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Now could be the time to upgrade the gaming routine by purchasing one of the latest generation of consoles. The choice is wide: from a family-friendly Nintendo Switch, to a powerful PS4 Pro or Xbox One X. Or why not pick up a portable PS Vita or Nintendo 3DS? At the HotUKDeals console pages, the world's most popular consoles are available at big discounts, allowing customers to explore everything our merchants have to offer. Read more
Ni No Kuni 2: Revenant Kingdom PS4 - £24.99 at Smyths
Found 21st JunFound 21st Jun
Product Description RETURN TO THE ANIMATED WORLD OF NI NO KUNI Explore a beautifully crafted world and experience the gripping story in an all-new RPG adventure. LEVEL-5 reunites … Read more

"Free delivery over £25" >£24.99 Oh Smyths you cheeky gits! (annoyed)


This game is worth a go at a tenner but is not even in the same league as the first one. It will continue to drop imo


Waiting on the King's Edition to hit that sweetspot where I break. So much to play at the moment that I can resist, but this is a great price.


Probably worth mentioning that there are additional delivery costs that should be added to the total.


Really nice game, story not as good as the first, but battles are much less tedious, if a little easy. Town building is really addictive and well done also.

PS4 Slim console 500GB Silver x 2 Controllers - £249.99 @ Argos
Found 20th JunFound 20th Jun
I think this is the cheapest console available with x2 controllers as standard and a free game. £249.99 reduced from £309.99 You can also add a free game from either - Fallou… Read more
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I'm finally in the market for a PS4, and TBH the RRP for a Slim 500GB Solus should really be £199 by now. There are loads of competitive deals on the XBox; but the Playstation deals seem worse than last year (unless you're after a PS VR Kit). Hopefully we'll see some decent deals drop before Xmas.


this or the blue one..


Yep hold of for prime day. Think I got my Pro for around £200 (from Currys) after flogging the bundled games this time last year. £250 isn't great even with the extra controller unless you really want the white one. Doom and Fallout have been cheap as chips for months, All my local Game stores are out of the DOP console.


£249.99 in my local GAME with Fallout 4 and 2 months NOW TV


I got a PS4 Slim with two controllers and two games that were RRPing at £40, over 18 months ago, for £230. Why have PS4 prices not come down since then?

Nintendo Switch Console with Splatoon 2 £289.99 @ Game
Found 19th JunFound 19th Jun
Picked this up last night, Brand New Switch was £324 now £289.99 most switch on their own are £279 so Splatoon for £10 is good as its £44.99 on the shelf
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I wonder if people clicking cold button instead of hot by mistake?!?!?


Heat from me for this bundle.


Yes for the physical copy it’s a good deal and I much prefer that to digital but each to their own of course.


I believe it's because you can currently get a Switch on its own for around 250 and Splatoon 2 is currently 33 pound digitally on the eShop. Still think it's an okay deal especially because it comes with a physical version of Spla2n.


I would have purchased it at the time had that been clearer. Ended up buying at Argos with the free Cars 3 game and getting Splatoon 2 with my clubcard points. Don’t know why this deal is cold though as I searched for ages and this is a good price for this bundle.

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Nintendo 2DS Console (Black and Blue) with New Super Mario Bros. 2 - £56.00 - Tesco Direct
Found 18th JunFound 18th Jun
Slight price drop :) Robust slate design and sharp 2D visuals make Nintendo 2DS ideal for first-time gamers; enjoy Nintendo's exciting franchises, including Mario, The L… Read more
Editor Get dealGet deal

Thanks Op, managed to get two. Had to order one on my account and wife’s account tho. My girls will be happy 😁


OOS :(


Now OOS I believe. Won't let me go to the checkout


Super hot ps only 1 per customer


MiiTopia, Animal Crossing, Super Mario Bros (included), Mario Kart

Atari Flashback 8 Standard Console with 105 Games was £59.99 now £39.99 @ Argos - more in OP inc Sega Mega Drive / Portable Console
Found 18th JunFound 18th Jun
Great price reductions on some Retro themed consoles at Argos today. Get deal link goes to all in the offer & will pop some individual links / info on the better buys below. … Read more
Mod & Ed Get dealGet deal

Emulation on the Pi can be hard work, partly because it's actually not a very powerful system. It can barely emulate the SNES era. I did get Final Fantasy V working without choppy music eventually, but it took a lot of tweaking with the settings and even still there are occasional moments when it just isn't 100% smooth. For those who have a Mac though OpenEMU is excellent. It's a shame it's not been ported to Windows and Linux.


