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Britax Römer KIDFIX SL SICT Group 2-3 (15-36kg) Car Seat was £150 now £88.95 in midnight blue or cosmos black @ Amazon
Found 14th AprFound 14th Apr
Britax Römer KIDFIX SL SICT Group 2-3 (15-36kg) Car Seat - Cosmos Black or Midnight Blue £88.95, down from £150. This isn't the XP version which features additional neck protectio… Read more

Thanks for the info all (y)


ordered 2 thanks. Just saved me a chunk of cash!


The picture looks like a new version, bought this a year ago and the SICT thing on the side was round


It's got ISOFIXings, there's no additional base. One of the things I particularly like about this seat is how little space it uses. I was a bit taken aback that from size 2 onwards very few seats have built-in five-point harnesses (they use the car's fitted seatbelt) but now it's in place it makes sense. You just clip on the ISOFIX latches, pull the strap to tighten and you're done - a minute's work. Feels nice and secure but also unobtrusive. My son's 3½ and can undo the seatbelt himself but hasn't done so while we're in motion - he's now old enough to take instruction that he must never do this till we arrive. I did see a customer review on Amazon saying that they'd had to return their seat because their child would constantly undo the seatbelt while they were driving. I would imagine this'd be common to all of this style of seat but it might be a factor to bear in mind when deciding whether you still need a five-point harness (you'll know your own child of course). The good thing about this style of seat is that it ought to function for many years. Using the fitted belt means they'll never outgrow it and the headrest can be raised as the child gets taller. Hope that helps!


Do these require an additional isofix base? What’s soft latch isofix ? Sorry for beginners questions. Ta.

Britax Kidfix II XP SICT Black Edition - £135 Delivered @ BabysMart
Found 19th MarFound 19th Mar
Went looking for a high back booster for my 4 year old on the weekend and this was recommended to us. Priced at £180 in Mothercare, cheapest I could find in Cosmos black was £150 b… Read more

We’ve got one of these and the main plus for us was the clip which lifts the seatbelt away from the child slightly so it helps them to get used to the seatbelt and not pull it away from themselves.


Yeah the recline or lack of seems to be mentioned in most reviews but I don't feel it's much of an issue as he hasn't fallen asleep in the cars since was tiny anyway. Thanks for looking :D


73%. Not a Best Buy but still a good rating I would say. Cybex solutions S fix is a Best Buy (76%) So not much in it. The cons of this Britax car seat are that it’s fairly upright not enough recline


How does this one rate on which? Did want to look but don't have a membership... Did originally want the cybex solutions z fix as we currently have two sironas and a 2 fix but it just didn't seem very substantial...


Cybex Pallas M fix is also a very highly Which? Best Buy. Very reasonably priced £129.95 on Amazon. Voted your deal hot anyway!

Britax Römer KIDFIX II XP SICT BLACK SERIES wine rose - £75 @ Boots Shop
Found 15th MarFound 15th Mar
Currently on offer.Extra 10% off if you have account at studentbeans.That will deduct the price to £67.50.Plus 750 point worth £7.50 if you are in parenting club. The KIDFIX II XP… Read more

Sold out, no restock


Does anyone know the width of these at widest point please?




Sold out


Assuming you are still in the returns window, buy identical one cheaper here and return the new one to the original retailer. Obviously take into account £ benefit vs hassle and any return postage if applicable.

Britax Römer KIDFIX II XP SICT BLACK SERIES - Wine Rose - £100 @ Boots
Found 18th FebFound 18th Feb
Seems a good deal for this car seat especially for girls ;)

Spot on yes


I suppose we can deal with dreadfully old fashioned if there is no cringe involved (y)


I take my personal cringe back! (lol)


I appreciate all opinions on this. But cringing and labelling people ‘dreadfully old fashioned’ is probably uncalled for.


Think poster might mean that when the child loosens the belt by leaning forward or pulling it that it doesn’t retract because of the grip of the xpad?

