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Branston Baked Beans 6 x 410g £2 @ Iceland
Posted 30th MarPosted 30th MarLocalLocal
Branston Baked Beans 6 x 410g £2 @ Iceland
Important. This deal is not a guarantee there will be any stock in the store, so please don’t make a trip you wouldn’t have made otherwise just for this item - we should all limit … Read more
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Bring on the Branston :D


Cant beat Branston 😋


I noticed in about the first week of panic buying all the branston beans had gone yet Heinz beans were still on the shelf. My daughter got me to move from Heinz years ago but she reckons Aldi ones are the same as branston.


The shops were never prepared for this amount of buying. it takes 4mths for them to ramp up for christmas then this happens. people changing the way the buy overnight is what's caused it, and the shops work on a 3 day turn around that won't work in this situation. Even if there was no so called panic buying and the majority of people bought 2 weeks worth instead of a week or even days worth this would have happened. supermarkets are set up for minimum storage/waste based on customer demands, the millions of people who shop every day/few days or even weekly, now want at least 2 weeks worth of food. The whole of Europe is under lockdown and the hubs are not getting as much stock as they want/need for the demand of people self isolating/people off work sick. you cant panic buy if they don't allow it. of course it's easy to blame each other, but take a step back and look at the real reason why the shops are not fully stocked and are limiting your buying. it's like Christmas but on steriods with people buying food for weeks rather than days.

Andy_Harrison Sainsburys own x 6 x 420 £1.50 decent price

Branston Tomato & Red Pepper Relish 350g 94p at Morrisons
266° Expired
Posted 19th FebPosted 19th Feb
Branston Tomato & Red Pepper Relish 350g 94p at Morrisons
£0.94£253%Morrisons Deals
Tomato and Red Pepper Relish with Sugar and Sweetener Make it special, Delicious on a hotdog, Suitable for vegetarians Store in a cool, dry place. Once opened, keep in the fridge. Read more
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(lol) Thank you. As it happens, I've tried Morrisons too, along with M&S, Asda, Tesco, Sainsbury's, Co-Op, Happy Shopper and Aldi's Bramwell and not forgetting Heinz, Daddies, Branson and Hellman's and I still stand by Lidl. I like Heinz, but Lidl is a third of the price and in my honest opinion tastes better than the Heinz too! Just don't touch Happy Shopper, which they served in a local cafe. It tastes rank!


The Morrisons own brand is not bad. I'm no connoisseur of ketchup unlike the above poster. XD


I've tried every brand of tomato ketchup going. No 1 is Lidl (Batts) closely followed by Waitrose Essentials.


Will do. Even Sainsbury's has had supply problems in the past, but will deffo look out for some.


Try Sainsbury's own Tomato Relish. The nicest I've tried. They also do other flavours too, but the tomato is a winner. They always have it in stock, no problem getting it.

Branston Baked beans 2*410g - 59p instore @ B&M, Bedworth
382° Expired
Posted 15th FebPosted 15th FebLocalLocal
Branston Baked beans 2*410g - 59p instore @ B&M, Bedworth
£0.59£0.7925%B&M Retail Deals
Branston Baked beans 2*410g 59p B&M in store found in B&M Bedworth store
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Lovely beans 💨


Had the SEL in Antrim,N.Ireland, although no stock on the shelf.

Branston baked beans 6 X 410g £2 @ Iceland
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Posted 5th FebPosted 5th Feb
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Same deal in Tesco at the moment too. Deal ends 01/03/2020.


Cue the Heinz Vs Branston argument.... Branston here!


I actually prefer the single tins as the multi packs we have bought don't have the ring pull on them (1st world problems i know!)


The best beans out there :)


3 tins for £1 in Asda if you don't need as many tins

Branston pickle large 720g jars big sell off 66p Instore @ Tesco
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Posted 30th JanPosted 30th JanLocalLocal
Branston pickle large 720g jars big sell off 66p Instore @ Tesco
Lots on the shelves of Tesco. Small chunk .66p Original .69p

I used to love the stuff. Sweet and sour. Transformed mashed potato.


