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LEGO 42063 Technic BMW R 1200 GS Adventure - £36.50 @ Amazon
Found 12th JunFound 12th Jun
Lowest this ever popular kit has been for a while.

Just watched a few reviews, particularly the 911 at a 1/3 of the price. Looked good but spoilt by quality control or lack thereof. Thanks for mentioning them as hadn't come across them before.


I've seen the Lepin version of the "VW Camper Van" kit and it was indistinguishable from the Lego version - just sayin!


Lol, wonder what this is really like given they've just used Lego's images and badly Photoshopped their own logo over the BMW one.


Similar item available from Aliexpress - for £20.50 DECOOL 3369 compatible legoe Technic Series The Off-road Motorcycles R1200 GS lepin Building Blocks Bricks Toys 20032


Same price at Tesco Direct too and triple(I think) club cards points too

BMW 2 series Grand Tourer 218i SE 5 door  £8825.42.@ Select Car Leasing
Found 24th MayFound 24th May
I’ve been looking for a new lease deal as ours come to an end in September and thought this looked like quite a good deal. I know leases are not everyone’s cup of tea and this car … Read more

Might be good to know that some BMW dealers offer a 24 hour test drive on this car. I took the 24 hour test drive but didn't like the car, mainly due it having a lot less power than the car I was driving (a C220 CDI) and being much less efficient in terms of fuel economy. I ended up leasing the Volvo V90 deal that I posted on here. This lease deal is much better than the deal I was being offered for the car from BMW though. It was 25k for a Pre-Reg car (pretty much the same Spec as this). You would lose more than the 8.5k in the 3 years even if you were doing only 8k miles pa.


Not necessarily. If you factor in the cost of borrowing to buy, or opportunity cost of putting a lump of cash into a depreciating asset, leasing can make a lot of sense. Some good lease deals can bring cars into someone's affordability bracket that would otherwise be out of reach. E.g. a while ago I leased a C4 picasso for 18 months @ £155 per month (£0 upfront). If I bought it with a loan, I'd probably have paid around £60-80 per month for the loan, plus £230ish per month depreciation... that wouldn't have been comfortably affordable for me at the time. Yes, that was an exceptional deal, but if you do the sums & find a good deal, sometimes a lease will let you get more car for your money than buying. Another way of looking at it, over 3 years - with a budget of £300 per month, you could a) borrow (at around 5%) & buy a £20k car & hope for fairly low depreciation (apparently 50% is common over 3 years) b) lease a £25-£30k car on a good deal c) buy an £18-19k car with cash, hope for average depreciation (factoring in 5% per year opportunity cost for the cash) Of course there are other options, but for buying a new car, a good leasing deal can be the most affordable option for a specific car, or make more expensive cars affordable.


If you like hassle free and easy motoring, lease it. If you like driving a new car, lease it. If you don’t mind “not owning” your car, lease it. If you like having confidence in how much depreciation is costing you, lease it. And if like having your new car delivered and then collected from your home or work when you are finished with it, lease it. I like all the above, so I lease it!!


If you can afford to buy one, and it's cheaper to lease it, then lease it! Honestly don't understand these crackpots, that hijack every lease deal with words of zero wisdom!



BMW 1 Series M140i Auto Lease £10163.74 - 2 Years at Central Vehicle Leasing
Found 24th MayFound 24th May
Lease deal for the BMW M140i Step Auto. Not a bad price for this beast !! Contract Length: 24 Months Initial Rental: £1,151.96 inc VAT 23 Months @ £383.99 inc VAT per Month An… Read more
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Stats still say otherwise.


probably talking about the Golf R. I can confirm the GolF R boot is smaller than the M140i (had both!) Or at least the BMw is useably bigger.


That's exactly the point. Total Q car, looks like a 118d, goes like an M3!! :D I have an M240i and love it, quality kit, good for cruising or hooning about and bloody quick. This deal is a bit steep as you can still get 22-25% discount through BMW if you push hard enough, and providing PCP is your thing.


You can also claim the purchase of a car as a ta deduction (under the capital allowances legislation) based on business use. Just mention as there is a pro for leasing but not a similar one for buying.


Not that good a deal, but a hoot to drive - love mine 8)

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At least 20% discount on digital services at BMW ConnectedDrive store
Found 9th MayFound 9th May
BMW are celebrating 20 years of "ConnectedDrive" with a sale of 20%+ discount on digital services. For example: 6 months traffic info was £25 now £20 Apple car play was £235 now £… Read more
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Shouldn't make any difference, but sadly you are right.


