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Bloodborne: Game of the Year Edition PS4 £11.69 USED @ MusicMagpie
Updated 10th MayLast updated 10th May by GigahurtzUK
Price states £12.99, when added to Basket it become £11.69 with Bank holiday code To say From Software's Demon's and Dark Souls games hit big is something of an understatement… Read more

Lol bully for you.


Got mine today as well sent me the GOTY version mint (:I Looks brand New


Received mine today. Box is correct GOTY version but disc inside is standard version. I have been sent a return label via chat service. Bitgutted. They are going to refund.


Has anyone received their copy?


A few left on Amazon from Music Magpie at £13.52 so still not bad, I just nabbed one.

Bloodborne™ The Old Hunters DLC £6.49 PSN Store (List Price £15.99)
Updated 29th AprLast updated 29th Apr by scrotesmd
HUNT YOUR NIGHTMARES Experience an all new story set in the chilling world of Bloodborne™. Long ago, the old hunters buried terrible secrets in the ruins of Byrgenwerth. But they… Read more



I played 20 hours of Nioh but it never grabbed me. The story was weak, but it's mainly the exploration and world/lore that I missed from the Souls games. It's also short on level variety. I'll give it another go someday though. As for Bloodborne builds, Skill is a lot of fun - early game Cane which you have to suffer through to get to the amazing Mercy Blades.


I love the dlc but one of the trophies on the dlc requires you to do all missions in the entire game (including the 1.6 patch missions) on way of the demon ,which is definatly where I draw the line for my sanity lol. I have also played through nearly all of nioh twice and spent about 200h playing it as I play more for amcomplishment ,challenge and gameplay , but there’s are a lot of people who love the world building and lore of soulsborne games most and I don’t think those people will love nioh nearly as much as we do (although soulsborne are stil my personal best as i loved demons souls and every one since)


Yea both are brilliant in there own way... I just love the depth of the combat system in Nioh more. I spent 160hrs and honestly didn't find it repetitive, had to use all weapons to get the platinum... Have restarted as I want to master 2 weapons only... Played 1st dlc through and loved it, so with the restart will be a while before I get to the dlc again and the fact big games coming but no rush lol


Have you done the nioh dlc trophies as they are too much for me . love both bloodborne and nioh and souls. . nioh has a cool loot system and soooooo much content but the monsters get repetative and some of the quests arw a bit samey but it does have a better combat system than bloodboren it looses a lot to the world creation of bloodborne which is near perfect

[PS4] Bloodborne™ The Old Hunters DLC - £5.79 - PlayStation Store
Updated 11th AprLast updated 11th Apr by orwinian
Add to basket for the discount. Perfect for the PS+ title you just picked up ;) Down from £15.99 HUNT YOUR NIGHTMARES Experience an all new story set in the chilling worl… Read more
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This has expired now?


Grant us eyes...........Grant us eyessssss.


Yep, I wish I had tried playing the base game before purchasing this DLC! :( This has got to be the hardest game I have ever played (I’ve never played any of the Souls games, so am a complete noob). However, I am determined to get better at it. As hard as it may be, something keeps drawing me back to it? (I must be a glutton for punishment!).


OK thanks. (y)


Yes but you'll need to buy this dlc for it to work as the goty save file includes dlc data. I did this yesterday, I booted up the free base game and it said "you'll need the old hunters dlc to use this save", so I bought the dlc and it worked fine.

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Bloodborne Official Artworks @ Amazon UK was £39.99 now £23.73
Updated 5th AprLast updated 5th Apr by Old_King_Doran
In the terrifying video game Bloodborne, deranged mobs and nightmarish creatures lurk around every corner of a horror-filled gothic city. Bloodborne: Official Artworks collects the… Read more

Fear the old blood


The one major point for people who love books like this is that it doesn't have a Hardback. I was greatly saddened by it.

