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Master Lock Ultra Hardened D Bike Lock - £16.99 @ Argos (Free C&C)
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Posted 8th AugPosted 8th Aug
21cm in length with a D-Lock design, this secure bicycle lock from Master Lock has a chunky, hardened steel body made from thick tubing for maximum strength and reliability. The do… Read more
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Would you have a link to buy this diamond lock, it seems there are many different names that are similar.


Go to the Sold Secure website. Under keyword select LK8001 or just Onguard. Sold secure bicycle diamond. 17mm shackle will need two cuts with angle grinder to get off..... Tredz website listing is out of date re sold secure.


That looks like mine I though it was gold secure though. My insurance says it needs to be bronze or above


Forget sold secure gold..... It's sold secure diamond you want.... Only 5 locks get this... On guard brute 8001 for example.... See lock picking lawyer on YouTube video 793... He breaks his cutter trying.....


Looks like it has gone up. I got it for 16.99

1.8m Master Lock Black Cycle Cable Bike Lock, £5.99 at Argos / Free collection
Posted 7th AugPosted 7th Aug
Not a bad lock for the money. Master Locks range of bike security products don't compromise on security or design. They offer practical security solutions to help protect your b… Read more

Sorry, but I have to disagree with that. Opportunists look for this type of lock because only unravelling it takes time. cutting it is instant. Is your house entry by combi lock, when did you last lose your keys, for anything? This kind of lock is a comfort for a fool. Many people would innocently think, retailers would not sell something that is not fit for purpose.


Master Locks range of bike security products don't compromise on security or design. They offer practical security solutions to help protect your bike. This unique, durable combination locking cable has an easy to use reset mechanism and a thick braided steel cable for additional peace of mind. Should be done For mislead under the trade description act...


This is really to stop your " road man " opportunist thief walking past and for that its fine. No lock will stop someone who is simply out to actually find a bike to steal. Voted HOT as this is better than key operated where you always end up losing the key.


You could get sued though.


Better with a piece of rope ;) maxmix

Abus Ultra Mini 410 + cable bike lock £17.99 delivered @ Tiso.Com
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Posted 8th JulPosted 8th Jul
Great bike lock, unfortunately 3.99 for delivery but worth to buy 2.
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Yes had insurance but not the full value was covered. Still... better than nothing. According to some news sources bike theft doubled during lockdown, afraid bicycle insurance will soon become incredibly expensive :-( I hope police will make it more of a priority - a task force could easily keep an eye on markets and online sites to get it under control again.


Sorry to see that mate. Hope you had insurance.


Sure, an angle grinder beats anything given time. The point of the sold secure ratings is to find something that resists silent attacks like bolt cutters and bottle jacks because those are safer for a thief to pull off in broad daylight and crowded places.


Even my Kryptonite New York is a mere 2kg. XD Think I'd need a courier to carry that around!


God,I thought my Onguard Brute was heavy

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OnGuard Pitbull DT Shackle U-Lock (Gold Sold Secure) + Additional Cable £23.99 @ Tredz
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Posted 25th AprPosted 25th Apr
OnGuard Pitbull DT Shackle U-Lock (Gold Sold Secure) + Additional Cable £23.99 @ Tredz
Decent offer on this bike lock :) The OnGuard Pitbull U-lock bike lock is accredited with insurance friendly Gold Sold Secure. This is the highest protection rating that a bike … Read more
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Cheers :)


Back in stock - you might want to unexpire mate @reindeer333


Just FYI, I did the same for my motorbike with a squire chain. It seized up! Must have taken 6 months left out in all weathers. Luckily it was detached from the bike when it did. It's still probably where I left it....


These bike thieves need a good kicking when caught Think I'll change my picture to Atilla the Hun


No, I suppose not, just mildly amusing to some possibly, but it depends on your sense of -or lack of - humour..

Oxford BIG Boss Alarmed Lock 16 mm - £47.15 @ XL Moto
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Posted 26th FebPosted 26th Feb
Oxford BIG Boss Alarmed Lock 16 mm - £47.15 @ XL Moto
£47.15£119.9961%XL Moto Deals
Approved brake disc lock with built-in alarm. The lock is made from 100% hardened steel, while the powerful 16 mm shackle is impenetrable. The lock even comes with an ala… Read more

Can it be fitted to a loo roll? (confused)


I have one and the alarm is useless. You almost only hand to breath on it and it goes off. I get it should go off if someone tempers with it but it's extremely sensitive. Too much so in my opinion.


Smaller shackle less to cut through


Should ban portable angle grinders, Sure.


