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PS3 Playstation 3 40Gb console £249.99 @
Found 5th May 2008Found 5th May 2008
PS3 Playstation 3 40Gb console £249.99 @ This product is sold as tested with a damaged box. I presume this comes with a 12 Month warranty? DAMAGED BOX but product … Read more

Yep, thats exactly why I'm kind of holding off. I have a PS2 but I can't be having a ps2 with all it's cables and plugs out at the same time as a PS3 (and the tv, dvd, v+ etc) so I'd want to be able to play the games on the PS3. It's a fairly sensible thing to expect, especially as initially it was one of the things they sold it on! You know if if I can't play them they'll just end up in a cupboard somewhere which is a massive waste (and I don't want to sell them, I want to play them!) I had heard that the 80gb versions would be available in the UK, and so the software emulation (not perfect but works on the majority of games) would be possible that way. But no idea on timescale.

shady that you don't have to have two playstations under the TV... One of the major comments from people is that if you have a lot of PS2 games then you will have a PS2 to play them on - but this is really missing the point. Of course you would use the vastly superior capabilities of the PS3 to get the best out of PS3 games - but there is still a viable reason for retaining this functionality - and is the reason I have held off buying one so far.


It may be odd, but would they sell more if they could play PS2 games. If the answer is "Yes" then there are a lot of people with the same view.


I swear this deal was £239.99 - £10 cheaper when it was last posted? BTW people who ordered this last time said the console was pretty much brand new but 1 guy did get one that had been used, then returned.


Maybe, but it seems odd that it would be a deciding factor..

Found 2nd May 2008Found 2nd May 2008
50% off - WAS £39.99 Mains / Battery - Mains and battery Age Suitability - 3-7 years Includes improved joystick with pen and sing-along Microphone + Thomas Learning game DIXON… Read more

omg i love this! i played it for hours whilst stoned the other nite! it has a microphone too so you can sing britney while you're counting the trains!! probably not a good idea to let your kids get stoned whilst they play this if they are only aged 3-7 thou!

Xbox 360 CORE Console + Fifa World Cup 2006 - £129.97
Found 30th Apr 2008Found 30th Apr 2008
Available instore in Sainsburys! Yes I know what people are going to say, it's the core console etc. etc. But this is perfect for those who have an existing problem with their con… Read more
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corrrrrrrrrrrrrre blimey what a nice price :)


Great price. although i have to agree for the extra £20 you get the arcade games pack and a memory card and a wireless pad with hdmi and newer mobo..... ANYWAY still hot though, my graphics card on my pc cost twice the price of this!! As for the flashed drive, i'm sure they ban the console via the mac address on the console only, not the gamer account. So switching HDD "should" be ok. It's not the game iso on a disk detected to be copies that cause the ban, but the way in which the drive READS the games. So a flashed drive playing a 100% genuine retail game can still get a ban. I think the newest FW can counter this? Haven't looked into the 360 scene for a loooooong time Also people were banned due to playing GTA4 befre release... i'm guessing if something like that shows on your gamer account and you put the HDD in a clean console could cause problems. Sorry can't give an answer on that but i'm sure there's plenty here that do.


i'm looking to have a 2nd x360 to be flashed ( and keep my halo special edition for online games) - so this could be a good purchase for me if I can use my existing 20gb HD between both units without any risks or problems anyone know if using a 20g HD from a non-flashed x360 on a flashed x360 could be problematic ? cheers


think they all have HDMI ports, but not HDMI lead.


agreed and itll have les chance of red rings as well:thumbsup:

Nintendo Wii Console - £172.98 delivered
Found 30th Apr 2008Found 30th Apr 2008
Nintendo Wii Console. Comes with Wii Sports and all the necessary wires.
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Ordered one today from ShopTo, has been posted should be with me in the morning also with a copy of Mario Galaxy.


The John Lewis code I have expired yesterday. If you're on about another one pls let me know as this would make it the cheapest Wii available.


