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Halfords Black Friday deals NOW LIVE Carrera Hellcat bike £255, 200pc Advanced socket set £135, Audi TT / Fiat 500 ride ons £75
Refreshed 17th NovRefreshed 17th Nov02/12/2018Expires on 02/12/2018

Snippets from Whammerhead's post Discount is supplied to British Cycling members with a valid British Cycling Membership card and discount voucher. 10% off is valid on any cycling-related purchase, excludes gift vouchers and Halfords Autocentres. you can try your luck BUT all the local halfords near me have REALLY tightened up on use of the BC card discount. they no longer have the barcode on the sheet of barcode discounts they have by the till & instead you have to login to your BC account to get a voucher ( valid for that month last time i did it ) that has said barcode on it - either print or display on ur phone for em to scan ) also the terms of the BC discount have also changed too as it NO LONGER states ANY purchase from halfords & as your post clearly shows, it now states on CYCLING Related purchases :( it was fun while it lasted but alas they finally got wise & closed the loophole - still may be worth trying to say the tools will be used on a pushbike but i dont think it will work somehow. on a related note for this thread, i really miss my 200 bit socket set, bought it a couple of years ago ( probably the same price but WITH BC discount so around the 120 mark paid ) sold it on to my nephew when he started a mechanic training course & regretted it even though i never had used it since buying it ( stuck to using my even older 150 bit set instead but did later find a few tools were needed for later jobs that the 150 lacked but the 200 had. mmmm, do i bite nd get a 200 again or do i just live with my 90 / 120 / 150 ( well 154 now as it got recased under warranty and the new case differed by 4 tools so i bought the missing 4 torx bits on ebay & tucked the extra 4 bits from the old set into various places about the new case lol ) & 170 bit sets - cant) be arsed lugging a set about if needed so have a set at work, set at home set in the car, set in the bike shed etc lol i have to agree that the imperial side of the box does not get used that often BUT it has been a lifesaver for me on occasion as i have found the need to use one or 2 on stuff i have been tinkering with where the metric side of the box was either not big enough or too big between sockets the next size up but an imperial socket fit like a charm ( might have been OK if the metrics had a couple of .5 sizes in there ( 8.5 / 9.5 etc ) instead of some of the imperials but on the same note, ( but on the other hand they might have already, they are just labelled up in imperial numbers lol ) as for warranty then as mentioned, so far only had 2 failures, 1 of which was the hidge on the really old 150 bit case, they swapped it out for a newer version case, also one of the torx bits fell apart ( T45 or T50 ) but they just swapped it out from the display model no problem - the torx bit came out of the socket it was secured into after being used with an impact gun to remove a set of rather stubborn bolts.


Their website has been playing up. It looks like it is down right now.


I thought this deal was removed. I have reserved the carrea bike.


You could go down the Midcounties Coop route and get the Halfrauds 10% voucher from Xexec for a total outlay of.. nothing. Still doesn't apply during black friday.


What about AA membership ? They give 10 % off from all Halfords purchases. Cheapest Basic breakdown cover costs 39 pounds, but with 20 pounds off from Quidco makes it 19 pounds. Then you can install AA app and you will receive a code. Voucher must be used instore. Some info from hotukdelas ofc :)

Cheap Audi A6 deal @ unchoosecontacts - 24 Month Contract - Total Cost £8,833.28 (£241.21 x 24 Months + £3,044.24 Intial Fees)
30/12/2018Expires on 30/12/2018Found 13th NovFound 13th Nov

where did you get the loan from? was the car similar to this one?


I had a choice of a lease but got myself a loan and purchased a car, cheaper than the lease payments and I get to keep it at the end


(skeptical) (annoyed)


Not a bad deal but a standard A6 isn't the best looking car for this money, boring as anything.


True retail is 3k up front, £251 a month, £150 fees for a more realistic 10k inc VAT. £9170 over the term


Don't waste your time with this folks. 6v wouldn't move a Guinea pig. Honestly, it will move as fast as a tortoise. Go direct and get 12v for £20 more.


Nice German whip


Looks a good deal but I bought the official 6V BMW car for my 3 year old grandson and it was not very powerful and would not run on grass as it was single wheel drive only. My neighbour bought a 12v 2 wheel drive Mercedes and it run with 2 kids in it even on grass


Here my new car for Xmas


3 for 2, so strap them together and off you go!

