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It's time to return to Pandora, because a new threat has emerged, and alien vaults across the galaxy are under attack. Borderlands 3 is the fourth episode in one of gaming's cult sagas, bringing next-generation vault hunting action bang up to date, and providing another dose of the franchise's unique humour. Discover the finest deals and save cash on season passes at the hotukdeals Borderlands 3 listings. Read more
MSI Radeon RX 5700 MECH OC 8GB Graphics Card + Free Borderlands 3 £329.99 (+£3.49 delivery) at Ebuyer
Posted 19 h, 40 m agoPosted 19 h, 40 m ago
Not a bad card for the money. Specifications Model Name - Radeon RX 5700 MECH OC Graphics Processing Unit - Radeon RX 5700 Interface - PCI Express 4.0 Core Name - NAVI 10 XL … Read more

Both of course!

Spiritually or physically healed?


Good deal if you have the heels for it. For the well healed. Get it?

NEW Borderlands 3 12% off for the Epic Games Store - £43.99 @ Greenman Gaming
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Posted 17th OctPosted 17th Oct
Can't believe this game is all already on a deal. Swear it only came out the other week.

"More of the same but done worse" is a pretty fair review actually. Unlike BL3 I actually don't think there's any one area where BLTPS actually improved upon what BL2 had done; my experience was that the step down wasn't that big but I definitely get why people disliked it. I have the same thing with Bioshock 2 where I know there's people who don't think it was that bad as the original but for me it was just a drag. Sadly I'm all too aware mainstream gaming media is an absolute state but the reviewer I mainly follow, Jim Sterling, is about as separate from all that as is possible. He's supported entirely by Patreon from viewers (so videos are ad free unless monetised by someone else) and is critical of so many game companies that he very rarely even gets review copies from anyone these days and just buys games himself to cover. He also does a top games of the year list in December/ January where he excludes games with microtransaction nonsense. Recently his videos have gone beyond criticising game publishers to criticising how capitalism enables and encourages their behaviour. Point being that's he's a long way from mainstream game journalism which, by and large, I don't bother with. His impressions pretty much boiled down to "it's more Borderlands, it's... fine" and the coverage he's done since then has only really focused on the presence of cosmetic options within the game itself (and how that contrasts against the current aggravating trend of locking everything behind a paywall of some kind). If this guy, who still has the energy to frequently point out "it's just cosmetic" is a load of bollocks, didn't see the level of bugs in BL3 as particularly noteworthy the industry must be in an even more dire state than I thought.


Maybe I just overplayed BL2 so thought TPS was more of the same but certain aspects done worse. It just hasn't quite hit the spot for me. But you're right, to each their own! I think the combat / new game mechanics in BL3 are probably what's drawing me to it. If I had to guess, I'd say it's because many of the 'critics' are shills. They depend on donations, ads, freebies + early access from gaming companies. If you're a reviewer with lots of competition and depend on early access to get content out first (for views, ad revenue etc), then the reviewers who tend to be negative (read: honest) need not apply. So they're incentivised to give mostly positive reviews with token criticisms that won't put anyone off. Not saying that's always the case, but it's why I suspect many have headed in that direction.


To each their own but I actually thought BLTPS was alright. There was bad stuff (like a lack of new legendary gear to get excited about and the garbage they pulled with the season pass) but there was plenty I liked too. I will say the side quests in that one were actually pretty terrible, I can only remember one off the top of my head I liked, but the main plot did a good job of fleshing out Jack's story and by the end I actually understood how he'd become the monster we saw in BL2. Point being that if I liked Pre Sequel that much more than you I'd say the odds of you enjoying BL3 outside of the combat are even lower. I know what you mean about the future of gaming. This is only the second triple A title I've bought at launch in about 5 years and it's pretty astonishing how little even the fairly harsh critics I follow have said about the bugs/ instability of BL3. If even the people who used to come down like a hammer on this stuff only include a throwaway sentence or two about it in their reviews how common must it be now for games to release like this? EDIT: Oh, one more side note about the PC version. Apparently it got knocked down for several hours the other day because of something to do with Fortnite (idk what, I don't follow it) so, at least currently, it would seem any kind of big event on the Epic store has the potential to cause yet more issues on top of what's already present in the game.


