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Google Stadia Premiere Edition (Chromecast Ultra & Controller) - now £89.99 @ Google Store
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Posted 16th JunPosted 16th Jun
Not a bad price now considering the Chromecast Ultra costs £69 on its own. You're essentially paying £20 for a very nice controller. Sign up for a Stadia Pro free month trial via… Read more
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Just on the market value at any stage... I've just purchased Metro Exodus Gold Edition for £22 quid. Can you give me a cheaper option at this stage of the games life? Also considering that I can stream it for free if i don't pay a sub (which to me is a added value).


I'm not here to convince you mate, just responding as to what it is, so so many people go "oh isn't it like Netflix". Now that you know that it isn't you can choose the business model that suits you. Also you could argue that you don't get access to all content only a catalogue of what is available to the provider to offer. Netflix has lost lots of videos that have gone over to other services that you have to pay for. Also regionally you have different catalogues, so no streaming service is perfect and all encompassing.


Still rubbish and not comparable to streaming services that only charge the sub for access to ALL content. And discount of 'several' games is not a plus point; they still far exceed the market value at any stage of the shelf life of the game. Sorry mate, you'll never convince me the business model is a good one or that the tech is good enough to handle all types of game without requiring the end user to have very fast internet. But I appreciate you see things differently.


Because there are plenty of films, music that you can buy on Amazon outside of any included with a prime subscription. Use a fire stick and you see included with prime then for others you see buy for £x. Also don't pay your Netflix sub and you won't get any K to stream at. Don't pay for your amazon sub and you can still stream films that you have bought. Stadia, don't pay a sub and you can still stream your bought games at 1080P. Have a Stadia sub, then you get discounts on several games each month and if you do pay full retails, you can still stream them in 4K or 1080p for no sub cost.


Some good points, to be honest for me it comes down to being tightfisted, I've got a good PC that when I replace my 1070 with a 3090(possibly 3080) will be totally top of the line so and I really don't like wasting money so I don't maintain more than one extra service at a time. At home I'm always on the PC and local stream, but outside I like that it is android friendly and the Shield is portable enough to go to a hotel with when I'm travelling for work and even when there is crap internet or no internet I don't have to burn through my data on my phone with rubbish latency as I can boot up the shield local games as well if GFN doesn't work. I'll probably end up getting xcloud and PSN on and off if they take off to get the console games, but for me I'm ok with saving the extra cash and putting the extra bit of work into GFN, and once they have the publishers back in line they will be able to get the teething issues sorted and I doubt there will be a huge difference between them. Really though it just really chaps me buying games again and again on multiple platforms, I don't mind when it's included in the fee i.e. get the service and play all of these games, but I don't like pay for service and then pay for games, it just bugs me. I actually kind of like the one hour time limit on the free version, although the queuing is a bit of a faff. To be honest if they got a handful of f2p or jump in and play games on immediate play, but with a time limit I would play the crap out of them even if they were only so so. I also kind of wish they still ported games, I would love rocket league native on the shield.

Google Chromecast Ultra 4K streaming device - £59.99 with free tracked delivery @
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Posted 1st MayPosted 1st May
Google Chromecast Ultra 4K streaming device - £59.99 with free tracked delivery @
£59.99£69.9914% Free P&P FreeThe Electrical Showroom Deals
Decent price for the ultra version of the Chromecast. Product features Stream 4K HDR content to your TV WiFi Works with Google Assistant Catch-up TV &… Read more

FYI I have managed to get Stadia working without a CC Ultra. It works on various phones (I have a pixel 3a) and works perfectly with a dualshock4 controller as long as you have a decent stable internet connection. Also, if you have a windows or Linux device plugged into a HDTV you can play Stadia as it just needs the chrome or chromium browser (y) 🏻 currently there is a 2 month free pro sub with 14 games available 8) 🤟🏻


Google I/o annual conference was due mid May but obviously cancelled so i imagine the new version would be released in a matter of weeks and with Android TV as well as Chromecast built in. I'm hanging on for that with a remote too


Do you mean the power brick that also houses an Ethernet (wired LAN) port. A very useful feature, especially if you want to use it for more robust 4k streaming and Stadia gaming (vs. the inbuilt WiFi)?


