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L'or Espresso  coffee pods (200) 5 Packs of 40 Capsules (200 Drinks)  £33.59 Amazon  sold by Luzern.
Posted 1 h, 53 m agoPosted 1 h, 53 m ago
Best nespresso compatible pods in my opinion and cheapest I've found them for. Enjoy.
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Can anyone see 5x40 for Ristretto (11)? I can see the 10x20 ... for £4 more. (flirt)


16.8p per capsule = very hot. I bought 3x20 (60 pods) for £14.99 from eBay when I had a £5 voucher, so £10 = 16.7p per capsule. Anything under 20p per is a good deal IMO, especially for a decent brand like this one.

Nescafe Dolce Gusto Americano Gift Box 16 XL at JTF in store
Posted 22nd JunPosted 22nd Jun
The perfect gift for a coffee lover. Set include 1 stylish mug and 16 Americano XL pods. Other varieties available at the same price, but without a mug.
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Last time I checked, 2 days ago, was £3.29, I've posted the deal here. Pound Stretcher more accessible anyway.


Same price in pound stretcher , I think the Best before date might be September 19

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Cafepod 10 Nespresso Compatible Capsules - £2.50 instore @ Waitrose
13/07/2019Expires on 13/07/2019LocalLocalPosted 13th JunPosted 13th Jun
Spotted in store Nespresso Compatible Capsules @ Waitrose Seemed a good deal vs the originals and taste good too. They had Waitrose own brand ones at £1.66 for 10 too. Anyone tr… Read more

Lidl had there compatible nespresso pods were only £1.49 the other week


Found the normal cafepod ones tasted horrible - used for cooking in the end


Lidl espresso best @ £1.49 now.


Good price the originals are currently £2for 10 in asda to

Nespresso - up to £15 free Credit off next order with 150 or 250 capsules purchase
Posted 12th JunPosted 12th Jun
Order 150 or 250 capsules or more before 23:59 on 23rd of June and receive £10/£15 account credit* to spend on your next order. Step 1: Purchase any 150 or 250 capsules or more be… Read more
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Good spot OP. The discount is really good, almost 7p off a capsule, but having to order 150 capsules now plus at least another 100 (for free delivery) before October could explain the cold votes. Not voted either way.

Special Edition Dolce Gusto pods, including Starbucks versions £3 at Asda
Posted 11th JunPosted 11th Jun
Special edition pods for Dolce Gusto machines as follows Starbucks Versions: Single Origin Colombia Medium Roast Espresso Veranda Blend Blonde Roast Americano Cappuccino Am… Read more
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They blew it for me with the milk powder ones, shame they never tried this before


It's a new product. Not necessarily cheaper, as only 12 pods and you can get 16 for £3.29 from Poundstrecher or 3 for £10 from supermarket, however this is Starbucks. The website shows all the Starbucks (quite a variety) are all £3, no discount, while the normal DG is £4. So, perhaps this is a normal price.


Is this an offer? , currently away from the UK, so won't be back for about 10 days or is the normal price seeing as it's only 12 pods?


Saw this offer in asda last night. FYI you only get 12 in total pods instead of 16. Still a good deal

Nescafé Dolce Gusto Americano Intenso Coffee Pods  - £3 from Tesco
Posted 7th JunPosted 7th Jun
Ok, I know pods are not the greenest, but if you have a Dolce Gusto machine you'll be looking for some. Tesco have all flavours on offer for £3 per box which is one of the best pr… Read more

That is exactly the machine that I have (the black and grey one). I've had dozens of Lidl ones fail and this weekend a Tesco one failed too. The seal on the circumference of the lid fails and hot pressurised water spews everywhere. I wondered if my machine needs de-scaling or something .... but I've never had a single failure with the original DG pots.


