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Poundstretcher: Mezita Chili Sauce 1L £1
30/09/2018Expires on 30/09/2018LocalLocalFound 14th AugFound 14th Aug
One liter of Chili sauce for £1. Also in 'hot' and there is a 'BBQ' one too.
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I luv trying out new chilli sauces...taa (y)


If you check the ingredients, it is made with sugar not nasties like HFCS or saccharine or aspartame....


I own a cafe and bought the bbq sauce one for pulled pork and its really nice and for a quid its a good deal

CHILI - Two digital movie rentals from CHILI and one cinema ticket valid at ODEON cinemas
Found 13th AugFound 13th Aug
CHILI - Two digital movie rentals from CHILI and one cinema ticket valid at ODEON cinemas Plus enter code 'COFEE5' before midnight today and get £5 Costa eVoucher

There is also a 50% off Chili rental code posted recently


... on the groupon page that asks for your card payment.


Thanks just bought heat added 👌 (y)


The chilli promotion is actually £10 credit to your account to redeem against rentals, If signing up as a new user you get 1 free rental as a welcome gift. Good deal for the cinema ticket alone and the rentals are a bonus....will watch ready player one (£3.49) as my free rental.


Not worked for me :-(

The Green Mile HD+ rental only £0.90p @ Chili
Found 8th AugFound 8th Aug
Available to watch for a month after the date you pay, also have a few other movies but this is my top 3 all time faves.
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Weird I posted this as part of the 90p Chili listings and it didn't even get hot. Heated. This is a great movie and it's about time I watched it again. It's a pity that Michael Clarke Duncan doesn't get much recognition for this film. R.I.P.


Just a minute, I've got something in my eye.

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90p Movies to rent at Chili (e.g. The Green Mile, Still Alice, Food inc, Gladiator etc)
Found 4th AugFound 4th Aug
A bit of a mixed bag but you may find 1 you're interested in. Something to spend that £10 credit on from the previous offer.
Gozer It says 2 rentals but it actually gives you £10 credit to spend as you wish.


I think Toni Erdmann is fantastic. £0.90 is a bargain. Heat added.


What's the £10 deal?

Rent Permission (2017) for 90p @ Chili
Found 3rd AugFound 3rd Aug
RomCom for 90p if you are interested? Haven't seen it, so cannot comment on the film itself... Only 5.3 on IMDB, but everyone has different tastes, right? How can you be certain… Read more

It doesn't really matter provided they are saying largely the same thing. Audience ratings are biased towards positivity because they are from a self selected sample of people who paid to watch the movie. It's no surprise that a group of Avengers fans ranked Infinity War higher than the critics.


Avengers has a difference of 20, I think. Ready Player One a bit less than that - comparing Meta with IMDB. There are far better examples, of course - just two recent ones. I tend to side with the critics, though not always - Moonlight and Shape of Water both a disappointment.


These aren't very good examples of films that divided critics and the public as they were popular with both. Much of this mumbling and grumbling about the critics comes from people not comparing like with like and not understanding how the Rotten Tomatoes score works.


62 on Metacritic - so probably good to very good. There will often be a gap, sometimes huge, between the IMDB score based on voting and the professional critics. Ready Player One and the latest Avengers, for example. Thanks OP.


Some more 90p ones here:

50% off next rental code with Chili
16/09/2018Expires on 16/09/2018Found 1st AugFound 1st Aug
Generic code 8W0Y36Q1HHKZSW6R from survey, credit to @grex9101 Valid until 16/09/2018
Read More

Samsung tv has an app if you have a smart t.v. the sound quality was weird on the film I watched though, it kept going up and down throughout the film


How are people watching these films on their TV? I heard there is a PlayStation app, but nothing for xbox and the android app doesn't support chromecast. Only way I can see it to cast full screen using Google home which doesn't always work too smoothly, or hdmi in from a laptop


First film rental is free for those who don’t no


Best using it on a more expensive film rather than a already discounted film as the saving is greater?