Great input thanks for taking the time! I did like the humour and characters in BL2, so it does make a huge difference. I felt pre-sequel really missed the mark too. Started playing with a friend, stopped for a few months at lvl 12 due to work commitments. Started back... we're barely passed lvl 15 and bored again already. Characters are annoying as hell. They've managed to find the most annoying voice actors / dialogue money can buy. I think I'll keep an eye out for bug fixes / reviews and bite in a few months. Might have to start rock climbing or something... future of gaming looks pretty grim as far as hobbies go.


The gameplay's great and the new guns/ abilities are excellent (although currently the only patches they're putting out regularly are to massively nerf a lot of these and there's a lot of players unhappy about that). Both those areas are a noticeable step up from Borderlands 2, it's the only reason I have as many hours as I do. I should probably clarify that not all of the dialogue/ story is terrible. There are bits and pieces that are actually alright, one planet in particular was very well done imo, there's one side quest where the dialogue had me on the verge of tears, and a select few echos around (optional audio logs like there were in BL2) were pretty interesting imo. Unfortunately the humour, for the most part, really missed the mark this time around; there were some funny bits but overall they were drowned out by a lot of utter rubbish. The overarching story was also a letdown with the last quarter or so feeling like it had been extremely rushed out and villains with a good premise that is not once utilised to any real potential. Graphically it's the same and there's some been some small quality of life changes which are nice (refilling ammo at one touch instead of messing about in the machine is particularly appreciated) but a lot of those come with caveats or are affected by bugs. For example they added an overall weapon score to help make it quicker to tell which guns are the best however it's exceptionally unreliable to the point I stopped referring to it at all after a couple hours of play. As of right now I'd say £20 is, at least imo, probably the right price for someone who's played the other Borderlands games, wants another hit, and can tolerate a bunch of frustrating bugs (£30 if they were put a patch eliminating every bug out right this second); just be aware that the story, characters, and jokes fall well short of the standard BL2 set and if that's what you're after you will be disappointed. For everyone who hasn't played a Borderlands before but is curious I'd say go and pick up BL2 (probably in the Handsome Collection) and play that instead as it's the better experience and it's considerably cheaper.

CCL Kallis Ryzen 7 2700X/ RX 590 8GB/ 512GB NVMe SSD/ 16GB DDR4 3000MHz Gaming PC, £609.99 at CCLOnline (Free Borderlands 3) No OS
Posted 15th OctPosted 15th Oct
Well balanced build PC at fair price. No OS with the system.

The title was changed AFTER and BECAUSE I asked the QUESTION, smartarz. Trying reading through the thread before you comment.


no OS - means operating system, so no windows


You can also customise from Ebay via their ebay shop.


Think they’re saying if u buy a pre built config from their eBay (with an eBay discount code) u can then contact them to change other internals and pay the difference. Which would be cheaper as you’d get the ebay discount on the base price then pay the difference. (I think!)


Will this be suitable for steam vr?

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Borderlands 3 (PS4) £34.85 Delivered @ Base
Posted 15th OctPosted 15th Oct
£1 drop. top the fanatical Calypso Twins from uniting the bandit clans and claiming the galaxy Each Vault Hunter has unique abilities, playstyles, deep skill trees, and tons of pe… Read more

You seen this? The loot system in BL3 is great, epics and legendary weapons drop a little more often than I would've liked. But it's nice to feel over powered for a zone or two then the weapon feels weak and it's a repeated cycle. I do like the different style of guns as well in this game. But I agree, the writing is poor. Character voices from Claptrap to Moxxi just doesn't fit and feels like they are all new voice actors. They seem to have to many washed out jokes, like every single sentence tries to be funny and misses the bar by so much. The twins and the comedy behind them is to slap stick it feels like it was written by a child. It's a modern day teen Instagram wanna be sort of attitude. I disliked them from the get go. I agree handsome Jack was so good of a bad guy, that in the pre sequel I felt bad for him. Watch the link I sent above, it gives you a strange look at, was Jack actually the hero? Edit; one thing I like a lot is the bosses have tactics compared to just shoot them till they die. Now you got to avoid crap! (y)


Agree..story wasnt that great,the twins were annoying,that aside 4player coop is just great fun


It's all about coop this game..yes solo is good,but not as much fun as coop online..its also helped by friends dropping/duping wepons and mods and what not..iv clocked in over 100hrs and only time I was solo was to clear some side missions


Yeah the writing really isn't the same in the new game. Don't get me wrong, I'm really enjoying it and the loot system is still as great as ever but the jokes man, I think I've laughed once in the whole playthrough. Also, trailers made out the twins were insanely ever and overpowered and meant to be more terrifying than Jack, but they just come across as needy and are terribly written. Problem is that Handsome Jack was too perfect a bad guy, he was PURE evil at his core, had a terrific backstory but was strangely likeable. In reality, 2 was too good a game and everything after seems rubbish. Still like I say, enjoying it though.


