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10 Year Fixed Rate Mortgage - 1.99% (£999 Fee) or 2.12% without Fees - 60% LTV @ Barclays
Posted 1st AugPosted 1st Aug
Has to got to be one of the best deals around - unusual to see 10 year fixed for less than 2% - if you are looking to remortgage or take a new one - this could work nicely provided… Read more
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Nice technique. Be sure to check direct only providers as well.


I personally prefer to use MoneySuperMarket and sort by ‘Initial term cost’ as that is the sum of all your payments plus any fees. I also channel the inner geek and like to punch the details into excel and look at the year-on-year outstanding amount, to see what my loan to value will be at the end of the term. The reason I would advise against fixes greater than 5 years is because at the moment rates are ridiculously low. Within a 5 year fix you have a really good chance of reducing the mortgage to better LTV bandings for future fixes.


cheapest of the two with highest capital repayment


The maths on it are certainly interesting and I guess you've already made your mind up but you do also realise that the money you would be using to save up the higher ltv deposit you could over pay on your mortgage? For what it's worth I really think you need to get the 20% price drop out of your mind, I've read numerous articles both from industry insiders and polictal commentators and no one with any sense is suggesting 20% price drops will happen. Again what do I know but that real fantasy land figures. If you just go off brass tax you monthly rent over 2 years is 15.6k. That including your mortgage payments would put you at evens if property prices dropped by 10% over 2 years which is still massively on the high side imo and still doesnt take into account any over payments you would make. If you were being more optimistic and looked at even a 5% drop plus some sort of bounce back you're financially better off to buy now and then in 2 years look to remortgage with a higher ltv


@c58 it was an over simplified example. It also doesn’t account for the difference in interest paid over X time, on a £180k mortgage at 10% compared to £144k mortgage at 10% either. Also the £7,200 going onto the mortgage is quit a big off. When I looked for my first time buyer Mortgage at 3.20% I would only pay on annoyingly tiny amounts compared to the interest paid in the first 2 years. However you did say adjusted for interest but I suspect the real figure paid off the house would be much less For me my mortgage was £980 a month and my rent is £650. I worked out the difference in staying put and interest paid over the time here and they almost balanced each other out. I personal feel it was better for me to save more deposit in the extra wait time to try and get to 75 LTV and get a much preferable rate. Not everyone will be in the same boat of course

Barclays 5 year fixed mortgage - 1.36% - £999 booking fee - 60% LTV new / existing customers @ Barclays
Posted 15th JulPosted 15th Jul
Update 1
The 5 year fixed mortgage with a 1.36% rate (60% LTV) and £999 fee is still available for existing Barclays mortgage customers (looks to have been pulled for new customers)
Reduction on the Barclays 5 year fixed rate mortgage with a 1.36% rate and £999 booking fee (60% LTV) for new and existing mortgage customers. Also worth noting that Barclays have… Read more

Haha renting,I’ve never rented in my life and now enjoy the best deals when looking for a mortgage with my at present fees here either kidda (y) 🏻


Still on the current rewards (existing customer) sheet dated 18th July Break even mortgage size for the 1.36% £999 fee, 1.62% no fee depends on exact payment these are close for a selection of terms 5y £152,731.06 10y £103,167.07 15y £93,072.75 20y £88,734.90 25y £86,326.26 30y £84,796.86 IO £79,530


This has been pulled by Barclays. Not on website and my advisor just confirmed it


18 July list. 5y Reward rates for existing customers are 1.36% £999 fee 1.62% £0 fee. That will change the breakeven.


Taking the no fee rate leaves you £800 worse off after 5 years if that's your choice so be it.

Barclays 7 year fixed mortgage - 1.45% - £999 booking fee - 60% LTV (existing customers 1.45% - £749 fee - 75% LTV) @ Barclays
Posted 5th JulPosted 5th Jul
Update 1
7 year deal still available for existing mortgage customers - 1.45% rate and £749 booking fee and lower 75% LTV - credit @tommyjoey for the spot. No longer avaialble for new customers.
Further reduction on the Barclays 7 year fixed rate mortgage with a 1.45% rate and £999 booking fee (60% LTV). The cheapest 7 year mortgage that I have seen. Good for those who wan… Read more
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I've got a call in with a broker to determine if it is for existing customers moving home, the pdf implies that it is, but he didn't seem too sure!


