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Free 4 Year 16-25 Railcard with a Santander 123 Student Current Bank Account
Posted 3rd FebPosted 3rd Feb
This has been posted before 6 months ago, credit to @saniman, However I thought i'd post it again as it is such a good deal. A yearly railcard normally costs £30, and with this dea… Read more
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You going to pay for it then on tip on our benefits bill?


Yes... so does mine! I am going back to Uni though - how time flies!


Great- get the youngsters into even more debt....


I'm 17 and stated uni in September. I know that it's for 18+ but is there anyway to get it before then?


My partner is going back to uni to do her masters, shes 23. Would she be eligible for this?

Invite friends for FREE Revolut card (must have a Revolut card yourself) (£10 top-up required)
Posted 20th JanPosted 20th Jan
If you have a Revolut card, head to the `More` tab and tap on `Invite` to invite your friends via the Revolut app and give them a free* Revolut card. Hurry though, this offer will … Read more

sad to see this expired


Sorry, the title suggested invite friends for a free Revolut card. Perhaps you needed an invitation to get it free, I do not know. I certainly did not pay for postage, but normally they charge for postage.


Nope didn't work out.


I'll try that now, thanks


Sorry for you, in this case this is no deal, Revolut always provided the card for free and charged for delivery. They had a deal before when the postage was free, or they were paying you to join. I read that people topped up, applied and were charged for delivery, so they complained and the postage fee was credited to their account. Perhaps worth a try.

It’s back! HSBC Advance Bank Account £150 Switching Offer
Posted 2nd JanPosted 2nd Jan
Pocket £150 when you choose to Advance with HSBC.Open a new Advance Bank Account and you could trouser £150 in addition to enjoying no monthly account fee and access to discounts a… Read more

Did you get the switch incentive? I am in the same position and wondering if I can find the £1750 a month from a First Direct account.


Link here


Hi all. This HSBC switching bonus increase to £175 from today Wednesday 13/02/19. Hope this helps someone.


Also would it be ok to setup 2x Standing Orders on the account I am switching from (non-HSBC) as opposed to having to move 2x Direct Debits ??? Thanks.


Do they always ask for proof of income to see if you can pay in £1750/mth ???

Get £15 for free when you open a Monese account (and top-up by £50)
Posted 28th Dec 2018Posted 28th Dec 2018
Hi guys, I have just saw this advert. Monese (account similar to revolut ) is giving for free 15£ when you open an account and top-up by 50£ with the code XMASGIFT. This is the lin… Read more

I did however get my £16 topcash back. In my account and withdrawn by BACS today.


Didn't get it on mine The code gets entered on the very first screen on the app when setting up an account. I'd read the OP as saying you entered the code when you made the deposit. I do a lot of bookmakers offers and this is typically how they work so I assumed that would be the way this would work. Can't open a second account. Can't use the same phone number for two accounts, can't register two separate account holders at one address. CS, when they eventually reply, can't apply the code retrospectively. Anyone else doing this today before the offer ends make sure and enter the code on the first page!


Tried it and it works. Easy to open and then a matter of paying in £50 by bank transfer. Top of £15 almost instant. Than transferred £64 back. Almost instant transfer. Will keep account open because Euros option may come in useful and I like the look and functionality of the app.


@marco.acunzo the tweet says the code is XMASGIFT but the code you have updated looks like a personal referral? In case you are not aware, you can't do personal referrals on here.


I have made the top-up via card and I got them instantly

3 months FREE (normally 14 days) trial for Revolut For Business
Posted 10th Dec 2018Posted 10th Dec 2018
Probably a bit niche but seems like a good offer compared to the standard 14 days. Here's the fluff from the website: Business Accounts, Made Easy A global business current ac… Read more

Many of the questions are answered in previous threads like this one


Oh dear this "deal" is déjà vu all over again!


Is this covered by the FSCS compensation scheme??


Thanks will give it a whirl. I don’t expect much as it’s new and I’ve not heard great things about customer support. I’m an accountant and our firm has seen quite a number of these smart business cards. From an expense reporting, time-saving and accounting point of view, the best we’ve found (by some margin) is by a company called Expend.


I say get both!

