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Broadband allows British people to connect with each other, to download movies and TV shows, play online games, watch sport and do their work efficiently, so it’s an important part of everyday lives. This buyer’s guide explains what broadband is all about and how shoppers can get the best broadband discounts via hotukdeals. Read more
Get Sky Fibre Max, 63mb Talk & line rental  for just £27 p/m for 18 months (One off Broadband set up £9.95) and receive a £70 M&S voucher
31/01/2019Expires on 31/01/2019Made hot 20th JanMade hot 20th Jan
Get the fastest Sky broadband with free anytime phone call phone line for £27 a month. Free connection, £9.99 delivery. Receive a £70 Marks Spencer's gift card. Costs added up: … Read more
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This time sky fibre is not as good as the last time we had it


I've heard the Vodafone broadband network is not up to scratch.


No, got telly already


Depending on what Samsung tv you just purchased, mine has freesat built into the tv, then just plug an external hard drive or a usb stick into tv to record. Freesat will use existing sky cables. Firestick you can't save programmes or films, but you can stream the content and just requires plug socket for it and an hdmi port in the tv.


Kodi or the alternatives are such a faff on. If people aren't tech savvy it's a complete no go. I got fed up with the constant buffering, having to update all the time etc I just find the subscription services like Netflix so much easier and at least my 5 year old can use it safely. Very unfair to compare to this deal...

BT Broadband SUPERFAST FIBRE 2 (+£110 Amazon + Amazon PRIME + £110 BT Reward Card) £729.81 (£509.81/ £28.32pm with REWARDS)
Made hot 19th JanMade hot 19th Jan
to get this deal you need to be a NEW CUSTOMER and go via VOUCHERCODES you could potentially get:- SUPERFAST 2 with up to 67MBps fo… Read more

yes, vouchercodes will also issue an Amazon voucher. Deal ends tonight 10. Provided you meet the full terms of the offer, an email alert will be sent to the email address you used to register with VoucherCodes within 70 business days from your broadband installation. The £110 Amazon voucher will then be available for you to redeem in your VoucherCodes account. 11. BT Reward Card is supplied by BT Broadband and is at their sole discretion 12. BT Reward Card can be claimed through here.


Where does the £110 Amazon voucher come from? I can't see it mentioned on the BT website - or does it come from the VoucherCodes site??


£145 cashback is better than £110, but £220 is better still cashback can be declined/ untracked with TCB & Quidco, as can VC&BT but are more likely to payout


emmm, did BT just raise £6 monthly fee on every package?


TCB's £145 cash back is better than £110 amazon voucher? why not TCB? Literally just signed sky, sky's router is soooo painful to use. Really attempted.

Full Sky fibre broadband, Sky Entertainment TV package & any time calls phone line. £37 a month - 18 months £666
23/02/2019Expires on 23/02/2019Made hot 18th JanMade hot 18th Jan
Total package. Fibre 36Mb broadband £37 including line rental ✔ Average speeds of 36Mb ✔ Over 300 Entertainment channels ✔ Free unlimited calls with Sky Talk … Read more
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Just got it for £41 as an existing customer, installation February 5th


Got this deal in December at £30. You should ring and haggle ! I was a new customer . At £41 I was being offered the 63mb broadband... Think it's called fibre max


Well after careful consideration & after not getting any quality offers from sky to keep me I've decided to move to virgin with there top vip bundle £79 with £150 credit to the account plus thru tcb £125 works out £56 a month for 12months & better wifi in the house, a little disappointed with sky not had a single call from them asking why I'm leaving, but have to say virgin have bent over backwards to get my custom, let's see what there like in 12months time!


Here's what it will cost you if you want anything added to your package:


Said I was leaving. Apparently I am a loyal customer so offered me that. Tbh there are better deals out there and you've got virgin , now tv etc.. but 27 for what if got I was fairly happy with as due to my set up I need sky incase internet goes down so I've got something to watch rather than relying on tv that requires internet to work....

New Customers Only VM Unlimited Vivid 100 Fibre Broadband Talk W/ends (£18.75pm / £225pa after reward) line rental & fibre broadband £225
Made hot 16th JanMade hot 16th Jan
Found via MSE. Virgin unlimited fibre broadband and 'talk' weekends including line rental for £18.75/month after reward. New customers only. Seems a very good deal and I hope it … Read more
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Ha, you couldn't make it up. After being stuck indoors unwell pretty much since I gave the 30 days' notice, I ventured out earlier.for the first time. When I got home I found that VM had made 'the call' about 20 minutes after I left the house...


