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SHIMANO PD-M520 SPD Clipless Mountain Bike Pedals - Free Click & Collect £19.99 @ Decathlon
Posted 11th JulPosted 11th Jul

Muddyfox mtb100 or 200.


With these you can push and pull the pedal. Basic you can only push.


Shimano shoes are generally good for the money.


Always wanted to upgrade my basic pedals In theory are these pedals going to do the same thing that you get on spinning bikes? Ie use less hamstrings when riding your bike id imagine getting some cycling shoes with this would be better.


Voted hot but like you great ( in my opinion) for almost anything except proper mountain biking. Having road cycled for years, I thought I’d be clever and put these on my mountain bike...a handful of disasters later I replaced them with some grippy (normal pedals), and no comedy 1mph falls since. Good price.

Abus Ultra Mini 410 + cable bike lock £17.99 delivered @ Tiso.Com
235° Expired
Posted 8th JulPosted 8th Jul
Great bike lock, unfortunately 3.99 for delivery but worth to buy 2.
Get deal*Get deal*

Yes had insurance but not the full value was covered. Still... better than nothing. According to some news sources bike theft doubled during lockdown, afraid bicycle insurance will soon become incredibly expensive :-( I hope police will make it more of a priority - a task force could easily keep an eye on markets and online sites to get it under control again.


Sorry to see that mate. Hope you had insurance.


Sure, an angle grinder beats anything given time. The point of the sold secure ratings is to find something that resists silent attacks like bolt cutters and bottle jacks because those are safer for a thief to pull off in broad daylight and crowded places.


Even my Kryptonite New York is a mere 2kg. XD Think I'd need a courier to carry that around!


God,I thought my Onguard Brute was heavy

Garmin Edge 130 GPS Bike Computer - £99 delivered at Amazon
Posted 8th JulPosted 8th Jul
Simplified, compact, easy-to-use GPS bike computer with rugged design and 1.8” display that’s crisp and easy to read in sunlight or low-light conditions With GPS, GLONASS and Gali… Read more

cold already posted at halfords


Yeah it's been at £99 at both Halfords and Amazon since February but gets posted repeatedly.


You must have seen my comment 😁


Same as halfords with quidco cb, posted few days back

SLIME Unisex's 8 Puncture Preventor Inner Tube Sealant, Green, 237ml - £5.99 Prime / +£4.49 non Prime at Amazon
Posted 7th JulPosted 7th Jul
Don't let a flat ruin your day, let Slime's tube sealant protect your tyres and get you back on the road quickly and easily when you get a flat. Slime Tube Sealant seeks out and i… Read more

Voted cold. I want the mans version, not this unisex rubbish.


Voted cold. I want the mans version, not this unisex rubbish.


Good stuff but remember it only works on Schrader valves ( i.e car type) there are a variety of work around for prestas but all a major faff with no guarantee that they will work.


Great stuff. As mentioned one bottle is good for two inner tubes. The top of the bottle doubles as a tool to remove the core from Schrader ('car style') valves to then fill with the slime. Really easy process. Saved me loads of time that would have been spent beside a track/road and/or walking home.


at ASDA regular price for this is £6.50.

Garmin Edge 130 GPS Cycling Computer - £99 delivered @ Halfords
Posted 6th JulPosted 6th Jul
Thought this was worth a repost (y) Just incase anyone missed it last time 🤘 Plus 3% Quidco … Read more

The watch alone has GPS and maps, so tracks your route and speed/distance etc. On the wrist it also does heart rate, but I'm not convinced any wrist-based HR is all that great. Might be my hairy monkey arms tho. XD If you mean sacrificing what you can see on screen then yes, you just get to see the map/directions, unless you scroll to next screen. You can configure multiple screens and cycle through them to see different combinations of stats. Clearly less convenient than having it on a larger cycle computer screen but a compromise I'm happy with. I've added the Garmin HRM-Tri for chest heart rating monitoring. That also gets you a few extra running stats like cadence, ground contact time, oscillation. Even stores HR info when underwater which many don't. Don't think it gets you anything extra other than HR data for cycling. As I mentioned I've also bought the speed and cadence sensors which attach to bike ( The metrics are based on the bike itself rather than GPS so should be more accurate. Without, you just get the normal speed/distance metrics.


It is more a bike computer for showing and recording speed, distance etc etc but with the bonus of having (limited) navigation aid. After creating a route the screen whilst riding looks like ; ...and approaching turns it looks like ;


A I correct in thinking you are sacrificing the stats sensors then though, or are you using a separate device?