FREE Revolut Card with £1.50 of credit via Hold app for 50 points @ Google play & Apple iOS (iPhone)
Posted 3rd Dec 2018Posted 3rd Dec 2018
Minimum top-up £10. You can withdraw this or transfer to your main bank account when you get the card anyway, so if you sign up with this offer you'll have £11.50 - take the £10 ba… Read more
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Very interesting, but does starling let you decide when to buy your foreign currency or does it just force you to use whatever the MasterCard rate is on the day of purchase? It's also worth remembering that the MasterCard rate is less favourable than the spot rate offered by revolut.


The virtual cards are cards you can set up to pay online, but you can only make 5 a month/have 5 at once. They can be used over and over again until you delete them from your account. Disposable cards you can only have one of, but it can be used as much as you like and it generates a new card everytime.

flux So what is the virtual card for? I have only seen the disposable virtuals which is a premium feature.


That's different from disposable cards, everyone has access to virtual cards however premium members get disposable cards which destroy themselves once they've been used and automatically generates a new card. You can only generate 5 virtual cards a month, there's no limit to disposable cards.


I have the free card and am able to create virtual cards also

Free £125 if you switch to Natwest or RBS Select Accounts by 3rd Dec
Posted 30th Nov 2018Posted 30th Nov 2018
Free £125 if you switch to Natwest or RBS Select Accounts by 3rd Dec
If you just want to switch to a free account for the bonus, you can also get the free £125 switching bonus with the NatWest Select* or RBS Select* accounts, which don't offer a… Read more

Anyone know if you can leave after recidving the bonus without penalty? Not really enjoying no branches and the fact my account number isnt on the card is annoying when people need to transfer me money


Might depend on when you opened the account/satisfied the t&c’s. ie. they might be paying the ones who opened the acc/paid in the £1500 etc first. Just a guess though.


Got mine today :D :D


Just checked. Nothing yet.


Arrived this morning (y) 🏼

20% off Revolut Premium Upgrade
Posted 23rd Nov 2018Posted 23rd Nov 2018
20% off Revolut Premium Upgrade
Premium subscription for one year, which comes with a bunch of neat little features. Free Premium card with express delivery to 120 countries£400 free monthly ATM withdrawals (or… Read more
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Also a typo in your link, instead of


And nothing for existing premium customers 😫


No saving on Metal.


Curve gives this and its a £50 one off fee. And its not a pre paid quasi current account either its simply a mastercard debit card you can link to any bank account or credit car. But horses for courses I suppose. How about revolut metal? Any saving on that as well?


I prefer 100% off. Premium doesn't provide much benefit

SumUp Air Card Payment Reader for £14 Free C&C @ Ryman
Posted 16th Nov 2018Posted 16th Nov 2018
SumUp Air Card Payment Reader for £14 Free C&C @ Ryman
£14£2952%Ryman Deals
The SumUp Air card payment reader is sure to be the best business partner you could wish for. Take card payments, anytime, anywhere with this pocket-sized device - it is lightning … Read more

The offer still works, but it's now £19


It's amongst the lowest per transaction cost around for such things, and if it encourages people to part with their money at craft fairs (which is what I'm using it for) it's worth the cost.


Cash, but that financial institution with branches will probably charge you to deposit it lol should be cheaper though!


Actually don't mind delayed payment, more asking in general, is there alternative services to pay away less to card companies.


1.69% for getting paid immediately on a job is not an issue. Build in the cost to the price of the job or item.

HSBC - £200 to join and stay if you switch to the advance account. UPDATE: Ends on the 25th Nov. Can’t refresh the original deal.
Posted 13th Nov 2018Posted 13th Nov 2018LocalLocal
HSBC - £200 to join and stay if you switch to the advance account. UPDATE: Ends on the 25th Nov. Can’t refresh the original deal.
£200 when you switch and stay with HSBC Advance . You must switch by 25th Nov 2018.If you’re new to HSBC, get £150 by opening an Advance Bank Account through the Current Account S… Read more

I get that it’s quite easy - especially when you only have to setup standing orders. But when you have 7 current accounts (to help budget) - I really don’t want another sat dormant for a year!


