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Updated 23rd MarLast updated 23rd Mar by Dannyrobbo
BOGOF 70cl Whitley Neill London Dry Gin
Follow the website link Buy one bottle of Whitley Neill London Dry gin from participating Sainsbury’s stores or online and you will get another sent to your house. Expires at 23… Read more

This has been heavily discounted recently is the gin phase starting to die out.

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Updated 12th FebLast updated 12th Feb by myusernamehasgone234
Qwertee Fans Check your emails for BOGOF code - Cobra Kai T shirts
Thought I would just mention this as I just got a unique code from Qwertee for buy one get one free on T shirts and Prints. So might be worth checking your emails "Buy One, Get… Read more

(angel) such a kind offer (y)


I have a code, DM if you want it


That maybe why.


I doubt it, I tend to opt out of anything unnecessary to avoid my inbox getting filled with spam! Could explain why I missed out!


Hmm are you signed up to both the daily and weekly newsletters.

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Updated 27th Jul 2020Last updated 27th Jul 2020 by sicklysweet
Bogof offers/ fast food Tv ads to be banned
So annoying. It’s insulting that I’m to be deemed incapable of making an informed choice! Sugar drinks 2.0 Try this-… Read more

I don’t think you can really compare fish fingers with salmon though. That’s like comparing braising steak with ribeye steak; yes both are beef but they’re a different kettle of fish (pun intended). If you want fish in a budget you can do a lot with tinned mackerel/tuna or get some kippers, or use smoked salmon pieces or get white fish fillets (520g) for £2.18 which is more akin to fish finger meat than salmon fillet If you use food cleverly then healthy, delicious, inspiring and good value foods are achievable. The thing is you need the inspiration, confidence, ability, time and effort to make it.


Very true but as a business, if gambling/junk food/alcohol companies come you're way with big cheque books it's probably difficult to turn them down, also if they are anything like the tobacco companies with F1 they will find other ways to advertise to people.


Also why is a Politician's solution is banning and taxation Instead of making stuff more expensive how about make ingredients cheaper


I always see crisps and sweets on special offer. Not so much broccoli or tomatoes.


Agreed they should put more government funded exercise sessions on for adults as well as kids, instead of doctors prescribing bikes. Would also give some group training classes to the PT's out there who probably need the work right now.

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Updated 13th Feb 2020Last updated 13th Feb 2020 by Gollywood
Subway bogof Valentine’s Day
Just been informed at work that it will be buy one get one free on registered sub cards on Valentine’s Day not sure if it’s national I would think it is (y)

Oh well, your darling husband's loss is your boys gain (y)


That actually made me laugh (excited) (excited) (excited) Aw gollywood your great My boys have Friday off so I wanted to take them not husbo


How many husbands do you have? (confused)


I’m sure it will be only valid the once but maybe try on the day I’m not 💯


Can you use the offer twice ??

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Updated 31st Dec 2018Last updated 31st Dec 2018 by zworld
Kelloggs BOGOF codes
Hello all. Does anyone have any online codes from Kellogg’s cereal box they could share. Off to London this week and looking to book a few attractions. Thank you

Make sure you wear a stab vest when you come here.


Thx for looking much appreciated


I've just had a look in our cereal cupboard but none have got the codes on... Sorry


Oh ok didn’t realise. I do have a few coupons which I cut out a few months ago. But didn’t realise they also had online codes inside. Just want to beat the queues


Unfortunately they’re rarer than hens teeth now, probably best to look into the 241 deals when buying a train ticket. Just buy the cheapest one eligibleto make it worthwhile. 241 National Rail London attractions

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Updated 13th Aug 2018Last updated 13th Aug 2018 by walrus4
Anyone seen Alton Towers BOGOF or 1/2 price entry recently?
Need to try and find some for end of this week. Anything been seen on cereal packs etc???

This one is 31/05/19, there was loads in Home Bargains and when we went to Alton Towers last week, loads of people were queuing up with them.


1 code should cover it, it's enough for 5 adults and 5 kids.


I PM'd you an O2 code that I definitely wont be using bluep. So with the other offered to you that 4 for the price of 2. Enjoy :) If you dont get the PM, just shout and I will resend it to you.


It's a code that you enter at checkout, 99.9% sure there won't be any restrictions.


Is it restricted at all or fine for me to use it when I’m not O2 priority?