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The best credit card deals for September 2017
LocalLocalFound 25th Sep 2017Found 25th Sep 2017
Top credit card deals September 2017 Free £25 for getting HSBC Credit card, use it once in 60 days. HERE . £25.25 cashback just for having a Barclaycard No Fee Platinum 25 M… Read more
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What I’m looking for is a credit card that has a decent 20 month plus on 0% spending but with also cashback like £25 , because it’s rare to get both , you usually only get 1 or the other .


Providing you know how to use them credit cards are fine. Personally I’ve used them to improve credit rating, credit card protection etc never had an issue and always pay it off in full. It’s the people who spend spend spend without any thinking that need to stop using credit cards.


Seriously? Did you actually read our posts? Using something wisely requires wisdom. Using something intelligently requires intelligence. Those who understand interest earn it, those that don't pay it. The way I've suggested to use this does not involve getting into actual debt - simply holding more funds in savings account(s) that you could use to pay off the credit card in an instant. Literally will have no negative impact should you become redundant or can no longer work - in fact it would put you in a better position as it would give you access to more funds should you need it, plus the extra interest you'd earn. Sure, if you just want to get this because you decided you need to have the latest iPhone that you can't afford, then this is a bad idea, as I stated (no self control or lack any understanding of money - totally fair and just, I'm not saying it in a nasty way, just saying it how it is). There may be a case that you find yourself in a difficult situation and need credit to feed your family - it happens. This is a reasonable way to do it, so long as - like I said - you understand money and pay it back. But of course - all credit cards are evil, should never be used by anyone and should be banned forever.


Re: The deal itself, it's worth noting that Barclaycard and Sainsburys have 2% or 2.5% minimum repayments, which actually becomes quite singificant over the lifetime of these deals versus the 1% you get with some other lenders. If it's fee free then it's not such a worry, but if you're paying 1-3% handling fee you want to have more than half of the balance still remaining at the end of the term if you're looking at this as a stooze. Of course, if it's just to manage short-term cashflow problems, then a higher minimum repayment may suit you.


I also think phrases like "Save up for the things you want. Cold" are quite condescending too, which is what lea to my reply. Maybe consider others' circumstances before posting.. Not everyone's circumstances allow for that either,, life can throw horrible unforeseeable curveballs to us or to our nearest and dearest. Or some people may have saved up and wish to offset their savings. Your post itself is implying that HUKD members are not able to use it other than as a ticket to debt. I get tired of the CC haters tarring every deal with the same brush - often it's a blanket response from people who don't understand how they can be judiciously used to their advantage, which is what prompted my own response.

1 Year Family & Friends Railcard 20% off with voucher code £24 (use Topcashback for cashback too)
24/10/2018Expires on 24/10/2018Found 2 h, 30 m agoFound 2 h, 30 m ago
I was going to buy a new railcard this morning using the 10% offer on here but thought I would have a look and see how much cashback I could get also. Topcashback are paying 10% … Read more

Brilliant - thanks!!


Sounds complicated, so you have to travel with a child between 5-15 all the time, and can't use it to a London station during morning peak? Or you can't travel between 2 London stations during morning peak? So into London is ok? Not very clear!


"every little helps." Indeed, £15 with Tesco vouchers...


Ordered as mine had just expired... Thanks :)

Plusnet Fixed Price Unlimited Broadband £18.99 12 months No activation fee with £75 Cashback - now live @ Plusnet
24/10/2018Expires on 24/10/2018Found 20 h, 24 m agoFound 20 h, 24 m ago
Just got the heads up on this offer going live tomorrow (midnight) at Plusnet. Unlimited broadband including line rental with no price increase over the 12 month contract, plus th… Read more

You need to take sim out at £25 and then contact three only chat complaints and negotiate with them. Just google three online chat complaints.


How are you getting that with 3? I can only find unlimited for about £25 a month!


I was with sky broadband and contract expired so price went up. So for the first time went to talk talk and get 50mbs for £22.50. Its been a month and it has dropped out a few times and can take upto an hour to come back. With sky i found rare dropouts and when it did it was reconnected within minutes. Would always choose sky if they could match the price.


100% , they tried to say I didn't click the right link haha, absolute cow boys. Screenshot everything, record everything.


