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Baker Street 4 soft brown or white bread rolls long life 39p in store Home Bargains
Posted 14th AugPosted 14th AugLocalLocal
Baker Street 4 soft brown or white rolls long life 39p in store Home Bargains Bought the giant Brioche rolls for 49p before and have been on look out for them ever since to no … Read more
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UnshavenHaven - I think you have added an extra few noughts by mistake, worldwide deaths have so far been just over 750,000, so not yet 1 million, let alone a billion although that still means an awful lot of suffering and sadness. Keep safe everyone x


To be honest most bread, rolls, wraps etc is just a convenient holder of the filling to stuff our pie holes 😋 Rarely take much notice of taste of bread or anything due to gluttony and the after effects of Cov which we are convinced we had as lost sense of taste and smell and felt rough at beginning of year but have no way of knowing! Did get selected at random from NHS through post to do a test 6 weeks ago which seemed completely futile as only test whether you have it now. Read yesterday that 750,000,000 people have allegedly died from it. Out of a global population of say 8 billion nearly an eighth dead sounds high. Who knows what to believe anymore But for a fact, under 10p a roll is decent (lol) 90% of public wearing mask in my HB - more staff not


I tried these the other week too sweet for us, good price though

Roberts ultimate fibre wholemeal bread 79p @ Home Bargains Poulton-le-Fylde
Posted 9th AugPosted 9th AugLocalLocal
The highest amount of fibre per slice than any other wholemeal bread out there, almost 4 grams! For lovers of brown bread this stuff is great. Deal may be nationwide, please reply … Read more
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You should give the bread a go ;)


I thought this was a broadband deal til I read it properly! (embarrassed)


Oooo love Roberts Bread, brings back memories of cycling past the bakery on me paper round, mmmmmmm! Just been past in the last hour today and smelling good


Yes, this is far superior


It is. I stopped getting the Warburton wholemeal loaf after first trying this!

Kingsmill bread 2 for £1 - Instore @ Farmfoods (Knightswood)
Posted 27th JulPosted 27th JulLocalLocal
Kingsmill bread is going to 2 for £1 from tomorrow (Tuesday) morning. 50p for an 800g loaf is a cracking deal. Also includes Scottish loaf and Abbotts Bloomers.

Got the farmfoods leafletthis morning its saying kingsmil bread is £1each or 2 for £1.50 im not keen on it myself its just meand the dog now havent had sunblestbread for years that will be on my list for one day this week hth


This post isn't just's the bread winner 🏆


Crap bread it's just about worthy for feeding ducks with,warburtons all the way 8)


Sunblest from farmfoods at 39p for me. Much nicer than Kingsmill as well imo (y)


:o Oh Crumbs Nice and toasty in here (shock) Time to get a couple , thx @neurotica

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Panasonic SDZB2512KXC Bread Maker £159.99 @ Costco
Posted 25th JulPosted 25th Jul
Very decent breadmaker at a reasonable price than one I saw earlier on hukd Appreciate its costco but it woukd help some out who have memberships
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How do you go about getting membership?


This is a good deal. The “profiteering” because of Covid isn’t quite so true as much as you just can’t get stock anywhere usually. The higher prices you might see are from the usual third party sellers who have them more expensive than Amazon anyway. I’ve had it in my Amazon wish list for a couple of years (Aug 2018 ) along with lesser ones in the Panasonic range. The cheapest it’s ever been through Amazon is about £154 four years ago according to Camel, but I’ve not seen it much below £190 while I’ve been tracking it. I was tracking it because I thought my current one was about to die but it’s kept going. If I was to replace it today, this is the one I’d buy. It’s a much better deal than the ones posted on Currys yesterday. Have some heat.


I don't order from them .useless company.costco has the 5 years warranty .reading comments though this is so overpriced cause of covid.


This won the best Breadmaker by Which too. The "Which?®" award winning Panasonic SDZB2512KXC bread maker features 31 programmes allowing you to create and make sensational and healthy bread which can be cooked over night for it to be ready next morning. The array of cooking programmes enable you to make a variety of different breads including whole wheat, rye, sourdough and gluten free. You can also add nuts and raisins via a compartment which works in tandem with the 13 hour timer.


This was posted yesterday from Curries

Family Bundle - 18" Pizza, 18" Garlic Bread and a 2L Pepsi Max - £12.99 instore @ Costco
Posted 24th JulPosted 24th JulLocalLocal
Just picked up this family bundle from costco. 18 inch Pizza, 18 Inch Garlic bread and a 2L Pepsi Max. Saves me gping on JustEat later and being a pizza a fraction of the size. I… Read more
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Thanks, I’ll give them a call to confirm Coventry location


According to Costco email it was, but did not notice it in Gateshead one yesterday


Can anyone please confirm if it’s available at all Costco locations. Thanks


Will check it out. Cheers. Pepperoni all the way!