I'm playing solo. A good 20hrs in I'd say and loving it. First borderlands game I've played. Just wish I had more time to play!!!

PowerColor Radeon RX 580 Red Dragon 8GB £166.94 at CCL Online (Free Borderlands 3 and Game Pass)
Posted 10th OctPosted 10th Oct
Good value and quality card, bundled with Borderlands 3 and game pass. Key Features: 8GB Graphics Memory PCI Express 3.0 x16 Interface Cooler Type - Dynamic Fan Pre Overclocked… Read more

I have no problems on ultra at 1080. I have gears 5 at 120fps. I'm sure 1440 would be fine too.



I got this in hue for £132 (card only) and I'm nothing but impressed with it. It is a bit loud ( doesn't bother me as I wear headphones) but performs excellently. Able to get 120 fps on medium settings in destiny 2 (80-90 fps on high) @1080p Id be tempted to go up to the next tier for 1440p if you want to play AAA.


Can this handle modern games like Breakpoint and Division 2 on high settings in 1440p?


Exceeding this performance. Around 590 level I believe. No idea on pricing yet, but RX5500 should be around this level. Only issue is currently the cards are OEM and no information on availability has been released yet.

Gigabyte Radeon RX 590 GAMING 8GB GDDR5 Graphics Card £179.98 at Box (Free Borderlands 3 and game pass)
Posted 7th OctPosted 7th Oct
Good value bundle and decent GPU. KEY FEATURES 8GB Graphics Memory Base Clock 1545MHz| OC Clock 1560MHz Interface Type - PCI Express Cooler Type - Dynamic Fan 2x DisplayPo… Read more

Can this handle breakpoint and division 2 on high settings in 1440p?


You should get the freebies from CCL, as far as I know :)


FFS! Literally just ordered for £199 (no freebies) from CCL! Thanks a bunch (excited)

Borderlands 3 PC EU Epic Games - Shopto  £39.85
Posted 4th OctPosted 4th Oct
Borderlands 3 PC Download (EU) Borderlands 3 PC Download (EU) (£39.85) Borderlands 3 Deluxe PC Download (EU) (£49.85) Borderlands … Read more
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Saw a good bundle on AWD It if you pick the Asus motherboards. The CPUs work out cheaper.


Thanks, Im thinking of doing a Ryzen upgrade from my current i7 2600k. Just need to decide on what Mobo, memory and PSU to go with it. May opt for a 3700X. Only prob then, is the case then a new monitor lol gets expensive.


If it helps anyone, you can get this free with a Ryzen 3000x series or 2700/2700x.


Maybe people are waiting for it to become available on Steam ;)


Why cold. ? Can it be found any cheaper

Gigabyte AMD Radeon RX 580 8GB Graphics Card, £160.45 at Scan (free headset + Borderlands 3 + Game Pass)
Posted 3rd OctPosted 3rd Oct
Good value bundle, also a decent card for the money. ScanFX X2 Blue Gaming Headset for PC/PS4

Really? Reeallly??


Well said!!!


It doesn't need to go directly from Yuan to Sterling. But at 150 quid, even if it translates 20% higher (import fees are often around that) we are talking a sub 200 quid card. At the *very* least, it's worth waiting for both the 5500 from AMD and the 1660 Super to see if their pricing disrupts the 580 and the other lower tier cards.


You honestly think,that price will go directly from juan to sterling?Who knows,if Intel just announced new cpus for half the price maybe Nvidia will finally put prices right?If that will happen it will only show how Amd affects the market.


Also, there is a rushed AMD 5500 coming out on October 7th, even more reason to wait.

Borderlands 3 (PS4) - £35.85 delivered @ Base
Posted 3rd OctPosted 3rd Oct
Price drop. Stop the fanatical Calypso Twins from uniting the bandit clans and claiming the galaxy Each Vault Hunter has unique abilities, playstyles, deep skill trees, and tons… Read more
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I tried it a couple of times before getting into it, now it's easily the game I've played most by a long shot and I even get merch and stuff, which isn't ever my scene. I think it's a game you have to absorb yourself in to properly get into. To me, it has a very rare quality of almost feeling like a 2nd home when playing it. I love the characters and writing and that's suffered since 2 I think. No one says you have to like it, but the 'hype' imo is more like justified credit about the size/writing/characterisation/design etc.


