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Connabride 200g Ice Block x 2 = 85p delivered with code (guest checkout) @ Millets
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Posted 7th AugPosted 7th Aug
Thought this looked a great price for 2 x ice blocks delivered to your home for 85p and good for the hot weather. Use code NEWSU at checkout (guest checkout or new account) to g… Read more

Think maybe they have run out now: "We're sorry to say that the following items have been cancelled as we had no stock available when we came to pick your order. We can confirm that a refund has been issued and we ask that you accept our apologies for any inconvenience caused. Kind regards, Millets Customer Care" _________________ Ah yeah they are out of stock. I had one in a bascket and forgot to look if there was any left.


Great price. The postage must cost more than 85p! Ordered.


Thank you Chanchi32 ordered. I use the ice blocks and cool boxes when grocery shopping. (y)


thanks ordered 2 lots to strap to me in this weather.


Heat for the cold.

Hot or Cold Electric Cool Box 24L £29.99 (in-store) + £5.99 delivery at JTF
Posted 6th AugPosted 6th Aug
Dropped £6 since I originally posted a couple of days ago. Have been looking a while and anything similar is £59.99. This Hot or Cold Electric Cool Box has a large 24-litre capaci… Read more

Good deal. Seems alright just picked it up.


Great price, looks like it's made by Andes -


Ah. That would explain it. Thought ‘that’s a bit naff’


i haven't got this one but do have a mobicool one. For the first time this year i have used a digital temperature gauge on it in the caravan awning. It runs of 240v so ok re battery. What i found is that they do cool right down. The digital gauge was showing what i thought was 19c and i thought the fridge was broken. I looked again and it said 1.9c . They do work really well we even used it during lockdown to keep food and drinks cold as the main fridge was full


No, you read it wrong, it's 13c-18c under the ambient temperature, so if it's in the car and it's 20c your looking at around 2c - 7c in the cooler.

Coleman Performance 6 Personal Cool Box , Robust and Sturdy, Stays up to 9 Hours Cool 4L - £10 Prime (+£4.49 non Prime) @ Amazon
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Posted 5th AugPosted 5th Aug
Hope it helps someone (y) This multi-purpose cooler box can also be used as a small table or chair. Provides space for six cans and cools up to nine hours. Lightweight portabl… Read more

banana for scale?


Back at £10 today :D so I ordered. Thanks


It regularly comes up at this price, I got it a couple of months ago.


A can is defined as 330ml for Cool bags and boxes. Likewise my 5ltr dulux can of paint doesn’t fit, but does fit in my large Coleman :) as does this little one which is great!


Fuming I missed this as well! I'll keep it in my basket to see when the price drops

Mobicool U26 DC Thermoelectric Cool Box, 25 Litre - £33.47 at Amazon
Posted 4th AugPosted 4th Aug
From the camels looks like a good price. Could help with the hot weather this weekend!
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We have a similar one from Aldi/Lidl a few years ago which alternatively can also be powered by mains - which is great for getting it down to temperature before setting off (overnight the night before works best). Kept chilled in the car en route. Also kept our meats cool enough in 30 degrees outside our caravan (additional storage space) on Germany campsite. It was similar price to this too.....


What's better this or the Aldi one?


I had one from Aldi or Lidl many years ago - these work on Peltier heat pump principle which does draw a fair bit of current and is limited how much of a temperature difference it can achieve between each side. Left one plugged in boot one summer day at a theme park and came back end of day to a warm coolbox and flat battery. They do work, but don't expect much from them and maybe consider some jumpstart pack or breakdown cover just in case.


I think Mobicool is manufactured by Waeco who made mine so I'm pretty confident this would just be the newer model of the one I bought...? So not sure they are entirely different...


So you're comparing your entirely different coolbox with this one? Bit irrelevant maybe? Yours would be good - Dometic are prettymuch the Rolls Royce of portable coolers (you got a mega bargain on that.) As for the OP, good price but the mixed reviews would give me pause. Usually there would be some other strong contenders for not much more £ (Outwell ECOcool is great), but this seems to be yet another thing where prices have gone mental.

