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Russell Hobbs Maxicook 6L Slow Cooker £10 instore @ Lidl
LocalLocalMade hot 15th FebMade hot 15th Feb
In Lidl this was on for £10! Most stores sell for £50+
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I picked this up too from the preston store after I saw your post, amazing deal! Heat added :)


Its from Lidl bradford - manchester road store guys! There was about 20 available


I've just checked, they have the analog one for £20


Probably a leftover, manual reduction or return from this Well done for sharing but very unlikely there is double digit stock. Or greater than zero stock now.


Which store ???

Breville 1.5L Slow Cooker for £12.74 Free C&C w/c @ RobertDyas
Made hot 15th FebMade hot 15th Feb
Enjoy delicious, home-cooked meals with ease in this Breville 1.5 Litre Slow Cooker - ideal for small or individual households. Three cooking settings mean that dishes like casser… Read more

You would be surprised what you can get in at 1.5 litre . It was me I would urge people to buy the Daowo, and buy a watt metre plug dimmer switch. I normally cook at 45 watts for a final temp of around 80-90 c


We bought Asda 3L ones for a tenner each


Beware these are tiny and still consume 100w power. I have asimiler 1.5 L purchased to cook the small Ham Joints for £2-80 in Lidl and they don't fit! I would say its worth considering one from about 2.5L as you'll have the capacity to cook more recipes even if its for one person.


Good price for the size

QUEST Round Triple Slow Cooker Buffet Server - £34.99 delivered w/code @ TJ Hughes
Made hot 13th FebMade hot 13th Feb
Use code WZNBCFCL at checkout for free delivery Cook up you favourite meals with the Quest Triple Slow Cooker. With variable heat settings, this best buy triple slow cooker has re… Read more

Not sure I could stomach 3 servings of bland, colourless tasteless, food typical of slow cooked food.


Same lol, the new Radeon.


Thought this was a fancy graphics card for a second there

HUGE Argos Clearance - Bush Electric Cooker - White £113.99 / Black £114.99 delivered  / Bush Chest Freezer - Black £90.99 + More
Refreshed 9th FebRefreshed 9th Feb
Massive clearance on Argos - includes kitchen appliances, Home & Living, Garden, Toys, Jewellery, Tech & more. Decent deal, good reviews - few delivery slots showing free… Read more
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Great, but I said frost free chest freezers, completely different thing.


My point is they do have frost free freezers


Those are under-counter freezers and not chest freezers.


see if you can find one in the chest freezer list


any good dishwasher deal?

Andrew James Slow Cooker 6.5L Black, 1.5L-8L - £22 Delivered @ Andrew James UK
Made hot 8th FebMade hot 8th Feb
Try Slow-Cooked Curry, Beef, Brisket, or Chilli Tempered Glass Lid High or Low Setting Great for Dinner Parties, Family Meals, and Individuals I bought it two … Read more
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Price seems to have changed, £25.49 for black and £27.49 for red @ 6.5L.


Slow cooker + smart plug = life


Cracking deal for a 6.5L slow cooker. Have some slow cooked heat! (y)

Crock Pot CSC046 Slow Cooker, 2.4 Litre, Black, 2.4 litres [Energy Class A] @ Amazon £19.98 Exclusively For Prime Members
Made hot 8th FebMade hot 8th Feb
lowest price i can find for this slow cooker.4.3 out of 5 star reviews. Let the Crock-Pot cook your meal to perfection while you get on with your day Perfect for casseroles, curr… Read more
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no problem @nougat :)


Would this be the right size for one adult want two 10 year olds


worth checking tesco as a bigger one may be available for a fiver according to another deal this one is pretty tiny

Russell Hobbs 19750 1.8L Rice Cooker - Stainless Steel for £18 @ Asda
Made hot 7th FebMade hot 7th Feb
Product description Cooks rice to perfection up to 10 cups at a time and automatically switches off when food is ready. I ncludes a tray for steaming fish and vegetables. Key … Read more

This is the one that has a manufacturing defect where the heating plate melts.


Cue the usual posts of people telling us how they cook rice on the hob....


I have one of these and it is great




Not knocking this but for a few £ more wouldn't this be better value? Wilko pressure electric pressure cooker £25

Crock pot original slow cooker 3.5L in Tesco Narborough road Leicester - £5
LocalLocalMade hot 7th FebMade hot 7th Feb
Crock pot original slow cooker 3.5L in Tesco Narborough road Leicester Feed the whole family with this classic black Crock-Pot slow cooker. Produce perfectly cooked, flavour… Read more
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I found exactly the same in Bury, the deals posted on here don't reflect the actual ones available, but i did get told to try the Tesco Extra, which apparently has a much larger selection... I also found out that Tesco are struggling to find customers, make of that what you will...


SEL was £18 in my Tesco, but none at all for sale, which makes you think it might have been cheaper. The Tesco version was a tenner.


