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Sporting first-class fitness tracking tools, refined navigation features, and iPhone hook-ups which let users stream music, take calls, send messages, and enjoy podcasts, the Apple Watch 5 takes an already stellar product range to another level. With premium features come premium prices, but customers can find even the most deluxe models available at big reductions by shopping at the hotukdeals Apple Watch 5 listings. Read more
Refurbished Apple Watch Series 5 (Pristine Condition) Space Grey / Black Band £296.99 ebay / musicmagpie
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Posted 30th JulPosted 30th Jul
Great price for a pristine refurb using code PACKUP10 at checkout. The Series 4 refurb is currently £299 from Apple directly, so you can get the newer model for £3 less from eBay :… Read more

Pretty decent the one i got. No scratches that i can see anywhere on it. A bit of dirt and it comes with Apple warranty still. Estimated Expiration Date: May 11, 2021


Got the gold aluminium 40mm for 274 in very good condition. What should i expect?


No matter how good a bargain it is with these retailer i.e. music magpie, stocksmustgo etc. I wouldn't buy from them. The quality of products are so bad that it makes so much more sense to buy from private sellers with much more control over quality and history of the devices. Didn't vote as it would appeal to some.


I got me a series 4 cellular from cash converters online for £220 few months ago in pristine condition , I’d say hold out and keep and eye on there as a lot online where more expensive and had a lot more wear and tear for more money , you can also get In touch and give them an offer on there products too


My friends bought a good iPhone 7 Plus from them 2 years back. It was in an excellent condition. He still uses without Issues

Refurbished Apple Watch series 5 (GPS + Cellular) - £449 @ Apple Store
Posted 27th JulPosted 27th Jul
Apple refurbished but will be almost unrecognisable from new. No doubt next series will land in next month or two but cheap considering from Apple direct

would be useful to add “Refurbished” in the title


I know what you mean (lol)


It’s cheaper than a new one but then a again it would be. There’s often 10% off on eBay so I’d rather pay a little extra for a new one but not this close to the new one!

Apple Watch Series 5 40mm - Black Nike+ Sport Band £275.30 / Silver White £277 Grade B @ Stock Must Go/Ebay
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Posted 15th JulPosted 15th Jul
Decent pricing for the refurbished series 5 watches. Grade B - Product may have some minor marks to the case. May come in Non-Original Box 12 Month Warranty! WHAT IS I… Read more

Could anybody tell me whether the BBC Sounds app is available to download on the Apple Watch?


He means brand new


Showing OOS


I'm not great with money but arnt these 275!?


These will be £299 new in a couple of months. Hang fire

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Apple Watch Series 5 40mm GPS Fitness Tracker Smart Watch - Silver/White Band Refurbished (12m Warranty) @ Argos Ebay - £349.19
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Posted 26th JunPosted 26th Jun
Looks decent to me Apple Watch Series 5 has a display that's always on, showing the time and important information - no need to raise your wrist. It helps you navigate with the b… Read more

Always the Xiaomi, you know this, I know this, John down the road knows this (excited)


I bought one yesterday from curry’s eBay outlet unused but damaged box for £329!


This or Mi Band 5, which is better? :p


Good find for someone who cant afford a new watch or wait for the 6 (highfive)


I got new one for 360.00 from apple online, My daughter used her NHS card and I paid with my card and so may be worth a look at what they offer, if anyone you know work NHS, it was 10 percent off.

Apple Watch Series 5 - 40 mm Space Grey Aluminium with black sports band for £359.10 delivered using code @ eBay / Currys
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Posted 16th JunPosted 16th Jun
Decent price for an Apple Watch series 5, one from a legitimate site that it. Not from Hong Kong but Currys PC World, in Nottinghamshire... Anyway, you know the rest, get this pr… Read more

Manufacturers guarantee is one year not three as mentioned in the listing, unless of course you take an extended warranty.


Great shout to use the code more than once by checking out as a guest. Thank you


If your account was originally set up outside the UK a lot of times these codes won't work so you'll need to check out as a guest.