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Hot or Cold Electric Cool Box 24L £35.99 + £5.99 del at JTF
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Posted 4th AugPosted 4th Aug
Dropped £6 in price in the past couple of days. This Hot or Cold Electric Cool Box has a large 24-litre capacity and is perfect for storing pre-chilled or cooked food and drinks -… Read more

Hi @AmyDowler thanks for sharing your first deal :) voted hot as this does seem to be a good price currently for a 24L electric cool box so please don't let the cold votes put you off.


Not sure whether to vote hot or cold. Cool box though


Fair comment. I must admit I voted cold as a knee-jerk reaction having paid over £10 less for a similar one from JTF a couple of years back, but having looked at what's available now this does seem competitive. My apologies to the OP.


We have a Halfords one, normally, we would freeze a few ice packs, and put them inside with things that needs to stay cool. Works a treat, with trying.


had a electric cool box...............quite useless

Halfords Coolbag Trolley New (25L capacity) -£12 + Free Click and Collect @ Halfords
Posted 4th AugPosted 4th Aug
The Halfords Coolbag Trolley will keep your family picnic cool, whilst providing an alternative to carrying it. This trolley is also perfect for festivals, with an extendible troll… Read more

Not a very cool looking cool bag


This looks like the same as we got a few years back in blue and folds flat, We paid a fiver and got a couple. We load frozen in one and cool in the other and have no issues with them doing there job. If you don't fill them the top sections clips back to reduce volume.

28L Extra Large Cooling Cooler Cool Bag Box Picnic Camping Food Ice Drink Lunch £7.49 @ Ebay / Fusion Online
Posted 28th JulPosted 28th Jul
28 LITRE COOL BAG Features 28 Litre Cooler Bag Collapsible cooler bag Extra large in size Protects food or drinks from Ambient heat Large Insulated Cool Bag is ideal fo… Read more
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How would that zip up with those bottles sticking up 2 inches above the height?!?!


Not sure. I had a bit of a disaster with my old bag. It said it keeps hot things hot and cold things cold. But when I put two mugs of coffee and a choc ice in...nothing stayed the right temp. The choc ice melted and the coffee went cold. So thought it best to check.


I got a similar one with ?48? Cans of beer in it. It was free with the beer. It was useful for carrying them to the car, & then storing them in the boot.


How would it know whether to keep them hot or cold? 😁😁😁


Large, zip-up, insulated bag (with same type of reflective foil inside) is £1.40 at the checkout in Lidl. I think Aldi have similar. Does the same job; after all it's not a fashion accessory!

Adventuridge Green Electric 240/12v Coolbox £39.99 at Aldi instore
Posted 23rd JulPosted 23rd Jul
Just bought one of these today superb and can not find one of the same specs for the money. It heats to 55c and cools to 20c below outside temps.
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It's very good this coolbox... Its very loud imo... Perfect for the job intended and a great price... It also has HEAT option... So Hot from me.


About 10 left in Eastbourne Bought one for next week as away on a road trip Had been looking at the ones in Halfords but you have to buy the adaptor separate to plug in the mains unless you buy the 40 litre one Ideally these need to be powered by mains to get the temp down before putting in the car Ours has been on about an hour and is already chilling and yes fan quite noisy when on max


Extended cable


Just picked one up. Had been watching Outwell prices. This one looks to be made by Dometic going by the after sale support sticker, they're highly rated and do some pricey top end outdoor fridges etc


Thanks for posting and a belated welcome to hotukdeals :D

Thermos 167383 Cool Box Sky Blue 32Ltr - £25.99 + £3.50 del at Hurst
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Posted 5th JulPosted 5th Jul
Thermos Cool Box Sky Blue 32Ltr Lightweight, robust construction Handle locks lid in place Capable of carrying 2L bottle upright Color Blue Capacity 32L External dimensions… Read more

I think there might be a difference in quality between the two


Would rather pay a little more for an electric one

janenmark I got 42l from argos for £29.99


oops, now added thanks.


You forgot to include the retailer ;)

Coleman Performance 6 Personal Cool Box , Robust and Sturdy, Stays up to 9 Hours Cool & lightweight - £10 Prime / £14.49 non Prime @ Amazon
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Posted 4th JulPosted 4th Jul
Now you can always keep the beers cold 🤘 Lightweight portable chiller ice box with high performance insulation to keep contents chilled for up to 12 h, works ideal when … Read more

Brilliant. Didn’t know I needed one of these, but thanks to HKUD I’ve ordered one. (lol)


These are excellent for making clear ice cubes, for those that like their cocktails.


