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Carlsberg export 4x440ml £2.70 Asda sealand road chester
Posted 9th MayPosted 9th MayLocalLocal
Carlsberg export 4x440ml £2.70 Asda sealand road chester

So is tap water .


It's a very well known plonky's elixir, foul stuff.


Have you tried it since it was relaunched as 'Danish pilsner'. It's OK for a thirst quencher on a hot summer's day


Is carlsberg special brew the one that people on the streets tend to drink? I'm not saying anything about you but I didn't think people bought that stuff I thought it was more a beer that people on the streets drank to kind of get them through the day because it's such a strong beer Does it even taste nice?


Carlsberg Export is a decent tasting lager. Surprising really considering how awful the regular green Carlsberg is

Carlsberg Export 18 x 330ml 4.8% £9.97 @ Asda
Posted 23rd AprPosted 23rd Apr
Found in Bodmin but should be nationwide.

Stumbled upon this in store just now, brilliant price for a very easy to drink beer. Nice to be stocked up for bank hol :D


I agree about the taste,yeah its been messed about with like they all have but its one of the best of a bad bunch.


Love this Beer HEAT!


It's one of the few that have dropped their ABV but still has a semblance of taste. This is way better than Stella ( now 4.6%!) and Kronenbourg ( glucose syrup, anyone?) but is yet another example of how our once enjoyable lager- beers have become a shadow of their former selves. Seems like the real ale lads were right all along... On another note, the Heineken boxes that Asda sells has gone the same way...they are now in a completely square box and are brewed in the UK. The square but tapered ones brewed in the Netherlands, are still available in other supermarkets. I will endeavour to work my way through a case of reach and report my findings.... ;)


It’s aimed at the supermarket 50p a bottle drinkers who don’t give a toss about the taste , the strength or the anything else than the price . That’s why most of the stuff brewed in the UK is weaker and bears no resemblance to the original Euro counterparts.

Carlsberg Special Brew Lager Beer, 24 x 440 ml, Case of 24, £42.74 at Amazon
Posted 19th AprPosted 19th Apr
24 x 440ml cans of Special brew. 7.5%. Free delivery with prime. Seems good to me for 24 cans.Have a great day out on a park bench.

Have you always had an air of lavender about you?


I remember when I was a lad, this was around 12% and used to dilute it with a lemon hooch top (y)


Thanks for posting, OP. I've added the product info underneath :)


That'll get you to about 40% just another 27.5% to go


So buy some Budweiser and Chuck in a bit of Russian standard then😁

18 x 440ml Bud Light/Fosters/Carlsberg lager beer £10.97 @ Asda
Posted 10th AprPosted 10th AprLocalLocal
Cheapest I’ve seen for a while. Not everyone’s cup of tea but cheap nonetheless

Yo You can often get 15 x 440ml cans of heineken or kronenbourg which are 5% for about 12 quid though. Bud light is 3.5% for gods sake.



Great price as like Fosters as easy drinking. Top post OP! (highfive) (nerd)


This should still be fairly judged as I agree its a great price.


Next cheapest I could see was £12 a case at Sainsbury’s for Bud light, £11 for Fosters. Think there may just be a few too many beers snobs about! We’d all like to drink elvis juice or divine & conquer, but reality is it’s £1 a 330ml can... let’s not kid ourselves that’s all we drink folks

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Carlsberg Special Brew Danish Lager 330ml Bottle - 99p at Home Bargains (Gosport) should be national though.
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Posted 26th MarPosted 26th MarLocalLocal
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I wouldn't drink Special Brew anyway (lol) kust thought it was a reasonable deal for what it was. Like Polish beers a lot, I was introduced to them many years ago by some Polski friends that's I worked with.


Oooo, I'd forgot about Elephant beer.


Karpackie Super Mocne, which actually tastes decent, is 9% and available in most Polish shops for £1.25-£1.50. Same price per litre for a better beer.


They used to say brewed in the UK by Danes


TBF the mods changed the title, I just called it Carlsberg Special Brew (lol) they changed the picture too

Carlsberg alcohol free nordic pilsner 330ml can 29p @ home bargains prenton / wirral
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Posted 18th JanPosted 18th Jan
Carlsberg alcohol free nordic pilsner 330ml can 29p @ home bargains prenton / wirral£0.29Home Bargains Deals
Important. Please avoid making journeys that aren’t essential. In-store items can sell out quickly, so any trip made just for this could be wasted and unnecessarily risk spreading … Read more



Good going. (highfive)




Well possibly , but I brew decent stuff quality not so much quantity, and tbh I drink far less at home than going out anyway . I’ve not gone down the stilling route , but it looks interesting, if not illegal :D . But I am doing 2 days dry , 30th and 31st of Feb .


Thank you