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Closed for entries - May Swimwear Bikini Giveaway 6 prizes up for grabs sizes 8 up 18 Draw ends 16th of May
This has now ended winners to be drawn shortly Something a bit different for this giveaway. With summer just around corner up I thought I would giveaway some swimwear. There wi… Read more

Thanks for updating and letting me know its arrived (y)


@myusernamehasgone234 Many thanks again for the lovely giveaway...I have just received it and I love it along with the beautiful packaging <3


Thank you (y)


Thankyou so much!


Just to update you all and let you all know these were sent out today using royal mail 2nd class.

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(May contain spoilers) SpongeBob SquarePants Battle For Bikini Bottom Rehydrated - My review
This is my review of the Nintendo Switch version of SpongeBob SquarePants Battle For Bikini Bottom Rehydrated. It may contain game spoilers. Please note I have not yet completed … Read more

Hi, I just thought I'd update you on this - the game is available on Android and iOS for £8.99. Usually I would say it's a high price for an app but there's no in-app purchases or adverts and it really is a great game in my opinion - £8.99 is a steal. I tried it on my Pixel Slate and it uses keyboard arrow keys as well as supports controllers. Just in case you're interested :)


I think they didn't include an episode because of copyright or something. They got the licence to make the game but probably not to include episodes. For the theatre they could've included trailers for the game at least or concept art. Also, you've gotta see this - ! I laughed my socks off. (popcorn)


Just got the Platinum trophy (could have got it much earlier but work got in the way) and easily a 7-8/10, barely encountered any bugs, knew what I was expecting from the PS2 style gameplay and enjoyed it. P.S - Honestly I docked a point for the 40,000 shiny grind requirement to get into the theatre. Spoiler alert - don’t bother, it’s literally a loop of just a few images selected from golden spatula achievement images you see in the world navigation menu. The original game’s version was disappointing but at least it had concept art images. THQ couldn’t even throw in an episode, but I’m sure it will be modded in the PC version of the game.


Absorbent and yellow and porous is he


Andyyy Worrallpants!

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What is your favourite part of SpongeBob Squarepants Battle For Bikini Bottom?
So I just ordered this bad boy and wanted to discuss... what's your favourite part of the game? 8)

THQ Nordic confirmed the release date for the Switch version of Rehydrated will be in 2020 (2020 is absolutely STACKED for games!), but seeing Switch versions of remasters/remakes being released later than the other console versions there could be a chance of the PS4 and Xbox versions releasing this year. I'm personally hoping the PS4 version does release this year because apart from Crash Team Racing this Friday and Death Stranding in November, I don't really have many new games (that I'm interested in playing) to look forward to play for the rest of the year.


got to be the rear cover


They make a great pair of Budgie Albatross Smugglers too XD


I like the way it feels against Derek's skin.


The way it feels against my skin (embarrassed)

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SpongeBob Battle For Bikini Bottom Rehydrated CONFIRMED!
I'm ready!

Nope, only used to play one of the cooking games (just checked, it was Frantic Fry Cook) on DS occasionally years back.


Nice, I probably will. Did you play the original?


Aye, aye captain! Looks exciting, might get it for Switch.

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Win a luxury bikini and cover-up worth £590 @ Woman and Home
With Summer on its way there couldn’t be a more perfect time to win a luxury bikini and cover-up worth £590. Embracing this season’s trend for bright colours this beautiful combo w… Read more







Thank you

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Win a Venus Bikini Trimmer and £150 worth of shopping vouchers @ Heat World
We have a Venus Bikini Trimmer to give away, plus £150 worth of shopping vouchers. It’s a totally tropical treat! Q:) Which TV presenter/actress has designed a range of bikinis for… Read more

[image missing]


Cheers marba ;)




x <3


Thanks Marba :)