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Sid Meier’s Civilization VI Platinum Edition (Mac, Linux, PC) £7.49 @ WinGameStore
Made hot 10th SepMade hot 10th Sep
A historical low here for the game. Platinum Edition Contents: Sid Meier’s Civilization VI Civilization VI – Vikings Scenario Pack Civilization VI – Poland Civilization &amp… Read more

I was looking at the frontier pass as I already have this. Must admit, this is a bargain for any civ fans that don't have the game yet. Rise and Storm addon definately worth it!

Great game. Works perfectly on Windows or Linux. Heat <3


Not really related to this deal, but what do people think of the new frontier pass? Wondering whether to go for the anthology edition upgrade over at Steam while it's reduced right now. The additional civs I am not so bothered about unless there are some game changers in there, it would be the new game modes that sell it to me unless they introduce new bugs.


Awesome game, but you may need to spend a few hours watching you tube tutorials to get the best out of it.


Good find!

Sid Meier’s Civilization VI Platinum Edition (Mac, Linux, PC) £8.93 with code @ Gamersgate
137° Expired
Made hot 9th SepMade hot 9th Sep
A historical low here for the game, use the code GG-DEALS-21 to bag the price. Whilst the listing says Mac, its a steam key and will redeem fine on PC as well. Platinum Edit… Read more

Expired? Shows as £10.91 with the code for me.


It's a fine civ but could not get to it like I had into Civ V. I think that was the pinnacle for me.


Bought vanilla Civ VI on Switch and I'm about 8hrs into first playthrough. Bought Rise and Fall and Gathering Storm afterwards. Anyone advise if I should restart with the expansions or plough on with my vanilla playthrough? I'm a Cuv noob, but I'm really enjoying it so far


Already got it but v good price - 6 got some stick but it's great with the DLC this includes.


Great game at a good price. Highly recommend this game if you have not tried it before. I have spent countless hours playing this and the older civ versions

Sid Meier's Civilization VI Nintendo switch £6.27 on eShop (Brazil)
Made hot 3rd SepMade hot 3rd Sep
Sid Meier’s Civilization VI by 2K Build Your Greatest Empire on Nintendo Switch. Released on November 16th, 2018 This site is really helpful as a guide on how to change your… Read more

Do you know if Brazil is possible to buy from? I thought it along with a few others like Argentina were literally impossible to buy from unless you live there. Mexico and North America are possible with credit or an American region PayPal


I listed a few more regions where its similarly priced in the description if thats any help to you


No. It's £6.50 from the US eShop and that is the best bet currently. You'll still need a US account and will need to buy US credit ($5 or $10 denominations).


So has anyone established a no hassle payment method for these South American eshops yet?


I thought the chap in the middle was Kenneth Williams!

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[PS4] Civilization VI Anthology Inc Base Game + All DLC - Rise & Fall, Gathering Storm, New Frontier Pass - £25.99 @ PlayStation Store
Made hot 31st AugMade hot 31st Aug
MAKE HISTORY in one of the most critically acclaimed and influential game franchises in strategy game history. Choose a leader and pursue agendas inspired by their real-life counte… Read more

Yeah played it on my laptop for years and thought Id buy it for my Xbox X. Its just not the same on the Xbox - too awkward to get to the menus etc and just feels a bit clunky unlike say Xcom 2 for instance which I actually prefer on the Xbox.


Is it just the awkwardness of the controls that let it down? I have a basic laptop that runs age of empires HD and was after a game with a bit more to it than raising an army.


T I have it on PS4 and trust me when I say it, play it on a PC… And it’s not a real time strategy and is nothing like Total War. But still, a great game worth playing.


I love Age of Empires and Total War would anyone recommend this? I know it's not a mass army type of game.


Doesn't that depend how late long you wait XD

Sid Meier’s Civilization VI Anthology, Xbox One @ Microsoft Store £25.99 (For Live Gold members)
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Made hot 31st AugMade hot 31st Aug
This bundle contains Civilization VI and all previously-released Civilization VI content on consoles. It is intended for people new to Civilization VI. Civilization VI is a histor… Read more

Whats the issue on series x? Just crashing? Not seen it mentioned before and thinking about buying this.


Excellent price but beware it has potentially serious crashing problems on Series X. Good news is Microsoft's refund policy and customer service is top notch so if you buy it and its borderline unplayable as it was on my Series X, you should be able to get a refund. Works fine on my One X interestingly.


Voted hot, Its a shame theres no mod support on xbox