I have a Fenix 5 Plus and I use it instead of a smart phone or cycle computer. I got a handlbar mount kit for it (basically just wrap the watch around the bar...). You can plot your route using Garmin connect and upload it to watch. Obviously the map on the screen is pretty small and I didn't really buy it for the map feature, but I've found it to be really good and gives you direction prompts. Suddenly I didn't feel the need to buy a cycle computer any more. (y) Disclaimer, I find Garmin Connect a bit fiddly for plotting routes. It's nice that it auto-generates a route but often puts me on a major A-road... I end up using Strava to plot a route then import the .gpx into Garmin connect. You don't get to see your speed, gradient etc unless you cycle through the screens on watch since it's small but I'm not that fussed while I'm on a new route. I pair the watch with bluetooth earphones when running and it prompts with pace etc and beeps for turn directions. I presume it does the same for cycling but don't use earphones. Worth considering. If I was just a cyclist, the cycle computer would probably be more desirable, but I got a Fenix as I do a bit of everything, running, swimming, cycling, rock climbing etc. Works with all the usual devices too, so I have it paired with a garmin HRM-Tri and just bought speed and cadence sensors for the bike. If you bought one of the radar/rear light devices, it will also display the prompt that a car is approaching from behind on the watch. I haven't got that myself to confirm tho. :)


Went into store to buy one earlier, managed to get an extra 10% off with my British Cycling membership, but you can only get this instore. So just over £89 :-) thanks OP

The Carnac Croix SE bike helmet - £13.98 delivered at Planet X
547° Expired
Posted 4th JulPosted 4th Jul
Carnac bike helmet. Super cheap for a decent quality bike helmet. I ordered from this company last week and the delivery came in around 4 working days. Description from the websi… Read more

A picture of a kangaroo cooking on a BBQ of course! ;) They are good helmets for money but my Giro Agilis MIPS is a nicer finish with better adjustment, comfier straps, etc.


What colour is kangaroo???


Kangaroo only left?. Can't seem to select other colours.

The full range of colors (red, blue, green, white, orange etc) are 19.99 on the same site....or for 1p more you get a bundle of helmet + flip flop sliders which seems great if you either want a different size and or color


The op price is specific to 3 colours. £19.99 is standard price across the full colour range

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Garmin Edge 530 GPS Cycle Computer / Cyclometer - £199.99 + Click and Collect / £3.99 delivery @ Decathlon
319° Expired
Posted 28th JunPosted 28th Jun
First time I've seen this unit under £200 available to everyone without any redemption or TOTUM (NUS) discount. Comes with a 2 year guarantee. Delivery Options: FREE: Instore … Read more
Get deal*Get deal*

Hope people that have ordered receive theirs....I've just received an email telling me my order has been cancelled because the item is out of stock!


Battery life is the key factor. This thing will last for 8 hrs plus with navigation constantly on screen. But then there is size, screen legibility in direct sunlight, usability while riding. The list goes on


No climbpro on the edge explore but it is a great unit but I would look for second hand ones on ebay for 120. Very popular device for touring.


Was just looking at that on Argos for 199. Just seems missing live segments. Does it include climbpro? And for those wondering phone Vs dedicated unit ( me Inc ) just watch/read some great reviews on website


Great unit and deal, I went for the Garmin edge explore over this, been a decent buy

Garmin Edge 1030 Cycle Computer £299.99 @ Wiggle
249° Expired
Posted 25th JunPosted 25th Jun
Pretty good price, Garmin must be trying to get rid of stock as the newly released Garmin 1030 Plus has taken its place. But that's £519.99! Top Features: 3.5" display size Com… Read more

I'd actually check the app before posting, only thing im not sure and I don't thing it has is support for the garmin radar. I use one speed/cadence sensor from trek temp sensor from garmin and a wahoo hr monitor I know for sure it has support for power meters. If you have a bit of knowledge of nodding phones you can make a 4k mAh 5" phone last literally over 24 h ... and that is a setup u can use on a cheap bike as well... I admit I only cycle for cardio I have something else to do not just running... But I did did have a week with over 500km during the last week of lockdown including a 150km day (80 morning, 70 evening).... And that's on a ds 3 bike that weights about 16kg with everything except the lock... Pretty cure it would be easier on 7-8kg bike going only on roads... Only downside is, from my point of view is that it lighter.. I do have to keep a stock of bryton plastic inserts... I do light trails/gravel so those do have a tendency to give up on me... At 2 quid a pop it adds up. Another downside might be if you want to pair the very latest thing I would imagine that if it uses different protocols it might take a bit for the dev. Don't get me wrong I have nothing against those, is just find the prices absurd. I didn't mind paying 200 £ for some custom made rims but paying several hundreds on a cycle computer and even more for power meter is not worth it unless you're going super serious... And even than. For power meters there aren't alternatives for bike computers there are plenty and they are actually better.. Not user friendly at all yet... That is true£

