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Car leasing is becoming a more and more popular option for drivers across the UK. Leasing companies now provide a range of packages for people who want access to newer models as they are released or don’t have the funds to invest in a new vehicle. These companies also offer plenty of discounts and drivers can find them all on the car lease HotUKDeals pages. Read more
Volvo S60 2.0 T5 R-Design Edition 4DR Auto Petrol 18 Month Lease at £178.79 PM with a £2400 Deposit at Central Vehicle Leasing
Posted 2nd SepPosted 2nd Sep
Browsing for a new car and saw this deal, it's a £2,400 deposit but is only £178.79 per month on a short 18 month lease (perfect for people who get itchy feet with cars quickly lik… Read more
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Impressive in 1989.


I got it included for free on my S90 lease but only because the vehicle was already in stock. Think I just got lucky tbh


Did anyone manage to get the metallic paint for this deal included?


8.000miles p.a. I would do it in 3months. Pointles for me.


We looked at a Mini Cooper S to swap out the wife's 3 door Audi A1 (great little car in the time we had it, but needed 5 doors) and were shocked at the depreciation. RRP of £26k (Ridiculous for the car) with a few extras, yet 14 month old examples were on the forecourt for £14k, chances are they were p/xed for £12k. The dealership offered me an unprompted £3k discount, I would have wanted £7k discount to mitigate that level of depreciation. Test drive made up my mind not to get one new or used - the awful offset of the pedals to the right (because the gearbox is in the way of where the pedal linkage should be, on a RHS model) would have left me with a crippled left knee in operating the clutch. The 5 door variants have ugly proportions too, so not for us. At £199 a month with nothing down, even for 4 years, there must be an ultra low finance rate and a huge discount applied having paid out £9576 over 4 years to hand back a car that'll be retailing at a probable £8k max after 4 years.

New Tesla Model 3 Standard Plus Auto @ Hippo Leasing - £5,497.66 Deposit / 23 x £263.99 pm / Mileage Limits - Total Cost £11,569
-308° Expired
Posted 31st AugPosted 31st Aug
Lease From Just £263.99 inc VAT per month Fuel Type: ELECTRIC Transmission: AUTOMATIC 0 - 62: 5.6 SECONDS Rep Example: Deposit £5,497.66 inc VAT. Followed by 23 Payments… Read more

For reference if this was 21% of the p11d the lease cost would be £8469 or £352 a month


Why is banned? Tried to post a Jaguar ipace HSE deal that comes to 21% of p11d value for 8k miles. £656.27 / month which is pretty damn good imo for a £75k car.


slightly cheaper here


Same price for 8k miles over 24 months with ZenAutos (9+23)


You have to appreciate Tesla's sense of humour too... 'no i want my mummy' mode.... refreshing ;)

Volkswagen e-Golf 5 Door Hatchback - Fully Electric Vehicle 9+23 Personal Lease - 10,000 miles per annum £6912 total @ WhatCar Leasing
Posted 31st AugPosted 31st Aug
£1,944 upfront and then 23 payments of £216 per month, total £6,912 for two years at 10,000 miles per annum. Here is the cheapest two year personal lease deal I can currently … Read more

If you do the 10k miles a year and you currently have a petrol car thats around 2k a year you could be saving. So not a bad net cost for use a new car for the rest of the term


Yes normally, I've leased 8 cars now and the only one they didn't charge me 100% on was Skoda, that's why i tend not to add any on a lease car.


Mine has been delivered to dealer, collecting on Thursday.


I got this deal - thanks OP (y) 10k miles, metallic paint & winter pack. I should get it before end of the month, currently on its way to the country. Some colours were more available than others so went for one that was quicker delivery. Quick leasing question on extras - the cost of options is just divided by number of payments, e.g. 9+23 = 32, so we pay for 100% cost of the extras over the 2 years but then "give them away" free at the end of the lease? Is that normal with a lease?