nice thanks for that


Seems to be available to existing customers still, but with a lower fee and allowed a better LTV of 75%!


have expired the deal, not sure if they have pulled it or if its a temporary thing they have removed it from the website. Will keep an eye on it. Glad the deal worked out for you (y)


I have just applied for the 7 year fixed for 1.45% with a 60% LTV and paid a fee of £999. I wanted to fix a rate for 7 years rather than 5 or 10 and this was the best one out there. Yes there is a 5% ERC but I do not intend to repay early. Since my mortgage isn't due for renewal until end of the year I am holding off on the legal side until later on. My intention was that if rates drop then I can reapply for the better deal. They said there may be a £150 to do this but it can be waived. It may affect my credit score in the short term but it will recover in a few months - this is fine as I have a perfect credit score and do not intend to get any other loans or credit agreements for a while. I think it's a great deal and well worth the £999 fee. I will have paid off almost all my mortgage by the end of the 7 years, at most I will have a few years left on it in which case I will switch again for the remaining few years. HOWEVER, I was looking today just out of interest to see if the rate was still the same and they seem to have removed the 7 year fixed rate product! Seems like I got in just in time!

Barclays - 10 year fixed rate Mortgage - 1.99% - £999 fee (60%ltv)
2146° Expired
Posted 24th JunPosted 24th Jun
Edit: first time there has ever been a 10 year fixed deal below 2% in the U.K. Barclays 10 year fixed rate mortgage - 1.99%, £999 fee is set to be a market leading product, with… Read more
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Does anyone have information about this. I’ve looked at it but can’t find the info I need. I’m out of a mortgage deal and would like the security of a ten year deal. However I may want to let out in the future, is that an option with this deal? If not does anyone know any similar deals that allow this ? Also, what’s the time limit for the mortgage portability? My current mortgage was 3 months.


I would strongly recommend, they have access to providers which you may not have or require good amount of time and effort on your part to research a deal which suits your needs. Having a broker may also help you focusing on main issue I.e. getting the property at right price.


What some blast! (lol) (lol) (lol)


Hahaha!!!! Brilliant quip!


Hi, would seriously recommend consulting a mortgage broker. Lot of them don’t charge a penny as they get paid commission by the bank. They should also be able to suggest different options to meet your needs. No face to face meetings everything can be sorted via phone or email. I used one not very long ago and contacting them again to remortgage. Good Luck

40% off Hugo Boss Black Nylon Watch with Pingit pay technology built in £77.99 @ Barclays Bank / Ping It Store
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Posted 18th JunPosted 18th Jun
Decent price down from £129.99 for a nice stylish watch with the added bonus of pingit pay technology built in for contactless payments. Good for clumsy kids who are prone to losin… Read more
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Thank you for clarifying. Very strange way to kill off a device - this isn't a phone, I don't want to replace it every 2 years.


It isn’t clear in the t’s and c’s but may be the contract between the chip company and Barclays renewed every couple of yrs so only guarantees the minimum 2 yrs but could go for more...


I was asking what the 2 year expiry is all about?


I'm only saying whats on the page in the link.


You just quoted the same T+C at me?

Barclays 7 year fixed mortgage - 1.54% - £999 booking fee - 60% LTV @ Barclays
1897° Expired
Posted 17th JunPosted 17th Jun
Update 1
Rate decreased further as of 25/06 - now 1.54% for 7 years with £999 booking fee (60% LTV)
Barclays have reduced some of their fixed mortgage rates further, including their 7 year fixed rate mortgage with a 1.54% headline rate and £999 booking fee. Whilst the headline r… Read more
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causerino Translate to English and have a read. That's the bank offering it. Still think it's a conventional mortgage to buy a house? Also, look at the illustration, the consumer definitely does not "win"


You CAN buy a house with it, over a 10 year term with a fixed rate of -0.5%. Pay the house off in full to benefit the most, or shop around at the end of that deal to get the remaining equity paid off. Hence why I likened it to a credit card with an introductory 0% rate. Many will pay the debts off in full to ‘win’ which is to the detriment of the lender, but they rely on the fact that many will not make the payments and they will earn their profits through fees and interest. You’re interpretation of a the deal only being legitimate if it’s when ‘buying’ a house is also warped. People remortgage a lot more than they buy houses, so someone remortgaging to that sort of deal for the final 10 years to pay off their house still gets the same benefit someone buying a house would get. You said negative rates didn’t make sense and that lenders would never do this, but you’ve been proven wrong. i have no further questions your honour.


