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Broadband allows British people to connect with each other, to download movies and TV shows, play online games, watch sport and do their work efficiently, so it’s an important part of everyday lives. This buyer’s guide explains what broadband is all about and how shoppers can get the best broadband discounts via HotUKDeals.

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Now TV broadband Inc Anytime calls to mobiles £25/12 mth + £9.99 'delivery'
14/12/2018Expires on 14/12/2018Made hot 20 h, 35 m agoMade hot 20 h, 35 m ago
THIS IS FOR THE TALK TALK AVOIDERS Now TV Fibre broadband Inc Anytime calls to mobiles - £25/mth (+£9.99 'delivery') NOW Broadband Offer: 18+. UK only. NOW Broadband ava… Read more

I fully agree but as I noted in my original posting this deal was listed on behalf of my very aged parents both in their late 80s. As you can imagine neither are wedded to mobile technology - they'll never get rid of the landline despite all my protestations. so this was by far the best deal I could find for them Cheers


Yeah sorry I missed the anytime calls but tbh if your using a landline plugged in there's an issue there. My landline sits there recieving one call a day from my mum because it's free. I have 1 euro sip calls and people can call me on a landline number that comes thru sip to my mobile. I will be on 4g only at home come april 20gb allowance and binge BT sport unlimited that's all I need.


Thank you for posting the deal. The hub is not very good. I have had constant drop outs in service which makes the connection very unreliable. Also getting hold of a human bing to talk is extremely difficult. Hope it helps.


For those of you who don't want to use the Now TV hub with Fab Fibre, you can use your own router with an Openreach modem using the same method that works with Sky Fibre. Try googling "use own router with Sky Fibre"


But not with anytime calls to mobiles included........Plusnet is £31 with that 'add on'!!

Plusnet Fixed Price Unlimited Broadband £18.99 12 months No activation fee with £75 Cashback - now live @ Plusnet
24/10/2018Expires on 24/10/2018Made hot 15th OctMade hot 15th Oct
Just got the heads up on this offer going live tomorrow (midnight) at Plusnet. Unlimited broadband including line rental with no price increase over the 12 month contract, plus th… Read more

PlusNet = A none starter for me because they limit the upload speed to only 400Kbps which is pathetic IMO. I used to get 1300kbps on Be broadband ADSL2+. Sky's crap system is only slightly better, well 50% better than PlusNet. BTW no fibre available here so that is not an option.


Plusnet have been going steadily downhill over the past few months (in my opinion). I've had plusnet broadband just over a year and until march or so it was great. Since then, speeds have got a lot slower and I get frequent disconnections. They also whacked the price up by 25% once I'd been with them 12 months. Fair enough, as I'm out of contract, but no warning? Nice... Will be moving suppliers ASAP. Their customer service IS awful. I signed up for a SIMO contract with them in Feb. Signal was poor (not their fault, obviously), so cancelled inside the cooling off period. Next month - billed. Phoned again. Recancelled. Still billed the next month. Same the month after. After four phone calls, several emails and several converstations on their facebook page, I've finally got them to at least semi-cancel it in that I still get bills every month, but they simply say I'm in credit. Still waiting for a refund and I doubt I'll ever get it. The live chat has been down for weeks. If I was feeling uncharitable, i'd suggest it's due to the sheer volume of complaints they're getting :p


Just ordered - thanks! For those asking why not go with fiber - it's not an option in my area :)


HUKD experience suggests that the most complained about providers (by some) are also the most like providers (by some).


no, they're really not.

BT Broadband Extender 600 Powerline Adapter Kit - Twin Pack £22.99 @ Currys/PC World
Made hot 5th MayMade hot 5th May
Stumbled across this one whilst looking for a powerline adaptors. Seems to be the cheapest one and decent band available. Looked on all the other sites and this seems to be the che… Read more

Very well hidden, but these only have 10/100Mbps ports which limits the throughput - they can communicate between each other at 600Mbps but only to the computer or modem at a maximum of 100Mbps. Benefit to Wifi is it's a more closed connection, Wifi speed can be limited if you have lots of devices or are in an area with lots of wifi networks. Powerline can be affected though if you have neighbours who use them though. I got a TP-Link TL-PA4016PKIT for the same price a few weeks back, has now gone up to £27 though. Hoped it would fix my broadband problem, keeps dropping out at random. BT were adamant it is our Wifi setup even though it's affecting wired devices as well. Hoped that by cutting wifi completely we could at least prove to them it wasn't our kit. Problem still happens over the powerline but BT still won't look in to it...