Any recent good films cheap with this offer ? Can only find killing of a sacred deer that’s highly rated and recent and cheap

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HOTEL TRANSYLVANIA EXCLUSIVE BUNDLE(Inc Hotel Transylvania 1+2 and 3 pre-order as well as 2 free cinema tickets) £19.99 @ Chili
Found 30th JulFound 30th Jul
With this exclusive bundle you will get immediately Hotel Transylvania 1 and 2 in digital form and the digital pre-order of Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation. You will also rec… Read more
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£24.99 now


I got two. Managed to sign up. Free rental with Chili. Then £20 store credit added. But the bundle you have here seems to have gone up £5. They must have caught on.


Unfortunately no Vue cinema anywhere near us closest is Odeon. :(


Meerkat Movies @ Vue (Tues/Weds only) gets 2 of us in for a fiver. Happy Days :)


Try Vue

Edit - £5.09 w/code (New Customers) - Bargain Odeon Cinema ticket and 2 HD rentals via Groupon / Chili - £5.99
Refreshed 31st JulRefreshed 31st Jul
Update 5/06 - use code HELLO15 to bring price down to £5.09 (New Customers) Odeon Cinema ticket and 2 HD Rentals. One Odeon Cinema 2D Ticket valid for any day of the week at 107… Read more

Massive thank you to OP and the others who have added their further tips for this deal (highfive) . I have successfully used this and despite using an adult ticket for my son , it's saved us a decent amount. Like others, I originally was able to purchase premiere Odeon tickets with the voucher codes, but my second use it only allowed a standard adult Odeon ticket. I have also viewed my first rental for free and have accumulated credit to watch further movies via the chili ap. Thanks as without seeing this deal, I would of continued to have spent a small fortune on cinema visit for the family.


At least I’m not the only one, but still a bit annoying as wanted to use them this week


yep still waiting since 30th


I am still waiting for the two tickets which were supposed to arrive with my pre order...anyone else? I’ve been assured by the “chat” these will be issued but getting the feeling they hope I’ll give up (horror)


What about if you booked the tickets separately?

Nissan Leaf Visia 5dr Auto 36 Months Lease - £265.80 with inital rental of £797.40 via Blue Chili Cars. Total cost: £10,460.40
Found 29th JulFound 29th Jul
Been looking for an Electric car lease for the last few weeks in preparation for a new car next year. This seems quite a good price considering you don't need to ever buy fuel. In… Read more
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Not a bad deal if you really want a leaf, though disappointing that even these basic leafs are so expensive. When you can lease an equivalent petrol car for far less even considering the fuel savings they really don't make sense unless you drive inside the London congestion zone.


Just to try and give some info of real world numbers. Had my 24Kwh Leaf nearly a year. Costs: Average consumption is 4.1miles/Kw. I pay 12p per Kw so that equates to just over 3p per mile. Bonus that service stations are often offline so free to use. Range: Average range of about 80 miles - dependant upon conditions. Charging: Got a free home charger fitted. Full charge takes about 8 hours. Although I never do that. Public charging speeds vary but are at least twice as quick. Most are even faster.


The problem with the Visia is the lack of heat pump. So winter range in a Acenta/Tekna 30kwh will likely be greater. They've actually stopped making the Visia in the UK due to poor demand. So what's left is what's already made.


You here for the crac?


I fortunately do not have a vested interest and my previous reply was sincere. I also do not speak with opinion but with observance of current practicality and knowledge of bureaucracy when it comes to the car industry. It's simply a hard fact that supercaps will not be the main energy source for EVs. The mindset will go the way it organically goes, as is the case with any application. Additionally, EVs being the most eco-unfriendly devices one can imagine is just egregious hyperbole. I agree that they are not as clean as perceived. Yes, there is mining needed for the metals used and an EV is only as clean as the power source it receives it's electricity from (power stations) etc, but this is incomparable to extracting oil and burning it, especially with us moving more and more towards renewable energy. Lastly, even recycling of EV batteries is improving with some recycers reclaiming up to 90% of materials used in the battery packs - and that is 2018; it'll be better every year. 'wireless charging' isn't my phrase but a completely common industry phrase.