After a lot of negotiating and endless conversations, i managed to get 200mb broadband, phone evening and weekends, and full house bundle for £40 a month


Phone them up to cancel and got mine down to £23 now. Result




Can installation be delayed by a month after moving in?

Complete fibre broadband 50Mb, line rental & Freeview TV with BT sport £29.99 p/m - £9.99 upfront Also £100 cashback & £50 Marks voucher
31/01/2019Expires on 31/01/2019Made hot 14th JanMade hot 14th Jan
Total package of TV, fibre broadband , line rental & BT sport for £32.77 Also £100 BT reward card & £50 Marks & Spencer voucher To get the total price of £32.77 p… Read more

Do not forget new contracts with BT started friday 11th Jan so you can no longer leave BT early due to price rises.Luckily i signed up 10th Jan :)


Your better going through quidco 200 cashback and 100 in credit card


I got £35.99pm with TV and also an £89.99 activation and setup fee (mad)


I'm assuming this would probably sacrifice the £110 cashback via topcashback/quidco in preference for the £50 M&S voucher as it's an affiliate link?


i took this deal kind of - 29.99 fibre speed - they are paying off my talktalk exit fees £200 approx within a month. then tv £10 a month including sport bt extra app and also free youview box.

Fibre broadband (Vodafone unlimited) - £20pm x 12 months = £240
Made hot 14th JanMade hot 14th Jan
I was quickly looking around for the next cheapest broadband deal as my sky contract has ended and wouldn't budge on the £27.99 price. Found Vodafone are doing £20-24 (depending o… Read more
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So if your switch goes ok I'm sure all is good, however if it doesn't you're in for a treat. We placed an order to switch, then the cost came down. Called them and instead of adjusting the billing, they cancelled the order and told me to order again. Sky wrote to us telling us about the takeover, but Vodafone failed to notify them of the first order being cancelled/change in date, so the next order went to activate and there was no active line. In short, we have no broadband and no phone line for two weeks and a chance we list the number we had for over ten years. So, back to sky for them to sort out Vodafone's mess


Very strange..maybe it was something wrong with the router...although i have the ac2800..but it easily covering a 3 bedroom house with 20+ devices...


Amazon disappointed me big time !! The router came in a repacked box. Couldn't get connected WiFi so went for Ethernet connection. Nearly no WiFi signal from the router !!! My Vodafone router can get WiFi signal up to the garden. Sadly router is going back to Amazon after talking to the TP Link customer support.


I’m looking new connection what do Pople recommend Bt or sky


Then proceed with the configuration of the router . Should have the details in the box.. - admin password - vdsl - if vodafone is not in the list choose other - insert user and pw from voda - connect - good to go.

BT BROADBAND 15GB AND PHONE LINE £9.95 p/m For ppl on benefits eg ESA JSA
Made hot 10th JanMade hot 10th Jan
BT Basic is a simple, low-cost phone service that is easy to understand and helps you keep in touch if you are on specific low income Government benefits. Like universal credit or … Read more
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Not that I am aware of. BT are the only provider legal required to offer a basic service due to regulations created by ofcom. The post office however do offer the cheapest unlimited ADSL broadband package costing only £15.90 which also includes line rental which is worth the extra £6 over this deal if you are worried about data limits.


It is a good deal, and let's be honest people who work claim Universal Credit as well especially those who work and have kids / sick relatives to care for. Yes there are EE sims and that, but factor in whether a 3G/4G signal is any good in an area or even a block of flats for that matter! As for the argument about libraries, North Somerset has closed most of theirs and the computers at the main one in my town are always busy and their Wi-fi is SH173 with a capital S!




Somebody at DWP told you that ?


I have been told by a very reliable source that if you go over the 15gb BT don't charge you nor does it slow down.

Now tv broadband super fiber upto 80mb with unlimited free calls £30 p/m 12 months + £9.99 delivery - £369.99 - £90 TCB
31/01/2019Expires on 31/01/2019Made hot 10th JanMade hot 10th Jan
Now tv super fast broadband upto 80mb speed with unlimited 24/7 calls worth £8 For only £30 a month, plus £9.99 delivery Total cost £369.99 And get £90 topcashback which make this… Read more
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As 16Jan is your switchover date, you are still within 14 day cooling off period. If need be cancel order and reorder 80mb.