I had a good disc lock on my bike - they couldn't get it off when they tried to steal my bike so cut the disc off and left in in place of my bike with the lock still attached the scummy rats

Magnum Plus Ground Anchor - £16.50 @ Halfords
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Posted 14th FebPosted 14th Feb
Magnum Plus Ground Anchor - £16.50 @ Halfords
£16.50£3045%Halfords Deals
In the title state: Magnum Plus MagRok Ground Anchor (manufacturer product code HLK408), but you will receive: MagnumPlus Anchor 4 Bolt Heavy Duty Lock (manufacturer product code H… Read more



Thanks, does it come with ball bearings?


No it wasn't motorcycle gold. Only the newer version is. They both are exactly the same products but the old one isn't certified.


Did you find if it was motorcycle gold? I'd also like to know this?


Does this come with ball bearings to prevent the bolts from being removed once installed?

Syneco U-bar combination lock @ Homebase @ Sutton Coldfield branch - £1
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Posted 3rd JanPosted 3rd JanLocalLocal
Syneco U-bar combination lock @ Homebase @ Sutton Coldfield branch - £1
Blue coloured steel silicone U-bar 4 digit combination lock.175 X 250mm Green coloured steel silicone U-bar key lock. 135 X 285mm Plenty left at the Homebase Sutton Coldfield br… Read more

It looks like a passing thief already sneezed off the combination lock from the loose shackle on the right hand side. :)


I bought the green key one as a secondary lock for the front wheel to the frame, more security makes the scumbags look elsewhere.


I'd probably grumble when a passing thief sneezes and steals whatever it was locked to.


Purchased one a while ago, in all fairness they are rubbish but for a quid I suppose you cant grumble


A baby could probably chew through this.

Smith & Locke Braided Steel Security Cable 1.8m x 8mm , £1.49 at Screwfix (Free C&C)
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Posted 11th Sep 2019Posted 11th Sep 2019
Smith & Locke Braided Steel Security Cable 1.8m x 8mm , £1.49 at Screwfix (Free C&C)
£1.49£350%Screwfix Deals
Good value/quality for a solid cable. Weather and abrasion-resistant security cable with integrated lock. Hardened, braided steel construction for extra strength. PVC sleeve to pre… Read more

This is why these are useless for anything more than a quick cafe stop with your bike in sight:


I thought this might be better than the £1shop one, the one stuck to the frame is a £1shop one to be fair. I just lost the keys


I was thinking the same....


Same quality than poundland. don't waste your money, even a kid can break it.


I don’t think anyone would want to rob my bike, it’s just a standard full suspension mountain bike with rusting chains haha

OnGuard Pitbull DT Shackle U-Lock ( Gold Sold Secure) + Additional Cable £23.99 (+ Spend £30 and get £5 off) @ Tredz
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Posted 29th Aug 2019Posted 29th Aug 2019
OnGuard Pitbull DT Shackle U-Lock ( Gold Sold Secure) + Additional Cable £23.99 (+ Spend £30 and get £5 off) @ Tredz
I've been looking at bike locks and this lock seems like the right balance between cost and security. You can also get £5 off when you spend £30 when you subscribe to their newslet… Read more
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Yup. Don’t expect to buy a bike lock that can’t be picked. I’ve watched hundreds of LockPickingLawyer and BonsaiBill videos and I haven’t seen one yet. Most people on the street don’t have the skills/time to pick but don’t rely on that fact. Bike Locks are deterrent only. You are trying to make it not worth the thief’s time and get them to steal from someone with worse security. The better the bike the more you have to try. Not nice, but it is the reality of the owning a bike. I avoid leaving where I can’t see it as much as possible.


[676] OnGuard’s Beefiest U-Lock Picked (Model 8001 Brute) ohno


Insurance is a nice bonus, but you'd probably have to spend quite a bit more to get an equally rated (Gold) Kryptonite. Closest is probably the Kryptonite Evolution at £38.


Spend a tad more and get a kryptonite one which includes insurance


I'd fancy my chances against it with just a hacksaw with a regular bi-metal blade to cut through the outer bit, followed by a carbide blade for the hardened core. :) Given an angle grinder, I think I'd try exposing the locking mechanism. There are a few solutions where the lock is the frame of the bike, such as a bendy bike, with the idea that you can't cut the lock without wrecking the bike. Not seen one I thought was any good yet though.