That's a long wait but a great deal! I am chasing an i3 but the price is too high so far.

Abarth 595 1.4 t-jet 145bhp 3 year lease deal 10k miles year £6393.60 Total @ Jet Vehicle Finance amortised £177.60mth
Posted 30th AugPosted 30th Aug
Sporty little fun car for amortised £177.60mth over 3years 10k miles a year. (£159.80mth 5k miles) Other mileages/terms available check link to adjust. Nippy 0-60 7.8 secs, manual… Read more

So true. More and more cars on the road these days. Would rather go for comfort and functionality.


You’re welcome. You only need a family member to work for one of those organisations. They can pass the discount to you.


You're welcome and you're also right, it is the correct terminology. I've never heard of anyone who toe and heels (lol) that being said your use of commas and full stops is none existent, so I'm not surprised you got it the wrong way round.


(lol) (lol) (lol) Thanks for the correct terminology mr professional but if u didnt no and i dont think u do otherwise u wouldnt have made such a (poo) (horror) comment is that as human-being we are all different and what might work for others will not always work for u8) e.g i prefer to toe and heel as it works better for me and there are other professional racing drivers that i go on track days with with that dont do neaither as there feet are to wind and they only use there toes (lol) ;) but hey if heel and toe works for u then thats great but just cause someone does it differently does make it wrong as long as it gets the job done (y)


lol i think the pedal looked and felt great in my opinion especially the aluminium ones i had in my Abarth with logo on them. I agree with you the 595 is for a certain type of driver and i used mine as a go kart for town driving :D then for tack days id pick one of my 5 toys to take. i found the Abarth easy to heel and toe etc so i just used it to practice on when ever i could. if memory serves me right there was quite a few F1 drivers that owned an Abarth.

Renault Clio 0.9 TCE 90 GT Line - 24 Month Lease - 8k miles p/a - No upfront cost + £166.57pm = £3977.68 @ Leasing Options
1401° Expired
Refreshed 23rd AugRefreshed 23rd Aug
Update 1
Further price decrease on this 1+23 leasing deal - now £166.57 a month and no extra fees, so now under £4k total contract price over 24 months.
Good price for this Renault Clio 0.9 TCE 90 GT Line - 23.7% of £16.8k P11D value based on a 2 year lease with 8k miles per year, no upfront cost and £166.57 per month (1+23) and … Read more
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Has anyone gone ahead with this deal and got it at the advertised rate? I'm being quoted a few pounds more plus the £150fee.


Ha ha, like that, thanks for the advice ;)


how is with servicing the car, mot etc? is buyer responsibility? they don't have an offer for this?


15k for 2 years.... that’ll be 30k... Renaults only last 25k


Ridiculously daft comparing a depreciating asset to property, which historically has appreciated over the medium to long term.

SEAT Leon Hatchback 1.5 TSI EVO SE [EZ] 5dr 24 month Lease - total £4031 at
Posted 13th AugPosted 13th Aug
Pretty good lease offer. We'll specced 8k miles 7p per mile excess 23x£139 - 6 payments upfront. Choice of metallic also upto £100 for travel to view!! Total price £4031 Deposit … Read more
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Yep dec/jan.


December now


@m5rcc @Philjames99 what is the cost of lease for this vehicle? Is it 22%? If so.. Is it good? I am planning to place an order for this tomorrow. They said delivery is in January.


Img Warrington


IMG Seat, warrington.

Vauxhall Grandland X 1.2T SE 5dr - 5000 Miles Car Lease - Initial Fee: £1,136.45 / 23m x £126.26 - Total Cost  £4,235.43 @ Jet vehicle finance
Posted 11th AugPosted 11th Aug
Initial rental £1136.45. 23* £126.26. Admin Fee £195. 0 to 62 mph (secs): 9.5 Top Speed: 117 Engine Power - BHP: 130 6 speed Combined mpg 46.3

Is the MG ZS (petrol) that bad? They give 7x warranty...


