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Cooking in Lockdown
Welcome to the group. This is a place to share recipes, helpful tips and ideas. Also for some fun and banter. All cooking and baking abilities welcomed. Come and join the fun. … Read more



Absolutely Rits. Mum has certainly thought carefully when preparing these samosas. To reduce the spices to ensure it’s not too hot for the grandchildren. <3


Me too <3 XD


I'm assuming the secret ingredient is LOVE ;)


<3 oooooo! They look amazing! I love samosas.

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Baking bread
hiya. ready to put the dough in the oven, any tips on making steam? not got spray bottle or ice cubes thanks

Thanks. First time baking a loaf so fingers crossed


Put a tray(bigger and thicker the better, so it holds the heat) in the bottom while the oven heats. Then put your bread in and immediately pour a cup of boiling water into the tray (careful, because the tray may buckle and splash water) then shut the door and bake. The other alternative is to not use steam, but flour the bread. This makes a farmhouse type loaf and hides the dry crust - tastes better too.


Ah good idea thanks


put tray with bit of water right at bottom of the oven.

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Breadmaker - where ?
There was a few Morphy Richard and Russell Hobbs for around £50 the other day on Amazon and now I can't find any that aren't £100! Is there anywhere else I should be looking?

who now wrote to me and said its OOS and sorry! haha ughhhhhhhhh


Thanks all, went for Dunelm in the end

derbyco1_. Limited stock though. John Lewis also have this but currently OOS. I ordered it last week but haven't tried it yet.


really looking for something about £50, not £100 :(


+1 for the panasonic

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Silicone Baking Mat
I'm looking out for a silicon baking mat but the ones I'm seeing when I search for them are around £20 or even £40(John Lewis). Can anyone recommend a brand that lasts a long time … Read more

Ordered these ones as they have good reviews cheers



I have those, and they just stained brown practically as soon as i used them


Hi mate. I bought these about a year ago and they’ve been great


Most supermarkets used to sell them for a couple of quid.

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Recommendations for a breadmaker
As above I’m looking at buying a breadmaker to make keto bread and don’t have a clue about what to look for in one!! Any ideas or any on offer anywhere?

look for one when the pan screws down (I have a Kenwood BM250, works well except lettering has wore off) I had a Russell Hobbs Jr where the clips eventually worked loose and pan wouldn't stay down. (in the trash now)


The content doesnt change you just get denser bread. Consider a stand mixer with a dough hook, I use mine all the time hardly knead at all.


Thanks for the replies we’ve been making our own bread on and off for quite a while now, it’s the kneading I hate doing plus now I’m doing keto I believe you get better results using a breadmaker so will look for a cheap one to give it a try!!


Panasonic. Had mine for 5 years make 2 loaves a week, no issues so far


This is the one I’ve got had it a month use it daily

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Any bread baking experts out there?
So, I've started getting into Sourdough bread making. First attempt I tried to half the recipe but I think it didn't have enough flour, and it turned out like a rock - it was grea… Read more

It's taken a while but I think I cracked it!


Yes, they have perfected the recipes and methods so can get it perfect every time.


Am I right in thinking don't expect home made bread to be as soft as shop type stuff. Its always that bit more dense. Not like bricks mind.


100% Sourdough needs support as the dough is sloppy (not wet just wont hold it's own weight). You either need a Banneton and sprinkle it with Rye flour or Semolina to stop the dough sticking to it. Alternatively you can do it in a bowl lined with cotton dishcloth but I think it might still stick. If you want to do a sourdough flavoured dough you can do a regular 600g flour mix and add 120g or thereabouts of sourdough starter to it. Just use only a third your normal instant yeast. That way the instant yeast gives structure and the sourdough some of the flavour...but you won't get the same flavour and texture you would sourdough.


It's not the shape but the volume. Bread can only expand so much, so if you give it a bigger tin then the recipe calls for it's going expand sideways rather than upwards and look a little odd. Flatter than you'd expect a rectangular loaf to look. It shouldn't affect texture to any great extent though.