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Euro Car Parts Mid-Month Sale
Found 14th OctFound 14th Oct
Various discounts on filters, brakes, oil, batteries. I got £303 worth of oil, filters and pads for £182. 1 day left.

Terrible customer service... It had taken 5 weeks and a bad review for them to reply to me. I never got my item and it was 6 weeks before I got a refund.. they oversell most of their items and it's not stocked .. my item was in stock and ready L0L. Av0id


Looked at Bosch blades on here with discount it came to £28, however Amazon their £20 and eBay car part supplier £17.99. So they’ve ramped the price up and still after a big discount there still more than 50% more than other suppliers, cold from me!




Happened to be looking at car batteries today. Some were actually still cheaper via Amazon marketplace/eurocarparts, even after the reputed discounts. As they say it always pays to shop around.


Indeed, some security sockets were £5.62 at CP4L and over £25 at ECP. ECP massively inflate their prices in the same way Sports Direct does with its various other brands.

BOGOF on Cherry fragranced 5L screen wash at Eurocarparts with Code. £5.89 for 2x 5L delivered at Euro Car Parts
Found 9th OctFound 9th Oct
Posted plenty of times previously on offer and deals usually go hot. Looks like Cherry is only working, usually all the flavours are on offer. Probably best not to not drink it bef… Read more

Why do I keep buying this stuff ?? ;( I still have 3 Tutti Fruity left from the last deal,,,,Just bought 4 more of these :/ Why ????? P.S . Heat added Thanks OP


It's a lemony smell


-7C and they suggest diluting further - asking for trouble!


I work for them? Hilarious. They really are a terrible company to deal with. Fortunately they seem to get screenwash orders correct.


What does that smell of?

RAC 6/12V Trickle Car Battery Charger was £54.99 now £29.99 @ Argos
Refreshed 16th OctRefreshed 16th Oct
Thought this was now a great price & worth sharing with the colder weather ahead - was £54.99 & now down to £29.99 with Free C+C - next best price I could find is £44.99 &a… Read more
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Yes that's fine if you have accidentally left your lights on and your battery has gone flat. It is no good for a maintenance charger. By the time spring comes and you get the car out the battery has gone past a recoverable state and it's then another £100+ for a new one.


Sorry if I am ignorant... Why would you buy such bulky chargers when you get portable jumpstarters for the same price? The jump starter fits into the glovebox and are of less hassle. I was under the impression that such battery chargers were outdated technology. I once had to charge my car's battery using my friend's charger which involved removing the battery from the car, charging the battery overnight at home, re-fitting the battery back in the car. Means you cannot start your car until the battery holds "some" charge and was too much hassle carrying around a heavy battery. With a portable jump starter, you can start your car instantly and it costs almost the same in the market(see link below). And I do not have to remove, refit the car battery. Absolutely no messing...The charge on the jump starter is good enough for like atleast 5-6 starts.


No, but I am a motorist since 2008 and never had to use that thing... and I am not using my car everyday, at times 2 weeks gaps


My car battery has not been replaced since it was manufactured which was in 2007.


You'd do well to get 10 years out of a battery! 5 years tops in my experience. Though with care and regular charging this can add a few years to their life. It's more important for cars that are only occasionally used.

Start/stop battery for fiesta etc - Yuasa 4 Year Guarantee YBX7100 Start/Stop 12V EFB Car Battery £85 @ Halfords
Found 3rd OctFound 3rd Oct
Normally £140+ at other retailers save a wad of 💰

Oddly enough they use a different tester to see if you current battery needs replacing.


I always switch my start/stop off when I'm in busy traffic simply because I find it a gimmick what can only cause wear and tear on vital engine parts and the battery with the constant restarts. If I'm in a traffic jam I'll leave it turned on because of the longer stopped times.


I've done 50k on my s/s clio and not a problem yet. so far its working well


Or the Flywheel


Start/Stop technology are robust, reducing emissions by up to 10% or being a giant PITA because it engages when you're stuck at the traffic light, for 3 seconds ... im convinced it's neither good for the starter motor nor the battery.

BOGOF on 10w 40 5L semi synthetic Triple QX engine oil - 10 litres for £21.99 with code free delivery or c&c @ Euro Car Parts
Found 1st OctFound 1st Oct
Ends midnight tonight BOGOF on 10w 40 Triple QX semi synthetic engine oil with code OIL3 at Euro Car Parts. Add one then add the code and it auto adds another to your basket - if… Read more

Damn, the one they don't have. Typical.


If you put you reg number in HERE then select engine oil it should bring up what you need failing that are you a member of a forum that you can ask on? Theres a kit on eBay US that contains 10w30 so I'm guessing not.


