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Free cinema tickets to Late Night (3rd June) at SFF
03/06/2019Expires on 03/06/2019Made hot 21st MayMade hot 21st May
Showing on Monday 3rd June at 6:30pm/7:00pm code QSLMY8 Comedy/Drama: A late-night talk show host suspects that she may soon be losing her long-running show. All cinemas have … Read more

Cardiff - which one is that please? It doesn’t show address just signed up for waiting list


Thanks for the heads up.Got a couple of tickets. Normally by the time they send an email, all tickets have all gone!


Been.there, done that, lol. Don't worry, these thing's 'cycle' I different ways, etc ... About 1 Month back there was another Freebie on here for a movie called Hot Shot, initially it came out with a predominantly North London and Central London bias (blatantly not for me, lol). Then about 1 Week to 1.5 Week's later, ANOTHER ONE came on here, and for the exact same Freebie of Hot Shot as before, but this time it had Showcase cinema in there as well, at the backs end's there somewhere in East London (this one however, was a bit more up my street - well, within a 30 minute's or so London Transport ride from me anyway?). So I hit the second option for myself. :-) It was a mad gamble mind, as at that initial/particular point in time, I was yet to have any sort of an idea as to if, and/or when it was to come back for me again (and for a more conventional location, etc?). But I blatantly held out, and ... The waiting game may perhaps be an 'option' for you too, perhaps?.


Cold. Hate things like this. Available limited places.


none in edinburgh :(

Free Large Popcorn when paying with visa checkout @ VUE Cinemas
02/09/2019Expires on 02/09/2019Made hot 19th MayMade hot 19th May
Pay using "visa checkout" to receive the code / details for a LARGE POPCORN, on your email. ***Only 40,000 popcorn available***

I just used Visa checkout for first time with this but via website and got the code for the free popcorn. Thanks btw OP.


I did use visa checkout. However, I did order my tickets using the iOS app...


Still works, but it’s visa checkout you need to use, not just a Visa card


Have they run out? Ordered tickets this morning for this weekend using visa checkout, received my email confirmation with the QR code, but no mention of a free popcorn.


Thanks for that!

Looking for Cheap / Free Days Out & Things to do in the School Holidays? Hope these Help
Made hot 17th MayMade hot 17th May
Think like many people I look at the weekends & school holidays as a double edged sword, on one hand, I love the kids being off (well at least for the first few hours) but I'm … Read more
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There are some Scottish offers at the bottom of activities in the UK, Landmark Adventure park is one of them, my kids adore it, they prefer going there over M&D's every time. There is also the Free Places to Visit / Things to Do in Scotland thread I did itison is a really good place to source offers in Scotland, we use it all the time for cheap days out Inverness Botanic Gardens West Highland Museum Lochaber Geopark Open Doors Festival in September Highland Folk Museum Walking Tour




Spent ages looking through the list and in the links websites. Found just one thing in all of that post. That was anywhere near me in Scotland. Paintballing with a price cut. Oh and getting to see Glenfinnan viaduct for 2 for 1 but only if you go by train not car like we would have to :D Anyone got any links for things to do in the Scottish Highlands area? Or found anything in this thread I have missed? As always though such posts are fantastic if you live in England! Heat heat heat. Trying to find Scottish stuff in these is always an issue though. But I'm guessing it's same for Wales and NI 😁




Fab, thank you

£2.45 for 625g of M&M's and a cinema ticket. Sweet Sundays promotional packs M&M's peanut pouch 125g 49p @ Home Bargains
Made hot 16th MayMade hot 16th MayLocalLocal
Edit 18/5: looks like Home Bargains realised the price error. Now 99p. Some was 49p for the April dated ones and not promo pack. ( Deal posted about 2 weeks ago). Good job if you … Read more
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Must have not been up properly cos left it a bit and they've all worked now 👌


Oh dear! Hope it was just the system playing. Maybe give the customer service a call?


Went to put my codes in today and all of them are invalid or already used it says?


