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Ive got a wee soft spot for Iceland although not the cheapest. All through Covid when it was near impossible to get a delivery from likes of Asda or Tesco you could always get a quick delivery from Iceland. Credit to them. Eh, good deal though (y)


Online & in-store?

Budweiser Lager Beer Bottle, 20 x 300ml - £10 (+ £4.49 Non Prime) @ Amazon
Made hot 19th JunMade hot 19th Jun
Good price at Amazon who are price matching Tesco (for those who don't have prime) This pack contains 20x300ml bottles of Budweiser Lager Beer, 4.5% ABV Known as "The King of B… Read more

No, you just set first delivery, and you can cancel as soon as you get your order. You can get a little bit more discount if you set up subscriptions for 5 items at the same time. However you get this £3.40 discount with a simple subscription for becks only.


Hi. How does S&S work. Do you have to cancel to stop any further ordering/deliveries ?? With the Becks link it looks like I have to schedule 5 deliveries to get the £3.40 voucher discount. Could be wrong though.


Thanks for the link?


Honestly even less alcohol too, but Becks it tastes much better for me.


I wish I liked Budweiser. Always cheap deals about. I’m not generally fussy but Budweiser is just turd.

FREE Budweiser Aluminium Cup - with any purchase of the Officially Official England Team cases of Budweiser or Bud Light £8.59 @ Aldi
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If you purchase the Officially Official England Team packs of Budweiser or Bud Light from Aldi stores, you can pick up a free aluminium Budweiser cup.

No it doesn’t


My local one let me buy a a couple of large bottles for 2 of them


Well it worked for me it was the lady who worked in there who said just buy one bottle


It doesn't go through Buds exclusive beechwood aging process in South Wales but this has more flavour and only 17p for 2 litres ;)


Thank you for posting and well done on your first hotukdeals thread (highfive)

Lidl - 20x300ml Budweiser for £9.99
267° Expired
Made hot 10th JunMade hot 10th JunLocalLocal
A good deal here 20 bottles for 9.99 at Lidl nationwide Install the lidl app and lookout for weekly deals.

Same price at Morrisons


Great price for a grim beer, just IMO.


I honestly didn't know they were different shops for quite a while, then I saw one of each right next door to each other and I was like, that's why people keep spelling it differently.


9.98? Haha aldi and lidl they love to compete don't they


1p cheaper in my local Aldi in case that's closer for anyone.

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Budweiser Beer 15 X 300ml £8 at Sainsbury's
Made hot 30th MayMade hot 30th May
Budweiser bottles

Nice first deal. Thanks for sharing @RonaldTrump (highfive)


Brewed in South Wales. - Our exclusive Beechwood Aging produces a taste, a smoothness and a drinkability you will find in no other beer at any price (lol)


Yes, the title was wrong and said 330ml. A mod above changed it already. Good deal.


On the box in the pic 300ml


Normal Budweiser 20 X 300ml is £9.99 in Lidl.

Budweiser Budvar 12 x 330ml - £11.99 instore @ Aldi, Leicestershire
Made hot 22nd MayMade hot 22nd MayLocalLocal
Good deal, rarely find the 330ml. £1 a bottle for decent imported beer is good IMO.

i bought a box of these yesterday, and they are almost gone already. To be honest, i had expected these to be cheaper, we are in ALDI after all. Co-op were knocking out these 12 crates of Budvar for the same price for a short while last year. £9.99 would have been more pleasing . Ill continue to buy them however, because as already mentioned this beer is the dogs boll*x.


Only just finished my stash the other week of that and the other beer that was the same price, can't remember he name of the other one. Amazing price, makes this seem a very poor deal.


Just a couple after a gig Gav ;)


What do you know Angus as you don't drink...


This is excellent in bottles of cans, picked some of this up from Aldi on Friday morning myself, took the first box whilst the bud light next to it was nearly all gone (lol) . Majestic wine still doing the deal I posted 10 X 500ml bottles but Asda doing the best deal 12 X 300ml cans for £9 so fill your boots, arguably the best Lager available from the supermarket shelves. The Czechs do it all right, non of this 'brewed under licence' nonsense and chemically forced brewing. Pilsner Urquell on the same deal in Asda which is also a favourite of mine. My Asda has been out of stock since I took a few trays off them last weekend unfortunately..