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Beyerdynamic T 1 (2nd Generation) High-End Stereo Headphones £609 @ Amazon
Found 29th NovFound 29th Nov
Dispatched from and sold by Amazon. Gift-wrap available.
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Are you talking about Z1R ? and T5p 2nd gen?


Had a pair of these myself and yes the sound is quite good out of them and they are definitely a good bang for your buck. However comparing these to the Beyerdynamics is not accurate. They are very different headphones and the BDs are huge step up but you need something to drive them. Headphones are only as good as the kit that drives them


For anyone who wants a good pair around the £100 mark, try AudioTechnica ATH M50X. Not the same league as these or the same purpose, but they're a good choice for someone who wants a reference set without selling their soul.


I just got Sony's MDR Z1R which are in their burn in period. I would still say Beyerdynamics T5p 2nd gen are very close to them.


For this price.. I'd like to be able to see sound lol

Beyerdynamic DT990 Pro - £99.99 @ Inta Audio Computer Systems
Found 22nd MayFound 22nd May
Really good pro cans, full size but not bulky. 3m cable, 250 Ohm, ltd edition.

I think it's very important to mention these are OPEN-back, which won't be suitable for everyone & not for outdoor use. Plus, as they're rated at 250ohms, they need something substantial (e.g. proper amp/dac) to drive them / get the best out of them. No wonder they have 500+ of them to get rid of: "Customer sent back, as it wasn't suitable for their needs after trying it. Product works fine and tested and in perfect working order."


The P9 sig will be better but considering the P9's cost £400+ more that's to be expected.


for £3 more you can get them brand new on Amazon


These are b stock, no mention anywhere in title or description.


I have these with 600ohm windings and my mobile can still drive them fine. I would recommend the 990s.

Beyerdynamic DT 990 PRO 250 Sold by £104 Delivered
Found 31st MarFound 31st Mar
Beyerdynamic DT 990 PRO 250 Sold by £104 Delivered
Cheapest price i could find from a reliable retailer
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Yes, these haven't changed in price for at least year. No deal here.


They are different. The custom 1 pros are more similar to the dt770, as both are closed back, which means they don't let sound in or out as they are largely sealed (closed). The custom 1 pros have a variable bass port, allowing you to choose how bassy they sound, whereas the dt770 has a fixed port. I think that's the main difference and I opted for the 770s. The dt990 is open back, thanks to the slits in the cups. This means they are intended for indoor use only, otherwise the noise of everything else will ruin your listening experience and everyone around you will hear your music. Better is an interesting question then - I'd expect to enjoy the custom 1s when I don't want to hear anything else and the 990s for an entirely different experience, likely having a wider sound to them as though the music isn't right by your head.


always this price on amazon


No problem for the t1


I have a pair of Grado 325i's and some Beoplay H7's. With both of those being low impedance, what can I expect with these? I have an Aune T1 headphone amp. Any advice appreciated!

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Beyerdynamic BYRON In Ear Mic Headphones £39 @ Richer Sounds
Found 23rd FebFound 23rd Feb
Beyerdynamic BYRON In Ear Mic Headphones £39 @ Richer Sounds
I've been looking for these for a while and Richer Sounds have got them for £39. There are some used ones cheaper on Amazon Marketplace but I'd rather get it brand new. The next b… Read more