I really think all deal images for this device should include the massive ugly power brick it needs to be attached to in order to work


Its only needed if you want to play on the TV, which would then also require the Stadia Controller. I can't imagine this is the reason they're pushing it, as mentioned above a new version is imminent and is based off of Google TV which is going to be interesting. I'm imaging essentially a 4k Chromecast like device that allows casting.

Google Chromecast Ultra with 2 year guarantee £59 @ John Lewis & Partners
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Posted 27th MarPosted 27th Mar
Google Chromecast Ultra with 2 year guarantee £59 @ John Lewis & Partners
£59£6914% Free P&P FreeJohn Lewis & Partners Deals
Same price as curry’s but without the guarantee.... £69 everywhere else Google’s Chromecast Ultra allows you to send your favourite online entertainment, in up to 4K Ultra HD quali… Read more



Yes works with Disney plus. It works with anything that can be cast I'm my experience... Which is everything... Even videos on Facebook. If you have Android phones.. you want this.


If you have Google homes. Buy Chromecast... Being able to tell Google what to play and do is Ace.


Better off with a Firestick or (Roku)


Does it support atmos on disney+

'Damaged Box' GOOGLE Chromecast Ultra - Stream 4K HDR content to your TV £46.92 at Currys_clearance/ebay
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Posted 25th FebPosted 25th Feb
'Damaged Box' GOOGLE Chromecast Ultra - Stream 4K HDR content to your TV £46.92 at Currys_clearance/ebay
£46.92£5616%eBay Deals
Good price here. Specification Stream 4K HDR content to your TV Catch-up TV & 4K Streaming WiFi Works with Google Assistant Colour: Black Remote control features: Via … Read more

Just a touch cheaper than Google's own sales, but still cheaper! One bought and heat added.

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Chromecast Ultra reduced to £54 at Google store
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Posted 24th Dec 2019Posted 24th Dec 2019
Chromecast Ultra reduced to £54 at Google store
£54£69.9923%Google Store Deals
A streaming device that plugs into your TV's HDMI port, Chromecast Ultra provides fast, reliable performance with minimal buffering and smooth streaming. Use your iPhone®, iPad®, A… Read more



It’s not revolutionary though, it’s been available from nVidia for literally years. And that includes hundreds of games. And it actually works.


Got Stadia, and must say am very impressed. Whilst it definitely is short of games on release, the flexibility it offers is fantastic. Playing A+ console /PC games on any computer in a Chrome browser, on my Pixel 4XL mobile and TVs with a Chromecast Ultra is kinda revolutionary. I remember all the hate on HUKD way back towards Google Chromebooks (that seems to have died down now peeps have realised and got off their jaundiced views that Windows PC or nothing). What Google and Stadia is attempting is as game changing as what Netflix was to DVD rental stores. Internet streaming of games is the future with cloud based games run in data centres vs. traditional consoles.


They just patched all the old ones to support it too.


Been this price at Currys for quite a while now.

GOOGLE Chromecast Ultra £54 @ currys
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Posted 26th Nov 2019Posted 26th Nov 2019
GOOGLE Chromecast Ultra £54 @ currys
Chrome cast ultra for £54. Also available at John Lewis and BT shop for this price
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Not absurd at all, they are very similar devices doing very similar things. The only obvious exception is stadia but that is a disaster and not even available on non founder sticks like this. Has no business at all being near double the price of its two biggest competitors (Amazon and Roku) while offering virtually no extra functions...


This is a solid price for it. I use mine all the time for accessing Google movies. The app on the TV became unusable once my collection got in 4 figures. Using a firestick isn't an option. I have both but they aren't the same thing at all so the fact people don't like that it's not the same price is absurd.


Where is the deal (confused) this seems really expensive to me when you can get a 4K Fire TV Stick for £30 which does virtually everything this does minus Stadia, which is probably a good thing if initial reviews are anything to go by. Even if you are some kind of crazed Google device devotee that will only consider this (why (confused) ) these will almost certainly drop further in a few days over the black Friday weekend, absolutely no reason to buy this now IMHO...


If you use Chromecast a lot these are worth it lightning quick compared to normal one but firestick HD is better if your just going on Netflix.