Please read it, then look at the banks actual statement. You can't buy a house with it. It is an additional mortgage to a house purchase mortgage... it is effectively a loan.

SlashnBurn A negative base rate would mean the vast sums of money commercial banks store in central bank would begin to erode. So it stands to reason that in the event of a negative rate, commercial banks would want to mitigate that ‘loss’ by enticing more people to borrow via loans and mortgages. The Bank of England plays a crucial role as an instrument for government to influence things like inflation and prevent economic crisis. Coronavirus is the single biggest threat to house prices in modern history and Tory governments have a history of doing all that they can to prop up house prices. I think the short term availability of marginally negative mortgage rates is likely. Lower rates encourage people to borrow and spend which is critical to economic recovery.


Just because the Bank of England said they might consider a negative base rate still doesn't mean negative mortgage rate. Denmark's base rate has been negative for like 8 years or so, and last year was the first negative interest loan being offered...but with fees/taxes etc you are still paying back a good deal over the borrowed amount. You jumped on my comment to someone else saying "Google it ffs". I googled it as soon as someone mentioned there were negative interest rates in Denmark, and guess what, I couldn't find a single negative interest mortgage for buying a house. Either I'm being blind, or they don't exist. I WANT someone to prove me wrong, I have no horse in this race, just curiousity.

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Barclays - 2 Year Fixed Mortgage 1.45% £299 Fee
501° Expired
Posted 22nd MayPosted 22nd May
Barclays - 2 Year Fixed Mortgage 1.45% £299 Fee
Good for anyone one who dont want to commit for 3-5-7 years & need to remortgage soon. Although the interest rate meant to be dropping right down imo its gonna stay down when i… Read more
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It’s Barclays.


Cold rip off considering current BOE rates and market conditions


Mortgage is better at low interest rates XD XD


Exactly. Need to remortgage soon otherwise will pay high interest rate.


Yes, by remortgaging while interest rates are low to secure a cheaper monthly payment.

Barclays 7 year fixed mortgage - 1.69% - £999 booking fee - 60% LTV @ Barclays
1957° Expired
Posted 22nd MayPosted 22nd May
If anyone is in same boat as me where you’re waiting for the mortgage interest rate to go below 1% but at the same time not 100% sure of the job security above 7 year deal from Bar… Read more

it has been said already but needs saying again and on nearly every mortgage deal The following in the deal header is wrong for the reasons already highlighted the amount owing at the end of the fix. Different rates pay off different amounts of capital (you can make it the same by fiddling with the payments) How to compare mortgages To calculate the total cost of a mortgage deal. You can do this by adding together the total monthly payments over the fixed period (7 x 12 = 84 payments in this case) then adding any product fee minus any cashback.




Many lenders let you lookup the broker options on the web. There may be some specialist deals that are only done through the broker network some lenders it will be a few products, for a lot of borrowers there may be no difference Some it is on just about every deal the brokers get a better rate or other incentive.. As a clue brokers are known as intermediaries. if you know roughly what you want/need it does not take long to filter the main lenders for whats out there. and do the like for like comparisons to see which is cheapest and by how much. You can then look at the more critical stuff like, follow on rates, overpayment limits/ERC, retention deal history, LTV boundaries...


1.69% 5 years fixed with no £999 arrangement fee is a better option !


You're bouncing from blaming "boomers" for your plight to the conservative party, then blaming empty housing stock and then the gig economy... you really do need to compose your arguments better. Empty houses dont mean a lack of supply, if you are using London as an example then the vast majority of the empty housing stock you refer to are owned by foreign buyers who for years have been using property as a way of hiding / investing (delete where appropriate depending on how pessimistic you are) funds. there was independent research done a few years ago (apologies for not finding it but cant be bothered to search) they estimated 22% of all privately owned property in central london was owned by foreign buyers or by offshore trusts. Again this has nothing to do with boomers, just wealthy people but in my opinion it is why London property prices are so high, wealthy foreign investors buy, meaning local people are forced to buy the next best and so on meaning prices are high but while there is demand for property this will always be the case, this is happening worldwide though as we all live in a free market. New Zealand, last year I believe, took the approach to ban foreign investors as homes in Auckland were now on average the highest in the world at over £1million so clearly others have it worse than we do. Again going back to my original point, you should stop being so self entitled and blaming people who you feel had it better than you, sure property was cheaper if you were born 30 years ago but there are loads of things that aren't better, chances are if you were born 30 years ago, you'd have been less likely to have a job, if you did and managed to buy a house you would have probably had to give it back when interest rates sky rocketed and no one could afford their homes. Assuming you got through that and you had some spare money and fancied a holiday, you would have had to pay on average the same amount we do to travel to australia just for a flight to Spain, oh and you would live at least 10 years less. All perspective I guess but theres never been a generation as lucky as us so quit being so negative and cheer up, your life will be loads better if you are more positive :D