Unlucky time to post just when bmw have announced a major recall...


pro nav - but if you log in, it will tell you whether its compatible for your car or not anyway...


Do you need Pro Nav for CarPlay or will it work with standard Nav in a 2018 F20?


I picked a new bmw up last week. Great deal have some heat.

BMW 5 Series 520 Saloon 2.0 i 184 M Sport 4Dr Auto 2-Year Lease 8000 Miles £9336  @
Found 8th MayFound 8th May
Never personally purchased a lease car, but as my car is on it's final knees and not worth the repairs, was hoping to finally take the leap into the leasing world as I can see the … Read more

Using a single quote of some old oil baron as your personal finance mantra probably isn't the wisest of ideas.


Does this have the new BMW stop/stop system?


Whilst the name calling is unnecessary, thats exactly the point - the lease / PCP market on new cars provides loads of good low mileage 2-3 year old cars down the line. The leasing nay-sayers forget they need that top tier of purchases above them in order that they get their "bargain" cars down the line. If people want to lease and the figures stack up for them, then great. Doesnt make them wrong and anyone else right..


+1 If you buy a new car at £30,000 drive it for two years and sell it for £20,000 you've nothing to show for your £10,000 loss either.


Do Lex operate this deal and is this deal @ £1 per mile? No to both. Point disproven and no more to discuss.

BMW M240i  2 SERIES COUPE lease £317.99 inc VAT Initial Rental:£2,861.89Inc VAT Processing Fee:£180.00 Inc VAT = £14,171.56 @ Firstvehicleleasing
Found 6th MayFound 6th May
Initial Rental:£2,861.89Inc VAT Processing Fee:£180.00Inc VAT Customise annual mileage length of lease and initial term EMISSIONSCO: 0.307 CO2 (g/km): 163 HC: 0.047 HC+NOx: 0.0… Read more

Think you right mate ! After watching Watchdog 9/5/2018 . Why on earth would anyone want to spend money on a over priced match stick like BMW's (



It is a weirdly proportioned car and looks terrible. It has no ergonomic class, style or charisma - not my opinion, look at it! A car for the Mrs or a teenager.



Not a fan of the back of the 2 series, find it ugly. Rest looks great though. Cold for me

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Free cup of coffee for existing BMW owners @ Isetta Bar - Bluewater shopping centre.
LocalLocalFound 4th MayFound 4th May
If you own a BMW you can get a free coffee at the BMW Isetta Bar in the Bluewater shopping centre by showing your car key. Don't forget to take the spare key for your partner ;… Read more

Tesla's would possibly let you drive 200 miles. I guess it's ok for the golf course and back.


If you look around council estates they are quite common now along with Audi’s so it’s no longer a status symbol. At the private schools I notice more Tesla’s.


Haha (y)


If you go into your dealership do they give you free cars, but nobody takes them anyway? Sorry...i couldnt resist :)


Don't forget to play some thumping Dance/Techno music uncomfortably loud so that everyone knows you're there.

BMW 218SE Active Tourer, 3 yr lease, 8000 miles pa £7403 , 3+35 payments of £194.93 Inc Vat. No Admin fee. @ What Car
Found 24th AprFound 24th Apr
£7,403 to lease a small (Golf SV size) family-friendly BMW for 3 years - that's Fiesta money to drive a Beemer! List price of £25k and you'd lose at least £10k if you bought it ou… Read more
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Aside from the similar form factor, as they’re both SUVs, I don’t think they look that similar at all.


VW Group designers seem quite taken with it :D An ancient X5 A 67 plate 'VW' product


I have got the 216d M-sport active coming tomorrow. 3 year lease,8000pa, £1250 and £220/month. It’s my first bmw..I’m upgrading from a corsa. XD