I use the old version of this (with the sliding lid) when I'm cooking a steak sous vide. Minimal heat loss when you cover the rest of the open lid.

ArcaneSim (cheeky) (lol)


Also very good now for an easy safe wipe down as non absorbent material

AmazonBasics Thermoelectric Cooler - 26 Liter Hot/Cold - £56.99 (£51.99 with code) at Amazon
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Posted 30th JunPosted 30th Jun
Use GIFT05 to reduce 26L cooler box in metallic blue offers high-capacity convenience—holds up to 39 cans (0.33L) and can fit a single 2L bottle in the upright position The dev… Read more

For a family days picnic you'd be better with a cool box/bag with ice packs but for a weekend away camping this would be much better.


Are these things any better than just a regular coolbox/bag with some ice packs ?


It's is noisy but it doesn't bother me


It will probably be ok for 24 hours I would expect, as long as your car battery is good? Although I have not used one my self.


Is it noisy?

Hi Gear mains (240v) and car/van/camper (12v) 28 litre cooler now £50 at Go Outdoors
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Posted 30th JunPosted 30th Jun
Seems a pretty good price for a stylish dual voltage cooler. Description suggests it has a heat setting too. " Keep food and drink cool for longer This large electric cooler ha… Read more

No. BY 18 degrees.


No. It cools to 18 degrees below the outside temp. So if you got it in your van/caravan/car etc. The the temp of the car is 30 degrees. The cooler will only cool to 12 degrees (18 degrees below the 30). Same as if your van/caravan/car is at 25 degrees. The cooler will only get down to 7 degrees. That make sense?


Does it only cool down to 18degrees?


I checked in Halfords for a comparison: their 24 litre box (so 4 litres smaller) is £60 and is 12v only; a 240v mains converter is extra.


Correct...and these type of cool boxes tend to be noisy. I had a similar one a few years ago to use as a camping fridge which I had to use with frozen ice packs from the campsite shop to have any chance of getting a ‘fridge’ temperature even when plugged to the mains. I invested in a Dometic chest fridge which runs on 12v, mains and gas canisters like this one Much bigger, which may be a drawback, but has served me well, not just for camping, but as a an extra fridge over Xmas, BBQs etc

Spend £50 Save £5, Spend £100 Save £10, Spend £150 Save £15 on Camping + Free delivery over £40 @ Halfords
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Posted 9th JunPosted 9th Jun
Spend £50 Save £5, Spend £100 Save £10, Spend £150 Save £15 on Camping + Free delivery over £40 @ Halfords
Discount auto applied at basket, works on already discounted items also. Spend & Save on all Camping, Spend £50 Save £5, Spend £100 Save £10, Spend £150 Save £15 Applie… Read more

Yes. Sounds like a poorly managed store. The Wigan branch is similar, staff that ignore you, and have very little knowledge of anything, dirty store, broken display bikes etc. The Leigh branch is like a different company, really helpful staff, and a brilliant bike department upstairs with a good workshop. I wouldn’t personally recommend or berate Halfords as a company, they definitely have their place in the market, and the stores are very inconsistent. But they do have some good deals on stuff occasionally, and are handy for spares if you know what you need.


Ah ****, typed it out but didn't save the edit again Updated, thanks @Deedie


When I've had poor experiences there over a few years? The staff aren't the same. Ask people their experiences about the people doing the cycle maintenance - it got to the stage where I decided to buy my own tools and follow online tutorials to keep the families bikes running rather than using them! (lbs is good but way too expensive as our bikes aren't expensive)


should have camping in the title. this looks like its for the whole store


Bit of a sweeping statement. I have two Halfords near me, one isn’t great, but the staff at the other are really good. Obviously a store is only as good as it’s staff, but your experience is clearly based on a poor store, rather than the company.