Yale YCL3/10/180/1 - Maximum Security Chain Bike Lock 1800mm - Heavy Duty Protection - 4 Keys including 1 with micro-light - £44.99 @ Amazon
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Posted 16th Aug 2019Posted 16th Aug 2019
Yale YCL3/10/180/1 - Maximum Security Chain Bike Lock 1800mm - Heavy Duty Protection - 4 Keys including 1 with micro-light - £44.99 @ Amazon
£44.99£49.9910%Amazon Deals
Just purchased one of these and thought the price seemed pretty good when looking online.It has a SOLD Gold Secure rating and the reviews appear to be good.As with all bike locks t… Read more
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It's also amazing how easily a d-lock can be broken with a bottle jack. If you had to have one lock I'd say go for a d-lock with a thick hardened shackle. They are the best in terms of protection vs weight. Don't write off chains entirely though, they're more flexible so can be more versatile and they can even come with thicker links than a d-lock's shackle, up to 22mm links. I'm looking to pick up a chain with 16mm thick links as my bike is an awkward shape to lock up. I can't fit a full size d lock through my rear wheel, rear suspension and front triangle all in one go but a chain would have no problems.


Doesn't really matter how good it is if it's got Gold Sold Secure on it then your insurance will pay out. [so long as you have the bike listed in the first place.] No style of bike security is unbeatable all that matters is that Sold Secure Gold is a fairly good recommendation in itself but the thing can be made from cheese and who cares, you still get new-for-old replacement on house insurance. If your bike is so precious that you really can't allow it to be stolen then you need to be spending much more than £45.


So close...


is it hocus pocus?


What's the magic word? Were you brought up by inbreds with no manners?

Oxford HD Mini Shackle Disc Lock - Sold Secure Silver £8.78 plus £2.95 @ tredz (free post £20 spend
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Posted 22nd Jan 2019Posted 22nd Jan 2019
Oxford HD Mini Shackle Disc Lock - Sold Secure Silver £8.78 plus £2.95 @ tredz (free post £20 spend
Product Description The Oxford HD Mini shackle lock is built from tough hardened steel and designed to prevent determined attacks. Great for when you’re riding around and don’t wan… Read more

Is this the same lock?


Yep it’s a no win, the driver with bike rack potentially could have slammed on but that’s damage to his car


Yeah but that is also probably someone else's bike and lets say he managed to get the carbon bike free and rode off on that when the cheaper bike was re-united with its real owner it would be destroyed. Also my car would be damaged if I rode over a bike, ok if you are in a pickup truck I suppose. I wonder if you could steal his original bike and take it to a police station and explain the circumstances of how you got it or would that be seen as theft and you get charged. I really wouldn't know what to do in a situation like that. I'm a strong man but it only takes seconds to get stabbed by a low life like this and your toast if you confront them and yet you know the police resources keep dropping as the nation deals with huge debts and a large trade deficit and they are becoming far less effective.


If I’d been in the car behind I’d have run his bike over at the end (highfive)


It's just amazing how brazen thieves can be. Here is a lovely carbon bike getting the attention of some low life. You can imagine how much effort the same person would put into a bike parked up and not even seen by others. He clearly wanted to swop his much cheaper stolen bike for this high end bike and then ride off with it but just couldn't get it lose.

Abus City Chain X Plus bike lock £82 delivered from CRC
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Posted 3rd Jan 2019Posted 3rd Jan 2019
Abus City Chain X Plus bike lock £82 delivered from CRC
If you just got a new bike for Christmas, keep it secure The Abus City is a 110cm sold secure gold rated 15/15 (insurance approved) bike lock At 2.7kg, it's heavy but manageable … Read more

please press expire


Works on other Clearance items.

That went fast! There was still stock when I posted




Out of stock

ABUS 1950/180 Bicycle Lock £3.54 (Add-on Item) at Amazon
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Posted 5th Nov 2018Posted 5th Nov 2018
ABUS 1950/180 Bicycle Lock £3.54 (Add-on Item) at Amazon
The good value anti-theft device Robust and flexible cable 7.5 mm diameter spiral. PVC coating to protect the paint. Good quality Abus cylinder. Comes with two keys Basic prot… Read more
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Waste of time this lock


My supermarket bike rack is right next to where people sit outside and it’s too posh for daylight robbery, in that situation all you need is something like this to stop someone walking off with your bike ... save carrying a D-lock that adds 15% to the weight of your bike for when those occasions where it’s needed??


Nearly 12 quid now.