I wonder whether it's the type of DG machine that causes the pods to fail? I have a DG Oblo, made by Krups and have never had a Lidl pod fail. Coming to think of it, I've never had any make of pod fail in that machine. I've had some pretty foul tasting pods (Amazon own brands, I'm looking at you) but never once has one exploded on me.


Exactly the same experience for me. I won't touch the Lidl ones now (despite them tasting good) because they work out very expensive when half of them fail .... AND I have to clean up my machine (devil) .... False economy.


This is a good deal for a box, heat! If you’re like me though and don’t mind mass buying them as you drink it every day (they’re that tasty)- they are available from amazon for £8.55 for 3 boxes, just £2.85 a box (there’s other types for the same price too with s&s) <3


Along with 2 Tassimo machines, I acquired a Dolce Gusto Mini Me. The DG is handy, as you don't need a special disc fer JUST hot water delivery, but I find ANY drink, be it a pod or tea bag/instant coffee simply isn't hot enough, especially if you take milk....enter the MICROwave fer a 20 second burst (y)

TASSIMO Latte Machiatto Baileys Coffee Pods T-Discs 5 pack, 40 Drinks - £9.99 @ luzerntech  eBayUK
Posted 31st MayPosted 31st May
What's included 1 x Tassimo Latte Machiatto Baileys Coffee Capsules, Pack of 5 (40 Drinks) 1 x VAT Receipt Description TASSIMO Intellibrew™ technology ensures that each sip i… Read more
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Thanks, expired


gone up to 14.99


Umm, as yer say, not great, but good enough methinks...fer the price (y) I got a deal (as previously mentioned, different pod deal) via Amazon subscribe & save (first time order promo) so I got enough ter keep me going. 5 packs fer under £3, yep...I did say under , and another 5 fer under £6. HUKDEALS eh (oh, and Amazon) FANtastic <3


24th August 2019. Not great, but not terrible either. Plus they are powder and milk in a sealed pot. Kept in the right conditions I can't see them going off any time soon.


Well done, I may check it out myself. You understand I wasn't saying anything against the seller, but just pointing out that it's a no risk purchase, simply because you are the buyer, and as a buyer you can do no wrong, HELL you can't even receive negative or neutral feedback, only positive (fierce) WOW, and free standard postage eh. May I ask what the use by date is? (y)

4 x Packs of Tassimo Baileys Latte Coffee Capsules (8 servings per pack) £8.99 Amazon  sold by Luzern.
Posted 31st MayPosted 31st May
Get in on this deal before its pulled, 4 packs of Tassimo Baileys Latte delivered for £8.99!

Done (y)


Didn't have any at my local b&m so this is a hot deal for me!


They are disgusting, I wouldn't pay 50p for them. Even tried the espresso capsules on their own and they're awful too - taste like instant coffee.


5 packs for £9.99 (y)


Voted for you (y)

Tassimo Costa Americano Coffee Pods (Case of 5, Total 80 pods, 80 servings) @ Amazon - £8.20 Prime / £12.69 non-Prime
Posted 29th MayPosted 29th May
-Check the box for the 15% voucher -Subscribe for a month( you can cancel anytime) -Use the voucher SNS40 at the check out. Enjoy your 10p coffee :D Description Product Desc… Read more

check this 4 packs of baileys £8.99


I went onto live chat and told them code didn't work... They honoured it...


You MAY be able to get a trial of AMAZON PRIME fer a week @ 0.99p I just signed-in, and clicked on "Amazon Prime" across (near) the top of the page, and came across There's something for everyone with Prime! Check out what's included with your Prime membership. START YOUR PRIME MEMBERSHIP Special Offer: Try Amazon Prime for one week for only £0.99. (After one week, Prime is £7.99/month). Cancel anytime. See more plans I didn't think I'd get it, as I've had a free trial B4, but it worked a treat, and my Tassimo order? (placed late last night) is now due for delivery TODAY. Now that's GOTTA be worth a shot, if only fer the Prime video...I can now get on my TV, via TALK TALK,as TT have included the Amazon Prime App, on some (most) Youview boxes (y)