PlayStation Plus for March (Bloodborne / Ratchet & Clank & More) - Now live
Updated 10th MarLast updated 10th Mar by cannibalwombat
To complement those two top-tier titles, you’ll also get two games apiece for PS Vita and PS3. With those included the final line-up looks like this: Bloodborne (PS4) Ratche… Read more
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It was my first souls game so I wasn't exactly a pro for the first run, and I took my time and explored everything I could. First playthrough (without the chalice dungeons) was probably about 30h. In total I've played it nearly 200h including completing 5-6 times and playing through the chalice dungeons and DLC once. Make of that what you will in terms of time investment. It is hard but gets exponentially more doable once you're used to the mechanics, level up prudently and learn a little patience. It's a sublime game and not one to let pass you by.


Also the hardest game of all time?! (:I


Is it wrong if i play bloodbourne in daylight


Bloodbourne is scary


The graphics are insane in Ratchet. It looks better than many older CG movies...

Asian PlayStation PS+ free games for March: Bloodborne, Garou: Mark of the Wolves, Bombing Busters, The Darkness 2
Updated 1st MarLast updated 1st Mar by Seagal
Following the fake news earlier this week, for those of you who recently opted for the 15 months Indonesian PS+ for £24 the free games for March have now been confirmed. Note that … Read more
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The Darkness, those games were ace! Anyway, sorry to intrude, carry on with the arguments


Post that month then was that a hotter month?


Been on their PS Plus before.


No ratchet though!!!


On another thread you have people going bat ***** crazy over Bloodborne, the same people going bat **** crazy about spending £36 for 12 months UK PSN. Fair enough, some actually took advantage of the 15 month Indonesian PSN deal, but on the whole, the same Bloodborne game happens to be available for those people who were savvy enough to get 15 months PSN for a fraction of the normal price and yet this is considered cold? Honestly a bit tired of the aggro from this site.

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Bloodborne (PS4) £11.99  / Game of the Year £15.99 at PSN
Updated 8th JanLast updated 8th Jan by MCYounes
Game of the Year addition also available for £15.99 - Hunt your nightmares A lone traveller. A c… Read more
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One of the most satisfying games made. It's actually forces you to concentrate, you always feel vulnerable if you don't. The graphics are truly amazing and the theme I guess Victorian London is interesting.


I didn't like the mechanics either but I can't help but think that it's a great game once it gets going - going to give it another try.


Thanks for the tips; I bought this game and returned it via Amazon last year (surprised they gave a full refund thinking about it) - sunk many hours into Dark Souls 3 but couldn't get into Blood Borne for some reason. At this price, I'll get it again and spend more time farming early mobs. Something about the combat felt too light, especially the dashes and weapon strikes - compared to Dark Souls' heavy, deliberate-feeling swings and impact etc... - does the feel of the weapons and combat adapt as the game goes on or does it generally keep the same feel as the early-game experience?


Out of all the Dark Souls type games, I enjoyed this one the most. It is still quite challenging for those who don't know what to expect, but my advise is at the beginning focus on farming low level enemies for easy experience and use that time to master the combat mechanics, know when to attack and when to back off etc. Once you've gained a few levels, it won't be as challenging


I wanted to be able to play this game so much but after two hours in I had to give up or I was going to have to pay £40 for a new controller as it was going to get thrown at a wall XD

Bloodborne™ Complete Edition Bundle (PS4) £13.08 @ Playstation Store US
Updated 27th Dec 2017Last updated 27th Dec 2017 by Countyfan81
Buying from US store: Bundle includes Bloodborne™ full game plus The Old Hunters DLC expansion. Game description: Hun… Read more
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Agreed. I've not seen anyone who wants him out suggest anyone to replace him so it's pointless calling for him to go. Think we'd see a far better performance if full time so hopefully next season...


Yeah all my life, I don’t think we would find anyone better than Gannon given our level but also don’t think we’re particularly consistent either under him


Definitely in the Pro Gannon camp, gets far too much stick considering what a legend he is.County fan? Anyway cheers for the info, never even thought of buying from a different region so I'll defo snap this up


Haha, but are you a Gannon lover or loather? You first need a US PSN account, just sign up from the US site using a different email address and US postal address. There’s plenty of services for obtaining a free shipping address such as Borderlinx. Try to use an address for a non-tax paying state. Then you’ll need to purchase US PSN credit to top up the account to complete your purchase as you can’t use a UK PayPal account or Debit card. By far and away the best two sites for buying these are and


Stockport - are you more or less likely to help with my request now?!