My local bicycle thieves will be pleased 👀


I think You spelt “String” wrong ;)

Free Basic (or Possibly More) 'Dr. Bike' Servicing, Possibly National, But in Barnet For Sure
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Posted 4th Oct 2018Posted 4th Oct 2018
Free Basic (or Possibly More) 'Dr. Bike' Servicing, Possibly National, But in Barnet For Sure
It seems that Barnet Council, at Least, have Dr Bike Days once a month now. I was just at one today. It's the kind of thing they have during the Ride London event every year. I h… Read more
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Here are all locations. Scroll to the bottom of the page:


Good old Brent. You can always jump over the border to Barnet, they don't ask where you are from etc, for a service.


Anyone know if it's near Croydon as I can not see it on line anywhere as I have a trycycle as I can not walk to far




Abus Granit City Chain X-Plus (140cm) £110.09 ... Highly Rated Bike Lock... Amazon
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Posted 2nd Oct 2018Posted 2nd Oct 2018
Abus Granit City Chain X-Plus (140cm) £110.09 ... Highly Rated Bike Lock... Amazon
£110.09Amazon Deals
Was just looking at some higher end semi permanent home locks for my new ebike, and I do prefer a chain to a D Lock, and this seems like a good deal, and particularly for the good … Read more
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Have a look at the on guard d locks on Less than 30


It really isn’t worth buying chains like this, as others have said above, Almax or Pragmasis are the way to go for home chains when combined with a decent lock (around 10kg dependant on length if you want to carry it around with you). Nothing will stop a determined, well equipped thief but you can sure as hell make them reconsider and move onto an easier target. A 16mm chain link width is the smallest size to be considered uncroppable by bolt cutters (specialist gas ones can do more), this means that they are going to take a while or make a lot of noise getting your bike, general rule of thumb is that you should spend 10%of the cost of the bike on security, if you buy correctly the first time you may never need to buy another again.


Or a pragmasis chain . When I looked a coupe of years ago when I bought two chains, the Almax and Pragmasis ones were regarded equally.


I was watching a program about bike thief's who said the biggest deterent is a cover as they don't know what's under it in terms of bike or security.


Very surprised by that review, first negative one I had seen, and those results are not good at all. I have no idea what the best locks are at present, was going to get a Kyptonite New Yorker which I had had many years ago, but was looking for better and from what I had seen, till that review, was that it may be the best. Anyhow it's all good to get various views on what is a kind of neglected subject. Here's a video of an Abus chain standing up rather well to extreme tests.

Upto 75% off bike clothing, lights and accessories eg Blackburn Front Light was £16.99 now £4.50, Pitbull lock & cable was £52.99 now £23.98 @ Tredz
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Posted 28th Sep 2018Posted 28th Sep 2018
Upto 75% off bike clothing, lights and accessories eg Blackburn Front Light was £16.99 now £4.50, Pitbull lock & cable was £52.99 now £23.98 @ Tredz
Good time to be buying now as the new seasons gear is out so get a bargain on the old seasons. I always buy this time of year as the other half commutes to work on his bike and I a… Read more

Thanks OP, got the Blackburn lights (front one at 75 Lumens is stronger than I need for commuting in London) but can't fault it at £4.50!


Tredz are also doing the OnGuard Brute for similar. This is a 16mm as opposed to the 14mm but doesn't come with a cable. Decent prices across the range! I've got the Kryptonite New York Fahgettaboudit Mini which is ace. However, luckily I no longer live in London and commute to a secure site so my spidey-sense is dialled right down.


Ah the one I have is 14mm (see here: I wrote one of the reviews but just noticed I've only had the lock 4 years, not the 5 years I stated above. But yes, you can get locks that should be even more secure but they usually weigh more, cost more, or both. For me, the above lock has sufficient security (I think it's Gold standard) and still be convenient enough for everyday use. And a very reasonable price of course! But everyone's requirements and budgets are different.


Read the ops comments hence my comment, being smart I bought mine in spring early summer (strong)


Only 13mm though. I'd be wary of using it as a primary lock on anything worth a few bob. This is a fantastic no-nonsense list of the top locks you can get. Well worth bookmarking:

Steel Floor Mounted Bike Stand £6.88 @ Homebase Clearance (Free C&C)
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Posted 21st Sep 2018Posted 21st Sep 2018
Steel Floor Mounted Bike Stand £6.88 @ Homebase Clearance (Free C&C)
The Craftright floor mounted bike stand can be used indoors and outdoors and also can be taken to the park, outdoor events, beach or camping. Its heavy duty design is also suitable… Read more
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I bought 3 - steal at this price. Takes a 2" tyre OK. And changing to smallest sprocket stops derailleur cage clearance issues.