Thanks for the info, that's not too bad and easier than going to branch. I had mine open for the year for the regular saver so the £50 was a nice bonus on top of the interest I earned from that. I just set up standing orders from my main bank account to transfer the £1750 in on payday, pay some of that into the monthly saver, then the rest back out the day after, so I could mostly forget about it for the year. It's usually pretty straightforward and quick opening a new account with your existing bank and a few days to set up or move existing direct debits across. I ended up with 3 accounts I was just using to move between all the switching offers until I'd been through most of them, then held off for a year before our remortgage was due. Just looking into what new offers are out now I've not done before.


No - had to call up and go through some steps. Only takes around 10 mins. Not keeping it open as I can’t be bothered with the faff of £1750 going in/out each month. Appreciate that it’s £50 but a year is a long time to wait for £50 and for the faff of finding another donor account and setting that up before switching.


Was online banking registration entirely online then? Did you get a key code generator thing through the post? As for moving yours, why not keep it open for the extra £50 and open another donor account for NatWest?


Registered for online banking so I could get the £150. Not keeping it for the year to get the £50. Moving it onto NatWest for another £125!! :)

HSBC - £200 to join and stay if you switch to the advance account. UPDATE: Ends on the 25th Nov
Posted 13th Oct 2018Posted 13th Oct 2018LocalLocal
£200 when you switch and stay with HSBC Advance . You must switch by 25th Nov 2018.If you’re new to HSBC, get £150 by opening an Advance Bank Account through the Current Account S… Read more

Transferred the money tuesday. Bonus payment received today. Nice one :)


Does anyone know if you can pay the £1750 in parts? As I get paid fortnightly and for the month it's slightly above the 1750.


Opened the account and started the switch from lloyds. Didn't mention about having to go into branch.. so fingers crossed


So I win the bet :)


No . Haven't got a car

New Nationwide Future Saver acc. 3.5% on up to 5K pa (about £185), if you have  kids under 15
Posted 3rd Oct 2018Posted 3rd Oct 2018
My monthly saver is coming to an end, so I was looking for a better option. Found this while in Nationwide, and compared to my monthly saver which gives me roughly £76 (5% on £250p… Read more
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I use Halifax Sharedealing, £13 a year and £13 per trade. (Give or take a £1). Others use % of holdings. I'd recommend their Stocks and shares ISA though, any profit made in that is exactly that, profit. Doesn't get taxed. As for BMN, yeah - I first invested in November 2013, average around 2.4p. Hope to be an ISA Millionaire in the next year or so. I believe BMN will hit a pound a share in the next 12 months, I'm certainly confident in having what I have invested in it! Which would be slightly over a 100% gain at current levels. They're due to announce dividends this year, some anticipate November. As always, do your research & good luck. Investing in AIM is the highest risked market. A lot of people stick with big companies, of course with that you have far less reward. Invest what suits you. (y)


Hello I am interested in investing in stocks and shares but not sure where to start. Can I ask what platform/website you use to invest in these and what you would recommend? I need like a step by step guide into investing :-D Just had a look at a few posts about this bushveld minerals and looks promising.


To open this account, you must be: an adult aged 18 or over with parental responsibility for a child who lives with you for at least some of the time – at the time of opening the account, the child must be aged between 0 and 15 years, however the account can be held until such time as the child is 18 years and six months olda UK residentI presume this to mean 0-15 inclusive. For further information, you can call them on 0800 302011


Is this up to 15 years old i.e including


I did. They paid me £175 in the end admitting everything. But their phone desk were incredibly rude and refused to fix their issue instead blaming it on me. The person who investigated my complaint even remarked on their unfriendliness and unwillingness to assist me after they'd made their own mistake

£125 to new and existing customers who switch their bank account @ NatWest
Posted 3rd Oct 2018Posted 3rd Oct 2018
£125 to new and existing customers who switch their bank account @ NatWest
NatWest has just launched a switching offer which gives £125 to new and existing customers who switch their main account to the bank. The switching offer applies to all of NatWes… Read more

Quidco £50 cashback confirmed today (highfive)


they said they are investigating it and will get back to me within 4 days


I raised a complaint re my late receipt of switch funds. Although my circumstances were different, I’d do the same. Complained one day, they resolved it the following day.


they said to me i havent got it because although i transfered the £1500 in , i took it out the same day. I have pointed out that it doesnt state anywhere that the funds should be in there for a min amount of time


They reckon we didn’t switch correctly. Complaint raised and another 5 working days to wait.