Chromecast Ultra 4k Currys on eBay £51.30 . 6x nectar points as well for £5+ purchase. Free Postage.
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Posted 25th Nov 2019Posted 25th Nov 2019
Chromecast Ultra 4k Currys on eBay £51.30 . 6x nectar points as well for £5+ purchase. Free Postage.
£51.30eBay Deals
Cheapest Chromecast Ultra with Code Pickme5 Google Chromecast Ultra, A Stream entertainment in up to 4K Ultra HD and HDR. A streaming device that plugs into your TV's HDMI port, … Read more

Ah.. ok...


Might be less to do with the deal and more to do with the "member" who posted it! Infamous for spamming threads, abusive (banned more times than I could count) I could go on. I muted him years ago. Reap what you sow.


Yes, very strange! Quick Google search didn't find a better price, so it's a deal to me. Perhaps the cold voters haven't registered that this is the UHD model?


Bizarre that this should be voted cold...

Chromecast Ultra, reduced to £54 at Google Store
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Posted 22nd Nov 2019Posted 22nd Nov 2019
Chromecast Ultra, reduced to £54 at Google Store
Same price direct from Google or also from : Currys Argos BT probably everywhere now You can cast to this, which is probably the only advantage over the cheaper other devices suc… Read more

I just took my Roku 4k back and bought a Chromecast instead. The Roku kept overheating. Cheap is useless if it doesn't work


Unless you have an Xbox or a Samsung TV, the benefit this has over other third party hardware such as Roku and FireSticks is the fact you can now access available BT Sport content in 4K HDR via the BT Sport app -


£51.30 using code PICKME5 from Argos Ebay with click & collect if that helps anyone.


Probably because it was at BTShop. They never have stock, don't tell you, wait a month and silently refund you.


I didn't get it that we was replying to the previous comment. I tried with my 3rd Gen still doesn't work. Chrome browser is working fine to me haven't open the magic box yet. ;)

Chromecast Ultra (4K version) £54 @ BT
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Posted 21st Nov 2019Posted 21st Nov 2019
Chromecast Ultra (4K version) £54 @ BT
Couldn’t find this cheaper anywhere else at the moment, no idea if there will be any better deals around Black Friday.

That's why you can't trust heat on here. This is a good deal




£54 direct from google now


I was more alluding to the possibility that there might/should be a further (higher) drop in the price of this considering what Roku and Firestick dropped to, I might be wrong though. I still use a chromecast for BT Sport myself, it works fine for that, but it seems to buffer on way too many Casts which it never used to. I dont know if there was an update to the chromecast in the past few months that might explain the buffering now..


It's worth noting that A grade, used Ultras are £55 from CeX so this is a good deal for a new one of these devices. However, points taken re. competition being good value.

Google Chromecast Ultra £59.99 @ The Electrical Showroom
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Posted 20th Nov 2019Posted 20th Nov 2019
Google Chromecast Ultra £59.99 @ The Electrical Showroom
Google Chromecast Ultra
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69 normally


Chromecast is great option if you are a Google home user. Is this not the normal price?




best off spending a bit more and getting an nvidia shield which has a 4k chromecast built in


Is this the one that comes with "Stadia Premiere Edition"?

Google Chromecast Ultra 4K £54.51 Google Store / Reg Chromecast £23.71
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Posted 27th Sep 2019Posted 27th Sep 2019
Google Chromecast Ultra 4K £54.51 Google Store / Reg Chromecast £23.71
£54.51£69.9922%Google Store Deals
Thanks to @Riccirus. Just ordered one

Great deal, I nearly bought a stadia because it was only a few quid more than this has swayed me


Agree. I'm tempted to get an android TV with ultra built in as voice controlling is so good. I think this can do stadia too?


Agreed it’s much faster overall, even if you don’t have a 4k tv. Personally I think they should do away with the old one and bring this down to about the £30 mark


So I got one because it has ethernet as an option and it's just faster overall. That and I'm looking into my first 4k tv


If you want 4k and HDR content yes

Pre-order Google Stadia Founders Edition £119 @ Google - inc. Chromecast Ultra, controller, 3M Stadia Pro, badge, Buddy Pass & Name
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Posted 11th Sep 2019Posted 11th Sep 2019
Pre-order Google Stadia Founders Edition £119 @ Google - inc. Chromecast Ultra, controller, 3M Stadia Pro, badge, Buddy Pass & Name
Pre-order Google Stadia Founders Edition £119 @ Google Store - includes Chromecast Ultra, exclusive controller, 3 months Stadia Pro, Founder's badge, Buddy Pass and Stadia Name I… Read more
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Only positive reviews from critics so far, I think this can go very good!