Register to Chili and your first Film Rental is Free plus TCB/Quidco will pay you £1.50 too.
Found 28th JulFound 28th Jul
Zero fee to sign up and no subscription to pay. Just pay for each movie you want and the first one is free. No need to enter any payment details. Just pick your film and go to ch… Read more



Thanks just done this. Free money & movie to stream


Anyone know if the chili app has built in casting features?


Thank you. Just discovered this. 3 emails set up for 3 free rentals. Gonna be a sweet weekend


Thanks :-)

Black Panther movie rental just 90p on CHILI.
Found 28th JulFound 28th Jul
It's the Black Panther movie for just 90p on CHILI. Can't complain at that! CHILI is new to the UK - my 2018 Samsung smart TV has the app pre-installed. Works great (see post #2 f… Read more
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Seems to have ended, showing as £3.49 now


Now I know why it was 90p! The worst acting I've ever seen in a blockbuster. Andy Serkis was way over acting, Martin Freeman's character was boring and felt completely out of place, and most of the other acting was cringe worthy. In fact the only one that was any good was Black Panther himself. Still at least I kept my free viewing for a film that surely has to be better lol


I thought 3 Billboards was rubbish, had no ending


I just use movie hd app. Link on facebook , may shut down soon , (horror) 😁


If it's a rental then Yes but JL is a Buy to Own movie Only hence the high price.

Kings Original Beef Jerky (35g) and Chili Beef Biltong (30g) for £1.29 in Lidl
LocalLocalFound 14th JunFound 14th Jun
Found in Wilmslow Park (Oxford Road, Manchester) store.

I remember my first taste of Hershey's - thinking wtf, this tastes like vomit! Jerky I really like though. I always keep some in the glove box in case I get stuck in a long tailback.


If you were eating Slim Jims that's kind of understandable (although I happen to like them)


In your opinion, obviously......


Remember my first visit to Vegas, hunting down all the American foods I’d ever seen on tv. Found beef jerky in a truck stop, good god it’s rank. Like eating dead plastic.


The Wildwest brand Jerky is 300g x 3 for £8 odd at Costco, that's normal price too. The above Lidl offer would work out to over £30 for 900g. If you eat a lot of Jerky like myself, the basic Costco membership price is justified by the savings on jerky alone in just a few weeks, especially if you're eating a bag a day (one 300g bag is hard not to eat in one sitting btw)

Flying Goose Sriracha Hot Chili Sauce £1.99 @ Lidl
LocalLocalFound 12th MayFound 12th May
455ml bottle. Seems like a good price (other stores may match the price). As part of Asian Week Also Flying Goose Sriracha Mayo Sauce 200ml for £1.69

1. Cool, but the other poster who I first quoted did. To be honest, I assumed it was them replying and didn't look at the name. Apologies for that. 2. Not really sure what your point is here. 3. I guess I was wrong. Which is why I said "don't quote me on this" implying I wasn't 100% certain.


I like this particular sauce and it's currently £2.00 at Tesco if you don't Have a nearby Lidl. Only disappointing thing about it is the somewhat unnecessary 18% sugar in it, when other variants like Huy Fong have 10% sugar or less.


A few points: 1. I never said this was the original, so not sure why you put that in quotation marks. 2. Huy Fong - the rooster brand - is the first one to be produced and sold in this way in the US and has led to all of the other copycat brands (the eagle, the goose etc) so in that sense, Huy Fong is the original version of the modern, mass produced, westernized sriracha brands. 3. You've just proven your nonsense claim false that they've been bought out by an American company and are now apparently inferior for it, since your link also says that Huy Fong originates from California and is still produced there by the same man.


Not starting a debate or anything but calling it the "original" is a bit misleading.


Not hot enough for me so I give it a few shots of who dares burns 2nd assault to give it some kick .

HEINZ FIERY CHILLI KETCHUP 400G @ Poundstretcher - 59p
Found 5th AprFound 5th Apr
On A BACON BURGER MMMM Nothing beats some Heinz tomato ketchup, but how do you feel about adding some fiery chilli ketchup to your chips and burgers instead? Coming from Heinz, thi… Read more

Does the OP live in Poundstretcher? All their deals seem to be from there.


