 2019Posted 15th Dec 2019
Apple Pencil (2nd Generation) £109 at Amazon
£109£1198%Amazon Deals
Save £10 on Apple Pencil (2nd Generation) via Amazon
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Apple pencil - £67.64 @ Currys Ebay
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Posted 4th Dec 2019Posted 4th Dec 2019
Apple pencil - £67.64 @ Currys Ebay
£67.64£89.9925%eBay Deals
Quite a lot of money for a pencil but still cheaper than you would normally pay. I'm looking forward to the trolling.

Been waiting for a deal like this! Missed it gutted


That’s a great price


missed out by seconds - gone whilst checking out.



Apple Pencil (1st gen) £84 Amazon
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Posted 1st Aug 2019Posted 1st Aug 2019
Apple Pencil (1st gen) £84 Amazon
£84£896%Amazon Deals
It's temporarily out of stock at Amazon but hopefully it will come in soon. If your not in a rush you might as well save a fiver on the Apple store price.

Picked one up from cex a while back, open box £36.


Charging hub sold separately


While other people understand exactly what this is and still think it's an absolute rip off.


Thanks for this @TristUK For anyone looking for the 1st Generation Apple Pencil this is the best price right now by about £5 :) The 2nd Generation is only compatible with the iPad Pro 2018 models so there isn't much to compare between 1st and 2nd Gen.


People are saying this is expensive and making jokes but they don’t realise who this is targeted at. Specifically, NOT them, I.e. those who don’t understand the tech inside and software around it.

Apple Pencil (Gen 2) £99.99 @ Amazon
199° Expired
Posted 26th Jul 2019Posted 26th Jul 2019
Apple Pencil (Gen 2) £99.99 @ Amazon
£99.99£119.9917%Amazon Deals
2nd Gen Apple Pencil for 2018 iPad Pro The new Apple Pencil delivers pixel-perfect precision and industry-leading low latency, making it great for drawing, sketching, colouring, … Read more



Probably needs additional adapters for only 49.99


I'd feel more sorry for the people looking for cheap pencils.


Thought it would be useful for working in graphics software ie resizing, cutting things out etc but not drawing kind of stuff. But most software works better with the finger for it because it was designed for the finger. It also doesn’t let you swipe up to switch apps etc so for that you have to switch back to the finger. I would only advise it for drawing/artwork personally.


I openly take great pride in bashing Apple prices, however £100 for these kind of accessories is almost standard at this level. Just look at the surface pen or pixel pen

Apple Pencil Tips - 4 Pack - £9 at Currys
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Posted 16th Jun 2019Posted 16th Jun 2019
Apple Pencil Tips - 4 Pack - £9 at Currys
Apple Pencil Tips - 4 Pack. Good to keep as replacements. Work for both Apple Pencil 1 and 2. On clearance from £19 which is the price everywhere else. Cheapest I've seen for off… Read more
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Are these for the HUkD member majority. We are a right lot of tight ......... people, though maybe smaller might be of use.


Some left in Skegness store. Somehow the 82 mile round trip doesn't seem worth it...


For a certain American?


This should be expired. Available Nowhere

Apple Pencil 1 £84 at Amazon (discount at checkout)
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Posted 29th Nov 2018Posted 29th Nov 2018
Apple Pencil 1 £84 at Amazon (discount at checkout)
£84£896%Amazon Deals
Not much of a saving but good either way . £89 but currently have a £5 voucher off if automatically applied by Amazon .
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Would also love to know, thanks


When did HUKD start deleting posts without telling you? A reply I made in this thread, and at least two replies in another thread have vanished without anything from the mods being said. I also noticed posts I had replied to have gone from a 3rd thread; leaving my reply looking a bit odd. Not heard anything from the mods since last week, when they deleted my "March of the Penguins" joke as being political.


I hear you.


Yeh so would I but my fiance thinks that hypothetical future children would prefer friends to horses.


I'd happily live in the middle of no where, my Mrs likes urban living.

iPad (2018), 32Gb, Wi-Fi, 9.7in with Optional Apple Pencil - Silver £269 (on 12 months BNPL and get your credit back on this item) @ Very
331° Expired
Posted 16th Nov 2018Posted 16th Nov 2018
iPad (2018), 32Gb, Wi-Fi, 9.7in with Optional Apple Pencil - Silver £269 (on 12 months BNPL and get your credit back on this item) @ Very
£269£31916%Very Deals
There are already several different items listed at Very using this code. This one gets you an iPad 2018 32GB for £269. There have been cheaper offers for the iPad recently, up to … Read more

This deal has expired. It has been replaced by a £20 discount on the 32GB model only.


It was only valid until 22nd. I ordered one last night.


Code posted not working as I created new account and picked BNPL option. So Cold for me


Can somebody confirm that all 2018 versions are the A10 cpu. The tech specs on the site state that it's the A9X cpu inside.


