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London to Sydney Return for £395 Return (inc Taxes) - Late Oct & Nov Departures - Booked through Expedia and flying with China Southern
Posted 8th AugPosted 8th Aug
Finding some excellent deals to Sydney in Australia, departing from Heathrow and travelling with China Southern Airlines, booked via Expedia. However I use Kayak flight comparison… Read more

I would pay the extra and fly with Emirates selecting their A380 flights. These economy seats are more like premium economy compared to the dreamliner and 777 and the service and food is excellent. Its such a shame the A380 is stopping production as its the best loved by passengers. Cathy on the A350 is almost as good.


Strange how it's cheaper to fly to Sydney than to Guangzhou even though it's the stopover (confused) Extra £20 or so to not take the last leg


anyone find deal to Adelaide ?? me get £700 ?? if that good price thanks for advice :o


Perth maybe... Sydney absolutely not (currently)


Everything's possible ;) XD

London to Melbourne or Sydney Return Flights inc 2 x 23kg luggage - Nov/Feb/Mar dates from £406.14 via Flight Scout (Air China)
Posted 1st AugPosted 1st Aug
Number of cheap return flights London to Melbourne with date availability for November, February and March with prices from £406. Also a number of return flights from London to Syd… Read more
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I mean, it's literally on the other side of the world and there are no direct flights, 24 hours is pretty average for a flight to Australia.


Voted hot for price but I loathe Air China as hav had various poor flying experiences with them. They lost my hold luggage, were draconian about my cabin luggage, have the worst in-flight entertainment and food and drinks and the service is just as bad. I’d recommend trying China Southern for a far better experience. Just don’t overpack your bags on the way back if you have to stopover in Guangzhou, China as the Baiyun Airport check-in staff are jobsworths for the most part.


U.K. is comparable to USA, AU is more akin to Paradise, such small inconveniences in a airline to get there and escape.


Wow, cheap!. Paid about £1000 per person including 2 kids and 2 adults in Aug with Emiraates but stoping off in Asia for ~ 10/7 so 4 flights in total (Uk -> dubai -> asial asia -> singapore -> Melbourne)


Flight Scout are a comparison flight tool (you are not actually booking a flight with them) - if you have found some cheap flights then on the next step you will see the travel agents or airlines that have the flight prices and you would then choose to book with them. thanks

Round the World (Lisbon / San Fran' / Hawaii / Sydney / Singapore + a 21 All Inclusive night cruise from Singapore to Italy) £1133 @ Various
Posted 13th JulPosted 13th Jul
This looks like an amazing price, I would book if I could get the time off :D February departure. 1) Book London to Lisbon & Lisbon to San Francisco, to do this use the "Mult… Read more
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Anyone has travelled on this particular ship? There seems to be mixed reviews about the ship even though it seems to have been refurbished in December 2018!




it has a bad rep


I wonder whether this reindeer profile is perhaps already paid/in the Tavel industry?


Yeah and the quickest way from Singapore to Italy by ship is via the gulf of aidan and the suez canal. So if the pissed up Italian captain doesn't sink the boat. There is a distinct possibility you might get attacked by Somalian pirates or blown up by a stray Saudi missile (made in Britain though, so its targeting will be off :)) that's missed Yemen :) sounds great

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Round the World Trip (Manchester / Orlando / Las Vegas / Oakland (for San Fran) / Hawaii / Sydney / Bali/Singapore/Berlin) £798 @ Skyscanner
Posted 8th JulPosted 8th Jul
Excellent sounding trip here departing from Manchester this time. November departure & flights only. Hand luggage only. Credit to Secret Flying for some of these flight. 1) … Read more
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Wicked deal


what do u mean


Actually tempted.


this looks like an Amazing deal plus it's from Manchester.


6 weeks hand luggage only on the trip of a lifetime. And if one leg falls apart you lose the rest as flights not connected. If bali to Singapore gets cancelled, then good luck getting home

Return flight to Melbourne £420 (Nov departures / Departing LHR / Air China / Including 23kg checked baggage) @ Skyscanner (Travel Trolley)
Posted 2nd JulPosted 2nd Jul
I believe this to be a good price for a return flight to Melbourne, especially as checked baggage is included. There are various trip durations available, please refer to the examp… Read more
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Excellent, thank you. Thinking of going to visit the bro down under. For the layover / stopover in Beijing...Can you exit the airport and visit the city? Thank you


I've done this flight ... If you want to stay at the hotel... You have to book in advance and no guarantee there is a free room. Had to stay in the airport for 10 hours. food was bland and service was mediocre...Good price though. :p


I done 3 weeks search and got £422 31st Oct to 21st Nov


Good price but for only 2wks!?


