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0% APR Finance for up to 24 Months on Apple Products with Barclays - minimum order of £299 @ Apple Store
29/07/2021Expires on 29/07/2021Posted 18th JunPosted 18th Jun
Hopefully this helps if you are looking to purchase an Apple product. The offer includes refurbished products too. Thanks to @merb0786 for the heads up :) Please note the mini… Read more

Why would it be a soft check? Borrowing money is a hard check.




Lots of hard checks perhaps but finance on an Apple product would be a soft check and thus not appear to lenders and not affect your ability to get credit. Putting "fact" after lies doesnt magically make them true i'm afraid


All very fair points re intel arch, parallels M1 support & native apps. Proprietary I'm referring to how Apple lock you down to their eco system & their peripherals etc and often charge silly prices Vs competitors for those bits. The M1 is a beast no disputing that and not disputing their products being great, they are. My issue with their prices is definitely more with iPhones but I wasn't very clear about that. I don't know what the margins are on their macbooks only that iPhones are 60% which is insane. If the MacBook is mostly vertically integrated then I'd assume pretty tasty margins. I stand corrected on a fair few points! (y) Ultimately people are happy to pay the money which is fair enough, it's personal choice.


Read what you quoted. I haven't written a single word about a laptop, yet you seem to be replying to me for some reason. As to the content of your post.. you're comparing a 512GB SSD Macbook to a 128GB SSD Surface and a base CPU model at that. If you want to at least make it credible, lets compare like for like, shall we: i7-1065G7, 512GB SSD Surface will cost you a cool 1364 pounds You'll pay over a 100 quid more for a CPU that is twice as slow, you'll get 8GB more RAM for your trouble not that it will make any difference. "Proprietary eco system" What does that even mean? Historically you have more cross system compatibility with macOS than with Windows and it's not changing here. You can run intel arch through rosetta, parallels has had m1 support from April; not to mention to a lot of businesses and professionals native mac apps are the baseline tools, not the other way around. Just to make things clear - I'm not saying Apple is perfect, far from it. I just think a lot of their range is now competitively priced for the performance you're getting; it remains to be seen if this is still the case once they realize they have effectively killed sales on all of their intel based products.

LEGO Star Wars Tie Fighter £24.58 Delivered when you checkout with Pay by Bank app (available for HSBC & Barclays customers ) @ FunkyPigeon
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Posted 7th JunPosted 7th Jun
LEGO Star Wars Tie Fighter £24.58 Delivered when you checkout with Pay by Bank app (available for HSBC & Barclays customers with Code Kids can role-play as the villains fr… Read more

OOS. Please expire


Shows oos to me.


£24.58 is still a great price :)


Thats Great (y)


Thank you OP. For me it came to £23.34 including delivery.

7 years fixed rate mortgage reduced from 1.62% to 1.49% + £999 fees for new customers, £749 fees for existing customers @ Barclays
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Posted 10th FebPosted 10th Feb
Barclays has just announced mortgage rates for 7 Years fixed (60% LTV) reduced from 1.62% to 1.49% today. (£999 fees for new customers, £749 fees for existing customers) For some,… Read more

Two excellent tools to use for comparison of mortgage deals. First use this one and see your best buys. Then ask any broker to best these if they can. Second tool is to compare your shortlisted deals, it compares only two deals, but mathematically most accurately. So use for final decision.


It’s gross but the £75k criteria is not 100% strict. They are flexible if you’re close or can demonstrate your income is within a range of that minimum. Same with the investment criteria also.


Bloody hell, That's some requirement :( £75,000 :o


i am not sure if you need 75k gross salary or 75k paid into account which mean approx 120k salary.


I read that and thought, "no way the requirements are that high". I guess a lot of people on hukd don't actually require the deals if they're earning £75k

7 Year Fixed Mortgage Existing customers : 1.62% 75% LTV & £749 Fee | 5 Year Fixed (1.43% 60% LTV / 1.7% 75% LTV £999 Fee) @ Barclays
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Posted 5th Nov 2020Posted 5th Nov 2020
7 Year Fixed Mortgage Existing customers : 1.62% 75% LTV & £749 Fee | 5 Year Fixed (1.43% 60% LTV / 1.7% 75% LTV £999 Fee) @ BarclaysBarclays Bank Deals
Bank rates have gone up and down a bit, but in light of the recent announcements etc, this feels like a couple of decent mortgage offers from Barclays Below for the 7 Year Fixed… Read more

Looking at this or a 5 year at 1.39% both are good and with over payments I would get the extra 2 years to make them so edging towards 1.62% for 7 years over a 5 year of 1.39%. Think that is a good option?