For Android see "wifi analyser". A must for checking wifi coverage...


If you've an android phone or a rooted iphone you can get apps that let you measure the strength of your wifi signal and find dead spots. You may find that simply re-positioning your route or angling the ariels (the beam comes out the side of the ariels so pointing the beam at the dead spot could improve it. Wifi works best with line of sight, any brickwork (plasterboard, wood or dry wall are fine) metal, or glass has a massive impact on signal strength. Anything below 25% strength and you can get dropouts. A warning for people getting powerline for upstairs: if you're using them to extend your wifi upstairs, depending on your wiring setup, the you could have a fairly massive drop in bandwidth. My downstairs powerline adapter gets about 12megabytes a second. When I was using one upstairs, that one got just 1-2mb which often wasn't enough for streaming HD. Your mileage may vary though, my house is a 1950's one so the wiring setup is less than ideal.


Reviews of these seem poor when I’ve looked - and need to be used directly in the wall socket rather than in an extension cable so for me worth paying a little more for one with a power socket built in so not losing two sockets to these


Any ideas if this will help with getting a more stable connection with my switch? splatoon 2 is literally the only game I cant play without getting disconnected 80% of the time..... :(

Onestream CHEAPEST UK broadband - 11mbps £13.99 + £9.99 postage - £177.87
Made hot 14th OctMade hot 14th Oct
Onestream Flow Unlimited Broadband Including Line Rental costs £13.99 for the first 12 months and then £24.99 a month after that. The minimum contract period is 12 months. Your su… Read more
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I've been with them for 8 :o I've always used the Indian based online chat retention dep judging by the names of the rep which maybe why I got a different outcome. I contacted them 2 weeks in advance before my prev deal end and was prepared to ditch them. Are you gonna give these guys a shot? Less than half what you'll paying and a £1 cheaper per month than what I managed to get. If you do, let us know how you get on as reviews of these are thin on the ground and I may have to turn to someone like them next year if my luck runs out :)


Sure, and in Britain you can get 1000Mbps for £30 a month if you're in the right area. Just quoting an available package doesn't tell you anything about what's the minimum speed you can expect across the country. If you look at the EU reports on the subject the UK comes out favourably. For example total FTTP./FTTC/Cable coverage puts the UK 7th in Europe for total coverage and 4th for rural coverage. And a couple of those ahead of us are microstates like Malta (MT) and Luxembourg (LU) that you'd have to discount in any like for like comparison. Lithuania (LT) has FTTC or faster available to 83% of the population, compared to 93% of the British population. And they have a much bigger digital divide. Only 40% of Lithuanian rural properties can get an internet connection of this quality, compared with over 80% for the UK. So some might be getting a better connection, but there are many more who are getting a poor connection compared with the UK. Although Latvia (LV) next door is an interesting situation. They're almost as good as us on coverage, but a large proportion of their connections are FTTP. In a couple of years they could potentially overtake us if they keep up to the same roll out rate as the UK.


100mb s..6 euros..welcome to lithuania


one of the fastest was in Lithuania and cost not that much.. just 10-15€


On paper it's decent deal (if you receive advertised speeds or even somewhere between 7-8Mbps)but as someone who recently moved from plusnet's ADSL 11Mbps package, it can be painfully frustrating especially during peak times as the speed drops to 2Mbps or even less, notwithstanding as well is occasional signal dropouts. A quick search through respective community forums for ISP's who offer this type of packages should give one a glimpse of what to expect but in this instance, it's lacking,possibly due to onestream being fairly new? so my expectations would be a similar experience.

Sky Fibre Broadband 36Mbps - FREE Speed Increase to 63Mbps (Fibre Max) for existing (& new) customers with supported lines
Made hot 9th OctMade hot 9th Oct
Just had a letter in the post from Sky (09.10.18) - at first I thought it was for a price increase, but it turned out to be a FREE speed increase from 36Mbps to 63Mbp fibre b r… Read more
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I was with Sky on ADSL Broadband a year ago but switched to Plusnet ADSL purely based on cost. Plusnet has been a nightmare with occasional slowdowns. I believe this is due to Sky having their own (LLU) equipment in my exchange and Plusnet using the BT equipment that most others use. I assume the BT gear is too busy but the Sky gear is less busy. I want to move to fibre now my plusnet contract is ending, does fibre still go through this LLU kit? ie will sky fibre still benefit from the kit that I used to benefit from on sky adsl?