£170.99 at Play with the 5% off code


Yeah :) £169 delivered @ John Lewis with £10 voucher.


john lewis have it for £179.00 there's a code for £10 off £50 spend so works out cheaper than above..£169.99 quidco

Xbox 360 Console - £179.48 @ Argos
Found 30th Apr 2008Found 30th Apr 2008
Save £63 when you buy the XBox 360 console system (567/9223) together XBox 360 wireless controller (567/9261), Grand Theft Auto IV (568/5341) and Halo 3 (568/4665). To receive offe… Read more
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you can't get those 2 games free when you purchase Halo 3, GTA 4 and the controller it needs to be one or the other


xbox 360,halo3 and gta4 £208.71


Viva Pinata - Xbox 360. 568/2667 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 £0.00 Delivery usually 2 working days subject to stock. Can be reserved for store pick up, subject to stock Forza Motorsport 2 - Xbox 360. 568/4658 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 £0.00 Currently out of stock for home delivery Can be reserved for store pick up, subject to stock Xbox 360 Console System. 567/9223 1 £179.48 So these 2 games come free with it !!!!!!!! old games but they free and Forza is ace


Was quite excited for a moment, but think I'll stick with my pre-ordered xbox+GTA4 bundle from Heat added though.


... and ditto your ditto by me Ditto ;-)

Black PlayStation 2 Slimline £69.97 + Save £10 when you buy the console with a black Sabre PS2 dual shock controller and any £14.99 game from list.
Found 30th Apr 2008Found 30th Apr 2008
Argos are selling black slimline PS2s for £69.97. Save £10 when you buy the black PS2 console (567/7799) with the black Sabre PS2 dual shock controller (567/7366) and any £14.99 g… Read more
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Are Sony still making PS2's or are they just flogging old stock? Angof

Sony PS2 (Slimline) Console with Buzz & Buzzers £40 Instore
Found 28th Apr 2008Found 28th Apr 2008
Available Instore: Sony Playstation 2 is retailing at £94.99 alone, but the same console (in the same box!) is available in a larger carton with Buzz Music Quiz and 4 buzzers for … Read more

ok so weve established these are extremely hard toget... none in belfast branch btw i wud still love one! so can anyone get even a little close to getting this console package at a good price? are doing it for 89.99 and with 5% code wub b £84... anyone beat that....? :)


As with PSP, this is not an expired deal. There's every chance more will be available. Make it expired tomorrow if none can be found!


this is a very very old deal they sold out ages ago, in london as far as i know they had none left. this was becuase they were clearing up old ps2 stock i doubt they have any left after 3 months or so, since they sold out in like a week when they had this price.


any ideas which stores that they will be in?


Only a few stores I guess. Got me all excited.

Sony PSP Console GIGA Pack £50! Instore
Found 28th Apr 2008Found 28th Apr 2008
Available instore: Sony PSP console giga pack, (includes PSP console, 1GB Memory Stick Duo, battery pack, AC adaptor, USB cable, soft case and stand) Reduced from £99.99 (£214.99… Read more

Slim or phat, you must have pretty big pockets to fit it in. The main difference is that the slim has video output, so you can connect it to a TV via an RGB cable. The phat was easier to downgrade the firmware, but I think it's (relatively) easy to do it on either now.[/QUOTE] hehe, see - fits in my inside pocket on my coat!


The store had 4 but I only bought one.


how many did you get????


Congrats to everyone who got hold of one! Glad my post got you a bargain.


staff must have known it also and asked thier friends to buy it for them, (if they are not allowed to buy) thats why no more in stock

Tomb Raider Anniversary Wii - £17.93     --      Saving £22.06
Found 28th Apr 2008Found 28th Apr 2008
Tomb Raider Anniversary he Ultimate Action Adventure: Raid tombs and explore prehistoric lands, outwitting your enemies to be the first to find a powerful ancient relic. Lara Cro… Read more

OK :-D


The same price at other retailers like the hut which pay 5% quidco plus the possibility of vouchers etc. Cold from me, sorry

Xbox 360 Premium Console + Grand Theft Auto IV  -  £189.99 delivered!
Found 28th Apr 2008Found 28th Apr 2008
Not an Xbox fan nor hater but the PS3 in my opinion is better. Regardless, here's a hot deal: Xbox 360 Premium Console and Grand Theft Auto IV # Includes 20GB Hard Drive # Inclu… Read more
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I wasn't talking about the chipset (i.e. the 65nm cpu) just the newer HDMI mobos and heatsinks which all new 360s now have. So no my statement wasn't wrong.


