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Sainsbury's Intenso Nespresso Compatible Coffee Pods, Taste the Difference x10 50p
Posted 13th OctPosted 13th OctLocalLocal
In my local sainsburys, these were priced at £1.38 but rang through the till at 50p.

I pumped my Sainsburys out of the last 18 boxes of these, in Bradford


So what’s the barcode? Might help (y)


North yorkshire. If the barcode reads 50p in my local, it will most likely be the same nationally, if they have any left. Looks like end of line stuff




Not available in Sainsbury's, Basford, Nottingham

Amazon Brand Solimo Nespresso* Compatible Lungo capsules- UTZ certified, 100 capsules £7.77 (Prime) / £12.26 (non Prime) at Amazon
Posted 4th OctPosted 4th Oct
Usually just under a tenner for these. the ristretto and espresso pods are reduded too
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Funniest thing I’ve read on here in a long while. Judgemental are we?


tried these last time they were on offer but we much prefer the lungo ones from lidl or aldi as they both taste so much better and they are always £1.49 per 10 pack. Yes these amazon are cheap but they are really not very good.


These are just about ok, certainly not my favourite compatible pods. However, provided they are cheap enough, I like to stock up with a few boxes. However, this is not a particularly cheap price for them. As an example, the last time I bought this in July, I paid £4.53 for 100. Similarly I bought the red ones last month for £2.11 for one box of 50.


Anyone using a nespresso machine to make ‘coffee’ wouldn’t know good coffee regardless


Any similar to Kazaar?

Tassimo Costa cappuccino or caramel lattes 8 Pods  reduced to £1.99 in Aldi
Posted 27th SepPosted 27th SepLocalLocal
Came across these for £1.99 in Aldi Sheffield this morning.
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Just bought last 3 in my local in Reading. Was hoping they’d be £1.99 but we’re £3.99 😫


Just been, didnae have any. Cold


£3.99 in my local Aldi (Madeley, Telford).


£3,99 in Kingston this afternoon.

Cafepod/taste the difference Nespresso compatible coffee pods - 50p each - Sainsbury's (Urmston)
Posted 25th SepPosted 25th SepLocalLocal
Cafepod pods 50p reduced from £2.01 Also Taste the difference pods 50p/£1.68 reduced from £2.50 Found at Urmston Sainsbury's. Might be worth checking other stores
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All Nespresso compatibles are recyclable at Starbucks - just ask for a Nespresso recycling bag, which can be dropped off at a Starbucks or shipped (free) when full. Their website specifically states they will take any brand of Nespresso pod. I found Kenco pods for 50p at Haywards Heath Sainsburys on Saturday. I didn't post a deal because there were only a few on the clearance shelf and I bought them all.


Saw them in the Upton (Wirral) store a few days ago too, OP


Cafepod good quality hot. The tariff ones were 64p in mine.


Good price, but taste terrible. Similar to the free coffee you get out of machines in offices/garages.


Are there any alternating pods that equal Nespresso for taste? (I like Roma and Ristretto)

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50 Nespresso compatible capsules - £2.11 @ Amazon Pantry - Prime Exclusive
57° Expired
Posted 21st SepPosted 21st Sep
These capsules are currently part of the ongoing amazon pantry sale, 50% off lots of things, can be found here. No idea of their quality but 50 for £2.11 seems like a really good p… Read more

Crunchy it is then (y)



But no smooth version ;(



(horror) I need to try this! Oh my gosh I'm salivating already. Hope it's real and you're not pulling my plonker (y)

NESCAFÉ Dolce Gusto pods 16 Capsules  various flavours £3.50 in-store @ the Co-op
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Posted 9th SepPosted 9th SepLocalLocal
Saw these in my local Co-op
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I don't like Asda


3 boxes for tenner in asda Have been fir months


I know but Co-op is more of a local store


Good price but this has been the standard price at Sainsburys for a while.