My wife also took delivery of one of these 3 weeks ago for local school runs and shopping etc - absolutely fantastic deal for a large family car, does everything you'd want for a brilliant price


Test driven this car today. An absolute great car to lease at such low price. Not sure to buy it as would not hold much value.


Got a 1.4 turbo zafira tourer, it is a great car. Moves a lot quicker than the 1.6 Toyota auris we had before.


In 17 years of driving I have never exceeded 8,000miles a year. The reason - I have a company van without personal use so the car only moves to go shopping/gym etc on an evening and maybe a couple of trips out on the weekend and occasional trip to the coast etc... I still need a car but I don't need a large mileage allowance. At the moment me and my wife are sharing a car while she is on maternity leave, it gets used every day for nursery drops, doctors appointments, kids classes, shopping, trips to the grandparents 100mile away, in the last 12 months we did 6,200mile. Personal circumstance is a strange beast.

BMW 218i M-Sport 36 month Lease - £240.88 per month - £1445.28 first payment - £198 broker fee - Total Cost: £10,314.96 @ Motorama
Posted 2nd AugPosted 2nd Aug
It's a nice car that you hire for three years, that means you don't own it at the end of that period. It may just catch on who knows! Update: gepw and markymark34: apparently the … Read more
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I’ll take one, where should I get one for 10k


Not directly. It's normally a finance company that buys the car from the dealer (at a discount), makes an assumption on what the vehicle will be worth at the end of the lease and then calculates how much it needs to charge the customer per month to cover the difference between purchase and selling price, funding (interest) costs over the lease period and also some profit. Some of the larger dealerships may 'self-fund' the deal, selling cars to themselves at cost price and having a ready supply of used cars in a couple of years time.


As others have pointed out, this engine is woefully underpowered for the car. The modern B series engines like the one in this are pretty reliable, BMW now use them right throughout the range and through the Mini range but you need the 2.0T 4 Cylinder as a minimum really. The one in the picture is certainly not the one you would get but the M-Sport is the trim level you want definitely, I would guess the one in the image has a load of M Performance bolt ons, likely expensive and pointless for a 1.5T engine. Personally I would still buy a BMW over say a Kia, having sat in both the build quality is simply better and the modern engines are reliable, for more than they used to be, although you don’t really need to be concerned with that. Bear in mind on a 36 month lease you are going to need your initial service which is about £300 ish at 18/20k miles and likely at least one set of rear tyres in the time and possibly front pads depending on mileage. We have the B48 2.0T engine in our Mini which is the next one up from this and it does 50-55mpg on the motorway, 25-30mpg around town. Ours has sat at 38mpg for a number of months now as an average, I would expect this to be similar as I presume it weighs a little more. 38mpg average out of a 2.0T is fairly good I would say and that’s not exactly driving it like a granny either.


A simple trawl of previous HUKD car leasing deals should suffice. Not for an entry level 2-series, but you’d be doing yourself a favour (:I . Happy searching


“Lots of other, better, cheaper deals out there” ..... put your money where your mouth is.

VW Golf 3 Door 2.0 TSI 245 6speed GTI Performance - 24 Month Lease - 5k miles p/a £796 initial + 23x £265 + £198 admin £7089 @ gateway2lease
Posted 1st AugPosted 1st Aug
245ps - 6 speed Manual 0-60 = 6.0 seconds 2 year lease 5k miles p/a (3+23) £796 initial £198 admin fee 23 monthly payments of £265 works out at 21.5% of £33k list price options … Read more
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You wont want to own a Evoque out of warranty, maybe the Q3 is better - but I had so many issues, have a look over at the evoque owners page


its a 2.0gti, not the electric version


Wow now that's an amazing price. 5 door too.


Funny how in Germany the same car can be leased for €135 a month.