This isn’t national


I did post a photo of my jar and my receipt, but it didn’t appear. Just a standard image was put on.


£1.09 in my store, small chunk only,Christmas stock has got merry xmas printed round the cap.


Oh love a bit of Branston in our house. Will have a look in my local (y)

Branston Baked Beans 4 pack 410G £1 Eurospar / Vivoxtra NI
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Posted 28th JanPosted 28th JanLocalLocal
Branston Baked Beans 4 pack 410G £1 Eurospar / Vivoxtra NI
£1£1.5033%Spar Deals
Next best is £1.50 Iceland and Sainsbury's, £2 Tesco's and the rest. Offer until Sunday.

Pmsl (lol)


Great beans, had some yesterday on my jacket spuds. Bedroom smelled lovely this morning (lol)


I remember Virgin Cola, well. Truly dreadful taste (shock)


well he tried sell cola, so wouldnt put it past him


Best price for a long time! Great spot Op, I must stock up (y) :D HOT

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6X 410g Branston Baked Beans £1.75 @ Iceland
930° Expired
Posted 5th Nov 2019Posted 5th Nov 2019
6X 410g Branston Baked Beans £1.75 @ Iceland
£1.75£2.2522%Iceland Deals
Usually £2.25 , Now a pack of 6 Branston baked beans £1.75 ;) 29p per can Great price as the packs of 4 cans are £1.50… Read more
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Manufacturers seem too have started a portion size game reducing sizes the same as chocolate bar makers making out they are on an anti fat person crusade. I see Kellogs now tell you how many portions per box and if you follow that you´ll go to work starving of nourishment.


Good deal. I will hopefully get some tomorrow. (y)


Like one other, I switched to Asda's own, and am going to try beans from Aldi and Lidl too. I bought some cans of Branston when they were half this price and they're fine but I suspect Branston are making a good profit on these while undercutting Heinz. Both these brands, in my view, are pricing high and trade / market they are popular because that way they can pay for the ads and take buyers for a ride. Not voting cold but nor will I vote hot when 6 cans have been £1.50 and £1.00 in the past. All prices have been rising, so still *seems* a bargain but not necessarily so. FWIW, I gave up buying Weetabix 25 years ago as they were pushing price up and making them more compact to allow more boxes per truck (I didn't check weights). I see they still have TV ads which, although perhaps cheaper now so many channels carry ads, are far from free... People buying Weetabix may be getting ripped off, in my view.


Best beans money can buy, I'll be stocking up tonight, never pay full price if I can help it. Heat.


Food Warehouse (Iceland......) were selling these for £1.50 a couple of weeks ago at my local store so i couldnt resist buying 6 packs :-)

Branston Beans 6 x 410g @ Iceland & B&M - £2
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Posted 1st Nov 2019Posted 1st Nov 2019
Branston Beans 6 x 410g @ Iceland & B&M - £2
Branston Beans 6 x 410g
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Its 3 cans for £1


Don’t you mean £1 for 3 cans?


Or £3 for 3 cans at asda if you have one closer to you


Also 3 cans £1 at Asda


Same at farmfoods

Branston Baked Beans  3 pk £1.00 @ Asda
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Posted 17th Oct 2019Posted 17th Oct 2019
Branston Baked Beans 3 pk £1.00 @ Asda
£1£1.5033%Asda Deals
Branston Baked Beans in a Rich and Tasty Tomato Sauce 3 x 410g £1.00 @ Asda

Voted hot too. But since Aldi improved on their own watery baked beans brand. I've stopped going out of my way to rush to get deals on Branston. These are still the best but pound for pound Aldi baked beans wins hands down .


My favourite beans, not had any with ring pulls though.


beat heinz hands down :D


Picked up two packs today... Forecast: windy day tomorrow.


Not according to their Web site

Branston Baked Beans with Sausages in Tomato Sauce 405g 75p @ Asda
-150° Expired
Posted 7th Oct 2019Posted 7th Oct 2019
Branston Baked Beans with Sausages in Tomato Sauce 405g 75p @ Asda
£0.75£125%Asda Deals
Should be nationwide deal. Grabbed a few cans today. My favourite beans and sausages.