Shhhhh don't tell anyone lol serious I'm retired


Are you working for pound stretcher?!


Bitter sweet,oxymorons roll like thunder. I share your opinion on this. :{


No its Normal life mine october

Aldi Super 6 Deals 5th-11th April - Onions 39p, Mixed Chillies 39p, 4 Garlic 39p, 5 Limes 79p 1kg, Avocado 79p, Baby Plum Tomatoes 69p, Wagyu Beef Meetballs £3.49, Pork Fillet Medallions £2.29
LocalLocalFound 5th AprFound 5th Apr
Aldi Super 6 Deals Thursday 5th April - Wednesday 11th April Super 6 Fruit And Veg 1kg Onions 39p Mixed Chillies 65g 39p 4 Garlic 39p 5 Limes 79p Avocado 79p Baby Plum Tomatoe… Read more
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19p p/k ? where


The Advocados are a decent size too ;)


Is the garlic 200g?


Woo, finally a week where i can have all 6


I'm all over these! Yum yum.

Wonky chillies 150g 92p @ Morrisons
Found 4th AprFound 4th Apr
Great price for wonky chillis. Normally comes in 60g pack for around 60p.

They all freeze easily enough. Tomatoes and strawberries are a bit mushy once thawed but are fine for soups/stews/purees. Grapes are best taken off the bunch first to take up less room.


Wonky veg are REAL veg.


I didn’t know that chillies were supposed to be straight? They look just like any other chilli I’ve ever seen in any other supermarket or that I gave grown myself (skeptical)


Well chonky willis are better then wonky ones


That's good - but plenty of 'wonky' stuff doesn't. Grapes? Strawberries? Tomatoes?..........

Thai Mild Sweet Chilli Sauce & Mexican Smokey Jalapeno Sauce - 49p @ Heron Foods
LocalLocalFound 28th MarFound 28th Mar
Thai Mild Sweet Chilli Sauce & Mexican Smokey Jalapeno Sauce

Both vile cold from me


I'll be honest with you, i tried it earlier and wasn't that impressed.


the mexican jalapeno one is pretty tasty :)

Bacon double cheeseburger Fries and 3 Chilli cheese bites £3.49 @ BK
LocalLocalFound 23rd MarFound 23rd Mar
Bacon Double Cheeseburger, Small Fries and 3 Chilli Cheese Bites Only £3.49 at Burger King A feast fit for a King

A lot of burger king staff getting upset. I doubt it happens in all stores. I left 3 years ago.


You get the same via app as well


I think the recent metro newspaper voucher for BDC and fries @ £1.99 is still valid. Adding 6 chilli cheese bites for £1.29 is still cheaper


Vouchers valid until 15th March 2018... Expired!


(poo) HEAD

Doritos Chilli Heatwave Tortilla Chips 180g - £1 @ Sainsbury's
Found 23rd MarFound 23rd Mar
Yumm these are lovely and hot and at last down in price in Sainsbury and Asda! Were £1.85 ridiculous price for a bag of crisps!
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Don't think I've ever seen these not on sale!


Just tried the new WALKERS MAX - Jeez man they are the hottest crisps I have ever eaten - Deffo need a beer or two with those muthas - beats these ones hands down for heat and flava - Get it up ye! (devil)


Same in Tesco and Lidl last time I checked.

A Chilling Thriller - Billy McLaughlin -  The Dead Of Winter Kindle Edition - Free Download @ Amazon
Found 18th MarFound 18th Mar
50 customer reviews Scores 4.7 Out Of 5 - Paperback is £6.99 !!!!! "Like watching a full season of Broadchurch" - A kidnapped baby! A runaway teenager! A n… Read more

Now 1.99


Massive thank you my Little sweetie x x


Thanks Boz


Don't worry, I suspect it gets everyone. It's designed in a way that draws your eyes to the first button, so you overlook the second. (Says free when you're looking for 0.00 etc.) Very sneaky!


Um..thanks. I swear it didn't have that option earlier. Just Unlimited or 6.99!!

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