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I am currently looking at a used Bugaboo Cameleon which is in excellent condition. They are asking for £575. Is this a reasonable price?

Didn't have a clue what a Bugaboo Chameleon was but did make me remember Bugaboo the Flea.


Is it a pushchair or travel system? New £607 @ Boots code MAQM30 or MAQM60 £110.60 Advantage Card points (sign up to Parenting Club 8 points per £1) Boots had £5 off every £40 spend a couple of days ago which would have made it £527, I think, offer is on quite often. Students get an extra 10% off too, if you know any.

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Look for recommendations for a travel system for a newborn baby
I am hoping members would be able to give me some help and guidance with regard to looking at a travel system for a baby (due end of October) on the way for me and my girlfriend. … Read more

A lot depends on where you live and if you do a lot of walking etc. Buggies with larger wheels like the mountain buggy range are a must if you like hiking, going long walks, sand, mud etc but are heavy abs large even when folded to put in a small city car. As another person said buy a decent one second hand and it will hold it’s value and you won’t be so gutted when you need to buy a double pram 18months later when the next one comes along. Good luck.


We got a Venicci set over 5 years ago and is still going strong on our second so was a good buy for £499 as it was a whole travel set at the time.


We got the Egg and Kiddy car seat. I'd buy an Egg again but not the Kiddy. Far too heavy. Have a look at the Doona - it's really popular where I am. Then you can buy a decent stroller/buggy when baby outgrows it instead of a travelsystem


I would suggest to buy your chosen travel system second hand cos you'll want shot of it within the year as baby gets heavier and you realise that it's much easier to sling him/her in a lightweight buggy (Maclaren/ Baby jogger city) which is a doddle to fold/chuck in car/ takes less storage space, doesn't cause inconvenience when navigating through clothing racks in store etc.


Thank you. Will have a look

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Travel system
I am looking good Travel system

I think in a very real sense, we all are.


The link I've added covers a number of systems with some destruction testing, should give you some ideas


my name jay i looking for deal


OP, A travel system - as in a puschair, with carseat, travelcot etc? If so, buy cheap..even preloved, as you'll be binning it after 6 months only to replace it with a lighter, more easily manageable buggy. If you buy new, cheap.. then it'll weigh a ton. so better to look for a pricer one, second hand.


Cars, Trains and buses are the best I think....

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Top tips for new parents
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Ty for making this thread


I think it is one of those points that divide parents. There are pros and cons of all techniques when it comes to babies, as they are all very different. It will work on some and potentially cause anxiety and stress with others. (y)


Sorry, but it is simply not true to say that controlled crying techniques have been shown to 'do more harm than good'. Please read this study by the Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry if you would like some proof of this. https://acamh.onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/abs/10.1111/jcpp.13223 My only caveat is that it shouldn't be attempted too early on. 4 months seems to be the general consensus on when a baby is cognitively developed enough to start to figure things out for themselves.


+1 for the controlled crying technique. Went from 6 wake-ups per night to none. This was a 6 months old baby and the whole thing was complete in 3-4 nights.


> https://www.mothercarestores.com/bh/en/ Hey OP, your mothercare link takes us to their Bahrain website.

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Just wondering if anyone can recommend 7 seater cars with reasonable boot space. Our budget isn't great so we're looking at used cars mostly. We already have a 3 year old and a soo… Read more

VW Sharan or Seat Alahmbra Basically the same cars only the Seat is cheaper Massive inside and you can get doors and laminate flooring in the back when all the seats are folded down ;)


Had a 7 seater Zafira. Endless problems. Spent so much on repairs. Very little room in the boot when the back seats are up. Probably enough room in the boot for a stroller. It had 2 ISOFIX seats. Don't know about new models. Now have a Honda FR-V like the person above mentioned. There's a middle seat in the front that has ISOFIX and there's 2 rear ISOFIX seats. The boot is big enough for a double pushchair. They're not that expensive and Honda's are pretty reliable. Did see the work carried out with its MOT history and there were no big issues over the years.


You won't get a huge boot and three rows of seats in a normal car, there just isn't the length. I think the best options top out at about 50-60cm deep. That's about the same size as a fiesta's boot, although it'll be easier to get stuff in and out and they're typically flat. That'd be something like a Grand Voyager or Grand Tourneo Connect, although I think the latter is still slightly above budget. The boot on a medium to large MPV like the Zafira Tourer, Grand Scenic or C4 Grand Picasso are even smaller. If that's too small then you've got a couple of options: 1. Go for a six seater. Two rows of three seats means much more space in the back and even smaller examples like a Honda FR-V will have a bigger boot than any car with three rows of seats. They're not very common though, and fell out of fashion a while ago. 2. Go for a passenger version of one of the medium vans so you can get the extra length. The UK has never really been fond of them, although they may be changing, so you either see base spec 9 seater minibus versions or top spec business transport. The latter are models like the Viano or Caravelle and can be fairly nice, but will be at least a decade old within budget.


Thanks all. @MrSprkle that is a comprehensive list. They're all on my list but just can't currently appreciate their actual sizes as can't go viewing to see but thanks for that. Budget is about 7.5k @suejb2 I've seen those in the past but not particularly keen that the children have to be forward facing from 15 months old


https://www.multimac.com/home Have you considered this?

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Pushchair suggestions
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Thanks for this, we just took the plunge about an hour ago...in the end we went for the Mamas and Papas Flip XT3, including a footmuff (different colour but hey ho!) and the easy fix and cabriofix car seat from maxi-cosi


We went for this: Ocarro - Mamas & Papas It's suitable from birth. We bought a different colour and bought as a bundle for £800+ with pram, car seat etc etc But as a recommendation on a pushchair that can be used from birth, this is brilliant. Might want a footmuff to go on it just to make sure the little one is nice and warm. Edited to add. The base can be used with a car seat (whichever you choose to go for) with a couple of adapters too.


it comes on a 4wheeler too although I've not tried that. the three wheeler can be funny up/down pavement but don't let that put you off - back wheels first is the approach we took. the tyres are lifetime ones on the city mini.. although gt has pneumatic ones (v slightly heavier) but gives you an adjustable handle and a bit of suspension. .... please do try it!


i thought the 3 wheelers might struggle a little compared to 4 wheelers, i dont think my wife and i wanna mess with pumping up tyres and stuff on a pushchair, though your expertise is welcome! i will take a look a bit more at it now, thank you


have you looked at the baby jogger city mini? light as a feather ro steer, not too heavy, fabrics wash easily.. a doddle to fold. it'll last you from birth till 5yrs easily. can put a carseat on it.. and carrycot (optional extras)