Can i use this promo on two diff items and get 50 twice?

Apple Pencil (@ O2)(for students through myunidays)- £71.99
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Posted 5th Aug 2018Posted 5th Aug 2018
Apple Pencil (@ O2)(for students through myunidays)- £71.99
You can buy the Apple pencil for £71.99 at O2 using the 20% off accessories student discount available through myunidays. Free postage available.

Thanks so much - this deal still exists & cheapest I could find


No it wasn't. That's just a silly conclusion to make.


It's implied via the wit carriage known as sarcasm. The true flogged decrepit donkey of online repartee delivery


I didn't actually make an argument. You must have meant to reply to someone else. I've tried emailing with a spanner but if anything it makes the experience much harder.


Literally doesn't make sense. Plus your argument is basically "corrr mate what's the point in anyone using a compressed-air powered wratchet when you can use a spanner?" Stick to your spanner.

New iPad 2018 (32gb) with 1/2 Price Apple Pencil £363.48 / £366.98 delivered @ BT shop
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Posted 7th Apr 2018Posted 7th Apr 2018
New iPad 2018 (32gb) with 1/2 Price Apple Pencil £363.48 / £366.98 delivered @ BT shop
£363.48£40911%BT Shop Deals
BT are giving 50% off Apple Pencil when brought with the New iPad 2018 32g Seems like a good deal since the pencil support is a major selling point of the new iPad

Not available to buy though?


Well I ordered mine Last Tuesday got a security check call a few hours later - I missed call so called back after work and did security check at like 4.30 Got dispatched email at 11pm ish and next day when I got home it had arrived no major issues or dents I was surprised how quick I got it - packing could have done with a little more as you could hear boxes moving in the brown box but otherwise all good and delivered by TNT


A week later the order was delivered in a grey plastic bag with Royal Mail. Surprised the ipad box was dented which such careful packaging.... (annoyed) Last purchase from BT.


I was waiting to, it seems they have changed the offer to £30 off the pencil so £15 more than this deal


Was waiting til Friday for payday, and now the deal's gone. Well, that decides that then. Thanks @bt_shop. Saved me some money (lol)

Apple Pencil and 10.5 Smart Keyboard - £209 @ Vodafone
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Posted 28th Feb 2018Posted 28th Feb 2018
Apple Pencil and 10.5 Smart Keyboard - £209 @ Vodafone
£209£25819%Vodafone Shop Deals
Obviously going to get voted cold as it’s an apple deal! Would be £258 if you purchased separately so nearly a saving of £50! Can’t find these both together cheaper anywhere else y… Read more

If you find yourself needing one, get a cheaper one off Amazon :) still around £50 but better IMO


To be fair don’t think it’s bad for £150 if you can get 25% off, free pencil really just pay for the keyboard


Oos shame vf just sent me a a 25% off any accessory code


Oh! Okay yeah the keyboard is pointless in my opinion I I returned it as not spending that much on a keyboard!


Oh I wasn’t meaning the pencil, I was on about the keyboard case :)

Possibly get an iPad Pro 64gb Inc Apple Pencil for £619 - (£519 after cashback) Read Description for how to obtain this price (not guaranteed)
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Posted 29th Oct 2017Posted 29th Oct 2017
Possibly get an iPad Pro 64gb Inc Apple Pencil for £619 - (£519 after cashback) Read Description for how to obtain this price (not guaranteed)
£519£61916%Very Deals
Hey everyone, So in the description for the iPad from Very it lists the iPad as: Apple IPad Pro, 10.5-Inch, 64Gb, WiFi With Apple Pencil You also get £100 cash back. If you sele… Read more

Good luck trying to close your credit account down, customer services are very poor and I had to fill in an online request form which took months of chasing. I was told that I couldnt make the request to close my account by email or phone call. Yes I received the discounts promised but too much hassle for me and I wouldn't use there credit again.


As people had warned, it arrived today in just a plastic bag, two heavy damage dents on the box top nearest the screen, did not open just arranged a replacement, if that arrives in same condition will cancel the order, all down to poor packaging (annoyed)


every piece of correspondence you receive once purchased details, the iPad with Pencil and Pen for £619. It is misleading. Apple and Very agreed, issued cash back and the pen when it was just the pen.


If you order from the dropdown list you are presented with options of IPad Pro iPad Pro with Pencil iPad Pro with keyboard iPad Pro with Pencil & keyboard The price changes depending on what you chose, so I'm not sure how you could chose the first option at £619 then claim you didn't get a pencil???