Weird it works when I checkout as a guest.... I haven’t used the code which confuses me even more. Either way it’s ordered :)


No I think curry’s have pulled out of the promo, cant add anything from them but can from other sellers

APPLE Watch Series 5 - Gold Aluminium with Pink Sand Sports Band, 44 mm £386.10 - Currys/eBay
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Posted 15th JunPosted 15th Jun
Deal description APPLE Watch Series 5 Gold Aluminium with Pink Sand Sports Band, 44 mm - £386.10 using code @ Currys Ebay Key Features Motivation when you need it most Smart Coac… Read more

I bought the 3 and my GF the 5. The screen is a little better but for an extra £200 it is 10000000% not worth it unless you have the expendable cash IMHO


Significantly faster processor, always on display, bigger actual screen, it’s a pretty comprehensive upgrade over series 3


Anyone know if the series 5 are worth getting above the series 3? Quite a big price difference and wondering if it’s worth it ?



Posted earlier I believe!

Apple Watch Series 5 - 44mm Aluminium Case - £310.49 Delivered with voucher @ Stockmustgo / eBay
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Posted 15th JunPosted 15th Jun
Great price for the latest Apple Watch Series 5! GPS/44MM only left in stock but various colours available - Silver/White, Space Grey/Black or Black Nike+. Please note it's "sell… Read more

Ordered a grade b Apple Watch 4. Arrived today. Watch was immaculate but came in brown box. No instructions, no spare strap and no charger.


Looks like all colours are OOS now.


I Always tell the sceptics that stockmustgo guys grade B is as good as new ;-)


I got this the last time it was on offer, i got it for 247.99 from the same ebay seller using a discount code that was going round about 2 weeks ago. Came fully boxed, not a single scratch. Steal at that price.


Oh grade B

APPLE Watch Series 5 Silver Aluminium with White Sports Band, 44 mm - £377.10 using code @ Currys Ebay
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Posted 15th JunPosted 15th Jun
Granted it's got white rather than black but it's £9 less than the space grey version which will give you just about enough money for a better strap. Key Features Motivation when … Read more

Awesome watch. I love mine. I like the strap too - it’s comfortable, waterproof and long lasting.


series 6 out soon I wouldn't buy a 5 now - good price tho

APPLE Watch Series 5 Space Grey Aluminium with Black Sports Band, 44 mm - £386.10 using code @ Currys Ebay
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Posted 15th JunPosted 15th Jun
APPLE Watch Series 5 Space Grey Aluminium with Black Sports Band, 44 mm - £386.10 using code @ Currys Ebay Key Features Motivation when you need it most Smart Coaching is like ha… Read more

Anyone received theirs ?


Watch is value for money wise second to none IMO. Sorry weren’t very clear regarding the golf. I meant I just used it to track how far I walked. Can’t score like can Apple Watch but the Golfshot app on my phone is what I use for that. Plus it’s free and gives accurate yardage and scorecard. Hope that helps.


Good for you. In other news it’s possible to make a Corsa that looks like a Ferrari but it’d still have the same 1L engine...


I have a similar problem. iPad Pro had it 3 years hardly used it. It’s got white patches on the screen. Bear in mind it’s immaculate. Took it to an apple official reseller that does repairs. They said it’s out of warranty but we’re happy to give me a report saying there’s no sign of miss use. So I contacted o2 as I brought it from them and gave the common law card and they’ve hung onto I have to prove the fault was there in the first 6 months. So I don’t know where I stand


Why do they not do this price on their main website....!

Apple Watch Series 5 - 40mm Gold/Pink Grade B - £247.99 /Other Colours £259.99 @ Stock Must Go Ebay
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Posted 1st JunPosted 1st Jun
Apple Watch Series 5 - 40mm Gold/Pink Grade B - £247.99 /Other Colours £259.99 @ Stock Must Go Ebay
£247.99 Free P&P FreeeBay Deals
Grade B - Product may have some minor marks to the case. May come in Non-Original Box 12 Month Warranty! WHAT IS IN THE BOX Apple Watch Series 5 USB Charging Cable May come in… Read more

No problem


Received my series 5 yesterday. Looks brand new as the charger still had protective film on. Great find! Thanks.