Nothing will happen to influence the housing market or mortgage interest rates in relation to the end of LIBOR - unless you are a HNW individual


Anyone still thinking about this deal, NatWest are now more or less matching it AND £250 cashback. Can't be arsed to post so just mentioning it here.


Mortgages in the UK don't reference LIBOR, they use BoE or SVR, or plain fixes. Banks borrow in the capital markets and that will change to a new basis, the difficulty being what to do with the legacy contracts. So banks provide the service of insulating consumers from worries about wholesale rate changes, hence the popular media leaves the matter well alone. The real question is: why can't UK consumers get a 25yr fix like in other countries?


Seems the deal is gone. LTV changed to 60%

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10 Year Fixed Rate Mortgage - 1.99% (£749 Fee) for Existing Customers (75% LTV) or 1.99% (£999 Fee) for New Customers (60% LTV) @ Barclays
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Posted 22nd Oct 2020Posted 22nd Oct 2020
10 Year Fixed Rate Mortgage - 1.99% (£749 Fee) for Existing Customers (75% LTV) or 1.99% (£999 Fee) for New Customers (60% LTV) @ BarclaysBarclays Bank Deals
Mortgage rates seem to have crept back up recently, so this seems like a decent rate if you are looking to fix for a sustained time period. Remortgage Guide Existing customer… Read more

Keeping your money in the banks at the moment is pretty useless. Crypto is risky but the returns are insane. Easiest way to ease yourself in would be to download the coinbase app and buy bitcoin. Its the daddy of all crypto currency and the one that's the least risk. I would suggest not investing more than you can afford to lose, realistically bitcoin won't go to 0 but there's a slim chance it could lose half its value, If you're going to put a decent sized chunk into it I would suggest doing DCA (dollar cost averaging ) essentially rather than buying 1 lump, you buy in smaller chunks over a few days / weeks. This helps you to not end up buying at a high before a dump. Once you've got coinbase and looked into crypto a bit more you'll want to invest in different coins/ tokens as they tend to have better returns than bitcoin but the above is enough to start. Also I'm sure I'll get some heat for suggesting the above from the old school people who don't like crypto but a few things to consider. Coinbase is the easiest and safest way to trade crypto ( easy app and their exchange has never been hacked) Bitcoin is up 13% this week and 40% in the last 4 weeks .... sure there's risks but the rewards are pretty tasty. If you have any questions feel free to drop me a dm


I may have to start looking into crypto as no getting anywhere with my savings at the bank. Any help mate?


L&C, probably down to volume of work. Only as good as the person you get. I got the same deal quicker by going direct.


You obviously went to the wrong broker, we make less money if we sit on docs, it’s in our interest to place you with the best lender with the quickest turnaround. We also push through to completion, rather than drop you when it’s offered and passed to solicitors



2 years fixed mortgage rate 1.32 tracker/1.34 for 75% LTV with £999 prod fees @ Barclays bank - Existing customers
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Posted 16th Sep 2020Posted 16th Sep 2020
2 years fixed mortgage rate 1.32 tracker/1.34 for 75% LTV with £999 prod fees @ Barclays bank - Existing customersBarclays Bank Deals
Similar to the 7 year deal, Barclays are offering couple of an amazing rate switch deals for existing mortgages: 1.32% for 2 year fixed with 1.22 percent tracker. So if rate goes d… Read more

According to the calculator online it was over two years so only going by the thisismoney website. Best to go with a broker most offer the service free to you. It’s the bank that pays but up to you.


Im getting new mortgage, I think the great escape is only for remortgages..(?) I think you don't take into account that the fee have to be split into two years, so the tsb becomes 1.84%. But you are right, barcleys is cheaper, specially with the cashback. I checked the comparison sites to choose my mortgage, but apparently they are a little bit misleading if not careful...Im running out of time, so probably too late to go with Barclays unfortunately.


Dude I was referring 1.32 or 1.34 percent fixed and you with your brilliant analysis misguided people for cash back deals!


Sorry that was for 60%ltv but please don’t do that. Barclays 75%ltv great escape is 1.81% plus £400 cashback which is equivalent to your 1.44% if you pay the cashback on the mortgage. With the fee added the TSB mortgage is the equivalent of 2.32% over the two years. Your effectively wasting the £995.Please get advice from london & country or a free broker service. It really is painless. I forgot to ask if you were remortgaging? I’m a new customer to barclays but not a new mortgage customer. This is making assumptions that your mortgage is £100k


On their website I can only see 1.59% with £999 fee for the two year fixed 75%LTV..? I'm a about to go with tsb 1.44%/£995.