Yeh, the deal was 'REALLY' good ;)


:D :D was 'GOOD' lol

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£10 Movie Credit at CHILI + Odeon Cinema Ticket  = £5.99 (£4.79 with code) @ Groupon
30/06/2019Expires on 30/06/2019Made hot 14th MayMade hot 14th May
Chili offer back at Groupon - enjoy £10 credit to spend on movie rentals with CHILI plus receive an ODEON 2D cinema ticket. Code HELLO20 on a new account reduces this to £4.79. … Read more

They have changed the way this works. You go to the site presented in the Groupon terms, enter the Groupon code and then you have to wait for them to get back to you which says up to 2 hours. Not great if you wanted to just 'top-up' and instantly watch a film (this is how it used to work). Also: "Please be advised Requests sent during week-ends and holidays will be processed on the following working day."


Yeah, my code took around 24hrs to come, perhaps a little more.


I bought this yesterday, added my Groupon code to the chili page and it said I'd receive an email within 2 hours with further details. Over 24hrs later still no email!



Care to share? Pls

Damson 5.1.2 Dolby Atmos wireless Cinema system, free delivery from Damson Global £499.99
Made hot 12th MayMade hot 12th May
Company based in York, British product. You may be able to get it for £475 with 5.25% Topcashback. Some reviews on Amazon suggested 5% off if you sign for the newsletter. Excelle… Read more
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Thanks, you seems quite knowledgeable, half of the things you've mentioned I've never heard of. I do not have a system, so I was debating if I should go with a normal one or with Dolby Atmos. For me the issue is the soundbar is too tall, I was thinking maybe above the TV will suit me better. The other thing is the price, I am not saying is very expensive, but is not a bargain either. Finally, I do not know how much I will benefit of Dolby Atmos, as I only have a TV and Netflix, while the movies I have are on memory sticks, so I guess the quality is not as the ones on a proper disk. Thanks a lot for the review, if I was not going away next week, I would have probably got it, now I will wait to see if I've got any money left after I come back:)


Yes I have it, it arrived a couple of days ago. It's a very well made bit of kit, but there are definitely some issues that need ironing out. It came with a note saying it's on the latest firmware, yet the Bass is very weak. My previous setup was a lot more powerful so I was aware that it probably wouldn't be rattling my room as much as my previous speakers, but it's really noticable just how weak the bass is. I've not had time to properly sit down and iron out wrinkles yet but here's some things I have noticed. I'm also going to have to have a play around with a few things as I have some issues with the HDMI setup. My old setup just used an Optical feed from my TV, so I've had to rejig all my HDMI cables accordingly and am having some issues. For now I just have an Nvidia Shield plugged into Input 1 and my TV Plugged in VIA the Output. A major issue atm is if waking the Shield up, the picture on the TV is just full of coloured lines, it requires turning the Speakers off and on again for the display to correct itself. This could be down to a crap HDMI cable and will try changing things at a later date. Another issue is that whilst my lads been playing on his xbox which is plugged into one of the 4 TV HDMI's, the HDMI source has started changing on it's own to random unused HDMI sources, or even turning the TV off. Again this could be an issue with the HDMI CEC funtions somewhere, but it never happened before changing cables around so that's something else to look at. I've got a few ATMOS 4K video files to play with, but am going to have to have a look online as to how to set the Shield up to get it right, as using VLC the sound stutters slightly almost as if it can't keep up (The files are on an external USB 3 Drive connected to the shield). Turning Pass through on or off in VLC settings fixes the lag but makes the sound distorted, but again I suspect this is just down to some setting I need to find within the Shield or VLC itself. As for Sound quality.... I have to say the sound is amazing, I can't say I notice the ceiling effect that much with the things I've tried so far, but for immersive surround sound it blows my previous setup out of the water. I was highly dubious of a Sound bar being able to beat a large pair of front speakers, but it does. My previous setup gave you 5:1 sound but I always felt it just wasn't quite right. There were that many options it became a case of "That'll do" This is completely the opposite in the fact that you have no options whatso ever other than louder or quieter, and it just works. No longer can my lad press the wrong button and I'm spending ten minutes cursing at a remote trying to get birds cheeping behind me again. The volume range is also very good, it goes up high enough to worry about complaints from my neighbour which is normally what I judge to be a good system. The sound is clear and rich, but lacks the beefiness provided by a decent Bass speaker. I've gone so far as to check the online manual to see if I was missing some hidden way of changing the Bass volume, but it would seem not. One big gripe though is the length of the Power cables. Every Speaker requires a Mains Connection (Apart the Ceiling Speaker that piggy backs off the Sound Bar) Yet every PSU has only a Meter of Cable. I this has meant running various Extensions around as I wanted the Amp / Bass at the far side of my TV yet the Center speaker needs to go in the middle. And the same again for the rear speakers, I realise they work without being plugged in, but I prefer them connected to a power supply. I was hoping for a good couple of meters cable on each so they could connect to the double socket behind my couch, but alas it's now extensions going in opposite directions to allow them to remain powered. The final niggle (which I was aware of) is the Centre Speaker with the Ceiling attachment on, is rather tall. It eats into my screen at the bottom as its placed in front of the TV on the TV Stand I release a lot of this sounds negative, but as I said, I have some reading and some tweaking to do before I think it's setup right, and I haven't yet had the time to donate to this. I am very happy with it so far, just for the detail of sound it provides makes it worth the investment (Mad Max Fury Road has dialogue almost appearing out of the Air which is the bit that's blown me away so far). I'm just glad it was only £500 as any more I might have considered sending it back. I do look forward to movie nights in the man cave with this setup as it really does sound great and also looks the part.


