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Now could be the time to upgrade the gaming routine by purchasing one of the latest generation of consoles. The choice is wide: from a family-friendly Nintendo Switch, to a powerful PS4 Pro or Xbox One X. Or why not pick up a portable PS Vita or Nintendo 3DS? At the HotUKDeals console pages, the world's most popular consoles are available at big discounts, allowing customers to explore everything our merchants have to offer. Read more
Sony Playstation 3 PS3 Console With 60GB HDD + 2 games - £324.99 -
Found 7th Nov 2007Found 7th Nov 2007
Best PS3 60gb deal so far, (without the hassle of argos vouchers, virgin credit cards etc). PS3 Console With 60GB HDD + 2 games - £329.99 Use the £5 voucher to get £324.99 (+ qui… Read more
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oos now........


it was the following day the price increased


I think a few days after this deal was posted the price went up to £349


what am i doing wrong? it shows as 349 for me


anybody recieved there PS3 yet from play?

Xbox 360 Premium Console £214.99 at
Found 6th Nov 2007Found 6th Nov 2007
There are various Xbox 360 deals floating about at the moment, but this one is just for the premium console (no games). Price at has just been dropped to £219.99. If you… Read more
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Also.. are no longer taking orders :roll:


Sorry didn't realise it was out of stock at the moment. I ordered one 2 weeks ago when they were in stock :)


No worries. I actually had one pre-ordered at shopto but was getting impatient, so decided to go for the Play one when they dropped the price.


£199.99 to Its the v2 premium with HDMI port (which Plays doesn't seem to be) plus its sent with free next working day delivery. Cold i'm afraid.

Black PS2 Console Only £69.99 Delivered
Found 6th Nov 2007Found 6th Nov 2007
Black PS2 Console Only £69.99 Delivered Or Less Using Voucher Etc. While inheriting the basic functions and design philosophy of the current PlayStation 2, the internal design arc… Read more
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true. the new SKU uses as much current as a normal music system which have never come with an external transformer. furthermore, the original ps2 never had a transformer block. i, for one, am sick of all these bloody transformer blocks which get into everything electrical these days. not having a transformer block is a step in the right direction - especially for something that draws as little current as a ps2.


wonder if they will drop the slim one before christmas to get rid? wanting one for the little chap but aint gonna pay £100 for one, if they gonna drop


That assumes some sort of electrical skill, most people I know don't even have the knowledge to wire a mains plug:thinking:


if the warranty is intact then just claim it on the warranty - no need to open the thing. but since we are on the third generation ps2 now i don't think the power supply is that complex - they won't run particularly hot since according to specs the draw considerably less current. and if the psu does go and it is out of warranty then just open it up and replace it; you are out of warranty so it doesn't matter if you open the case. original psu power supply boards are only £15 so i can't imagine new psu power boards be much different in price. but each to his own i suppose.


Well I got stung by internal power supplies in consoles many years ago when the Dreamcast was still on sale. Its power supply was notorious for failing quite often and the number of machines I had to open to replace power supplies at the time was unbelievable. What a pain when you could, by having an external power supply, just switch the power block for a new one, leaving the console in one piece with warranty intact. So these days, I prefer external power supplies on video games machines. Everything else can have them inside :)

Xbox 360 Premium Console & Project Gotham Racing 4 £249.99 Free Delivery
Found 5th Nov 2007Found 5th Nov 2007
Includes Project Gotham Racing 4 Includes 20GB Hard Drive Includes Wireless Controller Includes Headset - Voice Communicator Includes Component HD AV Cable (with SCART adaptor) Xb… Read more

Be quick though, Argos offer finishes today !!!


You must have been living on a different planet for last few days if you've missed the Argos deal on this site. Let me explain why your deal is as cold as witch's sna***. Paly. com deal : Xbox 360 pemium = 250 GPR 4 = 30 Argos deal : Xbox 360 pro = 250 Halo 3 = 30 A Another game = 30 Mega pack = 70 ( All approx prices) A 'no-brainer' really, don't you think?


Argos are doing a Premium, Halo 3 + any other game + accessories pack (steering wheel, remote, controller and faceplate) for £250.


