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Broadband allows British people to connect with each other, to download movies and TV shows, play online games, watch sport and do their work efficiently, so it’s an important part of everyday lives. This buyer’s guide explains what broadband is all about and how shoppers can get the best broadband discounts via HotUKDeals.

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NETGEAR GS308-100UKS 8 Port Gigabit Ethernet Desktop/Wallmount Switch - £15.99 (Prime) £20.74 (Non Prime) @ Amazon
Made hot 22nd MayMade hot 22nd May
I have one myself, works well. I know it is not the cheapest it has been but it is still a decent price.

Nooooooooooooo...............get the TP-link..............Netgear have a 1 year self destruct timer!


thanks for this


They usually hover around £19 on Amazon, got a few myself dotted around the house.


Nice one @MikeyG1 - been after a larger switch that the one I currently have. For £16, I'll have a pop at this :)


Thanks. Was going to get a TP-Link one but this will do! Heated - D

Free £179 Lenovo laptop with John Lewis broadband starting at £22.50/month x 12 month contract = £270
Refreshed 22nd MayRefreshed 22nd May
Seems like a pretty sweet deal to get a decent laptop for free with John Lewis Broadband (which is the same as BT Broadband infrastructure considering it is run by BT's subsidiary … Read more
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The laptop specification is competitive for its normal price point of £150-180. The package is £22.50 a month for unlimited broadband for 12 months including line rental. You also get a evenings and weekends call package and free caller display. £50 or more cashback through either quidco or topcashback. No setup fees. If there are any price increases mid-term you get to leave early. I will use the free call package a lot. Over a year I will probably use hundreds of hours of calls. So that's £220 or less after cashback. Best current other deal seems to be talktalk at £204 with £60 cashback so £144 but no call package although free calls between other talktalk customers. So you could say the laptop is costing you £76 approx if the call package wasn't of interest. I'm not a fan of talktalk though due to previous problems with them when I wanted to leave. They made it exceptionally difficult and caused a delay in transferring although this is going back perhaps 4-5 years. There was bound to be a cost for the laptop of sorts but happy to pay it and if for some reason they increase broadband prices midterm then it will work out cheaper of course assuming I transfer at the time. Talktalk guarantee not to increase prices midterm so you won't have the chance to leave early without a additional fee. Some of the providers are 18 month contracts or are similar prices so the John Lewis broadband price is pretty competitive overall anyway.


I guess this depends on the contention ratio of where you are. When you say slow you down that normally means traffic shaping doesn't it meaning it could be a good thing depending on your circumstances. If a provider traffic shapes in peak times it means its better for all connected. My experience of plusnet was good but sky is a bit slow but then that could be because when I had plusnet previously it was perhaps 30:1 contention ratio and sky could be 100:1 you just don't know what you are going to get where you are for sure.


My brother had to leave Plusnet because they slow you down and he moved to sky and made a massive difference to his broadband speed in a positive way


This deal makes you think you get a free laptop but not realising the specification of the laptop which is very poor and the price of the broadband is over priced


Is this the last day of this offer? Anyone interested better move quickly. Still no modem for me?

30Mb Fibre £14 per month / 150Mb Fibre £24 per month in May Sale (12 month contract - No line rental required - Free install and activation) with code @ Hyperoptic
Refreshed 18th MayRefreshed 18th May24/05/2018Expires on 24/05/2018
Hyperoptic seem to making big waves as a Fibre broadband provider recently, and their May sale is in my opinion, worth some attention. With three tiers of service on offer, there'… Read more
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Not available but hot all the same. Can use against Virgin's retentions dept. XD


waste of time . tried at 4 different postcodes all in the south , including a london post code - all came up as UN-available This POS company should be named HYPE-per-optic ! Too much of it !


OMG, they have the nicest CS in the world! Their support guy told me that the sales team will call me tomorrow offering the deal from the site. Thanks for the tip. I'm upgrading my speed and lowering the cost. Total win.


