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Carstore Wiper blades and blade holders (not online, instore only) @ HomeBargains £1.99 each instore
LocalLocalFound 5th JulFound 5th Jul
These don't appear to be online, a few searches only bring up star wars light saber :-) There was a deal here for these but for £2.99 each. These are now £1.99 instore and must be … Read more

wow, that sounds really bad! It hasn't happened to me.....yet. I've got two cars with them on.


Rubber went soft when car was parked in a sun for few hours, stopped wiping properly since than


If you go on Ebay, or Tesco site and you are prepared to buy Stadium for ten of any size you can pay under £1 each delivered. But I quite like the look of these. :)


Always get cheepos of flee bay delivered for around £5... work great been on over 12 months and still fine.


Why? What happened? I've had some on one car for about a year no problem

33% Car Parts at Eurocarparts
Found 4th JulFound 4th Jul
As it says on the tin - 33% off car parts.

have more sales than one other company I know


Leave stuff in your basket and they send codes


I had a code at carparts4less but that was only 12% off but yours is for 15% off so even cheaper. Found a few on the dreaded eBay but not sure what quality will be like.


Euro car parts are rubbish. They list parts based on your registration apparently. Funny that as when I search gear oil from my car, they only listed 1 item so I thought I can't get that wrong. NOPE!! Turns out they listed it wrong for my car and it was the wrong product. Mugs


Don't worry lesson learnt. I only learnt from here their sister site is cheaper and all the sly things they do :(


That's actually very true...even main dealers would do the same.


No good for old FWD fords though epec CVH with narrow oil ways.... 20w50 only any good in an old pinto with an oil sprayed camshaft.... back in the day ford sold 20w50 for petrol and 15w40 for diesel, their 10w40 and 5w30 where 'performance' oils... all oils mix, mineral semi fully... any oil will do for topping up... if you look in your handbook it'll most likely list different viscosity oils for different seasons


Great price


If he's got a older vehicle why run semi synthetic as all and not use something more like this especially designed for the job like this:


What's wrong with it compared to the likes of Millers Trident, Castrol GTX or Triple QX so long as it's the correct viscosity?

Auto Finesse Avalanche Snow Foam 5L - £13.96 with code @ Euro Car Parts
Found 1st JulFound 1st Jul
Auto Finesse Avalanche Snow Foam 5L £21.65 but with code SUN355 brings it down to £13.96 cheapest around and great stuff.

How did I miss this one? I just bought 1l bottle at Halfords for £12.. 😡


I honestly couldn't find it on their site! Going to ring ECP tomorrow and canceled my order or see if they'll price match.


No - that right ......but they do something very similar Scotch Mist


They don't sell Megs Last Touch?


Save a fiver and order online from CP4L - go on - live dangerously!

Autocare Heavy Duty Pet Car Seat Protector. Free DHL Delivery. PayPal Available £8.67 @ Car Parts 4 Less
Found 30th JunFound 30th Jun
Autocare Heavy Duty Pet Car Seat Protector Keep your car seats clean even with a pet Universal fit Machine washable up to 30 Degrees Heavy Duty

Thank you :)


As promised - here is a piccie of the car seat cover from B&M - they do it in black, red or green Definitely national as I have seen them in 3 different B&M stores so worth a look if you are after one!


Thank you, there is no product code in your description though is there?


Ps I really do want to buy this... needed one for ages :-)


Not for me, just takes me to an empty basket. When I use the search terms it doesn’t come up. Not sure whether the link isn’t working because I don’t have cookies. No expert though...

TRIPLE QX Semi Synthetic Engine Oil - 5W-30 - 1ltr £3.10 with code at carparts4less. Free DHL delivery
Found 27th JunFound 27th Jun
All engine oils and car parts 20% off at car parts for less with code "sorry20". Use PayPal and free DHL delivery. I know everyone isn't a fan but thought I would post because look… Read more

Everybody there is a "mute" button click on their profile and mute if you don't want to see their comments. Just ignore


