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Updated 27th SepLast updated 27th Sep by Trico_17
I had a knee operation about a year ago and like to do a daily walk to keep my joints moving. However, with the winter approaching and the slippery, rain-filled streets, I'd rather… Read more

Hi, I have degenerative disc disease and have had a lot of surgery on my spine. Walking is by far the best thing for me, but for when I can’t I use a cross trainer, I love it, it’s very low impact and easy on my joints. I got it from Argos, I can’t remember the exact price but it wasn’t more than £120. It doesn’t fold, however it doesn’t take up masses of space either. :)


Desk Cycle / Mini Bike might be worth considering.


For over all physically and mentally, a bike in your house probably wont be as good for you a decent walk. If you spend a lot of time sitting and then your only exercise is sitting on a bike it wont help get your lower spine get the relief it needs. Slippery streets? Not around my way, maybe would look in to some decent walking trainers to keep your mind and body going in differnet ways!


Thanks, I'll check that out! Can you recommend a particular brand, or bike style, that would be good?


Check out Facebook marketplace. There are many to choose from. Most are not foldable though ! Check out Argos as there are two folding ones in their catalogue or online.

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Updated 20th SepLast updated 20th Sep by TwotoYou
After advice from any mountain bikers, I think a few lurk on here and I know you'll be a thrifty lot! My bike is built around a 2008ish Trek 4500 and the forks (Bomber RLO 22) are … Read more

Cheers. I really don't know it. I know nothing about bikes, I just like to ride and get it serviced every now and then. I had to read the stickers on my bike to write that post. I'm totally reliant on shop mechanics. All the new kit puts me off as it seems very complicated and a lot more to go wrong.


Thing that doesn't add up is that if you are doing red routes you already know this and that mountain bikes over the last 13 years have changed dramatically in geometry, wheel sizes, weight, tickle down tech, tubeless etc and that is before you get to your aluminuim frame that isn't designed to last forever. Of course the engine is still you. Go out and get a test drive or two from bike shops that offer this and try for yourself to see if helps make your mind up.


Thanks for the reply. I probably wouldnt bother with the new groupset if that's how much it'd cost. If I was spending +£600 I'd sell the current bike and buy new like you said. The thing that's putting me off is that I don't think a new bike will be that much faster or more enjoyable once the newness fades.


so is the question if you should spend £200 to £400 on a new fork and tyres and £200 to £400 on a new groupset rather than spend £750 to £925 and get everything completely new would be new bike for me - spend less on other and then sell it or have it as N+1

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Updated 18th SepLast updated 18th Sep by Bertz99
I have a Carrera Hellcat with an 8 gear 12-32T cassette & I'm looking to swap it for an 8 gear 11-40T cassette, is it just as simple as swapping them over?

Yw - I have never done it myself but a goats link is how some go towards to get a wider range.


Thanks for info, I appreciate the in-depth reply. I've got very minimal knowledge about this kind of thing, so it helps me out l.


Sorry advice is not quite that simple as inferred above The range of the cassette you are going to is that catered for in your setup? i.e, at the moment you have a range of 20 in use. You are proposing a change to being able to switch to 29. If your derailleur does not support that range in shifting then it is not just a change of the cassette required here. confirmed compatibility can be found here if you have the altus rd 310 (which has a max supported range of 23 from what I can see being 11 to 34): 2021-2022 SHIMANO Product Information Web Second when you are also more than likely going to need to lengthen the chain to cater for also the longer range and length that introduces albeit common (advisable) to replace the chain at same time as cassette as they wear in unison.


Cheers for replies everyone, I need to look into this a bit further.


You’ll need a chainwhip and an adapter to remove the cassette. This has link has both and pictures also show why you need both

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Updated 17th SepLast updated 17th Sep by Pandamansays
Hey everyone. Got a new bike a few months ago but just been taking it out without the need to park it up, but going to start going on longer cycles so need a lock for when I want … Read more

I have one of these Link No idea if it's any good though, like you, I rarely leave my bike unattended, so there is not much chance of it getting stolen, but I do use it to lock my bike up in the garage.