doesn't have collision detection... doesn't show current gear as Garmin does with Di2. Cadence, watts from Power meters. If you're a social rider phones are adequate but no serious rider would use a phone, simple as. And when I talk serious rider i'm talking about people doing 10hrs+ a week structured training with a mix of turbo and IRL.... I've heard all the phone arguments before, they are a cheap imitation. Great if you want a cheap solution but no comparison.


1. Buy a Xiaomi redmi 4 (~50-60£ on eBay, 4k battery and has ant) 2. Buy a cheap screen protector and case and a coupe of mount inserts 2. Install ipbike app (a couple quid) turn airplane mode on than turn Bluetooth on. Does all you said and much more, only downside is it is a bit heavier, perfectly fine for road... Might need to keep spare plastic inserts if you do some heavier gravel riding


The 1030 is out of stock now, I think you’d be lucky to get £150 for a 1000. I’m not sure the 530 is faster, my wife just got one and it took longer to calculate a 100k route than my 1000.


I use an old iPhone in a windowed bike pouch attached to the handlebar stem. It is well protected in the event of a fall. I don't see how this thing is any less vulnerable. Glass screens are glass screens whether on phones or cycle gadgets.

Cannondale Quick Leisure Cycle Helmet - £12.99 + free Click and Collect / £4.99 delivery @ Evans Cycles + £5 off with newsletter signup
830° Expired
Posted 24th JunPosted 24th Jun
Cannondale Quick Leisure Helmet Size S/M - Head Circumference 52 - 58 SAVE £5 off First Orders Over £30 with Newsletter Sign-ups at Evans Cycles The Cannondale Quick helmet has a… Read more

It's not trash. The Aldi/Lidl helmets were way, way better than expected and didn't exactly set a low bar. This one is just much less comfortable. As for effectiveness, you only ever really know when you've crashed.


Worse than Aldi/Lidl? Jeez now you making me think it’s trash - I’ve not picked it up yet


Deal expired. :(


Back to £29.99


It’s showing £29.99 for me?

Maxxis Welterweight 27.5" 1.9-2.35" Schrader Inner Tube £2.99 @ Amazon (+£4.49 Non-prime)
Posted 18th JunPosted 18th Jun
Maxxis Welterweight 27.5" x 1.9-2.35" Schrader Inner Tube Maxxis Welter Weight 27.5" inner tubes are engineered for aggressive riders who require durability in their tubes.

I saw them on wiggle too. Never used that site and didn't know if they have shipping costs.


Thank you for sharing. Ordered. Seems to be same price on Wiggle - albeit with a shipping cost attached.


I haven't got one but wondered what they were and damn that must be a lot of suspension in the tyre.


I run 4.6 maxxis minion fbf/fbr on my fatty. If you can achieve it tubeless is the way to go, those tubes weigh about half a kilo each so the rotating weight is very noticeable. If you have cut out rims you can run latex inserts called fattystrippers (be careful googling it) that can make most fat bike tyres tubeless. Not foolproof but worth it IMO.


I've never used them myself, but looks like they can range from 3-5"

Shimano PD-RS500 Road pedals SPD-SL including cleats £29.99 + £2.99 delivery @ Decathlon
Posted 12th JunPosted 12th Jun
Decent set of entry level clipless road pedals for road bikes from Shimano at a bargain price. Retail at £55 on other cycling shoes such as Wiggle, Halfords or Evans. Really annoy… Read more

Toeclips - can't say but I've never used them in earnest for serious riding, tried them out a few times but didn't get on with them. But my guess would be you get a better & smoother connection with the pedal. And they're much easier to get out of when oyu need ot put your foot down. Shoes - depends on the make unfortunately. My Muddy fox shoes are right ot size- so I take 9.5 (44) normally and the cycling shoes are the same. But many of the others I've tried on (including decathlon) are a size too small in cycling shoes, so I have to buy a 45 - one size up. I'd say the vast majority of cycling shoes I've tried are a size too small, so my general advice would be ot go up a size. Advice for a cheap starter - the Muddy Fox ones you get it JD Sports/House of Fraser are a good cheap entry at about £20-£30, they'll do a good job to try out and last you a year or so. They fit like normal shoes as well. But they won't last forever because the soles are plastic and the cleats eventually rip out of them. But they're a good cheap way to try out until you're sure you want to invest in something more expensive.