Barclays Blue Rewards Current account cash reward ccount - Get up to £7 a month Replacement for Santander
-39° Expired
Posted 20th MayPosted 20th May
Barclays Blue Rewards Current account cash reward ccount - Get up to £7 a month Replacement for Santander
Current account cash reward Get up to £7 a month for using your account – we’ll give you £3.50 for each of the first two Direct Debits you pay. Getting started is easy It only t… Read more
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Up and till last month I paid them £3 a month and they kindly gave me £12 back. Sadly I have just paid my interest only mortgage off with them and now I will loose money, as my interest was less than the rewards received for having the mortgage lol!


I was inferring nothing of the sort. Maybe the word 'down' was what gave you that impression? I will be sure to think of my adverbs more carefully from now on.


You were inferring they'd cut the benefits like many banks are currently doing when they just haven't. It's being going for many, many years at the £7 for £3 rate, but more recently they introduced a limited time offer for new accounts only so have cut nothing.


They still pay extra if mortgage with them


I’ve used it and accumulated quite a bit over the years. They used to pay extra if you had a morgage with them but it’s still £3 a month for not doing a right lot for those that qualify.

Free Access To Over 300,000 Books (Including Academic Books) with Barclays via Perlego until 30th June - If Registered As A Student
247° Expired
Posted 28th AprPosted 28th Apr
Free Access To Over 300,000 Books (Including Academic Books) with Barclays via Perlego until 30th June - If Registered As A Student
Hey Guys; Just got this email from Barclays where, if you’re registered as a student and studying, you will have FREE access to Perlego’s online resources until June 2020 as unive… Read more

Depending when Voxi offer ends, use this if possible and then Voxi to potentially get 14 weeks out of it as this offer lasts around 8-9 weeks? :)


so it doesnt work if you have a higher education account? darn


Just had a Perlego offer from Voxi - 6 weeks free access


Because the code is my personal one?


What's the point if you cover the code?

Barclays to offer customers new £750 interest-free overdrafts (Newly Approved + Pre-Existing) from 1 May - 9 July
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Posted 21st AprPosted 21st Apr
Barclays to offer customers new £750 interest-free overdrafts (Newly Approved + Pre-Existing) from 1 May - 9 July
Barclays have just announced from the start of next month customers will pay no interest on the first £750 of their overdrafts. This should come handy for folks facing the difficul… Read more
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Apparently, these high rates are actually revenue neutral for the banks. The regulators were trying to get transparency - just a flat APR for comparison. Some banks were charging daily fees, some APR, some APR and a usage fee. Some people were paying hundred of pounds a year in fees for unauthorised overdrafts too. It was their choice to remove interest free buffers etc, this wasn't required.


Just received this; I hope that you and your family are well. Things continue to be uncertain and I know you might have questions or concerns about money right now, so I’d like to let you know about some of the new things we’ve introduced to help you since I last wrote to you. These include new step-by-step guides to help you take care of your banking from home, and temporary changes to reduce the cost of borrowing through an arranged overdraft. New ways we’re helping you Our coronavirus help page is being updated regularly with the latest information, tools and tips. Visit our website and choose ‘Coronavirus help’ to find out how we can help you. Banking from home guides - The Barclays app1 and our Online Banking service are the best ways to manage your money from home, so we’ve created some new guides to help you use them. We cover everything from getting set up to managing your payments and accounts. Search online for ‘Barclays ways to bank’ and scroll down to the new ‘Banking from home’ section. Arranged overdrafts - Whether you already have an arranged overdraft or would like to apply for one, we’re not charging interest on personal current account2 overdrafts until 30 April. Then, from 1 May to 9 July, we won’t charge interest on overdrawn balances up to £750. If you use more than £750 of your arranged overdraft during this time, we’ll waive some of the interest to reduce the annual rate of interest (EAR) from 35% to 19.51%, with interest charges capped at £90 per month. Check our coronavirus help page for details. Thank you - from everyone at Barclays I appreciate the effort many of you have made to get your banking done online or with the app. Doing this instead of calling us helps us to work with customers who have financial worries that simply can’t wait - so thank you for bearing with us. The coronavirus help page on our website is the best place to find our latest updates and guides. If you do need to get in touch you can chat to us on Facebook Messenger, or follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram by searching ‘Barclays UK’ for news and help. Yours sincerely Matt Hammerstein CEO, Barclays UK