They sent me a Series 3 instead of Series 5 :(


My Series 3 (A condition £151) just arrived, original box, looks brand new!


just took delivery, looks brand new to be honest, cant see any damage or signs of use. Came fully boxed and to be honest I can’t even tell if it’s even been used

Refurbished Apple Watch Series 5 GPS, 44mm £369 (Delivered) @ Apple Store
1048° Expired
Refreshed 28th MayRefreshed 28th May
Refurbished Apple Watch Series 5 GPS, 44mm £369 (Delivered) @ Apple Store
£369 Free P&P FreeApple Store Deals
Update 1
Update - Deal unexpired 28/05
Back in stock again Below refurbs are available for same price and specifications: Gold Silver Space Grey - Apple Watch Nike Series 5 GPS Overview Originally released S… Read more

Great decision. Interesting that they had the option of free delivery or next day delivery... which is also free. Erm, I'll take next day! Literally the same as brand new aside from "Certified Refurbished" being stuck to the box. A nefarious person could easily just peel that off and flog it on eBay as new (but they'd have to remove the shrink wrap first, so it'd be even more of a lie by their terms of what "new" is) Fantastic watch as always and a great improvement over the series 2 I had a couple of years ago. Nothing on Android came close, as determined as I was to find something, hence switching back to iOS. I'm unfortunately not very self-motivated when it comes to fitness and absolutely nothing I've found has come anywhere near as motivating as Apple's rings, celebrations, reminders and medals. They just nail this stuff. Also, I wore my chest strap and Garmin watch at the same time over the past couple of days - the Apple Watch's heart rate sensor is also leaps and bounds over any other wrist tracker I've had. It's been consistently within 1-2BPM of the chest strap, worst case sometimes being about 10BPM out for a few seconds but 99% of the time within 1-2. The Garmin Vivoactive 3 it's replacing is utterly useless as a wrist based heart rate sensor, it might as well not exist, it's frequently reading like 90BPM when I know it's really 120-130.


I don’t think you’d be able to tell. This is my first refurb so can’t be certain but from everything I’ve read they make them like new, full reset, new outer casing etc. It probably costs them not much less than manufacturing a new one TBH BTW I just read that Amazon US are reducing theirs from 429 to 329.... if that deal comes over here.... well that would be us lot kicking ourselves :D


Is they a way to tell if the watch is either a refurb ie worn by someone for a while and then fixed by Apple or just a customer return as they decided they didn’t want to buy it after delivery. Do you activate them or something Asking as I’ve never had one so not sure what crack is (y)


Most colours just got a decent new wave of stock including series 4 if people are so inclined to save another £50 and not have AOD... Pays to keep checking, especially early in the morning - pulled the trigger on a 44mm space grey at around 05:30, they're back out of stock now. Decided that for the price I wouldn't bother waiting for the S6. This is a very good price - even used on eBay isn't usually this low and here you get effectively brand new. If the S6 has some kind of must-have then oh well, I'll consider upgrading. But I'm skeptical about wrist sensing sp02 anyway so that's no big deal, and not bothered about the rumoured touchID. (Locks if you remove it from your arm already, and if someone cuts my arm off I'll have worse things to worry about than fraudulent apple pay)


Stock is a very rare sight now - at least that makes the decision for me!

Refurbished Apple Watch Nike Series 5 GPS 40mm £339 @ Apple Store
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Posted 15th MayPosted 15th May
Refurbished Apple Watch Nike Series 5 GPS 40mm £339 @ Apple Store
£339£39915% Free P&P FreeApple Store Deals
Edit 22/05 Back in stock Thinking of upgrading my series 2 Nike+ to this. Looks like a good deal on a refurb from Apple. Also available in Platinum/Black band for same price. O… Read more

Oh nice, back in stock. Of course, now that they are, I’m umming and ahhing. Just over 3 months till the 6th gen is out


Apple refurb is very good. Bought an iPad years ago on refurb and it's lasted and still in perfect nick. I've bought this, waiting for delivery. Don't forget apple refurb is on Quidco (y)


£30 more for the 44mm version. Is it worth it ?