I’d go with Sky then BT.depending on who gives a better/ faster deal at that monent. I wouldn’t touch Plusnet or Taltalk etc.

FREE MONEY Earn £100 cashback @ betfaircasino through TCB when depositing and betting £50!! - New accounts
Found 21 h, 20 m agoFound 21 h, 20 m ago
This is for betfair's casino through topcashback New Account - VIP Casino - Minimum deposit and bet of £50 is necessary to qualify for cashback. NEW ACCOUNT HOLDERS ONLY. Term… Read more
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Please don’t take this in the wrong way but in my opinion the end game is to get people to carry on betting afterwards and this is when you get caught in the trap. And the worst thing that can happen is that you win in your first £50 as then there is this perception that you will carry on winning when the reality is that in the long run there is only one winner. I only say this as I got caught in this trap and it was so hard to get out. By the way, this is no reflection on the deal as it is good. I was just sharing something personal. Not trying to offend or annoy anyone.


I am still awaiting £50 from TCB for a CASINO.COM deal back in August 2017. That's 14 months and counting. You'll have to make your own minds up, but I certainly wouldn't trust them with any large purchases again (and yes, I have complained 3 or 4 times).


Normally the t&c's say you cannot place bets that cover the majority of the board on Roulette for example. But every one I've ever done has had no restrictions for bets where the odds are roughly 50/50. If you place 25 x £2 bets of Roulette just betting on odd/even or red/black you will almost certainly end up with between £40 and £60 left over from your original £50 stake. The odds are marginally less than 50/50 so your win or loss should be minimal. I'd say it's worth the gamble to potentially get £100 cashback. Some online casinos won't pay out (the same as other retailers) but when I used betfair they paid the cashback with no hassle


On a positive note, I did one of these Betfair TCB offers a while back, I think it was £60 back if you put on £20... they paid out quickly and I think I ended up about £25-30 up once i took off my original stake. Haven’t played since though, I took the money and ran!


Can you not play low stake blackjack? If you can then you should not lose much at the very worse

Lego advent calendar £22.99 @ IWOOT (Possible £15 Cashback @ Quidco)
Found 14th OctFound 14th Oct
Lego advent calendar £22.99 with £15 Quidico cashback, making it £7.99. New accounts only.
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Hey, Only if you're a premium member which gives you more bonuses, more support options and higher cash-out percentages. However there is also a basic membership which still let's you earn cashback from all our retailers which is completely free. Hope this helps. All the best, James


Great deal....but then I noticed that's it's new QUIDCO accounts, not new iwoot accounts.


Shoot i didn’t used the specified signup link but just signed up using he normal way. Hopefully this isn’t an issue


Damn. Sorry about that. Didn't realise it had expired.

65g Roasted Almonds £1 @ Sainsburys plus 75p cashback from CoS/Clicksnap
LocalLocalFound 13th OctFound 13th Oct
These have been showing for me in Checkoutsmart and Clicksnap for ages, but I just noticed them on offer for £1 in Sainsburys. 3 varieties are available: Smokehouse, Sea Salt and … Read more
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these used to be 80gr packets. Shrinkflation!


The honey ones <3


thanks - been waiting for this to happen with the quidco offer.


I didn't like the smokehouse ones. The salted almonds are fine though. Haven't seen the honey roasted variety for months now since a local store was selling them cheap.


Smokehouse are awesome

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HSBC Advance Credit Card 32 months @ 0% apr and only a .6% fee reduced from 1.4% fee. Minimum transfer is £300. Free £25 cashback
09/11/2018Expires on 09/11/2018Found 13th OctFound 13th Oct
Advance Credit Card. Available exclusively for existing HSBC Advance customers, this card offers a generous rewards programme with discounts on top brands around the world. Plus, y… Read more

Can I balance transfer from my HSBC premier to a new advance MasterCard?


Yes but at a higher fee of 1.4%


I mean I feel your reply wasn’t abrupt in the slightest. (lol)


Read the first line of the post. What does it say? If you need to join advance then it’s here


Can existing non-Advance HSBC customers get this pls?