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Aldi's Workzone 170W Rotary Tool £4.99
LocalLocalFound 4th NovFound 4th Nov

Got one. They still had 5-6 available


I've got few grinding discs for an angle grinder. Haven't tried those yet though, one packet of diamond discs and one set of stone disks. Can't comment on the quality yet.


Thanks. Will go there an see if theres any left. Is it worth getting the other bits u got?




How many were there?


That looks mega!!


(lol) I'm tempted too and my son isn't due till the new year (lol) (lol) (lol)


Not much slower than a 50cc then, especially when ridden by a portly individual. I'm tempted to get my son the Masserati as it has a remote, though he'll only be 2 and a half when Santa brings it...


glad to see Sherlock has joined the community (skeptical)


He lives in Islington I take it?


Thanks, got a 3 piece clutch kit for my Lexus is250 for £52 instead of £300 - £400 8)


Automotive> Car Parts> Drive & Transmission> Clutches & PartFilter : Prime Only


How are you searching /finding /filtering for these? Great deals, always on a look out for cheap replacement parts I know amazon throws out loads of stuff mental cheap.



Eurocarparts seem to use their own product codes so not much use....most parts manufacturers have their own e catalogues online now,probably a better bet to get the correct parts.

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Alba Mono DAB Radio in Pink (Blush) from Argos £17.99 (other colours available  (Grey£19.99 and Blue £22.99)
LocalLocalFound 19th AugFound 19th Aug
Get dealGet deal

Personally voted cold, I got one for my GF and after very mild use and no drops etc it broke just after 1 year.


6v need t be at least a 12 , it'll be towing (lol)


I take it you walk everywhere then? I really don't think the kids will drive their Audi's everywhere they go lol its just a little bit of fun and to experience sitting in the driving seat and taking control.


Im no stick insect I never had one of these as a kid :p


Great for kids.


Kids should be running around getting exercise - not cruising in their Audis!


Thank you


I didnt realise that driving like a dick was exclusive to one culture. I always assumed it was a young man + powerful car thing - lack of talent/wit or wisdom + tree = Happy Transplant Co-ordinator. Ps I choose Bradford as when I typed into google the words " R8 Crash" the very first auto suggestion was........... Bradford.


Racist and disgusting. Reported.


Out of the R8 and a Corsa, you're not wrong


The ironic disadvantage being that you can only afford a 1 litre corsa.


A 24 month lease for 7k is a joke frankly. Especially when you putting nearly 1k down as a first payment. After the 24 months is up, you'll have to drop another big down payment on your next car so you're bleeding £500 a year in just fees before you even get the car.


That’s funny, it’s almost like you’re assuming only poor people would choose to shop at Aldi or Lidl.


It amazes me how many audi, merc and bmw drivers shop in aldi, lidl. I suppose woth pcp and leasing it lets the masses think they are rich lol. With some of the payments I see ints no wonder they try and save money everywhere else. Nothing wrong with aldi and lidl though.


Whilst I agree the deal is poor, the car is OK. Never been into Audi as a brand but had one of these for a few weeks in Spain last month and it was actually pretty good. Fun to drive and quick enough for what it is. In spite of what people say I don't think it is as good inside as a BMW but it was fine enough.


Loool what an atrocious deal for an awful car.


you need c2 / c3 if you want to save your DPF. look for Low SAPS


SeatCupraNet but it applies to all VAG cars. It’s a couple of years old, but wouldn’t think the specs have changed. Credit to BadgerBill and Wimbledonian for originally creating/posting it on SCN


Where did you get this from?


Hmmm... seems to have been compressed during upload. If anyone is having trouble reading it I can maybe upload it and provide a link


Hopefully this should help some people (y) 🏻


Direct from Audi dealers mate. To be fair that was a week or so ago. Some are "trickling though" apparently


where have all the deals gone I'm getting desperate now


Where did you get that information from. I ordered mine from audi directly and ordered on 16th april and i tracked it through the build. Build date 21st may and build completed 25th. Its currently on a ship to uk. I dont think 8wk for a new factory build is actually that bad.


Yeah, I wasn't sure if it would be something like that. Gap is only <£200 max so wouldn't be the biggest concern anyway I guess. Thanks for the info.


16 week lead time on the 1.4 engine by the way


Why cold?


Only if the tyre pressure warning comes up hence why I had to get one tyre changed and realised they were all stuck on and coincidently all four were gone the next day.


Lol never checked your tyre pressures in years ? XD


Guess we have to many ford drivers.