These are perfect condition. Apple replace the outsides, the batteries and all the accessories are new. They give it a new (but just white box) which says refurbished in small writing. There won’t be much inside the watch that’s not new. It’ll feel exactly like a new item.


Cheers (y)

Apple Watch Series 5 44mm GPS Space Grey Aluminium Case with Black Sport Band - Certified Refurbished - £369 @ Apple
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Posted 14th MayPosted 14th May
Apple Watch Series 5 44mm GPS Space Grey Aluminium Case with Black Sport Band - Certified Refurbished - £369 @ Apple
Refurbished Apple Watch Series 5 GPS, 44mm Space Grey Aluminium Case with Black Sport Band Originally released September 2019 S5 with 64-bit dual-core processor (Up to 2x faster… Read more

Also had many watches, but after moving to Samsung Galaxy 46mm I would not go back to Apple Watch. Galaxy watch battery lasts 5 days, records activities, like cycling automatically(Apple watch 5 does not, or does when it wants), monitors sleep accurately(Apple watch hasn't got that feature,and third party apps are crap) and many more great features for half price.


Gone already 😞


So true (y)




Good find. I’ve had every smart watch going. And since recently moving back to Apple I’ve found this is by far the best of the bunch. In my opinion obviously. :).

Apple Watch series 5 A condition £335 at CeX
-444° Expired
Posted 12th MayPosted 12th May
Apple Watch series 5 A condition £335 at CeX
Watch Series 5 (Cellular) NO STRAP, Space Grey Aluminium, 40mm, A **This Apple Watch face does NOT include a strap, which is sold separately. Browse the range of straps here to ch… Read more

The Bip has a totally standard watch strap fitting so I bought an cheap leather one for it. I suspect an official Apple strap costs more than a Bip.


Get the strap, brah brah


The Amazfit bip is brilliant, and excels at a lot. But the promotional images of it make the display seem almost comparable to the Apple Watch and it is far from it.


My £45 Amazfit Bip looks much like the pic. Whilst the Bip is limited, I like the fact that the battery life is 500% better for sports tracking. Even £355 for a new Apple watch sounds maddening, yet if people are willing to pay then good luck to Apple.


Granted its the cellular version but no strap included with an Apple Watch purchase just seems a bit odd (confused)

Apple Watch Series 5: 40mm £348.73 OR 44mm £374.95 @ Currys PC World / eBay
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Posted 7th MayPosted 7th May
Apple Watch Series 5: 40mm £348.73 OR 44mm £374.95 @ Currys PC World / eBay
£348.73 Free P&P FreeeBay Deals
Apple Watch Series 5 40mm is £348.73 and the 44mm version is £374.95 at Currys PC World eBay using code PRICE8. The 44mm version is around the same price refurbished from Apple,… Read more

PRICE8 still works but the 5% discount is over.


Price8 no longer working :(


Working! Nice one!


It's selected items only.


WOW.. The code is working, but its only for the black ones!! Whats that all about!

Apple Watch Series 5 44mm Space Grey Aluminium - Refurbished by Apple - £369 @ Apple store
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Posted 1st MayPosted 1st May
Apple Watch Series 5 44mm Space Grey Aluminium - Refurbished by Apple - £369 @ Apple store
Been keeping an eye out for a cheap Apple Watch Series 5 for a while and this seems like a good deal especially as its direct from Apple.
Get deal*Get deal*

Apples vs Pears - pardon the pun :) I had two fitbits (charge 2 and 3), a polar m400 before getting the s3. Each to their own imo, I still have the m400 in a box, not used these days, keeping for the day when s3 gives in. It’s a solid piece, don’t want to part with it. Those fitbits were sold in a couple of months.