Checked a lot of stores on the app not national some stores £5 some £18 and another store £49.99


I need (another) one!


£18 in tesco poole. Scanned.

Sistema Microwave Rice Cooker 2.6 L  Red/Clear @ Amazon Deal Of The Day  £5.99 Prime £10.48 Non Prime
Made hot 5th FebMade hot 5th Feb
loving this microwaveable rice steamer, Capacity: 2.6 L, dimensions: 21.6 x 19.5 x 16.1 cm (L x W x H) Featuring easy lift tabs and distinctive Sistema KLIP IT easy locking clips… Read more
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All well and good, but in the description in the first post it clearly says Phthalate & BPA free.


Yes, definitely don't buy this, then throw it straight in the ocean. Instead, buy it and use it in your microwave, so you're not 'polluting the world with plastic'. Quite likely buying this over a metal or glass/ceramic pan will have a lower environemental impact. Microwaving is generally a really efficient way to cook food too, I believe - a significant amount of energy used is translated into heat in the food over heat in the room etc.


Again, you've not looked at the pic, as it's made in New Zealand.


Dont you wonder why there are so many diseases , deformities and ocd etc these days Has to come from somewhere! You think these things from China are tested lol more fool you. I gave a good recipe for coconut rice - what did you give except negativity - you must be a real laugh at parties dude! I am just trying to help folks save a bit of cash and their health - if you dont like sensible advice then fine but try and be nice and not nasty and actually add something interesting and useful to the conversation rather than just do the usual sheeple trolling - positive vibes dude!


Another thing to consider. Sistema products are made in New Zealand. Think of the diesel needed to get it to your kitchen.

Tesco 3L Slow Cooker £10 @ Tesco.
Made hot 3rd FebMade hot 3rd Feb
As above. Might help someone. Tesco SCSS12 3L slow cooker - 3 heat settings - Removable inner ceramic pot Cook nutritious meals with minimal effort with the Tesco SCSS12 slow coo… Read more
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I've bought it, want to see if its really worthwhile having one, if not its £10 so no big loss, if worthwhile then I may invest in the £100 version with pressure cooker built in etc. but first lets see and well £10 for a couple of meals at worst...


Good value. I've the Asda equivalent which was £9. Great for everything. I only brown chicken and meat joints before cooking.


I bought this pot at £13 a few weeks ago and use it 3 or 4 times a weeks. I do stews, curry, soup, jacket potatoes, butternut squash etc. I love being able to safely leave it for hours. The ceramic pot inside is ok to put on the table and serve from and easy to clean if you soak it in warm water for a few minutes. I have two other slow cookers, one is a crock pot from the '70's still going strong - hubs uses it for meat, the other one is huge and packed away just now.


I bought one with a metal pot years ago but have never seen any since when other people have wanted one. It is neat and compact and I would never want a ceramic one again having had a very heavy and bulky Tower one.


sorry but i voted cold because in my view it was a poor deal for a not so good slow cooker with an overinflated rrp a while ago the rrp was £12 and it could be bought for £8. Yes lots of food can be cooked without browning first but even veg like onions benefit from browning just to sweeten and add colour for a start.

Daewoo 1.5L Manual Slow Cooker - Stainless Steel was £17.99 then, 9.99, then 8.99 Now £7.64 w/c Free C&C @ Robert Dyas
Made hot 3rd FebMade hot 3rd Feb
Prepare a meal for up to 2 people using the 1.5L slow cooker from Daewoo. You can switch it on in the morning, head to work or simply get on with chores while your meal cooks away.… Read more

Plenty in stock at Chancery Lane branch - in basement turn left down the stairs. Don’t forget 15% off this weekend (with voucher or just show the email for those subscribing to RD)


No cooker just refund today (devil)




I made a stew in one of these. Took ages.


You mean a saucepan?

Prestige 5000263468772 PRE-46877 Digital Slow Cooker, 3.5 liters, Black Prime Exclusive £23.99 @ Amazon
Made hot 31st JanMade hot 31st Jan
Prestige 5000263468772 PRE-46877 Digital Slow Cooker, 3.5 liters, Black prime member will get free delivery non prime has to add delivery charge on top of it. Using amazon app give… Read more



Bloomin' merkins, *litres!


hit the target point........


This deal will get hot slowly and stay warm for ages... :-)

Wilko Pressure Cooker 6L at Wilko £25
Made hot 29th JanMade hot 29th Jan
10 auto-cooking programmes With non-stick removable cooking pot Includes steam rack, measuring cup and rice spoon Serve up a feast with our versatile 6 Litre Electric Pressure … Read more

every little helps!


Tried 4 minute beef ( meat settings for 4 minutes ) then let the pressure release for 25 - 30 minutes Was perfect . 2.1 kg joint of beef cooked and only cost 2 pence worth of electricity :o


Meat cooking is supposed to be better if you allow the pressure to release slowly rather than a quick release.