Call Of Duty Black Ops 4 £49 @ (£15 Quidco cashback for new Quidco customers)
Found 12th OctFound 12th Oct
Buy Black ops 4 from for £49 and receive £15 cash back through Quidco New sign ups to Quidco only… Read more

Ah Call of Duty I remember when you used to be good ....


Is this more futuristic crap




This is a bit of a desperate gamble. Cashback isn't guaranteed.

HP Envy Photo 6234 All-in-One Wireless Inkjet Printer with 7 months Instant Ink £53.10 plus £30 cashback = £23.10
TODAYTODAYFound 12th OctFound 12th Oct
****Do not offer / request referrals**** HP AIO wireless photo printer. Was £99.99, now £59 (save £40.99. Additional 10% off this weekend (until the end of Tuesday 16th) using code… Read more

If you bought online, it should have been sent to you? Attached to the 'processing your order' email.


Only one deal can be added to the basket - ie, you can't have 10% off the printer, and 1/3 off ink. The cashback deal is not through Currys, it's through HP. Totally separate.


It says you can only choose one of the offers shown so I wouldn't think you can have 10% off the printer AND £30 cashback


Thanks - ordered!


I am thinking they want a photo of the receipt but I accept it won't have your name/address on it....?

Oppo Ice Cream £2.25 as Asda - 75p after cashback from CoS @ Asda.
Found 12th OctFound 12th Oct
Oppo Ice Cream 75p after cashback from CoS @ Asda. All of the flavours are on offer currently at Asda for £3. Tried a few low calorie icecream and Oppo is by far the best I’ve tri… Read more
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No worries! :D


Thank you!


Nope. You can submit on both as long as they are separate receipts.


I thought they were the same company and can only submit once on either Checkoutsmart or ClickSnap, not both?


£4.50 in Asda Bournemouth. I scanned it to check too.

TopCashback Exclusive £5 Cashback Bonus - Your purchase amount should be £10 or more (Invited members only)
Found 12th OctFound 12th Oct
Activate offer once logged in. Ends 14th October at 23:59. To be eligible for the £5 Cashback Bonus promotion, you must be a member of and have received an emai… Read more
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i have this same problem, i have two things that i need and have been rushing to buy them because of this offer but now, both items are cheaper on amazon (and i prefer amazon to most shops anyway) It's been years if ever that topcashback have offered cashback for amazon so no cashback, no £5 :p 12:03 now, i have failed to save a fiver... oh well ;(


Thanks op got it on my gmail account (y)


grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr :( Unfortunately, you are not eligible to activate this promotion. Browse our Top Offers page to find other deals you may like.


I can relate to this (embarrassed)


My wife logged in on TCB and tried the link above for her, but did not work. However when I tried with my account it accepted it. Heat given.

Join Quidco and get a £15 cashback bonus when you make your first purchase
Found 11th OctFound 11th Oct
Join Quidco, for free Once logged in choose from thousands of top online high street retailers to purchase with Spend £10+ with your favourite by the end of the month and receive… Read more

Just got an email asking me to vote for them in an awards


Hey, It looks like most of those are bonuses that have declined. The main reason why this happens is if you don't make a qualifying purchase after you opt into the bonus. If you want us to check for you just send your User ID or email address over to and we'll gladly take a look. Also to keep a better track of your transactions I'd recommend looking at your activity page here it's just a bit easier to understand because it only shows the most recent status. All the best, James


Hey, I am sorry for any disappointment this has caused. We would go through all of the bonuses for you you wouldn't need to do anything yourself. If you're change your mind just send your email address over and we'll gladly look over your account for you. All the best, James


Exactly word for word they way I feel. They took it Upon themselves to randomly cancel my premium membership when I asked about claim stretching over a year. So unpredictable vwhen trying to claim cash back. I now use standard topchashback think they are linked somehow with Quidco but far better experience.


Are you a robot Lauren? You don't seem to understand that Quidco is regularly letting current customers down. Your responses are pointless, someone needs to sort make Quidco work properly.

HP Officejet Pro 6230 Colour Inkjet Printer £37.97 / £40.92 delivered @ Box - £20 cashback available from HP
Found 10th OctFound 10th Oct
Printer is £37.97 + 5 working day delivery £2.95 = £40.92 £20 cashback available from HP (Claim £20 cashback from HP when you purchase this printer from us. Customers may claim cas… Read more

Is this printer any good for photo printing?