C'mon - I'll take you all you bunch of so'n'so's - explain your coldness - or else! :santa:

Wii Sharp Shooter Zapper "Gun" for £8.99 Delivered
Found 2nd Nov 2007Found 2nd Nov 2007
With the release of the Wii Zapper later this month for an estimated £20 plus delivery, here's an almost identical alternative. Lock and load with the Sharp Shooter from JOYTECH. … Read more
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Thanks for the post! Have placed my pre-order! ;-)


Thanks for posting that, as I've been looking for Link's Crossbow Training & Wii Zapper and couldn't find it anywhere for less than RRP. :)


The official Wii Zapper and Link's crossbow training is available to preorder on Amazon for only £16.99 delivered (release date is 7th December). Imho, the official gun looks alot better and the crossbow training looks like a bit of fun even if it is only an updated Duck Hunt.


Personally although the Zapper looks like a low tech weapon from Deep Space 9 it looks like it will be fairly comfortable to use, don't see many games where quick draw is a necessity :giggle: but seeing the screenshots of the bundled links game I see it holds like a tommy gun or such like. So I will wait for the Zapper and then Resi Evil Umbrella Chronicles.:thumbsup:


I think the joytech pistol version looks better - especially for the "cool" shoot from the hip effect. the official one isn't much good if you ever have to do a fast draw

Xbox 360 Elite Console £269.10 Delivered
Found 1st Nov 2007Found 1st Nov 2007
Use the 10% code to get it for this price.....

Bored, bored, bored. If I have seen 10% off this offer on a console I have seen it off a game, a dvd, a cd.......... anything you can buy in virgin megastore IF I have a credit card, which I don't and do not intend to get one. This deal is voted cold as it is irresponsible to encourage people, many without willpower to take a credit card. 10% off, but if you don't pay it back in full before the charging of interest starts it will cost you a whole lot more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Cold deal, won't work without the card. And this deal has been done to death and back on many other products.


Buy an XBOX 360 console and get Wireless Entertainment Pack and Stranglehold for just £30
Found 31st Oct 2007Found 31st Oct 2007
My Mrs works at Woolies and today told me they were doing the 360 Elite with Forza2 and Stranglehold for £329 looking on the website it says its available with any 360 console and … Read more

well its in stock at my woolies. and yes staff discount can be used on electricals. normal discount is 20%(10% on electricals) on extra discount weekends its 30%(20% electricals) got my Elite plus 2 games and an extra controller today for £264


i dont think staff discounts can be used against electrical goods


Thats just plain mean, be nice:roll: The 20% off thing sounds good though, do staff members usually get a good discount, 20% off a 360 or PS3 would be fairly awesome.


I have rated this cold only because there is no 'freeze the balls off a brass monkey' option. :giggle:


also you can get the premium with forza, harry potter, fifa 08 and halo for 289.99 which imo is a better deal

Nintendo Wii Console £172.71 Instock Inc Del @
Found 30th Oct 2007Found 30th Oct 2007
Just incase anyone forgot and is struggling to find a wii, you can buy them easily from at todays exchange rate (1 EUR = 0.70) equates to £173.710 GBP. Bought one myself… Read more

I know the Wii's box language can be changed, but what about the games? I have bought 'Carnival' from Germany but the box is covered in German text - unsurprisingly - and the wife is grumbling darkly. Can you change the language in-game? My son picked up a cheap Tony Hawks PSP game in France lst year and that was notably lacking in alternative languages (it might be educational I suppose but how much call will there be for my son to say 'that was an awesome gnarly ollie dude' in French?)


They have gone now


John Lewis have got 10 in as of now


Then that's 3 bad acts of customer service mate. As I said, it's not the length of time that concerns me, but that I'll have to wait for a repair rather than a new machine. My samsung monitor is now about 7 months old has packed in twice, each time they've courriered out a new one and had it swapped at my door within 4 days - it worked fine for about 6 months so i wasn't expecting a brand new one. In direct comparion, my macbook is also broken at the minute, had to drive from Newcastle to meadowhall to hand it over and although they're helpful, they never seem to get the job done, last time it was broken, I rang a week later and they said 'oh we're just doing it today, come and pick it up later'. Conveniant or what. I guess it's the pitfall of buying from abroad but never mind we'll see what happens come monday when i send the ****** off. Having no luck whatsover with electronics at the minute


All manufacturers are the same. Nintendos 10 day estimate i pretty good. Microsoft take a lot longer with 360s and it took me 14 days to get a hotpoint engineer out.