Defo available in glasgow now wish bbq chicken was available for selection . Cheese will Have to do

Allinsons white strong bread flour 16kg - £7.50 instore @ Tesco, Walkden
Posted 18th JulPosted 18th JulLocalLocal
Strong white bread flour - large bag 16kg reduced in store Walkden Tesco
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Fantastic price, have some heat. I've been buying bread flour in 16kg bags from Amazon to make sourdough and get through about a kilo per week, making two loaves each time. My last bag cost me twenty quid so £7.50 is a bargain.


Some really bad sh1t. Best not to go into detail but it is partly to do with the vaccine they have planned for us.


So what do you think is coming?


Although some may find this not so good to work with i feel it's a great price for such a large quantity, thanks for taking the time to share @cat.beales (y)


ASDA list McDougalls 00 but it's always out of stock for me.

Kit kat senses millionaire short bread reduced to 50p @ Asda Morley
546° Expired
Posted 17th JulPosted 17th Jul
Kit kat senses reduced from.1.99 to 50p Flavours Chocolate chip Salted caramel Millionaire shirt bread

Had a colleague in catering who used to love making cakes.whenever he made some millionaire for us he would say got some tarrant for yo


Just found some in Edinburgh :-)


Not been able to source these yet, other countries get all the fun


Are they at last bringing all those awesome flavours that they make in Japan to Kit Kat here in the UK? I sure hope so.



Baker Street 4 Mega Brioche Buns 49p at Home Bargains
415° Expired
Posted 15th JulPosted 15th JulLocalLocal
Found these in Home Bargains in centre point retail park Rochdale. Seems amazing value for 0.49p very big in size and best before pf 06/08/2020.

Purchased a few packs yesterday. So delicious


I love the baked yellow colour on brioche buns.


For 50p, not gonna complain ;)


Not quite the shine as Aldi ones but there is a little. Still good value though :)


The lack of shine was the giveaway.. Won't taste anything like a brioche bun

Freezer fillers 5 items for £5 at Co-operative - nuggets, dippers, onion rings, garlic bread &Oreo ice cream
287° Expired
Posted 13th JulPosted 13th Jul
Birds eye chicken shop southern freid nuggets 400g Mccain crispy dippers 650g Coop battered onion rings 454g Goldfellas garlic bread 218g Oreo ice cream 480ml All five for £5 … Read more
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Onion rings are


Can't believe their normal prices, this is a good deal though.


Thankfully the 2 Co-ops near me don't offer this 'killer' deal




Great find!

Panasonic SD-ZB2502BXC Stainless Steel Bread Maker - £160 @ Amazon
135° Expired
Posted 26th JunPosted 26th Jun
Panasonic are well regarded for making the best bread makers and they have been hard to get hold of during lockdown. This is one of the breadmakers that Panasonic do that has an au… Read more
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I've just unexpired as these are back in stock at Amazon for the same discounted price (£160). These sold out in a day last time so I would advise grabbing one while you can!


I got the 2502 as advertised. It arrived today :)


Direct from Amazon. looks like lots of retailers have them back in stock. But they couldn't do anything as they don't have stock, so Hermes picking it up tomorrow.


That really sucks. Hopefully Amazon can sort it out for you, it was sold directly by them right?


its arrived! But its the 2500 model, which sells for £99! not happy, anyone else get delivered the wrong one? This one is going back.

1 Pizza Company Pizza, 1 Side (Garlic Bread or Chocolate Fudge Cake) & Dip Stacker - £5 @ Tesco
254° Expired
Posted 23rd JunPosted 23rd Jun
1 Pizza Company Pizza, 1 Side (Garlic Bread or Chocolate Fudge Cake) & Dip Stacker - £5 at Tesco Seems to only be showing £10 deal online but just got this deal at Prestwich E… Read more
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Great deal! Love the pizza dip, give the chocolate fudge cake a miss though


I haven’t and I don’t think you will. Makes a difference in baking Pizza in a 230 degrees home Oven vs a 400 degrees Pizza oven.


Had this last night, pizzas are thick and one reason why I won't be getting them again collaredoto Tescos own brand of pizza.


Are these pizzas thick or thin? After Asda made their fresh deep pan bases pretty much thin sized I've being on the lookout for a thick base


The M&S tray bake pizzas are pretty damn good!!

Marriage's Premier White Bread Flour 16kg £12 / Plain £10 at Waitrose & Partners
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Posted 22nd JunPosted 22nd Jun
Great Price on Bread Flour plus Plain and Self Raising for £10. Online stock can vary by region.
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I’ve been trying to get this for a few weeks. Always out of stock. In fact our Waitrose has no bread flour for delivery!


