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Preorder Call Of Duty Black Ops 4 and get access to Private Beta @ Tesco (Tesco Extra Cardiff)
LocalLocalFound 10th AugFound 10th Aug
Call of Duty Black ops 4 preorder for £5 @ Tesco. You will receive a coupon as proof of purchase and get access code fir the Private Beta. £5 deposit will be deducted from the pric… Read more
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Meh, you can get access to the private beta simply by pre ordering (for free) online at places like GAME and Amazon and then cancel once you've received a code (which is usually instant) Works everytime theres a game with a "pre order to gain access to the beta" promotion


Call Of Duty Black Ops 4 PC Open-Beta weekend. Preload available.
Found 9th AugFound 9th Aug
Just a reminder for anyone that wants to try the new Call Of Duty first before spending a small fortune on it. Watched a few videos and it looks better than the last few titles but… Read more

ah, so you have an actually pre-ordered, no idea about that


There is a code for early access which should open as of 6pm tonight. The open beta doesn't start until tomorrow.


An email for what? It's an open-beta, anyone can play whether they preordered or not. All you need to do is download it.


Is anyone else still waiting for there email? Sent off for my code a few days ago but still not recieved an email?


I wish it was of the original cods each year they make it worse

Pepper Festival - Generic
Call of Duty®: Black Ops 4 Multiplayer with a free Private BETA code on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One @ O2 Priority
Refreshed 9th AugRefreshed 9th Aug
Be one of the first to get access to Call of Duty®: Black Ops 4 Multiplayer with a free Private BETA code. It starts at 5 pm on 10/08/18, so get it now before it’s too late. Play o… Read more
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It finished at 6


Any spare codes for Xbox one,please thanks in advance


Still after a PS4 code if any going. Thank you


Anyone got a spare code for Xbox?


top man just found it thanks very much

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Call of Duty Black Ops Declassified - £6.99 @ PSN
Found 5th AugFound 5th Aug
Sick of the Black Ops 4 beta with all it's boots-on-ground nonsense? Get on Black Ops Declassified and play some free online multiplayer, PS Plus not required! Probably the 2nd be… Read more
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This is a bad bad game. Not a lot of work went into this. Avoid.


nah not confused i just thought that vita games could theoretically be able to played on the much more powerful ps4 same company, vita is dead makes sense to allow the software another platform to run on and they makes more sales but alas maybe some day soon


I think you're getting confused, you can play PS4 games on the PS Vita via remote play, but not PS Vita games on the PS4.


can you play this on the ps4 ?


This game was very rushed and not well made plenty of glitches such a huge missed opportunity

Free PS4 Call of Duty®: Black Ops 4 Beta Code using Pre Order Trick
Found 2nd AugFound 2nd Aug
The beta starts today (Friday 3rd August at 6pm) and can be played all weekend exclusively on the PS4. Xbox will be the following weekend alongside the PS4 version. Edit: HK PS… Read more
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OK... I went here first: Then here: And now downloading my beta - Its 18gb :) I did pre-order from amazon earlier but didn't get code withing 20 mins so cancelled after i started the download - Not quite sure if i actually needed to pre-order at al tbh???


Just preordered now for Xbox and still no code. Just confirmation email for order


nice one mate so ill expect it the day of the xbox beta then.


Thanks dude, just done this and got the "code to register" from amazon instantaneously. Even before the usual "Thank you for your order" email lol. Code worked on Activision site no probs, downloading beta this very moment.


the code came out the day of the beta for the ps4 version so i assume the same for xbox

Call of Duty: Black Ops III (PS4) £5.75 Delivered (Pre Owned) @ Music Magpie
Found 1st AugFound 1st Aug
10% off at checkout
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Don’t most people play online so therefore have P’s+ ? I got the “free” bo3 and the online is as pants as it was when it came out . Decent campaign but worth buying , I’d say no.


You are just quoting sound bites. A sign I've won lol


Because nothing comes free in life, if you think about it.


Why does that make a difference on the discussion?


It all pretty much depends if you earn free money or you work for your money mate. :)

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Call of Duty Black Ops III DLC 1 Awakening. Free to play till 28th August
28/08/2018Expires on 28/08/2018Found 1st AugFound 1st Aug
Free DLC 1, Awakening free to play until the 28th of August PS4 // XBOX ONE // PC
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Awesome - thanks for the info David!


You dont download it just play public they will be there same for zombies, you can't play private matches etc


Dice/EA give away all the DLC for bf4 and bf1.. Activision give us DLC to try.. then want us to buy it. Scingey gits! Battlefield wins.


Yeah, I can't find a way to get this for free either - shows up as full price in the PSN Store and when I access DLC from within the game. Is there a chance that the maps etc. are already downloaded and the access if automatic?


Doesn't work for me, anyone got the deal?

Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Pro Edition (PS4) - Pre Order £89.99 @ Amazon
Found 25th JulFound 25th Jul
£20 saving for anyone who wants this edition of the game. Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Pro Edition includes Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Game, Black Ops Pass*, Steelbook, Pop Socket, … Read more

Now also available for Xbox One


Match Price - £89.99 - Very


Do you need ps+ for the beta


Thanks OP. Even better deal as I get an extra £2 off for being a prime member. Ordered for my sons b/day, who doesn’t care about all the furore about fleecing gamers as it is coming out of my pocket ;)


I'm not angry. I'm just saying milking money off of people using nostalgia is wrong and it has to stop; at the very least remasters shouldn't be sold at full price. Again, it's just my opinion and I have bought plenty of remasters myself or just plain copies of games with little changes from Nintendo. See the fuller picture of my argument, that's all I'm asking. I never said remasters are bad. Just when is it gonna stop?

Call of Duty Black Ops 3 Season Pass (PS4) Half price - £17.49 on PSN
Found 13th JunFound 13th Jun
To go along with the game being free on PS plus, the season pass is also on sale for half price. Expired 11;59 on 20/6/18 Hope this helps someone :)

You are correct, buying the DLC ruins your matchmaking permanently. Complete waste of money.


Every game loses it's value after a year or 2, in this case closer to 3. Offering a game for free seems like a nice gesture, but then presenting an 'offer' at half price seems appealing, but really that's the main sale. The bait was to offer the game for free because nobody would pay £17.50 for it. To be honest, on their end - it's a good marketing ploy, but some of us are smarter than that! (cheeky)


That's why the community should vote with their wallets. They will soon change their tune.


Agreed, R6S has absolutely nailed it to be fair. I've not bought a season pass on there, but having the content release as it does it just the perfect balance. The game is clearly well-supported as it's being supported continuously. It's a shame Activision have made it so that with BLOPS 4, you can either have the season pass or not. I get that it causes less fragmentation of the userbase, but it's also scummy and forcing players into a total shell out of around £90 for the actual full game experience, when they could adopt the system that nearly EVERY other developer out there is pushing.


I tried playing this last night, loaded up the campaign and it threw me back into an old saved game from when I owned the disc years ago. I just couldn't play it. Far too much going on, I wasn't even that far into the game but I kept dying over and over and I was only playing on regular ffs! Needless to say I'll be going nowhere near online :S In the words of Murtaugh, I'm too old for this sh*t XD

Call of Duty Black Ops 3 Free on Playstation Plus (Bonus Game)
Refreshed 26th JunRefreshed 26th Jun
Just announced at the Playstation E3 Press Conference Available until 11th July Before anyone else asks. This includes the full game so: 1) Campaign 2) Multiplayer 3) Zombies 4) … Read more
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You should've deleted the disc version and downloaded the ps plus version . Maybe a glitch ?!


Anybody else lost this game? I added this to two PS Plus accounts, both where the games was already installed from disk (so never downloaded at that point), but I now I don’t see it to download or even the transaction history.


Again why would I want to do that :/


I said you don’t need to download it but you can still have it in your library


Maybe for the same reason you came to comment on something you don't like?

Call of Duty Black Ops III (PS4) £10 (+£1.50 Delivery) @ CEX
Found 31st MayFound 31st May
This seems to be the lowest price around at the minute. Probably a few people left who haven't played it (I'm one of them) and just in time before the 4th title comes out. Be aw… Read more

Ah. Fair enough.


In your opinion. #5 best selling CoD and longest supported CoD ever.


Its not a good game


CALL OF DUTY: BLACK OPS 4 £38.17  pre order price @ Instant gaming
Found 30th MayFound 30th May
CALL OF DUTY: BLACK OPS 4 cheap preorder price

CoD PC community always been smaller than console one. Basically because of the hacks. Everyone was fed up with them spoiling all the fun. This time there is a chance they won’t.


The already non-existent community will get even smaller. Won't have to worry about hackers as there wont be anyone playing


I only used to buy the games for the campaign, was just unplayable most of the time in multiplayer. Recently the campaigns have been disappointing.

d3k is better choice cuz it won’t get full of aimbots and wallhacks within 24h of the game release.


Way too pricey for the 1 included zombie map.... the rest of the game is hacker trash

[PS4] Call of Duty: Black OPS III - £8.00 (Pre-owned) - GamesCentre
Found 1st MayFound 1st May
Couple of quid cheaper than the recent Game deal. Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 deploys its players into a future where bio-technology has enabled a new breed of Black Ops sol… Read more
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I haven't played this version of CoD but it appears on here quite a lot and garners a lot of interest. I was wondering if it has a particularly good campaign / online or something compared to other iterations of the series? Just thought I'd ask for your opinions. Thanks!


Thanks Buzz. Heat added.