Beef joint takes about 25 mins sounds a bit overcooked. Not as tasty as roasting makes it taste a bit stewed ok imo


Bought ours 2 weeks ago. Very happy with it. Cooked a joint of beef in it, in 60 mins. Very handy to cook a dish in it and nip out for 30 mins to pick t kids up. Hot, hot, hot

Stoves Sterling 600DF Dual Fuel Cooker, Black £180 @ John Lewis & Partners
Refreshed 27th JanRefreshed 27th Jan
Stoves Sterling 600DF Dual Fuel Cooker, Black is around £600 everywhere but down to £180 at John Lewis, 3 weeks deli
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Sad news that you guys havent received a refund. Received mine at the same time i got the cancellation email. Id ring j.lewis to complain...not on!


Quick to take your money. Slow to pay it back. Goodness knows how much they have made in interest & you have also lost in interest you would’ve earned.


Anyone else waiting on refund? I keep getting email from JL saying I’m getting refunded but still no refund so I have just opened a dispute with PayPal it’s now 17 days, never thought JL would be this bad at customer service.


They took my payment too! Shipment was a few weeks away...


Got a call today saying they’ve refunded me twice and will manually charge me when I haven’t even received the second refund!!

Grey Compact Slow Cooker ASDA / George C+C for £8
Made hot 26th JanMade hot 26th Jan
Ideal for a small family. Numerous 5 star reviews
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Ideal for waxing your chain.


I bought the 3 litre one, reduced to £10. The £8 is only for someone living alone or a couple if you don't eat big portions. Great price though.


Didn't see the compact one on the shelf but the 3L cooker was reduced from 14 to 10

Logik Chimney Cooker Hood Stainless Steel £29.99 using code /  Smeg KI52E Canopy Cooker Hood £32 (more in post) @ Currys
Made hot 25th JanMade hot 25th Jan
A number of low cost cooker hoods using code BI40 at checkout which discounts by £40. Seems to work on most that I tested. Individual links below, get deal link goes to all cooke… Read more

I think the penny has dropped, they're losing money on this deal, someone's gonna get a rollicking at currys.


Thanks for the advice. They eventually told me to buy it at full price and they will refund the difference. I got the call today saying I should have the money in my account within next 5 working days so happy days I guess


The Same thing happen to me . I rang yesterday and I was told that my order has been canceled without any reason!! they said they will return my money back and sorry!! WTH that is not my answer! I complained and they said they will issue a £40 voucher so I can go and get one from a local store . Do not give up mate ! (strong)


You should get them to substitute for one of the other hoods which is what I did.


Wow, that's pathetic!

Wilko Multi Cooker with Deep Fryer 5.6L £20 @ Wilkos
Made hot 24th JanMade hot 24th Jan
5.6 litre capacity Removable pot for easy cleaning Use as a steamer, slow cooker, deep fryer and more Our versatile 5.6 litre Multi Cooker will steam, stew, roast, sear, slow co… Read more

There's one review that makes no sense, one that is overwhelmingly positive and a question submitted as a review. I bought one and have been impressed.


mine works well


Not very good reviews at all, I was tempted until I read them!

Tower 6L Pressure Cooker £29.99 Robert Dyas  - free c&c
Made hot 24th JanMade hot 24th Jan
Boasting a generous 6-litre cooking and 22-centimetres diameter, this Tower stainless steel pressure cooker provides plenty of space for cooking delicious, healthy meals. Features… Read more

Just ordered one. Used @batista 's code HL19DD and effectively got delivery free + another quid or so off the price. 😁😁😁


It's horses for courses really GalaxySeven. However, if you register the Tower it's guaranteed for 10 years. Also re a post (see other post) use a code and get even more off.


use HL19DD , get another £5 off and get it for £24.99


What are you cooking in a pressure cooker that takes long enough to cook that you care about pressure levels? I have an electric pressure cooker that can turn casserole beef into a tender stew in 20 mins. I can't think doing it in 10 mins would be life altering. Manually depressurising the thing and that sudden worry of whether it's going to blow the hood off your cooker are things of the past my friend.


Got this one @ Dunhelm last time on offer for similar price. Not as good as my old Fissler (which was 3-times the price). I prefer a stove top model because you can brown a roast before cooking (electric cookers aren't hot enough). BTW, the reduced pressure in newish pressure cookers is for safety reasons. Too many of the old high pressure cookers blew up because people do not pay enough attention during the cooking process, i.e. turn temperatur down in time.

3.5L Crock-pot slow cooker reduced to £10 in-store @ Tesco
LocalLocalMade hot 24th JanMade hot 24th Jan
Seen in monifieth Tesco. Has been £20 then £16, now £10
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I would have snapped it up if it was. Already got a crock pot so didn't bother buying but thought it was a decent price


Only if it was the crockpot pressure cooker /multicooker


Looks like a croc-of-s**t to me (embarrassed)


Banger of a deal? (skeptical)

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