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Shimano Tiagra BL-4700 brake levers pair black 2016 road bike brake levers £17.55 (Prime) + £4.49 (non Prime) at Amazon
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Posted 8th JunPosted 8th Jun
Shimano Tiagra BL-4700 brake levers pair black 2016 road bike brake levers

Received and fitted today. Fully boxed retail version of these for anyone wondering, with really high quality cables. There is a switchable cam in each lever to set it for either MTB V-Brakes or road calliper or road disc brakes. They come preset for V-brakes so you will need to change the cam if your are using a road bike. Bit of a faff, don’t lose the tiny screw holding the cam in place and fit the cable into the lever first as you won’t manage it after. very happy with them for the price, way better than the budget offerings. They are a very dark green colour rather than black, suits me but some may not like that.


I have more Onkyo AV Receivers than I have a use for, so I keep one on the bike with the power cord wrapped around the seat post and if I start going too fast I use it as an anchor.


I assumed that hotukdealers are too hard core cyclists to need minor things such as brake levers.


They would work, but might not be optimal. MTB cable levers often have a cam so that they pull in more cable faster. I got a full set of alloy v brakes, levers, pads and cables direct from Clarks on ebay for about £15 so unless you need to match a Tiagra groupset you might as well look elsewhere, particularly if you are using v-brakes.


Would these not work with v or cantilevers?

Vavert 700 x 18-25C (40mm) Presta Inner Tube 97p + £4.49 Non Prime @ Amazon
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Posted 7th JunPosted 7th Jun
Made from strong durable rubber which helps to prevent punctures Lightweight material

OOS :(


Yeah, there is one where the reviewer says he pumped a 26 x 2.0" tube up to 100psi and was surprised it popped... (lol)


Amazing! Up to £1.04 but still brilliant value. Bought 3, should last me a couple of weeks.


Amazing value, it's been a while since I've seen these for under a pound! Cheers OP, cheaper than a repair kit from Poundland! (lol)


Bought two! Now to check if they fit any of our bikes...

Shimano MT201 Disc Brake set (rear) £18.62 Prime at Amazon (+£3.49 non Prime)
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Posted 6th JunPosted 6th Jun
Shimano MT201 Disc Brake (rear) Reliable entry level system. At this price more economical than replacing any single part of the brake unit. Pre-bled so no faffing. Only thing … Read more

True, but all bar one mention the same issue. May be academic now though, as the seller seems to be adding almost £20 postage!


The 4th picture on amazon is left handed, the first picture and the one uploaded to hukd is right handed


Reviews will be from a variety of sellers, so I'd take those with a pinch of salt.


Yes, but check the reviews...


Not if the brake lever image is accurate. That's a left fit lever

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Carnac Podium - Bike Helmet £15 (£3.99 delivery) @ Planet X
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Posted 4th JunPosted 4th Jun
With 26 air vents, you can be sure it will help keep you cool on even the hottest summer rides. The Carnac Podium delivers protection and comfort in equal measure. Using a single-… Read more

Blimey, that's a good price. I've been super pleased with my Carnac helmet and also happy happy to support British businesses (y)

Homcom Foldable Indoor Bicycle Bike Turbo Trainer in black or silver for £35.99 delivered using code @ eBay / 2011homcom
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Posted 1st JunPosted 1st Jun
Turbo trainer for the home, only £36.99 including delivery using the code PICKSAVE10. If you are new to turbo trainers this will do okay, but you might want something a bit more … Read more

OK if you just want to spin your legs with no resistance, but my one lasted less than ten minutes before it started smoking and died. The image of an MTB mounted to it with an off-road tyre is just ridiculous.


There's boatloads of these "HOMCOM" deals posted daily on here by HUKD staff. It's a cheap Chinese knockoff brand. Every thread is laden with complaints. Those things don't really mesh well, do they?


Actually, I found this myself and Homcom had nothing to do with it. So maybe you can retract that?


Morr HOMCOM rubbish. This site is plagued by kickbacks for "Pepper".


Are magnetic ones better? Theres this one below which is alittle more, magnetic but seems to be much bigger and no weight capacity listed. Any good?|enc:AQAFAAACAF6w%2B01b4H1e4Ykse3zzScFnriWfWpoTI%2BwFJfnY7IHPn3wwqcRezExBczUFqutug5EaoNX%2BxYH2MPnYSpEa89x%2Bzs1XsHS%2B5NWwBOEyNFZQwGA%2B4tM%2BLUrCoTb1yJoL5P4t656qRz%2F4qz9tNYuwiALJwKLHCmb0Ox%2Fzm9G02MtuDZhI4CQdEVRdwV4RQikyVKpD2ZNb5aUPKYZu4wdd7hIhu%2FMi0O1XRXJv6e%2Fy3ertNHdZFM6Yx4MOOGn9sER4GMH8Q7VCZsikDHLPTiQJ8m8j4xuRl2YZgHll9lRm3ph%2BXP%2Ffeolgu4SAfQ%2BoaSFjB2yelw34vdxSD%2BhNgk4%2BgMbOUC45KDydQ9FwMb1I7ZPUe2AxWIpzpEaBxptMNmeCgD8oaId4Tn2KmvrozUULr8xX3Ai9FTltW6TOnUNV9It7MZLnYaOdkZM0BnN6vX%2BSqhj%2Bi26x4ZCcYqNDNq3OJlydyagWSTcK9Z46U22L6DQLvSyPXdvZhQuDvdG0X73AbJRmWUVd%2FIQzY9zTfk%2BQjr%2B9Qn65xO3OI0vNTPBQSXH1R53OHovOsfbA1OJAbOGI5B5oYyrr2rt5H8r7ZcrGYbPF1zklnvzB3fpwwFTMBs%2FyokpU5QSPkFmFm8f693wsCchYG2R5oqPIKdPkj95%2Fc7sTEMXQEbIqPl5sKEb5Er6Z|ampid:PL_CLK|clp:2047675