Nope i will stick with my cars the Rover 820si is very comfortable and i have never had an accident in 40 years so no chance of an accident and i do all my own car mechanics and as an electronics and systems engineer never had to pay anyone to fix anything - I've saved over £50,000 in car mechanics repairs over the last 30 years or so no mortgage three houses one in Slovakia and a nice villa in Malcesine and 7 cars in my garages so nice choice. Rover for comfort dude Lotus for speed Dutton s3 for fun 0-60 in 4 seconds! Fiesta for all you mention about modern cars! You obviouskly arent a car nut or mechanic so its just functionality for you - not me i enjoy spending time under a bonnet! Whats yer problem dude. I retired at 40 because i saved and did everything myself. Have a nice drive into work tomorrow in the sweltering heat and packed traffic jams. Doesnt matter what car you drive in that situation - jeez i remember the days of going to work so depressing, i feel for ya i really do! I will be sleeping, getting up maybe 1pm trip down the coast with the burd to enjoy the weather , ice cream , pub for a bevy. Nice restaurant later on! PS. Im off to Meteora to see the James Bond Monastery in 3 weeks then on to Jordan to visit Petra. Then out to my villa in Lake Garda for a few months! Bucket list dontya know! Have a nice day at work...or not - I hear ITS GRIM UP NORTH Northerndave!


Sure you can call into Eurocarparts and pay £30+ for 5 litres, then you can take comfort in the knowledge that you've not paid 'cheap' for oil.


Discount code expired. New code PAYDAY gave me 17% discount. I just ordered 2 X 5Litre cans of oil for my car plus a filter for £27.80 Euro carports are supplying Castrol oil and filter but collection cost is £42.18 using their SUMMER70 code which is end of month sale. I'm more than happy with the cheaper stuff. As long as it gets changed as per schedule.


Awwww you didn't even give a chance to reply.....yep, know all about Canbus, ECU, etc etc and yes, technically there can always be an issue with electrical systems, but I'll leave manually winding up windows, Low fuel economy, drum brakes, no ABS, AM radios, chokes and damp getting into the Distributor cap, Rust, failed MOT's, etc etc to you, you're welcome to it. Are you sure old cars are more reliable? Oh and good luck in a crash, when your lack of airbags, crumple zone, pre-tensioning seatbelts, ABS, EBD, etc etc. My car? Detects when the car is slowing and automatically brakes, speeds up when traffic is clear, etc etc. Did I mention when it's Icy on my windscreen I press a button and it clears? Oh and here's a few other things from the 20th Century we won't miss... Smallpox Rover Cars (and British Leyland) 2 World Wars 3 TV channels B&W TV Polio Gary Glitter Brookside ! Eeeeeee, I've got reet all nostalgic now I have.... XD

Euro Car Parts Sale End of month sale using code
Found 26th JunFound 26th Jun
End of month sale using code summer70. Discount applied at checkout.

The customer service is terrible from this company. I ordered from them and it said 3-5 days delivery for my item. Waited a week before calling for them to say it was actually a non stock item so would need to wait another week so I cancelled the order. I am still awaiting a refund when I cancelled on the 13th of June. I have rung them so many times and keep getting fobbed off again and again. Someone’s not done this properly, someone’s not in the office, i’ll escalate it to management, still nothing. I’ve had to open up a Paypal dispute which is ridiculous.


The footy50 didn't work for me either so I thought I would replace it with one that was working. Oh well, can't please them all..


Was working last night.Looks like it has now expired.


Doesn’t work.


Use footy50 for greater discount (y)

Ex Display Pioneer MVH-290DAB Car Stereo with FM, DAB/DAB+, USB and Aux-In £35 at Halfords
Found 18th JunFound 18th Jun
Stock in some stores. Front USB and Aux-In iPhone and Android Control and Charge DAB+ Digital Radio Tuner Red and White Illumination FM/AM Radi

Currently have the gps antenna in at the back of the glove box, good reception but i am close to the transmitter. The antenna i made in the link was taped behind the plastic A pillar trim and performed better. Also like that your not advertising you have a dab radio fitted like when you have the windscreen type antenna.


Thank you for the comprehensive reply! It’s still a lot cheaper than the official pioneer antenna, which seems to get some pretty poor reviews. I take it you still had to lead the wire up through the windscreen surround to get good reception?




The item i bought is no longer available. This one is the same but a pound dearer, as long as its smb connector for Pioneer. Just plugged it in with gps antenna still on it. I made one previously using the following instructions for a previous dab installation, worked slightly better just cut the gps antenna and use the cable/plug to make the diy dab antenna.