XBOX 360 Special Limited Edition Halo 3 console only £220 including next day courier delivery (nearl
Found 30th Oct 2007Found 30th Oct 2007
This is the very limited and special Halo 3 edition of the Xbox 360 console (Equivalent to the new Pro version) but is designed for the person that likes to be different, Halo fans… Read more
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just cancelled my preorder,fed up waiting,was told in email they was due in beginning of last week with them.Probably buy off game,at least if any problems they can sort it out in store. Looks like anyone who ordered this has well and truly been s hafted by shopto another company which i will never deal with again and advice others to stay clear from Dear XXXX XXXXXXXX, This email is to inform you of a price change on a pre-order you currently have with ShopTo.Net. The pre-order details are: Product : Halo 3 Xbox 360 Console + Play Charge kit " Game Not Included" (Xbox 360) Product ID : XB2HA10 Previous Price : £220 New Price : £279.99 Pre-order prices can on occasion go up, this is normally only when the RRP of the product changes or if there was an error in the price entered on the site. If you want to cancel your pre-order please log in and remove it from your pre-order basket, please do not send email requests to cancel the pre-order on your behalf. Regards, ShopTo.Net


it says on that the console is out of stock and they won't be accepting any more pre-orders. Does this mean that they won't be selling any more of these consoles?


Adamo is also a dick (as confirmed on other threads) :whistling:


Yeah, Microsoft would send out a replacement in your next order normally, so it doesn't cost them any additional costs for the shipping and yes, companies such as Sony and Nintendo do compensate but Microsoft are really arrogant and have the worst customer services out of the 3 console giants, so they refuse to offer any compensation. My friend used to own a games website and the problems with Nintendo seemed very few and far between but they did offer something as compensation and Sony always provided it off there own accord but Microsoft see it as a privalige to deal with them for some reason or they may have not cared about the little guy but they would never be willing to compensate the costs or inconvenience. Like I said, I don't know if you worked for bigger companies like Game for example and because they're a major player in the gaming market, they probably did offer them something for there troubles. I do like Microsoft, as it's my prefered system to play on but there attitude to companies and customers stinks. If it was illegal (really and truly it should be as just like you said, the contract is with whoever you give you money to, so in this case, it's the retailer) then they should clamp down on highstreet stores waffling on about the first month being with them and then the remainder of the year being with the manufacturer because it's been going on for years and it's always mentioned as soon as you ask about the warranty. The delivery issue is surely more than £5, as my phone from T-mobile had an invoice stating £5 plus VAT with the couriers direct invoice and when I sold exercise machines on Ebay, my contract was starting from £5 plus VAT for very light items and about £9 for upto 15kg and I only got that with very hard negotiating. I also know I received some better deals than some major companies because I was quoted tariffs from a friend. Don't forget there's also collection fees from a different address than your registered business which is around £5 + VAT on top of the standard costs, so even if the retailer has £9 in each direction, it would be £9+£6 to send to the retailer and £9 to the manufacturer, if they're based in the UK, so that's already £24 for shipping on a business contract. In my opinion, the manufacturer should always cover the costs and pay companies compensation for doing extra work because of there own faults and then this would make companies willing to help customers more, so everyone would be happier as a whole. The way it currently operates, causes more hassle for both the retailer and customer, so it would make some customers think twice about buying a product with a renowned high fault rate.


Adamo is correct, your contract is with the retailer.

Sony PSP Lite Console - Only £109 Delivery @ John Lewis
Found 27th Oct 2007Found 27th Oct 2007
PSP Lite in Black - Plenty in Stock - Excellent Xmas Present. Price is using the £20 off Discount Code Previously Posted. Discount Code: TEG876CHH198 1.32pm Saturday 27th Octobe… Read more
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Your Right, the item has now Gone out of Stock. Keep checking Daily as John Lewis should have more Stock Soon.


Now out of stock.


"£109 DELIVERY"!? :p


Just bought one - £109 is cheapest I can find on UK High Street


5 in stock at time of writing.