Same here! Screenshotted the new product description, tempted to give it a go

Apple Pencil (used, but still cheap!) at CEX, 369 available at time of posting £32 instore @ CEX (Add £2.50 for P&P)
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Posted 6th Sep 2016Posted 6th Sep 2016
Apple Pencil (used, but still cheap!) at CEX, 369 available at time of posting £32 instore @ CEX (Add £2.50 for P&P)
Recently nabbed an iPad Pro, and it looks like many of you are currently in the process of buying one too, from the Very, Tesco and JL deals. The pencil has an RRP of £79, and eve… Read more

Finally took the plunge and purchased an Apple pencil today from CEX,paid £45 which wasn't too bad seeing they now cost £100,but not quite as good as this original deal.To be fair it looks brand new,but I expect it is because it probably fell into someone's pocket when walking out of an Aaple store,as CONVENIENTLY it had no box or adaptor. So it's been a while since this thread was live so has there been many good apps released that are worth trying out with the pencil ? I will be buying some sort or photo editing app where the pencil will aid when it comes to editing the fine details.


Where can I get the adapter please?


Fantastic price, pity I missed it! £60 now :(


Fully charges from the iPad in a very short time, maybe 10 mins, and has a tiny impact on the iPads charge level. I don't think I would use the adapter if one was provided.​


32 is a brilliant price and you get 30 minutes use from only 15 seconds of charging, so hardly need an adapter.

Apple Pencil pre-owned £32 @ CEX
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Posted 10th Jul 2016Posted 10th Jul 2016
Apple Pencil pre-owned £32 @ CEX
''A stylus, who needs a stylus?" - Steve jobs Still this is a pretty good one, if you own an iPad Pro, not worth £80 Apple charge, but CEX pre owned price at just £32 is not bad, … Read more

I would pay the whole 80 if I had no other chance. You can only understand when you spend time with other stylus and see how Sh*ty they are in comparison.


i find them great for detailed work and really getting to the root of a problem...


Excellent deal, bought mine Grade A for 35 in mint condition. Delivered 24 hours after I placed the order.


like how people are down voting this deal, if any else knows where to get the Pencil cheaper let us know. If your a apple hater, or dont like how much they charge for accessories like this, I understand and this deal is not for you, so why vote cold?


Well you could trade something in and get a trade in voucher and use it online or buy one off someone here as the going rate is 80%

Apple pencil for ipad pro £79.99 now available in trafford centre
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Posted 20th Jan 2016Posted 20th Jan 2016
Apple pencil for ipad pro £79.99 now available in trafford centre
Checked on the apple website and the Apple pencil is available for pick up at the trafford centre and many other stores in the uk.

You lot do make me laugh, this is one of if not the most accurate digital drawing tool there is ever made to date, it's from professionals or artists which in actual fact there are a LOT of when in comes to digital architectural and card designs to name a few. Or if you are a artist such as myself that likes to draw digitally, there was already a market for this before it was released and the best drawing tools made then where upwards of £60 easily some even more expensive. A lot of very close minded people that don't really know what they are talking on this thread.


People have a go at the Pencil costing this much but it is just as good as a Wacom pen which costs a bit less. Obviously for a more consumer user it will be pointless to have all the pressure sensitivity but for a creative a lot of people have opted to go with the ipad pro + pencil combo than a Cintiq, and it actually works out cheaper than Wacom products.


Apple stores give a 10% discount if you have got a business account or open one. £71.10 inc VAT


I got one last week from john Lewis Trafford centre I ordered it via click and collect and it was free delivery to store as over £30 and just picked it up and was guaranteed to be there - really useful if you have an iPad pro


How many do you get in the pack for £79.99?

Apple Pencil in stock @ John Lewis £79 (delivery Saturday)
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Posted 31st Dec 2015Posted 31st Dec 2015
Apple Pencil in stock @ John Lewis £79 (delivery Saturday)
Ok this isn't a deal but for anyone who's waiting for an apple pencil and doesn't want to pay silly prices on eBay John Lewis has the pencils in stock for Saturday delivery. Appl… Read more

Talking drivvel IS his speciality, mate. Keep saying how you got something cheaper and you get him ranting and pontificating from the rooftops ! X)


so you didn't personally get it in asia did you then?


No actually a relative brought i back forme so shipping was free. Anything else to add.


where are you gonna stick them?


hot like rocking horse poo finding these

Apple Pencil (instore pickup Trafford Centre).
-374° Expired
Posted 18th Dec 2015Posted 18th Dec 2015
Apple Pencil (instore pickup Trafford Centre).
Avoid the ebay scalpers! In stock for instore pickup at trafford centre. Not sure about other locations. It's expensive and i know its retail, but hopefully it will help some folk… Read more



​the app doesn't like me lol



Tell me about it man it's a present for my mum, I'm the poor sod who had to fork out for it and I feel robbed haha, but seeing what it does I am quite looking forward to testing t out.


words fail me, nearly a ton for a pencil you can get a fake 6+ for that price :(

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