Worked for me thanks (y) 🏻


Same here...I was offered a £16 "good will" credit last night (a credit you never see till yer buy an AMAZON specific product) and it took £21 off my order of 5 packs of 8 Gingerbread Lattes. (now £2.46) Ordered late pm last night, and ALREADY at my delivery office, due for delivery TODAY ...Where as my other order ;) of Tassimo L'OR Latte Macchiato Coffee Pods (Pack of 5, Total 80 pods, 40 servings...@ £5.12) placed at the SAME time is due for delivery WEDNESDAY. Why the different delivery times? Well, when I (again) ordered my Gingerbread with the good will credit (not via S&S) I was offered (by the system) a 1 week trial of prime fer 0.99p, SO PRIME delivery on a £2.46 order AMAZON & HUKD... <3

FREE BARISTA APRON AND STENCIL when you purchase 150 Original capsules @ Nespresso
Posted 16th MayPosted 16th May
Create barista-style recipes at home with these limited edition accessories, yours when you purchase 150 Original capsules, including 30 from our new Barista Creations collection.* Read more
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NESPRESSO are trying Apple style promotions, like, spend £1 million for a free pencil with our logo engraved on it!


"...Im gonna wear my apron with pride every time I slip a pod into the machine" This modern vernacular. I can't keep up.


Some people are such killjoys, the marketing department worked for hours even days to come up with that idea.. But your right😁 You have to wonder though... I'd be sacking the marketing department...


250 capsules for me...I'm so lucky :D :D


I see it differently, people are attracted to freebies whether they make use of them or not. They do see the items as useful, an apron who doesn't need one but how often will they don one for cooking, you have the satisfaction of it's there if needed.

Starbucks Nespresso coffee pods 90p instore @ Asda Kingsway, Gloucester
Posted 14th AprPosted 14th AprLocalLocal
Starbucks Nespresso compatible capsules, House Blend (7 strength) reduced to 90p. Unsure if nationwide, these are normally £3.49 so I'm not sure where they got the old price of £1.… Read more
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Yeah they are great, I have to give them Kudos for that! I just more people would use it, as half the time the store employees don't know (the managers normally do though) what I'm on about or they've run out of bags :/


It's worth stressing that Starbucks will recycle any Nespresso compatible capsules. I always have 2 recycling bags in use - a Nespresso one and a Starbucks one.


Picked up a bag, thanks for the heads up


Had no idea this service existed, I will do this, thanks.


I love how there are so many ill-informed quips on here. Pick up a recycling bag from any store. Fill-up said bag with your used capsules. Return to any store. That’s what I’ve been doing forever. Scroll to the bottom of this page for a pictorial step-by-step guide:

Discount on Modo Mio pods 25% and Jolie and Tiny machines 30% @ Lavazza
Posted 14th AprPosted 14th Apr
Lavazza are currently offering 25% off packs of 12 and 16 pods and 30% off the Jolie and Tiny machine ranges ordered from their website. Free delivery on orders over £40
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The offer was 2 weeks ago, and since ended.


I’m not getting the 25% off


16 pods Passionale (red) = £3.30


It's such a shame v few flavours are available at the supermarkets

£2.00 per box L’Or Aluminium Nespresso Compatible Coffee Pods £2 at Ocado
Posted 11th AprPosted 11th Apr
For those of you who rely on the Aluminium pods (so your machine’s seals don’t degrade) rather than plastic ones, L’Or remains tops as a store-bought/delivered option for your Nesp… Read more
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I never tried the SB caps but I did try Taylors. L'Ors was better, I don't know if that was down to alu vs plastic or the coffee blend or both. Cafe Direct's and ASDA's caps were not nice either. It's been at least a year since I had a nespresso but it looks like the market for compatibles has expanded quite a bit; here's a list of some of the posher (and more expensive) ones from the Independent...


