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Half price unisex hi viz waterproof cycling jacket £10 at halfords/cycle republic
Posted 19th JulPosted 19th Jul
As title , should help someone, plenty stock when posted .
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Just been in my local halfords , THESE JACKETS ARE £25 REDUCED TO £10 FORGET ABOUT CHECKING STOCK , WASTE OF TIME ! I BOUGHT TWO IN XXL ONE IN BLUE ONE IN YELLOW , many thanks op .......godbless (y)


Boil in the bag?


Do you mean going down?


Heat added I looked at these last week They are descent, Ta op


Only Orange and Pink available at Halfords :(

Tacx Flux S Direct Drive Smart Trainer £384.99 Wiggle
Posted 17th JulPosted 17th Jul
The Flux S Direct Drive Smart Trainer is packed with the latest in modern indoor training innovations to keep your edge in the off-season or when the roads can't be run. Bluetooth … Read more

True, but with 2 years warranty and a further 10% off at Halfords. A decent calculated risk.


Should have pulled the pin on this, either sold out or price gone up! That said the belt thing causes some alarm.


In fact here, read this: Funnily enough DCR had to get a replacement for his review, seeing as the first... had the exact same belt problem everyone has had. (lol)


There have been some manufacturing changes since it was originally launched almost three years ago, but they were already present in the 2018 version of the Flux before they changed the name to Flux S. It's the same device barring the legs, as evidenced by the tons of people - me included - that have had both named models fail in exactly the same way. People have even taken them apart on the FB group and found the exact same construction.


Crivit Smart Bike Helmet £34.99 LIDL
Posted 11th JulPosted 11th JulLocalLocal
Intelligent bike helmet with remote-controlled indicators and rear light Remote control attaches to your handlebar Lightweight, durable and heat-resistant helmet with in-mould co… Read more
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I can vouch for the PX lids, I have a couple at home. (y) Edit: I'd rather have a couple of those than one of these. A fluro one for getting bashed up commuting and a nice one for the weekend. 8)


Planet X do some great quality helmets for much less than this. They do a very highly reviewed helmet currently for £15. Also the factory door price of helmets is very low, starting at about $3 for certified helmets it's only plastic and foam pretty much. It's fully possible to have a high quality fully certified helmet that retails for £10 or less although such helmets wouldn't be sold at LBS's I'm sure, it would likely be a lower margin, higher turnover retailer.


At £35 this is about as cheap as a high-street bike shop would sell an adult helmet for anyway.


Just remember even though it has all the tech inside, once you drop the helmet against hard concrete or you have a minor accident where your head is knocked it still needs to be thrown out and replaced. It's one only use, once it has taken any reasonable impact to the shell of the helmet, the foam compresses internally and that is your one use gone. You often can't see this externally. Even if you treat it well and it never gets an impact it should be replaced after 5 years because the foam and plastic degrade as they age. If you have young children cycling I've seen it recommended you buy 2 helmets at a time so always have one in reserve. Helmets don't have to be expensive though, any helmet sold in the UK should be fully certified and safe. In this instance it is better to buy cheaper helmets and replace quickly when necessary rather than spend a lot and then resent throwing the helmet away when you should.


Yup, lights on back of helmet to improve visibility v sensible and also well worth updating an old helmet.Trying to use a handbar switch for this and do hand signals while moving through busy traffic seems hazardous in itself. I think this would be most valuable when u just need to pull slightly out into lane to overtake a parked car etc. Got the Kids the equivalent crivit kids helmets with red light on rear. They are smart and clear at reasonably short distances. I don't think the light is strong enough to really make a difference at any significant distance or replace a substantive bike light.

Save £980 on the Bosch Voodoo Zobop Electric MTB - now £2519 with code @ Halfords
Posted 6th JulPosted 6th Jul
Back to my weekly roundup of good deals and just care across this Voodoo Electric MTB. Phenomenal price considering it’s running the Bosch system. Nothing else compares to this for… Read more

Thanks for that, I’m going to retro fita tongsheng, but probably will still get a built bike then my lad can have converted bike.


guy selling them on ebay. £27 for a dual dewalt one


whoever can come up with a tool battery adaptor for bikes will make a fortune


£650 on amazon at the moment. That's the downside of a Bosch system, expensive batteries. They are however very well tested, definitely name brand cells which won't degrade prematurely, and they're as unlikely as lithium ion batteries get to burn your house down.


How much for a new battery?