Need help, Topcashback says for new customers, it is broadband customer or including TV customer ? thanks in advance. :)


I requested a switch from Plusnet. Now tv 23.50 per month 39mb. It will be transferred over to Now TV on 16th Jan. Just yesterday I received my now tv box. TCB tracked at 70 pounds. If I call NTV and asked them to move me to 80mb fibre is that possible? Also do you think TCB will honour the 70 pounds cashback? Thanks


Anyone replaced the Nowtv hub. I think the one they supply is rubbish. Only two ports plus unable to support my NAS


if you go for £27.00 fibre deal with sky be aware of the anytime calls as i have been with them for broadband and went to upgrade to fibre max but i still dont get call package included, they refuse so im thinking now tv.

Sky fastest broadband, 63Mb & free anytime phone calls. £27 a month + £9.95 router fee
Refreshed 4th JanRefreshed 4th Jan25/01/2019Expires on 25/01/2019
Our fastest fibre Our fastest fibre Totally unlimited, super reliable Sky Fibre Max ✔ Ideal for movie streaming and non-stop gaming in busy homes ✔ Average speeds of… Read more
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Don't think it will match Virgin vivid 350 but that costs a lot more


Will this be on levels with virgin fastest broadband


Thanks for posting this as currently with Vodafone and their router is shockingly bad. Is the sky Q router any good for stable fast speeds?


Same issue.Samknows confirms my exchange enabled for sky too.Signed up to BT on 10th Jan, day before new contracts started so hopefully still be able to leave my contract early next March.Would have liked to have tried Sky broadband.


Download the My Sky app. Log in with your Sky ID - so it looks like you have to be a customer before you can join?

Virgin Media VIP bundle - Sky Sports, Sky Cinema, BT Sport (inc 4K), fibre broadband and phone for £79 a month
Made hot 4th JanMade hot 4th Jan
This seems like a good bundle deal including £10 discount which has been added to their website today. Includes all Sky Sports and Cinema channels in HD and the BT Sport channels i… Read more

They wouldn’t budge. Only offered me a full house bundle with free cinema for £75 p/m. 200mb and phone. Oh well, I tried


£150 Credit on this deal now


Thanks I’ll try


I just said my contract is up and i see the offer online and they said they would do it.i didnt get vouchers as im existing customer but got £50credit on first bill


What did you say? I threatened to cancel and they wouldn’t budge.

Three Existing customer offer DATA mobile broadband only - 20GB for £9 per month (12 mth) @Three
Made hot 3rd JanMade hot 3rd Jan
Just came to the end of my tablet contract and called to see what deals they had. Straight off the bat they offered 20GB for £9 per month, including Go Binge. Better that I had a… Read more

I tried this by phoning Three last week. The best I could get was £11 a month for 20gb of data, but only on a 24 month contract. Not bad, but no phone calls, plus two years is a long time.


agree..... my data sims (£8 20gb, and 40gb £13) i called to cancel, but they gave me 3 months bill credit, and said i can still cancel in 3 months time i rarely use them now unlimited hotspot is back...... i also have 2 mobile contracts with three with unlimited everything which was £21 and now got it reduced to £12 per rolling contract, which is a bargain and cheaper than the original £15 one plan i was once on, I use 200gb per month on average on each mobile hotspot and have no homebroadband eg sky virgin bring on 5G for even faster download and upload speeds....! so there's no need for data sims.


If you take out a SIM only with 3 for 30gb @ £17 a month you can use the price plan change when the SIM arrives to change to unlimited for an extra £3 a month. £20 a month all in and the cap that was mentioned by another member is 1000gb however when you ring three no one knows what will happen. It's also far harder to hit as things like Netflix don't count towards data usage with go binge. I'm planing on doing the same thing as you. I'd strongly suggest a static router as they support external aerials which means you can buy one that stick to the window etc and will boost your 4g signal even further.


Sometimes they do offers, i remember seeing one for £20 unlimited everything not long ago. If you have a relative that has virgin broadband or tv then i strongly suggest you get virgin unlmited deal for £25 as its faster than threes at up to 70mbps (assuming you have good coverage where you are).