So I've switched over from my SPD to SPD-SL pedals on my road bike a couple of weeks back. I eventually ended up with the Shimano 550 pedals, very similar to these ones but£15 more expensive! 1. The SL pedals are much easier to click into and 'find' the slot than the SPD pedals in my opinion, better for when setting off on a road after (e.g.) stopping at traffic lights. 2. Conversely, the SPD pedals are much easier to release when they are both on the easiest setting to unclick out of. 3. SPD allows you to use pedals with reflectors and also my SPD pedals are double sided pedals, so you can click into both sides of a pedal (or have one side 'flat' for normal shoes by clicking in a 'flat pedal' attachment). 4. SPD cleats are much more adjustable on the shoe than the SLs to get your foot/leg into the correct position on the pedal. That all being said, I do prefer the SPD-SL pedals on my road bike just because they are easier to click into and because they give a bigger platform for your foot on the pedal. On my MTB, I'd use SPD if I had to but have gone with standard flat pedals now because it's less likely to cause me an injury! Each to his/her own, just my initial impressions after using both types as a novice.


Some great info in this thread thanks for sharing.


You don't hear from those guys because they all get run over.


I ordered these on Friday along with the boardman road shoe from Halfords and arrived Monday and Tuesday, only managed 1 ride so far and wow I should have gone clipless ages ago

Castelli Double Espresso Cycling Jacket - £140 @ Merlin Cycles
-277° Expired
Posted 10th JunPosted 10th Jun
50% off the normal price of £280 on the Castelli site. Their clothes are fantastic quality, but soooooo expensive, but half price makes it a bit more affordable! Most sizes still … Read more

I'm 5'9" with about 39" chest, I ordered a large and x-large size and will keep the large one. It is a fairly close fit as it is meant to be, but I can wear a Jersey and a base layer under it.


How’s the sizing?


Because hi-viz doesn't really make much difference and stains easily. Better off with good lights.


Makes us less of a target for the drink/coke fuelled Audi on lease driving weekend millionaires.


Why is there so many dark coloured cycling clothes with very little reflective material.

PINARELLO Dogma F8 Carbon Frameset £1200 at Swinnerton Cycles
847° Expired
Posted 10th JunPosted 10th Jun
Here is the eighth wonder! The eighth generation of DOGMA creates a play of words that can become a perfect advertising slogan: The Eighth Dogma ... the eighth wonder of the world… Read more

No, he hasn't won a grand tour on an F12, only Egan Bernal.


Glad someone was sensible enough not to say you could buy a car. Wouldn't be a fair comparison (y)


If you cant beat 'em, join 'em. (y)


Surely he has the F12 not the F8 in this deal?


Worst Troll ever.

Various Shimano/Giro/Pearl Izumi cycling shoes, limited sizes available - from £11 + £3.99 delivery at Tiso.Com
218° Expired
Posted 10th JunPosted 10th Jun
50-80% discounts, but the sizes available are very limited.

Good deal if you're a lady, a child, or have smaller feet, men's prices, meh! Heat added though :)


Changed now


Those Shimano pictured are sold out


Some other stuff in there too, I've got just some mudguards


thank you i have updated the deal for Shimano, Giro and Pearl Izumi. The retailer is quite big in Scotland :)

Garmin Edge 130 GPS Bike Computer £99 at Amazon
274° Expired
Posted 9th JunPosted 9th Jun
Simplified, compact, easy-to-use GPS bike computer with rugged design and 1.8” display that’s crisp and easy to read in sunlight or low-light conditions With GPS, GLONASS and Gali… Read more
Get deal*Get deal*

Garmin released the 130 plus today so this may drop further


No, just the GPS unit on its own, speed and cadence sensors are around £30 each


Does this come with sensor?