Britax Römer B-AGILE 3 pushchair Cosmos Black pushchair £112.70 Boots - free c&c
Found 8th FebFound 8th Feb
Made my order up to over £120 and bagged £30+ of advantage points too Britax B-Agile 3 Pushchair - Cosmos Black The nippy B-AGILE comes in three and four-wheel models and combi… Read more
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The pushchair is priced at £229.99 in Argos and Very... it was a good buy in boots before the discount (@£161) but a bargain now I think...


Your saving £48 not £118 as this seems to imply! And reviews don’t seem particularly good!

Britax Romer Kidfix II Black Series - Storm Grey £79.50 boots - free c&c
Found 8th FebFound 8th Feb
Been looking at these recently as missed the Amazon offer at 80 quid which went vhot First deal posted hopefully helps someone, great safety features on this and wont find it chea… Read more
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Item is not at this price at boots


Totally forgot to mention the beauty of the reclining headrest whereas many others don't have this feature :D


We went with the cybex seat as need to get 3 of them across the back and it's narrow enough to allow that in our car. Wevd been really happy with them- they perform well in safety tests and the kids find them comfy. The reclining headrest is good when they fall asleep. The armrest bits can make it difficult to access the seat belt buckle though so the britax is better in that regard. The SecureGuard feature for the lap belt on the Britax is a great additional safety feature that can stop your child submarining under the lap belt and prevent internal injury from the lap belt (more important in younger children). The XP feature on the Britax for the shoulder belt can prevent the belt retracting properly in some cars so something to check for if you go for that one.


The cybex is £72.99 in argos if they have stock near u. There is another britax like that 1 that isn't so wide as well. It doesn't have that safety belt seat though. Just check the measurements (y)


Hi Dannie, thx for the valuable info. The plan eventually would be to have two in the back. Think I will go for the Cybex

Britax Romer KIDFIX SL ISOFIX Black - Free Delivery at Boots for £53.04
Found 3rd FebFound 3rd Feb
The Britax Romer KIDFIX SL is a highback booster seat with flexible installation options to suit any vehicle – from the innovative ISOFIT with Soft Latch to the car's 3-point seat … Read more

back in back in stock today but the code has gone so its 62 quid


Damn it. OOS. As is the XP2 model.


You could remove the side that is not against the side of the vehicle which it is fitted.


My hero.


This any good compared to the Joie Duallo? I have one already for my daughter and thought would be nice to get matching for my son.

Britax Romer isofix child car seat - £62.40 @ Amazon (Prime Exclusive)
Found 2nd FebFound 2nd Feb
Decent price if an isofix highback booster From the manufacturer KIDFIX SL Family 3.5 years - 12 years | 15 - 36 kg KIDFIX SL Family The seats of the KIDFIX SL family (KIDFIX SL, … Read more
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Mine is coming today and will report back if that helps. Really please i found a isofix seat for a decent price


No, it’s a great seat. The Kidfix range are good high backed boosters and very sturdy. Safe too.


Best seat period


Seems to have good reviews. Anyone have anything negative about it?


£53 from Boots at the moment with code A15BABY.

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Britax Römer TRIFIX² i-SIZE Cosmos Black - £125 @ Boots
Found 30th JanFound 30th Jan
Britax Römer Premium Line. Best Group 1 car seat IMO. Half price in Boots. Same price for Grey. Make sure it is compatible with your car before purchase: https://www.britax-roeme… Read more

Beware this seat is only forward facing - the joie 360 would be a much safer option and more than worth the extra £50


Thanks! Missed out on the Joie 360 deal on here but grabbed this. Cheers (y)


500 Advantage points

Aqua Advanced Filter Jug 2.8L with filter £5.00 / Advanced Water Filter Cartridges 30 Days 3 Pack (fits brita maxtra ) £6.00 at Wilko
Refreshed 4th FebRefreshed 4th Feb
I love my water filter - very similar to this, it fits nicely in my fridge, I've been drinking a lot more water since buying it. At just £5.00 this Wilko Aqua Advanced Filter Jug… Read more
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A lot of stuff that's supposed to be recycled gets put in landfill as there's not the demand. Look it up


As long as it’s recycled it won’t end up in landfill.


"you pay more for better quality, buy expensive, buy once, but not in this case." Good point, not everyone needs a Rolls Royce, just to do TESCO's shopping in?. When a Fiat would more than do ...