Perfect way to make some then! (y)


I have no friends :S ;( :D


Try with a group of friends. Much more fun when you have someone to fool around with.


Will wait for £20/25

XFX Radeon RX 570 4GB Graphics Card £119.99 at CCL (Bonus Borderlands 3 or Ghost Recon)
Posted 2nd OctPosted 2nd Oct
Great card for the money, bonus Borderlands 3 or Ghost Recon, plus a game pass. Key Features: 4GB Graphics Memory PCI Express 3.0 Interface Cooler Type - Active Fan Pre Overcl… Read more

Yeah, I tried to stay out of that one but as you say , just shot themselves in the foot with admitting a platform swap for i5 upgrade.Talked about logical increments whilst moving from a 4 thread chip to a 6 thread chip.Talk about a bad move? The the 2600 would have been 'logical',hell,I may even have picked up a used 4770 and waited for ryzen 3xxx. (4770 would lose ~a tenner in a year,less than the i5 4690 would lose in the same period ) We knew 3xxx was coming on 7nm. Instead;platform change,ram change,for another non ht but 6 thread cpu.Same options as before for HT'ed upgrades;mega expensive i7's,/i9's. Upgrade performance total + > 50%. Logically you want to double the cpu power minimum as games become more threaded (compare these) (14240 o/c) The latter of which would now offer access to It is'possible' this all could have happened before ryzen 2xxx but I would have bought a 1600 and jumped the 2xxx series. Intel just keep adding pay walls/ locking off new cpu's,the 10 series eventually will be cheaper but you will need yet another board. The HT 8 core is$500+ffs. Anyway, not a very logical choice at all.


So you were arguing that games are not cpu dependant and yet uve upgraded to better cpu and saw increase in PUBG fps. Mate ur talking nonsense mixed with terminology and some god knows % coming from. People with common sense will buy this card as it won't go down on value. It will resell almost for the same amount, while waiting for next generation to pop and drop the prices of those stupid gpus. Also people who don't want to buy crazy overpriced products and rub their % of fps increase, in others faces. Understand that all is business and all the business want is your money. Reviews are used to convince people to buy overpriced products. Why every 8 9 months we see new generation of cpus and gpus? Why previous generation hardware is no longer is supported by software updates from those vendors, simple to buy and consume. So stop rubbing on people's noses flashy % and overpriced products. Think about them not about the business and you will start giving adequate advices.


Point being that the 1070 is 51% faster than a RX 570, and the 1070 Ti is 71% faster. The RX 570 isn't even faster than the 780 Ti (6% slower) or the 970 (3% slower), which was a classic pairing with the 4670k back in the day. A 4690 (non-K) is nearly as fast as a i5-8300H in single threaded performance which gets paired with GTX 1060s in laptops all the time. The GTX 1060 is nearly 20% faster than this GPU. This card will struggle to run AAA titles before that particular CPU is a bottleneck in any significant way. Again, this is a 60hz at 1080p card, any additional frames gained from spending big money on your CPU would be pointless without an expensive monitor to handle it. It's about logical increments to make the most of your rig, and spending the money wisely. I moved from a 4670k to a 8400 which only increased my FPS in PUBG by about 20ish, so now I can do 144hz on my 1440p monitor. But again, if I had a card as weak as this it would've been pointless, why have a £300+ display for gaming and then spend under £120 on your GPU?


Same processor as I am using, with my 1070. Everything runs fine, currently, but I can see a definite change in how AAA's run now compared to when i got the card.


The 570 at 1300 mhz will pull more like 180 watts unless it is undervolted, and it is 40% faster. (well known average) Thats why it is the best value on the market,a used one is cheaper usually than a used 1050 t.i.

Gigabyte Radeon RX 590 GAMING 8GB Graphics Card £189.98 at CCL Online(Free Borderlands 3 or Ghost Recon+Game Pass)
313° Expired
Posted 30th SepPosted 30th Sep
Decent GPU, bundled with a free game and game pass. Key Features: 8GB Graphics Memory PCI Express 3.0 x16 Interface Cooler Type - Dynamic Fan Outputs - HDMI, DVI and Display Po… Read more

I'm playing on the same card and same resolution too, only thing different maybe is I'm running 144hz. Id quite like a bit more performance, but it's not critical for me so like you... I am sitting on it


Looking at used 1080 prices I may just sit on the idea for bit. It's only really one game I want the boost for, my monitor is only 1080p so the RX580 is fine for that. It's annoying that Project Cars runs at Ultra normally but takes such a hit in VR. Once you've played driving games in VR, it's hard to go back!