Why anyone would want to pay this for 5k a year millage is laughable imo

Seat Leon 2.0 TSI 290 Cupra EZ DSG - 24 Month Lease - 8k miles p/a - £762 initial + £253.99pm + £180 = £6,784 @ Leasing Options
Refreshed 9th SepRefreshed 9th Sep
Update 2
Offer is back / extended
Good price for this Seat Leon 2.0 TSI 290 Cupra EZ DSG - works out at 22.8% of £30k list price based on a 2 year lease with 8k miles per year. £253.99 per month (3+23 profile), p… Read more
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Was looking at the optional extra. Will definitely like pan roof on it.. but it says this. "Electric sunroof and LED interior illumination pack - Leon £-666.67"


A Merc, compared to a McLaren, is cheap. So what's your point?


Compared to a Merc, most definitely is!


Neither are particularly cheap.


To be fair you cannot compare an SUV with a hot hatch I agree, 2 different vehicles for different purposes. I went to test drive both recently, they both could be used as family vehicles but everyday practically & family use the Karoq wins, for sprinting down A roads the Leon wins. However when you scratch the surface and look beyond the cupra badge and performance spec everything else about the Cupra is Leon, so build quality is not exactly great, plenty of plastic about, dark cabin which is not very exciting and now starting to show its age, I guess these things will be address when the new Leon launches next year, the Karoq does feel fresher and more up to date, build quality is definitely a step up. In the end I went for the 3008 after 6 years with VAG just felt like a change of scenery.


With yours I’d say it was supply going down and not demand going up...


(lol) (lol) that's because you have no details. that's what ive been asking you for. Here is another. Your express source says zoe increased on a 13 reg from £6278 to £8150, well thats nonsense as autotrader advert shows a very nice 14 reg for £6950 so maybe a small increase but not that much. Also as a private sale would be lucky to get within 20% of that.


On a battery lease maybe but not with an owned battery - go back and check again. I never said it was 3 years old. I never said it was mine. You are just making up figures without knowing any details. The only detail I know is that she bought it second hand and sold it 18 months later for £2400 more than she bought it for. I am not sure which part of this you are failing to grasp.


yep, and yours stinks. (lol) You can buy a 16 zoe for around 7k so if your imaginary car was 1 year old when bought and made a £2400 profit that would mean it was bought for around £4500 .................. No point in going to work, we all should be used "zoe" car dealers (lol)


Simply quoting the first 5 links off Google when I searched it - not interested in the source but more the common theme in that used Zoe's are going up in value to back up what I have been told by two unrelated people. Not sure what the CAP 3 yr value on a brand new ZoE has to do with that to be honest as it is meaningless in this instance.

Hyundai Tucson SUV 1.6 GDI 132 SE Nav 5Dr Manual - £210pm 1+35 No Deposit + £299.99 processing fee = £7859.99 total @ 21st Century Motors
1127° Expired
Posted 28th JulPosted 28th Jul
Been looking around for a new good value SUV and came across this limited offer! No deposit, 3 year lease at a great price! Cheaper than last Tucson deal on here I believe. Hope t… Read more
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Mine is not on lease, its my mobility car but a cracking car that is brilliant for my needs. I find it very good on fuel too x


Ooh erm, suv type, manual, 10k to 15k a CB year so mpg great or electrical, budget say 10-15k, features erm dunno really, just best bang for buck.


The appeal is getting to drive a brand new car with the latest technology, no repair costs to worry about the ability to hand it back at the end without having to worry about trying to sell it on. Owning a 10 year old used car is almost always going to work out better financially than a lease, unless you have a major engine failure but the comparison can only be done in terms of financial. Every other comparison is apples and oranges. Most people get a lease because they want a car which is going to cost them a set cost per month without having to be concerned about repairs. We own a new car and a 12 year old one, we save £50 per month for the used one to cover any repairs it needs which we don’t for the new one. Wear and tear is the same unless you get a short lease but if I stepped out of the house each morning and had the choice, I would pick our new car every single day of the week.


