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Bulmers original or pear cider 500ml down to £1 per bottle @ Morrisons
LocalLocalFound 16th OctFound 16th Oct
Hi Just picked up some nice cider for £1 per bottle in Morrisons. The berry flavour was not reduced just the Apple and pear flavours Nice saving.
Bulmers Original and Bulmers Pear Cider 500ml bottles for just £1 In-store at Co-Op
Found 22nd AugFound 22nd Aug
Just popped into my local Co-Op and saw they had both Bulmers Original and Bulmers Pear Cider 500ml bottles on offer for just £1. Sadly they didn't have Crushed Red Berries & … Read more
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Home Bargains Larne,N.Ireland had it last weekend for 89p and the red bottle though no pear. Magners was 99p. Didn't know it was a good price as don't drink much but took a notion for a bottle of cider and also not normally in a Home Bargains that has a drinks licence lol. Though also not in a fridge which is always a bonus with a good price! No idea if national either in Home Bargains as that one I went too is about the only one I know off here with a drinks licence.


Beverley, East Yorkshire. I assumed from the promo labels that it would be nationwide. I've just been and picked up my daughters from training and popped into another store in Hull and they had them in there.


Same price in mine - received a member coupon for 50p off cider or beer so only cost me 50p for the pear cider - result!


And your local is where ?

Bulmers crushes red berry & lime £7 @ Asda Toryglen Glasgow
Found 5th AugFound 5th Aug
Normally £1.50 a bottle. Asda had the six pack for £7, normally £9 in most stores. Not sure if Just local. Asda toryglen glasgow
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It’s very refreshing & easy to drink. Perfect for a sunny day or you need a break from fizzy lager


That offer has been on for a while and is oos online - I have tried several asdas in london and couldnt never find any stock as well.


Don’t agree. All down to taste.


No idea why but i really fancy trying this. Thanks for the heads up. Heat


I rather buy the normal ones . These fruit ones are full of sugar and taste like sugar solutions. I dont know many extra calories in them on top of those in dry cider .

Bulmers Original or Pear Cider (500ml) £1 @ Morrisons
LocalLocalFound 19th MayFound 19th May
Available from Morrison's 500ml bottles of Pear or Original Bulmers £1. The head of the Bulmers family, this is a Herefordshire cider hero. A light bodied apple cider with sweet a… Read more

Bulmers pear is about as far from the taste of pear as you could get. Absolutely rank. Never tasted the Apple so can't say.


SNP scum. They're out of government at the next general election because of this. Political suicide.


For anyone in Scotland these are on offer at £1.15 due to minimum pricing.


Already posted

Bulmers Original (box of 8) 3 for £21 at Asda
Found 14th AprFound 14th Apr
Works out at 88p per 500ml bottle.

£7.49 for Pear cider at Aldi, 8 bottles


Wish they included the other flavours, not just the original.


Fair enough but the idea of this site is for a deal on a product not to compare deals with other products.


I’m guessing it’s cos there’s been much better recently. For example, Morrisons had 2 for £20 on Magners 440ml 20 pack cans, so 50p per can. I stocked up while that offer was on. (y)


Maybe it’s been in the fridge?

Bulmers Original Apple Cider 8 Bottle Pack £3.50 @ Asda Perth
LocalLocalFound 22nd MarFound 22nd Mar
Found in Asda Perth About 5 Boxes Left
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Still live , got 7 in bearsden store (highfive)


No way am I flying to Australia to get cheap bulmers. NO WAY!!!!


same but a good deal


I used to prefer Stella Artois pear cider but that seems to have disappeared.


Great price. Shame, I can't stand this stuff.

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Bulmers Orchard pioneers 4 x 330ml Jan dated £1.49 @ home bargains ( prenton)
LocalLocalFound 15th JanFound 15th Jan
Store specific prenton / wirral, 4 x 330ml cans for £1.49
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not actually very nice but been £1.99 for ages, also stella cidre 4x330ml (worse of the 2)


Some in theTelford store (Wellington retail park).


I was guessing store specific as not on their website


Also in Kilmarnock store.