It didnt destroy sales thought did it? In fact, quite the reverse. Which - correct me if i'm wrong here - is kind of what a motor manufacturer wants to do? You cant please all of the people all of the time after all. Say what you like about bangle era cars but they were a lot more distinctive than the bland blobs they're now making. The new 5 series in particular is rather dull compared to the e60 in its day. The z4 was certainly never going to win any beauty contests, but i never considered it "ugly". We'd a 3.0Si Sport Coupe at one point and its one of the few cars we regret selling and i'd love another tucked up in the garage as they're now starting to appreciate. I'd no particular issue with most of Bangles designs that made it to production. The earliest 7 series looked a bit harsh but that was quickly facelifted. The 3 and 5 series E46 / E90 and E60 i thought looked well, at least in M Sport trim levels. But each to their own. Styling is subjective. "As for your 'lightly modded' MINI - good luck with that warranty! I'd say your comments in this thread show a high degree of knowledge - but a poor level of judgement. Just my opinion, of course!" Its a plug in tuning box and a performance air filter element taking it to around 235BHP ish. All plug and play stuff that can be removed in a matter of minutes. Nothing i havent done for a couple of decades on various cars and have had no issues. Its not the first modded F56 MINI out there and i'm sure it wont be the last. And to be very frank, if i decide to mod on at it - 290BHP can be easily reached - and i blow the engine out of it then i'll suck it up. I'm a big boy now. :) And i dont get where all this hand wringing is coming from RE the reliability of the F56. Theres many dedicated forums for BMW MINIs and the F56 is leaps and bounds ahead of the R56 and R53 in terms of quality, reliability and tuning capability. I guess its just people operating on hearsay when they dont know the product. Very surprised at the veiled snide comments BTW which should be beneath people on here, but clearly not. I think that speaks volumes about the individuals involved. Just my opinion, of course!


Z4 is probably the worst example of American Chris Bangle's 'flame surface' styling, which took decades of carefully developed BMW 'understated elegance' and destroyed it. BMW styling post bangle is widely considered to be, at best, disappointing. They make some very good cars (quality and reliability aside) but a growing number of howlers too. The badge will overcome a lot for a while but not forever. As for your 'lightly modded' MINI - good luck with that warranty! I'd say your comments in this thread show a high degree of knowledge - but a poor level of judgement. Just my opinion, of course!

BMW 24h drive test free
Found 19th AprFound 19th Apr
I will have the X3 on monday for 24h 8)
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More than happy. I'm not the one living in a fantasy land to get away from reality. Just bemused that people like you have to and amusing to watch you squirm when called on it.


You don't seem happy with life from your comments though...... be happy it was fun while it lasted...


Why would I be jealous of someone (saying theyre) getting a drive in a car they can't afford for a day when I've a more capable and powerful car at the door that I can drive 365 days a year? If that's what lights up your little life then great. Meanwhile in the real world....


Exactly what I wrote earlier today that making a profile with a few odd details doesn't prove or expose anything, I do not want to make a profile and add such details so exposing me as you claim you have is baseless. Man, how much time do have, really or are you just jealous that someone else was offered something you simply weren't.


As i've said, its BMW UK pitching the offer and the franchised dealers dont want to do it because moreoften than not its a waste of time for them. The odds of someone ringing up blind, booking a 24hr test drive with no other interaction with the dealership and them converting that to a sale is probably 1 in 100, so they'll spend their time following up other leads. Unfortunate if you're that 1 in 100 but its a numbers game to them. If you're genuinely interested, ring up, make an appointment with a salesperson get a test drive and see how the figures stack up. If you really need / want an extended test drive after that, then i doubt you'll have a problem. I've genuinely never had any problem test driving / extended test drives / being taken serious by a dealer if you show you are serious about the car in the first place.

LEGO 42063 Technic BMW R 1200 GS Adventure Building Toy - £36.29 @ Amazon - lightning deal
Found 19th AprFound 19th Apr
LEGO 42063 Technic BMW R 1200 GS Adventure Building Toy - £36.29 @ Amazon Amazon Deal of the Day

Thanks ordered! Got it for £22 :) Used £8.5 from topcashback and had £5 applied at checkout thanks to Amazon Assistant (Install on your browser (google chrome) to get an additional £5 off £25 purchase when searching via the assistant)


This went hot when I posted it at £34.99! Good price - heat added.


I'm surprised this has gone cold...price looks ok.

BMW 6 Series Gran Turismo Hatchback 630i M Sport 5dr Auto 2 year lease 8000mpa @ Yes Lease - £3,121 deposit / £347pm x 23 months = £11,097
Found 5th AprFound 5th Apr
£3121 deposit followed by 23 payments of £347. Seems to be Business Users only. Not for everyone but good price compared to other recent lease deals here
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Thats where marketing got involved and tried to upsell the cars. IMO its a good engine (still develops a lot of horses) but whether it deserves a x30 badge is a different matter. You can get similar performance by chipping the stock 2.0L 190 option. What they seemed to have done is got rid of all the ×23, x25 & x28s pushed the x30 down the scale and pushed the x40 and x50 as the big engined non-M option


This all stemmed from my original comment about this car having a measly 2 litre engine under a 630 badge. Sign of the times I suppose


Can't believe an Astra vxr and a BMW GT are being spoken about in the same sentence. Agreed the Astra does the 0 to 60 in 6 odd seconds, but in comparison a La Ferrari has 4 wheels as does a Ford Fiesta. End of point...