If you even get a hint that setting up a RPi is too complicated for you, then it is. My opinion is that they're a complete nightmare. SD card issues, millions of settings, learning Linux command line nonsense, I would stay well, well clear. TBH, I'd buy a Nintendo SNES Classic Edition, and then use the much much simpler process of adding roms using an app called haxchi (I think it's called) on your PC (not Mac or Chromebook). You can use an old iPod charger, or even the USB ports on your tv to power it, comes with HDMI cable, and 2 very very decent controllers. And it looks cool as f**k.


My experience of retro gaming is sticking a SMS emulator or two on my PC and downloading roms, used MAME a lot for the arcade classics too. I call that simple. The Pi stuff which I am completely new to gets described as simple, just do A, B, C, then get X, Y, maybe Z, and do D, E and F, is really that easy. But it does not really sound that simple, does it? Not compared to running MAME on your PC anyway. But yeah thanks to cgap for the good info. I am more tempted now also to get my finger out and get into it, and at least give it a try.


Balti and Vimto and Spangles Were always crap. Regardless of the look back bores


Thanks for taking the time to share this, I've tried a few times over the years to get an old pi running emulators but with no luck. Will give it another go as it seems things have become a bit more simple since I last tried.

Xbox One Star Wars Battlefront II - Under £20
Found 17th JunFound 17th Jun
Embark on an all-new Battlefront experience from the bestselling Star Wars™ HD game franchise of all time. Become the hero and play as a fearless trooper, pilot a legendary starfi… Read more
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It’s a £20 minimum order but they charge £2.99 I think for delivery. Orders over £40 are free delivery still.


Has it went back to £20 Min order?! I stopped using it when they changed it to £40


Cheers for pointing that out, bought :D


If you have access to Prime Now it’s still under £12. Minimum order of £20 applies though so I guess it’s only worth it if you’re wanting something else at the same time.


With all the changes and considering the upcoming content, announced at E3, I gave this game a chance.

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God Of War PS4 1TB Pro Limited Edition Console Game - £379.99 @ GAME
Found 17th JunFound 17th Jun
The limited edition Pro console is back in stock at Game. Not as limited as previously thought.
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cheers I had already watched all the modded warfare videos before buying. currently downloading kingdom hearts remix and assassins creed origins to try tomorrow when my console arrives


Here is the guide I used.


bought one, so I can jailbreak and keep my original one for online games. cheers op


It looks really good. Better than the blue/gold one.


I picked this up a month or so ago, traded in my last Xbox one slim(have a XBX now), so i got this and GOW for £250, GOW was as expected a fantastic game, BUT, man do these pro consoles make a racked when pushing checkerboard 4k, they sound like a hair dryer on full, really can be annoying, but i have found that if i pop the top cover off that stops the noise, but yeah build quality wise when it comes to the cooling these things are just horrible.

Xbox one x console 2 games and 2 4k blu rays. Various configurations £429.99 @ Amazon
Found 17th JunFound 17th Jun
Console with two games and two 4k blu rays. Long time lurker first time poster so be gentle! Searched the site and couldn't see it posted
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Nice deals but the extras could be better. I’m holding out for a better bundle


That too. The games and movies are all budget titles now.


Good deal this ;) I paid £450 for the console from Argos a few months ago. Came with Assassins Creed Origins and Fifa 17, so this deal hurts my ass bad. Real bad (strong)


A hot first post.


Shame u can't change your 4k blurays !