Yay more debt


Not sure if this helps, but NatWest are offering something similar but £500 overdraft limit and you have to apply for it. Someone from NatWest called me this morning. But as I never have to get into overdraft I didn’t pay full attention


Me too (skeptical) but I just checked and it's now showing £2000 overdraft instead of £1000 (shock)

Apple is now offering 24 Months 0% Finance on purchases with Barclays 0% finance - £299 minimum order
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Refreshed 7th AprRefreshed 7th Apr
Apple is now offering 24 Months 0% Finance on purchases with Barclays 0% finance - £299 minimum order
Not a deal per say but Apple is now offering 24 Months 0% Finance on purchases. Good for those who were going to purchase something. Categories: Mac iPad iPh… Read more

Got rejected twice but credit score is 987 out of 999. Are there certain criteria for this offer that i'm missing? trying to buy the new macbook.


Sorry for the late reply. Must be account specific rates on Quidco.


Me neither, got a decent iPad already (not the pro but don’t see point of them), got iPhone XS Max which I bought from Apple on release day for cash, think I’ll wait for new iPhone before changing and not bothered about Mac’s. Good idea though for people to spread the cost as Apple gear isn’t cheap. Was contemplating the new watch and AirPod/AirPod pro’s but think the watch is faff and heard the AirPods are not that good think I’ll grab some Bose 35’s or Sony’s as they seem to be market leaders for ANC.


Not actually pulled the trigger on anything. Was tempted with the £519 iPad Pro from a couple of weeks back but didn’t want it on the 12 months.


Did anyone get the "Order on Hold" message once ordered on Finance? How long is it normally held for at this stage? Hope for it to arrive tommrow!

2 Year Tracker Mortgage at 1.18% - 60% LTV - No product fee @ Barclays Bank
1489° Expired
Posted 31st MarPosted 31st Mar
2 Year Tracker Mortgage at 1.18% - 60% LTV - No product fee @ Barclays Bank
Barclays Tracker Mortgage 1.18%. No fee, which is a factor in my thinking. It's difficult to get a remortgage in the current circumstances and who knows when the good deals will … Read more

Leek offering 1.09% discounted variable here better rate than this


It’s been pulled. New rate 1.58%. I dn’t adam and eve it. So BoE rate goes down savings have just been cut but mortgages go up. I suppose the risk is more of people dafaulting. Just my luck just under 7 months to go before my mortgage runs out. Just my luck.


Hi I can’t find this deal you got? Is it available to all? Thanks


It says no Fee in the information


That depends on if there is a setup fee with the mortgage. 3% of 8k is much less that a 999 setup fee. Anyway, I think the advice of getting a tracker, borrowing more, then immediately overpaying is best if the intention is keeping a mortgage.

No overdrafts fee from Barclays from 27 March to 30 April
2267° Expired
Posted 26th MarPosted 26th Mar
No overdrafts fee from Barclays from 27 March to 30 April
Overdrafts If you have an arranged overdraft with us, we won’t charge you any interest between 27 March and 30 April 2020. You don’t need to do anything – it’ll happen automatical… Read more

Top offer by Barclays, this will help many including myself. Was hoping they would have a longer interest free period on the overdraft like some of the other banks. But baggers can't be choosers as they say ;)


Fair play Barclays


It’s almost like they are setting things up for an almighty recession


I am shocked, wait no I’m not actually surprised to learn Barclays aren’t offering any of their customers real help such as payment holidays and as others have pointed out the sky high interest rate for the overdraft after 3 months is appalling. I have banked with them for over 20 years and do not require any help from them at this time, however as soon as this Coronavirus panic is over I’m going to close all my accounts and investments with them. I know this makes no difference to them but hopefully many others will also take the same action.