Only way this could work would be if they struck a deal with the likes of Sega, EA & Capcom to stick their vast back catalogues on a Netflix style subscription service. I would 100% pay for that


We all know who Google are - - 176 apps and services shut down by Google....and counting.


Or not.



Google Chromecast Ultra 4K HDMI Media Streaming Player £42.39 @ Hitechelectronicsuk / Ebay
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Posted 15th Jul 2019Posted 15th Jul 2019
Google Chromecast Ultra 4K HDMI Media Streaming Player £42.39 @ Hitechelectronicsuk / Ebay
£42.39£48.9913%eBay Deals
Use code PARTY at checkout for this price. Product Identifiers Brand: Google MPN: GA3A00404-A04, GA3A00404A04 GTIN: 0811571018291 UPC: 0811571018291 Model: Google Chromecast U… Read more

Same here but works fine


Arrived today, it's a us version with us plug and the biggest UK plug adapter you've ever seen in your life.


Picture should include the breeze block power pack it comes with / needs to function


Managed to bag one! Cheers


Aha! should have known... :|

Google Chromecast (3rd Gen.) Chalk / Charcoal £20 // Chromecast Ultra £54 // Google Home Mini Inc. Coral & Aqua £24 @ Google Store
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Posted 5th Jul 2019Posted 5th Jul 2019
Google Chromecast (3rd Gen.) Chalk / Charcoal £20 // Chromecast Ultra £54 // Google Home Mini Inc. Coral & Aqua £24 @ Google Store
Google Chromecast (3rd Gen.) Chalk / Charcoal £20 Chromecast Ultra £54 Google Home Mini £24 Coral / Aqua / Chalk / Charcoal £24 Google Chromecast 3rd Gen. … Read more

Yes I found out that have 3 minis and a Sony android the TV does not integrate at all why?


Mine takes the power from.a USB on the TV all self contained and it's a 9 year old tv


Google junk, cold. I'm an Android guy but their hardware is rubbish, their software support is sketchy at best, I mean Google Home still doesn't even work with Android based TV's that have built in chromecast.


They alsohave the max on sale at £199 same as other retailers (y)


Thanks @andywedge much appreciated.

Google Chromecast Charcoal 3rd Gen £20 / Chromecast Ultra £54 @ Argos
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Posted 4th Jul 2019Posted 4th Jul 2019
Google Chromecast Charcoal 3rd Gen £20 / Chromecast Ultra £54 @ Argos
£20£27.9528%Argos Deals
Take to checkout to see the prices update. Chromecast 3rd gen has been reduced to £20 and the Chromecast Ultra 4k has been reduced to £54. Also available on Argos eBay store. Free … Read more

for info looks like Argos have more stock now, showing avaialble for collection at most stores


I've just been in to my nearest Argos and they're out of stock but the Sainsbury's that it's in / owned by has the storeroom about 5ft away and they've got 5 in stock but for £30. lol


Mine came today. It does less than an android box. Doesnt come with a remote. Everything is done though the Google home app on your phone or tablet. You don't browse through menus on your TV like you would with a firestick etc, you cast everything from the app on your phone.


Would this do anything more than an Android box or would it be worth having if already have Android Box?


Sorry, my grammar probably wasn't correct here. I meant to say the overall performance of the 1st gen Chromecast was very slow in comparison to the 2nd or 3rd gen. The WiFi was weaker on the 1st gen (no AC/5Ghz) which will be a problem for some. So to clarify, should you upgrade to the 3rd gen? If on the 1st gen, yes. If on the 2nd gen, I wouldn't bother.