I opened mine and started using it, decided that even if the replacement cartridges were expensive, a 'free' printer doesn't sound too bad (cheeky) someone can take it off me for £5 next month when I'm done with it!


Cashback must have dropped. It was £30. I have one still to sell. 😁

£10 TCB on fuel when filling up at various fuel stations - bonus for referral scheme!
Found 10th OctFound 10th Oct
This latest £10 fuel deal is a simple click away and still valid until midnight tomorrow - you just need to keep hold of your receipt. The offer is available at Tesco Morrisons S… Read more



"Offer valid from 08 Oct 2018 to 14 Oct 2018" so I'm assuming the receipt would have to be in that specific date


Is there any t&c of when the date has got to be on the receipt and can it be used with fuel cards receipts


No #10 offer here, but I'm thrilled at the one especially for existing customers - 10p off a can of soup


Limited to 4000. You probably won't get it anyway but worth a shot if you happen to have filled up today.

Brother MFC-L8690CDW Colour Laser All In One Printer, WIFI, A4 £70.66 with codes (FREE AFTER CASHBACK FROM BROTHER) @ staples
Found 9th OctFound 9th Oct
£100 cashback from Brother Brother MFCJ6930DW WiFi, A3,AIO Printer £48.73… Read more

thats what is putting me off but the hp is at ave price and the voucher is available .. so nothing to lose .. and well worth it if they honour the £80 cashback


i was just waiting for some confirmation so that i can order the hp and feel confident of delivery .. but by that time i bet the voucher wont work .. i suppose i could order and wait it out and hope. nothing to lose i guess. i think im going to give it a go ..


Given that they listed incorrect prices on the website and then allowed too many vouchers, following up with emails that confirmed orders which they later cancelled (sometimes without notification), I wouldn't rely on common-sense assumptions about the information on their website.


Yeah, according to an earlier post made on this thread someone contacted brother to see if they have stock issues with the laser printer and their response apparently was that they don't have stock issues and to be fair if staples were not going to actually get anymore stock in then I would very much doubt that they would actually state an expected delivery date on the website.


Its direct from Brother, and they alone have 3 to 5 days. Thats if they have stock already to ship.

SSE Unlimited Fibre Plus (include line rental) + £90 Quidco Cashback - £390 total
Found 8th OctFound 8th Oct
So looking for a new provider as my existing BT has now finished (remember this… Read more
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so a reading a lot of reviews it seems quite bad....


Absolutely horrific. Would not touch with a barge pole. Oh and good luck trying to get out of the contract.


Been with SSE since moving to my new house, nearly 3 years now, I can't really fault it. We're not on the top end of Fibre only 17mb due to the area being pretty poor - but three tv's can stream tv without a problem. Torrent downloading without anyone else on the connection can hit 2mb - no trotting on this end. Lastly, I tried BT briefly - but I didn't rate it the customer service was poor, it seemed to be slower than SSE and something I hadn't realised everything was blocked - no Kodi, no torrenting, could barely stream - I was able to get out luckily. Personally, I just wish the speed was faster, but thats not SSE's fault - the deal along with the Quidco is a bargain.


I also took advantage of their £21 a month deal, never had any issues, would have stayed with them, but their prices went up a lot and got a better deal with Sky. I found SSE really reliable, the hub supplied at the time was better than my current sky hub, I actually had to buy a powerline for my son to use his ps4 online, which I didn't need to do with SSE.


My fibre is up to 76mbps but there is 200m of copper wire first leading to terminal on street. So it sucks

EE Fibre Plus broadband packages for £33 per month with no set up fee  + £200 cashback via quidco - Exclusive
Found 8th OctFound 8th Oct
Fibre Plus broadband packages for £33 per month with no set up fee + £200 cashback

I think cashback is attached to a specific order, so if they had to raise a completely new order to accommodate the delay then cashback might be affected - otherwise you should be OK.


I eventually went with sky as £50 MasterCard and £90 cashback worked out better. I rang BT who offer me a £19 a month for fibre to 50mb including rental. Thought I might as well stay with BT at that price.