I mean that’s nail on the head stuff if it helps motivate, Fitbod helps me loads and I see works on the watches


I thought the same until I got a series 3 as a birthday present from my missus a few years ago, serving me well even today, I have been running and cycling much more since, it has definitely helped with the motivational factor.


In my mind I kind of wonder if it’s better to connect less to the internet not more, it’s good to let the brain get a some sub conscious processing time I think in this day and age but can see how it would be nice to not take the phone out with this.


Only if they are cellular, otherwise needs phone to make and receive calls. Very good as a fitness tracker, ECG monitor, works like a mini phone - shows all emails, notifications, lets you reply, store music etc. without the need to pick up the phone.

Refurbished 40mm pristine Apple watch series 5 £304.99 at ebay musicmagpie
81° Expired
Posted 30th AprPosted 30th Apr
Refurbished 40mm pristine Apple watch series 5 £304.99 at ebay musicmagpie
£304.99eBay Deals
Pristine - This is an exceptional product showing no signs of use, it has been fully tested and is in excellent working order. Will effectively be new - £30 saving over an apple r… Read more

Just about to return mine guys if anyone is interested ! Just bought a cellular one for the same price locally


To answer my earlier question, no, the Cellular model does not have a longer battery life. Some detailed info here. I shall now be on the lookout for a decent deal on an Apple Watch Series 5 GPS 44mm (or an Apple Watch 4 GPS 44mm if it is super cheap!)...


I’d say you got a good deal. CEX are normally pricey but that seems ok for them.


WeSell for: £300.00 WeBuy for cash: £141.00 WeBuy for voucher: £200.00 This is what I bought last week, came brand new so the seller must have sold it on thinking it’s not ideal for them too


If the mobile is within range, you can use the watch to make calls and sends texts etc. The feature is of no use to me. Chances are, if I am able to answer my watch, I can answer the phone anyway. The notification of the call is what I find more useful than being able to speak to my watch, a-la James Bond style.

Apple Watch Series 5, 40mm, GPS 2019 - Gold Aluminium Case with Pink Sand Sport Band £364.15 @ Lookagain
-156° Expired
Posted 30th AprPosted 30th Apr
Apple Watch Series 5, 40mm, GPS 2019 - Gold Aluminium Case with Pink Sand Sport Band £364.15 @ Lookagain
£364.15£3999%Look Again Deals
Thanks to @devinn for the code (y) Coral… Read more

Nope, still not clear! Nevermind.


yes because it matters for the very discount code and i was answering the guy above (electrical is 20% normal watches are 20%)


Sorry, but this is not immediately obvious from your previous replies, as I missed your initial mention of Very a it was out of context. Similarly, when you answered about it being classed as an electrical, if you didn't buy it from here yourself, you can't verify that.


what you talking about? I am referncing my order from VERY!


And also made up.

Apple Watch S5 44mm 32GB GPS WiFi & Cellular - Refurb, A grade, 12 month Argos warranty £406.99 Argos on eBay
-248° Expired
Posted 29th AprPosted 29th Apr
Apple Watch S5 44mm 32GB GPS WiFi & Cellular - Refurb, A grade, 12 month Argos warranty £406.99 Argos on eBay
£406.99 Free P&P FreeeBay Deals
I have taken a chance on this for £140 less than brand new. Argos have great reviews on their refurbs. Can send back within 30 days at no cost if not cosmetically perfect. 12 mon… Read more
Get deal*Get deal*

Depends which network you are on. Vodafone you pay £7 per month and use existing data plan.


What’s the score with no extra data or calling plan someone mentioned earlier ? Does the sim link to the same acct ?


Got mine today too. Absolutely flawless condition, perfect original box and just a ‘refurbished’ sticker. Seriously impressed. Amazing that a deal with £150 saving for an identical product is so cold!


Got mine today looks as new to me with the exception of a refurbished sticker on the box and the fact that you can't buy apple care for it as its outside the 60days from purchase for activation.


Received mine today with box, plug , usb and the original box all look brand new :p :p :p :p :p :p

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