Great price! I have an Edge 25 which has done me well for the last 3.5 years with no issues! The Edge 130 is bigger and has more features. The Gamin Connect app is excellent. Creating routes is easy enough on your laptop/PC (and phone?)


you are right sir :{ just kind reminder, as far you are more cautious what's happening around you than monitor your speed on the display constantly, this can be a "killer"

Slime Puncture repair & Preventor Inner Tube Sealant 237ml - £6.50 Prime /£10.99 Non Prime @ Amazon
330° Expired
Posted 8th JunPosted 8th Jun
Slime sealant seeks out and instantly seals tread area punctures up to 1/8" (3mm) using Fibro-Seal technology. Instal in your bicycles, dirt bikes, wheelbarrows, riding mowers and … Read more

I used to get punctures even with marathon plus tires... With this I haven't had any major issues. It managed to patch the inner tube even after punctures that took out a small bit of rubber from the tires. With that being said keep it mind it adds about halv a kg to the bike. I use half a bottle/tire (700x38, 28x1.5). Also it does make it harder to notice tiny punctures which make your tube loose a bit of air when under hard pressure. I only noticed this while monitoring tyre pressure every few days. Between this and schwalbe marathon tires I would recommend the slime. Both combine work great, but you might not need them if you don't live in an area where people aren't idiot ls and break bottles on the pavement... Or streats are cleaned with a decent regularity.


This stuff is cack. Either change tube or just go tubeless


White sprit.


Off topic but could anyone recommend a good bike degrease product?


This stuff has got my wife home twice when she would have otherwise been stranded, I'd say that's pretty handy. Have since upgraded her to Schwalbe Marathons, hoping they help stop the puncture in the first place.

Garmin Edge 130 GPS Cycling Computer - £99 delivered @ Halfords
608° Expired
Posted 6th JunPosted 6th Jun
Plus 3% Quidco Garmin Edge 130 GPS Cycling Computer. If you need a streamlined cycle computer that doesn’t … Read more

Thanks. What’s your preference for route building? Contemplating whether to stick with Strava and just pay premium or go with Komoot and pay the one of global map fee.


Yes any app that saves the route to gpx format (which they all do) you can then send to and open with garmin connect on your phone or laptop which will sync with the device.


Does anyone know - it looks like Komoot allows you to build routes for free, so is it possible to use a Komoot created route on the Garmin device, but still track ride/stats on Strava?


That's different when land owners have given permission for cycling on paths on or crossing their land for specific events, however in this scenario someone at some point thought hey what a great hill, posted it on Strava and now mountain bikers are tearing up my friend's path flying down at high speeds almost hitting their kids and other walkers, it's ridiculous and illegal, the path is a footpath only and Strava knowingly just turned a blind eye to it which I thought was really poor, so will I always ensure products can use other apps and aren't tied to Strava in any way as have no respect for them.


The governments bound to open up more cycling paths in the wake of covid and climate change ! not that i would pay stava to tell me im 2 seconds faster over a segment anyway

HOMCOM tow-bar three-bike carrier rack (ride-on style) with brake and indicator lights for £115.99 delivered using code @ eBay / 2011homcom
262° Expired
Posted 2nd JunPosted 2nd Jun
This is a great price for this sort of bike carrier rack — high-end ones (made by Thule or Halfords) are around £200+. There is space for three bikes and the rack attaches to your … Read more

Thanks! I made the mistake of going to the bike shop looking for a £2k electric bike then seeing this one in the corner and being unable to convince myself I didn't need it! :D Was just about to cycle Edinburgh to London over 4 or 5 days when lockdown kicked in so that's my plan for July if I can book accom on the route. I've also got knobbly tyres for it so want to go do some of the Highland trails too. Only downside is its really too muckle for the vertical bike racks on these stupid ass Azuma trains on the east coast railway so I'll prob have to position the car down to London then train back up and then start the cycle down a week or two later.


Wow that bike looks awesome. (y)


@soulio Apologies I might have caused confusion on this thread. I was referring to the one I'd posted. Not the OPs £115 deal. (y)


Quick Google confirms yes... But if any doubts:


Does it?

Shimano xt m8040 platform mountain bike pedals £44.99 @ Freewheel
362° Expired
Posted 31st MayPosted 31st May
Great MTB pedals for trails, BMX etc. Medium/large size. Come with extra pins in the packaging which suit trails more. No voucher code needed, it's on a 50 percent off offer!!
Get deal*Get deal*

Got mine and they are quality I think I will have to swap out the pins for the 5mm as have come close to slipping in wet


Oos :(


Nice price.


Yeah they are mint mate, only slipped my pedal once and that was on a nasty rock garden in the peak District!


Nah, I have knee pads which spread down to the shins. They are actually for Motocross but they do the trick.

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