Would you mind posting a link to the antenna you used please? :D

TRIPLE QX Fully Synthetic Engine Oil- 5W-40 - 5ltr buy 1 get one free w/code OIL1 £25.99 (plus more in post) @ Euro Car Parts
Found 18th JunFound 18th Jun
Looking for a cheap engine oil ? You can get triple qx 5w40 engine oil plus one free use code OIL1 at the checkout. Plus a few more oils are on offer see below. TRIPLE QX Ful… Read more

Good deal, little bit cheaper than ebay options if your close to a store. For those that just want top up oil, in home bargains today I noticed "Viscol" (made by Rock oil apparently) 1 litre bottles of 10w40 Semi synth are £3.49 and 5w30 fully synth low saps/low ash/c3 is £3.99. Shame they dont do 5w40.


£29 for 10l? Post it as a deal I'll vote it hot. (y)


Paying £3 extra for the same quantity of Petronas oil makes me a 'brand snob'. OK then...


Well said,too many brand snobs paying for slick advertising and sponsorships.


Castrol is junk, especially their so-called synthetics

Top Tech 12 piece emergency roadside kit inc 100psi tyre inflator now £9.99 delivered or c&c @ Euro Car Parts
Found 16th JunFound 16th Jun
Today only apparently - Still £19.99 on their eBay site. Thought was and excellent price as you get a safety hammer and a 100psi tyre inflator included. 12 piece emergency roadsid… Read more

Mine was delivered yesterday even after a full refund (y) 🏻


Mine arrived on Wednesday. I had just about given up hope of getting it.. it was part of a birthday gift and the birthday was over a week ago. However I gave it to the intended recipient today and she was very impressed with it. So worth the wait I think! Lol.


You are right. Mine coming tomorrow so text says. Patience is a virtue.


Yes mine has now too - I ordered mine before I posted. Apparently arriving tomorrow (highfive)


back in stock and mine has now shown as dispatched

Auto Finesse Avalanche Snow Foam 5L - £32.99 @ Euro Car Parts - £21.44 with code
Found 16th JunFound 16th Jun
Gets some really good feedback and this a a cracking price.

So it’s very hot! I like the quality of Auto Finesse products!


You can get even cheaper today as it’s last day of the month and you can use the SUMMER70 coupon and right now the same 5L bottle cost £21.65 (without any coupon)


I got mine from autobrite direct s few years ago and it’s still going


Anyone else still waiting on delivery? Ordered monday


Have to say it's no better than the ProKleen I bought from eBay for 3 for £26

GSF 57% off code OFF57
Found 16th JunFound 16th Jun
Was looking for a discount code and came across this in the gsf chat box and thought i'd share it. Worked for me.
Read More

Also worth checking Amazon's Automotive section for car parts as i've found some cheap items on there before, especially Febi parts for some reason which are good quality and they seem to discount quite a bit.


As always compare ECP, CP4L and GSF with relevant discount codes to find the cheapest.


Amazon price for the same oil . £40. Can be found cheaper elsewhere.


Total rip off. 5 litres of oil at £117.50. unless it's cannabis oil it's been hyper inflated to take into account the discount code. They just add 40/60% to everything to make counter the discount voucher. Borderline false advertising.


Works on car parts but doesn't work for accessory

50% off Motorcycle batteries w/code @ Euro Car Parts - Prices start at £11.99 with free delivery
Found 13th JunFound 13th Jun
If you're looking for a cheap battery, it looks pretty good. Not so sure about the RRPs here, but a few of them still work out a good few quid cheaper than elsewhere, so it's worth… Read more

I bought a LIon battery from this lot about 4 years ago for my old '86 GSX-R750G. Still holds the charge fine, despite sitting in a cold shed most of the year.



they have done their usual trick of doubling prices and offering 50% off so ppl think it's a bargain. Try here instead:-


I was really only joking as you were inferring that it was okay to use a cheapo battery for a scooter, but not for a motorcycle.