Good price, but it is many extra hours longer than other routes, unless you do want a Beijing stopover. Good price though! I've been looking for over Xmas and it's coming up to £1000+...

Round the World Trip (London STN / Barcelona / Los Angeles / Hawaii / Sydney / Bali / Bangkok / New Delhi / Goa) £824 @ Various Airlines
Posted 30th JunPosted 30th Jun
A westward around the world trip this time which incorporates a wide variety of destinations. November departure (please refer to the example itinerary). Please note that although … Read more
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This right here sums up this 'deal' in a nut shell.


True, I didn't specifically state "the income you (i.e. flying) bring to a third world country", but I did actually write "And yes, aviation can boost local economies..." and I really don't care if you fly or not, but perhaps you might think on for a minute about how flying made possible a particularly nasty type of tourism in countries such as Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia and even nearer home in several European countries, when weighing up how wonderful international flying is? True, ships are polluting, but there is a difference between a container ship bringing raw materials and trade goods from country X to country Y, and flights made to take punters from Bar/Beach X in the UK to Bar/Beach Y overseas. Shipping, like aviation, is working hard to reduce their environmental impact, but is seems few passengers can be bothered to do the same. G'nite.


I love the way how you are so quick to use the word troll and call me an absolute lemon. All I said was it was misleading as it’s a 39 day “trip” advertised for £824 when it’s only really just a collection of flights. Perhaps the troll is you?


Yeah it's easier to do it on your own. Doing for 3 to 6 months will not be easy but it's possible


Did you go on your own? I would imagine it is easier than having others with you to hold you back? Yeah i am thinking of doing the same hand luggage and just buying what i need wherever i go! Got to do it someday the bucket list is calling my name! (fierce) 3 weeks hmm i am thinking 3-6 months!

Round the World Trip (London Stn / Berlin / Singapore / Sydney / Hawaii / Los Angeles / London) £730 (October departure) @ Skyscanner
Posted 26th JunPosted 26th Jun
I have put this trip together which I feel represents good value. I have ensured that you get an appropriate time at each destination, although you may wish to change some dates (n… Read more
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What description of myself gives an indication of an apartment of leather bound books that smells of rich mahogany??! Grow up gang and let's get back to the deal


I assume due to the your description of yourself.


No - what would make you say that?


Do you have many leather-bound books and an apartment that smells of rich mahogany?


Yeah absolutely so just the one case. Also, peeps may want to get some booze from each place at local prices. Also, cost of seats if you're a couple.

Etihad Return Flights to Melbourne or Sydney from Manchester/London (Jan/Feb/Mar) £577 including 23kg lugagge via Skyscanner
379° Expired
Posted 17th JunPosted 17th Jun
Good price for return Etihad flights to Melbourne or Sydney for Jan, Feb and March dates with departures from Manchester and London. Price includes 23kg checked baggage. There are… Read more

And you won't have a single drop of alcohol to get through a 24+ hour flight.


You'll get a carry on too. ~30kg is plenty when aus is going to be super warm as it's late summer/autumn.


23kg for long haul is a bit mean but a good price nevertheless


Cheers OP. I've had my eye on Aussie flights for the last couple of months waiting for a good price, from a decent airline and without long delays. This fits the bill nicely.


Good price. Paid £592 for return with etihad to Sydney couple of months ago

Return flight to Sydney (November departures / Departing London Heathrow or Gatwick / Flight operated by Air China) @ Skyscanner (Flysharp)
326° Expired
Posted 15th JunPosted 15th Jun
Good price for a return flight to Sydney. Involves one stop in each direction at either Chengdu or Beijing. Example dates can be seen in the image below, but there is good availa… Read more
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Got to Auckland with Air China for £398 including 20kg luggage last year. Peak time as well. The stop in Beijing was 14 hours so I just popped to a nearby cheap hotel for 6 hours nap.




Flew with them last year. no problems, stop over a bit long. but for the price , cant complain.

Air China sale. London to Sydney round trip £482.82
64° Expired
Posted 7th JunPosted 7th Jun
Air China have a sale with a few decently priced destination from LHR including Bangkok for £306.22. For travel up to May 2020. I have no idea what they are like

I would steer clear.... I haven't flown with then but brother did and he flies a lot and said he'd never fly them with them again. Hardly any legroom, rude staff, plane was dirty, in flight food wasn't good. For such a long flight, paying even £200 pp more with emi, eti, virgin etc when they have sales or misprices is what I'd go for. Depends what you're time and happiness is worth Though some people aren't bothered such as my wife - as long as it gets from a to b she's doesn't care lol.


The planes are also terrible to fly on.


Their website is terrible to search on.


Cannot find the advertised prices to bangkok neither.