Good Deal OP. :-)


Ah never noticed that Possibly cause I always have milky tea I ll check tomorrow by leaving the tea without milk for few mins and see how that looks I know limescale is a problem cause kh new kettle has lime scale everywhere already

Britax Romer Evolva 1-2-3 SL SICT car seat - £113.40 at Boots with 10% code + 504 clubcard points
Found 23rd JanFound 23rd Jan
Cheapest I've seen this car seat. Same price on Amazon but if you are a Boots Advantage card holder, you get 504 bonus points. Code for 10% off is BABYTRAVEL10 (advertised on Boots… Read more

You need to be looking for an infant carrier... this is a seat suitable from group 1, not new born. Read the info on the pushchair to see which infant carriers are compatible.


Got two of these for each car. Had them years and still in great nick. Kids find them very comfy.


Is this compatible with the diono quantum on offer the other day?


Thanks op.. Just ordered. It was £125ish on amazon the other day but must have just dropped.. Reviews seem decent so hope will be good..

Stages 1/2/3 Britax Romer EVOLVA 1-2-3 PLUS Group 1-2-3 Flame Red Car Seat  £85 + £3.95 del at Dunelm
Found 21st JanFound 21st Jan
Very good price on this one (highfive)

You need to be looking for an infant carrier... this is a seat suitable from group 1, not new born. Read the info on the pushchair to see which infant carriers are compatible.


Does anyone know if this is compatible with the diono quantum?


Good card seat... if you want the black one the. It is for £70 @ John Lewis


Free Delivery

Britax Römer ADVENTURE Group 2-3 (15-36kg) Car Seat £29.75 @ Amazon
Found 18th JanFound 18th Jan
Price has dropped back down on this.

Isofix can’t be used for every seat though. The isofix points in a car can only support a total weight of 33kg (that’s the weight of the seat itself plus the weight of the child in it). There are lots of rear facing seats on the market, and a handful of forward facing ones, which allow the child to use the 5-point harness until they weigh 25kg, and these all have to be fitted with the seatbelt. Contrary to popular belief these seatbelt-only seats are not going to be phased out. My car has three sets of isofix points in the middle seating row, I have three children and they have never had isofix seats. I do have one isofix high backed booster now, but that’s more so that I don’t have to remember to fasten the seatbelt over it when my daughter isn’t in the car.


Apologies, I stand corrected that its a booster seat, not group 1 toddler seat. Isofix should however just be the accepted standard now for all cars and seats (at a reduced price point).


its not a group 1 toddler seat. With the group 1 toddler seat the child is harnessed with the baby seat 5 point one same as in a pushchair. In these booster seats the child is harnessed by the cars adult seat belt. There is no difference in the installation of booster seats just toddler ones. The booster seat is kept in place along with the child by the adult belt. For a booster seat to be fitted correctly it depends on the lap belt being over their hips not their tummy and the should belt sitting against their shoulder not their neck. Having isofix does not have any influence on belt routing on these style seats nor does it reduce the likelihood of fitting incorrectly.


This is inaccurate information!... Isofix is a preferred standard of child seat fixture to simplify instalment, given traditional systems are often fitted incorrectly. Isofix is available in all new cars circa 2012. I own both standard of seats, plus ive had a hybrid 'easy fix' base on a baby seat and Isofix is by far more secure regardless of convenience as the makers intended. Yes it costs a fortune and could be priced fairer. When your child is released from a non-isofix seat they use the belt from the child seat not from your car. Therefore the seat remains fixed in place without needing isofix. Your statement doesnt make any sense...?


Yes I has the duo, cracking seat tbh, but kids have grown I honestly never twigged about iso fix in boosters being able to be used with stand alone seat belt, will definitely take that in consideration on next seat

Britax Kidfix II XP - isofix group 2-3 car seat black or grey half price £79.50 at boots + points + quidco
Found 16th JanFound 16th Jan
Boots have the Britax kidfix II seat half price (£80) at the moment - pretty sure this is the lowest its ever been - the next lowest is £ you get £3 worth of points back - … Read more

Who, me?


Hi. Is there any chance to deliver it to Portugal?