Mario Kart 8 [Wii U] £10.00 // New Super Mario Bros. U [Wii U] £10.00 // Wii U Console, 8GB Basic Pack White, Discounted £72.00 // Wii Console, Black (No Game), Discounted £20.00 @ CeX
Found 16th JunFound 16th Jun
New Super Mario Bros. U £10.00 was £12.00 Wii U Console, 8GB Basic Pack White, Discounted £72.00 was £75.00 Wii Console, Black (No Game), Discounted £20.00 was £22.00 Spotted… Read more

I got a discounted wii u a few weeks ago and other than having no box it was near mint and had mariokart 8 on it They wouldn't buy a phone I had because of a tiny crack in the screen surround or a camera lens which had a bit of dust in it (perfectly normal for a dslr lens) so they are fussy on what they take.


have you read the terms of the 2 year warranty? to be completely honest i don't know why you decided to be passive aggressive with me in the first place here. go to your nearest cex, look at the items that are labelled boxed/unboxed and then the exact same thing that is discounted and see the differences for yourself. in fact my brother just bought a discounted xbox one controller 2 weeks ago and took it back the next day because the buttons were sticking down once pressed. are you telling me that is perfectly working? coz i dont think so :)


I was in the same boat (lol) (lol) but hey, gameplay beats all right!? I'm jealous of the mario edition....


I saw on eBay; Zelda Wind Waker HD digital for £9.7x from Music Magpie. Seemed good


Not sure I could play the original Wii now, it looked like I had smeared Vaseline in my eyes when I played it on my HD TV back in the day. I have a 4k TV now, even bigger, it would just be even more blurry. I have an original Wii still sealed in its box, Mario 25th anniversary edt too (strong)

Xbox One S 500GB Console £179.99 (plus get an exclusive 7% cashback at topcashback) @ Microsoft store
Found 15th JunFound 15th Jun
Trade in your mobile, tablet, laptop or console, and get an extra £25 to spend on the Microsoft store. Google pixel 2 xl trade in price £304. The ultimate games and 4K entertai… Read more



Turns out it’s one device per person. Still good thoUgg


Not that special really, can get a 1tb version with games for not much more


Trade ins usually get sold on in developing markets, if they can't offload a Nexus 7 in the markets they operate in then they're just not going to offer anything for it.


Looks like you can... However: They offer £1 but the Microsoft store £25 for the ASUS GOOGLE NEXUS 7 2013 WI-FI 16GB, the off £0 for the ASUS GOOGLE NEXUS 7 2013 WI-FI 32GB which is the exact same model but with more storage. Maybe a mistake by Microsoft.

Xbox One S 1TB console with Rocket League or Sea of Thieves + 3 Month Sub + Titanfall 2+ Fifa 18+ Halo 5+ Gears of War ultimate edition £199.85 @ ShopTo
Found 14th JunFound 14th Jun
Sea of Thieves Bundle with same Games for £199.99 Great deal this. One TB console with five games and 3 month live gold for £199.85

Expired. Now 250.


Yes, bought loads from them in the past.


Expired, now £250


Thank you to the OP. I'd been swaying between the PS4 and Xbox One S for far too long. Finally decided this is the one for me :-) Now to try and source an official remote control cos they are usually my first purchase afterwards and they seem to be OOS everywhere. And to get rid of my PS3, remote control and 30+ games (some still sealed)......probably for pennies LOL!!


Fifa 18 oos


Its not a sale When item come into a stock, argos put again for sell on ebay. . So i whas lucky this time. U need check every day.


I bought one yesterday from Argos eBay for £303. Due for delivery tomorrow


Hasn't the argos deal been sold out for weeks? I just checked now and it's still sold out.


Youre 100% right, but I and I imagine others want this just to play existing games in 4k and/or better framerate and load times. If you can get it at a good price now, then why not? To be honest prices haven't come down all that much since launch (those who bought it from Very with discount code at launch paid around the same as new consoles deals on this site).


Br carefull. I got one woth USA deal 20% off. Paid 294 . BUT, arrived with sone graphic issue. So, send it back . Today in no i found argos deal about 300 refurbished. Hope this will be better . Dont understand whats the point sell broken xbox?


Yeah it was 220 for the pro and games and they honoured it


That was a glitch from before Christmas.