Told ya (y) .


Received and installed Saturday (y) the assistant did mention something about being a 'Sky VIP' which entitled me to the free router/delivery/fibre set up. I was on ADSL and will be on Fibre Max hopefully around this time next weekish, There is a £2 increase to my broadband bill which was £6 and is now £8 (Had a discount/offer applied to my broadband at some hazy point in the past) I concur with a previous post mentioning the new router itself improved speed, I was getting a measly 11mbps but since installing the Q is has crept up to a steady 19mbps. Nothing compared to you guys speeds but it is noticeable difference, Especially when watching HD stuff/gaming. Have been predicted a 73mpbs speed when im fibre'd up so that should feel lighting quick!


You're on their standard ADSL broadband, so won't be getting any speed increase (for now). Never know how things will go in the future.


Yes, we were aware all along this was only for fibre customers on the lower speed, as the thread title says.

Unlimited Data,Minutes and Txt Sim only deal for £25 on 12 months contract @ Virgin -  Virgin TV and Virgin Fibre Households
Made hot 4th OctMade hot 4th Oct
Superfast 4G 12 month contract Unlimited data + Unlimited minutes + Unlimited texts £25 per month Exclusive to Virgin TV and Virgin Fibre households

Works with other speed test apps though just not Ookla


yes, and I think I pay half for the same as a 'loyal' customer


Just click speed test button in the speed test app. Nothing what to do. If it never works on 4g on your phone then I guess the network settings aren't ok on your phone for that network's SIM


BT is the same as EE essential plan at there double speed option but nowhere near the level of EE max.


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TalkTalk Friends & Family Deal £19.95 p/m 18 months includes line rental - Faster Fibre Broadband £359.10
Made hot 27th SepMade hot 27th Sep
Faster Fibre Broadband UK’s lowest fixed price Fibre TalkTalk Friends & Family Deal £19.95 a month was £33.50 For 18 months, including line rental Add a FREE TV Box or Ha… Read more

I feel like i've just gone through their whole website to try and find out what my contract details are but nope, not there If we want that info we have to ask for it, sneaky of them (cheeky) i'm guessing that's on purpose so they can talk us out of leaving (if we wanted to leave that is) "Right now, it's not possible to view your contract end date online. However, if you'd like to know when your contract ends or are thinking about leaving, just get in touch with us and a member of our support team will be happy to confirm the date and any offers available to you."


Heads up. I didn't get one initially as they said my current one was working. After 2 online chats got transferred to loyalty team. I showed them the screen shot where it states you get the new WiFi hub. They then said I'd have to pay £20 (might gave been more, can't remember) I said new customers don't pay this extra fee so why should I? After a bit or arguing they sent me a new WiFi hub free of charge ;)


same here, i haven't heard back from them yet about the new contract since i received the confirmation email but i'll be wanting a new router because it's for an 18 month contract, if the one i have now explodes, (shock) i'll have to pay for a new one. A new router will come with a fresh warranty, if a router starts playing up, TalkTalk will check how old it is before sending out a new one and if it's out of warranty they'll make you pay :S


I had to call up as my current bill hd not updated. The agent said that the free calls offer had not been applied and were showing as £10. Gave him reference to the email showing free calls and he had to manually apply the offer whilst on hold. (This was after his offering for £5!) May be worth checking if your bills are showing as £10 more


That's what I did for the plus box (highfive) (highfive)

BT Mobile New Customer deal 20gb + Unlimited calls & Texts = £15 per month Total £180 + £90 Reward MasterCard (eqv. £7.50 per month for existing broadband customers)
LocalLocalMade hot 27th SepMade hot 27th Sep
Just been on BT chat & been offered this deal. “I can offer you 20GB with Unlimited Minutes and Text for £15 a month + £90 BT Reward Card, this works out £7.50 a month for th… Read more

Has anyone got this deal in recent days? tried live chat twice this week and first time just got offered the standard tariff and second time told me to call 0800 number. I'm a BT broadband customer.