Reading online its one of the worst airlines but i haven't used them.

Round the World Trip (Oslo; California; 2x Hawaii Islands; Sydney; Melbourne; Singapore; Bali; Manila; Dubai & Stockholm) £789 @ Various
1215° Expired
Posted 24th MayPosted 24th May
This looks insane :D So many different cultures and countries :) Credit to Fly4Free for a lot of this info :) Example: London – Oslo - 17th Oct Oslo – Oakland - 19th Oct… Read more
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Just flights


Makati in Manila is fine anytime ,although I only lived there for a year I’m sure bad things happen. Also there’s a range of buses/coaches from the airport to downtown which will accommodate as much luggage as a taxi, the other option is grab app like you mentioned.


Is this just for the flight or for hotels also???


I'm not certain why this conversations is circling. Get travel insurance and use it if required. Use a decent enough company and they will do all the booking for you. You would have to pay an excess.


Indeed. And my point is that the first 2 airlines in this itinerary are 2 of the airlines most likely to be disrupted. And my suggestion is to stretch the durations to make it easier to deal with disruptions.

Fly from London to USA & Australia return with United Airlines (12 month ticket) £668 momondo
316° Expired
Posted 11th AprPosted 11th Apr
Fly from London to USA & Australia return with United Airlines (12 month ticket) £668 momondo
£668£79816%momondo Deals
There's a pretty sweet deal for those wanting to travel to both the US and Australia on a 12 month ticket. As an example, you could fly London to Los Angeles (stopover to check… Read more
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Thanks for the update, can't be sure nowadays when even longhaul flights are being sold with just hand luggage. Just been looking at some Indian internal flights where to up the hold luggage from 15 kg to 20kg is not much less than the cost of a flight.


Hi, it's with a 3rd party travel company connected with Mommondo. This is my first time posting on this site so I'll be sure to add this for future posts. Thanks


I should have been more clear. It is the duration validity of the ticket from the date of departure. Usually you will find 3 month, 6 month and 12 month tickets. Obviously for those wishing to study or work overseas for a few months, a ticket with 12 months validity is better. :)


Absolutely it's with luggage. 2 x 50 pounds/23 kilograms bags. I'll be sure to check the currency next time before posting. It was because I was searching for internal flights in Australia prior to finding this deal!


exactly what I'm wondering.

Return flight to Sydney £427 (May & June departures / departing London Heathrow) @ Skyscanner (Air China)
480° Expired
Posted 1st AprPosted 1st Apr
Return flight to Sydney £427 (May & June departures / departing London Heathrow) @ Skyscanner (Air China)
£427£50015%Skyscanner Deals
Good price for a return flight to Sydney. Involves one stop in each direction at Chengdu. Example date 2nd - 13th May, lots of other date variations are also possible. Some early J… Read more
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Chinese airlines drop their prices and control all the market in East Asia. Flew with them a few months ago. Cheap but nasty! Also, transiting through Beijing airport and going through their invasive security was the last thing you need having flown for 9 hrs with no sleep. Next time I'd think carefully about using them for the sake of saving a few quid.


I'm going in 3 weeks. Prices were around £490 when I looked with Air China, ended up paying £620 with Cathay Pacific with a 2 day stop over in Hong Kong instead.


It's a personal opinion.


I'm not disputing that more that you chose to hold Singapore up as the pinnacle of the airline industry.


Flew to Auckland from Heathrow with Air China last December. No problems. The service was more basic than more expensive airlines but the planes are fine and they get you there safely. For £395 it was a great deal.

Return flight from London Heathrow to Melbourne £559 (Sydney £575) or Manchester to Brisbane £565 [Various dates] @ Travel Trolley (Ethiad)
301° Expired
Posted 4th MarPosted 4th Mar
Return flight from London Heathrow to Melbourne £559 (Sydney £575) or Manchester to Brisbane £565 [Various dates] @ Travel Trolley (Ethiad)
Decent prices for return flights to Australia with one of the best airlines in the world! Various dates available for all routes including March to June & September to Decembe… Read more
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Don't use Skyscanner for anything other than a tool to locate flights and schedules. Make sure you book directly with the airlines, and especially do not book with dodgy online travel agents such as Travel Trolley. Google this company and look at the reviews; go to Tripadvisor and look at the hundreds of issues reported by people who have had the misfortune of using dodgy online travel agents such as this one. If you absolutely have to use an online travel agent, then make sure it's one of the big boys such as Expedia.


I did do the paid for one on a free trial. You do get many more flights on this and they always quote on the free one what you've missed out on. I just have a casual interest, although I have booked flights from Jacks info.