This statement is wrong, there are plenty of HDMI Premiums being sold that do not have the Falcon chipset. Only the Arcade is exclusively Falcon so far.


Any 360 sold with a HDMI port has the newer mobo and upgraded heatsinks. You'd find it very difficult to find one of the older and prone to failure "premium" or "core" packages. Play have actually listed this wrong as it is should be marked/branded as a "pro" package and not the premium which not longer exists.


Yeah, no guarantee that this is one of the newer models. Could be old stock of the console which is more likely to break down but you wouldn't know until you received it!


Heat & Rep Added Hot Deal!!!

Wii console with Wii Sports, Sonic Riders and WWE Smackdown 2008 £179 INSTORE @ ASDA
Found 24th Apr 2008Found 24th Apr 2008
As advertised in today's Sun, a Wii console with Wii Sports, Sonic Riders and WWE Smackdown is available for £179 at ASDA stores. Fantastic deal, as you get 2 free games to play, … Read more


mine were given to me unsealed. I went to gamestation and they were only willing to give £8 per game from a very weird 'Star Wars convention' neanderthal looking guy. As youd have rightly guessed I walked straight out. Went to CEX and got £32 for both of the games. Which is quite good, got a pre-owned Resident Evil 4 for £22 (theres a new one for £23 from but hey its £1 cheaper still). Got a £10 voucher to use against any other game for a year. Me and the missus are loving the wii and on the lookout for the wii play (best price is £30 at zavvi and mario kart wii with wheel £35 best price). Ive done a little research and for the people interested in playing game backups ;) search google for wlip and ninja deluxe chip.


I went to my local ASDA store over the weekend (Basildon) and the lady told me she was aware of the deal but although they had lots of consoles in stock, the games that were part of the deal were out of stock. She then offered to sell me alternative games to the same value. I think the packaged games came to around 54 pounds so I bought some games to 61 pounds and paid the extra 7 quid There was a bit of messing about at the till, but eventually I walked away with the wii and the games I wanted for a song !! the staff were all very helpful, so if your in the neighborhood and still want a wii, might be worth a go. voted hot hot hot


i went into gamestation with them wrapped and they cant take them wrapped !!! he said i'd have to come in tomorrow with them unwrapped !!! i couldnt even do it there and then .. very random. :whistling:


If you take wrapped games to CEX they will unwrap them when they take them off you. They won't leave them wrapped, so you'll get the same price regardless.

Xbox 360 Arcade Console +  Xbox 360 Mega Pack + 2 copies of Forza Motorsport 2 £184.94 collect in store!
Found 23rd Apr 2008Found 23rd Apr 2008
Just found a bug on the Argos site. They have a special offer on for an Xbox 360 console, Xbox 360 mega pack and a game where you can save up to £35. If you add 568/7765 - Xbox … Read more

you can also buy 2x Viva pinata or Viva Pinata and forza, and it's free lol


Just take the console back the next day :-)


it's a great game for £9.99 anyway


Or if you just add 2 x Forza games without the Mega pack, the 2 games will show up as being FREE, and then you're just paying £159.95 for the console. Can't say if this a good price or not though for an X-Box as its PS3 all the way for me but have voted hot anyway:)


Cheers I work there i will tell them :) Only jokin... lol good spot

TimeShift [PC DVD-ROM] from Creative Consoles - £9.99 inc Del. (+5% Quidco)
Found 21st Apr 2008Found 21st Apr 2008
Creative Consoles are selling "TimeShift" for the PC for £9.99 (inc Del.). You can get cashback through the usual sites (e.g. 5% Quidco, making it just £9.49) The next best in-st… Read more
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Good Deal. Heat and Rep Added. :pirate:CJ:pirate:


This is a good deal, even though personally I didnt like the demo much.

Sony Playstation 3 PS3 Console with 40GB HDD + Grand Theft Auto IV (GTA 4)Only £284
Found 18th Apr 2008Found 18th Apr 2008
Sony PlayStation 3 PS3 Console with 40GB HDD PS3 is the most advanced computer system that serves as a platform to enjoy next generation computer entertainment contents in the home… Read more
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Do you know if this is still on in stores nationwide? 335 - 10 per cent = £300 for GTA IV, PS3 Console, Extra Game + BD Disc + Extra Controller = Sounds Frickin Fantastic!