I have 2 sims and can’t work out how to do this. It prompts me to buy a new ‘family’ sim and won’t let me simply make a family sim from the 2 I have already


Just log in to your account and switch it to 'family sim' Its counterintuitive I know as a family is generally 2 or more but it allows you to do it and save money. The only thing it does do is extend your contract by 1 month as the family sim is taken as you taking a new contract but that's No big deal if you are saving £4 a month


How do you convert to a family SIM if you only have a single contract?


Hi, guys just to inform you, some of the guys on here informed me that my bill would possibly be going up in September. I never received a notice from BT. The bill has now gone up and I can't get out of it. I waited for that notice but it was never forthcoming. They said it had been delivered. They have lied. They say it must have gone to trash, that old chestnut I thought. I check my emails 3 or 4 times a day. I've only had one trash email that I can remember in the last 4 months. It's a con as usual. Sorry guys I have to sort this with the Ombudsman. I suugest you don't take the con that they are clearly applying to everyone who gets BT.

The VIP bundle Full House TV + Sky Cinema HD + Sky Sports HD +  Bt Sports 4K Extra box VIVID 350 fibre broadband Talk More Anytime
Made hot 26th SepMade hot 26th Sep
VIPBundle now £79.99 Month Free Install Full House TV + Sky Sports HD + Sky Cinema HD + Extra box260 amazing channels including Sky Sports HD, Sky Cinema HD and BT Sport i… Read more

Call us on 01614779780 to sign up for this package


Any good sky TV deals just now??


it was £10 discount valid until 26th Sept. so yes it is expired now


Is this expired now? Showing as £89 with £100 credit or £210 worth of wine.


It was £45. Pretty sure it can be had for around £45-50 for a similar package atm (depending on Sky Q 2TB vs Q Silver).

£100 prepaid Mastercard for new Sky Broadband customers
Made hot 25th SepMade hot 25th Sep
You can buy any SKY broadband using the above code and get £100 prepaid Mastercard. Plus you get sky talk anytime calls pack free for the contract. Just add it in the basket to ad… Read more
Read More

Just received my email to claim the £100, a month after connection.


It seems to have expired this morning, was working yesterday but I'm still waiting on a moving date from the solicitor and now it has gone ;( , don't suppose there are any new ones?


Or you can negotiate a better price, because your contract will be finished an they will want to try to keep you. Remember to hand your notice in 1 month before it ends, then sit back and wait for the offers to come. :)


Could you put this together online or have to call them and haggle lol ?


Hmm. Not working for me :(

£22pm Unlimited Fibre Broadband and Phone (150 Mb - Zero Setup / Cancellation Fees - 12 Month Contract) using code @ Hyperoptic ***Please Do Not Offer / Request Referrals***
31/10/2018Expires on 31/10/2018Made hot 25th SepMade hot 25th Sep
I've just signed up using the discount code ' FLATSHARES ' for 150 Mb internet and phone for £22 per month on a 12 month contract with free installation and activation. Potentiall… Read more

I got a letter from this company saying that they are considering supplying their broadband down my road, so I registered my interest. Got a confirmation email then saying that I need to get in contact with the my local council to effectively put in a good word to ask if the council would consider hyper optic being installed in my road - bit of a cheek really, as the letter suggested that hyper optic would originally contact my local council on my behalf - not happy in doing hyper optic's dirty work for them😜


Well if not you can always cancel after 12 months and sign up for a new account.


Why no referrals? We're here to save money :)


I doubt. These cheap introductory deals are usually just to hook you in.


You can just give them a call and they'll give you another deal. Probably around £24 per month from what I've read.

Virgin media super fast broadband 108 mb average and phone - £28 x 12 month contract no set up fees through uswitch
Made hot 18th SepMade hot 18th Sep
Been looking about this seems decent faster n cheaper than sky max fibre
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Awesome. Thank you


Nope I'm on 100service with 3 xbox 1s and 5 phones and one pc all works really well not had a moan out of the kids in over a year. Had to piggy back a second router so that the WiFi would work upstairs .


Joined virgin been about a week on 200mb package and can only pick up 40-50mbps regardless of time of day. Waiting for engineer to arrive and fix this mess


Upload speed is awful on the 100Mb deal, 6.5Mb/s, it beats ADSL2 but seriously it's real fibre you should get 100Mb up and down...


That’s simply not true/accurate as an all encompassing statement. It might be the case for you, but I get a constant 210Mbps on my 200Mbps service.