Whats that deal mate?


It's 1. They advertise consoles that way.

PS4 500GB Days of Play Console - Blue with either Fallout 4 or DOOM Free Game - £249.99 at Argos
Found 9th JunFound 9th Jun
Argos have got the new Days of Play console for the standard RRP of £249.99, but if you scroll down to the offers section it also includes a free copy of either Fallout 4 or Doom, … Read more

Showing as £259.99 for me.


I believe these can be jail broken, can anyone confirm if firmware of this model is below 5.05 once you receive?


Fair enough, then there definitely won't be a price drop on current systems then.


Theyve alresdy said no new hardware at E3.


I doubt it, there's no reason for them to drop the price as the sales are still great. Always worth waiting till after E3 though just incase they announce any new models, colours etc.

Xbox One S(1TB) with Sea of Thieves, FIFA 18, Fallout 4, Assassin's Creed & Doom Bundle £219.99 @ Currys
Found 9th JunFound 9th Jun
Product features 1 TB hard drive & 8 GB GDDR3 memory Built-in WiFi Ultra HD with HDR 40% smaller console A really good deal for a 1 terabyte console
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Thanks, thought I was going mad!


It's a free weekend on Xbox live. You'll need the disc again in a few day


Price will go up after e3 more likely.


5% Quidco too.


Is it worth waiting until after E3 for any deals?

PS4 Pro White 1TB Console + Detroit: Become Human & Singstar Celebration & Hidden Agenda + That's You £349.85 Delivered @ Shopto
Found 8th JunFound 8th Jun
Good price for the PS4 pro and 4 games. Based on their listing Detorit also should be accompanied with the blade runner 2049 too.

Spoke to customer service, it's a set bundle and they won't change the games unfortunately. I don't think many will want SingStar.


This plus Detroit + God of war + any other random game would have been sold.


seems like they all coming in stock now everywhere... wondering if they will be going down in price come Tuesday


Not sure about most of those games, but if you get Detroit plus blu ray then great deal.


Yup, just outs Bloodborne as my favourite PS4 exclusive! (lol) sounds like you feel the same! Seriously though, good deal! Just wish it was the black one (fierce)

Xbox One X Console, 1TB, With Extra Blue Controller £419.99 @ john lewis With 2 Year Guarantee
Found 8th JunFound 8th Jun
Microsoft Xbox One X Console, 1TB, with Wireless Controller, Black & Microsoft Xbox One Wireless Controller, Blue .. Also Red, Black And White Available Options For Extra Contr… Read more

I looked on Tesco direct they are closing and no longer selling Xbox one x. They did have some good deals too.


Its not a bad deal but there will be better somewhere like with games and extra controller .. tesco direct had some good bundles but not sure if they have now .. worth a look online


I'm looking to buy a Xbox one x for my son. He has a lot off the games that comes with a bundle. Is this a good buy?


I'd wait until after E3. 8)


So is this with the E3 discounted price factored in? Or will we have to wait till Monday to start seeing the new deals?

*Yeah* Used Nintendo 64 Console, Black W/Expansion Pak, Discounted £55 @ CEX (
Found 7th JunFound 7th Jun
Have some of that. worldcup (strong) (comes with controller) Nintendo 64 Console, Black W/Expansion Pak, Discounted The Nintendo 64 is the world's most advanced video game … Read more

Got my translucent Blue one boxed in the loft, couple of games with it in in it's box, but not sure where the rest of the games are and sadly the game boxes might have been binned I think.


I remember Microsoft did this too with the original XBOX. I believe it dropped £100 and they offered 2 games and a controller to early adopters. I don't remember the N64 offer sadly.


Nintendo had a deal on for early adopters where you could get either mario kart 64, mario or an extra controller if you had a valid receipt.


I'm pretty sure I have my Bongos in here somewhere (no euphemism intended) (lipstick)


My favourite wastes of time, way back when: Diddy Kong Racing (better than Mario Kart 64), Zelda Ocarina Of Time, Legend Of The Mystical Ninja, Banjo-Kazooie, Killer Instinct :)

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