CAFFE Bertoni Irish Cream /Gingerbread Cookie Coffee Pods Nespresso Compatible pods - 49p Instore @B&M
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Posted 7th SepPosted 7th SepLocalLocal
CAFFE Bertoni Irish Cream Gingerbread Cookie Coffee Pods Nespresso Compatible. Each box contains 10 pods.
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avoid!!!!!! taste nasty


Don't. Don't do it. It's not! (excited)


I agree. Last lot I purchased tasted like oxtail soup


got to be a worth a go at 49p for 10 pods fgs lol


Yeah got these a while ago.......... disgusting ......even at this price avoid

Douwe Egberts Dolce Gusto compatible coffee, various flavours - £0.99 at JTF in store
274° Expired
Posted 7th SepPosted 7th Sep
Found in JTF Sheffield, reduced to £0.99. Variety of flavours, I was in a rush to check them all but got some Lungo, Espresso and Latte Macchiato. I think the only ones at full pri… Read more
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Machine arrived. Hot footed to Leeds jtf. All gone ;(


I went for the £40 with machine and 6 packs of pods in the end (highfive)


I had seen your original. But they've taken so long to dispatch the machine I'd forgotten about the offer (excited)


They sell the machines as well around 35 quid for full one or 27 for the smaller one


In that case I've reactivated in case people haven't seen it (y) (y)

Sainsbury's Instore - Tassimo L'OR XL Classique 16 Coffee Pods - £3.02 was £4.50
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Posted 6th SepPosted 6th SepLocalLocal
In-store - £3.02 was £4.50
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The best coffee I've ever tasted

Dolce Gusto pods various flavours £2.99 at JTF in-store @ Peterbough Store.
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Posted 3rd SepPosted 3rd SepLocalLocal
Found in-store at Peterbough £2.99 per box various flavours. Can check stock at other stores online.
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Just 40p more in B&M if no JTF stores nearby.

Lavazza Coffee Pods - Lungo Dolce 16 packs of 16 (256 capsules) - £36.50 @ Amazon
177° Expired
Posted 22nd AugPosted 22nd Aug
Great deal on these pods. These usually retail at £4.40 for 1 pack of 16 in the supermarket. But they do go on offer from time to time at around £3.40. However if you like these p… Read more

It seems the Dolce Lungo has gone up but the Passionale is available at £32.


currently lowest price for Lungo Dolce is £54.21 :(


I'm looking at other sellers but still can't see it for £36. Maybe price has changed?


These do go down to £3 for 16 quite regularly at Sainsbury’s but still good deal if you want 256.


£32 for the Passionale but 1-4 weeks delivery

Cafepod - Nespresso compatible coffee pods £2 @ Tesco instore
78° Expired
Posted 11th AugPosted 11th AugLocalLocal
Cafepod 10 packs reduced to £2 (from £3) and 20 packs reduced to £4 (from £5.50) at Tesco. Not a bad price for pods if you’re buying them in store, considerably cheaper than the… Read more

Lidl had them. Not the best


Online too


More plastic than coffee. ;)


Not really, It’s only good to remind people. Aluminume capsules like Kinco and L’or are often at £1.5-£1.6/10 capsules on but only available in big lot. In other hand this is good if someone wants small quantity and doesn’t mind plastic. There is something for each taste, people choose what to buy.


Do you want me to add that to the description?

Lavazza Coffee Pods £2 off packs of 36 - £7.60 + £3.80 delivery at Lavazza
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Posted 8th AugPosted 8th Aug
I think same off machines too and free delivery over £40.
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If it’s not on their website then they don’t sell it


Would you happen to know if at Waitrose in-store, they sell the delizioso pods? I can't see it listed online Thanks in advance


Thank you so much I was sure I was missing something! Need to get myself a frother for sure


These are expresso pods of different coffee strengths to which you add milk from frother that usually comes with machine- hope this helps - it does make gorgeous coffee tho(y)


Do they do a standard latte pod? Or am I being blind?

Costa Tassimo Latte Coffee Pods, 40 Servings £15 at Costco instore
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Posted 1st AugPosted 1st AugLocalLocal
Costa Coffee, 5 Packs for £15, all cappuccino, latte and Americano available

Thanks for your reply




Price on shelf in Costco Farnborough.