Still don’t get the appeal in leasing a car. I know loads of people do but all that expense with nothing to show for it at the end? I would much rather buy a cheaper car, pay the same cost per month and at least have a car at the end of it. Keep that car and run it to the ground and then buy a new one I need to. Or save up in the years after the car is paid off so I have a good chunk of money to ether buy a second hand car either outright or with a very small loan to pay off the remaining balance. Maybe just me though as I’m currently driving a 10 year old car that’s only done about 22k and bought it for a steal as it’s old and therefore not desirable to a lot of people. Even though it done nothing but the weekly shop for the first 9 years of its life. I will keep it until it isn’t worth repairing. I do quite fancy a hybrid at some point but they are still too pricey for my liking. I could probably afford it if I really wanted but don’t see the point in wasting all that money when I have a perfectly good car at the moment.


Nice to see some good comments lately. I'm very tempted. Think I'll test drive this weekend. So it's not a death trap when overtaking either lol???

V40 Hatch 2.0 T2 R-Design Edition Car Leasing £175.27pm + £1577.45 (£243.85pm) at Gateway2lease
Posted 27th JulPosted 27th Jul
Seems like a decent deal, 10k mileage allowance too. The car has good reviews, I've never actually owned a Volvo though. Initial of £1,577.45 inc VAT followed by 23 x £175.27 inc … Read more

Surely that’s a good thing. It means Volvo sort their mistakes


this is the quote have received



True but not wipe clean like leather sadly


Good news, althought the backseat of the volvo is quite spacious i'm sure the new bed will be a much more civilised experience.

Alfa Romeo Giulia 2.0 TB 280 Veloce 4dr Auto - 24m Lease - 8k miles p/a - £1800 initial + £299.99pm + £80 admin = £8780 @ Leasing Options
1740° Expired
Posted 25th JulPosted 25th Jul
Works out at 22.3% of £39.3k list price for this Alfa Romeo Giulia 2.0 TB 280 Veloce 4dr Auto on a 2 year lease with 8k miles per year £299.99 per month (6+23 profile), plus £1,… Read more
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I've got a Giulia veloce coming from a massive Audi barge and this car is a pleasure to drive. The handling is some of the best I've had on a motor. Note that you don't get the QV alloys as standard (I here they've replaced the original turbine alloys on them ) and they are quite expensive to spec from dealers or privately. I've also gotten a little bored of the 280bhp pot and am looking towards a quadrifoglio next February when the lease term is over.


missed out. would have gone for this


Mangoletsi deal


Would you mind sending me the details please?



Bentley Mulsanne Saloon Lease - £31,899.85 upfront + £3544.43/month for 48 months (£202,032.49 total) @ Select Car Leasing
889° Expired
Posted 19th JulPosted 19th Jul
Quite a few lease deals are aimed at the masses... this one is a bit bespoke for the “I am considerably richer than yaou” brigade. Initial Payment: £31,899.85 inc VAT £3544 per mon… Read more
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4 umbrellas fitted to luggage comp £370.00 Bargain


A 230K car without adaptive cruise control as standard! Cheeky gits want an extra 3K!


Just missed the deal... had order an Skoda Octavia instead 😔


Thanks OP, daughter just passed test and was looking for a run around. Ordered


yeah 2097 was the first decent wipeout for me, i platinumed wipeout HD which took me ages and is a great game, hard nut to crack but i did it in the end (party) I have the omega collection atm but i can't see myself going for all the trophies this time XD "beat zico" and the zone modes are a right pain (fierce)

Hyundai Tucson SUV 1.6 GDI 132 SE Nav lease - £188.40/mo (1+35) - £6,782.40 @ Vertu Motors
605° Expired
Posted 17th JulPosted 17th Jul
Slightly cheaper monthly than the similar lease posted back in May, but with no admin or processing fee - just £214.80 down and then £214.80 a month . Annual mileage is only 5,000… Read more
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£188pm (6+35 opted for)


What’s 12k?