In my opinion, B100 are great sounding IEMs. As to be expected from well tuned balanced armature driver. Their bass is not as pronounced as in dynamic drivers earphones i.e. Soundamgic E10s. It is well defined and goes low, but it doesn't have the thump of the dynamic driver. If I wear to compare the base it is similar to having a boombox (dynamic earphones) where every bass note is the same compared to HiFi bookshelf speaker, an armature driver. Don't get me wrong, there are good dynamic drivers which are fun to listen to but I just prefer quality over quantity, especially when comparing to E10s. Overall their sound is well balanced, except a slight peak in upper mid-range which gives vocals the radio vibe sound and slight dip in the high end. This doesn't mean they lack the treble but it sounds little dull. Yet easy fix with eq in the high end of +2db gives them more excitement. Additionally, they are very light which helps with the soundstage as after a while you don't notice them in your ear. Also, the soundstage is wide for an earphone, in my opinion significantly better than higher priced iem i.e. Sennheiser momentum. Considering they can be purchased for the ridicules price of 29 pounds-ish including shipping from Brainwavz website(offer ends 25 Feb). This is a bargain. I paid 50 for mine last Jan 2017 and I still think they well worth the price paid. To be honest, at first, I didn't like the low-end response, however using comply tips and EQ the low end by +3db has addressed the sound to my liking. Now I don't want to give them up. I only asked for advice as I don't want to buy another b100 pair if there are better options available. My main excuse for upgrading is the fact I stood on them and snapped one of the nozzles. Hope this helps in any way. If you require any further advise, let me know - I'll be happy to reply.


Are the B100s good? Tbh I hadn't heard of them until you mentioned them.


Thanks a lot for your reply. I already have the B100 earphoines so i wasn't sure if this would be a upgrade, downgrade or side step, thus the question. Have a nice day.


I couldn't tell you tbh. I've had my eyes on the Beyerdynamic Byrons for a while, and i've held off because my Soundmagic E10s have worked fine. I've only gone in for these now because the the e10s are failing me a little, and the hotukdeals alert hasn't really piped up with a deal for the Byrons, so I went out and looked myself. There's a review for each of them, but as they're all different sites, i'm not sure whether that's much help or not... I guess this deal is only good for someone who knows what they want rather than someone who wants a pair of earphones but isn't sure which one to go for.


BE AWARE. Richer Sounds DO NOT accept returns.

Beyerdynamic DT990 PRO Headphones - 250 OHM £99 @ Amazon
Found 19th JanFound 19th Jan
Beyerdynamic DT990 PRO Headphones - 250 OHM £99 @ Amazon
My go to headphones for close referencing. Note they are analytical by design. Open over-ear headphones, ideal for professional mixing, mastering and editing Perfect for studio… Read more
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I'm not convinced the build quality is 'better'. One is designed for consumer use the other for commercial use. The pro version is slightly tighter across the headband, so they are less likely to fall off with movement. The pro version has 'untangleable' coiled cable, which I far prefer to a straight cable. The pro is more robust. Basically it boils down to comfort, cosmetics, durability, and marketing. This is what Beyerdynamic say : The DT 990 Edition headset for use at home and the DT 990 PRO studio headset: both are identical when it comes to sound. Identically designed acoustic transducers are used. However, the Edition models have a somewhat softer headband for enjoying music at home while the Pro headset has a slightly tighter fit on the head so that it doesn't move even in case of faster movements in everyday studio use. Moreover, the PRO version is supplied with a coiled cable and the Edition version with a straight cable. Personally, I think the consumer model looks like a naff marketing attempt to appeal to a broader base. I'm not convinced that slitted diffuser has zero sonic impact either. I don't find the pro version uncomfortable in the slightest, and I prefer the build quality. Not worth paying half as much again IMO!


Pro and premium editions sound exactly the same except you are paying for a better build quality with £50. Not that the pro's are bad quality build.


Does anyone have experience comparing the 250ohm 990 Pro to the 250ohm 990 Edition (£150)? I currently have 770s which are fine for an office, but have been considering 990s for home - not sure whether the Edition is worth the premium…


£10 off with BIGTHANKS at checkout: Credit:


Can't imagine a dedicated headphone DAC would struggle with the 250ohm given an iPhone works fine. It might not go to ear damaging levels! You would have 14 days to check under distance selling regs.

Beyerdynamic MMX 300 Gaming Headset - £99 @ eBay / polar_audio
Found 16th Nov 2017Found 16th Nov 2017
Beyerdynamic MMX 300 Gaming Headset - £99 @ eBay / polar_audio
£99£22957%eBay Deals
Essentially a pair of DT 770 with a mic. Have been after these a while myself, and noticed them when shopping on Polar Audio's eBay shop. Polar Audio are the official distributor… Read more
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Did someone buy 11. Wow!


