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Google Chromecast with Google TV Snow £47.98 @ toolstation_ltd / eBay
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Posted 21st SepPosted 21st Sep
Google Nest Chromecast with Google TV brings you the entertainment that you love, in up to 4K HDR. Get personal recommendations based on your subscriptions, viewing history and con… Read more

I can’t say first hand as I own the regular Chromecast ultra but loads of people have said it works perfectly and there are a load of videos showing it,


Does this support Bluetooth connectivity? I mean can you connect Bluetooth headset to this?


Awesome. Can you confirm if Stadia works well on this? I currently have a Firestick and use a CCU only for stadia (coz the kit came with one).


Just got mine now! Very surprised Herpes managed to not fcuk it up! XD XD XD


Excellent! Too good a deal to pass up!

Chromecast with Google TV + Stadia Controller £89.99 @ Google
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Posted 25th AugPosted 25th Aug
Stadia Controller with Google TV for less then £90

Just ordered, I had an Ultra but I do find the new Chromecast with Android TV a huge upgrade, especially with Kodi installed. Was going to update to Firestick 4k, but went this route instead. Many Thanks


No, it connects to stadia via WiFi rather than Bluetooth so the TV won't recognise it (happy to be told otherwise)


Will these work with an android tv(Philips) just to play android games and not stadia?


These controllers are 25 quid in next to brand new condition at CEX. 20 quid in B grade condition. Come with a 2 year guarantee. Check out this item on CeX - Check out this item on CeX: Google Stadia Clearly White Controller, A WeSell for: £25.00 WeBuy for Cash: £4.00 WeBuy for Voucher: £8.00


I dunno... Been spoilt on here with a ultra/stadia/game combo for around £50. Fair enough, no time machines and a different product though.

Chromecast with Google TV - £53.99 with code @ Google Store
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Posted 8th AugPosted 8th Aug
Chromecast with Google TV - £53.99 with code @ Google Store£53.99£59.9910% off Free P&P FreeGoogle Store Deals
Don't forget to enter the code generate new code Size: 6.4 x 2.4 x 0.5 inches (dongle); 4.8 x 1.5 x 0.7 inches (remote) Number o… Read more

Very good.. don't know why it was grade B as I couldn't find any scratches on it.


How was it?


The only issue I found is to having to reconnect stadia controller possibly due to Bluetooth remote controller as wel but other than that this is a good device. Shame about small storage but for the price cannot complain


I guess It highly depends who is looking at the deal and if it was highlighted or not.


I might be missing something so apologies if I am, but I've seen previous deals for cheaper: £44.99 from The Big Phone Store £49.99 from Argos £49.99 from Google Store £49.99 from BT Shop £46.74 from Currys eBay As said, maybe I'm missing something but not sure why this deal at £53.99 is so much hotter than these previous, cheaper deals.

Google Chromecast with Google TV - Sunrise, Grade B £40 at CEX
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Posted 25th JulPosted 25th Jul
I wasn't even looking for this, but thought I would share. Graded device, with 24 month warranty. Google Chromecast with Google TV The Entertainment You Love, in One Place Goog… Read more

Ah, yes. Someone else asked, apologies.


No I didn't - I didn't ask anything in this thread. Have a re-read of everything and who said what. My only mention of 4K was to say that it does have it.


OK. However you did ask if this is the 4k one, when the topic was the Chromecast with Google TV, so I had to assume that is what you meant.


Quite bizarre. I did not say the Chromecast 3rd Generation or the Chromecast with Google TV were the "same product". I said they were both Chromecasts. And the people who make them say so. Literally both called "Chromecast". So, in your example, both the S20 and A10 are indeed Samsung Galaxy devices, in the same way that both Chromecast devices are Chromecast devices. It's a sad situation if this is too difficult to understand.


The product is literally called Chromecast with Google TV. Your logic is like saying a Samsung Galaxy S20 is the same product as a Samesung Galaxy A10, because they both have a name starting with Galaxy.

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Chromecast with Google TV for £44.99 delivered from The Big Phone Store
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Posted 27th JunPosted 27th Jun
Chromecast with Google TV for £44.99 delivered from The Big Phone Store£44.99£49.9910% off Free P&P FreeThe Big Phone Store Deals
More of what you want Find all the entertainment you love in one place with the Google Chromecast with Google TV . You'll find personalised recommendations from across all your … Read more

but it has only 8 gb space and 2gb ram


It runs Android 10 so you can sideload almost any Android app


Yes, you can


Can you install IPTV on it?


Says item nolonger in stock when you attempt payment. Great for anyone that managed to order.

Chromecast with Google TV (Snow/Sunrise/Sky) - £46.99 delivered via StudentBeans Code @ Google Store
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Posted 24th JunPosted 24th Jun
Chromecast with Google TV (Snow/Sunrise/Sky) - £46.99 delivered via StudentBeans Code @ Google Store£46.99£49.996% off Free P&P FreeGoogle Store Deals
SudentBeans (LINK) The entertainment you love. In one place. Google TV organises movies and TV shows from your favourite services into a single screen. Find your next fav… Read more



Any more codes? I was waiting for pay and the recent price reduction seems to have vanished :(


Hi Has anyone got a spare promo code that they are willing to share? (assuming this offer is still valid) Please DM me, thanks


Looks like it's put of stock now?


Could someone spare me a code? Thank