Just looking at Three website now. They only offer up to 100gb with the Huwawei homefi plans. Strange they have a limit on this and not on the phone sim only plans. Maybe I’ll buy a second hand one and then just put a Three unlimited sim only in it

Plusnet Unlimited Fibre Broadband - 18 Month Contract - Total Cost: £411.77 (possible £70 TCB). Potential average monthly cost of £18.99.
Made hot 1st JanMade hot 1st Jan
Plusnet Unlimited Fibre Broadband (36Mb) for the equivalent of £18.99 a month over 18 months with cashback. Price starts as £23.99 a month with a £9.95 activation fee. Paying line… Read more

I signed up to a 12 month contract with plusnet but according to them it’s 18 months, screwed can’t wait for April bye bye negative net


If you go through Broadband Genie, you get a £50 gift card. If you click through to Broadband Genie from Topcashback though, you will get around £30 cashback so not only is it more cashback overall but only £30 of it is at risk.


Yes think so...I would start doing 4th January


I really don't get how they can keep calling this "Fiber" and "superfast" in this day and age this should be classed as basic internet.


I purchased this last night and my switch over date is the 17th

Cheapest broadband deal with line rental just £10.24 a month x 12 months (£122.88) with Plusnet - see post for details
Made hot 27th Dec 2018Made hot 27th Dec 2018
It's possible to get broadband for just £10 24 a month. It's normally £18 a month Here is how: : Pay for the broadband & line rental 12 months upfront, which is £197.88. … Read more
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Use a screenshot from the link in this post if you need evidence. I've saved one just in case my cashback doesn't show up.


I didn't and support don't seem to be aware of the deal


No, but its says that we get a cheque 30 days after activation automatically


Did anyone get any mention of the cashback from plusnet in their confirmation email?


I'm not as I don't have an account with Plusnet but in the past and with Sky this is how I've done it. Apparently they've made it harder to do it now.


I have now set up my tp link wr1043nd router (had this from when I was on Virgin a few years ago) Signal definitely stronger and seems faster (not massively but will hopefully be better)


I have the exact same issue with my sky router as well and looking for a good booster :/


No, just one


If I wished to make my WiFi stronger would I need to buy two of these? One next to my router in my living room and one in my bedroom?


I need something like this, my sky hub WiFi isn't too good, not helped by its location which I can't really change. Would anyone recommend this... ...or I have a tp link wr1043nd which I was going to try and use as a range to extnder/access point but I'd need an idiot's guide!

Virgin Media 108mb broadband for £27 a month, £50 bill credit and no set up fee 12 months - £274
Made hot 26th Dec 2018Made hot 26th Dec 2018
VIVID 100 fibre broadband + Phone Average download speeds of 108Mbps Average upload speeds of 6Mbps For households with 5-9 devices Inclusive weekend calls to UK landlines&… Read more

have you contacted the support team? twitter team are usually good


When I go through Topcashback I can't find the above deal, only ones with set up fee and no £5o bill credit. How did you do it?


It’s so difficult to find deals with anytime calls


Chosen this when was 28 pm with£75 bill credit, since then, average speed is 50 Mbps, so, the deal with Virgin is getting half of the speed with the full price, keep the good work guys.


I would add the £50 credit on the main header as it brings the effective cost to £22.84 a month.

Free service to help to get out of broadband contract, penalty free for poor service.
26/12/2019Expires on 26/12/2019Made hot 26th Dec 2018Made hot 26th Dec 2018
Many of us have taken cheap offers on broadband only to regret it when the service falls far short of what we were expecting. No internet connection, download speeds much lower the… Read more
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Is this a deal? No, it isn't. Cold vote casted. Kindest regards


Tried this with virgin media a few months ago, had tons of evidence to show poor signal and they sided with the company! As long as the company have TRIED to meet minimum speeds and uptime then they really don't care. Very unhelpful as 9/10 they side with the company as a previous poster pointed out.


Check Uswitch or equivalent e.g. vodafone will give you unlimited fibre up to 35mb for £20.00 per month ( no line rental cost ) .... depends on your postcode though. Good luck.