Have you got it or still on its way? How is it? Does it worth £200-300 more than non Atmos Systems? Thanks!


Found out my Sony all in one blu ray and 5.1 with wireless rears is not upgradable to Atmos. Guess it’s start again but need rear wireless, the Mrs will not like if I cannot reuse the current wireless speakers and all the others and their all white to match the telly (lol)


Bass and treble sorted via update in Oct 2018. The speakers for the ceiling are the dolby atmos unit that goes on top of the soundbar.

Free Cinema Tickets to BEATS (13 May) with SeeitFirst
Made hot 11th MayMade hot 11th May
Best mates Johnno and Spanner share a deep bond. Now on the cusp of adulthood, life is destined to take them in different directions – Johnno’s family are moving him to a new town … Read more

I went on the Greenwich reserve list and got tickets Monday afternoon , first time I’ve been successful on the waiting list so it is worth doing , Great film ,


Thanks Op :)


Just had to cancel 4 tickets for the Liverpool One screening due to a change of plans tomorrow. So, if anyone's on the "Waiting List" for L'pool One it could be worth checking your email


I wish it was O2 Greenwich, Odeon Greenwich is nothing a place I want to go even though I could have gotten tickets!


Peckhamplex is available (but wayyyyyy too far). And Greenwich is rather unfortunately on waiting list (so I'm fresh out of luck there too). Hopefully better luck next time I guess?. :-) But saying that, it still appears to be a good Freebie for all those of you who were able to cash in.your chip's upon this one though. :-D

Aladdin European Gala - Free Cinema Tickets - 9th May 2019 TODAY CENTRAL LONDON
Made hot 9th MayMade hot 9th May
Starts in an hour so if you're in the area. Get yourself along! You might even see Will Smith! ;) Aladdin European Gala Book now to be one of the first people in the UK to see … Read more
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this film is gonna give After Earth a run for its money in the best action category


Yes. Filling last minute seats so the screening isn't empty.


Why is this free? Is this real?


Links aren't working for me.


Wow defo heat 🔥🔥- if only I was closer but have fun to those who do go

ACER H6517ABD Full HD DLP Home Cinema 3D Projector £295.99 Delivered at Box
Made hot 6th MayMade hot 6th May
A well reviewed projector for the money here, and this seems to be the absolute lowest in quite a while, so if you were maybe thinking of a home cinema or even a big screen for the… Read more

Looking for a club projector for pc video, not overly bothered about sound but is for use in a room that we can't really black out - is this suitable?