[PS4] Bloodborne: Game of the Year Edition - £15.99 - PlayStation Store
Updated 23rd Dec 2017Last updated 23rd Dec 2017 by Leery24
This price is only available from 22/12/2017 12:00 am to 12/1/2018 11:59 pm. HUNT YOUR NIGHTMARES From the studio behind Demon’s Souls™ and Dark Souls™ comes the critica… Read more
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Can't bring myself to buy it digitally. Need another disc deal at that price.


Bought it a few days ago for £15 at my local game shop :(


Oh my, I envy any body that hasn't played this( actually any of the last 4 games made at From Software) great game(s) yet and at this price. What a time to be a gamer.


Would love to be able to play games like this but I don’t have the patience. I gave up after an hour or my poor controller was going to get smashed (lol)


My goodness that's tempting. Played all the Souls games, wanted Bloodborne for a long time but it came out before I got a PS4 so I said I'd wait and like The Witcher 3 and a few other titles I still haven't caught up with it. I know I'd love a physical copy since I never buy digital but that is seriously tempting me.

Bloodborne GOTY Game of the Year Edition at Shopto for £14.86
Updated 7th Dec 2017Last updated 7th Dec 2017 by LukeHateley
Lowest price I've seen yet. HUNT YOUR NIGHTMARES From the studio behind Demon's Souls and Dark Souls comes the critically acclaimed action RPG, exclusively on PS4 and br… Read more
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Deal has Expired


Playing this now; don't think I will ever forget the experience. (y) Got the standard version on USA PSN for $7.99. Guess I'll be wanting the DLC at some point.


Mine went through ok (eventually) although i bought Gravity rush 2 fwiw. But yeah the site was v-iffy late on this afternoon.


Has anyone's order actually been dispatched? I used PayPal at check out and it's clearly not working properly. Didn't ask for my actual PayPal details, and has been sitting at "pending" for hours now.


Anyone else unable to use shopto points? tried two different browsers and let them have access to everything outside of my boxers but they're still not allowing points use! grrr

Bloodborne GOTY ps4 @ Argos
Updated 25th Nov 2017Last updated 25th Nov 2017 by Mark_A
A little less than the Base offer Earlier and one of the best games on ps4 IMHO. Enjoy Dazz
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Just got into Dark Souls on PC and now I'm seriously considering buying a PS4 just for this game.. Do you need the fancy new beefed up PS4 or will the cheaper standard one do the job?


Heat! If I clock and return it I'll essentially be spending £7. Thanks!


Uncharted collection, Uncharted 4, Uncharted lost legacy, Lost of Us remastered for 12.99f. Woohooo


Cheaper on ps store but obvs is digital only

Bloodborne GOTY PS4 - £19.85 @
Updated 23rd Nov 2017Last updated 23rd Nov 2017 by Shadow_of_Intent
Lowest I've ever seen!

Finally, I have bought it. Thanks OP. Tried to get this last time Argos discounted it heavily, could never find it in stock anywhere.


crumbs. Paid this for used (vgc mind) the other week. used prices should tumble now (finally!)


Ordered, cheers


In before spark pops up as usual to remind us that this game isn't very good and everyone except for him is wrong. (popcorn)


Yes but this one has collection/resale value obviously

(PS4) Bloodborne / Shadow of Mordor GOTY / Mad Max £6.16 @ PSN Store USA
Updated 5th Sep 2017Last updated 5th Sep 2017 by schnide
7.99 in $

One of the big things I love about these games is the ability to push out further at the boundaries of the world and discover new things, knowing that you might not be ready to tackle them the first time you discover them. That all sounds about right but it's more than possible that area was just too damn hard when you got there. If so, head somewhere else, level up, improve your gear and come back later. This isn't a game where you'll get checkpointed (far from it!) but I think you probably know that. It's not a conventional game in that sense and you're constantly playing against your ability to learn and be patient, rather than be saved by the developer deciding how well you've done. And that's another thing I love about these games. They don't care if you don't see the endings unless you've earned them.


