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Updated 24th Aug 2020Last updated 24th Aug 2020 by darklight
Comic reader
I used to have a comic reader. which I enjoyed reading I'd get fed a daily diet of comic. had about 500 comic titles. unfortunately I had a stroke striven for the name but it escap… Read more

Thanks it want comiXology.. The second name doesn't ring a bell either There was a divorce with 2 kids whose got into all sort hilarious scrapes always trying to match her with well meaning senior citizens suitable partners. I think the setting was a Cafe where lady is waitress and the well meaning were regular senior citizens The name I forgot😧


Moon+ reader pro (nerd)


ComiXology or Chunky Comic Reader????

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Updated 8th Jul 2020Last updated 8th Jul 2020 by Diamond_Studd
Various comics books for FREE as part of "Free Comic Book Day" @ Amazon (Includes Marvel, DC and more)
Amazon are running a decent freebie offering with a nice range of free comicbooks for Kindle on their site as part of "Free Comic Book Day' which range from Marvel to Doctor Who an… Read more

Thanks mate great list here

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Updated 22nd Mar 2020Last updated 22nd Mar 2020 by KangTC
Looks like someone has updated the largely neglected free comics page at Comixology and it now contains 740+ free comics.

I reposted as a deal so that people might actually see it so let's let this discussion wither on the vine.


Good spot, lots here. Any recommendations or any stand alone stories? Mostare no.1’s of a series.

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Updated 20th Feb 2020Last updated 20th Feb 2020 by Ljsdad
Has any one ever used these guys they do mystery comic boxes really tempted just havnt heard of them before

Cheers bud just wasn’t over clear what u meant thanks again


Was attempting to assist you draw your own conclusions rather than force my opinion. This page may further assist you, maybe making sure you're ok with return/refund arrangements


What sarcastic or trustworthy I can’t find the customer service bit etc


Like I said: enlightening.


How do I find that I can’t seem to find it

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Updated 1st Dec 2019Last updated 1st Dec 2019 by 4Real2016
Tablet recommendations for comic reading.
Hi fellow hukd peeps. I'm after a tablet suitable just for comic book reading. I've got my own collection of digital as well as a marvel unlimited sub. Looking at 9.6 max size and… Read more

Kindles are also android, hence you can install the play store, with launcher hijack you can install any launcher without rooting the device (although it's worth checking it still works with latest versions)


Isn't Marvel unlimited an Amazon company? If so, one of the Fire tablets should be a good fit. Just not the 7" one.


Well it's between the Kindle fire HD 10 or the Huawei mediapad T5. The latter is £20 more but has android which I favour. The kids have the 7 inch kindle fires albeit a few years old and I find them painful to use.


Yeah the Kindle Fire HD 10.1" is currently £94.99 as a Cyber Monday Deal. It's a piece of cake to add the play store so you have access to all google apps. Alternatively Lenovo make some nice budget tablets


Kindle fire M

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Updated 10th Sep 2019Last updated 10th Sep 2019 by m00s3
Hi, I'm on a bit of a Manga/Manhwa/Webtoons/Web-Comics & Light Novels binge at the moment & thought I'd ask for a few suggestions. Anyone got any favourites? Exceptional on… Read more

I'm not really a manga person myself but I came across which is worth checking for manga/manhwa recommendations. It's well-structured, the community is nice and helpful, and it's actually easy to find stuff if you know what kind of things you like and dislike. I hope it helps