Overdrafts with barclays are a joke

2 Free Picturehouse Cinemas tickets with Barclays Premier account
98° Expired
Posted 31st JanPosted 31st Jan
2 Free Picturehouse Cinemas tickets with Barclays Premier account
Free admission for two at any participating Picturehouse Cinema location is available between Friday 31 January 2020 and Friday 7 February 2020 . How to redeem your free ad… Read more

Seems a bit niche! XD


To join Premier, you’ll need a minimum of £100,000 saved or invested with us – or an annual gross income of £75,000 or more paid into a Barclays current account.

Apple 0% finance with Barclays (3-12 Months)
-53° Expired
Posted 30th JanPosted 30th Jan
Apple 0% finance with Barclays (3-12 Months)
Just received this from Apple. Page says offer closes on 26th Feb.
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Seems to me you’d be better off with a Nokia!!!! (lol) (lol)


Traded in my iPhone 8 and am paying 25 quid a month over 2 yrs for a new iPhone 11. Together with a £10 pm SIM card with all the data I require it’s a bargain. Unless anyone can show me otherwise?? And no, I don’t want a Samsung, Huawei or Xaomi, I love Apple!!


Cant send web address as it’s banned on this site. But seems to be all apple products




After writing that I checked their website which says they do

Barclays 2 Year Fixed Mortgage 1.21% With £999 Fee
1299° Expired
Posted 10th JanPosted 10th Jan
Barclays 2 Year Fixed Mortgage 1.21% With £999 Fee
Barclays mortgage rate today is 1.21% fixed for 2 years with an fee of £999 60% LTV Early repayment charge 2%
Avatardeleted2385492Get deal*Get deal*

Called it ;) ;) ;)


Called it ;)


Wrong about what? I said in the next 3 months. However, I am not surprised they have put if off keeping in mind Brexit is tomorrow. It would have thrown the markets in to turmoil.


Turns out you were wrong and it won't happen. Interest rates held.


Do you have a crystal ball? We have no way of knowing what rates will do over the next few years. Longer fixed periods protect against interest rate increases and if you're worried about the implications of rate increases should they happen in the future are worth it in some cases for the peace of mind they provide. Everybody's situation is different and different people have different priorities.

0% Finance with Barclays @ Apple
429° Expired
Posted 9th Dec 2019Posted 9th Dec 2019
0% Finance with Barclays @ Apple
0% over 3-12 months. Offer closes 30th January 2020. £399 minimum order. Get an instant decision and have your order shipped directly to you.* Representative Example £999 Loan A… Read more



This is the only time I buy Apple products lol


It’s almost comical how they crawl out of the woodwork ready to pounce!


You should see what they do on Election day 😩 (lol)


When Apples involved it usually gets attacked by the Apple hate mob There’s a mob for Dyson as well, they lurk in the shadows waiting for a deal to be posted (excited)

Barclays Premier - 2 x Free Tickets at Picture House
93° Expired
Posted 23rd Nov 2019Posted 23rd Nov 2019
Barclays Premier - 2 x Free Tickets at Picture House
Two free tickets at Picture House cinemas with Barclays Premier Rewards between Friday 22nd Nov to Friday 29th Nov. Available at 25 participating locations. For my local cinema th… Read more

£100k .... and they have some great offers ok there from time to time


Quoted from the T&C's; 3. This offer can only be redeemed in person at a Picturehouse Cinema and is not available online or via telephone.


Is this a code to redeem...if so i would be very grateful for someone to pm one as i could use it near me.


If anyone isn't using theirs, I would be extremely grateful if you could PM them to me. Crouch End Picturehouse is a 10 minute drive from me. Thanks :)


I dont understand what Barclays Premier Rewards are? I have Barclays Rewards, and nothing like this offer is listed. Is it some premium acount you have to pay for monthly?

Free Aqualta prosecco (or soft drink alternative) for Barclays Premier customers
58° Expired
Posted 21st Nov 2019Posted 21st Nov 2019
Free Aqualta prosecco (or soft drink alternative) for Barclays Premier customers
Barclays Premier customers can recieve a free bottle of Aqualta prosecco from Majestic Wines when using the Rewards app or get a voucher via thePremier Rewards website.

It was only valid from Thursday 21st to Friday 22nd


Hey guys, what happened to this deal? Did it last for 1 day?


I knew there'd be a good reason to hang on to a Barclays account! (embarrassed)


Always get these when it appears on the app, cheers op, heat.

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