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50% off Groupsets at Ribble
Posted 4th JulPosted 4th Jul
50% Off Groupset Upgrades Get out on your bike this Summer! Half Price Groupset Upgrades on the legendary R872 Caliper and Endurance AL Calliper. Prices discounted automatically i… Read more

It’s only a half price upgrade on a new bike and a limited range of two bikes. So not really a half price group set at all. You can buy all the group set cheaper than Ribble’s full price so maybe a 30-35% saving

Shimano Dura Ace R9150 Di2 Groupset £1830.99 @ Wiggle
Posted 1st JulPosted 1st Jul
40% off from Wiggle. I know it’s expensive (you still have to buy the rest of the bike!) but a great price for those that know they want this top of the range electronic group set.

Late reply, but you can do it relatively cheaply if you trawl eBay/Gumtree and Facebook groups and buy used components and then trawl the retailers for everything else - the prices for parts do vary significantly. I recently built a bike with Dura-Ace Di2 and paid £70 for a 2nd hand 9070 rear derailleur, £180 for a pair of new-old-stock 9070 shifters, then Amazon has some really good prices on the junction boxes, Wiggle is cheapest for cables, battery was from Ribble. I did buy a new front derailleur because I wanted Ultegra (the steel cage will be stronger) and strangely they are quite hard to find 2nd hand, but Condor had one for £130. I'd not advise buying a 2nd hand battery unless you know it has been bought recently, but IMO all the other components are durable and would be no problem to buy used.


Fair point. Missed the context :)


He was answering a question of whether pros are using it.


Yes (to some extent), if you're running 11 speed Shimano already, something like this may work: There are a fair few caveats here - frame routing of cables, battery location, brake caliper compatibility etc - but if you can be confident that you can make it work (or pay someone to do it for you!) then you should be able to get up and running for less than half of this full Dura Ace groupset, although clearly this is only a partial groupset and relies on your existing drivetrain. Bit more expensive for a similar 11-speed SRAM eTap setup: As of now, DI2 allows you to configure any button on any shifter to do what you want it to do (you need the bluetooth adapter though!), so you could shift sequentially using only the left shifter, but I don't think eTap lets you do this today. This may be academic anyway, as the shift mechanism is so light with both systems, that you might find you'd be able to shift as you do today with the lighter electronic action. None of the options are what you would call cheap though and if you're running 10 speed Tiagra today, you'd also have to budget for a switch to 11 (or 12!) speed, unless you are willing to hunt for the older 10 speed di2 stuff on the used market.


Are there any cheaper ways to get wireless electronic shifting on a road bike? I have difficulty using my right hand , struggling with the combined brake and gear shift on my shimano tiagra .

From midnight: Buy a promotional Nestlé product & get 15% OFF Raleigh Bikes & Accessories (potential free helmet) + win family set of bikes
25/07/2019Expires on 25/07/2019Posted 30th JunPosted 30th Jun
Mods - this has been posted as a deal as you are guaranteed to receive a free voucher for 15% off. Of course, please move this if necessary. If you buy a promotional Nestlé pro… Read more
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The Raleigh brand is owned by Accell of the Netherlands and they treat it pretty much like garbage. The bikes come from low end factories typically Bangladesh with some higher end bikes getting assembly in Europe but Accell put quite a high margin on them as the Raleigh brand has nostalgia for many people in the UK so they can be slightly exploited and are prepared to pay a small premium for the brand. Some of their entry level bikes are about Halford's Apollo brand quality but the pricing is much higher. I doubt 15% will do much for value. Some smaller independent bike shops stock Raleigh for their entry level bikes. You might even be able to negotiate a 15% discount with the shop anyway. Looking at this folding bike. It's £400 on the Raleigh site so could be discounted to £340 but I've seen it for £250 in Halfords frequently and occasionally £200 with discount codes. It's just a generic folding bike from the far east with the Raleigh brand slapped on. At £340 you could buy a Carrera Intercity which has far higher quality components. Go Outdoors do a decent Claris equipped folding bike for around £300. Take off the Raleigh brand and that folding bike is worth about £170 approx.


Seconded. The baby milk scandals, the child labour abuses etc, with time we can forget about. But your changing the recipe for Kitkat?!?!? You evil, rotten bast@${‘s


Personally I hate Nestle and everything they stand for. Some of their business practices have been unethical to say the least & I actively do what I can to avoid supporting them.


Raleigh? That's a blast from the past. Memories of Grifters and Burners with skyway wheels.