I feel it might have something to do with the lack of info in the initial post, and the fact that it links to the wrong place. I tried using the "add info" option, just to help out, but it seems a mod must have rejected it or something, so I had to write most of it out again as my previous comment. The only bit I left out of my comment is that this is an 18 month contract, and the full price after that is £41 (which is almost competitive!). P.S. I just had to call EE today, and they were really friendly and helpful, even if their automated system didn't seem to be working, and I got through to entirely the wrong team to begin with. P.P.S. I was calling to delay my activation date (as my previous provider, BT, told me I was out of contract when I wasn't, and wanted to charge me £65 "for equipment") - does anyone have anecdotal evidence as to whether this puts my cash back in jeopardy? It shouldn't, going by the Quidco rules, as i completed the purchase entirely online, but of course I'm still worried.


£160 cashback now


Thank you :)

Brother DCP-L8410CDW Colour Laser Printer and claim £75 Cashback AND 3 Years Warranty, £263.33  free delivery Leo Office Supplies
31/10/2018Expires on 31/10/2018Found 8th OctFound 8th Oct
Special Offer - Purchase the Brother DCP-L8410CDW Printer and claim £75 Cashback AND 3 Years Warranty, click here for more information. £263.33 - £75 = £188.33 May cost a little… Read more
Get dealGet deal

Came here looking for a brother and left with a lesson in subtraction (lol)


Also compatible toner for 38-40 pounds on ebay


The more expensive model is 289 - 100 cash back. Makes it 189. I bought it from ebay printer land couple days ago when ebay had 10% off ended up paying 159


1) 263.33 - 75 = 188.33 2) 255.22 - 75 - 1.53 = 178.69 188.33 > 178.69 First option cost more for 9.64


Toner £80 for 6500 page yield colour and black Cashback claim £75 Brother web page for printer

De'Longhi Scultura ECZ351.BK Espresso Coffee Machine - Black £129 (£79 after £50 cashback from AO) @ AO
Found 8th OctFound 8th Oct
For use with ground coffee or ESE pods Makes 2 drinks at once Milk frother gives your drinks a perfect creamy finish Mixes steam and milk for delicious cappuccinos Automatically sw… Read more

Found another coffee machine, comes down to £73.47 after the code Autumn7


Cashback not showing on their site anymore (annoyed)




A lot depends on your water hardness


What a load of tosh, I bought a domestic delonghi coffee machine around 15 yrs ago for under £30 (still well under £50 when adjusted for inflation), used it for over 10 yrs with very little maintenance and had no issues at all. Like everything today it's poorly built to last until the guarantee runs out so we have to replace them as they're sealed units and can't be repaired, it's exactly the same with washing machines and other appliances. And we wonder why theres so much landfill and environmental impact today

Canon i-SENSYS MF635Cx All-in-One Colour Laser Printer, Wireless, A4 £175.87 with code stack (£105.87 after canon cashback) @ staples
Found 7th OctFound 7th Oct
20% off Orders at Staples w/code 299000579 20% off Orders at Staples w/code 299000578 Expect simple and easy operation and high-quality performance from this 18 ppm colour multifu… Read more

Just keep note and I am sure you know, but it does say Expected delivery, therefore they expect delivery on that date, we don't know whether it is when staples are expecting to receive the stock or if that is the actually delivery to customer date.


Hopefully this should be delivered today, but still showing as processing, no despatched or tracking details.


Mine's also showing as Expected Delivery: 16/10/2018, this was a little hidden away.


Just checked. Expected delivery 16/10/2018


Mine is still processing. Based on order information the earliest I’m expecting it is Friday 19th.

Microsoft Surface Pro 12.3" 2-in-1 Laptop 2017 - Core M £589 + £70 cashback
Found 7th OctFound 7th Oct
Use code COMP10 for £10 off and you get £70 cashback too. Not the i5 version, but decent price for a travelling tablet/laptop.

Not dumb, it is no longer available (annoyed)


I am probably being dumb. I can't see where the £70 cashback is. Anyone able to tell me how to find it?


Can u connect a blue tooth keyboard


Core M though (skeptical)


Sorry but 4GB of Ram is too low the min i would go for these days Is 8GB in a device like this

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