Wouldn't feed these sausages to anyone, even my pet dog, and I don't even own a pet dog


Dunno how this is cold tbh. Branston are the best imo. Heat added from me


If only you knew what went into those so called sausages




Hey badgerus, if you have a Morrison's near you have a try of their own brand in the dull looking red tin, currently on offer for 40p. There's only 7 mini sausages instead of 8, but I'm petty sure they're the same as Branston otherwise. For the record, my youngest son likes these for a snack now and again, his favourite are Branston too.

6 pack of Branston Baked Beans - £1.49 (+10% off for Unidays holders) @ Iceland Food Warehouse
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Posted 1st Oct 2019Posted 1st Oct 2019LocalLocal
6 pack of Branston Baked Beans - £1.49 (+10% off for Unidays holders) @ Iceland Food Warehouse
+10% off for NUS / Unidays holders = £1.34 :D National deal
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Nothing in brum, Walsall or Perry Barr (annoyed)


Plenty in Leeds Kirkstall branch today


Not an offer, no stock.


Yes, I used one in there on Monday.


I know it's over now, but are Iceland vouchers/bonus card credit valid at food warehouse?

Branston Pickle Original or Small Chunk 520g £1.50 @ Tesco
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Posted 20th Sep 2019Posted 20th Sep 2019
Branston Pickle Original or Small Chunk 520g £1.50 @ Tesco
£1.50£225%Tesco Deals
On offer until 8th October at Tesco. Same price @ Sainsburys. Sainsburys linky
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Will go and pick up some (y)


I love pickle, egg, tuna and bbq sauce sandwiches! Great combo would recommend

Branston Beans 6 Pack £2 @ Tesco
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Posted 30th Aug 2019Posted 30th Aug 2019
Branston Beans 6 Pack £2 @ Tesco
£2£2.2511%Tesco Deals
£2 for 6 pack! Good offer at Tesco

Best Baked Beans Bar None! I've never understood why Heinz, with their awful watery sauce is classed as the market leader!


Prefer sainsbury's and they are cheaper, but not bad for these


These are nice, but Tesco's own, blue label (not the reduced sugar) are really nice too, £1 for 4.... try em! Also Aldi's are really good, 99p for a 4 pack, both miles better than Heinz! :)


I prefer this brand


My favourite beans - good deal

Branston Sweet Chilli Pickle 360g reduced to £0.31 in-store Asda Bordesley Green
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Posted 19th Jul 2019Posted 19th Jul 2019LocalLocal
Branston Sweet Chilli Pickle 360g reduced to £0.31 in-store Asda Bordesley Green
£0.31£169%Asda Deals
Branston Sweet Chilli Pickle tastes absolutely fabulous. Lots of other reduced pickles and sauces in local Asda.
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Tickle that Pickle! (cheeky)


Another local!... Thanks mate!


Absolutely love this stuff! Hope this doesn't mean it's being discontinued!


Sweet and hot (ninja)

Branston Baked Beans 4 Pack £1.09 @ Bargain World
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Posted 12th Jul 2019Posted 12th Jul 2019LocalLocal
Branston Baked Beans 4 Pack £1.09 @ Bargain World
As per title really, Bargain World (Used to be a Pound world Shop, but don't know if related), selling 4 packs of these lovely beans for £1.09. Mine is in BIRCHWOOD and Cockhedge S… Read more
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They must have had that size made just for them as everyone else sells a 2.6kg version,you certainly have to keep your eyes on them


I check out a few places for my weekly shop.....Sainsburys are by far the worst supermarket for shrinking product sizes. I Always check price per kg


There you go:


I think I will try that then today,is there a particular name for that?I suppose it's worth looking for a conditioner/softener there too,I tried their baked beans 4 for £1 and I think they are as good as Branston

Branston baked beans - 40p a tin instore @ Home Bargains
-65° Expired
Posted 3rd Jul 2019Posted 3rd Jul 2019LocalLocal
Branston baked beans - 40p a tin instore @ Home Bargains
Found at Home Bargains, Fox Valley nr Sheffield. 40p per tin is cheaper than many multi-packs.
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Nah cannot beat Heinz these are vile! (shock)


Thanks for posting , Branston Beans are a favourite here (y)


6 Cans for £2 in B&M


Slightly beats what I got yesterday in B&M as they had 4 tins for £1.50.