You don't want to draw attention to your wheels.


£362pm, 6x23, £0 fee, 12p per mile excess. Audi fleet were a dream to deal with. That’s with 10k miles per year, metallic paint and virtual cockpit. So could be cheaper, but I had my wants.


One thing I'm not keen on with Audi is they charge you extra for everything. In the equivalent BMW it would be included but not so with Audi. Electric folding mirrors Heated seatsSide air bagsRear camera Essential though I think is virtual cockpit which works out about £7-8 per month extra on the lease.


I think the price may have dropped further, I can't remember the lease company name but was now sub £300 (£297 I think it was) with £3k initial payment. That was also based on higher mileage not the base 5k a year. I was considering the S5 sportback and not so keen on the S4 but the price difference is huge now. Just got the issue of getting rid of my current car.


No idea why this is cold. You couldn't own any car like this (Audi, BMW, Kia, whatever) for 9k over 2 years (that's depreciation I am on about of course it costs more than that to buy it). Therefore good deal. I have an S5 and it has been 100% reliable since I got it new last April (on lease) other than a silly issue with the auto drop down windows which happened once and can be sorted out without a dealer. The A4 doesn't have frameless doors so won't have this issue. As for the comparison with the Kia Stinger.... Whilst I do like Kia as a car brand (we have the S5 and a Sportage) it just doesn't look right to me with respect to the styling. The lines just don't look right. Only reasons I wouldn't consider one is I like having 4WD, the service intervals are supposedly pretty dire compared to the flexible one on the Audi (might have imagined this though) and the MPG is a lot worse according to official figures (I know they are BS but normally if the figure is bad real life is terrible). I think I'd get over the looks if everything else was equal with the Audi and the price to lease was right (was about £600 a month last time I saw one). Having owned an S4 in the past I have no desire to own a car like this whatever brand it is. They depreciate like hell and are a nuisance to get rid of at a fair price. Dealers have your pants down with trading in and you have to be patient selling any other way.


ezzer72, get off your high horse, what the hell has Kia or your opinions got to do with if this is a good deal or not? No, absolutely nothing. Pathetic really.


Thats an SE model , nothing like an Sline !!!! (annoyed)


It does not quite work like that - if you had 5,000 miles per year on your contract, you could do 9000 miles in the first year and 1000 in the second year - In my example I meant 10,000 miles total, but have edited it to make it more clear - i.e. 5000 miles per year. I did 8000 miles in my first year, but I have done only 2500 miles in my last year due to changing jobs and now getting the train. I will only have to pay the 500 miles extra - which is 500 extra over the total mileage.


Modern engines are crap these days, just remember that!!! I love my 4.3 lexus gs 2006 with pure v8 sound in there


Do they all talk like that 'round your way? (lol)


Why would you pay so much for a glorified Skoda?


150Ps 240Nm 0-60mph : 8.9 seconds Ave 52mpg I can only presume that you’re basing your assumptions about the engine on mainstream technology from 20 years ago. You may want to educate yourself a little.


Must of gone Loofer. Don't know how to send you a message on here, with my deal? Is there a way? If not give Charlie a bell No: 0203 189 1299


Good deal. They also do 10k miles for an extra £5/month


Can’t find it. Is it still available? Can you provide link please


Poor deal - cheaper by £147.41 here with 8,000 miles and a smaller deposit:

Audio Pro ADDON T10 GEN 2 Bluetooth Speaker £149.99 @ Selfridges
Found 1st FebFound 1st Feb

There were 4 black ones left when I bought one earlier, thanks OP. White was OOS and grey was Low Stock. Be quick, hot hot deal!


Smoking hot! It's not £50 off OP it's £100 off!


The C5 and C10 are the multiform versions with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi (also with AirPlay support) which are better value when on offer.


Why cold




form VE103B - pretty standard as is the charge for it.


You cant take most lease cars abroad ;) And you'd use 1/5th of your mileage allowance getting there and back! (I understand this was a joke)


Nope. We have a 3k max on our scheme. Its up to your company :)


Has offer expired because its not opening


Ah, false alarm. Sorry.


No it’s not the same price, check the website.


Is it still the same price though? The link does not bring up the car and when I search for the car, the price is more. I will call them tomorrow still


Call the company in the OP. They said last week that all build slots were gone, but website now says 1 remaining.


Does anyone know of any leasing company that may still have this deal, only seen it now as I was searching for leasing deals. Amazing deal though! Wish I saw this sooner.

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