Microsoft  Xbox 360 Games Console - Full System - £233.99 + £25.99 in Boots points
Found 27th Oct 2007Found 27th Oct 2007
Use code FAFS64 to get 10% off, price will be reduced to £233.99, on top of that £25.99 in Boost Advantage points. Fusing powerful hardware, software and services, the Xbox 360 fu… Read more

Looks like you just missed out on the first code, next code is FAFS78, but it isn't active until the 16th NOVEMBER and ends the 27th NOVEMBER 2007 Again when that code dies, there is one last one (FAFS89) which runs from 5th DECEMBER to the 16th DECEMBER Try calling up? Don't know if call centre is open on Sunday though, think it is just Monday-Saturday :-( If you can't wait, check out the deal


Sorry, but the promotional code you have used is not valid at this time


yeh true, but i cant get the code to work it says it doesnt work at this moment?!


Don't forget the above already uses a 10% voucher, so it is likely any staff bonus would be negated. Doesn't hurt to try though! :-D


boots have good service, i may order from them i work at boots as a temp so they may offer me a discount!

Wii console & ratatouille bundle in stock @ woolworths £214.98 instore/£4.95 delivery
Found 25th Oct 2007Found 25th Oct 2007
Showing in stock for in store collection or delivery should be by Thursday 8th November 2007. Not sure if there's any vouchers, but woolworths are no longer paying cashback via qu… Read more
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No sorry, looks like they've gone already :w00t: I'll try & be quicker next time :-(


not in stock for me?

Wii's in stock, 10:48am 25/10 - £179.99 You have to buy 3 games too, sorry
Found 25th Oct 2007Found 25th Oct 2007
Wii's in stock, £179.99 not sure about postage,sorry Games are £29.99 Again, sorry crap deal More haste, less speed methinks - boydent999
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that happens to me as well


no its nothing to do with cookies i had to get rid of something that was hijacking google unfortuantly the solution has done something to click thru links but i don't know what thinking that only a complete reinstall will solve anything


Finished now, all gone Might be your cookies adr0ck. I am sure they get some cash as click-thrus, yes but it's working fine for me. Do you have any (new) anti-virus software, or spyware? Clear your cookies 1st maybes......


do HUKD get cashback from the link above only reason i ask is that page doesnt load for me just sits at tradedoubler which is the same problem i'm having with quidco at the mo don't suppose anyone knows a solution to this?


every little helps

WII Consoles instock in-store at Morrisons in Cheadle
Found 23rd Oct 2007Found 23rd Oct 2007
After searching for weeks for a wii I found them in stock in big numbers at Morrisons in Cheale, Stockport. Staff tell me there is no problem with stock at any of thier northwest … Read more

Gamestation. They had 350 in stock and they went inside 2.5 hours - I called to verify the order was ok. They did however, let on that they were NOT going to be short of supplies up to Christmas. They also hinted that they are putting stock on every day at around 1pm when they have them in to sell, but are not selling them all in one go. Keep trying folks and don't submit to the eBay sods - I got mine on first attempt, so there is no reason anyone else can't.


Silverfox can you tell me were you get one from please. Paul


I paid RRP for mine last weekend and it was delivered inside 2 days. I think people need to hunt a bit harder and get one for themselves before posting the deal if they are that desperate! :D


This wii struggle is insane.. I just bought mine in america when i was there for £120 with Zelda....saved myself a lot of money and i can order games from the net much cheaper! And earlier than we get them here.. also i have a wider choice on virtual console.. It is definitely a way i recommend doing it.


i just reserve a wii in peckham argos. i posted the reservation confirmation number here a second ago.. i don't think anyone saw it because i deleted it immediately but anyway if some wants a wii in argos peckham then mail me and i will send them the booking reference number.

Sony PSP Slim and Lite Console, Black £109 Delivered
Found 23rd Oct 2007Found 23rd Oct 2007
This reworked and improved PSP console is 33% lighter and 19% thinner than its predecessor, and is equipped with a video-out port, allowing you to view your PSP content on your TV.… Read more

Back instock. £20 off code: TEL225JLD800


ASFAIK, this has not been in stock, not at least for the last week or so. This was the first thing I wanted to get when I saw the code. I also checked the Oxford St. store on Saturday after seeing the black version on display. However, none of the staff were aware that they were selling it yet. One salesman had to really look for it on their system, and told me he did not have any information when it will be in stock.


Alas I live in south west London, does it involve using one of these: Where do you get the magic memory stick from?


Well, it is, but it isn't as easy as it once was, you will need to obtain a special battery and a "magic" memory card, if you happen to live in Suffolk area I can do it for you for travel costs plus a beer or 2 :)If not you could post it and ill sort it out for ya, if you want. Mike..


fat one firmware is 3.71 - is it possible to downgrade to be bale to use all of the fun stuff?