Barclays earn up to £132 in 12 months with doubled Blue Rewards by switching bank accounts
Posted 1st Oct 2018Posted 1st Oct 2018
While it doesn't give an upfront bonus, switch to Barclays and sign up to its Blue Rewards scheme by Wed 14 November and you'll get double rewards for a year if you meet direct deb… Read more

Yes. Good rewards. Better customer service.


No unfortunately not lucky (or wealthy enough) to have saved £100k or be earning £75k. Maybe their Premer account is more suited to a Premiership player. Out of my reach definitely. Oh well, back to money saving just to live happily, despite working full-time!


Does anyone have a Barclays Premier account?


Would they not? Well, that is what she believes she did, via taxi (and this is the relevance of her age) but I suspect it was (can't be sure) only the £200. Bottom line is CS has been abysmal from day 1. I'm sure about the other issues, but I'm working on the weight associated with 1000 £2 coins. I want to get roughly 26.5 lb in weight together, and see how she handles it, I don't think she can.


With Starling it’s free to have a replacement for a lost or stolen card in the uk. £60 if you’re abroad.

HSBC Free £75 offer for switching. Alternative to Advance Account Offer.
Posted 10th Sep 2018Posted 10th Sep 2018
An alternative to the HSBC Advance account offer if you cant match the £1750/mth pay in. Open and switch to HSBC's Bank Account and you'll get £75. You'll need to pay in £500/mth … Read more

It's a current account so they can't force you to keep you money in there! Yes that would work and the transfers could go in and out on the same day if you like. The hurdle is getting HSBC to accept you for the account if you don't have the required income.


There a very few good financial reasons to go with these banks. Not going to deny they are far better with their customers, but people are here to make their money go further


Could you transfer in £500 in at beginning of month and then transfer out that amount the next day and repeat this process for 4 weeks? would that count as you transferring in the allocated amount or are you not allowed to withdraw the £1750 till the end of the year?


Need to be careful about ending up with a fraud marker on your record. No switching bonus is worth that. Banks can and do share and verify information on applications. I think HSBC are being quite short sighted and behind the times in their policies, particularly with the older generation. No longer do people have gold plated final salary pensions. They can draw whatever income they want from their pension pots, so effectively their income is whatever they want it to be. If someone is prudent and draws only a small income, leaving the rest to grow for the future they are effectively excluded from offers like this (annoyed)


Stretch the truth? (cheeky) Once you've got the £150 bonus you can always switch somewhere else again....

HSBC Free £200 offer, £150 to switch HSBC's Advance Account and then £50 after a year.
Posted 10th Sep 2018Posted 10th Sep 2018
HSBC Free £200 offer, £150 to switch HSBC's Advance Account and then £50 after a year.
If you want to be paid to switch, this account is the strongest on the market. Open and switch to HSBC's Advance Account* and you'll get £150 plus a further £50 after a year. You'l… Read more
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Mine switches in a couple of days but don't think I'll stay for the extra 50, it's all been a bit irritating, had to go into branch, can't do as much with the app as my old bank, fingerprint scanner only works on a few phones, website doesn't have mobile option just desktop view.


Thanks, applications all done. I`m not going to bother staying for a year. I`ll take my £150 and on to the next!


I did 3 weeks back. The whole process was online. They paid the 150 within 10 days of the switch being completed. Have set a reminder for 12 months later to ensure that the other 50 are paid out as well.


My understanding is that credit applications clear after 6 months (or at least they get ignored by the underwriters), so you should be fine. But yes, there is definitely a short term impact (up to 6 months, less so up to 12).


Update! Just opened & switched mine & hubbies Natwest accounts. Says open and will receive welcome pack by email, account details/Card by post. £300 for 30 minutes work....Thanks op :)

Santander Everyday Credit Card  27 months 0% apr and NO balance transfer fee! This is still over two years. Get the headline rate only.
Posted 5th Sep 2018Posted 5th Sep 2018
Santander Everyday Credit Card 27 months 0% apr and NO balance transfer fee! This is still over two years. Get the headline rate only.
Pay less interest 0% On balance transfers for 27 months from account opening with no balance transfer fee 0% On purchases for 3 months from account opening No monthly fee Up to… Read more

Yeh, once the account is opened can do the balance transfers online (or over the phone-probably).