First gen version with no inline volume control or mic mute. :(


They'd sound very similar; unless you're looking to use with a gaming controller for Xbox or PS, I wouldn't really bother upgrading.


Wish I knew about these before. I use the AntLion Mod Mic paired to DT770. Not sure how it would compare to these?

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Beyerdynamic DTX101ie Earphones (Silver) @ Amazon £32.99 (seller: home AV direct)
Found 22nd Sep 2017Found 22nd Sep 2017
Beyerdynamic DTX101ie Earphones (Silver) @ Amazon £32.99 (seller: home AV direct)
Amazing earphone quality for the price Free delivery Sold by home AV direct and Fulfilled by Amazon
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Looks the same but with mic/control's


Really enjoyed the pair of these I had. They don’t last for ages but for £30 it’s not such a worry


Sweet deal. Thanks op.


Wonder What the newer model is like for £29


I’ve got these and they’re brilliant, you can’t beat them for the money

Beyerdynamic DT 880 Edition (Premium) 250 Ohms £149 @ Bax-Music
Found 15th Jul 2017Found 15th Jul 2017
Beyerdynamic DT 880 Edition (Premium) 250 Ohms £149 @ Bax-Music
I did a ton of research over a few weeks before settling on these headphones and they're the best value for money I could find, rivalling headphones costing hundreds more. They por… Read more

Yeah kinda sucks people hit cold for no apparent reason. These headphones are absolutely incredible compared to anything in the current price range and far cheaper than on amazon et al, and yet the Sennheiser HD700s are hot at twice the price despite being of comparable quality (and arguably inferior in some ways).


I've had the 250 ohms for nearly 6 years and nothing will ever replace them.

Beyerdynamic DT880 PRO Studio-class Monitoring Headphones £144.00 lowest ever price on Amazon
Found 3rd Dec 2016Found 3rd Dec 2016
Beyerdynamic DT880 PRO Studio-class Monitoring Headphones £144.00 lowest ever price on Amazon
Semi-open diffuse-field studio headphone 250 ohms impedance Analytical Sound Comfortable fit due to rugged, adjustable, soft padded (leatherette) headband construction Robust, easy… Read more

Cheers guys... think I might give them a miss then!


Yes definitely need an amp for these to get the most out of them. Sound alright in my HTC one m8 but don't get very loud and are much better on the desktop.


250 Ohms. I think so :D


Do you need an amp for these?! Need a new pair of cans as I've had the m50xs for a while now... really only use them connected to my phone or iPod


Read the review, which may tell you - it compares these to the 770 Pro & 4 others.

Beyerdynamic T1 600 Ohm Headphones with Tesla Technology £498.10 @ Amazon (Used - Very Good)
Found 4th Jun 2016Found 4th Jun 2016
Beyerdynamic T1 600 Ohm Headphones with Tesla Technology £498.10 @ Amazon (Used - Very Good)
£498.10Amazon Deals
Nearly 30% off new it seems.
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Hiya mate, just wondered if you got them through or not. I'm trying to figure out if levaretech are actually legit as have some awesome deals but feel shifty to me?


You don't need to, you just have to have a basic idea of and the limitations of the human ear and brain are, aswell as the limitations of audio formats and technology. These are like buying a high end sports car, sure it can go 0 to 60 in 4 secounds, but that is useless in every day use in a traffic jam on your way to the supermarket.


What a load of rubbish. How would you know of the differences between this headphone and others? You haven't even heard these headphones.


Similar to why people buy Porsche.


Noob question: why are these headphones ridiculously expensive? What's so special?

