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Refurbished Zotac ZBOX Magnus EN1060K (Barebones) Gaming PC i5-7500T £44+ @ Tier 1 Online
Posted 19th JulPosted 19th Jul
I'm on the distribution list for Tier 1 online and I saw this. You can add a 32 inch Philips FHD IPS monitor for an extra £150. I thought this might be good for a WFH PC but with e… Read more

No windows 11 for this one!


Really needs to be sub par £250 to be considered a deal for the age of those components alone, at the current selling price it's shockingly overpriced (poo) .


Terrible specs for the money.


bear in mind this is from 2017 so by todays standards it sounds a bit feeble but for 1080p gaming this should still play most games at 60fps on high settings at least. and should handle day to day computing tasks without much fuss. theres plenty of cooling inside as can be seen by the picture. the gpu and cpu are soldered in so what you get is what you get. thats it. no upgrading. (just memory and hard disks) my slight concern would be what they mean by refurbished. these came out 5 years ago so is it a 5 year old computer or one theyve had lying around unused for years. ultimately youre paying the price for its size. its tiny! and quiet. not for performance. but itll be fine for Xbox One/ps4 equivalent gaming. better in most cases.. plenty of video reviews on youtube for it and most seem reasonably happy with it


I’d buy an Xbox Series S for circa £230 (including a controller) - better gaming performance than this. Then the remaining £220 will easily get a half-decent machine for work/videos etc. eg from Chuwi. Edit: Crikey just noticed the deal here isn’t even new! Sorry OP… Second edit: or if you don’t desire a small Chuwi box then this is excellent Pair that with an Xbox Series S, which includes a controller, for £400 on recent deal prices!!

CARBON AMD (CAR1) - 3000G 8GB 240GB Desktop PC £169.99 from Palicomp - Mainland UK
Posted 13th JulPosted 13th Jul
AMD Athlon 3000G ASUS A320M-K ADATA 8GB DDR4 2666Mhz ADATA 240GB SSD - removable on site -£20 add ur own or buy something else. CIT WORK 500W PSU No Windows What more can i say?… Read more

Nice find. Thanks for posting


The spec as listed above without any extras, except Windows obviously, will work just fine for that. Minecraft is very low demand and adaptable. I have a Chuwi TV box that’s based on a quad-core Celeron. It’s got benchmark scores about half of the Athlon in this, and the GPU cores are notably worse…. And it plays minecraft at 60fps with low settings no problem at all, and chrome in the background would be fine too. It’s also got 8gb RAM and an SSD.


This PC plus the double up promo, is it good enough for my son to play (too many!) hours of minecraft and 2 dozen or so chrome tabs in the background?


If anyone is buying this purely for the “gaming” experience, for £60 extra an Xbox Series S including a controller will absolutely wipe the floor with it. And can do excellent retro games / emu performance too! Obviously doesn’t do PC stuff…. :)


Pretty sure it will go to windows 11

Raspberry Pi 400 (Barebones) UK Layout, only £58.07 delivered - *Edit deal still active* @ OKdo
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Posted 3rd JunPosted 3rd Jun
Great price, saving an additional 10% (until midnight) on their already competitive priced Pi 400. Perfect for a Pimiga build, or any other old skool computer. The Raspberry Pi 4… Read more

From what I remember it literally is a barebones box no leaflet no seals anyway. If the port works and the sheathing can be bent back into shape then it's worth considering although I understand the principle of buying something new you don't expect any physical flaws.


It was unsealed with no instruction leaflet so possibly a return… Hopefully Okdo CS is decent.


looks like the metal got bent, if you have tweezers just straighten it out


If you have a pc already, I'd just get a 4b, install kali or whatever flavour of Linux you prefer and go headless. I echo some of the other comments, I struggle to see a big market for this. Almost everyone has a computer, and keyboards are so much clutter. The beauty of raspberry pi is they are so easy to ssh or vnc into and take up so little space. Would be good if you could use this as your main keyboard then switch to the OS when you need it, but even then it's not as pretty or functional as a mechanical one. That said, I think it's cool they created it. I could see this as something you could use to get your kids into Linux where they maybe only have a laptop or tablet, and you don't want them screwing with your pi.