I don't have my current balance transfer card with me today, does anyone know if i can apply then add the card details in if i am accepted? Thanks


Been accepted. Thanks for posting this op!


I just got refused with a experian score of 999 and I have no balance on Any other credit card I have.


Is it bad for my credit rating if i tranfer a balance from another interest free credit card which has 10 months to run?

Barclays platinum travel credit card. Near perfect exchange and Can withdraw cash abroad upto £500 a day (subject to your cash limit) and get till the statement date to pay it off. Also 12 months 0% apr interest free on purchases.
Posted 31st Aug 2018Posted 31st Aug 2018
Barclays platinum travel credit card. Near perfect exchange and Can withdraw cash abroad upto £500 a day (subject to your cash limit) and get till the statement date to pay it off. Also 12 months 0% apr interest free on purchases.
Barclaycard Platinum travel credit card 0% interest on purchases for 12 months from the date you open your account No non-sterling transaction fees on your foreign spend … Read more

Bit confused with this deal, specifically the time you have to pay off the balance OP states that "No non-sterling transaction fees on your foreign spend and ATM withdrawals until 31 August 2022 (4 years to go)" Then states "But if you can pay your balance off in full then this card wins every time! As it would be up to 56 days interest free! However that's only foreign currency withdrawals." Can someone please clarify? For example, if I was to withdraw $200 from at ATM in USA with this card, do I have 56 days to pay this off, or until 31/08/2022? Not sure where the 56 days came from, as can't see that in the t's and c's on their website


Good to know that. I assumed Visa and Mastercard were pretty much equally accepted everywhere


Worth having both this a Mastercard (I have what was originally an Abbey National, now Banco Santander Zero card) as not all cash machines the world over take both. Asia especially tends to favour Visa.


i have the Barclays card and love it, a normal simple card where i can take money out the ATM and not worry about it till after the holidays, like just using it at home, get good rates And never spend more than lot's, so that little difference i don't mind. when the year ends in four year's time i probably switch to clarity, but there's both good cards ,


No they are not. Check this out. Sure these peopke love revolut

FairFX pre paid card. Free £35 with no purchase necessary. Voucher is discounted of price straight away. If you have money then an extra tenner over the groupon deal! Must top up £500 then withdraw back out via cash machine! Fee 50p
Posted 31st Aug 2018Posted 31st Aug 2018
The Fair FX sterling* prepaid card, as its name suggests, allows you to load it in pounds. It converts it to other currencies when you spend overseas, and charges a relatively lo… Read more

Tried to use my card in Nerja Spain this week and failed in 4 atms (telebanco, euro net, cajamar, cajares). Finally worked in unimar. Stated consult card issuer which is the last thing you need on holiday! Halifax clarity worked in all of them. I wont be using them again as far too unreliable.


"Fee-free spending in the UK: We've removed the 1.4% transaction when using an Everywhere Card to pay in shops, restaurants and online in the UK"


Yes, had £500.50 on the card, took £500 out and card is empty :)


Was the fee 50p?


Received my card yesterday, went to the bank today and Barclays machine would not recognise it (not sure if this is my local bank or just a general problem with Barclays), went across the road to HSBC and withdrew the £500 without any issue :) Thank you OP. Just thought i'd post incase others tried to withdraw at Barclays and had the same issue :)

Free four year 16-25 railcard by opening student bank account even if it’s not the bank of choice - @ Santander
Posted 29th Aug 2018Posted 29th Aug 2018
Free four year 16-25 railcard by opening student bank account even if it’s not the bank of choice - @ Santander
I haven’t actually done it but according to if you open a Santander student account you get a free 4 year railcard. You can of course stay with the bank but if i… Read more
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I am with HSBC at the moment, going into my second year, the terms are you have to change current accounts? I just want the railcard and don’t want to change current account to Santander tbh


You don’t get free travel only 1/3 off as discount


As an international student who has just landed in the Uk and would be doing a 1 year course, what’s the best bank account right now in terms of no fees, and benefits etc


I already posted this (y) (y)



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