Vodafone Superfast 76Mbps broadband - £25 pm (Term £450) + TCB
Made hot 13th SepMade hot 13th Sep
use topcash baack for £85 cashback so total cost would be £25 * 18 = £450 - 85 = £370/18 = £20.27

Signed up with them last year and cancelled soon after. I wasn't getting the 76Mbps they advertise, not even close. Also the router wifi was abysmal to say the least. Customer service weren't great so join at your own risk.


Absolutely awful. Voda router is pants and drops all the time. Bought a router from Amazon and while it doesn't drop anymore, the service is throttled to unusable of an evening. You can only claim 10% off with their speed guarantee if you sync the app with the voda router but it's BS anyway as it always shows synced at 35mbs but speed has it at 2.5mb. I had the same with SSE and managed to escape them after submitting hundreds of speedtests. I know people don't like them but BT have been the only solid provider for me


£25 isn’t a bad price to be fair but I’d pay a few more £’s a month and go for plusnet


John lewis and a few others still do 12 months. Sometimes more expensive, but work out the extra cashback you'd get and 6 months of earlier switching, works out about the same.


Mate. I cry everyday looking at it. Coverage is so so bad

Virgin Media Broadband Fibre 200Mbps 12 Month Contract £27.00p/m £30 credit! (£294 total) - Retention
Made hot 13th SepMade hot 13th Sep
Virgin Media Broadband Fibre 200Mbps 12 Month Contract £27.00p/m £30 credit! Just call to cancel existing package. Excuse can be price rise or not happy with service. Go through … Read more
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This is what i did if anyone is still struggling. So all i wanted was just broadband.. That's it! As i hate Tivo and don't use the phone line at all! But when i signed up to Virgin i said i just wanted broadband, but they offered everything else with the broadband like Tivo and phone. Been paying £37.49 and it will now go up. Asked to leave and got a quote for £28 a month... So i asked to leave. But no one called back... I think it all depends on a number of factors... Like : * How long you've been with Virgin media * What current package you have * And most importantly... Who your speaking to... I called Virgin back, hoping i could speak to the right person... But i just found some Virgin staff rude and just not giving a s**t at all... After looking though the comments on Hotukdeals, someone recommended to just call them and request a call back from retention... First person i spoke to asking this just didn't want to know and claimed she was from retention... Second time i called, this guy answered and said no problem... weird!! again i think it's just depends on who you speak to.. Either way i finally got someone to say that retention would give me a call and offer a better deal. The deal they offered before was £28 for just broadband.. But on Virgin's website right now! There's an offer for free speed boost to 100mb and phoneline for £27!! Which made no sense to me!! Next day, got a call from retention as promised, and I got a deal for £22 a month for just 100MB for 18 months. Now that isn't the best deal some have got on here. Others I've seen have got bigger packages and better deals.. But like i mentioned before.. I think this depends on your current package you have with Virgin, who you get through to etc. I'm happy with that. Being that some have not even got a call back like me or not even been given an offer to begin with! If you wanna stay with Virgin. I'd say just keep calling Virgin. Once your at the main menu. press 4 --- Then 5 --- and you'll get through to someone. First ask whats the best offer, then quote that offer with someone like Sky or BT etc. Even look on Virgin website or look on to quote better offers. The guy i spoke to then said they'll put through a request to retention. So i genuinely feel its really down to who you speak to. When retention did call back, the number that called me was 0800 183 6407. I asked Virgin retention to call me on my mobile, and they did. Hope this helps anyone else trying to get a good deal!


Well after ringing a couple of times further and not getting anywhere near as good a deal, I arranged for a BT install (supposed to be tomorrow). So I rang once more and got an OK deal 100mb £23 per month for 6 months, then £26 for 12 months after. I accepted and cancelled the BT order. Better than £36 + £3.


Indeed the same. Contract will be due to run out in one weeks time, best I was ever offered was I think £35.00 per month with a one off £50.00 credit (Bringing it to £32.00) but I refused that still thinking I was being called. I was warned "This is a one-time deal that cannot be guaranteed if you don't accept". Took the gamble and it hasn't paid off, been told conveniently the deal is no longer on offer, thus I have had to go for £35.00 per month. Oh well, it's only 12 months at least.


Heard nothing at all and it's been almost 2 weeks since they called landline. 30 days runs out on 19th Oct, looks like I'm gonna have to call them and come grovelling back.