Mario Party 10 is also the same price (£12).


Good price on Mario Maker for £12 (Wii U)

Call of Duty: Black Ops III £9.99 (Pre Owned) @ Game
Found 24th AprFound 24th Apr
Cheapest place i have found Call of Duty: Black Ops III for 9.99 might be preowned but best price
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Free on PS+ :D


I think this is one of the better COD's in ages, loved the movement system, not over the top like Advance warfare, but fun and balanced. also not a fan of WWII, and its evident by the games constant price drop that not everyone's liking it either.


It sure is.




10% off at basket

Call Of Duty Black Ops 4 PS4 - pre order with playerpoints. - £46.99 @ 365 Games
Found 21st AprFound 21st Apr
Call Of Duty Black Ops 4 with player points worth £2.50 also %5 goes to friends of the earth charity.

Pennies cheaper at Shopto


Nah you added an extra l.. its COD.. 8) Though I think most people think its cod (poo)


Damn this is cold


Because it's COD and people will buy it anyway for the MP, TBH I'm surprised they didn't do this sooner for that reason.


Oh dear. First the awful Grand Theft Auto deal, now this. Two -400° in two days (lol)

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare - £2.99 / Call of Duty: Black Ops - £3.59 / Call of Duty: World at War - £3.59 (Xbox One/360) (Pre-owned) @ Music Magpie
Found 21st AprFound 21st Apr
All three are backwards compatible Call of Duty: Black Ops - £3.59 Call of Duty: World at War - £ 3.59 Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare It doesn’t matter what century it is.… Read more

Used to be. COD 4 Lobbies are all filled with snipers (annoyed) in case you're thinking of playing it on BC.


See if they fixed the hackers (people with JTAG consoles) this game would still be on top, the remastered edition was a massive let down.


Updated cheers @ChrissyBoy (y)


The first modern warfare was the greatest game ever, on the pc before all the restrictions on servers were introduced. Proper clan based stuff.


Did you not get the How to Human Manual? It specifically states computer games are for children and deals are for pensioners. ...But rules are there to be broken, right? 8)

Call of Duty Black Ops 3 PC - CDKeys £8.99 (or £8.54 with FB code)
Found 14th AprFound 14th Apr
Great price for this call of duty on pc. Still a decent amount of players online. Could be good to tide you over until bo4 as a lot of people were disappointed with WW2. Get 5% of… Read more
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Well said reddragon he is just a troll he does it in every thread. He seems hell bent on spelling and grammar then complains when someone takes the time and effort to provide a comprehensive reply like you did - just ignore him and he will fade into obscurity! Probably sitting in his one bed flat thrashing away with one hand on the mouse and the other under the table at his sad attempts to get a rise out of folks - my his life must be pretty sad and boring - You have to feel sorry for his type , so many of them on social media!


"Care to explain how this is in any way similar to "every other company in the world"?" Proceeds to ignore explanation because it's too many words. 12 lines isn't an essay (unless you're taking one of those dodgy online courses). Try reading it - it won't give you an aneurysm and you might learn something that will stop you making naive comments in the future.


"I don't see why we need to have this conversation" proceeds to write an essay lol. No one is reading that.


Because a core concept of business is 'buy low, sell high' and many companies take advantage of weaker economies in other countries to buy from/have things made in countries where it is cheaper to do so and then sell them in countries with stronger economies where they can charge higher prices. So in that respect buying game keys in bulk from, for example, a Russian store, where they're much cheaper and then advertising them in countries like the UK, where you can charger higher prices, is no different to getting clothing or electronics made somewhere like China for sale at premium price in the western world. If you have some sort of moral objection to this kind of business practice there are a lot more products and sites you should be boycotting. I don't see why we need to have this conversation every time a deal like this is posted. People say 'gray market' like it's illegal (because it sounds like black market, which is the illegal version) or immoral - it's not. The only real argument to be made is that buying through a site like CDKeys means the developer will get less money from you, but a) whatever price they've set, even in the cheaper countries, means they will be getting some money, and it must be an amount they're okay with, and b) if you're shopping around for game deals you're unlikely to be paying full price for the game anyway, so if this is the only way you're going to buy it then at least the developer gets some money from you instead of nothing (glass half full perspective).


So what? It isn't illegal. The publishers' business model involves charging you a higher price for no other reason than the region you live in. It's not like they're standing on the moral high ground!

[PC] Cod black ops 3 £9.49 or £9 with a FB like code @ cdkeys
Found 9th AprFound 9th Apr
4 player co op campign, Co op zombie mode Nightmares zombie campaign that’s co op >.> dead ops 2 that’s also co op Black ops 4 better have some co op (mad)
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pixeldeals fairly active


Do many people still play this online? Really tempting.


Let me mullett over and see if I can fink of more...


We could be squids in here


I agree, although I can't quite plaice it...

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