Cheap cycle helmet instore at Poundstretchers - £2.99
Posted 23rd JunPosted 23rd JunLocalLocal
Saw this in Glasgow , May even help if you want the chin straps to replace existing. Gotta say it looks good for £2.99
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This made me chuckle. Thanks (y)


Both the cheapest and the most expensive helmets have to go through the same tests to meet the required certification. Some of the higher end helmets might do that in a more stylish way or might achieve it with a lighter weight or maybe be more aerodynamic but it's the same tests. With bicycle frames it is the cheapest heaviest steel frames that often exceed the their tests by the highest margins. You'd never know that listening to most cyclists who seem to think you can reduce a weight of a product by a huge margin and still have greater strength and durability just because it costs more. Saying that you do get products with fake certification sometimes and while I like poundstretcher it seems like the type of shop that is always sourcing the very, very cheapest goods that would be more likely to have fake certification. There may be a clue to the actual manufacturer on the packaging or paperwork and then you can check online to see if it is a good manufacturer and approved/accredited by CNAS or similar Chinese authority. Good fully certified helmets come out of Chinese factories for only $2-3 possibly less. At £7.99 that would be a fair margin but if they are struggling to sell them they may be selling at cost or even below. It's only a bit of plastic and foam and fairly simple to manufacture. It is not expensive to make a high quality bicycle helmet. It's not what a product costs to make it's what people are prepared to pay that counts. People who are obsessed with their own or their families safety can be manipulated to spend much more money than they really need to.


Better than no hat! Its a helmet anyway not a hat if we are being pedantic but i get your attempt to deprecate lol! Sadly it looks like it has failed! :p Nice deal for us cyclists who have never worn a helmet in 40 years its getting nasty on the roads now! Too many fanneees in their baseball caps with the rap music blaring out tryin so hard to be "gangsta" and puffin the reefa! I always carry a chib now cycling in Glasgow - mess with me you get a broken windscreen! Total twaaaaaaaaaatsssssss saw one today in a black Ferrari what a fudd too busy checking out how many people were looking at his fuddcar he hit a lamppost and i didnt have my gopro - youtube class moment missed! (cheeky)


No helmet and riding with only one hand on the handlebars and the other on the phone... ..that is an organ donor waiting to happen......


Like different colour EPS foam (confused)

Tesco Fusion Bike Helmet Small With Adjustable Strap And Sun Visor Blue £5 @ Tesco eBay
Posted 19th JunPosted 19th Jun
Stay safe and protected while you ride with the Fusion cycle helmet. In a sporty blue and black design, this lightweight helmet is built from EPS foam with a tough PVC outer shell.… Read more
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Been meaning to get a new helmet for a while, this'll do nicely. Thanks OP!


Remember bike helmets are controlled by strict certification. They have to pass a series of tests before they can legally be sold in the UK. The factory door price of helmets can be only a couple of dollars and still exceed those test standards. They are only plastic and foam materials which are exceptionally cheap materials. The most important thing is take time adjusting to get a good fit and replace the helmet after every substantial impact to a helmet. I have Cannondale and Planet X helmets and find if anything the Planet X helmet is better despite the full retaill price of the Cannondale being something like £70 and the Planet X £30 and I bought the Cannondale for £10 in a sale and the Planet X was £4 in their recent buy a voucher and get a free helmet offer which basically meant the helmet was the cost of the postage £4. Just making the point a good helmet doesn't have to be expensive, don't assume this cheap Tesco helmet provides reduced protection compared to more expensive helmets.


Thx for giving the heads up for this deal (y) Take my hat off to you (ninja)


But I've got a bike bike

Tacx Neo 2 - Smart Trainer @ Amazon with £110 voucher off - £989.99
Posted 17th JunPosted 17th Jun
Seems a good price for this from Amazon directly - yes you can buy a good bike for less, but those in the market for a top-end trainer this is the cheapest that I can find currentl… Read more

Thanks for posting @Muppethunter


Good price for a Neo 2 but there's no tangible reason to buy one over a Neo 1 which can commonly be found quite a bit cheaper. With the eBay code last week there were refurbs with 12 month warranty available for £630.


I think we are going to see some new trainer announcements as they are a few falling in price. Not sure whether to bite on this. Good trainer by all accounts.


ouch - does it at least have a transformer to supply energy back to the mains to offset the price?