FROM £42: Google Chromecast Ultra @ CeX with 24 months warranty (delivery between £0 and £1.50 - 2nd hand)
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Posted 30th Jun 2019Posted 30th Jun 2019
FROM £42: Google Chromecast Ultra @ CeX with 24 months warranty (delivery between £0 and £1.50 - 2nd hand)
Google Chromecast Ultra from £42 at CeX (2nd hand) Grade C £42 + just £1.50 p&p Grade B £45 + just £1.50 p&p Grade A £55 + free p&p Top tip! - Use the w… Read more
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LOL. I didn't say that did i. I asked if that was the case. I wasn't being even being negative, I was asking genuine questions. Hopefully someone removes you, and you say I'm trolling haha


Making out that a Chromecast won't be able to cast in HDR if your phone can't sounds a lot like trolling, either that or someone rambling about something he knows nothing about.


What? If you think this is trolling... So basically the same things (but less) as what the Fire Stick does for almost double the price.


(skeptical) Are you for real or just trolling?


Plex, Netflix

Google Chromecast 3rd Gen. Chalk / Charcoal £25 // Google Chromecast Ultra £59 - Free delivery @ Google Store
436° Expired
Posted 17th Apr 2019Posted 17th Apr 2019
Google Chromecast 3rd Gen. Chalk / Charcoal £25 // Google Chromecast Ultra £59 - Free delivery @ Google Store
Chromecast Chalk Google Store Exclusive. Free delivery direct from Google Store. 24 Things You Didn't Know Your Chromecast Could Do Google Chromecast 3rd Gen. Chalk / Charco… Read more

Deal expired back to £30


Expired now £30


I would only recommend a chrome if you have a home or mini, as for dropouts, never had a problem, that is more a WiFi problem


It’s this price in Argos.


Thanks Matthaus. Yes the Chromecast works perfectly. Not worth spending the money upgrading then. Also have a fire stick and Apple TV running in the house so all ecosystems covered! (y)

Google Chromecast £25 and Chromecast Ultra £59 discounted at Argos
709° Expired
Posted 17th Apr 2019Posted 17th Apr 2019
Google Chromecast £25 and Chromecast Ultra £59 discounted at Argos
£25£29.9917%Argos Deals
Handy if you're looking to add more Chromecasts to kids bedrooms etc. My husband buys these now for pretty much every room! Chromecast £25 and Chromecast Ultra the 4K one £59

EXPIRED back to £30


Expired now £30




I have a 4k tv with great apps but no integration for Google home. Would the chromecast help here?


Mirroring is possible but not how Chromecast generally works, typically your phone just tells the Chromecast what to play and the Chromecast goes off and fetches it and plays it. Don't get one purely for mirroring you'll be disappointed as it doesn't work that well. You're probably better off getting a phone that can do USB C to HDMI to mirror your screen if you don't already have one. Recent Huawei and Samsung phones can do that.

Chromecast Ultra £54 @ Google Store
260° Expired
Posted 16th Nov 2018Posted 16th Nov 2018
Chromecast Ultra £54 @ Google Store
Chromecast Ultra £69 elsewhere, the Chromecast matches the price at argos, Currys etc

Yeah, if i need to return it with a fault or defect i can just pop to a local shop and not have to pee about posting stuff.


Any reason why? Google directly more likely to get one than a hunt locally for limited stock.


Id buy this at that price from local retailers, but don't fancy it via google direct at that price.


I think I'll hold off too. Would be nice to have 4K support and decent quality Twitch streams. The Panasonic apps are crap. Some tech youtubers have moved to a boxier 'cinematic' aspect ratio with the top bottom black bars and the Panasonic YT app just translates that into a squashed image vertically and horizontally, it sucks.


I'm in 2 minds. None of the other retailers seem to be discounting the ultra. Probably going to end up waiting...

4k chromecast ultra £53 @ Toby Deals
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Posted 23rd Oct 2018Posted 23rd Oct 2018
4k chromecast ultra £53 @ Toby Deals
£53£6620%Toby Deals Deals
A little saving to be had 4k Newest model

What does your tracking state?


11 days and still not email update from Toby? Is this normal


Sure there are some differences, but barring the limitations both companies have introduced in their petty battle I don't see a benefit to Chromecast (I have 2x, plus one built in to my TV).


80% more powerful than the old Firestick 4k, but with Firestick you have the capability to sideload applications and support IPTV etc.


Except Chromecast users. Who use Chromecast.

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