For those who have FOMO ..... I can't see this described as Organic which doesn't suggest a premium Flour (to me). Lidl seem to have good supplies of their Strong White bread flour at the moment. 12 x 1.5kg bags at 59p = £7.08 (Please buy just what you need though (highfive) )


About £1 cheaper at Costco; bought for my neighbour a few weeks ago as the 6 x 1.5kg were not in stock.


Plenty in store in Westbury Park


Out of stock for me in Worthing, Sussex

3 Free Cookbooks in 1: Keto Desserts + Keto Chaffles + Keto Bread Kindle Ebook @ Amazon
Posted 20th JunPosted 20th Jun
Length: 387 pages; "The recipes in these cookbooks are designed to follow the high protein and fat nutrition plan to make this keto diet useful for you. You will discover that sh… Read more

You are right! But that would require for one to make a new Amazon account on for the USA region.


This is the link: But they have changed the price.


Link is not


There’s no link!!?

2 X Mini Fish & Chips, Bread & Butter + Hot Drink - £10 (£5p/p) @ Morrisons Cafe
64° Expired
Posted 19th JunPosted 19th Jun
MORRISONS is opening takeaway in Morrisons Cafés today. The chain is launching new hot food-to-go services in all 402 of its Cafés nationwide. The best-selling fish and chips with… Read more

I reckon it would be cheaper at your local chippy too!


Cold. The deal and the food.


The bacon/sausage sandwich and a hot drink for £1.95 doesn't sound too bad.


No deal move along. Local chippy best option.


just thinking that !!

Russell Hobbs bread maker 23630 - £65 @ AO
50° Expired
Posted 18th JunPosted 18th Jun
Rarer than unicorns, flame deer, Red Rum and rocking horse... AO have this breadmaker available on their website or from eBay if you prefer. On your marks, get set, bake!

Now available on Amazon instead... AO sold out. Amazon UK in stock.


Thank you so much, my old bread maker broke just a few weeks into lockdown and i can't find one to buy anywhere - have ordered :)


Yup, but they're out of stock for home delivery and none of my local stores within a 50 mile search radius can do a click and collect either....


£55 at dunelm


You're welcome. Reviews are very positive.

Bread Machine Cookbook: Quick and Easy Bread Machine Recipes - Kindle Edition now Free @ Amazon
336° Expired
Posted 18th JunPosted 18th Jun
If you are interested in trying some baking at home, then this well reviewed cookbook could be of some help to give it a good mix. Description Traditional bread making demands h… Read more

£3.49 when I look it up now


£3.49 now?


Thanks OP. Due to make another loaf tomorrow. Hope to find something new.




Cheers. (y)

British UK Made Reusable Natural Beeswax Food Bread Sandwich Wraps Eco Friendly £9.99 @ XSItems_LTD eBay
79° Expired
Posted 15th JunPosted 15th Jun
British UK Made Reusable Natural Beeswax Food Bread Sandwich Wraps Eco Friendly £9.99 @ XSItems_LTD eBay
£9.99 Free P&P FreeeBay Deals
I know these aren't the cheapest option but these are the biggest ones i've seen. All the cheaper options i always find are too small to actually put anything in or have any real m… Read more

I paid a lot for my original wraps, these are a good price for what they’re saying you’ll get. I have since discovered it’s easy to make your own. 100% cotton fabric (preferably pre-washed) and some beeswax pellets (or grated from a block). Melt the beeswax into the fabric with an iron. Good as gifts, or for custom size/shapes. Also, origami is a really useful skill in making containers and boxes made out of the wraps. ^_^


Good tip, will look out for a roll as already have smaller sizes (y)


Sounds great. I bought a roll of beeswax wrap a while ago and cut it to the sizes I needed. Works wonderfully, especially if you need an unusual size/shape.

Swan Retro Bread Bin and 3 Canister Set ( Coffee Tea & sugar Jars ) 4 colours £36.54 w/code From swan_brand_outlet /eBay
37° Expired
Posted 15th JunPosted 15th Jun
Swan Retro Bread Bin and 3 Canister Set ( Coffee Tea & sugar Jars ) 4 colours £36.54 w/code From swan_brand_outlet /eBay
£36.54£39.989% Free P&P FreeeBay Deals
Swan Retro Bread Bin and 3 Canister Set ( Coffee Tea & sugar Jars ) 4 colours Green Pink Cream & Red £36.54 Bread Bin: Generous storage capacity Keep your bread fresh… Read more

Do people know what a Bread Bin is anymore? I was flicking through the TV channels and Celeb Gogglebox was on, I watched it for 5 minutes, and one of the Celebs used Siri to ask what a Bread Bin is..... The original price on eBay seems around average, its the voucher code, that deserves the heat. I did give heat, though.

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