I've prev owned a benQ w1070 and a Optoma HD141x DLP which is a more expensive older projector from this line of Optoma projectors. I think you'd be better off buying a model that's a descendant of the BenQ w1070 The most recent model is: Richer sounds have it for 399. with a 6 year guarantee. In my opinoin I think You'd be better off buying that instead, esp with the guarantee. Colour wheels are moving parts, spin very very fast and are known to break down after a few years! AFAIK, the BenQ uses a different colour wheel, and I found the colours much more accurate compared to Optoma equivalents. Black levels (contrast) at this point are going to be mediochre, but can be subjectively improved with a grey screen or ND2 filter.

Had the same with my BenQ...I would see the rainbow effect all the time but it slowly went away and occasionally see it now out of the corner of my eye.

I've got a Yamaha receiver and Monitor Audio speakers in my set-up.Keep an eye out for deals on Richer sounds and on here for some bargains.I'm gonna upgrade all mine soon to 4K soon so will be on the look for some bargains myself.


Since this deal is expired, does anyone have any suggestions for any other great deal? I'll have a throw distance of about 3m, and am torn between fhd and 4k (can't afford the great native 4k at current prices though). Open to open box, etc. I know absolutely nothing about projectors, but have just set up my living room for a home theatre, and have the cables/AV all ready.

The Secret Life of Pets - Free Cinema Tickets  - 12th May 2019 with Sky VIP
Made hot 5th MayMade hot 5th May
Sky VIP are offering free cinema tickets to this movie. It’s on first come first serve basis. At time of listing most cinemas are showing availability . Movie is on 12th May 201… Read more

You’re welcome :)


Just got back from the screening - thank you so much !


Well if anyone from Nottingham, says there check I'd tho, if not I cancel and go to ppl on list


You can still pass the tickets on, blank your name out. All they need is code.


I have 4 tickets to it, thought number 2, its already got person name on it, guess can't change

SWEET SUNDAYS is back - registration from 22 May : Cineworld ticket and two big bags of Starbust/Skittles for £2 at Sainsbury's
07/08/2019Expires on 07/08/2019Made hot 5th MayMade hot 5th May
In the last few years Mars has been running this offer where you need to buy either 5 small (2 stars) or 2 big bags (5 stars) of sweets to collect the 10 stars required for a Cinew… Read more
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A trip with my family to our local cineworld is £40. There are 4 of us, we each have an email.. We get 2 trips for £16. A total saving of £64. Plus we also get a lot of sweets which I end up taking to work. As you say great deal.


is there any way to use these tickets with 3d movies? I know it spexificaly says 2d, but would they allow you to pay the additional price? thanks


Has anyone not been able to book their cinema tickets?


Probably part of the scam... That's A LOT of sweets and chocolates by the way, have you got any teeth left? 😄 So basically what the deal is is instead of cinema tickets for £15(is it? I can't remember the last time i was at the cinema by the way) you pay roughly about £10 for the confectionary, save a fiver but pay out for a dentist? 😄 Great deal (y) 😄


i know, but there codes are more often than previously invalid. If its beyond booking date they will usually send chocolate vouchers in compensation from a separate department, and that might get picked up due to it being a smaller team of "complaints dept staff". Remember they send compensation BY POST.

NOW TV Smart Box With 4K & Voice Search *PLUS* 1-Month of Sky Cinema + Entertainment + Kids & 1-Day Sky Sports... ALL FOR ONLY £24.99 at B&M
Made hot 2nd MayMade hot 2nd MayLocalLocal
If you'd rather get a 4K NOW TV Smart Box with a set of four passes covering movies, entertainment, sports, plus kids shows, than a NOW TV Smart Stick with 3-Month Kids Pass (as … Read more

Was in B&M Thurrock today, there were two on the shelf. No displayed price shown so don't know if it is still the same price as this post. And loads of the £15 non 4k stick with two months entertainment.