I am sold. <3


No throttling, bud. Its just straight up download whatever the hell you want. :)

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Sky Unlimited Broadband: £216 + One off £9.95 fee - £50 Mastercard + £80 Quidco Cashback = Final price £95.95 / £7.99 per month
Made hot 15th MayMade hot 15th May
£80 cashback given via Topcashback Edit: Deal amended and unexpired as £80 cashback is now being given by Quidco.
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I reckon a lot of people saying slow speeds & dropouts are probably the ones using sky's router for WiFi. I had the same as switch to my own router & had no problems for 10 months after which I left


Anyone knows if there any TV offer? I have sky broadband i like get tv but they ask for alot..i look for £10 month tv


£10pm Sky Broadband utld inc line rental finishes at end of month. On 15th May took plusnet MSE deal - same service for £10pm. Sky sent us a 'Sorry you're leaving letter'. Still within my 14 days to cancel switch to Plusnet. I'm asking fellow community members for guidance/help with a strategy to get basic ultimate fibre - at a retention rate £18 or below ( with either provider). [Of the last 12 months - we had significant problems with Sky for the last two. Had to take two days of work for the engineers that eventually sorted it.] Our thanks to any willing to contribute.


Telling people to stay away from Sky is like telling people to stay away from Npower as its gas isn't as hot as everyone else's.


But is that the person leaving Sky or the address leaving Sky?

BT Broadband 76mbps 12 month contract retention deal - 12 months at £22.99 (Term = £275.88)
LocalLocalMade hot 9th MayMade hot 9th May
My contract with BT is coming up to expiry so I decided to go with PlusNet, they had a 12 months contract for £30 + £15 activation for their 76mbps (and £85 TCB bringing it to £24 … Read more
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Just realised I'm paying 64 quid a month for out of contract BT. I will be changing to PlusNet.


Put an order in with Plus net at £30 a month, call BT to inform them that you are leaving and with a bit of luck, they offer you what they have offered several people here. If not, the £30 Plusnet is better than what you have now


Just called BT as my fibre broadband is now £51.49 a month (and quite unreliable). The best they can offer is £40 a month. Jokers


Signed , sealed and delivered.


If I was to switch to Plusnet would they arrange the switch after the 30 days notice time or would there be a period that I would be paying for 2 contracts?

New customers only: Virgin 100mb + talk weekends £29pm 12m + £20 activation fee Total £368 - equivalent £20.67pm (£100 bill credit) x 12 months
Made hot 8th MayMade hot 8th May
Credit to MSE £29 per month. £20 activation fee but refunded on first bill. £100 bill credit so 3 months free or equivalent to £20.67 per month. https://broadband.moneysavin… Read more
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This offer has ended so i wouldn't go cancelling as you could lose everything, just give them a call, and see if they will accept the code and apply the credit to your account, its a long shot at best though as they know this is already a good deal and that its now expired meaning you couldn't get it again just by cancelling, aka the balls in their court on this occasion. Good luck.


I ordered this without the further £50, still within the 14 day cooling off period. Would I still be able to get the offer if I cancelled and reordered


Heat added. Is there any similar deal for 200mb does anyone know?


Mine is being installed a week on Wednesday. I reckon I'll leave it a couple of weeks and see if I can bag a cheap upgrade to the 350 package, I'll already have the credit on the account so the average could work out really well!


Agreed, same happened with me. I went with TalkTalk but luckily their service was Ok if not better. Most important thing for me is that it is almost £8 cheaper than Virgin media. Retention team of VM isn't very good in my opinion, they don't really negotiate much !

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BT Broadband Extender 600 Powerline Adapter Kit - Twin Pack £22.99 @ Currys/PC World
Made hot 5th MayMade hot 5th May
Stumbled across this one whilst looking for a powerline adaptors. Seems to be the cheapest one and decent band available. Looked on all the other sites and this seems to be the che… Read more

Very well hidden, but these only have 10/100Mbps ports which limits the throughput - they can communicate between each other at 600Mbps but only to the computer or modem at a maximum of 100Mbps. Benefit to Wifi is it's a more closed connection, Wifi speed can be limited if you have lots of devices or are in an area with lots of wifi networks. Powerline can be affected though if you have neighbours who use them though. I got a TP-Link TL-PA4016PKIT for the same price a few weeks back, has now gone up to £27 though. Hoped it would fix my broadband problem, keeps dropping out at random. BT were adamant it is our Wifi setup even though it's affecting wired devices as well. Hoped that by cutting wifi completely we could at least prove to them it wasn't our kit. Problem still happens over the powerline but BT still won't look in to it...


For Android see "wifi analyser". A must for checking wifi coverage...