12 cans for £4 in Farmfoods(33p a can).Also had Heinz 12 pack for the same price

2 x 6 Pack of Branston Backed Beans 410g £4 @ Farmfoods
283° Expired
Posted 1st Jul 2019Posted 1st Jul 2019LocalLocal
2 x 6 Pack of Branston Backed Beans 410g £4 @ Farmfoods
£4£5.9032%FarmFoods Deals
Seems like a cracking price to me

It's been that price for a long time. Still 50p worse off if you by 3 of these compared to 2 of those that are on offer.


4x for £1.50 in Iceland the other day too.


6 for £2 in tesco quite often too


My favourite Baked Beans! Thanks! Heat Added!


Backed Beans...are they similar to baked beans?

Branston Smooth Pickle Jar 370g (Tesco East Didsbury) - 60p
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Posted 21st Jun 2019Posted 21st Jun 2019LocalLocal
Branston Smooth Pickle Jar 370g (Tesco East Didsbury) - 60p
£0.60£140%Tesco Deals
No idea if in any other stores, but Tesco at East Didsbury (Manchester area), have the 370g jars of Branston Smooth Pickle on clearance for 60p. Dated 2021 so might be just getting… Read more

Opened a jar yesterday and way too smooth for my liking. Wonder if you could mix it in ith say Heinz beans to make them more like the Branston ones? Generally mix HP sauce in with these anyway to give them some flavour.


Surely smooth branston pickle is branston sauce?


Reduced in st Austell but no where near this price !


Yeah I am a chunky munky myself! Bit of cheese and branston pickle on top - Its a British Institution. (fierce)


Gotta be the chunky one for me also but this is a good price

Branston Beans 6 x 410g - £2 @ B&M
459° Expired
Posted 18th Jun 2019Posted 18th Jun 2019LocalLocal
Branston Beans 6 x 410g - £2 @ B&M
£2£2.5020%B&M Retail Deals
Branston Baked Beans. In a rich and tasty tomato sauce. 6 pack. Weight: 6 x 410g (Approx.)

Nope, they only sell 4 for £1.50, maybe the ones you're getting are out of date? (confused)


They're in store, on the shelves and they're the same size, 410g


I am sure 3 for pound are the smaller tins, that there used to sell, I can't see it on there website now


You don't need to share why you don't understand what prorata means, you're just being narcissistic. You should really go to bed if you're tired bro, it's 4.40am...


They sell 3 for £1... I've a cupboard full, I'm in there every week...... And yes, I did read "prorata" as "per annum".. bit being self employed and working upto 18hr days, we dont all have the luxury of being pedantic so and so's, like some folk.... some of us are too busy running businesses and /single handedly trying to raise and provide for our families to be bothered over spelling and grammatical errors. I've no need to delete anything, my life is and open an honest book, as I'm too tired to give monkeys what you or any other argumentative little troll thinks...

Branston Baked Beans 6 x 410g x 2 @ Farmfoods £4
334° Expired
Posted 15th May 2019Posted 15th May 2019
Branston Baked Beans 6 x 410g x 2 @ Farmfoods £4
£4£4.5011%FarmFoods Deals
Farmfoods Doing 12 Tins Of Branston Baked Beans For £4 Less Than £0.34 A can.
Get deal*Get deal*

Cold sorry picked up 6 pack in B&M yesterday £


You beat me to it, I got mine from tesco over weekend.


bubble and squeak,beans,and eggs, just before bed ,give you a great nights sleep,the smell in the morning would make your dog heave


Same in Tesco 6 for £2


Interesting fact, one of the Area GM's for Branston is Bob Heinz, he is 53 at the moment, image when he hits 57

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