Nothing to do with manufactuer finances. Because vehicle taxation in Europe is now based on CO2 emissions, manufacturers naturally optimise their engines to achieve the lowest possible CO2.


The flagship Astra engine is the 2.0 from the VXR line. The 1.6 sits firmly below this - not top, not bottom - therefore making it middle of the range. Not really sure why everyone’s disagreeing about this

Free 24 hour test drive of BMW vehicles
Found 14th FebFound 14th Feb
Not for everyone but might be of interest to some of us. I'm going to try an i3.

Booked the M2 over a week ago, had 2 calls and an email to confirm this. Showed up today at Peter Vardy Edinburgh and the guy tells me they don't have a car for me to test drive. But if I want to buy it today he can take all my details.. What a waste of time..


They shouldn't be allowed to advertise the 24 hour test drive unless at least most of their dealerships offer it.


Really disappointed with BMW. So after registering for my interest in the 24 hour test drive on their website, got a call from the local branch within 30 minutes to arrange a test drive for me this week. I recieved a miss call from the head office customer support, I called back the local branch to make sure everything was going as planned and spoke to the chap who originally called me said he wasn't aware it was the 24 hour test drive I was after despite registering my interest. He said he would double check in another branch whether they have a registered vehicle available for the test drive and come back to me by this afternoon. I believe that would just be a swift fob off response to me. This has really put me off, I was genuinely looking at the 3 series for my next car within the new few months.


if they have an x6 or m5 then sure ill test drive (cheeky)


No thats the driver mate hahah iv driven loads bmws they are straight and true

BMW M140i Shadow Edition - Auto Business lease 24 monthly payments of £197.45 - initial rental £1777.05  - £199 +VAT admin fee - £6714.85 Freedom Vehicle Contracts
Found 5th FebFound 5th Feb
Not a bad deal on this beast! 8k miles/annum initial rental £1777.05 23 monthly payments of £197.45 £199 +VAT admin fee
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Hey, would appreciate a heads up on this as its the only thing holding me back (y)


Am I the only one who read this (admittedly now old) post as Hot u knob?


Hmm I need to speak to your accountant who do you use. Mine has advised me plenty of times that it would be difficult for most people to claim only business use for cars. Especially this car..unless your a driving instructor


There are similar deals going on this for PCH (not business). The criteria from Alphabet (the financier, owned by BMW) is a ballache; 1. Get a Company Car allowance (NOT a mileage allowance) 2. Own a company 3. Send them a copy of your employment contract showing that you get (1) Loophole is available ;)


You have to be using it solely for business use. For example sales reps going to different places. One place of work wouldn't count as business use - it's commuting.

Personal Lease: BMW 2 SERIES COUPE 218d M Sport 2dr (Nav) Lease £2400 initial rental, £175.94 per month, 239.99+vat admin fee Total Cost £6734.61 2 year lease, 8000 miles pa @ National vehicle solutions
Found 25th JanFound 25th Jan
Just spotted this deal on National Vehicle Solutions as their deal of the day: BMW 2 SERIES COUPE 218d M Sport 2dr (Nav) £175.94 per month Incl VAT Initial Rental £2400.00 Incl VA… Read more

Bluechillicars seem to be advertising the OP link for a little less too at £6499 over term when adding upfront and £360 fee. Screenshot below. And NO I don’t work for these. Just spoke with them last week string up my deal.


Not sure about any new versions coming out. Seems to be that the best deals are pre reg. the dealers listing these had to make their quota for this quarter. Hence pre reg. all at BMW dealers. Doesn’t really bother us as it’s still a new car which we’d be pleased with. It was just the right car for our budget. We tend to set a budget first then see what cars fit. Then narrow down the selection to finally make a choice. We were after an automatic convertible with leather for up to £240 p/m and for these specifications Nothing else came in budget so it suited. When I called bluechillicars last week they had a few manual convertible m sport versions in white left as in screenshot below Hope this helps and there are a few left


Cannot find deal on website, got a screenshot? Has it expired?