If you've an android phone or a rooted iphone you can get apps that let you measure the strength of your wifi signal and find dead spots. You may find that simply re-positioning your route or angling the ariels (the beam comes out the side of the ariels so pointing the beam at the dead spot could improve it. Wifi works best with line of sight, any brickwork (plasterboard, wood or dry wall are fine) metal, or glass has a massive impact on signal strength. Anything below 25% strength and you can get dropouts. A warning for people getting powerline for upstairs: if you're using them to extend your wifi upstairs, depending on your wiring setup, the you could have a fairly massive drop in bandwidth. My downstairs powerline adapter gets about 12megabytes a second. When I was using one upstairs, that one got just 1-2mb which often wasn't enough for streaming HD. Your mileage may vary though, my house is a 1950's one so the wiring setup is less than ideal.


Reviews of these seem poor when I’ve looked - and need to be used directly in the wall socket rather than in an extension cable so for me worth paying a little more for one with a power socket built in so not losing two sockets to these


Any ideas if this will help with getting a more stable connection with my switch? splatoon 2 is literally the only game I cant play without getting disconnected 80% of the time..... :(

Virgin Media 100Mb Fibre + Talk weekend for 12mths @ £30.67 p/m - £368.04 (£22.33 after £100 credit)
Made hot 5th MayMade hot 5th May
Monthly cost VIVID 100 Broadband - £2 Talk weekends - £8 Line rental - £19 Activation (one off) -£1.67 (£20/12) Total =… Read more
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My post didn't work out to £16 but leehadacres (expired yesterday) did. Hence why i hyperlinked it for reference in my last response and provided links in my post as well as i thought it was by far a better deal than the one i posted. I was lucky enough to get a £5 monthly discount credit added to mine to make it an effective cost of £18 ish From his deal, in comparison to the one i posted, there was an additional £50 off using the code and £20 activation charge reimbursed to your account. It seems you have managed to bag a similar good deal as well @ £198, (+/- £20 activation charge?) for the BB and phone package at an effective cost of £16 or £18 if you pay the activation charge... ...Which was what i was trying to highlight previously as the tv player package(mostly freeview channels) + sky movies for 3 months (i'll let you be the judge of that once you have it) didn't seem to carry any weight in terms of value for money, but rather acted as "sales sweetener" or a "a sales blinder" or whatever they call it nowadays. Cheers


And the current offer u posted doesn't work out 16 a month. I think the 150 off and the fact I get a the player added for the price as your 'current offer' makes it a better deal. As I'll b paying £198 for the year which includes TV phone and 100mb broadband


I got a further £50 off and he said instead of renewing contract either cancel and come back a few weeks later as a new customer or sign up right away in my partners name. Also included sky movies free for 3 months


I know what you mean, last year I've been called with the offer on the very day off disconnection, now they say they won't but I'll doubt. The only way is cancel to find out.


Don't despair...I would advise switching/or be prepared to switch even if doesn't suit your needs on this occasion Loyalty in business is an illusion created to exploit consumers, i mean why else would they only offer retention deals when you want to leave??? Majority of the current new subscribers (me included) enjoying the current deals will be in the same positon you are in next year ... the only advantage i keep is the abilty to switch suppliers whenever it suits me :)

Plusnet Unlimited Fibre - 12 month contract - £23.99/12 month & £70 TCB. Effective £15.65pm (Advanced Rental) or £18.15pm - TCB exclusive
Made hot 2nd MayMade hot 2nd May
As the previous QuidCo offer is expired i thought i'd post this. It's slightly cheaper than the previous QuidCo offer. Only active for another day, so you'd need to order today. … Read more

Signed up for this via TCB went through everything then was hit with the £49.99 line installation charge. Couldn’t even get them to drop it over the phone when I said i would have to go elsewhere then. Back to the drawing board it is. (annoyed)


Hopefully all OK then. I was being a bit cautious as I read similar issues on here when I joined BT, if the order was adjusted manually then some people's cashback didn't track. As you say, nothing in the TCB terms and as long as Plusnet haven't changed the order number it should be attributed to TCB - Looks like the £23.99 / month was a TCB exclusive so that's another good piece of evidence that you came from TCB! Fingers crossed the speeds with Plusnet are OK, I was getting 51Mb with BT infinity 1 so can't see why I wouldn't get close to the max of 40 with Plusnet


Thanks You were right, I got an email from BT saying I will be liable for charges because I am switching 4 days early! However I used the Plusnet Chat and after waiting for nearly 90 minutes, they changed the switching date to the day after my contract expires so there should not be a problem with BT charges and I do not believe I have contravened any TCB terms and conditions. The cashback has already tracked so all good so far!