I got to a big giant dude, possibly blind? Had to make my way down a mountainside/cliffside while being shot at by flying manta ray thingies, while also fighting these brutal skeleton dudes, then had to fight through a cave to get to the boss. Not sure if I was missing a checkpoint or a shortcut or something :/


Defeating that game is joy and satisfaction that I've rarely replicated - unless it's Dark Souls 3 or Bloodborne, of course. Do it! It's so worth it once you have.


Demon's Souls is the only game I've ever given up on, but it's like a thorn in my side. I will go back to it. Some day!


Yeah apart from me messing up towards the end the strategy worked pretty well! The hitboxes in BB are pretty bad at times, this being a perfect example. It has its flaws but nothing beats the satisfaction from killing a bitch like this :D

ASDA Toxic Sale 2017 - Bloodborne (PS4) £3, Just Cause 3 (PS4) £5, Rise of the Tomb Raider (XB1) £7 instore @ Asda Crawley (More stores/links in OP)
LocalLocalUpdated 28th Jun 2017Last updated 28th Jun 2017 by kaamuuu
More super cheap Asda deals. I was one of those people who never find deals in their local Asda but I got lucky! I bought Bloodborne but left the rest. There were 3 copies of Bloo… Read more

Brilliant deal, going to pick up Rise of the tomb raider


Asda Motherwell, Hamilton don't even sell any the items on the list but if you want cheap tatty women's clothes then Asda's your place. It's just sales in individual stores depending on how incompetent the Manager is, Asda is now Primark with food also for sale. I'll stick to deals with retailers whose websites aren't a decade out of date! ( Rant over )


Nothing in Aberdare or merthyr once more if anyone can pick me up bloodborn id really appreciate it. id pay with PayPal


Nothing in Clapham Junction


Christ there were 2tb HDD yellow stickers for £20, behind the glass in Oadby Leicester store, but sadly no more. They're never normally behind the glass so that means there must've been so many that they needed the extra room to stock it! and i bloody missed it :(

Bloodborne - Game of the Year ps4 - £19.99 @ go2games
Updated 15th Jun 2017Last updated 15th Jun 2017 by OMGitsMYmum
Please Note: Multi Language Packaging [featuring English, French, Portuguese and Arabic] - Game Play availble in Full English Introducing Bloodborne, the latest action RPG from re… Read more

Update: Now about 10 or so hours in, just completed the first two bosses, and I am absolutely loving it!!!!




Laurence was the only boss I didn't beat and it wasn't because it was tough... it was cause I didn't know of its existence until after I finished the game, looked through the trophies and realised I'd missed it .... still, good reason to start from scratch at some point soon 8)


Damnit!.. literally just ordered it the other day for £2 more... but oh well still have some heat. Can't wait to get into >_<


I admire your spirit

Used Bloodborne PS4 For £15 at CEX instore
Updated 8th Jun 2017Last updated 8th Jun 2017 by rubberbullets
Not as cheap as it has been recently but is avaliable nationwide with plenty of stock so easy to pick up if you can stand the plethora of interesting aromas only found in CEX Used… Read more

8th June now costs £18.00


I think it's one of those things where if you keep playing it will eventually click. It took me from 2011 to 2016 to get in to a souls game properly (Demon's Souls- Could not do the Tower Knight), now I feel spoiled by them and find most other games a little boring in comparison (including the aforementioned Uncharted 4). Once it clicks and you 'get' them they are incredibly easy, you have to change your approach a little, take your time, learn your enemies, your weapons and perfect your play style etc and you will get good and when you do, it's an incredibly satisfying experience. Admittedly I have not played this.... I have however played and completed Demon's Souls, Dark Souls and Dark Souls 2 Scholar of the First Sin this year and can't wait to get in to this! They're definitely an acquired taste but once you've got that taste all you'll want is more! Oh and heat for this price, if I didn't have the GoTY Edition waiting for me I would go for this!


Fair comment. Jsut from all the previous fanfare it gets I expected better I think. I'll give it another go soon but if the entire game end s up me rolling everywhere I may get bored.


