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Ben and Jerrys 500ml £2, Haagen Dazs 500ml £2.50
Posted 14th Apr 2008Posted 14th Apr 2008
Ben and Jerrys 500ml £2, Haagen Dazs 500ml £2.50
I was in Asda today and they have both the above at 'roll back' prices but these are cheaper than the usual '2 for ' prices Ive seen recently. Major bargain if like me you only buy… Read more

[COLOR="Navy"]Okay...I'll try again. Thanks[/COLOR] :thumbsup:


I went to Thurmaston, Leicester Asda last night and got Haagen Dazs for £2.50. The B+J was at the end of aisle as if was on offer, but still said 3.99 on label. Maybe they are changed now to £2.00


I believe its been replaced with the baked alaska one


Obesity crisis, what obesity crisis . . . . . . . * strawberry cheesecake BURP * :)


:thumbsup: yummy yum , chocolate fish is my fav one . Brill price . Morrisons have it on offer at £2.99 that wid a pound off . I'll be off to Asda later :-D

Ben & Jerry's mini tubs ice cream
Posted 11th Apr 2008Posted 11th Apr 2008
Ben & Jerry's mini tubs ice cream
Just came back from Asda and noticed that Ben & Jerry's mini tubs are 4 for £5. They are like £2.50 each at the Glasgow Airport in the vending machines (i.e. half price) http:… Read more
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says the diabetic guy hehe


I have a small freezer but big gut!


This is pretty good for me, small freezer compartment in my fridge! thanks :D


lol, no way, if i bought 4 mini tubs of ben and eat 4 tubs, that stuffs gorgeous.


good when u wana make sure u dont get thru a whole massive pot...

free scoops of ben and jerrys ice cream
Posted 3rd Apr 2008Posted 3rd Apr 2008
free scoops of ben and jerrys ice cream
Ben & Jerry's are offering unlimited free scoops of ice cream on 29th April between 1 and 5 pm. Click link to find nearest scoop store to u
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thanks, voted hot


FREE scoop tomorrow!! Remember!!


Bump, thanks for the reminder ]TOOLULA.


Date confirmed, but the free scoop isn't available in the stand near me - bummer. Still voted hot!


Haha cool.

Free Petit Filous Little Spoonfuls Booklet
Posted 2nd Apr 2008Posted 2nd Apr 2008
Free Petit Filous Little Spoonfuls Booklet
register with Petit Filous to get a free little spoonfuls guide from them. I'm not really sure whats in it but its worth sending off for if you've got young kids.
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:thumbsup: Sent off for mine:-)

Free Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream Tub with £19.99+ Spend online @ Pizza Hut
Posted 12th Mar 2008Posted 12th Mar 2008
Free Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream Tub with £19.99+ Spend online @ Pizza Hut
8ZAGet code & visit siteGet code & visit siteGet code & visit site
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Excellent deal!


i looked on here on the off chance for some vouchers for pizza hut and this is just great! my meal was already 19.99 so great find many thanks were all tucking in to cookie dough ice cream yum yum Voted Hot


Not sure why people are voting cold, I voted hot and I cant even get a delivery!


Why are people voting cold? My deal was £16.99 already so added 1 tub for £3.99 and got another for free! Don't even need to have it now, keep them in the freezer for whenever. Just wish they had more flavours to choose from. And Pizza Hut hardly ever do vouchers so this is a nice surprise as I was going to order regardless. Voted hot. :thumbsup:


Sadly, im too far away to even get a Pizza Hut delievered to my door :x Would of loved pizza for tea with Ben & Jerry's after (yum)

Petite green self stripe shirt Debenhams reduced from £15 to £3.60
Posted 5th Mar 2008Posted 5th Mar 2008
Petite green self stripe shirt Debenhams reduced from £15 to £3.60
Button fastening to front Collar to v neck 3/4 length sleeves Split detail to cuffs 70% cotton, 27% polyester, 3% elastane Machine washable

Only available in size 6 and 8

2 x Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream 500ml tubs for £5.50 @ One Stop stores.
Posted 2nd Mar 2008Posted 2nd Mar 2008
2 x Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream 500ml tubs for £5.50 @ One Stop stores.
I know they're on offer at Sainsburys too at the moment but just thought i'd mention this too for all the B&J lovers out there Phish Food and Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough for £… Read more
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Oh it really does taste that good!!! Half baked for me!! only ever buy it when it on offer though (ASDA do it for £2 a tub every 6 months or so)


Trust me, you can't compare B&J, Haagen Daz to the tubs you buy in supermarkets. They just taste different .. and in a nice way. Since Ice cream is (or should) be an occasional treat, it's worth spending a little more. Offers like this sweeten the deal even more. Of course, these are for adults only .. kids can keep their sticky fingers off !