Broadband goes up by a £1 a month . But now Caller Display is free of charge from the 5th June 2018 ( was 99p a month )


In that case it's probably best to check what BT say first. Technically they may able to levy early termination fees, possibly charging for any router, TV equipment etc. I would read through the Ts&Cs myself but have had enough scouring small print for my switch over the last couple of days! :D

350 Mbps for £32pm with Virgin Media Business Broadband. 24 month contract - £768 total cost
Made hot 29th AprMade hot 29th Apr
If are self employed or registered with COMPANIES HOUSE at your home address you can have this at house too. Just out of my contract with VM for which I was paying £42.95 for 100M… Read more

I have 200mb broadband, been with Virgin for like 20 years now. We have issues in the area up till August they said they'll get it fixed. Since about Janurary. We constantly have our internet throughout the year going down 100% for days, they wont even give us mobile data to replace, so I have to buy my own data sim which costs a lot.


Yes thanks I'll choose the same package assuming VM provide the service when they say they will.


No, coax from the CMTS to your house. Fibre to the CMTS from the PoP. You're talking about FTTP.


Pretty much all UK ISPs are terrible at advertising upload speed and even worse informing the customer of traffic shaping / throttling. I couldn't care less if my download is 350 or 200 but I do want a decent upload speed so had to go for the higher 350 package. 20 up is still pretty poor for the price though.


The annoying thing was the broadband would work perfectly for 2-3 weeks, then all of a sudden we would have drop outs all day for a few days, then it would fix itself. I always thought if the cable was damaged in between our property and the green exchange box on the street, then we would have problems constantly. The virgin engineers did rewire the connection box the telephone plugs into in the house, I also watched the engineer change all of the terminal connections in the green virgin box on the street outside our house and change the connection into a different port, still did not fix the problem permanently. The main frustration was that it was not down all of the time, only occasionally which was the worst part of the whole thing. Great deal if they do a new install and it all works okay. I now have BT line for the business upstairs and Plusnet fibre for the downstairs (personal use), they never both go down at the same time so the house is always connected.

Plusnet £5 Retention Deal (iD Mobile match - 250 minutes, 5000 texts and 2.25GB)
Made hot 22nd AprMade hot 22nd Apr
I called Plusnet yesterday to leave as I am a low user and I was interested in moving to iD Mobile’s £5deal (250 minutes, 5000 texts and 2.25GB). Plusnet matched this deal for me s… Read more
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And support WiFi Calling and you can tether - like Virgin they don’t ‘allow it’ but it works so ID offers more (if Three signal covers your usual bases/places).


Thanks OP! Was waiting on a PlusNet deal :)


2.25gb goes a long way on Android, I rarely use mine up or even close. If you want to tether a tablet from time to time, or probably a Chromebook this could be useful. If Windows 10, run a long way in the other direction.


iD allow rollover as plusnet don't! Horses for courses i suppose


The same reason you would want to tether if you had unlimited data - because you need data on another device sometimes.

Standard Broadband and Unlimited Anytime Calls inc. mobiles £18.95 pm TalkTalk
Made hot 21st AprMade hot 21st Apr
If, like me you just want standard unlimited home broadband, but also need unlimited anytime calls to landlines and mobiles, I think this is a great deal. This includes line renta… Read more

Right because I was on live chat for about an hour and they completely refused to do this for me. They stated the best they could offer would be 18.95+5 for the call boost. ... So can you tell me why this is the case when you say I should be able to get the deal but they tell me no


they wont let me have this deal i have been on the phone an hour


they wont let me have this deal they said its not on the talk talk website


Thanks for this post - I called talktalk and said I wanted to leave - they put me through to the dept. in S.Africa who are much more efficient and it enabled me to get broadband and unlimited calls for £18.95 for 18 months. I've never had any problems with their broadband, but their 'chat' and customer service in Asia is pretty poor, but rarely need to contact them, so no big problem - I did try to get this deal via chat, but they wouldn't give it to me, so phoning was better option. My parents also managed to get faster fibre and unlimited calls for £25 for 18 months - after quoting this deal on 'compare the market' - as they will give existing customers the same deal as new customers


Both of our contracts were due to run out in a few weeks time, they advertise all offers are available to new and existing customers. My Uncle was paying £26 per month, he has now the same package on a 12 month contract for £18.95.