Sometimes you just have to accept a certain type of game isn't for you (I like football, but football manager bores me to tears and enjoy strategy games, but could never get in to the total war series for instance). I wouldn't say the souls games are clunky though as it is very rare to feel you died in the game due to anything other than your own mistake, I could see why you might call it clunky though if you haven't gotten used to the control system as it is one that punishes mashing attacks and dodges.


Saw this just yesterday in CEX Fareham, loads of them for £10. Almost picked it up but had no idea it was any good.

(PS4) - Just Cause 3 XL Edition £16.87 / Bloodborne GOTY Edition £16.08 @ PSN Store Canada
Updated 26th May 2017Last updated 26th May 2017 by Bure11
Possibly cheaper using the PS+ Trial trick. Bloodborne Dark Souls 2 Scholar of the First Sin - £9.97

Depends on your tolerance to frame drops. I've always found everyone has different levels of tolerance. They're bad, I can handle the constant drops and changes but if you're the type of person where it seriously bothers you then you'll find it unplayable. It's probably the worst I've experienced in a game


Are you saying it's unplayable without the boost?


It's improved it a lot from what I've seen. Makes the game as playable as possible


Hasn't the PS4 Pro Boost mode slightly helped the performance? Not worked a miracle but slightly improved?


Yeah there is some noticeable frame issues, but that didn't stop me enjoying the game. Worth every penny! Even when you have finished the main campaign there's plenty todo oh an then trying to hunt down the easter eggs.... ;)

[PS4] Bloodborne - Game of the Year - £18.99 - Go2Games
Updated 24th May 2017Last updated 24th May 2017 by PsychONeill
Please Note: Multi Language Packaging [featuring English, French, Portuguese and Arabic] - Game Play availble in Full English Remember to handle your discs carefully, people :) … Read more
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For those who prefer digital it is currently around £16 on the US PSN store. Also the complete version.


i definitely agree with the buzz from beating them. also Gasgoigne is a ****. Even on my NG+ i still thought he was a **** and i knew the music box trick.


Thanks :) I want to just hoping it goes on sale sometime soon


Never bought a physical PS4 game before. Do you get a digital copy as well?


That was the first thing that I noticed.. Totally bummed me out. :{

Bloodborne £7 instore @ Asda
LocalLocalUpdated 23rd May 2017Last updated 23rd May 2017 by Deadpooled
Just spotted Bloodborne for £7 at Asda Donnington in Telford. There were at least 3/4 left at the time of posting. Doubt its store wide, but maybe worth checking if you go past y… Read more
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£7 in Asda Small Heath


Get to Hulme in Manchester, there was 2 left about an hour ago.


Just saw this in the Manchester Asda (Hulme) but I didn't pick it up because I don't wanna die all the time. Heat added!


Great price for one of the best games of this gen.


I've visited 2 stores and got different bargains at them. Got 1 TB portable USB3 drive for £17 yesterday and the Bloodborne for £7 and The Destiny Collection for £10 or £11 (I thought it was 10 but may have been the price mentioned above) and reduced PC gaming headset for £12 from the Clayton Le Woods store

Tony Hawk's 5 £4.99 / Bloodborne £8 PS4 @ Smyths toys - Barnsley
LocalLocalUpdated 7th May 2017Last updated 7th May 2017 by JohnCrichton
Found these in my local Smyth's (Cortonwood, Barnsley) Guessing their nationwide deals. Happy hunting. Preowned.
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Got Bloodborne at the £7.99 in Newtownabbey today, another copy left on the shelves.


none in Derry either


Thps5 is 9.99 new at game


Was just in Fareham store and didn't see either of these there


Heat for bloodborne. I've recenty started playing it. No previous interaction with any of the dark souls (or demon's souls for that matter). But I think i've found the kind of survival (...even if you don't die per se...) fighting game i've wanted for a while now. Going from anything ubisoft, and call of duty, and the acres of japanese hack and slash games (dynasty warriors and it's spawn).... there is just no comparison. Better not write a massive soppy review here....

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