But ben and jerrys isnt meant to be a part of your weekly shopping list (unless you have an addiction), so whilst you probably buy 99p supermarket brand ice cream every week this is designed for special occasions and is a luxury good which means a premium price point. Personally i think it is quite expensive for what it is, but it is VERY nice ice cream, and everytime i have it i always say that i should get more often but i always just wait for it to be served up at parties and the like!


Agree......but I know when I am being ripped off!


All down to personal preference isn't it, some people prefer to pay 10p for some value beans, others pay 50p for Heinz beans.... nothing wrong with other having different tastes

Ben and Jerrys Ice Cream 500ml - Save 33% was £3.99 now £2.66 Sainsburys
Posted 2nd Mar 2008Posted 2nd Mar 2008
Ben and Jerrys Ice Cream 500ml - Save 33% was £3.99 now £2.66 Sainsburys
As title, varieties include: Caramel Chew Chew Chunky Monkey Cookie Dough Chocolate fudge brownie half baked phish food And many more Instore and online!

Vote hot! I love ben and jerry's, it's great when one supermarket has it on offer the others usually follow and I can stock up! Tends to go quite quickly though... ooops. :)


i work at a cinemas so... yeah good cinema fat snack! :)


Farmfoods did sell Ben and Jerry's for £1 from time to time (none there now, and hasn't been any for months) but only because they were getting rid of the discontinued flavours which they got hold of very cheaply. There would be just one, maybe two, flavours, and, as I recall, one of them (I can't remember which) was pretty unpleasant and hung around the stores for months.


Farmfoods sold Ben and Jerrys for £1. It was not on special offer, that was the price. I don't know if they still do because I have not been there for ages


Fair enough, I guess we just have different opinions about how the heat system should be used. From my point of view - is ben & jerrys overpriced? yes, would I personally buy it? no I wouldn't, is this the best price you can buy it for? no one appears to have quoted a cheaper price so I would say yes, and for this reason I believe it is a hot deal.

SingStar: Popworld (with 2 Microphones)PS2 @ only £17.99 delivered
Posted 14th Feb 2008Posted 14th Feb 2008
SingStar: Popworld (with 2 Microphones)PS2 @ only £17.99 delivered
Don't forget 4% Quidco! Special Features Includes 2 Microphones. Tracklist: Annie - Heartbeat Ashlee Simpson - Pieces of Me Avril Lavigne - Sk8er Boi Beyonce - Crazy in Love Blac… Read more
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Out of stock now!


Yes the microphones do work with the PS3.


This brings back horrible memories of singing duets at 4am in the morning after a heavy night out :) Good price.


Am i right in thinking you can use these microphones with the ps3?


brilliant! been trying to find singstar with mics at a reasonable price for ages. my housemate will be very happy and it's her birthday coming up soon! out of stock but will wait for that price. thanks.

Petite Per Una Harlequin Print Tunic @ M&S was £35 now only £9
Posted 13th Feb 2008Posted 13th Feb 2008
Petite Per Una Harlequin Print Tunic @ M&S was £35 now only £9
Specially designed for the petite frame, Per Una Petite clothing is perfectly proportioned for women of 5'3" and under. Cut to fit and flatter so you can enjoy Per Una's high quali… Read more
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Here is an alternative[image missing]

2 x 500ml Ben & Jerry's tubs for a fiver at SPAR
Posted 23rd Dec 2007Posted 23rd Dec 2007
2 x 500ml Ben & Jerry's tubs for a fiver at SPAR
A treat for little-me at Christmas time!! Saw this at the Brindley Place Spar (Birmingham) but would assume its in all stores. Haven't seen it on offer in the biggie supermarkets… Read more

Try it with Baileys poured over the top!!!!!!!!! Orgasmic!!!!


Cookie Dough is awesome. Tesco had this deal on the week before - so I guess it's ASDA or Morrisons turn once the Sainsburry's one goes off.