Of course there's also topcashback. Anyone help with the request. I think it's OK but would appreciate verification.

BattleBeast1 need 0w-30 C2 fully synthetic if you want the correct stuff. (y)


Its only on the one in the OP as far as I know

BOGOF on 5w30 5L fully synthetic low saps C3 Triple QX engine oil - 10 litres for £32.99 with code free delivery or c&c @ Euro Car Parts
Found 28th SepFound 28th Sep
Ends midnight tonight BOGOF on 5w 30 Triple QX fully synthetic low saps C3 engine oil with code OIL12 at Euro Car Parts. Add one then add the code and it auto adds another to you… Read more

Defiantly agree there! Personally i use comma engine oil. Back in the day i was duckhams used to have a green tint to it quality oil. Never to be seen again 👎


Saw it at £16-£17 previously with their codes,not much of an offer can get bigger brand name oil for not much more.


I'd rather take 2 @ 5 litre Shell Helix Ultra fully synthetic using the PART75 out at £38.99 for 2


CCMC G-1, CCMC G-2, CCMC G-3, CCMC G-4, CCMC G-5 CCMC PD-2, CCMC PD-1 CCMC D-1, CCMC D-2, CCMC D-3, CCMC D-4, CCMC D-5 there were still different specs needed for different class engines in the olden days, how far ar we going back pre 80's?!


Thats euro for you invent these codes but inflate the current prices (y)

Euro Car Parts discount code
Found 27th SepFound 27th Sep
Just got me some nice oil for our TT cheap (£31.75) for 4 litres compared to Audi Lincoln wanting £18 a litre and it’s the one for the 2.0 Ultra Diesel. Link for the oil is https:… Read more
Read More

Carparts4less might be even cheaper still


Always used gsf Saw this and they were way cheaper for a pair of front discs and pads


I got some castrol edge 0-30 for about £26 a few months ago and this code makes it £33 so not as good


Wowww seriously


No Way !!

Amazon Clutch Kits and Associated Parts Cheap -  e.g Sachs 3000 950 641 Clutch Kit £58.73
Found 27th SepFound 27th Sep
This post is not for everyone, but will help a lot of people who, maintain their own vehicles of any age, or mechanics looking for parts for customers. I've compared a lot of price… Read more

Thanks, got a 3 piece clutch kit for my Lexus is250 for £52 instead of £300 - £400 8)


Automotive> Car Parts> Drive & Transmission> Clutches & PartFilter : Prime Only


How are you searching /finding /filtering for these? Great deals, always on a look out for cheap replacement parts I know amazon throws out loads of stuff mental cheap.



Eurocarparts seem to use their own product codes so not much use....most parts manufacturers have their own e catalogues online now,probably a better bet to get the correct parts.

Euro Car Parts Sale - Service parts 50% Brake Discs and pads 50% Batteries 45% Engine Oils 35%
Found 25th SepFound 25th Sep
Euro Car Part sale Discount up to 50% Service parts 50% Brake Discs and pads 50% Batteries 45% Engine Oils 35%
Read More

I bought Petronas 4Ltr few months ago for £18.84. Best oil i've ever used. Not a great deal from euro carparts this time.


I've heard that quantum oil is best?


Looking forward to the 50% off oils again need some more castrol edge

Object 0.5w 30 lumen led torch including battery 99p delivered or c&c @ Euro Car Parts
Found 23rd SepFound 23rd Sep
Nice little led torch with the battery included as well so cheaper than the pound shops and you get free delivery on any order amount or free click and collect from your local shop… Read more

Ah yes, the power bank nonsense. That was annoying!


This company is run by thieves. For the bargain item like this, they will take your CC payment and then do not deliver the item because they do not to sell it at the bargain price bit still keep the money. Unless you are chasing them you will not refund you. Avoid like plague


No but an 18500 fits and works well.


Downside, costs about 200 times more. Plus side, it emits 250 times as much light. Therefore it’s the better bargain, right?


Can’t imagine so, looks much too short.

BOGOF on 5w40 fully synthetic Triple QX engine oil - 10 litres for £25.99 with code @ Euro Car Parts
Found 21st SepFound 21st Sep
Ends midnight Sunday BOGOF on 5w 40 Triple QX fully synthetic oil with code OIL11 at Euro Car Parts. Add one then add the code and it auto adds another to your basket - if you ad… Read more

This deal at ECP works out at £12.99 per 5 litres. 5 litres of the same stuff at carparts4less is currently £16.91 (from £19.66 with the code weekend14 - 14% off).