Out of stock anywhere nearby :( I actually need a pair of these, was going to make something. The bikes currently line the sides of the garage. With these I can open the door up and each bike can just push into the rack. That area wouldn't get in the way if they all did up straight but if I try and stack them there they just end up as a tangled mess.


You sound like you are crazy pills. Lawnmower goes in the shed, that's obvious. All 8 bikes go in the lounge. TV is mounted the the ceiling and you sway your sofa for hammock. Feel like I'm the only one with any sense around here sometimes.


Also, on a more serious note, you can only really use them to put the front wheel in, the rear mech always gets in the way if you place the rear wheel into the rack. Which is annoying if you want maximum security with a D lock going through rear wheel, frame and rack.


Are you a magician, try as I may I just can’t seem to balance my wife’s bike on top of mine. Is there a seat to wheel ratio for optimal stacking?:/

Rolson Coil Combination Bike Lock Pack £7.99 @ Argos C&C
-50° Expired
Posted 17th Aug 2018Posted 17th Aug 2018
Rolson Coil Combination Bike Lock Pack £7.99 @ Argos C&C
£7.99£13.9943%Argos Deals
Featuring two different locks, this Rolson U and coil lock combination bike pack is a versatile and practical way to keep your bike safe. The rigid structure of the U lock is ideal… Read more

When I was a kid, you could get away with a thin chain and a cheap padlock, that you could open by bashing against the bike stand, and cable locks with cast white metal(probably a zinc alloy) bodies, although the cables used to be a lot thicker back then. Mind you, I had a few locks stolen off my bike at school, but no-one stole my bike! About 20 years later, kids around here would be snapping the bicycle stands off to steal a bike if they couldn't break the locks.


Awww, Thank you so much for the Detailed Reply and lots of suggestions and tips too (y) Wish Bike Theives wouldn't exist, hark back to the old days, when people left their back doors open and could leave their bikes unattended w.o being stolen...


Kryptonite had an exchange programme for their tubular keyed d-locks years ago, masterlock and Oxford Magnum (I think) also changed their design after the issue was publicised on the net, a few years after it was reported on TV. Apparently thieves favoured using a cigarette lighter to soften the pen. Video of someone opening one here:- I'd look for a lock that is either thatcham approved or Sold Secure Gold rated (or maybe silver rated if the bike is insured and the policy approves silver rated locks). Cable locks are pretty hopeless as a main lock, but may be ok as a secondary lock for securing the front wheel. Onguard have some relatively cheap gold rated d-locks, such as their pitbull and thicker heavier Brute lock (which should be more resistant to bolt cropping) in various sizes:- I gather their mounting brackets aren't very good. Not very light though, but I doubt you'll get a lightweight lock that is very secure. I own a Kryptonite New York as I got it cheap end of line, due to a change in the mounting bracket design, even heavier and probably a bit better quality, and usually expensive. Be sure to oil the keyhole and to put some mineral oil in the shackle holes and give the key a few turns to thoroughly oil the lock bolts, as the locking mechanisms on hardened steel d-locks are all prone to rusting if not well oiled.


Really?! I'm thinking of buying a D Lock, any ideas of a good, Lightweight type that's isn't too costly! My bikes 2nd hand, but still prone to theft of course!


Those tubular keyed locks on the D-lock can be opened with a rolled up bit of cardboard, or the case of a bic pen if is fits. You clone the key by pressing the carboard/plastic tube into the lock.

Rolson Security Cable and Lock - 3m £2.99 @ Argos C&C
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Posted 17th Aug 2018Posted 17th Aug 2018
Rolson Security Cable and Lock - 3m £2.99 @ Argos C&C
£2.99£6.9957%Argos Deals
Use to secure all sorts of Household and Garden equipment such as Computers, Tools, Bicycles, Lawn Mowers, and Garden Tools etc. Strap multiple items together at once to deter thie… Read more

No tools required for cheap cable locks:- (apart from the thief) Although, as even a cheap padlock is going to be a bit stronger than the body of a typical one piece cable lock, a thief might need to use the tourniquet method to pull the ends of the cable out.


At least if you ever forget your bike lock key you can borrow a pair of scissors and cut it off. Honestly cable locks are a waste of time, even the cheapest bolt cutters will be through in a second. Only useful if you have something that needs a 3m cable and is only going to be targeted by opportunist thieves with zero tools.


Bought for the cable. Thanks


Decent price and voted hot. I was going to buy, but I don't think I'd lock anything I've got with this lock. Heat though if you need it.

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