Mmmmmm Cookie Dough! Off to sainsburys shortly!!


Great choice of flavours OP - my favs too!


alternativly leave a yogurt outside and it'll be frozen in no time.:-D hardly a 'hot' deal. lol.:whistling: (hey it is christmas!):gift::santa::gift:

Autoglym Large Giftpack - Immaculate Collection £9,99@argos
Posted 13th Dec 2007Posted 13th Dec 2007
Autoglym Large Giftpack - Immaculate Collection £9,99@argos
This collection features four key products from the Autoglym range. Bodywork Shampoo Conditioner is a scientifically advanced triple action formulation which cleans, shines and pr… Read more

Or after the G3, do some G10 or Gold/Blacktop.Anyway a pic of a car that was G3'd with an electric drill and white foam, then finished with Autoglym (green wash and red wax). And trust me, this car was COVERED in scratches (£300 ebay sh***r).[image missing]And if you go to car shows you can normally get the bigger sized bottles at a fraction the price Halfords etc charge. Love the stuff. :thumbsup:


My father-in-law used to be a distributor for Autoglym, so have used their polish for over 15 years. Generally they are very good products, but as they do such a broad range you will find that some competitor products are better for particular cleaning tasks eg Wonder Wheels is better product for alloy wheels. Voted hot.


I have found out some useful info. Apparently trade Autoglym products are the same as the retail range, but usually in bigger sizes - and can be better value for money if you can get hold of them. For example, Liquid Hard Wax (trade) is the same as Extra Gloss Protection, Radiant wax is the same as Super Resin Polish. Autogloss rinse is the same as Aqua wax.


Great find, collected ours yesterday, my car is gleaming as we speak !! lol:thumbsup:


I see no-one mentioned Turtle Wax, I currently use that but having read the thread it seems Autoglym is very good. Is Autoglym better than Turtle Wax then?

Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream - £1.89 @ Morrisons! Usually £3.78+
Posted 20th Oct 2007Posted 20th Oct 2007
Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream - £1.89 @ Morrisons! Usually £3.78+
All flavours of Ben & Jerry's ice cream are just £1.89 at Morrisons - 10p cheaper than Asda! lol :) Would have posted as a supermarket deal but Morrisons doesn't appear to hav… Read more
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you're not feeling well ! lol


yes but they usually only have flavours that aint produced anymore still if you like some of them like the "oh my apple pie" they are there i bought 10 :D


Maybe the cheesecake one ?? :)


Each to their own... :roll:


Is there any flavour that doesn't have chocolate in it?

Singstar Popworld PS2 + free Atari T_Shirt
Posted 7th Sep 2007Posted 7th Sep 2007
Singstar Popworld PS2 + free Atari T_Shirt
Great price for a great party game + free Atari T-Shirt (I think they are medium size) Apparently they're in their last few so be quick!

Received my singstar game today. + the atari t-shirt which is a large


ARGOS have singstar legends without mics for £9.99 half price. not for home delivery but instore only.


Looks like I missed out by a few hours. D'oh! "Heat" added though... good find whilst it lasted. BFN, fp.


I ordered before 5:30 pm and received a text saying the game will be delivered tomorrow with recorded delivery


They've always been excellent for me. Bought several games, they all arrived next day - doesn't get better than that.

Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream - All flavours £1.99
Posted 19th Aug 2007Posted 19th Aug 2007
Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream - All flavours £1.99
Was in ASDA tonight stocking up on water and tuna for a nightshift (diets blow!) and noticed that the Ben & Jerry's selection were down to a jaw dropping - and waist extending … Read more
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Damn, i missed it! I should be grateful really (looks down at waist)...but funny, I don't feel lucky...


sainsburys has B&Jerrys on 1/3 off = £2.51 MMMMMM, chocolate fudge brownie


the price has gone back up now :-( :-( :-( i went there for a little treat today... :-(


Wow! this has gone up just doing my order looked at basket and heres the total for Ben & Jerrys think i will give it a miss lol B&J toffee crun 2 £7496.50 Ben & Jerrys 1 £3748.25 Flash wipes 2 £2.00 PJ Smoothie 1 £1.50 P J Smoothie 1 £1.50 7 items £11249.75 :shock:


:roll: I never understand why people like you use a lowercase dotted i incorrectly. You're on the Internet, the biggest resource in the world. How hard can it be to see that using i as the first-person singular pronoun is incorrect and an uppercase I is correct? LOL So what if some can't spell all of their words correctly. At least harvie316 recognises this. Your grammar also needs serious attention! I'm not having a dig as I only mention this because you brought up the point about spelling :p

Ps2 Slim + Singstar Popworld + Mics £75.99 Incl Del
Posted 24th Jul 2007Posted 24th Jul 2007
Ps2 Slim + Singstar Popworld + Mics £75.99 Incl Del
dont know if this is a hot deal or not, but i just picked it up last week and sold it on ebay this morning for £99 lol. comes to £75.99 when you include quidco :)

Got an email off choices saying they cancelled my order because they ran out of stock, gutted I've been after a new ps2 for ages and wont pay £100 for one!


"Withdrawn by Distributor"


So you paid £80 last week, sold it on ebay this week for £99 (less fees), you'll get quidco in 2-3 months, all the hassle of receiveing then sending the item. Not exactly business person of the year.


[SIZE=2]Title price shouldnt include Quidco, which is not guaranteed :)[/SIZE]

Free Ben&Jerry's 500ml icecream with orders £18-£25 @Perfect Pizza
Posted 22nd Jul 2007Posted 22nd Jul 2007
Free Ben&Jerry's 500ml icecream with orders £18-£25 @Perfect Pizza
In order to qualify you must add ice-cream to your order as it is not added automatically. Only one offer per order. Free delivery (see minimum order -seems to be £7.99) Offer o… Read more

I like perfect pizza, you can order any pizza any size and get another of equal or lesser value free (collection) or £1 extra for delivery.


If you got a Pizza Hut near you, you can get 2 large pizas, 2 sides, and Viennetta for 19.49. what a deal, too bad they dont deliver to me


Used this offer once, was gunna use it again, but i dident see the promotion pic saying it was still on, so i dident. i love ben and jerry's ice cream!


Yes but that offer was there last week, meaning that the free ice cream offer has gotten worse as it has gone from minimum of £15 to minimum of £18. :thumbsup:


I think there is some link between the 2, my local shop is perfect pizza but we sometimes get papa johns dips

ben & jerry's ice cream - half price @ tesco's  - £1.89p.
Posted 8th Jul 2007Posted 8th Jul 2007
ben & jerry's ice cream - half price @ tesco's - £1.89p.
half price ben & jerry's ice cream 500ml tubs reduced from £3.78 to £1.89 @ tesco's available instore or online i know there was a better deal available from farmfoods but fe… Read more

Notice caramel chew chew has gone off the list even though the offer was meant to run till 31st of this month.


no i went der and it was 4 3.89


No idea but I hope so, cos there is a Tesco Express 2 mins walk from my house!


Will this be in tesco express too?


Yum, going tomorrow!

Pink PS2 plus 2 controllers, memory card and Singstar Popworld plus mics - £99.99
Posted 1st Jul 2007Posted 1st Jul 2007
Pink PS2 plus 2 controllers, memory card and Singstar Popworld plus mics - £99.99
This won't be everyones cup of tea but is a great deal - Slimline PS2 in pink plus 2 official controllers and a memory card plus the popular Singstar Popworld game including 2 micr… Read more
Black Slimline Sony PS2 and Singstar Popworld and Microphones £79.99 delivered
Posted 18th May 2007Posted 18th May 2007
Black Slimline Sony PS2 and Singstar Popworld and Microphones £79.99 delivered
I know it's not as cheap as the £69.99 deal a few weeks back, but this includes Singstar Popworld and a set of microphones for only £10 more! Great for all you wannabe Di… Read more

Noghar I think i'll have to own up to having 'acquired' all of the singstar packs so far - and have been known to croon my way through them when the booze is flowing!!


If you ring Sony UK they will replace your dead PS2 for a working refurbished one for less than £50 incl. delivery. You give 'em the serial number and pay by credit card, they turn up at your door and do a straight swap. But I would vote this bargain hot. Good price for a PS2 and Singstar gives the mums and girls in the family hours of harmless fun... and the blokes as well sometimes


Wonder how long before these, , if at all, drop in price to £50, as I would like a ps2 to replace my old ps1 (with a dead spindle).

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