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Looking for a chest freezer
I'd like to buy a chest freezer for under £150. Most I've found either don't deliver, or there are none in stock in nearby stores (like Currys or Argos). Has anybody else got any … Read more

we got this a couple of weeks ago and happy with it in the garage as it goes down to -15


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Chest freezer with a lock
Can anyone recommend a chest freezer with a lock on it? It needs to go in a garage so would have to work at outdoors temperatures. Any recommendations or deals spotted would be gra… Read more

You can always add a cheap clasp and lock if not fitted.,


Oh ok, completely different to what it says on the AO website then! How helpful :D


Its suitable for outbuilding and temperatures down to minus 15. It says so on the Indesit website and comes with a sticker saying so on the front of it. AO just don’t mention it for some reason so its fine. Ours is in a shed.




lol im awake now lol

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Hi, Looking for recommendations on a small chest freezer to put in my garden shed which has just had electrics installed.

generaly cheap on ebay


Most appliances have a climate class, that indicate the lowest working temperatures. As this is often around 10°C mark, keeping a fridge/freezer in the garage is not really an option.If the temperature is too cold, the compressor is likely to stop to prevent damage - to itself, not your frozen food! Saying that, a quick google of 'garage friendly freezers UK' might help... BTW, your model has a minimum operating temperature of 10C i.e. it is not designed to be placed outside in your shed (ninja)


Refrigeration generates heat in order to cool so will obviously cost more in winter conditions outside


Uneconomical how so? Electricity bill has been trending as expected. I know loads of people have this set up for 10yrs+ and going fine.


take a look at your local giveaway sites. There's always people giving away stuff like this on there and it saves on them going to the tip/dump. Obviously it depends what you want it for though.

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Think this is a good deal for a 142L Chest Freezer?
I just bought a Bush chest freezer 142L, supposed to be £149, than £20 off price minus 10% with the coupon, so it ended by being £117. Anyone knows if it was a good deal? (i though… Read more

Is it this one? If if it is the reviews are all good.


Can always cancel the order or return it :p. I just didn't wanted to become oos in my area, that's why I made the option to buy it. The codes, was from here just the 10% off ebay Argos store. But ok, I get your point :)


Because you do have an already researched size vs prices and even found codes for it and you said you think it's a good deal..... Then after you buy it you ask everyones opinion if it's a good deal.


Thanks, I find that bigger ones is more value for money but sadly I don't have space for big ones, this one I think is good, but then again, I'm a newbie for this kind of things.


I am asking, I have no idea what is a good price for chest freezers since I basically just started to search for one. If you have no positive or negative to say about the item why say "really?". I don't know if its "really? Still asking if it's a good price? Of course it is" or if it is "really? You can find it cheaper".