Not many criminals bother to learn how to pick a lock, that usually requires an element of skill and practice, when bolt cutters and battery grinders can be picked up for free out of the back of a workman's van, and cable locks and some weak d-locks can be just yanked, or twisted off. I suspect once caught and the police know their modus operandi, theirs would be the first door the police turn up at whenever a bike thief is seen on cctv taking a bike without cutting, or breaking the lock. The most off-putting thing I've seen regarding leaving a bicycle locked up in bike stands, is quite some years back, most of the then new stainless steel bike stands outside the shops very near to my home went missing over the course of a few weeks, having been snapped off. I believe by a group of young children I saw acting suspiciously around a bicycle locked in one of the remaining stands, that had also gone the next time I passed, which was when I realised what they were up to; and it didn't even need any tools.


Are you riding on your own or with others? If it's the latter, then just take it in turns for someone to keep an eye on the bikes. How long are the rides you're talking about? Long to some could be 10 miles and 150 to other (lunatics)! If you're doing more than 10 miles I can't see you wanting to lug a 1.5-2kg D-lock around, but some of the "cafe locks" I've seen look as though you could bite through them! Have you seen anything that's caught your eye as yet?


Sold secure have revamped their rating system lately, adding a higher level than gold, they initially called it Bicycle Platinum, but seem to have now settled on Bicycle Diamond. Some existing gold locks would probably pass the diamond test. eg On-guard had some of theirs, like the brute, tested:-


It's worth having a look at Lockpicking lawyers youtube channel. Then you will realise that many locks are so so easy to get into, matter of seconds on some of them. That's why I still haven't purchased a lock and won't leave my bike anywhere.

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Updated 14th SepLast updated 14th Sep by Deedie
how do I pump up this bike tyre?I have tried unscrewing the gold piece at the end and the whole tyre went flat what is that gold piece and how would I pump the tyre? Thanks in… Read more

No. Either you are pushing it down as you are unscrewing it, or the valve is faulty. You should be able to unscrew it fully, and air will only release if you press down on the end of the valve


As soon as I unscrew it all the way all the air is coming gushing out is that normal?


A budget entry level bike is classed as sub £500. The average entry level mountain bike is between £500-£1000 I advise my customers on mountain bikes and equipment every day. Most people getting into the hobby spend around £1000 on their first real mountain bike . I state real just so you don't confuse the cheap tat from places like sports direct ,Argos,Tesco, ect ect.. The mountain bike scene has been using presta valves for over 10 years, they are a better valve. & Hold more pressure. And with the move to tubeless over the past 5 years presta valves are even more common and tyres / rims ... Enjoy your bike ride 😁


I wasn't aware that the enthusiast's mountain bike market has recently moved onto presta valves. Why is that? They're not new and they're pretty nasty things. £500 the high end of the UK cycle market though. I don't know what the latest average sales price of a bike is and how much the cycle to work subsidies have distorted it but just few years ago it was around £250 - 50% of all bikes were that price or lower. There's no way 80% of sales are of £500+ bikes. And of course most bikes out there are more than a couple of years old.


Unscrew it as far as it will go I'm struggling to see why this is such a difficult task for you! What is the actual issue you are having?

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Updated 12th SepLast updated 12th Sep by harrythefish
I am in the process of getting my old bike (Carrera vanquish) serviced with a total cost of around £340 needs new wheels, chain, cassette etc(this includes labour) I got my bike f… Read more

Sounds like you really had your moneys worth then. Bike stocks are improving again, I'd still chase up whether you can get a new replacement. Bikes are probably like cars, parts way overpriced, add them all up and you get 3x the price of the complete assembled item.


They said that the rims on the wheels are so worn they deem them not safe. So they advise new wheels


I would say it is around 6 years old. Yeah I saw that but stock is an issue so might be months till it comes in stock. A local bike shop not Halfords, I find they can be useless for servicing .


Did they explain exactly why you needed both wheels replacing? Are they both that badly damaged?


If you have a British cycling membership or they’re other groups that offer discounts, you could pick that brand new one up for £405