True that, hehehe, but if I'm not mistaken, the NOW TV ''freeview' variant, goes for something around the £60 mark or so?. Those Deal's on here before for them (at around the £40-£50 mark?), were sadly more than 1 Year ago ... (Yep, 1 Year ago already man?!). :-( And there's no immediate sign of an upward change to any of that either ... (well, for now at least anyway?).


Yep, tha Yep, and that's always a kick in the teeth too that, lol.


If you consider that they saw fit to remove the ability for installing 'PLEX' on their 'NOW TV' devices, which was the reason for many people buying them in the first place, it would seem unlikely that they would entertain the idea of 'KODI' - even if it could "double their sales overnight", as you suggest - because, let's face it, they only sell these things on the cheap as a way to get people watching 'NOW TV' and precious little else. Besides which, with the operating system for 'NOW TV' products being based upon the Roku OS, it is not possible to install 'KODI' because it is incompatible with the 'Roku' / 'NOW TV' platforms. Personally I would not buy 'NOW TV' streaming devices at all, were it not for being an occasional means to snag some cheap(er) passes, because their 'App Store' is far too severely restricted for my liking. Far better to pay a little more (initially) for a genuine Roku device, and have full access to the 'Channel Store' - which (currently) has 6,700+ Roku channels (apps) to choose from - as opposed to a choice of only 43 apps, like you have with 'NOW TV' devices, which is even less than the original (white) NOW TV Box had when it launched in July 2013! (shock) You can also use the Roku 'Screen Mirroring' feature - e.g. from a compatible Android mobile device - to stream content from 'KODI' on your television with Roku players, if need be, although there are already other Roku channels (apps) that allow you to sign-in with your credentials for various IPTV providers... so it's not really necessary to rely on 'KODI' addons at all. Of course, that's still no use for users of 'NOW TV' branded devices... but, it could be a deciding factor for some to upgrade to Roku! ;) (y)


If only there was a way to sideload apps like Kodi they would double their sales overnight.

Free Small Drink w/ your Cinema Ticket @ Empire Cinemas (Ticket Purchase required)
31/05/2019Expires on 31/05/2019Made hot 1st MayMade hot 1st May
Hey Guys; Just checked My Empire rewards (new at the beginning of the month) and found with any cinema ticket, you can claim a free SMALL Drink with your ticket. =) Don't forget … Read more
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the good thing about the small drinks at Empire as they are still pretty big i find. compared to a small drink at places like mcdonalds. a small drink at empire is near on same as a large mcdonalds drink


I identify as a toilet brush.


worth 7.59 gbp i believe


"Did you just assume my gender?!" I go by "Non Binary Gendered Individual" come, on, we're in 2019, not 2017! (lol)


Yeah just a little joke mate lol (lol) If you ever go to Vue, I recommend downloading the Hold app. For being "on hold" (not using your phone) long enough you can get a voucher for free popcorn when you buy a ticket. The voucher is 60 points I think and as far as I can remember you get 10 points for every 20 minutes that you are on hold

Promotional Free Cinema Tickets with Starburst/Skittles pouches - £1 each @ Morrisons
16/06/2019Expires on 16/06/2019Made hot 30th AprMade hot 30th Apr
Skittles 196g and Starburst 210g pouches on sale for £1 each at Morrisons Buy 2 of these pouches for a free cinema ticket as per the Sweet Sundays Cinema ticket promotion. See bel… Read more
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Does anyone know if the 350g bags have 10 stars?


I went to use my codes today and all of them are "invalid or already used" had to email them


Can usually be used for anything.


Will these free tickets be used to watch movies such as new Spiderman when it comes out? Sometimes they delay free tickets towards blockbuster movies?


Thanks. guess there is no point in ordering online as they could be the non promo packs and then I end up missing out.

Pokemon Detective Pikachu - Free Cinema Tickets - 4th May With Sky VIP
Made hot 30th AprMade hot 30th AprLocalLocal
Kind of wishing I was a Sky Customer now.... :D See Pokemon Detective Pikachu with My Sky on 4th May, 10.30am If anyone ends up with a spare ticket for the Gateshead - Metrocentr… Read more
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That makes me feel a little bit better lol still can’t believe it! I’ve made a deal on here for another movie life of secret pets. It’s the first movie not the new one, if you fancy it feel free to pick up tickets.