(lol) (lol) (lol) (y) 🏽


I had the same with BT for the 2 months I was with them luckily for me they increased their prices so I could leave penalty free. The smart hubs they used were awful, constantly dropped connection, had replacements sent and they were the same.

Vodafone home fibre broadband at £20 pm (£22 for new customers), £70 quidco
Made hot 23rd Dec 2018Made hot 23rd Dec 2018
Vodafone superfast fibre 1 - £20pm ( Existing pay monthly customer price) Average speed 35mbps No activation 18 month contract Total price - 18 * 20 = £360 ( £396 for new customers… Read more
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Been with Vodafone over 12 months signed up with the free gift offer in 2017. Absolutely no problems at all 75Mbps Down and 19 Mbps Up. I do use my own Netgear wireless access points that connect to the Vodafone supplied router. It may be that the Vodafone router doesn't have enough horsepower to work reliably if it's handling lots of wireless traffic.


10 months with them and no problems whatsoever steady 36 up and 9 down


There are quite a bit on Trustpilot (2/5 stars) with the majority saying it’s bad, however I’m always doubtful of reviews. Although in this case I’d probably say don’t buy it, but personally I’ve never been with them:


Any reviews for onestream?


I agree router is completely useless. Had constant drop outs and was about to leave until I bought my own router and it's been pretty great ever since. All ISP routers are garbage, it's worth investing on a quality router that you can use whenver you switch..

Vodafone Broadband £20p/m for existing pay monthly mobile customers (£22p/m for new customers)
Refreshed 20th Dec 2018Refreshed 20th Dec 2018
First post so be kind :) Vodafone are offering broadband for existing pay monthly customers for £20 p/m with speeds up to 35 Mbps. For just £4 more a month you can get 63Mbps. (£… Read more

I've had my BB with Vodafone for 15 months now, previously only used sky and EE and have to say it is by far the best, not had any issues with it, unlike the other providers. Would definitely recommend :D


Offered gigabit with them but worried in changing over from VM that I will regret it, as I get a stable 100mb pipe. Been offered 500mb for £33 pm


You can officially choose your own compatible router to use on vodafone. HERE Less than a week for the sales to start so you may bag a nice discount on a shiny new model.


Same experience, after 6 it's awful. Basically doesn't work at all upstairs at any time either. Pretty poor all round.


I'm with them and I'm happy! On phone I got £4 unlim calls as well. Ignore these freaks who say they are bad because Talk talk and EE are worse.

Virgin Media Retention Deal - £45 for Full House TV, VIVID 200 and Weekend Calls x 12 months = £540
Made hot 16th Dec 2018Made hot 16th Dec 2018
So my contract ended two weeks ago with Virgin and they offered some awful retention deals so I cancelled my contract, refused to honour the Black Friday deals. I spoke with the… Read more

i am on vivid 200 and talk anytime and curently paying £64.99, they offered me £53 for the same deal. So i have signed up to NOW TV and also called Virgin saying i am not happy with what i was offered an hour ago, gave them my cancellation notice and number port request will come through. Lets hope i get called back (skeptical)


£34 for Full House, VIVID100 and weekend calls?


I am on the same deal with £34 with 100mb and they wanted £39 for 200mb. This isn't good news at all.


In the same position. Accepted increase of £46 to £49.50 to keep current package - Full House, VIVID100 and Weekend Calls. My contract had ended so had actually paid £74 for one month. Then seen this post. Is it worth calling back to cancel in the hope they'll call back with a better offer? Did they call you back?


Well your the one getting mugged (lol)

Plusnet Broadband 36Mb Unlimited Fibre £23.99/M (£75 Cashback) No Set Up Fee
LocalLocalMade hot 14th Dec 2018Made hot 14th Dec 2018
I have been calling round the broadband providers today looking for a new package. When I called Plusnet they offered their 23.99 broadband (36mb) with no set up fee and £75 cashba… Read more
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I moved from Now TV to Plusnet recently. No issues with Now TV but plusnet deal worked out cheaper. Speeds have been poor, connection frequently drops and internet at times is unusable (and I’m talking about surfing, not streaming!). I love Plusnet mobile, but I’ve been really unimpressed by their Internet.


If you've come from bt previously, you can reuse your router. That's what I did, no issues.


If it is plusnet just avoid. It is only disappointment.


Don't believe so.


Is this offered to existing customers coming out of the previous subscription?

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