Possibly cheaper on carparts4less with code Weekend14, both are the same company, different pricing and different discount codes, but when a code expires it's usually instantly replaced with a new one


Wow. Ordered the oil less than 2 hours ago and it's just been delivered. Fastest service ever!


Owners manual : 5w30 C1 (0.5% ash) Castrol : 0w30 C3 (0.8% ash) Shell : 5w30 C3 (0.8% ash) Seems nobody can agree on anything! XD I think the big brands recommend C3 oil as it's far more universally available in most locations. I think in reality any of the low ash (C1-C5) oils would probably be fine.


If in doubt check here: Castrol Shell

Sony DSX-A410BT Car Stereo w/  Bluetooth Connection / USB / iPod / Voice Control £55.80 @ Halfords (Free C&C)
Refreshed 14th SepRefreshed 14th Sep
This dropped nicely to £62 fairly recently, then with the extra 10% off with code PURE10 - Code now - PERKS - You can pick one up at £55.80 Looks decent for the dosh if yo… Read more

I replaced my existing JVC head unit with this today. It is about half the size of CD head units which is nice. Removed old head unit using metal grips, disconnected aerial, speaker and power connectors. Removed old holding cage and replaced with the new one. Slid the Sony unit in, popped the edge block on and put the face panel on. Took about 15 minutes and then spent another hour playing around with it. I'm happy with it so far and am going to dig out my iPod which has lots of albums on as you can have 2 bluetooth devices connected to it at the same time.


Use to use the Bluetooth everyday when travel to work, It was clear and precise, no one complained from the other callers about not hearing me, so I assume it was good. I fitted the stereo myself, just swap the red wire on to the yellow wire ( switch, to always on, this was the easiest way, but you stereo will still be powered on, when ignition is off. You will need a separate switch wire going to the fuse if you want stereo to be off with ignition, or just get Halford to fit it


Thanks for the review. How good is the microphone in it for voice calls?


I think your just as well off keeping an eye on there main site, I bought This a few weeks back for 60 quid, At the time a never realised it was such a good deal


I've just tried it again and it accepted it fine. Maybe clear your cookies and internet cache and try again. Use a different browser perhaps.

CTEK MXS 5.0 (56-305) Car Battery Charger and Accessories Toolbox Set £90 Amazon Italy
Found 12th SepFound 12th Sep
The CTEK MXS 5.0 car battery charger is listed on Amazon UK for £82.95 which comes with no accessories. I have just purhcased a CTEK MXS 5.0 with an extension cable, bumper case … Read more

The 5.0 is often up as a deal of the day or lightening deal at around the £40-50 mark. Excellent charger, especially the reconditioning mode which you use once a year to give your battery a refresh, can bring back some batteries from near death and the big boy in my MB is now I3 years old and still going strong. You get a lead as standard which you can fix permanently to your battery, I made mine longer so it reaches outside the car, as well as normal clips so be sure you need those specific accessories before buying this, there are a lot of other ones available that may be more appropriate.

Castrol Magnatec 5W30 C3 Stop Start Fully Synthetic Engine Oil. 4 Litre £28.49 (+£3.95 Delivery) @ Micks garage
Found 10th SepFound 10th Sep have this at £28.49 while Halfords are £35 / ECP £38.99 - decent price - buy two and its free delivery Heres the link

Free delivery and better oil.


+1 £25.34 delivered from ECP using Summer35 code.


ECP will be cheaper after applying 'summer35' code incl. Delivery.

Snow Foam Demon Shine by Carplan £2 @ Sainsbury's instore
LocalLocalFound 7th SepFound 7th Sep
I hand wash my car weekly and am always on the lookout for good snow foam. When used with a quality foam gun this is probably about the best stuff out there. Down a massive 5 pound… Read more
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Not in stock at my local. Will try another nearby store, otherwise Halfords have meguires on offer.


Let me know if you had any success?


Really appreciate your help. I had a massive light blue bottle of Mer shampoo. Almost finished and was going to try the Meguiar shampoo (I think they call them 'washes'). I will try this one instead.


Yes it's formulation allows for it to be bucket mixed. It's a pretty low dilution from what I read on the label so it's great value at £2. Get as much as you can! :)


I'm not sure, other than I have seen several carplan products on discount with Sainsbury's on here today so it may be a national thing.

Euro Car Parts 37% Off Weekend (Not all products)
Found 7th SepFound 7th Sep
Apply the code WEEKEND37 to your basket to get a reduced price. Excludes performance parts, garage equipment, toys and tech, gifts, clearance and tools. Remember, you can collect… Read more

Car parts for less work out cheaper, same company.