Vodafone broadband £21 month with £50 Amazon gift card equates £18.22 a month at
Made hot 19th AprMade hot 19th Apr
Vodafone broadband. From £21 month including landline. Use the link and get £50 Amazon gift card. Unfortunately you have to wait for 4 months. I have signed up to the 76mpbs serv… Read more

You might want to try posting on the TalkTalk forum, sometimes they seem a bit more helpful than phone support. I currently have a fault on my line but I'm with Sky, all they've done so far is make it worse (cheeky)


Beware of the DSLAM (digital subscriber line access multiplexer) if your line isn't 100% - it'll keep cutting your speed. I'm in this position - and neither TalkTalk or Openreach can fix the problem. A provider can't reset your line, so it has to be referred to Openreach - they reset it and claim it's working - then the software kicks in and knocks the speed down progressively every day or two. My speed starts at 25 and progressively goes down to 7. I've almost given up trying to get them to fix it again - because I end up spending hours on the phone to a south African call centre, who go through menu scripted fault finding every time!


Practically zero usability and same for customer support. Odd how it worked fine til after the Cooling off period. Only option is to pay out the remainder of contract. Best part of £400 for nothing....which I currently receive anyway. Avoid!


I may cancel as I'm still in 30 day period


I have Vodafone and my recent speed test showed 30mb download and 6 MB upload spread, I opted for the cheapest of the two packages they offer. The router is terrible though, keeps rebooting or just dropping signal

Vodafone fibre broadband flash sale - £21 per month plus a free £60 Amazon voucher
Made hot 12th AprMade hot 12th Apr
Looks like these Vodafone broadband offers will last until the end of Sunday - it's cheaper than my BT package that's for sure! It's a gift cloud deal so the downside is you have t… Read more

You said line goes live in April and I said it should work fine....til May!




Enjoy...should work fine....til May!


If you are struggling with the poor performance of the router they provided you might want to consider getting something different. I'd try either: or this: Kinda ruins the deal as it's another £60 or £100 on top :-(


Seems a good deal. Pity I am only half way through BT contract. Thinking: I should call BT and take whatever new contract they offer me, then cancel within 14 days (per online purchase rights), which makes me just a regular full-price non-contracted BT customer, then I can effectively leave BT without penalties. Sounds too easy. I must be missing something :)

Plusnet to raise prices so leave penalty free! The cheapest deals for standard and fibre broadband is NowTV @ £15.84 on a 12 month contract (total cost £190.08)
Made hot 6th AprMade hot 6th Apr
Plusnet prices to rise so you can bag yourself a cracking deal! Plusnet has warned customers that it's increasing some broadband prices by £12 a year in June and call costs will b… Read more

Wish I could get virgin in my area. Probably gonna go to now tv, just gutted I missed out on the £20 per month deal. Wonder any offers will go on over he bank holiday


Just got my emails for both mine and mums account that I pay for. I'm leaving because I have had trouble with netflix in the evening, streaming is poor quality and often skips, lags. Read on google numerous reports about this problem, probably gonna go back to Virgin.


Ah right, that’ll explain it, just need to decide if I go with that or the one with tv for £35


Are you going to BT using the link on Quidco? It shows as £35.99 if I go directly to BT, but going via Quidco I see this:


Strange, it’s not when I go to their homepage. I have seen their offer for infinity 1 and basic tv for £35 which all the cashback and reward card which is tempting

Now Fab  Fibre broadband up to 38Mbps 12 month contract £20/month + £10 delivery (OR £15.42/month £65 TCB)  *** Updated cashback ***
Made hot 5th AprMade hot 5th Apr
Now Fab Fibre £20/month for 12 momths = £240 (then leave) £10 router delivery = £250 Effectively £20.33 a month CASH BACK DEALS via TCB or Quidco £75 Top cashback (expires 6th … Read more
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Activated today for me. 37mb down and 10mb up both via powerline adapters and wireless. Wireless coverage better than my previous talktalk router. Seems stable so far. £70 Quidco tracked so hopefully will move to confirmed in near future.


I didn't remember to go for cashback (D'oh)...but I would have thought not. My Now TV fibre has been up for a few days and its all good. Low ping and 37.5mb on the 38MB service. However our estate got Virgin cable nearly 20 years ago so most folks are on that....with BT only adding fibre a couple of years ago I suspect there aren't many of us using (BT) fibre.