Tacx Satori Smart Home Bike Trainer (2015 Model) now £81.12 delivered at Amazon
Posted 17th JunPosted 17th Jun
Old model but excellent price! Operation handlebar resistance lever Magnetic resistance unit Realistic slope 10 positions Stand alone training Includes Skyliner Suitable fo… Read more
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Excellent trainer for that price. I have one and have used it for a couple of years with no issues. Lever on handlebars to change resistance from level 1 to 10. This together with the gears on your bike give you a wide range of resistance to use. As above, requires a Ant+ dongle to use with laptop. On newer phones you can download the Zwift App and connect using Bluetooth. Great trainer for anyone who wants start out on Zwift.


On offer in Halfords at same price and can get 15% off bike accessories then British Cycling members get another 10% off.


Price dropped to £74.41 now. Absolute heat.


Some of the models in the Samsung 'A' range also have Ant+ sensors, namely the A70, A50 and A40 that I have seen the specs of so far.


Almost any trainer will connect to Zwift, so many claim to be 'smart'. The key bit you want/need for the full experience is two-way communication so that the game can adjust the resistance automatically. Got to be careful with some of them (such as the Muin linked above) which say they're smart and work with Zwift, but which is a little misleading as it only works one way.

Shimano XT HG93 9 Speed Chain £10.95 @ Chain Reaction Cycles
Posted 15th JunPosted 15th Jun
see below post, there's a 9, or 10 speed, both fantastic quality and on heavy discount currently.
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It was for Father’s Day so I guess it’s finished


What is this code? And what does it work on? (Currently looking at bikes lol)


Too slow reserved 2 yesterday and picked them up today. The cassettes have gone up too by about £7 since this mor


Best I can get it to at Halfords is £22.49, or am I missing something?


£10.80 in Halfords with the Father’s Day code. Both excellent prices though.

Shimano XT HG95 SIL-TEC 10-Speed Chain £17.99 @ Chain Reaction Cycles
Posted 15th JunPosted 15th Jun
most probably lighter and faster than your old chain. buy this, get a bike shop to fit it and adjust your gears/service therm, (should cost 15 also) then for 30 quid feel like yo… Read more
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One note: Unless you've been pretty anal about monitoring chain wear, if you just change a heavily worn chain without touching anything else on the bike, it will almost certainly not work properly. This is because chains wear along with the other parts of the transmission (chainrings, cassette) and if you've allowed the chain to wear too much before replacing it, a new chain will no longer mesh properly with the existing worn components. The normal symptoms of this is poor shifting and chain suck (when the chain is pulled up into the chainset when shifting, or just pedalling). My experience is that if you let a chain go beyond 1% wear (i.e. it has stretched more than 1% from its original length) then it's unlikely to work with your existing drivetrain unless you swap more bits (cassette and chainring(s) normally). I typically change chains between 0.75% and 1% and find this to be the sweetspot between cost and wear, but I also know people that ride the whole lot into the ground and then replace the whole transmission in one go. Personally, I don't like this approach as if you ever snap a chain, it can be almost impossible to get a replacement working in the field. You're also more likely to have a mechanical failure running more heavily worn kit. Mileage-wise, it's almost impossible to compare usage between different users. I've changed MTB chains at < 1000 miles when used in crappy, horrid Yorkshire conditions, but have had road chains last for many thousands of miles between changes when only used in the dry.


I have... it has finally been broken by some pikey who nicked my rear retailer.


Non relevant about chain. Need replace and is not possible ride 5 years using only one.


Out of interest what chain is it? Fair play


My chain last about 4 months and is extended too much. 22 miles per day to work. So, 3 chains and one cadette / chainring for year.

Elite Direto 2019 Turbo trainer £445.49 @ Halfords
Posted 15th JunPosted 15th Jun
Double discount on this at the moment @halfords ebay until tomorrow night, see 10% off accessories, then use the code… Read more

Amazing price.


Incredible price!!! HEAT!


Great price. I paid £100 more last year. If anyone thinks this is “Poncey” well this is defo not for you! Attach your bike onto the trainer, link it up to your laptop, download a platform such as Zwift or Bkool and then find routes depending on your ability or the amount of time you have to train. Great for your long weekend ride when it’s hammering it down outside and equally as good for your mid week shorter sessions. Recommended.


What he/she said (y)


It's a smart interactive turbo trainer. So if you use an application like zwift the resistance of the trainer will change as you go up and down inclines etc. It also fairly accurately tracks your estimated power (allegedly within 2%) and will allow you to track and do things like FTP tests and interval training. Cheers

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