Nintendo Wii Console, Sports Pack & POPCORN: Billy the Wizard £178.95 Delivered John Lewis
Found 22nd Oct 2007Found 22nd Oct 2007
More than 10 in stock but be quick. 5% Quidco Also

keep checking john lewis i have just ordered 1 at 12 noon today for £180 basic console


Oh aye - i'm not complaining. If it arrives she'll be made up on Xmas morning :thumbsup:


The original code has been superceded to TEL168CHG234 which works. Still a good deal with £10 off though :)


Voucher didn't work for me. Had to use one of the £10 off £50 ones listed in the voucher section. Had the confirmation from John Lewis so fingers crossed!


Thanks upmyloft - :thumbsup: ]Nintendo Wii Console, Sports Pack & Big Brain Academy £178.95 with the voucher

Ds lite console ~4 colours~ -----Currently Out of stock  !!!!!!!!!--- £80.95 at johnlewis
Found 20th Oct 2007Found 20th Oct 2007
Ok so you need to use the new code to get this price but hey its near christmas and with these in high demand its good to help parents save some cash even if this is with a code … Read more

Think I might give up on John Lewis & get a black one from my local woolies with Sims Castaway for £114.99. They've got 2 left in stock so dont think I'll wait any longer for a pink one:?


All Gone


NINE PINK ones in stock at John Lewis NOW! Edit: Well they were there... honest! All gone now though. Although I don't want one myself, should I grab one if I see them there again?


Sorry - I had to register and activate the account before posting. I keep checking for a pink one so hopefully I'll be quicker next time.


had one in my basket and it then said out of bloody stock, fed up of this carry on now.....!!!

PS3 Playstation 3 60Gb Console + 3 Games - Just £349.96 @ Argos
Found 18th Oct 2007Found 18th Oct 2007
Get The Following: 60Gb Console 3 Selected Game For Just £349.96 @ Argos (Offer Ends 23rd October) Selected Games: Motorstorm - Catologue Number: 5683769 Formula 1 - Catologue… Read more

The actual terms and conditions state: 9 Excludes the purchase of gift vouchers using gift vouchers as a method of payment. Therefore pay for gift vouchers by cash, cheque or card. :thumbsup:


titso76 i had the same problem mate, it isnt illegal wat people r doing infact i tink its very clever, i persoanly tink argos r refusing it cz they feel that we as consumers r tricking them so 2 speak


Stock of games has been terrible for this offer.


I just tried the argos voucher deal. Reserved online, with the three games no problem. Lad on the till couldn't believe how good it was and said "fair play to you mate, go for it". Unfortunately the manger was passing and the lad mentioned it to him and he scuppered it. He said it stated this was not allowed in the terms and conditions. Having studied these last night I could not see where anything preventing this was stated. He was having none of it though. I said that I could come in three separate times and buy three lots of 100 quid vouchers to make this work. To this he just walked off. Oh well. Thing is the three games deal ends today. Gutted.


Tried to take advantage if this here in Milton Keynes but ALL local stores within a 20 mile radius are showing ZERO stock on the games... Virgin Deal is a no go cos both local Virgin are out of games and have been instructed by H/q NOT to offer alternatives... Suppose that just leaves the Blockbuster deals to look at:x

NINTENDO Wii Console + Wii Sport £174.99 + 4% QUIDCO (£167.99) IN STOCK NOW!
Found 18th Oct 2007Found 18th Oct 2007
Stock: In Stock - Usually delivered in 24 hours. Delivery: UK orders placed before 5.30pm dispatched same day via FREE Parceline courier for next day delivery! UK orders place… Read more

Just got one for the boss for £158 from Virgin - £180 + free game then 10% off for Virgin Credit Card! (it scanned the game in at £40 and gave me the discount on £220 - hence £158)


Just had notification that my Wii has been shipped from :)


I think it's more likely that these are fall outs from the 100 that went on sale the other day. Probably due to peoples cards being rejected or cancelled orders etc etc.


I see what you mean,Amazon have ONE in stock again now, They are releasing them ONE at a time ( I presume this is to get as many people as possible hitting the site thoughout the day )


They are restricting the amount available to make it more of a wanted item, if there were loads the price would drop and no one would be too interested. There is so much hype about being one of the few that can get one!

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