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Updated 7th Jul 2018Last updated 7th Jul 2018 by Saturn
Chelsea Agree £58 million Deal With Real Madrid For Alvaro Morata
Transfer deal of the summer? In a statement on their website on Wednesday night, Chelsea confirmed Telegraph Sport’s earlier report that a deal with Madrid has been agreed and Mor… Read more
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Newer threads that naturally allow a comparison to be drawn between the relative development of Lukaku and Morata this season? The repetition aside, the rest of your post makes no sense to me whatsoever. Adverts? Do you have anything cogent to contribute?


No problem, Sat. I was just intrigued by your revival of a year-old thread when there are countless newer threads about this year's World Cup. At least there don't seem to be any silly links to banned advertisements in this thread. ;)


It's alright though. Morata's form may have plummeted, but at least they got Bakayoko to replace Matic. No downgrade there XD


By far - at that start of the season it looked for a brief time it could go the other way. Not even close - funny how so many experts got Lukaku completely wrong. Playing wide tonight showed what a team player he is too added so much to his game in his last 12 months.


The World Cup is happening right now, Ron. Hope this thread hasn't caused you any upset. :(

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Updated 30th Jul 2017Last updated 30th Jul 2017 by random_dude
chelsea kit 10-12 year old
Hi thankfully it's not for me but where's the best place to buy the brand new full Chelsea kit size 10-12? Cheers

Chelsea megastore online

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Updated 29th Jul 2017Last updated 29th Jul 2017 by cazcoc
Win four premium tickets for Tottenham Hotspur vs Chelsea at Wembley @ Square Mile
PRODUCT: Premium match tickets PERIOD: Once DETAILS: You could win four places in Spurs’ Bobby Moore Upper Club, a champagne reception, four-course meal and prime matc… Read more





Thanks so much!! COYS!




Thank you :D

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Updated 24th May 2017Last updated 24th May 2017 by OllieSt
Chelsea break record for most wins in a Premier League season!
And second highest number of points too. That makes this one of the best title wins of the Premier League era, arguably second only to the 2004-2005 winning team. What a send-of… Read more
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It's good to see Chelsea Football Club has cancelled the arranged Premier League victory parade on Sunday so police resources can be used elsewhere.


​Because the SPL is irrelevant and has no competition in it whatsoever.


No many, but I just like the quote :)


'' What a send-off for the most successful centre-back of the Premier League era.''[image missing]


Was that the final kick of the game?

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Updated 19th May 2017Last updated 19th May 2017 by Cr0m
Sign The Petiton - Justice for Chelsey
A young mother reported being drugged, raped, and assaulted by a group of migrant men. The mainstream press initially reported the arrest and bail of six men from Iraq, Syria, and… Read more

So you don't know, you made it up then you call me an imbecile. Nice one lol She has to sign a written waiver, it's a legal requirement, but then the slightest knowledge of the law or procedure is in short supply in this thread. There's a reason the senior Police and lawyers' views differ from yours and Freddy's etc - you have no idea what you're talking about and are happy to swallow one skewed version of events written by a convicted criminal. That's why they're intelligent, highly paid professionals and you're... you. I'm sure you're not a racist and your intentions were entirely honourable. It's just fortunate racists are the far-right tend to be of low intelligence and so their attempts to organise or gain any meaningful traction for their ideas are doomed to failure :)


​As the petition is in the victims name, the victim has been named and is actually being interviewed without a voice changer or face blurred out it would take an imbicile or troll to think anything other than she had cooperated and consented to waiver anonymity. That I would deduce by my own common sense. They do say don't argue with an idiot as they will bring you down to their level and beat you with experience.. On that note OP out..


How do you know that? Your criticism of me not researching is laughably hypocritical when I've provided quotes from the CPS and police, while you just linked to a piece written by convicted liar, multiple fraudster and thug Tommy Robinson on a far-right website. Good that you acknowledge above that "it means the six the police interviewed were possibly not involved" though.


Lets all just stick our heads in the sand and pretend things like this don't happen.


​She has signed the waiver and was present at the March and was interviewed for the website. Clearly you have very selective vision or don't do much research before you post...

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Updated 17th May 2017Last updated 17th May 2017 by Wongy110
Chelsea Manning to go free on May 17

Great news was worried that raving loon Trump would somehow overturn it :D


(yes had to correct the spelling *rolleyes*)


Have to wonder, especially in this day and age of gov/media lies and false flags, wether the manning story is true, especially with that name as we all know how the elite love their word games. But if true I'm glad for her.


WILL JULIAN ASSANGE NOW HAND HIMSELF OVER. He told president incompetent that he would surrender himself to the USA if they let Manning go. Assange is the big prize.


Didn't know he played for them - is it in place of Costa?