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Updated 11th SepLast updated 11th Sep by hemjshah
Anybody interested in watching, Channel 4 have struck a deal with Amazon Prime to show the final tonight live @ 8pm

HUKD has tendency to shoot in their own foot so not surprised nothing was done. It's a pity. There is a reason I stopped posting deals on this so called "community" site.


I messaged them at midday about it, they replied "We've reviewed your report and taken appropriate action." which was to do nothing.


Couldn't agree more. There will be plenty of people that will disagree but you can already see from the comments here that this post has saved someone some money.


This is defintely a deal Mods. People would have paid for Prime otherwise. I have ZERO interest in Tennis, I don't watch Wimbledon but I watch the news. I want to watch it cause it's a good news story. I looked earlier where to find it and thought it was on Sky. I only come on to Discussion ocassionally and luckily I spotted this. Get this on the main page. It expires at 9pm anyway. Get it up there.


I wasted my time making a nice post that was never going to be used and that will put me off doing more. Bad for everyone.

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Updated 26th JunLast updated 26th Jun by Ammar_Hassan
Brand New Channel 4 Series: How To Wake Up Rich- CONTRIBS WANTED
Good afternoon, Channel 4 are making a brand new TV series and are looking for families to take part. Is somebody in the family secretly spending too much or you don’t where your… Read more

Will my wife know if I told that she is spending too much? Might get kicked out of house (lol)


She's just applied, good luck to her. She'll never get rid of my cabin.


contact @MrSwitch other half, she will be very interested

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Updated 25th FebLast updated 25th Feb by Wongy110
Cricket on Channel 4
Ohooo... finally test cricket is back on channel 4 after 16 years... India Vs England.… Read more

(y) :D just the two and a half wasted days


dont be sorry pal me and the whole stadium im sure really enjoyed it. it was some world class bowling from patel that we got to witness. and £3 it cost for a ticket for the day .. so £6 in for both days who will complain... where as when india tour england this summer is starts at £80 at lords.....


Feel sorry for the fans these two tests first time both these sides have play in front of a crowd for nearly a year.


"Four times in the space of a year – between Mumbai 2016 and Perth 2017 – England hit 400 and still lost."



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Updated 14th Dec 2020Last updated 14th Dec 2020 by Chris0609
Seinfeld: All Episodes currently free to stream in HD on Channel 4 Shop The 4K remasters are due to be launched on Netflix next year however all episodes are currently available free on All4. … Read more

I agree with that but I would welcome some sound balancing in the last two series. The start of and end of scene music is MUCH too loud.


4K remasters - did not know this was in the pipeline, just hope they don't spoil it with any censorship or processing to make it look high def


The Contest is one of the most well written TV episodes ever (lol) (lol) (lol) . But if you start with it, then you will get disappointed later.


that’s how I watch, so I don’t know what you are doing wrong


Absolutely yes. Season 1 is where it is just warming up and the writers and actors are still settling in to the characters, but Season 3 to 7 especially are on fire. If you aren’t sure if you want to watch it just check out an episode like “The Soup Nazi” (S7 E6) or “The Contest” (S4 E11) and see what you think of it, if you what you see then you should definitely go back and watch it all from the start.

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Updated 18th May 2020Last updated 18th May 2020 by mogsog
i dont have a chromecast just using the inbuilt apps for the iplayer, itv and 4 but i can only watch the catchup stuff. anyone know why??



oh I see if I got a firestick would it work then


Sorry to say but that’s the problem with cheap TVs not just digihome, but most eg, bush and the like. Apps don’t get updates and are limited..


It's probably due to the fact channel 4 and ITV have to certify devices and update the app on a per platform basis. Due to the budget nature of the TV it's very likely you're running an old build. From what I recall it comes at cost to the manufacturer so you are unlikely to get a further update. In All4 / 4OD if you scroll down to help & info and slide across into faq you should get the app version. Roku is currently running v 4.1.21. My ITV hub is on v2.2.0 and the version can be found in the about menu. What versions are your digihome hardware running?

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Updated 7th Apr 2020Last updated 7th Apr 2020 by Tippy_A
How to watch Channel 4+1 and Channel 5+1 live stream
How do you watch Channel 4+1 and Channel 5+1 live on PC/iPad. We don't tend to watch the actual tv, kids have kids tv on. We used to watch on iPad using various apps and tv catchup… Read more
Avatar deleted242662

Can you be quickly please because


Obviously I need to chat up on Channel 4 news please because the tablet i got channel 4 +1 and I can't watch it live thanks


Sorry guys, its not possible AT ALL. I've been hassling, begging, chatting and questioning, everyone I can lay my hands on in the western hemisphere about watching such programmes online. And unfortunately it is not yet available online. I am in and out of hospital a lot and sometimes I get really into a show, when I have to go for scans or physio, and want to come back to my bed and continue where I left off. But the only plus one channels you can watch online are the ITV plus ones, and some CBS channels. If you have any luck give me a shout and I'll do the same


We have an iPad and an IMac. Just want to know a link to play channel 5+1 live or channel 4+1 live etc. And even BBC +. 1 live


4od and on Demand don't show +1 channels live. This is the problem. At 9pm we put kids to bed. Missus misses Big Brother. We wanna watch channel 5 + 1 live. Like at 10pm. If you use the apps, or use 4OD or 5Od, they don't stream channels an hour later. We wanna watch at 10pm not the next day. There are a few website which show streams, I want to know which ones work with messing up computer with crap that these dodgy website try and make you download