If its any consolation, I did the very same!


OP, thanks for posting this. I told the kids to be ready for Sunday morning only to receive an email last night saying how was the movie. Messed the dates up on my end! 😡


Your more than welcome


We went this morning to the Peterborough showing and it was great, there were plenty of jokes for adults and kids a like. I am not a Pokémon fan but my daughter's are and they had a fab time and I enjoyed it too! Thanks again @dazzlingstar for the tickets, we were second in the queue, that is how keen my daughters were to watch it!

Odeon - Exclusive Matt Ferguson poster giveaway with ticket purchase to see Avengers: Endgame
Made hot 27th AprMade hot 27th Apr
Poster one will be available between 25th – 28th April inclusive. Poster two will be available between 4th - 5th May inclusive.

I'm kinda meh about this year's poster giveaway. The 2 'A' logos and repeated cast list looks strange, obviously some of the characters don't even look like they're portrayed in it, and it's just not accurate to that scene. LAST year's Matt Ferguson poster giveaway however.... It's a shame to be missing Hawkeye, but Captain Marvel I can do without.


Bit disappointed, they were pretty small posters,and anyone walking past the cinema could take one (or a handful).


I bet if you went to the Louvre you'd say that the Mona Lisa is just another picture of a woman.


Leicester Square Odeon gave us free Marvel Legends Captain Marvel series toys too. We got Capt Marvel, Nick Fury and Talos. Plus the poster, which is a nice poster.


Picked up one today.

40% of cinema tickets at most cinemas via BlueLightCard app odeon showcase as well
Made hot 26th AprMade hot 26th AprLocalLocal
Just booked 2 tickets for avengers endgame £13.60 vue cinema most of the other chains seem to be involved
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Combine this with my CEA card and it’s 2 for 1 as well! 👌🏻


Yeh, not fair for some. I go there from Bolton. Parking free too after 6pm I believe


Bloody postcode lottery (mad) ;)


£4.99 if you can get to Bury (y)


Hi It's free with Hold app. You just purchased the ticket via hold (using points) and then use the code online or ring Vue to get the tickets.

Family Focus - Family + Kids Overview No.1 - Round up of the best offers, events & new to the market products
Made hot 26th AprMade hot 26th Apr
Welcome to the very first hotukdeals Family Focus thread - an overview of the best Family & Kids offers, events & new to the market products around Please let us know if y… Read more
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Fabulous informative thread @wishihadadonkey (highfive) Thank you for your time and effort. Love the hidden veg pasta sauce. We are lucky with our lad who eats pretty much any veg - except spouts lol - but his various friends who come for tea are not so easy. I will also share the recipe with a couple of mums who struggle to get their broods to meet the recommended 5 a day. Also looks like Uncle George, who is currently serving in the army, will be going on a few white knuckle rides on his next leave! :3


Thank you great thread very good Elul info thumbs up


Thanks you!! Great effort and very useful info.


Great efforts and info @wishihadadonkey I think this kind of post is really useful after few weeks. Thank you (highfive)


Thank you! There is so much useful stuff here! I always like your posts though @wishihadadonkey I know you put the highlights in the info which saves lazy me clicking through (y)

Two Cinema Tickets from Reel Cinemas, 11 Locations - from £6.20 using code @ Groupon
Made hot 26th AprMade hot 26th Apr
Super price for two cinema tickets, listed on Groupon for £8.00, use one of the codes below to get the extra discount. New user / new email code: HELLO20 will bring the onsite p… Read more

I added the code for Burnley and it added £2.00 on


thanks got a great deal


ps Burnley's improved, but Vue Preston has reclining seats :)


Price comes first "£8 for two cinema tickets - Burnley "


Whats the price for 2 tickets for Burnley please? It seems to be missing at the end of the message

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