Shock euro have another sale on, its on 247, 365! Big con from euro inflate online prices and discount them to shelf prices 👎👎




Except they put the prices up to cover the extra discount. Was looking at parts earlier in the week, they were cheaper then, and GSF are cheaper now for what I want.


Have you tried searching for Skoda Citigo or Seat Mii instead? Exactly the same car...

60% off GSF Car Parts
Found 23rd AugFound 23rd Aug
All promo codes shown are redeemable ONLY online for Home Delivery & Click and Collect.. Certain products are excluded for a list of excluded products please go to www.gsfcarpa… Read more
Read More

Can I have current code please? Thx in advance


Fantastic! Just got a rear windscreen wiper for £2.74 including delivery with this promo.


Not just rubbish ....over inflated prices. Looked at a Luk clutch kit which they quoted at £502.43 which is ridiculous. Even with their latest code its coming in expensive. Bought in combination with a Luk master cylinder my purchase was far cheaper at a certain competitor who are using the code BANK20 this holiday weekend.


Rubbish as usual, tried it on a roofbox and knocked 1.5% off.


HI @begumpraveen moved to Vouchers as it's code :)

35-50% off Euro car parts
Found 22nd AugFound 22nd Aug
Hi this might be a late post didnt see it on here so I thought i would share enjoy use "USE CODE: HOLIDAY70"
Read More

same thing happened to me after using a 50% discount code


All the 5ltr Auto Finesse products seem to have coincidently increased from £41 to £49 .......


Had a few minor issues on and off but nothing major and always sorted by store. Just a note about the above comments regarding price - from what I gather, the brick-based stores are franchise stores as the invoices I tend to get have another company header with ECP under it. So maybe thats why the prices differ where online is a sep entity. Just a thought :)


Most of what I'm interested in is 50% off. No mention of 70% off other than in the 70 in the code so could just be a reference number rather than indication of discount. Still some decent savings over Amazon for the bits I'm after. Also agree that they are useless but it usually works in my favour once I put a negative review on trustpilot.


same experience,bought a charger online for 99p, went to pick up from store, to my surprise rescued to 45p in a large bucket

Top Tech Roadside Test & Repair Tool Kit £9.29 @ Euro Car Parts (free C&C)
Found 21st AugFound 21st Aug
Eurocarparts have a Top Tech Roadside Test & Repair Tool Kit for just £9.29!
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Really!! What a rip off. I though it come with a space saved. Cold (y)


Yeah it doesn’t come with a spare wheel either. VOTED COLD (mad)


It will be junk.. older cars are usually rotten, even a simple job like removing a strut on the roadside I bet you the sockets would split on the top mount nuts. Ok for maybe removing a small low torque nut on a brake light assembly.. I just see it very limited in practice. But i dont disagree it's better than nothing. You don't have any 17mm 19mm or 21mm sockets for wheel nuts. No spark plug sockets.


Bit confused by the list of contents as it doesn't match what's on the image. There's no mention of the torch, gloves or extra screwdrivers. That said, this is worth it for the jump leads alone.


Exactly my thinking. Check that the battery cables are suitable for your car and get them bought. My gf has a 1.2 polo so I bought this kit last time. Nothing wrong with it for the price.

Sony WX-900BT Double Din Bluetooth Car Stereo £69.99 Argos Ebay
Found 21st AugFound 21st Aug
This looks good value, one place is selling it for £220! I have always had good results with Sony car stereos. 12 month guarantee 4x55w, USB, Aux, RDS and Bluetooth. Plus all the … Read more

I know they are completely different technologies and phrased it wrong, but would it not help with transmitter amplification/boosting or similar if the analogue signal was turned off, as it did for digital TV? Therefore the total "bandwith" in the loosest sense, although I suppose this may only improve coverage and not actual bit rate?


OOS all gone!


I'm afraid not. They are like chalk and cheese - FM (frequency modulation) is an analogue technology, which uses mainly the VHF part of the radio spectrum with the signal being 'carried' on a carrier wave via the modulation of the frequency of the carrier. DAB on the other hand, is digital, and is broadcast on a very narrow set of frequencies ('ensembles') hence does not compete with FM, or for that matter AM, in any way. Blocks within these 'ensemble' frequencies are limited and therefore impacts the maximum bitrate a particular station is permitted to broadcast in. The more digital stations are available, the more crowded these blocks and available frequencies become. Essentially, the technology itself limits its own expansion.


Removing FM should then improve bandwidth available for DAB, no?


Buy a kinetic dab aerial and your dab issues will be gone, trust me.

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