HOMCOM Mini Portable Electric Cool Box, or warmer 32L x 18W x 30Hcm £26.56 w/code plus free Delivery From Aosom
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Posted 5th JunPosted 5th Jun
HOMCOM Mini Portable Electric Cool Box, or warmer 32L x 18W x 30Hcm £26.56 w/code plus free Delivery From Aosom
£26.59£29.9911% Free P&P Freeaosom Deals
HOMCOM Mini Portable Electric Cool Box, or warmer 32L x 18W x 30Hcm £26.56 use code FATHER at the checkout plus free Delivery. This car fridge and heater from HOMCOM is a great … Read more

Ok.. thank you for your reply.. I am really looking for a 12 /240v.. portable if poss with wheels..with a power bank that has solar trickle charge panel. Fab if it has a blue tooth sound bar too use on days out.. etc etc.. have seen b4.. Even one that has USB recharge points... That would be super... thanks...


I have one similar to this, its ok for keeping stuff chilled if its already chilled when you put it in there. If you fill it with chilled cans or food from your fridge just before you leave home it will keep it cold, but it won't chill stuff that is at room temperature, its not powerfull enough for that.


Has anyone bought and tried this out.. the mini car fridge?


Ah your right lol LiamJ_ford confused me there is well haha (lol)


? 32 long, 18 wide, 30 high in cm, or did I miss something?

Coleman Polylite 5 Quantity Cool Box - Blue/White - £10 (Prime) £14.49 (Non Prime) @ Amazon
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Posted 4th JunPosted 4th Jun
Coleman Polylite 5 Quantity Cool Box - Blue/White - £10 (Prime) £14.49 (Non Prime) @ Amazon
£10£21.7554%Amazon Deals
Perfect for warm days out, the Coleman(R) FlipLid(TM) 6 Personal Cooler features a specially-designed lid that flips over to reveal a serving tray with two molded drink holders ins… Read more

Just received mine and it’s way smaller than I had imagined. You might be able to just fit in a wrapped brisket


Thanks OP. Great timing too with the warmer weather :)


Will come in handy for wrapping and resting bbq meats. Already have the 26L version


lol, 5 Quantity cool box.... I think they mean 5 quarts, hahaha. Good deal; these are great, have had one for years, and it's such a convenient size for a couple of drinks and snacks.


Ordered thanks !!

Crivit 2-in-1 30L Electric Cool/Warm Box £39.99 instore @ Lidl
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Posted 2nd JunPosted 2nd JunLocalLocal
Crivit 2-in-1 30L Electric Cool/Warm Box £39.99 instore @ Lidl
£39.99LIDL Deals
Important. This deal is not a guarantee there will be any stock in the store, so please don’t make a trip you wouldn’t have made otherwise just for this item - we should all limit … Read more

I don't recommend these, some major drawbacks: - this uses about 50w so will very likely flatten your car battery if left on overnight by accident - there's no thermostat so it never stops - it only reduces ambient temperature about 15 degrees c in reality, so if it's 28 degrees outside, hope you like your meat or beer stored at 13 degrees c.... - quite noisy


I bought one this afternoon. I plugged it in to the mains when the temperature was 21.4. I checked it after 80 min and the temperature inside was 1.3. I'm very impressed!


Got one too currently running in my front room chilling my beer


Me too, chuffed based on most people’s reviews :)


Just got one, thanks (y)

28L Extra Large Cooling Cooler Cool Bag Box £6.99 fusion_online eBay
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Posted 2nd JunPosted 2nd Jun
28L Extra Large Cooling Cooler Cool Bag Box £6.99 fusion_online eBay
This large, 28 litre cooler bag is perfect for outings where you need to take a packed lunch that will stay cool and fresh. Easily carried by its shoulder straps, the bag is durabl… Read more
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Can somebody tell me what the measurements are please|?


I noticed that too.


Free UK delivery....yeah £6.15 to post to Northern Ireland WHICH IS IN THE UNITED KINGDOM!



Cooling cooler cool

Igloo Maxcold 58 Litre (62 US QT) Cool Box £46.99 delivered @ Costco
307° Expired
Posted 26th MayPosted 26th May
Igloo Maxcold 58 Litre (62 US QT) Cool Box £46.99 delivered @ Costco
£46.99 Free P&P FreeCostco Deals
They have a £6 off voucher which brings it to £41 with the VAT . This cooler rerails for £60 to £80 most places . Well worth £41 , bargain for the quality of it . Correct size for… Read more
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Whiteley/Near Fareham


Yes i know sorry adking your store


Its nationwide


Which store


Got mine yesterday so thanks for the heads up.

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