Thanks mate, was curious about this. I want to pay the £50 also to convert to a rolling contract. Does the cashback still track ? As topcashback says (12 month contract) Thanks


Anyone had their broadband activated? Will be good to hear from everyone who has signed up. My activation date next week


o good luck mine is coming in 2 weeks time lol good luck to us :P

Linksys EA8300 Max-Stream AC2200 Simultaneous Tri-Band Wi-Fi Broadband Router - £88.98 @ Amazon
Made hot 4th AprMade hot 4th Apr
WORKS WITH AMAZON ECHO: Ask Alexa to turn on Guest network or retrieve your password INTELLIGENT TRI-BAND ROUTER with "Quad-Core" CPU and 3 offload processors to boost performance… Read more

I don't think so.


Nice to see a router with decent lightning conductors on it.


That's to buy off Ebuyer, u can still select amazon but its out of stock at the min


Glad I purchased when I did. Price has increased to £95. Thanks OP, voted hot.


Seems odd that you spend money to get a secure router, and then let amazon have access to change setitngs.

Now Brilliant Broadband 12 month Standard Contract (£15 per month + £9.99 one off fee) £60 possible cashback at topcashback or Quidco) @ Now Broadband
Made hot 3rd AprMade hot 3rd Apr
I thought this was a cracking deal. I signed my mum up to this a while back, and thought she got a good deal, but this one is even better, potentially paying just £139.98 over the… Read more

Now says ADSL not available, but I can have Fibre. Funny, I have one line with Fibre and one with ADSL and Now will not offer ADSL!


No fair usage on Now least according to their website FAQ.


I don't have now t.v. at all now. There was a fair usage which was confirmed by an advisor and they would strangle my internet down to under 2meg. So no router would improve that.


Do you have a NOW TV Hub 2 though? The 2 suggests its a different model than they used to send out, and forums say the 2 is the same as the Sky Q box.


This has already been posted but it’s a good deal, would love to find one for under a tenner though.

NOW TV Fibre Broadband for new customers £20.84 pm + £50 in M&S Vouchers unlimited fibre+line rental/12 month contract = Equivalent £16.67 pm
Made hot 28th MarMade hot 28th Mar
Hi too good not to share: Until 11.59pm on Sat 31 March, newbies to Sky-owned Now TV/Broadband can apply via this Now Broadband link* for this deal - it's a year's contract for up… Read more
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Anyone taken out this deal or anyone had Now broadband. Is it reliable? Dont want slow connections and constant drops in connnection


Virgin deals are for existing customers only.


Well that Virgin deal would be useful for people who live in areas that can get Virgin, shame I don't. Otherwise this deal could be an alternative option. Theres a broadband war going on, so win win for consumers.


What is the customer number for now broadband band


It was listed on here a few days back.

Plusnet Unlimited Broadband upto 17Mbps £18.99 per month including line rental for 12 months with £0 act fee and £50 cashback £177.88 (£14.82pm after cashback)
Made hot 25th MarMade hot 25th Mar
Thought this was a great offer for anyone who doesn't need the speeds of fibre, but still want an unlimited plan and line rental inclusive. Offer runs until 27th March. Unl… Read more
Editor Get dealGet deal

Plusnet doesn’t


The Sky deal seemed better which I took last month and now my ethernet connection doesn't work with the sky hub. Kind of wish I'd stuck with plusnet :'(


I got Quidco cash back with BT deal


I'd say you've been lucky tbh, which is fair enough. Some of the horrors I went through was them trying to charge me in advanced for a months package that proceeded the contract expiry date (as part of the cancellation 'agreement') and charging £80 for the standard (not a record box) YouView box until I returned which point they'd refund me the £100+ of "upfront" charges with around "6 weeks". This was at the end of November (couple of years ago), so knocking on the doorstep of Christmas. Considering it took me 4 years to get back £30 they owed me on the previous contract, I wasn't too impressed. I called up and spoke to a manager in Bangalore who removed the charges, only to get a bill in January (2 months after cancellation) with the charges back on - still trying to bill me for a box I'd sent back and a month's usage when I wasn't even their customer. I've not heard any of these horror stories with PlusNet, but when I was a happy TalkTalk-er and recommended them to others, I felt embarrased by the hassle they had with purely getting switched over to them.


I can only go on my own experience with them, and had no issues leaving in order to get cashback deals with someone else. I’ve never been impressed with the phone customer service of any of the providers & TalkTalk probably are one of the worst offenders but they do have knowledgeable staff on their forum so would have no issue going back to them.

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