Well had no further phone call since last comment, around 5 days later I called up again and stopped disconnection and updated my details (To which I was then told my mobile WAS method of contact, so why they used landline??) so I put back the disconnection request. Had zero contact at all now. Sigh. I did see the other Virgin Media offer posted on here (Full bundle for around £80) but I don't know if I would get such a deal and I don't want to put a hold on my disconnection again - I already now have a bill of £50.00 being out of contract on internet only, but my internet runs my Sky Q stuff so i'll be screwed one way or another!

£16pm Unlimited Fibre Broadband ( 30Mb - ZERO Setup / Cancel Fees - 12 Month Contract) using code @ Hyperoptic
TODAYTODAYMade hot 11th SepMade hot 11th Sep
Brilliant price if you are looking for just Fibre at a low price, with no set up fee or cancellation fees, should your circumstances change. This was originally advertised as a stu… Read more

Not available in my area


i had a cancel anytime plan too, just cancelled as i am moving and was charged £20 for each month left of the first 12 months...


Oh god that is hot. Soon, soon.


wired connection is still better, its faster and much more reliable. Give me ethernet over wireless any day.


Just signed up with sky getting 60mb ish average (for free as I now pay the same as I did for broadband) or I'd of gone for this seems pretty cheap. Get my sky tv phone and fibre for £28 a month so I'm happy with that but good to know there's competition out there for virgin and sky etc

EE Unlimited Fibre Broadband (67mb/s) £30/Month + £110 Quidco Cashback + 5GB extra data if your on EE mobile
Made hot 5th SepMade hot 5th Sep
I was renewing my Broadband this week and found this with EE. £30/month + £110 cashback via Quidco - so £23.88/month. To my knowledge, EE basically piggybacks off BT - so this is … Read more

So BT called and offered me my existing package for £21.99/mo - unlimited 70Mbps. Guess I'll stick with BT.


Got this same deal when EE was doing £100 amazon vouchers..... very good deal and yes the 5gb extra is also sweet for ee customers as I recently moved over from three (who off late have become really bad with their deals including renewing customers). Hot Hot Hot !!!!


Load of crap - max speed apparently 38mb/s - I'm with plusnet currently get around 55mb...


Let me tell you about EE, they wanted 60 to repair my broadband that was cutting out midway in streams constantly. They had a deathbed conversion to free when I threatened bye bye. Then they had the cheek to phone me once I was elsewhere to ask me why they don't understand effing your customers the staff don't understand effing your customers. Good deal but I can't give it heat it's cold they are the worse and I mean worse company


I think the Now TV broadband deal was the best one which I was lucky enough to get which is working out to be £15 per month after TCB for unlimited fibre broadband.

Hyperoptic Summer Sale - 150Mb Fibre £23 per month (12 month contract - FREE Installation and Activation) *NOW LIVE*
Refreshed 3rd SepRefreshed 3rd Sep
Update: Offer now extended until 17th October! :) Hyperoptic are back with some great offers, with the best offer of the bunch being the 150mb Fibre service for just £23 a month … Read more

Not in Birmingham either.


Super-selective really - cant get it at my place in London either :( The search continues....


Lol no - im central and i cant get it. Their expansion policy essentially depends on if you own the building or not. This makes this deal absolutley terrible. Around 99.9% of people wont be able to get this as they wont be in a major city owning their own building.


Just wish VM would sort out thier crappy Upload


Just one block of flats near me can get this! Useless (annoyed)

100gb 4G home broadband @ Airtel (Vodafone) - £18.99pm x 12 months = £227.88 - (Only available in the channel islands )
Made hot 29th AugMade hot 29th Aug
I am currently downloading at about 1mbps using Plusnet, (the scamps won't let me leave until next year either) so I've been looking at a replacement. I can't get fiber or cable in… Read more

Don't forget the 1tb max usage a month and if they pickup unusual usage they'll kick you off without giving you a reason.


if you're in the UK, take out the three all you can eat data contract. They are removing the tethering limits. Also allowing you to use the phone sims in dongles etc. But even before this, you could just install a custom rom like lineage onto your android and three wouldn't know you're tethering.


Well this deal appears to be a write off to all except those in the channel islands. Does anyone know of anything similar? Three mobile do one for £30 a month for 100gb but I can't find anything cheaper.


