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Updated 31st MayLast updated 31st May by wakkaday
biorb 12v dc light - 2.9w max (aquarium led) how can i seperate to another plug?
i have a biorb fish tank which has the led lights, the cable feeds into the same plug as the filter i want to seperate the led light to another plug, so i can control via a smart … Read more

Thanks for looking and advice


Good point it does seem noisy


If it’s anything like my old biorb I would just go and buy another pump and run that one separately. My biorb one was really noisy and not really that good. I went to my local aquatic shop and he recommended this. You can control the flow and it really does run silent


I looked, but the adapter was £8 and then a coupler was another £8, so didn’t make sense.


Good idea, this is the one as it’s dc . Wondering if there is a cheap dc adaptor I could get and connect

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Updated 24th Mar 2020Last updated 24th Mar 2020 by seagullz
Live feed from National Marine Aquarium on Wednesday 25th March @ 11am (via Facebook) inc. sharks!
The National Marine Aquarium (Plymouth) will this Wednesday be adding a live feed to their Facebook page ( … Read more

This looks good followed on FB

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Updated 20th Feb 2020Last updated 20th Feb 2020 by Smash77
2 for 1 London aquarium
I know it’s a long shot but any online codes for Merlin 2 for 1 or the London aquarium please? Need for tomorrow

If you are travelling on National Rail then you can get 2For1 through Days Out Guide.

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Updated 29th Jan 2020Last updated 29th Jan 2020 by MadeDixonsCry
Love is in the air-quarium this Valentines Evening at Blue Planet Aquarium
Thought this was a bit of a different event for Valentine’s Day so thought I would share Love is in the air-quarium this Valentines Evening at Blue Planet Aquarium. Friday… Read more

And if she enjoyed it so much I'm sure you'll get a bit more taste of fish afterwards ;) ... Sorry.


(lol) (y)


And if it doesn't go well, there are plenty more fish in the ....erm.. tank.


Bit different isn’t it. I like that the divers will show your message from the shark tank.


Thanks for sharing OP, I love an aquarium.

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Updated 10th Jan 2020Last updated 10th Jan 2020 by AAB
Aquarium Lighting
I have a 60cm tank with no hood. looking for any recommendations for lighting. overhead ? submersible ? it will be heavily planted and then house fish although not decided wh… Read more

Wouldn’t you be better off asking this on fish forum rather than on HUKD?

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Updated 17th Aug 2019Last updated 17th Aug 2019 by IamMT
Kids Aquarium Play Pool. With the weather warming up your little ones will absolutely love this Kids Aquarium Play Pool. Perfect for the kids to paddle with, and a slide to play … Read more

So which store did you see it in?


the admin said it was store specific but it was advertised national


Yes its available. Why it has been deleted?


check 1st for stock


On my way to bm