This one but 12k. Get it next month.


This deal or another?


Ordered mine this week.

Skoda Karoq - 1.0 TSI SE Technology - 24 month lease (9+23) / 8k miles pa - £4,912 (Net £204.67pm) @ Vertu Motors
Posted 16th JulPosted 16th Jul
Been looking around for a lease and was tempted for the Octavia deal that was previously posted. This seems like a great deal for a car with a list price of £21,945. Free colou… Read more

Ordered over a month ago and still not in production...


Called them yesterday and was quoted mid December


(y) 🏻


Mine took four weeks to arrive. It’s sat at the dealership waiting for me. It’ll be registered on a 69 plate


Did you order before I posted this deal? I ordered the day before posting, and mine is due for build wk43, which will be 21st October. That’s 14 weeks to build, plus however long it takes to get here.

Audi A7 40 TDI S Line 5dr S Tronic 10k miles, 24 months (3+23) £413.40 - £10892.16 - Leasing Options
-160° Expired
Posted 14th JulPosted 14th Jul
£1,240.20 deposit £413.40 per month inc vat 10,000 miles 24 months
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Not sure on these Facelift A7s (confused)


Good point. Maybe those crafty vehicle manufacturers have engineered some built-in obsolescence into the upcoming crop. Still, you almost can drive a top of the range one for peanuts now, perhaps why in general lease prices have increased the last few years.


But that will not stop the second hand market getting flooded with cheap diesel mercs etc. Law of supply and demand. If I can drive a top of the line used merc for peanuts why would I want to drop any money on a new diesel audi even on a lease unless I am living in London and have to.


That article suggests it will only affect diesel cars made before 2015.


My point is these lease deals will get hugely cheaper once the panic sets in as we get nearer to that date so you will miss a chance to pick up a cheap diesel.

Range Rover Evoque 2.0 D150 R-Dynamic 5dr 2WD - 24m Lease - 8k miles p/a - £1440 initial + £239.99pm + £180 admin = £7140 @ Leasing Options
2611° Expired
Refreshed 22nd JulRefreshed 22nd Jul
Market leading price for this Range Rover Evoque 2.0 D150 R-Dynamic 5dr 2WD on a 2 year lease with 8k miles per year. Nearly £700 cheaper than the recent deal from Gateway2Lease … Read more
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Pretty decent offer. Shall see if comes live again :)


But, but, but used cars come with problems and do not look as nice. (confused)


7500? even we buy any car would pay more than that??


Yes, but the fees they add really outway the savings if you're buying public.


Can the public buy from BCA car auctions? Always been tempted.

Land Rover Range Rover Evoque Hatch Evoque 5 Door 2.0 D150 R-Dynamic Car Leasing 8k mpa 2 year term Total cost £7816.90 @ Gateway2Lease
1348° Expired
Posted 8th JulPosted 8th Jul
Initial payment £2,142.83 23 monthly rentals at £238.09 Fee of £198 Total cost £7816.9 Driver Maintained Contract 2020 Model 5 Doors Diesel … Read more
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Feel important for 2 years (lol)


Appears has expired.. Any new or similar offers?


Not in 2 years


Smashing... each to there own... you’ll be driving a car more than 9 years old and mine will be less than 2.... but you’ll have more spare cash each month...horses for courses....


I’ll rather go for Loan from Sainsbury’s @ 2.9% APR and buy car from British Car Auction. For example, if I buy used Range Rover Evoque for £10K or Audi Q3 for £7.5K from BCA. After 5 years car will still be worth half of its purchase price. So, actually will cost £135/2 = £77.50 per month for Audi Q3 over 5 years or £180/2 = £90 per month for Range Rover Evoque over 5 years.


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