Beyerdynamic T51i Headphone with Apple Remote Control (Used - Good) @ Amazon Warehouse
Found 24th May 2016Found 24th May 2016
Beyerdynamic T51i Headphone with Apple Remote Control (Used - Good) @ Amazon Warehouse
just seen this item on amazon they are selling for a bargain as part of the warehouse deal ...They are great sounding headphones

hottt, ordered. cheers


Thats the one without the remote


EUR 99,09 Amazon Prime TM Spedizione GRATUITA. Dettagli Worked out at 108 euro Delivered for me. £2-3 quid cheaper ...but it all adds up :)


Cheaper delivered on at the moment


just checked this is way cheaper jump on it guys 8)

Beyerdynamic DT990 PRO Headset - 250 OHM £89.99 @ Amazon
Found 26th Dec 2015Found 26th Dec 2015
Beyerdynamic DT990 PRO Headset - 250 OHM £89.99 @ Amazon
Excellent headphones, top build quality and easy to service
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pressed link but nothing. ...anyway you can easy pick up the topping nx1 amp, or a filo e11k amp......not that expensive and can easy run these....


Tempting but I'd have to buy an amplifier to get the most out of them.


​doc doc doc doctor beat.


These are actual studio use headphones and not the dr beats type... great balanced results ideal for mixing and mastering and as reference headphones


There was a pair in the 30% off category of the warehouse. A whole lot of headphone for £50 something quid if you have the amp to drive them, as least if they're anything like the DT770 Pro that I use.

Beyerdynamic DT770 Pro 80 OHM - £79.99 Amazon Lightning Deal - Lowest Ever Price
Found 27th Nov 2015Found 27th Nov 2015
Beyerdynamic DT770 Pro 80 OHM - £79.99 Amazon Lightning Deal - Lowest Ever Price
Design: Closed, circumaural Driver: Dynamic Frequency range: 5 - 35.000 Hz Impedance: 80 Ohm Sensitivity: 96 dB Closed diffuse-field studio headphones "Bass reflex" technology for … Read more

Cool, hope they'll work out. Interesting concept.


​Ended up buying the Aiaiai Tma-2 headphones this morning. The audio technikas were a bit out of my price range still.


​Thanks for the heads up.


Depends on what kind of music you listen to. These are quite good if you are into a warmer signature. I personally didn't go for these as I own too many sets as it is, but I'm keeping an eye out for the Audio Technika M50x-s that are coming up at 18:10


I'm looking for some decent cans. Any ideas what is better at this price?

Beyerdynamic DT770 PRO Headset - 250 OHM £79.99 @ Amazon
Found 23rd Nov 2015Found 23rd Nov 2015
Beyerdynamic DT770 PRO Headset - 250 OHM £79.99 @ Amazon
They've been on offer a few times recently but this is the lowest price I've seen. These are 250 OHM so ideally should be used with a headphone amp. From a normal socket they tend… Read more
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they're worth it ;)


MUSICTEC10 takes £10 off making it £69.99! Must resist!


If only you could change the cable. 3m cable is a



beyerdynamic DTX102 Portable Headphones £39.99 on Amazon - sold by home AV direct
Found 17th Nov 2015Found 17th Nov 2015
beyerdynamic DTX102 Portable Headphones £39.99 on Amazon - sold by home AV direct
Saw this in my saved basket today, and noticed the massive price reduction. Possibly being replaced by a new model (its 43.46 sold by Amazon) but remember them being generally qu… Read more

Also just to add that Beyerdynamic is famous for excellent sound quality and make some of the best sounding headphones in the market, so at this price and reviews it gets heat from me but I am afraid I would not be able to appreciate their sound over my soundmagic E10's.


I didn't know poundland now charges a quid per headphone, I guess as there is left and right one they count it as 2... Apart from that, why do people have a need to compare high-end headphones with cheap ones and yet no one compares a Ferrari with a Corsa it really is a very good analogy.


well I think it looks like a pretty impressive deal even if the others don't


really earphones that are portable?


What's your point?