Who would buy this , when the new thing is due to come out ? (recycle and re-use this comment for every bit of tech) smaller Navi ??12 or 8 or 14 rx5600 rx5500 etc etc


Just depends if you can stand the reference blowers or not. The Vega 56 non reference blowers are closer to 250-260.


Not a bad deal but also a bit pointless with the Vega64 being only slightly more and it being a far better card. even if you discount this and include the new borderlands, the vega 56/64 still are a better buy

Borderlands 3 PS4 £41.85
Posted 27th SepPosted 27th Sep
Thought id share maybe not the best deal but cheapest ive seen :)

Even if people don't get confused and buy it then a lot of people are still going to get excited and click the link. I think the only point of your post is to make a joke. Bored much? I've never played any Borderlands games so no offence taken here.


Perhaps you could put your understanding of game design and development to good use elsewhere? Making comments here on with the obvious intention irriate people is, as you say, "a bit sad".


I think the fact that it took them 7 years to release a game that is so similar to the last entry in the series is arguably more egregious than the crimes of Ubisoft.


It was only meant to be a joke. I don't think anyone would be stupid enough to not check the cover/title of the game I linked to before actually buying it. Then again... Some people are very sensitive, especially when you take jabs at their favourite gaming franchise. It's a bit sad.


Low level troll post detected. Muppet.

Borderlands 3 PC £39.99 @ CDKeys
-102° Expired
Posted 18th SepPosted 18th Sep
The original shooter-looter returns, packing bazillions of guns and a mayhem-fueled adventure! Blast through new worlds and enemies as one of four new Vault Hunters. Play solo or… Read more
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If like Borderlands 2 will come back in a year when it's £20 and includes 40 DLC packs. Though secretly I know that I like collecting games for my dusty virtual shelf. Only just bought Odyssey in the sale and played a few hours. Can see me not holding out should this drop sub 30


Obvious is obvious if any pc gamer looking at buying this on pc doesn't or hasn't heard over the past 9 months about this being an epic store time exlusive i'd be surprised,


Cheaper on shopto..


No Deal!


Probably worth mentioning this is Epic Game Store not Steam.

8 Free Gold Keys for Borderlands 3 (PC, PS4 and Xbox One)
07/01/2020Expires on 07/01/2020Posted 15th SepPosted 15th Sep
A nice little freebie here for Borderlands fans :) Go to the Extra menu of the game to enter the code (depending on the platform) to get 5 Chest Key Gold for the Borderlands The … Read more
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FNL-C71O7-C361 I had this in an e-mail and it gave me 10,000 points. Not sure if it's unique to me though?


Nice pretty much all of these worked, thanks, I will watch this thread for any others


This code is meant to be redeemable in game. Won't work on website redeem. Valid until Monday. Taken from The Borderlands Show stream. CHKB3-FJT9J-SK3K5-T33JJ-95J56 Edit: Now works on VIP website too.



And they said this wouldnt have microtransactions

Borderlands 3 PC £34.99 @ Voidu
426° Expired
Posted 12th SepPosted 12th Sep
Just received an email for Borderlands 3 PC flash sale for the next day. Price using the 30% off code is £34.99. Cheapest I've seen it!

using the code Gamingtime takes its to £39.99 if that's any good. I missed it too.


I was considering this deal, but it seems the decision has been made for me with voucher expiring.


Happy with £59.50 for the super deluxe Thanks


Yep, worked for me also


how? the voidu email code?

Borderlands 3 at £45.85
-168° Expired
Posted 12th SepPosted 12th Sep
It's sold out at monster-shop, which WAS the best deal. This is the 2nd best deal I could find. Free shipping.

And I'm sure in your mind it's as justified as your unsubstantiated tin foil hat rantings. We've reached the end of this conversation. I'll leave the last word to you as I suspect it'll mean more to you. Have a nice day friend, I hope you beat whatever's making you so unhappy some day.


Oh, I'm totally patronising you friend.