Bulmers 330ml bottle 59p @ homebargains
Found 17th Dec 2017Found 17th Dec 2017
Found in blackpool worth checking your local

found some in Cowbridge Road, Cardiff branch


Not at the one close to me - good for those whose Home Bargains are doing this deal.


Wish home bargains were near me


I know where I’ll be tomorrow


Had the berry one for 59p in blackpool

Bulmers Orchard Pioneers 4 * 330ml cans £1.99 in Home Bargains
LocalLocalFound 17th Dec 2017Found 17th Dec 2017
Bulmers Orchard Pioneers Sarah's Red Apple Cider, 4-packs of 330ml cans are £1.99 in Home Bargains. This looks to be in-store only, I found them in the Leeds Merrion branch. Very d… Read more
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I can't be bothered going to a shop, either way it's better to buy them, or buy wine, from Amazon. Cold , of course.


I tried Thatchers Katy Cider at Tesco Express as all other ciders were sold out. But I threw up on the first bottle. So I think this cider is the same and not like Bulmers normal cider which I love.


really not very nice, bought a couple of packs and there are still cans on the shelf, which is a rarity. seen them at my local HB for over a month which must mean they have quite a lot of stock to clear. grab one if you must try, honestly would say i perfer normal bulmers (ow)


tastes good I have bought a couple of times . This and the craft beers they sell will be something I will fill the fridge with for Christmas


Thanks. Heat added. Been wondering if these were worth buying.

Free bottle of Bulmers via CheckOutSmart App
Found 2nd Dec 2017Found 2nd Dec 2017
Free bottle of Bulmers via CheckOutSmart app. Purchase necessary. Cash back by uploading valid receipt
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Just had all my receipts processed, including the wrong flavour Bulmers.


Mine finally did this morning , and the bulmer has not expired on mine


My Fosters hasn't processed yet, either.


Me too and this hasn't gone through yet either, I have kept the receipts though.


I haven't got pay for buying fosters yesterday, don't know what's reason

Free v smart water and Bulmers available today via checkoutsmart
Found 2nd Dec 2017Found 2nd Dec 2017
I'm learning to love this app, as part of their advent give aways today is a Free 500ml of drinks from tescos and a bottle of bulmers from one stop.... Buy, keep receipt take a p… Read more
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I think Fosters is the same as water


What about the free water?


Just picked up the bulmers and got the Fosters last night

Bulmers Orchard Pioneers Red Apple Cider. £1.99 a four pack (330ml cans) Home Bargains
LocalLocalFound 12th Nov 2017Found 12th Nov 2017
Half decent cider and good price. 30/01/18 best before.
INTRODUCTORY PRICE! Lidl - Dark Fruit cider 4% ABV lookylikee the Strongbow dark fruit cider @ half the price £2.79 for 4x 440ml
Found 15th Sep 2017Found 15th Sep 2017
Lidl Dark Fruit cider 4% ABV lookylikee the Strongbow dark fruit cider @ half the price £2.79 for 4x 440ml Spot the difference! :)
Avatardeleted1391139Get dealGet deal

Livestock? I think you''ll find that "hen" was a type, unless you've had too many Aldi ciders to understand that...


4 cans for under £3 i don't think that is deceiving anybody, as for premium hens I was unaware Lidl had branched out into livestock.


Introductory price? If this was half price then it would be £5.58 for 4 cans... which would make it one of the most expensive 4 packs, even more than the original. Not really a deal, it's always this price.


Home bargains sell a dark fruits (blackthorn), it's 4 x 500ml tins for £2.79.


Actually I find that lidl products often far exceed the quality of supermarket branded crap. Just compare ingredients next time and you'll see - not to mention superior taste. Look at the lidl tomato soup vs heinz for example - more tomatoes used in lidl stuff and it tastes more like a home made tomato soup with pieces in it. Ill just sit back and watch all the mugs spending over the odds for "branded" products. A fool and his money. ;)

Bulmers Original & Bulmers Pear £1 in Co-Op (90p with student discount)
LocalLocalFound 8th Sep 2017Found 8th Sep 2017
Bulmers pear and original down to £1 a bottle or 90p with a student discount in my local.

Yeah it's 10%, with a further 5% going on your coop card as a loyalty bonus.