Beyerdynamic DT770 PRO Closed Headphones - 250 OHM - £91 with code: MUSICTEC10 @ Amazon
Found 17th Nov 2015Found 17th Nov 2015
Beyerdynamic DT770 PRO Closed Headphones - 250 OHM - £91 with code: MUSICTEC10 @ Amazon
Hi all, I have used this site for a long time but I only just signed up now so I can share this good deal I found on studio headphones. These headphones are closed back and were o… Read more
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just ordered the 32 ohm version...was stuck between choosing the 80 and 32 ohm version...


proper headphones that make beats sound like bin lids and wet string....


The 80 ohm is great with or without an amp but preferable with an amp. Great sound, comfortable and extra long cable.


Worth noting that while in many ways the sound quality of the DT990 can be judged to be superior to the DT770 they are an open back design. Closed back - great for when you want isolating from the outside world noises, not annoying other people while you are using them, using them next to a microphone so they aren't picked up. Open back - can offer a more natural sound, you're still aware of noise in your surroundings, everyone else can clearly hear them. I also have a set of grado sr80's which are open back (as well as on ear rather than full cup). They make it sound like the music is in the room with you. The DT770's make it sound like the music is in your head.


I have the 80ohms, very good sound and can work with some mobile devices.

Beyerdynamic DT770 PRO Headset - 80 OHM -  £98.55 delivered @ Amazon
Found 11th Nov 2015Found 11th Nov 2015
Beyerdynamic DT770 PRO Headset - 80 OHM - £98.55 delivered @ Amazon
Just ordered these for PC gaming. One of the best isolation headphones. £5 off the cheapest ever price, 80Ω version. Design: Closed, circumaural Driver: Dynamic Frequency range:… Read more
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Congrats! :)


After these arrived Friday I finally got round to trying them yesterday with a 5 hour session on my pc. The sound is awesome from them, so many sounds in the games I've never heard before. Loads of detail with some great base without being over powering. there also so comfy. Couldn't be happier with my purchase.


dont forget to burn in....


Well I should have the 80s arriving today so will see what they sound like. As you say though they are more versatile so will probably stick with them.

Beyerdynamic Custom One Pro Headphones - White - £78
Found 3rd Jun 2015Found 3rd Jun 2015
Beyerdynamic Custom One Pro Headphones - White - £78
Price includes postage Connector Type:Headphones ( mini-phone stereo 3.5 mm ), Connectivity Technology:Wired, Impedance:16 Ohm, Headphones Technology:Dynamic, Sound Output Mode:Ste… Read more
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Doesn't look that small to me :)


Dt770 are much better for home use. These are for portable use with mobile phones and tablets. They are smaller and easier to drive.


Couldn't tell you but you can't go wrong with the DT770's ...excellent set of cans


Just ordered the DT770 pro yesterday How do these compare?

beyerdynamic T51P Headphones £144.30 Delivered (188.86 euro)
Found 22nd Feb 2015Found 22nd Feb 2015
beyerdynamic T51P Headphones £144.30 Delivered (188.86 euro)
beyerdynamic T51P Headphones £144.30 Delivered Very highly rated headphones at a very good price. I searched all the European sites and comes out the cheapes… Read more

Seems they stopped delivering to UK.


Really strange that these were ordered from France but were shipped from the UK and are UK boxed versions. Just tried them and they sound incredible. I have AKG 701s and Pioneer SE MX9's and these sound as good if not better. Incredibly detailed sound from a portable set of cans.


Quite happy with the ones that came with my iphone thank you very much

beyerdynamic t51p on ear headphones £149.90 from home AV direct/Amazon. Free delivery.
Found 4th Feb 2015Found 4th Feb 2015
beyerdynamic t51p on ear headphones £149.90 from home AV direct/Amazon. Free delivery.
£149.90Amazon Deals
Beyerdynamic t51p headphones from home AV direct on Amazon or directly from Amazon for £151. Free delivery. If you know your headphones then you will know that at these price the… Read more

5* review from what hi fi.


It wouldn't allow me to upload a picture saying the picture didn't exist.... Strange.

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