Tried out the 2nd one I ordered (bought one then bought 2nd one after I found the 5% off voucher...) definately the first one has a hardware fault as this second one is almost completely silent! Now I don't feel like such an idiot for having bought 2 and having to send one back, as I would have had to do that anyway because of this issue! :)


No its the flat side down so that the round smooth bit is top. It is very well ventilated, about 1ft between it and the wall behind it. In the UK obviously so its not even a hot room.


sounds faulty. Hope you aren't standing it on its side where the fan outlet is ;-)


PS3 only has 3 or 4 fan speed settings? None of these would reach 'hair dryer level'. The only way to get it loud is by doing a fan test/clean. If yours is really loud all the time I would get it replaced.

Nintendo Wii Console, Sports Pack with Mario Kart Wii with Wii Wheel for £213.95 delivered @ John Lewis Less £10 Voucher = £203.95
Found 17th Apr 2008Found 17th Apr 2008
Hot or Not..... to be honest i'm not sure, but seems a good price especially when you consider cashback through Quidco as well, which would take it below the £200 mark. Thanks to … Read more
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same deal through dixons worked out to be £184 with quidco and 5% off with an Egg discount code (egg52u). I ordered one and mine tracked


How do you manage to get quidco when using this voucher? you have to use a specific URL to use the £10 voucher so it won't track with quidco. Am I being thick?:oops:


cheers, i went for this.... works out 197.83 delivered with quidco at 3%


It is a better deal 'cos of the voucher, otherwise it wouldn't have been much cop. I voted Hot. weird coincidence on a thread about first record bought mine was Adam & The Ants Ant Music....pity he went mental, I always thought he was pretty cool.


Mario Karts in stock nearly everywhere fro £30, and the wii is also in stock everywhere and you can get good deals in lots of places, so this is cold.

MARIO KART + Wii Console - £199.00 or less with quidco DIXONS
Found 14th Apr 2008Found 14th Apr 2008
Mario Kart is currently £30-35 and the cheapest Wii's seem to be £180, so I thought this was a pretty good deal. Package includes usual Wii console bundle: Console, Wii-mote, nunc… Read more

Has anyone's order changed from "Order in progress" ? Mine's been like that since Tuesday. A bit poor if you ask me! How long does it take to box up a wii!


cheers, i ordered one yesterday, cant wait for it to arrive! deal hasnt expired as far as i know as i just checked link and its there


I cant find this package on Dixons website! Seemed like the perfect deal for me :cry:


I don't see this bundle on the Dixons site - anyone got a code? Or has it expired?


Got a Wii and an Xbox 360 I really only use the wii to surf the net and play games on it when the nephew is around or there is a group of us. Got to admit mariocart is quality the only game that has kept we on the wii for more than 20 minutes!

PSP Pink Console (Base Pack) £69 delivered + 4% Quidco @ Simply Games
Found 13th Apr 2008Found 13th Apr 2008
seems a good deal for £69, 4% quidco available too and showing in stock
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And a warranty that is void?




if you dont want a pink one then you can buy a replacement case. the front face is around £5 (but the back will remain pink). You can get a metalic red full housing (back and front of psp) for around £15 delivered from dealxtreme. so works out £85 for a phat red psp!


sold out


Nope, it's the older phat model.

Cheap Wii Games @ Asda £12.83 + Free postage
Found 12th Apr 2008Found 12th Apr 2008
Description You will be faced with a variety of challenging locations, from gravel covered slopes to mud soaked arenas. With over 70 track variations to race, you'll be sure to be… Read more

I've accidently "spammed" this offer. I totally didn't mean to, sorry!!!


Thats probably why they are cheap , but that wont stop loads off Wii fans buying them lol


That's a list of all the latest releases at Asda? :thinking: If you mean all the £12.83 games, then they are all about a quid cheaper than elsewhere. However, they aren't the best of games to be honest.



cheap wii games as a title kind of implies more than 1

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