Interesting it doesn’t list whether arabica or or robusta when Starbucks Taylor’s list theirs ... wondering if the premium is for the “aluminium foil”


I'm afraid I don't, and I realise this is subjective but a couple of years back I bought 4 boxes of L'Or lungos (4 different types/intensities) and they were OK but not as good as Nespresso caps. The L'Or tasted a bit overextracted (bitter) to me. They now have a website similar to Club Nespresso (or whatever it's called) but I can't see bean/origin info.


Anyone know the type of coffee in these beans ? And where is it manufactured


Not quite as good as amazons deal I got on Sunday, but never the less, it’s a good price, and if you haven’t used the regular vouchers Ocado give out you can get 30% off a £60 spend. I like my coffee hot, have some heat from me

Tassimo 16 Coffee Pods - Various Ones Just £3 @ Tesco Instore & Online
Posted 10th AprPosted 10th Apr
Tassimo pods - Various ones now down to just £3, but all are reduced by £1
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Heat! If you didn't already know, you can find your nearest recycling drop off for Tassimo pods here: My nearest is quite far away but I pop in if I'm ever going that way.


If you can get the green tea pods, they are excellent.


I know, but still £1 cheaper


all the Costa ones are £4

Amazon Brand Solimo Senseo* Compatible pods Classic - UTZ certified, 90 pods (5x18) RRP £22.01 / now £6.43 @ Amazon Prime / £10.92 non-Prime
Posted 7th AprPosted 7th Apr
This coffee was grown by UTZ certified farmers who implement better farming practices, with respect for people and planet. Senseo* compatible coffee pads (* Not registered to Amaz… Read more

When did Amazon change their name to Banggood?


So?! Why are you posting negative comments on @DealDroid posts?


Cheers OP, parents were looking for some of these


can these be used in delonghi machines? Cheers


Good price. Used to like the Sensio as the pads could go in the compost rather than the plastic/metal of the other brands. Unfortunately sold out and got a Tassimo as just couldn't get the pads. This would have been great if I still had it. Heat anyways

25% off At Tassimo wys £45
Posted 3rd AprPosted 3rd Apr
Promotion *Promotion available from 03.04.2019 until 23:59h on 30.04.2019 . £45 minimum order value (excluding delivery costs). The offer applies to our drinks range only and can… Read more
Read More

I don't have a Tassimo but voted hot cos this deal doesn't deserve minus 70-odd degrees. Hopefully others will do the same. I've had Tassimo choc at a friend's, that was pretty good. As for tea, @Gazz59 , yeah you're spot on, black tea needs literally boiling water to extract properly, other teas and coffee don't. I guess the DG is just not designed for black tea based on their range of tea pods.


Glass half full person then?


i just bought a load of Costa pods in tesco as they are doing them for £4, i also had a 15% off voucher so i got them for £3.40 a pack, also the creamer is on offer for £3 so they cost me just £2.55 a pack with my 15% off voucher


(angel) XD


Wow that's what you call a reply (highfive)

Caffe Bertoni Nespresso Coffee Pods 10 for £1.49 at  B&M
Posted 29th MarPosted 29th MarLocalLocal
Saw these at my local B&M Caffe Bertoni Nespresso Coffee Pods B&M 10 for £1.49

These are worst I have tried in my nespresso, the espresso one of the same brand is a bit better, but get the carte noire ones instead if stocked in your B&M. The home bargain cafe maitre aren't very good either (similar to Bertoni espresso). I think lor are the best, followed closelyby aldi, lidl, taylors and asda


I agree with this, very watery, the best alternatives I have had to original Nespresso would be L'or Might stock from Asda!


Good price, not so good taste. At least the Dolce Gusto compatible do not taste that good. Voted hot anyway, as I believe the originals are way too expensive.


Thanks OP


Personally I found these horrible. Artificial watery taste that I didn't like

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