I can't read what you didn't write. You wrote unbiased. You then changed that to 'not paid for'. Now it's the far more nebulous 'not being corrupted'. Please do elaborate on that. I'm also still curious how this isn't a massive tangent to what people were talking about. Putting aside that you took a screencap of a Kotaku article as a reason to complain about them and follow up with a vague statement about the mainstream pushing some kind of agenda your response to the first reply is even more baffling. You cite a firing that happened at least 5 years ago involving both a totally different publisher and gaming publication to the one you initially took issue with. Then there's a bit about Control which is actually comparatively relevant to the discourse followed by a comment about reviewers focusing on personal beliefs over the game itself in reviews but provide no supporting evidence. Then you, I think, reference recent events involving Alec Holowka which is far too tragic and complicated a story to bandy about in relation to something as trivial as reviews and frankly has no relation to them anyway. Then there's the last paragraph I already replied to where you talk about wanting ununbiased not paid for uncorrupted reviews. Perhaps there's a flow of logic here that just hasn't been expressed fully but as it stands there's some pretty big leaps of logic between what people say and your responses to them. It honestly looks like you just have an axe to grind with the industry in general and are looking for any reason to express it. It's be nice to the gaps filled in, to see the connections you assume I should be making the same way you assume I should know when you say when thing you mean something else. Also, and I'm sure this wasn't your intention, repeatedly telling a stranger calmly talking to you to calm down and listen comes across as pretty patronising and passive aggressive. The funny thing is I suspect we have more common ground than disparate beliefs here when it comes to our views on game journalism. That said I don't see how offhand unsubstantiated vague remarks about 'pushing agendas' and 'corruption' in that industry have anything to do with the decision of one publisher to mess with reviewers or what it has to do with one outlet (of many) covering that particular piece of gaming news.


The comment that You took a paragraph from to reply to went into 'agendas' with reviews regarding marketing, and the politics that come with that. I used Jeff Gerstmann as an example of this - who was fired from GameSpot for writing an unfavorable review where the publisher had paid for marketing on said site. Had you read my comment properly then the following comment to you about 'unbiased' reviews meaning 'not paid for', should have been understood as not being corrupted, not having marketing sway the review. Had you a bit of common sense you would have read it as so...rather than interpretating it as me saying nobody should be paid for writing reviews. Like I told you before. Calm down. Listen. Learn.


I did read the comments. I said there weren't proper reviews out, someone posted a screencap of an outlet covering BL3 review situation, and you went off on one about Kotaku being overly righteous or something. It was a tangent at best and nothing to do with BL3. All you said was that reviews shouldn't be 'paid for'. It's ambiguous so I asked which of the 2 possible interpretations you meant. So would I be right is now assuming the implication was that someone is buying reviews (perhaps more specifically review scores)? If it is I say again citation needed. An accusation like that should have some basis in evidence.

Borderlands 3 (PS4/Xbox One) £42 Delivered @ Monster-Shop
274° Expired
Posted 6th SepPosted 6th Sep
Cheapest around if you want it day one. Stop the fanatical Calypso Twins from uniting the bandit clans and claiming the galaxy Each Vault Hunter has unique abilities, playstyles, … Read more

Sorry but you lost me at I 😴


Wow you've replied to literally everyone on here who disagrees with you (lol) (y) ever tried getting a life? Sad bastard


Brilliant explanation 👏 tool


Scaremongering eh? Do you work for them?! We have just stated the facts. Can you explain why they need all these extra forms of identification that no legit company would ever ask for?? D... Head


Says it's in stock, add it to basket and I get a message saying they've not got enough copies to fulfil my order. It's been like this since Friday, I emailed Monday asking them when they're getting it back in stock, still waiting for a reply

Sci-fi sale - £4.99 4K Ultra HD Movies to Own Plus Free Borderlands 3 Content at Microsoft store
358° Expired
Posted 3rd SepPosted 3rd Sep
Not sure if this is an error or not but I noticed that some of the movies in the Microsoft Sci-fi sale are only £4.99 in 4k ultra HD. It's not every film, some go up to £13.99 whe… Read more



But is the "Borderlands Vault Insider Program" something you need to seperately sign up for?


It's in the OP... Purchase one or more items from the Sci-Fi September Sale and receive a Diamond Code worth 10,000 points in the Borderlands Vault Insider Program via Xbox Live Messaging Center within 10 business days.


How do you get the borderlands code? I bought my first movie from the list whilst my account was still using an old email address so... thinking I may have missed it


Just got in touch with Microsoft, just so you know - to watch this in 4K you HAVE to stream it through an Xbox. You cannot download it in 4k, you cannot stream it on your PC in 4k. Just had to get a refund because I don't have an Xbox.

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