This is because in most places the service is operating on the same infrastructure no matter who you contract with for your broadband, you are getting the exact same service with a different company name on the bill (Exception here is Virgin Fibre areas + other smaller fibre providers). Feedback from users should really only consider the customer service/experience for technical issues and/or quality of the router provided. Virgin run their own fibre network which is different from BT/Openreach network and so different quality of service can be seen. Other issue is lack of understanding of Fibre Broadband vs Standard Broadband and the ever present problem of internal wifi.


so glad they can get 4G in the channel isles, pity you cant get it in most places in the uk.

Virgin Media now has 30 day rolling broadband deals £35 per month for 50Mbps
Made hot 23rd AugMade hot 23rd Aug
Virgin media increased my bill to £36 for 200Mbps connection without phone line... so I went to check there existing prices and figure out they are now doing 30 days rolling back … Read more
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Paying £40 for 350gb broadband only £10 off as should be £50 signed a new 12 monther. Prob not the cheapest it could be but happy for 20% off


They didn’t it’s bs


On 100mbps currently £38 with another £3 to follow. Got offered 37 then £35. I cancelled..


Just renewed last night for 12 months the vivid 350 and TV box on basic package (player bundle) and telephone line (which I'm not going to use) and new broadband router V3 and they threw in 3 months of sky sports for no extra cost (will have to phone and cancel in November). All of the above for the cheaper price of £44 a month I was paying for 49.46 for just the BB and phone line (again didn't use) It stays that price provided I cancel the sports in Nov and renew again next year 2019 Chuffed that I got the full BB package for less than I'm paying now but I'm sure once October hits it's going be a bit more expensive with the price rise.


Yes I did. £28 for 12 months. Then have to renegotiate again. But to get the prices I get you have to ring up cancel and then about a week before your cancellation date Virgin will call you and offer whatever you the deal you want, not the deal they want to give you.

Fab Fibre Broadband (Up to 40 Mbps) & Line Rental for £20 a month (£240 a year) @ NowTV. (Quidco/TCB cashback currently £75/£80)
Made hot 20th AugMade hot 20th Aug
Seems like a good price for Fibre and phone line. 12 month contract. Hub 2 is provided but they charge £9.99 for delivery. The £80 TCB should cancel that though. That TCB offer e… Read more

It depends how much control you want. I have a decent router of my own so I want to swap out the Now TV one. But if you are not picky, it's probably fine. I believe it's a bit fiddly/technical getting the settings right on your own router, but usually possible with a bit of trial and error.


Is it super bad? I have 2 BT routers, they sent me a replacement one in July which I haven't even opened. Is it possible I could maybe use one of the BT routers for my new Nowbroadband connection


Thanks. Actually it was finally switched on last night, so either my irate phonecall did the trick or they were genuinely held up by my old ISP (Utility Warehouse). Either way, I'm relieved. 5 days without internet in the home is surprisingly difficult. Now I've just got to work out how to replace their terrible router with my own.


Oh dear, hope it is sorted quickly. My switch over is meant to be Wednesday. Who was the old ISP?


I ordered "Fab Fibre" on 22nd August. I was told activation day was 6th September. My old provider's broadband was disconnected that day and today I still don't have internet at home. Now TV are blaming it on my old provider, claiming that they are 'holding up' the process, whatever that means. TCB currently tracking at £0. So "Fab Fibre" is not working out to be quite so fab.

Now Broadband + mobile/landline calls,  2p international calls, £18 x 12m, £9.99 router, £225.99 (+TCB £75)
Made hot 20th AugMade hot 20th Aug
Anytime mobile/landline calls is usually £8 a month, free for as long as you remain a Now Broadband customer - ie retentions for a better broadband prive ;) Caller display £1 … Read more

Worked here from HUKD app, opened in Safari


not clicking through now?


Beware, my TCB £90 from July didnt track, now TCB want an order number which doesnt tally with the product I purchased through them, think I am going to get stiffed Cashback is not guarenteed


Problem solved. My banks security had issues. Normally when you make online payments, your banks security page pops up, but not on this occasion. Issues resolved now.


Has anyone else been having problems signing up? Everything was going fine until I got to the pay now stage. I've checked multiple times to make sure all my details were correct, but to no avail. It just keeps saying "somethings not right". I've tried live chat, but that doesn't seem to be working either.

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