Kk, thanks for your reply (y)


I think food are VAT free

Amazon Brand Senseo Compatible Strong Coffee Pods. 90 In Pack at Amazon for £4.27 (Prime only)
191° Expired
Posted 21st JulPosted 21st Jul
Add pods on subscribe and save for 10% off, at checkout a further 30% applies giving an overall 40% off. 90 pods for £4.27 = less than 5 pence a pod

£4.56 as an add on


Thanks Missy... :D


Sainsbury’s have a coffee sale on at the moment. A lot of the Taylors of Harrogate and Starbucks ground varieties are significantly reduced. Online and in store :)


Any deals on ground coffee please? Great post BTW!!! (highfive)


Can they be recycled do you know pls? I stopped using my machine as even the OEM's definition of recycling was dubious

Tassimo L'OR Latte Macchiato Coffee Pods (Pack of 5) £12.41 With 1st Subscribe & Save @ Amazon
238° Expired
Posted 21st JulPosted 21st Jul
3 for a tenner in most supermarkets, so this seems like a winner to me, weirdly mine came out at £10.29 for the 5, so no idea where the extra quid odd came from for me, but give it… Read more

same here there all i drink there superb


If anyone sees caramel ones on a deal like this, please post :)


Mine comes up as 12.95... odd lol but cheaper than 3 for 10! heat


Weird isn't it (lol) (lol)


£15. Like you though I'll buy again in a few weeks and it'll come down to around £12. The cheapest I had was £8 from about £17 and have no idea why.

100x Nespresso Compatible Pods £8.41 (Prime) £13 (Non Prime) @ Amazon
300° Expired
Posted 19th JulPosted 19th Jul
Dispatched from and sold by AmazonFresh. This coffee was grown by UTZ certified farmers who implement better farming practices, with respect for people and planet. Nespresso* c… Read more

Not all plastic is recyclable and very few plastic Nespresso pods are. No information about whether these are on amazon, either.


Can u get a deal like this for Tassimo? (y)


Agreed the Columbian ones are my favourite from Aldi. Will give these a try though


Prefer these to 99% of the weak cack you get in supermarkets. Use 2 in a big mug, dark and strong.


Bought the other day for £4 something, seem very good for me. Regarding recycling, take the foil off, tip the coffee out (can go on the garden or food recycling), wash the plastic out and put with your other plastic recycling. I just wash them once I've washed everything else up.

LOR ristretto decaffeinated 100 capsules nespresso £9.89  - Sold by Choice Stationery Supplies Limited on Amazon
151° Expired
Posted 18th JulPosted 18th Jul
LOR Espresso Ristretto Decaf Intensity 8 - Nespresso* Compatible Coffee Capsules (Pack of 10, 100 Capsules in Total)

Thats good. They made me return it, freepost.


They tried that with me until I pointed out a 50% refund when I had only received 10% of what I ordered didn’t make sense. I told them I’d rather they just sent the rest and they replied saying they had given me a full refund.


Only willing to offer a half refund or return and refund for me.


Or they realised it would cost them less to send out one pack for free (after they refund the order and let you to keep it), than to sell you 10 for about 50% of usual retail price. I doubt they would’ve had anywhere near enough stock to actually fulfil everyone’s orders and may be relying on a few people not noticing to cover the freebies. Not opened mine yet but it’s looking a bit light!


Just received 10 too. Even paperwork says 100. Think they realised their error and thought they may get away with just sending 10

Tassimo Morning Cafe Coffee Pods (Pack of 5, 80 pods in total, 80 servings) PRIME DEAL - £11.99
145° Expired
Posted 16th JulPosted 16th Jul
Seems a good price for 80 servings - can be had for £10.19 if you use subscribe & save. Currently in stock with Amazon and you can buy more than 1. I've just bought 4 which wi… Read more
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All that’s available on a prime deal is this or decaf (skeptical) Lor is an extra tenner!


For those getting extra discounts it’s probably from the pantry rewards from all the other crrap you’ve been buying :{


Columbian used to be the best out of these but the Costa Americano over past 6 months have gone terrible. Had about 10 of the 16 box and the Crema was non existent. Very hit and miss. This one isn't too bad but still a little watery for my taste. Agree with the Nespresso comment. Expensive but if you like coffee it's worth paying a little extra. heat for deal Op (highfive)


This stuff is gross, i personally feel that nescafe instant coffee is far superior to this rubbish. If you want decent coffee get a bean to coffee machine, if not the a nespresso or lavazza system. But if you need to use your tassimo then a L'Or isnt too bad, costa americano is ok, the columbian isnt too bad either. ranking wise i'd say L'or, then Columbian then costa americano then nescafe instant coffee then lidl coffee, the this rubbish. I've brought too many of these in the past have had to use a lot of monin to make this stuff palatable


This is a 'mild' morning coffee, not a 'get up and go' morning coffee. More of a weekend morning coffee than a workday morning coffee.

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