I'd advise everyone to use a trickle charger tbh. You think I have something against scooters? Come again? Merely suggesting that buying cheap isn't always the best way, especially when batteries can seriously ruin your day. A lot of people buy motorbikes just for pleasure. Worth forking out for something with a good reputation IMHO. Yuasa battery - £47.99 with trade card, got one for my K1300S (>250kg wet)


Yes already posted but to be fair to the poster they posted this as a voucher which it is and the other one is posted as a deal


Already been posted please remove


I think this has already been posted


If it isn’t at least 40 % off then unfortunately there will be a lot of cold votes :|

Tool box with 150pc tools - £40.99 @ Euro Car Parts
Refreshed 3rd JunRefreshed 3rd Jun
Top Tech 150pc Tool Box with Tools Our Top Tech Tool Box is great for use at home or on a car as it's stacked with 150 various tools. Everything from sockets to spanners all suppli… Read more
Get dealGet deal

SRING55 code mot valid for this product.


Put code" spring55 " to make it for 27.49£ :-)


For that price you can't complain heat


If you go to carpartsforless it's £40.78 and if you use june12 as a discount code takes another 12% off it.


Pft. Think my lecturer had the right advice when I did my motor mechanics level 2 for fun..... Buy it all cheap, then replace what breaks with the good stuff. That way you know you're spending your money in the right place.

Streetwize Baseball Bat Steering Wheel Lock - £12.39@ Euro Car Parts
Found 31st MayFound 31st May
Streetwize Baseball Bat Steering Wheel Lock Ideal for all your security needs! And if you feel the need doubles as a baseball bat!

These are pointless and can be broken into or sawed off within minutes. The only worthwhile steering lock to get is the Disklok. Granted it's around £100 but if you're serious about security and your car is an expensive one, then that's what you need to get. They take atleast 10/15 minutes to get off.


Was going to buy one identical to this recently due to upgrading to a keyless car however opted for one from aldi which i cant fault at all. Its a Solid heavy lock and luckily reduced to a tenner when i went to collect instore. Its no longer on their website however i purchased instore about a week or 2 ago so you may be able to get if your looking for a quick option.

rbramhill1 Cheaper at carparts4less and 17% off with code PAYDAY


yet something else to bend the rules of the law


Yea but the Police arent stupid.

TRIPLE QX De-Ionised Water 5Ltr - £1.79 delivered @ CarParts4Less
Found 29th MayFound 29th May
Includes delivery TRIPLE QX De-Ionised Water 5Ltr De-ionised water prevents furring and scale formulation in batteries and steam irons. Also good if you need to mix water with… Read more

Price gone back up to £3.58. USing PAYDAY code brings it down to £2.97 Damn, missed out this time round. Will wait for the next sub £2.00 deal on this.


Price increased to £3.58


Also ideal for car detailers when it comes to diluting the many products.


Ordered today. Already shipped by DHL from the free 0.00 Economy Delivery. I always get next day delivery with them, they're excellent :D


... Or if you need to do a proper flush and change the coolant/antifreeze

Frameset Swimming Pool Medium 3.0m X 2.0m 75cm High Garden Patio Intex 28272NP - £54.99 @ eBay (Euro Car Parts Store)
Found 27th MayFound 27th May
Frameset Swimming Pool Medium 3.0m X 2.0m 75cm High Garden Patio Intex 28272NP

It wasn't, unless I misread it.


£65 it seems?


Try this link


Probably been sold.


Link doesn’t work

Ex Display JVC KD-R481 Car Stereo, £22.50 with code at Halfords
Found 25th MayFound 25th May
Android Audio mode aoa2.0 lead to control Android smartphones via USB, full-speed compatible front USB connection for quick read/control from USB storage devices and 1 A Charging F… Read more

No dab, no bluetooth, no stock. Just thought I would put all three together, saves others the trouble


No Bluetooth ;(


Non available in Newcastle.


Congrats (highfive)


Probably because it's ex-display. If you're near Newhaven instead, the R881BT model is a steal. This one doesn't have Bluetooth.

60% off @ gsf car parts
Found 25th MayFound 25th May
As per title. 60% off this bank holiday weekend (mainly service items) E.g oil, filters, etc. This code doesn’t seem to work on cleaning products

Yes can't see a category for cleaning products, use sister site Eurocarparts, copy code and search on CP4less. They're usually cheaper but not always.


problem is, I cant find cleaning products on carparts4less, its a pathetic site for searching....


If you are looking for Power Maxed, the cheapest I can see is £16.22 @ carparts4less.


Thanks for sharing, got a set of new wipers for cheapy cheap.


Thanks for pointing that out, I’ve just double checked and seems to be only on service items not cleaning products (y)

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