Thanks. Just ordered (y)


I bought 2 and got 2600 boots points (plus 600 virgin miles)


This is now back in stock in the grey at the same price

15% off baby with code (Exc Milk & Nappies) wys £60 plus 10p per £ parenting points eg Journey travel system £254.15 + £25.40 points @ Boots
Refreshed 15th JanRefreshed 15th Jan
Edit 14/1 - extended until 15th January Boots have got a code for 15% off baby and child items when you spend £60 or more (Excludes baby milk and nappies) the code is A15BABY an… Read more

When you're in a hurry in the lashing rain or you're in and out with baby a lot during the day the base is really handy, I can strap him in with seatbelt no problem but clicking into base is so much easier and faster.


Yeah, I’m just tight! Didn’t want to fall into the trap of just buying everything so held off and didn’t need it in the end. Personal preference though!


Whilst it's not a deal breaker, bases are handy in my opinion - when you're in a hurry (e.g. it's lashing down with rain) it's much easier to just clip in/out, plus providing you fit the base correctly in the first place it eliminates the risk of getting it wrong/not tight enough etc. I've found it particularly handy with our second child as we have a 3 year old and newborn (plus associated luggage) to get in and out (and by necessity one of them has to be on the driver's side). As alexlea88 said, you can cope without (and some seats are quicker/easier to belt in than others), but if I had the choice of one with a base for a little more money I'd go for it (it didn't factor into our original choice of seat as we bought a travel system package but I've subsequently bought a base for both cars, I was lucky enough to pick two up for around the standard price for one - definitely for convenience rather than out of necessity).


Nice. We had a 13hour flight. When we looked around for ours we where specifically looking for one to adapt to our pushchair and worked out expensive. £35 is no brainer. Great if you have other nuna stuff. Be careful lugging it around with suitcases and hand luggages. The travel one we bought was ideal as we took it as hand luggage and was light meaning only his baby bag and the car seat to take on-board. Was a handful at times with the suitcases but the trolleys came handy. Good luck and enjoy.


I’m looking at the nuna juva whjch is £35 and airplane approved. Might get that as got a long haul trip to visit family coming up.

Britax Romer Kidfix II SICT - £110 @ Mothercare
Found 4th JanFound 4th Jan
Britax Romer Kidfix II SICT - £110 @ Mothercare
£110£18039%Mothercare Deals
Highly rated group 2/3 child seat, was on offer elsewhere around but seems to have gone out of stock everywhere that had it at this price, seems to be around £150 in othe shops. Wa… Read more
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Different seat, original post was the Kidfix 2 which has addition of the lap belt protection. However taking the deal down now anyway as no longer on Mothercare site at this price...


£100 on amazon now. Great dealömer-KIDFIX-BLACK-15-36kg/dp/B072KDHSQL/ref=sr_1_29_sspa?ie=UTF8&qid=1547648299&sr=8-29-spons&keywords=booster+seats+for+4+-+12+years&psc=1


I think this is OOS now, it lets me add to basket but then says it's out of stock after that


Ordered, thanks OP.


Hey thanks for the info I've placed an order. Had my 4 year old rear facing until now so this is going to be a big change. Good to know it rates well.

Britax Römer KIDFIX XP SICT Black Series - £80 @ Amazon
Found 25th Dec 2018Found 25th Dec 2018
Britax Römer KIDFIX XP SICT Black Series - £80 @ Amazon
This is a fantastic price for the black series including SICT and XP Pad
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out of stock !


Great price cheers op


Scorching. Cheers OP... Missed out on the Dunelm recaro earlier today, so I've gone for this instead. Happy Christmas :-)

Britax Römer KIDFIX XP SICT Group 2-3 (15-36kg) Car Seat - Cosmos Black £84.99 at Amazon
Found 25th Dec 2018Found 25th Dec 2018
Britax Römer KIDFIX XP SICT Group 2-3 (15-36kg) Car Seat - Cosmos Black £84.99 at Amazon
£84.99£906%Amazon Deals
Another great price for the on a Britax car seat from Amazon. RRP is £185 but the average price from the three camels is around £140. £84.99 is the best price recorded. The other… Read more

Bought thanks. Initially bought non doctor but cancelled for this

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