It's deffo 10%


The boxes with 8 bottles are still only £6 if your coop has them. Picked a box up this evening!


I thought coop student discount was 5% not 10%??


I bought 20 bottles so was worth it for me. Even if not, only takes a couple of seconds to swipe a card, as JC said, it all adds up. If you dont think free money is worth it than by all means dont bother ... but may as well make people aware that maybe dont know you can get this discount on alcohol too ... The irony of this site that people complain that its too much effort to save money :/

Bulmers Original 8 x 500ml at Co-op stores for £6
Found 5th Sep 2017Found 5th Sep 2017
On the website for £8 scanning at four different Co-op stores for £6
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Worked tonight in Slough Britwell store. 3 boxes purchased!


Pop into my local co-op and yes they are £6. Got one as well.


Sure are!!


great deal aren't they !!


Labelled £6 in my local store. Nelson South Wales.

Bulmers red berries 60p per bottle when you buy 4 bottles at Tesco & combine with Checkoutsmart Cashback
Found 29th Aug 2017Found 29th Aug 2017
Currently £2 in Tesco and 20% off 4 or more but Checkoutsmart have £1 cash back offer for up to 6 bottles. So combined it makes 60p per bottle.

Thanks a lot guys - now it all makes sense to me. Will wait for the next such offer on checkoutsmart and try to benefit from the price match.


By the way there are quite a few ciders and beers included in the Asda offer, for example it would be £1.10 per bottle on Budweiser 660ml, Grolsch Premium Lager 450ml, Stella Artois 660ml, Beck's 660ml, San Miguel 660Ml among many others and you can mix and match which is even better as getting different brands means that you need less fillers (loose veg or sweets) http://www.mysupermarket.co.uk/asda/bundle-798665_2113498.html ,just click on whatever you fancy and see it tesco also sells it and for what price


Tesco will compare to Asda, in Asda the offer is 4 bottles for £6. If you buy in multiples of 4 the tesco till sees the competitors price as £1.50 per bottle, so the Brand Guarantee will give 50p per bottle, on top of that you get the 20% off when buying more than 4 bottles or another 40p off per bottle and on top of that CheckOutSmart was giving back £1.00 per bottle purchased up to 6 times. Hence £2 -£0.50(BG) -£0.40(20%) - £1.00(COS) = 10p per bottle. Sadly COS offer has now finished, but if you wish to experiment with the BG it's still quite good at £1.10 per bottle. Don't forget that for the tesco till to see the asda price you need to buy in multiples of 4.


Ok so say I buy 9 unbranded items for a quid (give or take) and then add the 4 ciders to qualify for the price promise, why are tesco paying me back 7 quid?


Yes, you pay for the unbranded items. The trick is to purchase unbranded items that you would be purchasing anyway, or the cheapest unbranded items. A small loose banana for example costs about 10p and would count as an item. 10p branded sweets cost the same in all supermarkets so are also a good, low cost option.

Bulmers original & pear Cider in store at CO OP £1 per 500ml bottle
Found 25th Aug 2017Found 25th Aug 2017
Just wandered into local Co op looking for some Friday night reward ciders & stumbled across a cracking offer on original & my favourite pear Bulmers bottled 500ml ciders a… Read more
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Also in Morrisons.


Thanks for posting. Asda have 18 x 440 ml cans for £9 (=50p each) at the moment, apple only though, not pear.


Thanks rosiet40 now added (y)


Thanks for the deal. You need to add £1 to the title as well because the price doesn't show up as you scroll through the deals otherwise...

Bulmers pear and original cider £1 @ morrisons
Found 30th Jul 2017Found 30th Jul 2017
Bulmers cider at Morrisons

Deal and a half! I’d get these while you can...


Purchased! Hot! Hot! Hot!


No, there's no mistake. The original and pear are £1 all the other flavours are £2.17 and 3 for £5.


£1.00 each or any 3 for £5.00 mmm mistake somewhere on pricing lol (lol) (lol)

Bulmers Pear Cider only £1 Morrisons (Warrington)
LocalLocalFound 29th Jul 2017Found 29th Jul 2017
Not sure if this is local but bulmers pear £1 at Warrington Morrison :)
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Normal price for this is £1 in Home Bargains

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