Definitely...was the box damaged or looked like it had previously been opened? Get in touch with OKdo for a replacement

Refurbished Punch Technology mATX AMD Ryzen 5-3400G 8GB 240GB No OS Desktop PC £219.97 at Laptops Direct
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Posted 24th MarPosted 24th Mar
Refurbished Punch Technology mATX AMD Ryzen 5-3400G 8GB 240GB No OS Desktop PC £219.97 at Laptops Direct£219.97 Free P&P FreeLaptops Direct Deals
Refurbished deal but stonker. 3400G Vega 11 8GB Ram A320 Motherboard 240GB eh its a dvd drive case 3month warranty. £219.97

yep indeed,(subject to the right vega package deal as most do come with shocking PSUs) but a vega is a good system to build up from, ignore the moaners who moan at slice bread. if someone can afford a gpu bundle upfront then the common rule when we had decent gpu is 3100/10100f min new. prev: 1600af/9100 if not a 2200g/2400g/3200g/3400g are a perfect financial way on building that house up.


anyone no power source if wanna put in okay graphic card later, how is there in terms of gtx 1050 2gb mobile graphic card comparison


It's a stonker all right,


Just to say, if you use the 3400g with a descreet GPU instead of Vega, it performs really well, I tried it with a 570 & 580 both 8gb, and it ran fine.


Thank you, yeah your spot on 280x , thanks

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10th gen i3 barebones NUC £177.90 @ Amazon
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Posted 11th JanPosted 11th Jan
10th gen i3 barebones NUC £177.90 @ Amazon£174.61£247.9830% off Free P&P FreeAmazon Deals
was looking for a new NUC to run home assistant on and came across this, seems about £60 cheaper that from any other reputable seller. About this item intel optane memory is a re… Read more

Regarding completing this NUC does: PCI Express RevisionGen3PCI Express Configurations ‡M.2 slot with PCIe X4 lanes imply NVMe? And if: Memory TypesDDR4-2666 1.2V SO-DIMM Is there any point in looking for anything faster (if the ram will only be used in this machine?)


As already said, latest Intel iGPU's will eat average user media consumption for breakfast. Absolutely disagree with UHD630 NOT having enough horsepower to decode (very) high bit-rate 4K H265 in hardware, muchless transcode. I have been living with an i7 (9700T) with UHD 630 as a headless Plex Server for a year now. Has not missed a beat, including (pointless) HDR transcoding. Not a beat.



You say this, but i have UHD630 here and in no way does it struggle. In fact I have had it transcoding several concurrent high bit-rate 4K HDR streams with a single solitary hiccup. Not a one.


They struggle with 4K HDR. 4K 60 is fine but not with HDR. Get Xe Graphics or Ryzen if you want HDR

Gmmk full-size mechanical keyboard barebones iso layout £55.99 @ Amazon
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Posted 18th Nov 2020Posted 18th Nov 2020
Gmmk full-size mechanical keyboard barebones iso layout £55.99 @ Amazon£59.99£63.996% off Free P&P FreeAmazon Deals
£10 Discount of the regular price of this barebones keyboard. This will require switches and keycaps to get a working keyboard. This is aimed at the hobbyist and enthusiast PC game… Read more

Lot of good advice for people but I’m not sure many people looking at a full size keyboard would have their needs met with a 60%. As I mentioned earlier, it has too many compromises for me and I think the majority of people will be in a similar boat. I think a TKL keyboard is as small as is practicable for most people.


The people this is aimed at wouldn’t touch a keyboard from someone like Steelseries, Corsair or Logitech. This also has a full warranty. This keyboard opens up the option to use switches other than Brown, Red,Silver etc. For people who want to use Zilents or Holy Pandas or Gateron Inks or any of a long list of other switches this is an excellent option.


£55 for a USB 2.0 keyboard without switches or key caps! Stated by company that makes it that Blue or Green switches a good choice! Total madness. Way too expensive and company clearly shows zero knowledge suggesting the lowest end of switches available. Get yourself a complete amazing keyboard by a top manufacturer with warranty, decent switches (Brown, Red, Silver etc) for near on or not much more same price as estimated to build this one by someone in the comments (£120). Dicky, Steel series, Corsair, Logitech all spring to mind.


Imo get a 60% Mech Keyboard what can do also do Bluetooth Recently bought a Remove Snowfox 60% BT 3000mah Hot Swappable keyboard (Gatreon Brown) for £72 from Amazon you can get it for like £63 from Banggood but I wanted the better warranty and I needed it next day,at it's apparently one of the best 60% keyboards you can get at least for the price Im going to swap out the switches for Fekker Holy Pandas basically Holy Panda clones from AliExpress which i got for £18-19 for 70 I was thinking of buying a bare bones but when I saw the prices of switches and caps I thought im basically paying an extra £10-20 to get full set of caps and switches whilst it would cost that or more for the caps alone


Lots of keycaps on Amazon. Some nice ones with Overclockers. Banggood and Aliexpress good for keycaps as well. Just make sure you are getting the correct type