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Which Circular Saw for DIY?
Hi Guys Can you please recommend me a circular saw. I will be using it once in a blue moon for DIY so I can't justify spending too much on this. Preferably about 30 pounds. Thanks … Read more

I bought a mini circular saw from Aldi for under £30 and has been great for me. Laid decking, built planters and cut new boards for a shed. I'd recommend for any job where your not needing deep cuts


It really depends on what you want to use it for. Decking, and I'd be inclined to go for a chop saw. Cutting up lengths of wood or board, a track saw is my choice, and the Lidl's one gets another vote from me. If it is a once in a blue moon job, ask friends or family - I'm sure someone will be able to lend you something.


Circular saw from screwfix (cheap one) has done me proud. Not something I use very often but it’s solid!


Buy a track saw not a circular saw. Lidl one is cheap enough


I Bought this Circular Saw for a Decking project, It tackled it with ease. Really pleased with it. (y)

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Circular saw recommendation
I have seen this Circular Saw (£89)… Read more

Yes Evolution are good, I was after one a few years ago now I've ended up with four (cheeky) I only paid for one the others were given to me I even found a Dewalt one in a skip (y) .


It's a good saw, I've had it over a year and it works well. A decent depth of cut and Evolution sell a track which you can get if you plan on long straight cuts. The blade will likely give a bit of a rough cut, typically the more teeth, the cleaner the cut. Look out for the spindle size when buying blades. This has 20mm, and a lot of 185mm blades have 30mm holes, but often are supplied with an adapter to fit. Edit: I paid £73 at Amazon for reference.

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Circular saw with guide
I'm very new with this stuff so apologies in advance for any basic questions. Looking to build a few cupboards. I need a saw but manually I can't keep my cutting straight so would… Read more

Maybe try one like this screwfix cheapie or spend a bit more on a triton with longer rails ideally 1400 for board cross cuts


I just use a £5 square and a couple of clamps. Works perfectly

AndyM989 I brought this one for my first DIY project building a wardrobe and has done me well. I used a piece of wood clamped down as a guide.



Great will search an Evolution one

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Ryobi Circular Saw Recommendation
Looking to grab a circular saw for some garden DIY (decking/sleepers). Anyone got any recommendations? Was looking at either the RWSL1801M or the R18CS-0, although they look ver… Read more

I've got a ryobi cordless circular saw - it eats batteries and I doubt that it would do sleepers (depth of cut isnt great) I only got it because I got a great deal on a 5 piece kit. It also takes a slightly odd blade size. As said above a mitre saw would be a better bet.


Thanks guys, I'll take a look and see what deals are around


Yep as above maybe look into a chop saw


Unless you are cutting down 8x4 boards, you’ll get much more use out of a mitre saw.

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Aldi Ferrex Circular Saw
Hi, i've just found one of those circular saws from aldi for a good price and now im in need to get a battery and charger, can any old one suffice as long as its the correct voltag… Read more

Hmmm, still needs to be bang on, same brand, voltage ah... Trust me there are sooo many little differences with battery packs!...could be same as another brand, but be careful!!.. different spaced pins, polarity, locking device...ferex stuff supposedly interchangeable... The "good price" probably ISN'T by the time you bought battery and charger, sorry. Charger....I think £15, or some ferrex chargers were...(these still around in-store)and the 40v battery...£30?, the 40v battery pretty rare now.. Bet someone selling on fleabay?


Batteries are consumables, the old days of having to buy specific brands for your gear are thankfully numbered. There tend to be 'standard' fittings now for most brands. I think manufacturers are now realising that they lose to much business now as people are more savvy and look at things like battery costs etc before buying. If the fitting is the same and the voltage etc are the same it should be ok.