Does it have anything to do with a FWD version coming soon? I have no idea but i think that’s true for 1 series? (I know nothing about cars)



BMW 1 Series Hatchback Special Edition M140i Shadow Edition 5dr Step Auto - 24 Month Lease, 8k Miles -  What Car
Found 24th JanFound 24th Jan
I'm currently in the market for a Golf R, however was just scouting around a few similar spec cars and felt this was a very good price for this particular model! Dont get me wrong … Read more
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If there was a dislike button (for the new spec, not your comment), I’d hit it. Less power than a Leon Cupra :( I blame brexit


It's being replaced by a 2/4WD Euro hatch with a boring 4 pot engine and only 300bhp though!! So this will be the last of the rip snorting 6 pot RWD hatches that you can buy and might actually mean current M140's will go up in value, eventually!! :D


Tried 3 dealers - no one could/would come close to this on pcp (which is also 4yrs not 3). Even old TRL was still about £450 more, again, plus 4yrs not 3. Personally, knowing this is being replaced this year, I don’t still fancy driving one in 4yrs. 3 is more than enough, then I’ll be ready for pipe & slippers and a Citroen Cactus.


There’s a few loopholes on the restrictions and they’re not bothered about policing them, they’ve simply been put in place to prevent everyone wanting PCH and no-one going to a showroom for a retail (PCP) deal.


Only on left hand drive variants. Blame brexit for that ;)

20% off BMW ConnectedDrive Digital Services using code
Found 27th Dec 2017Found 27th Dec 2017
20% off applied when entering code: HAPPY2018. Offer still active!!
Read More

Thanks for sharing!


Tried it today and now expired


Just tried this on remote services and its still active.


I managed to buy without a problem. Got CarPlay yesterday and appeared in my car instantly after I deleted and added my phone again.


Coast2coastcars as an example 20% is the absolute minimum. Never ever pay full price for any car. BMW in particular have massive discounts. Last 2 BMW's I've bought have been 23% off and 24% off.

Halfords 5W30 BMW LL04 and Mercedes 223.51 4L engine oil INSTORE/ONLINE - £15
Found 17th Dec 2017Found 17th Dec 2017
Halfords are doing the 4L oil specials again Halfords 5W30 FS Oil BMW/MB 4L (BF) Limited Edition… Read more

I think you will find that 5w30 is better for your car if you are in the UK (as it may not be the best if you are in a cold country) - I did lot's of research and decided 5 is better than 0. after many years of paying for castrol I have now started using cheap oils that meet the spec and change the oil more often (mines a diesel and the oil gets very black after a year)


I've used Halfords oil for a while now, yes it is supplied by Comma on the web page look where it says "additional information" (at the bottom of the Description tag) and click the safety data sheet link. Comma was part of Exon so its not some back street set up: Good price for this product.



Quote possibly not. People will believe anything to save a few quid. They did some tests years ago on so called budget priced premium oils, and they weren't as good. They found that many fully synthetic oils were actually 'based' on fully synthetic oil, they were in fact a derivative of fully synthetic, but not the same as. Many times they aren't engineered or tested to the same specification of true brand leaders like Castrol or Mobil. They did not have the same endurance or anti-sludging qualities of the premium branded oils. I don't personally know about Halfords own products and how they're engineered, but it's a big risk in my opinion unless you know who makes their oil. Some things like aftermarket spark plugs are actually identical parts to the OEM ones, so you're basically paying 3 or 4 times the amount for the OEM stamp, and nothing else (sometimes the same for oil filters, but not always).


I would double check spec as a lot of bmw are llo4 0 30.

iTunes gift card codes, 25% discount for O2 customers
Found 14th Dec 2017Found 14th Dec 2017
This is for O2 customers only, Pay Monthly or Pay As You Go. You subscribe to buy a £10-£30 voucher code (billed to your pay monthly bill or your PAYG credit) once per month and … Read more

I called O2.


Aww, this happened to me too. My itunes code said "$ITUNES_REDEEM_CODE". How did you sort it out?


I've used this deal and so has my wife. There was an issue with email delivery one month (the 3rd) but a call to O2 sorted it.


Have you used this deal? One guy was saying his 4th email (free month) had the code missing and he's having trouble receiving it.


One off. You could always get a PAYG sim, add credit and resubscribe with a different email address though I suppose.

BMW vs Mercedes Twin Pack 1:24 Scale RC Cars was £24.99 now £7.49 C+C @ Maplin (+ £5 voucher wys £10 & C+C)
Found 2nd Dec 2017Found 2nd Dec 2017
Maplin have launched an offer called Magic Mega Deals, certain items have been heavily reduced with a limit of 1 per person, the offer includes this FAB BMW vs Mercedes Twin Pack R… Read more
Mod & Ed Get dealGet deal

Price gone up




As recommended by Which? :)


Thanks, ordered for my grandson (but I'm sure I'll enjoy helping him play with them). Heat added.


Cheers, Website is lying then, so best take a trip to a store if you can be bothered. They've only knocked off 10% anyway...

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