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Golden Week Sale Region Pricing Comparison - Bloodborne GOTY £4.27 It Takes Two £8.37 Hitman GOTY £5.75 Ghostrunner £4.86 + More @ PSN Store
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Posted 27th AprPosted 27th Apr
Prices based on currency conversions as of 27/04/21 Turkish / Indian / Indonesian / USA / Brazilian PSN account required where applicable, games may be played from a UK account after downl…
Avatar joeydeacon
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Yeah on console would not work


Are you buying on the console? That’s the only way I could get the verified thing to work


Just bought a couple of games using a Cryptopay code which I have had linked to the account for over a month. So can confirm the cryptopay method still works for existing cards.


Thanks Joey


Yeah enough money in there double checked unfortunately, it seems like there's some other problem but I'm not sure what it is. It was working fine and then just stopped.

Bloodborne - Game of the Year Edition (PS4) £16.95 @ The Game Collection
Posted 27th AprPosted 27th Apr
Thought this was a good price for a physical copy Info added by pirate1 HUNT YOUR NIGHTMARES Includes: The Original Bloodborne Experience Bloodborne: The Old Hunters Expansion B…

Check your HDR settings mate if you haven't already. Bloodborne was made before HDR support, so if using PS5 change the HDR from always on to on when supported. Makes a big difference. As a caveat though, obviously a game this old when compared with a new game is gonna look janky. But it's the best overall game in my opinion on any platform, even considering its age


PC version please . So I can get that platinum again . Braving those chalice dungeons ;)


Well worth the price. Best game ever with lots of stuff to do. Stuck on a boss? Go farm some gems, blood chunks/rocks and make your weapon stronger. So many combinations of builds. Extensive replay value.


Finest Playstation exclusive for me. The DLC is absolute perfection and an example of DLC done right.


I bought this a while ago just never got around to it as it seems so intimidating. I did try playing it and got up to a churchyard bit and didn't know where to go. I heard such good things I will get around to it hopefully soon and think I'll use a guide next time.

Bloodborne Old Hunters DLC (PS4) - £7.99 @ Playstation Store
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Posted 30th MarPosted 30th Mar
The DLC has finally gone on sale. Offer available till the 27/04 Info added by pirate1 Similar to the game, players will be immersed in a new nightmare world, where the restless spirits …
Avatar Greatgamesby
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Brainlets saying Elden Ring is easier are the same ones that give "1MILLION RUNES IN EARLY GAME PER HOUR" and "HOW TO GET THE MOST BROKEN SUMMON IN THE GAME" and "HOW TO SKIP MOST CONTENT WITHOUT SKILL" videos millions and millions of views I breezed through Bloodborne in my latest playthrough. I'm having trouble in Elden Ring


Of all the formsoft games this one is the one I really didn't like and stopped after clearing the first boss and exploring the next area. I just didn't like the fact you couldn't block and the only way to not get hit was a sort of parry with your gun or a roll and the amount of damage mobs and bosses did was higher than other games. I didn't feel that bloodborn was fair compares to the other soul games (though this is my opinion) Together with dark souls 2 are the only formsoft soul game I haven't finished (not including elder ring ofcourse)


Maddeningly, I finished Bloodborne last week (finally!) and am about lvl70, now I'm In NG+ all the guides say I need to be 115+ to deal with the DLC. Mistakes have been made... grabbed the DLC for when I'm done with Elden Ring.


I found Bloodborne easier than Elden Ring to be fair. Only because of the ability to gain your HP back and the superior quick step mechanic is default. Plus you just gotta stick to the backside of most bosses lol. However, Bloodborne is the greatest FromSoft game for me :)


2 months ago I started a playthrough of Bloodborne 60 fps unofficial patch (hacked PS4 Pro) in anticipation of Elden Ring and I haven't been able to put it down since. I completed it last week and am currently going through New Game Plus and the DLC now, Elden Ring is sitting in my PS5 and waiting. After literally a decade of trying FROM games (literally every single one, including DeS remake) and bouncing off each one early one (including Bloodborne back when it came out) one of them has finally clicked for me this time around and it's thanks to the 60 fps patch that inspired me to try it again. I am looking forward to playing the rest once I am done with Bloodborne, but I feel like the atmosphere and World of Bloodborne is a step above the rest, so I am hoping hard (like the rest of the community I am sure) for a Bloodborne 2 announcement at the soonest.

Big in Japan Sale Region by Region comparison inc. Turkey Store eg. Yakuza franchise titles £2.24 each / Bloodborne £4.76 + More @ PSN Store
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Posted 24th FebPosted 24th Feb
Big in Japan Sale Region by Region comparison inc. Turkey Store eg. Yakuza franchise titles £2.24 each / Bloodborne £4.76 + More @ PSN Store£2.24Playstation Store Deals
Prices based on currency conversions as of 24/02/21 Turkish / Indian / Indonesian / USA / Brazilian PSN account required where applicable, games may be played from a UK account after downl…
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36£ gran turismo. Legend you are deacon


oh sweet summer child, but one doesn't only play bloodborne, one experiences it in a feverish dream of hunt. fear the old blood.


Yeah I tried my normal way on console but wouldn't accept on the Turkush account for some reason. I got in touch and the issue was with my Crypto . Com card (frozen due to ncorrect details apparently). All has been rectified and back up and running again. Thanks


I guess it could be worse. Paying full price and the games sitting in the stack. Red Dead and Witcher 3 come to mind


I'm not good but I have perseverance. I've platinumed Hollow Knight, Blasphemous, Ghostrunner and Dead Cells in the last couple of years. Bloodborne has great reviews and sounds like a good challenge. I've never played a Souls game so this might get me hooked. I don't mind hard games as long as you don't have to replay chunks whenever you die, which I fear might be the case with Bloodborne. But will have to see. Annoyingly I had PS Now for 2 years, Bloodborne is on there but I never played it. My subscription lapsed and I'm not in a hurry to renew (unless they drop games I really want to play) so need to buy it now. Suppose I was busy playing other games when I had PS Now.

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Bloodborne De-Make - Free -
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Posted 31st JanPosted 31st Jan
Bloodborne De-Make - Free - Deals
Travel to the gothic Victorian city of Yharnam, whose blood-soaked roads are filled with unspeakable terrors hidden behind every corner. Wield over 10 unique hunter weapons using the Strat…
Avatar jacksterJDM
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Shame. Thought there might have been an ISO for modded PS consoles. 😥


It's been publicised for about a year now and is very well known about. It'll be fine.


I know and I have it on PS4 (ninja)


port beggar


DMCA in 3, 2, 1

Bloodborne GOTY Edition PS4 £17.95 @ The Game Collection
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Posted 5th JanPosted 5th Jan
Bloodborne GOTY Edition PS4 £17.95 @ The Game Collection£17.95 Free P&P FreeThe Game Collection Deals
The Bloodborne GOTY edition has really held its value and doesn't come up too often at a sub £20 price (new anyway). All DLC is included on the disc which is nice!

For those interested, still in stock.


Heat from me. Just ordered, I've been after more victorian style games. £16 this points!




Can't believe this didn't even get luke-warm. Even those madlads on ebay are selling second hand copies for more than this!


This is one of the best games on the ps4 but it's 5 years old, the price makes no sense