I signed up for paid and is worth it if you travel a lot. I suppose the experts can't post links as it draws income from here Jacks flight club. You get the email sooner with paid, the free membership account I have gets the emails a few hours later than the paid one.


Got an email earlier this morning for these flights on Jacks Flight Club. Worth signing up for their free membership as every now and again there are flights you might want.


Thanks apur :)

Return Flights to Sydney £394 (March departures) @ Skyscanner (Air China)
673° Expired
Posted 1st FebPosted 1st Feb
Return Flights to Sydney £394 (March departures) @ Skyscanner (Air China)
Awesome price for return flights to Sydney. March departures and the flight involves one stop in each direction. Example dates: 19th Mar – 8th Apr 26th Mar – 8th Apr
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Jacks Fly club steals from secret flying, fly4free who steal from flyertalk forums. Jack just monopolized it well.


..and that's just getting to Gatwick.


Nope, the first rule of flight club...


May be he's Jack from Jack's flight club !.


We've just got back from 3.5 weeks in Philippines with flights with Air China. Similar deal that routes were longer, layovers much longer but got free Airport lounge, but price was a third of what we would have paid. I declared several times that I would never travel with them again - odd customer service, rubbish entertainment, difficult to resolve any issues.... But in reality I would book these flights in a beat if we had the annual leave left! When it comes down to it, I just prefer to spend the money on accommodation and activities. How we got there and back is way less important, especially for longer trips

London Heathrow to Melbourne via Abu Dhabi with Etihad for £615 FEB-MAR. £517 with China Southern. @ Google Flights
81° Expired
Posted 17th JanPosted 17th Jan
London Heathrow to Melbourne via Abu Dhabi with Etihad for £615 FEB-MAR. £517 with China Southern. @ Google Flights
The dates in the link are from the 25th of Feb till 6th of March just as an example but prices are similar on other nearby dates. Even cheaper with KLM/China Southern with a stop… Read more

Had a long stopover in abu dhabi, 8 hrs, thought we just pop out just to say we visited, couldn't get back in as onward flight passes were not issued yet, chap at ethihad desk booked us a taxi and hotel with restaurant food foc for the family. Wouldn't say everyone will get the same service or even the same bad service as you had.


You must be kidding! Worst airline?? There's many others more deserving of that title. (ahem....Ryanair....)


IMO the worst airline, I've ever experienced. Neighbouring Airlines like Emirates and Qatar are much better. I may have had a bad flight from Abu Dhabi to Heathrow but haven't given a second chance since.


I do not want to sound harsh but this is not a deal. Only flights sub £500 to OZ would be worth attention - otheriwse it's just standard prices.


Great price, nice airlines.

1 Adult + 1 Child Ticket to Wigan Warriors vs Sydney Roosters on 17th Feb 2019 at DW Stadium was £33 now £20 (2 Adults £33) via Wowcher
342° Expired
Refreshed 7th Dec 2018Refreshed 7th Dec 2018
1 Adult + 1 Child Ticket to Wigan Warriors vs Sydney Roosters on 17th Feb 2019 at DW Stadium was £33 now £20 (2 Adults £33) via Wowcher
£20£3339%Wowcher Deals
Amazing price for this - would make a perfect gift for the Rugby fan in your life or for a family outing / mates night out PLUS you can buy as many vouchers as you like for gifts :… Read more
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What a game this will be!


Love Rugby, Touchdown!


Brilliant, thank you!

Air China Black Friday Sale Tokyo from £427   Bangkok  from £334  Hong Kong from £378 Sydney Manila etc
73° Expired
Posted 23rd Nov 2018Posted 23rd Nov 2018
Air China Black Friday Sale Tokyo from £427 Bangkok from £334 Hong Kong from £378 Sydney Manila etc
Air China Black Friday Sale. UK Asia/Oceania Some destinations: Tokyo £427 Bangkok £334 Hong Kong £378 Seoul £487 Beijing from £432 Shanghai from £373 Manila £334 … Read more
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LEGO Architecture 21032  Sydney Skyline Building Set was £29.99 now £24.00 @ Amazon
169° Expired
Posted 15th Nov 2018Posted 15th Nov 2018
LEGO Architecture 21032 Sydney Skyline Building Set was £29.99 now £24.00 @ Amazon
Build a detailed model of the Sydney skyline Includes the Sydney Opera House, Sydney Harbour Bridge, Sydney Tower and Deutsche Bank Place Includes collectible booklet containing … Read more

Not a bad set. My 9 year old had no trouble with it. As bassmanbish says it has been a lot cheaper. £24 seems to be the 'standard' price pretty much according to CamelCamelCamel


Quite a nice little set but I only paid £17.99 last year from Amazon.


Not much to it really.

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